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tv   News4 Today  NBC  May 13, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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morning and on the web as any new developments come through. let's check in with aaron gilchrist who is live on the scene there with more information about what's going on. aaron? >> reporter: yeah, eun, you can be sure that there were crews here from the philadelphia fire department as well as from amtrak and some federal agencies as well, they have been on the ground all night long, starting the investigation part of this incident because obviously, a lot of the people who were on the train have been removed. some were able to walk off on their own and now the investigation goes to see what actually happened here. you can see a map of the area we're talking about. it was north of the philadelphia train station. if you have taken amtrak before, you know that station. you come out, start heading north to new york city. that's where this accident happened, just a short distance away from there. here in philadelphia. if we can back out live, i want to show you what we have been able to see here from some of the damage. in terms of some of the damage here. if you look off in the distance you can see a power pole that's
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leaning to one side here. several power lines have been pulled down as well. the fire department amtrak they set up lights here so they can continue their work with the benefit of some artificial light. you can see as we understand it all seven of the rail cars and the engine went off the track here about 9:30 has night as the train pulled out of the philadelphia station. 238 passengers on board. five crew members as well. this was an amtrak northeast regional train. number 188. that left from d.c. about 7:00 or so. as the accident happened here and first responders started to arrive on the scene, we saw a total of 120 firefighters here at one point. some 200 police officers. and at this point we understand 140 of those passengers and possibly crew members as well were taken to area hospitals. every hospital in this area we know was put on high alert. they brought in extra staff to
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deal with injuries, there were head injuries, other injuries to different people's bodies. we haven't heard anything about broken bones. there's concern about where exactly all the folks come from. obviously this train left d.c. so some of those people may have been from our area obviously. let's check in and hear what the mayor of philadelphia mayor nutter, had to say last night. all right. well, i can tell you that he expressed that his concern for the folks on the train and that he spoke with d.c. mayor muriel bowser as well as the mayor of new york city, bill de blasio. and made sure they were aware of what's going on and could offer any help they could. you and i have taken this train from d.c. to new york many times and sometimes we have done that together. so you know folks are concerned about this particular train, how safe the tracks are in this particular area as well. >> that's right. aaron, of course, the investigators want to be looking at the engineer and what was happening as they were going
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around the curve. what other things do you think that investigators have to look at in this crash? >> reporter: i'm sorry, i missed the last part of what you said. >> the one thing they have to look at the engineers and those only rating the train, especially -- operating the train, especially the speed as it goes around the curve. what else does ntsb have to look at in terms of figuring out what happened here? >> reporter: we're going to hear from the ntsb later on this morning about what they plan to do in terms of their investigation. but sort of conventional wisdom tells us that they're going to pick apart every aspect of this trip. it's a part of their investigation. they're going to be looking at every person on board, every piece of equipment. the railroad tracks themselves. as a matter of fact news4's transportation reporter adam tuss is on the ground here with us in philadelphia. he's been sort of surveying some of the area and looking into the ntsb part of this investigation. adam? >> reporter: that's right,
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aaron. i want to give everybody just an idea of kind of how the situation continues to change here. we're basically on the other side of the tracks from where aaron just was. and the scene continues to move back. we were actually just told by police to move back beyond these barricades. we have seen a lot of heavy equipment come into the frankford juncture yard here where this accident happened. if we can take you up to the chopper shot to show you what is actually going on down on the ground. this train absolutely mangled. the mayor of philadelphia calling it a disastrous event. and what the ntsb will do now, they have already launched from washington, d.c. they'll come up here. they'll have dozens of investigators look through everything that they can find about what went wrong. was the train going too fast? was there something in the way? a lot of first person accounts talked about the train suddenly seeming to stop. and then a shuddering and then all of a sudden the rail cars
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flipping over. i heard one eyewitness say that all of a sudden she could taste dirt. so all of this the ntsb has to come up here and you have to understand when the ntsb gets on the scene it very quickly becomes their scene. they will take complete control of the situation. go through everything they can to find out what went wrong. we're not ogoing to get all the information today. it will take a long time to figure out what is going on. we should say service on the northeast corridor is not running between d.c. and new york right now. we heard there's limited service today between washington, d.c., and philadelphia. and then between new york and boston. so basically, the philadelphia to new york portion is cut out. things are changing here. this is still very much an active scene. this whole thing happened since 9:00 last night. a lot of pieces of information we still don't know. back to you. >> reporter: adam tuss on the
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ground for us as well. eun, we should mention as adam said that service between philadelphia and new york is not going to be happening today and the mayor of philadelphia has said don't expect to see that service resume at all this week. >> aaron, thank you. kristin wright did mention that service from d.c. to philly is still on. there was a train that was supposed to depart six minutes ago. now, let's check our forecast. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein telling us about a big change in our weather. tom? >> yeah. sleeping with the windows open last night. you could hear that wind howling in the trees and bringing in the cooler weather. quite a bit of cloