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tv   News4 Today  NBC  May 13, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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happened. we have the helicopters that are flying above. they'll give you a better shot of the actual crash scene right now. as aaron described, it is a mess. a disastrous scene as the mayor of philadelphia said. now, what will happen now is the ntsb has launched a go team from washington. they're supposed to arrive here in philadelphia probably a short time from now. they're going to get in there and once the ntsb shows up on the scene, you have to understand it becomes their scene very quickly. so that's kind of a next shoe that will drop in this entire situation. the ntsb will get here and they'll do a thorough search of what's going on in the rail yard. they'll look at every piece of equipment they can. we have seen it happen with the metro incidents and once the ntsb gets control of the situation, they hold a lot of information in. so what's going to be frustrating today is we'll be trying to get so much information and it might not just come out. we'll have to get it in little
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dribs and drabs. but we're in philadelphia, obviously a fluid situation. we'll stay on top of it for you. >> now, let's check the forecast. tom kierein is now with a big change we're feeling, tom, this year morning. >> yeah. what dramatic drop. there's the city camera overlooking washington now. we have some high clouds that are drifting over us but a blistery northwest wind has brought in some much cooler temperatures. thurmond down to 53. gaithersburg, 59. most of northern virginia in the low to mid 60s. look at shenandoah, chilly 43 today. what a change from yesterday. while the eastern shore still fairly balmy. as well as around the bay, around 60 and 70 degrees. i don't have any rain in the
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vicinity. just sprinkles in pittsburgh. so dry pavement for the morning and afternoon commute. next weather and traffic on the 1s at 4:41. i'll look at your walk to work forecast. now a look at the commute this morning. he already had a couple of accidents. >> take a look at this first one right now. i got off the phone with police, kemp hill road near glen allen avenue. some wires are down. so a warning there. another issue, our audio tech actually saw it coming in to work, inbound new york avenue is closed. try to get around that nasty crash as well. beltway at indian head no problems into or out of town no issues. same thing at the beltway, a little slow here across the woodrow wilson bridge.
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we don't have any construction reported at least. first 4 traffic tracker headed inbound on 66 no problems there either. back in ten minutes with more. i'm angie goff with some new information on that railroad crash in philadelphia. as adam tuss had mentioned the federal railroad investigation is on its way to investigate there. i'm going over some data with rick yarborough. it appears over the last ten years we found that amtrak has had a total of 751 train accidents but only five deaths. that of course is not including yesterday's crash. a lock look at the derailments. 289, and nine already in 2015. it is worth pointing out, amtrak only accounts for 3% of those train accidents in the u.s. this is in the last three years. we are going through more
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records and we will be back shortly with more information. >> angie, thank you. as you can imagine we are seeing a lot of images of this crash online and nbc producer was on the train and recorded this video which she posted to twitter. you can see all the firefighters there were working to make sure everyone is safe. also on the train, former pennsylvania congressman patrick murphy. he posted these pictures to twitter. it looks like people are trying to figure out what's going on. its's a sideways view of this image and there's some other photos that have been coming through from patrick murphy. this is the tweet says pray for these passengers. our coverage involving this deadly derailment out of washington continues in two minutes. what we're learning about another crash in the same area back in the 1940s. >> all of a sudden we're on our
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we have breaking news right now. we're hearing the horrifying accounts from passengers from the train derailment in philadelphia. one person said that the train was moving fine, then it started to shake and then flipped over. passengers described people being thrown to the ground and suitcases falling on top of people. they say it was dark and that wires were everywhere. >> so we saw it go like that. you can feel it off the tracks. then we just rolled and rolled
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and next thing i knew, we were pushing out the emergency exit. i was outside and there were people screaming and bleeding and we helped them out and they're okay now. >> five people are dead and six are in critical condition. the cause is under investigation. ntsb investigators are expected to arrive on the crash site this morning. the location where train 188 derailed has seen devastation before. it careened off the track with 541 passengers. it was headed to new york and shortly after passing the north philadelphia station strain equipment overheated, causing a derailment. 79 people died. time now once again to check our traffic and weather. let's start with storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein. >> good morning, a big change overnight as a blustery northwest wind canadian high pressure has pushed in. that's going to be affecting
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your walk to work forecast. it's going to be in the 50s through much of the morning with that blustery wind. but increasing sunshine. walking back home blustery winds. you'll be having temperatures though right around 70 degrees as you're headed back home walking. driving should be no problem. we have dry roads. we'll be in the 50s for the morning commute. you'll need those sunglasses as we'll have lots of sunshine by midday and during the afternoon with temperatures hovering right around 70 degrees. know that this cooler than average weather has arrived a look at how long it will last. that's next weather and traffic on the 1s coming up at 4:51. now melissa has an update on a crash earlier. >> update on this earlier crash, this is northeast. we're talking about inbound new york avenue. stilled right now, it's still shut down as you're approaching south dakota. so traffic is being pushed on to south dakota by police there on the scene of this crash. also, another accident here. this one in silver spring.
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kemp hill road is closed near glen allen avenue. it's because of an earlier crash and because of wires down. as for construction we have a little here and there. 395 south, two lanes are blocked until 5:00 this morning. overall, 66 looking good and 95 looking good. right now we have the first 4 traffic tracker on the outer loop of the beltway headed down to 95. headed south down 95 and show you how that is in a couple of minutes. we have breaking news out of philadelphia where at least five people are dead after a train derailed. the mangled train cars there. news4 has team coverage from philadelphia as well as union station and how this will impact your travels this morning. we're following more breaking news after someone shot five people in prince george's county
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in philadelphia right now, an amtrak train derail on way to new york city. that train started here in washington. the crash killed at least five people on board. amtrak cancelled all service between philly and new york. it announced changes all along the northeast corridor this morning as well. today, the ntsb will investigate what happened and if this could have been prevented. we have team coverage here and in philadelphia. let's check in with aaron gilchrist where this crash occurred. good morning, aaron. what are you seeing right now? >> reporter: eun, good morning. this is still very much an active scene. that's spanning a fairly large area in this part of philadelphia. you may be able to see behind me some of the flashing lights. there are police officers the
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fire department. there are ambulances here on site as well. i want to show you some video from the scene of this train derailment. it is utter chaos here. you can see where each of those train cars came off the tracks. the engine on the train came off the tracks as well. about 9:30 last night. after it left the philadelphia station here on its way up to new york city and when the fire department came in and started to try to get a handle on this situation, there were people who were milling about who managed to get off the train themselves but there were also people stuck inside who needed a version of the jaws of life if you will to get train cars to open to peel them open so people can get out. we are left in many cases with a mangled mess of metal on the scene here for investigators to try to figure out exactly what happened here. the investigative team at nbc news has been able to talk to some sources that indicate that the train was on a part of the tracks where it was starting or
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needed to start slowing down to make a curve. that was also indicated from some of the witnesses on scene here. and at this point, there's no definitive answer as to whether the train was going too fast or whether it was having a difficult time with that curve. we know that the train cars came off the track here and led to at least to 140 people being put in the hospital. we understand at this point, at least five deaths. although there are reports that as many as seven people may be confirmed dead at this point. still the investigation moves forward. they need to get into the train, through the entire train. daylight will help a lot once that sun comes up here and to make sure that there aren't other people on board the train that went off the tracks here in philadelphia last night. eun? >> all right, aaron gilchrist live in philadelphia for us we'll check in with aaron throughout the newscast. a bit of incredible timing here. the congressional committee that oversees railroad safety and amtrak has a hearing today. industry witnesses were slated to speak about deregulation but
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will be watching for comments about yesterday's derailment in that safety on the trains. that hearing starts at 10:00 a.m. let's check in with angie goff with new video from inside the train. angie? angie just received some footage of what's going on inside there. angie, are you there? >> i'm here. we did just get our hands on this video. >> injuries -- >> this video is just posted on instagram. we were just listening in as you can see just how scary it was. those minutes right after the crash. how people had to squeeze their way out. you notice this is them trying to escape right here and then after this the person shows you their legs. and where they were hurt on their legs and their arms. many people posting their terrifying experiences on social media. right now we're gathering more videos and more pictures for you. we will continue to bring them to you throughout the morning's
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newscast. eun, back to you. >> thank you. we have more breaking news to tell you about this morning. five males shot in prince george's county. this happened on pard road and one was pronounced dead at the hospital. several others have graze wounds. police don't have any suspects or a positive motive. a developing story in nepal. thousands of people spent the night outside in tents following an aftershock that killed 65 people and injured 2,000 others. emergency workers are using bullhorns now. they're calling out for people to leave buildings in case the buildings collapse. the magnitude 7.3 quake struck yesterday between kathmandu and the himalayas. and this morning, crews are searching for a u.s. marine helicopter carrying six marines and two soldiers from nepal. the chopper was reported missing while delivering disaster
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supplies northeast of kathmandu. moments before radio silence, there had been brief radio chatter from the chopper about a fuel problem. the crew sent no distress call or emergency beacons. the american crew is based in california. it's now 4:48. the u.s. navy wants to attract more female sailors and marines. navy secretary ray mabus wants to double the number of paid leave to attract more women. it will bring it up to 12 weeks. he's all -- also calling for longer child care hours. all right. tom kierein is in the studio to tell us more about this day. oh my goodness gracious it feels like a completely different season just one day later. >> yeah, we were at 90 degrees yesterday afternoon. the first time we hit 90 so far this year. but now a chill in the air, thanks to high pressure from canada. skycast 4 is showing we'll have increasing sunshine and by 8:00 this morning our skies should be
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mostly sunny and then by noontime, bright sunshine. just a few high clouds will be drifting over. lots of sunshine blustery wind though will continue to be gusting to 20 to 25 miles per hour all the way through much of the afternoon and maybe even into part of this evening. right now look at the change in our temperatures. it's down to just near 60 degrees. our northern and western suburbs. shenandoah valley in the mountains down to upper 50s and near 60. oakland, that's the chilly spot. only 41 while around the bay, it's still mild. we're in the mid to upper 60s this morning. some high clouds are drifting over us. at the bus stop and waiting for the metro, you're going to need a light jacket as we'll have blustery winds. temperatures in the 50s and we'll have that sunshine in and out. increasing sunshine between 8:00 and 9:00. the winds gusting 20 to 25 miles an hour.
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hovering around 60 degrees by mid-morning this morning. so a change from yesterday morning. yesterday morning around that time we were well into the 70s. then overnight, after we reach near 70 this afternoon, the winds will diminish. under a clear sky, temperatures will be down into the 40s. starting off early on thursday morning. then during the day tomorrow reaching just again the low 70s bright sunshine though. beautiful spring day. and lighter winds. and then right back down into the 40s again on friday morning. and then friday afternoon, into the low 70s. three days in a row with cooler than average temperatures. our average time of the year is 75. then on saturday, it starts to heat up again. wind shifts to the south. temperatures into the low 80s. clouds coming and going, an isolated thunderstorm on saturday morning. although most of the region should stay dry.
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you might have your afternoon interrupted by a brief thundershower. we keep this warmer than average going. there's a possibility of a passing thundershower as well on sunday. more of the same on monday again on tuesday next week. rather humid. highs reaching the mid 80s both days. morning lows in the 60s. a chance of a passing thundershower both of those days. here's what i'm working on 5:01. a look at the much cooler temperatures over the next few hours. melissa has an update on the crash. >> this crash on new york avenue, right now, it's shut down there. as you're approaching south dakota avenue so right now, police are pushing you off to south dakota avenue. we got some video in to the newsroom and we'll share that with you in the next couple of minutes. it could be some time before that's out of the way. involving a large mail truck and a vehicle. silver spring, again kemp hill road shut down completely at glen allen avenue. they have wires down after an earlier crash.
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66 east between 50 and 123 some road work there. southbound georgia also road work. shady grove rolling along nicely. back in ten minutes. we're covering all angles of this breaking news in philadelphia. the amtrak derailment killed five people. we know that service has been suspended from philly to new york. what will this mean for d.c. commuters? let's get to kristin wright with more on the service this morning. good morning to you. >> reporter: well here what is we can tell you about service at this point from d.c. to philly. it is on a modified schedule. that is between d.c. and philly and also between harrisburg and philadelphia. and new york and boston. now trains as you may have heard are not running at all today between new york and philadelphia. now, amtrak does have a train leaving here at union station at 5:00 this morning. also at 5:30. we did call the 1800 number to find out what that modified status means for the two trains
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and other trains later this morning. we were told that that 5:00 train is in fact leaving the 5:30 train is in fact leaving, but with limited train service. but limited service. so that we presume going to be the case for the rest of the day. we'll stay on top of it and check those other departures for you. but that's -- and find out exactly what that modified status means for you. you can check the amtrak website. we wanted to pass along the 1800 number you may be hearing this morning from amtrak. if you need to check on someone that you know who may have been on that train last night. that number again, that hotline is 1800-523-9101. 1-800-523-9101. that's the latest here from union station. more to come. back to you. >> thank you. they gave the ultimate sacrifice, their lives, and
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today d.c. and the nation will honor those who died in the line of duty. we'll show you how. it felt like the brakes were hit hard and then like our car, we're like third from the last. slowly started to go over to the right. >> reaction continues to pour in from passengers who were on that deadly amtrak derailment. we continue to gather the latest information.
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we have breaking news right now. a train from our area flew off the tracks in philadelphia. at least five people died. another six are in critical condition right now. amtrak says medics took 140 people to the hospital. luggage and people were thrown around the inside of the train. amtrak says if you're worried about any family members you can call an emergency hot line. here's the number. it's 1-800-523-9101. 1-800-523-9101. we also have put that number online. today police are trying to figure out who shot and killed a man in anne arundel. this happened in laurel on monday night. police responded to sud hersville south. if you have any information, police want to hear from you. law enforcement officers are in the district today.
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hundreds will gather at the national law enforcement memorial tonight to remember those killed in the line of duty. a candlelight vigil will be held at 8:00 p.m. on "e" street northwest. one of dozens of events marking national police week. the names of two local officers were added to the washington area law enforcement memorial. if you live in fairfax county you may get extra peace and quiet. they're proposing new noise regulations. [ barking ] they're considering several penalties including one for people who let their dogs bark more than two minutes out of every ten. one called it a nightmare, but others say it's not strict enough. you can have your say at a public hearing on may 19th. "news4 today" begins with breaking news. >> it is an absolute disastrous
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mess. never seen anything like this in my life. >> we have breaking news right now. at least five people are dead after a train that started off in d.c. flew off the tracks in philadelphia. we're working to learn why this happened. you the see some -- you can see some of the train cars were ripped apart. here is a live overhead view from chopper. the train still on the ground as investigators try to figure out exactly what caused this train derailment. aaron gilchrist and adam tuss are in philadelphia right now and good morning to you. i'm eun yang. we are following everything about this breaking news story from washington. the more important thing at philly is that rescue crews are making sure that no one is still on that train. more than 240 people were on board. five people died, another six are in critical condition right now. the ntsb now says that it has a go team heading to the city. we'll be updating you throughout the morning and on the web as
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any new developments come through. let's check in with aaron gilchrist who is live on the scene there with more information about what's going on. aaron? >> reporter: yeah, eun, you can be sure that there were crews here from the philadelphia fire department as well as from amtrak and some federal agencies as well, they have been on the ground all night long, starting the investigation part of this incident because obviously, a lot of the people who were on the train have been removed. some were able to walk off on their own and now the investigation goes to see what actually happened here. you can see a map of the area we're talking about. it was north of the philadelphia train station. if you have taken amtrak before, you know that station. you come out, start heading north to new york city. that's where this accident happened, just a short distance away from there. here in philadelphia. if we can back out live, i want to show you what we have been able to see here from some of the damage. in terms of some of the damage here. if you look off in the


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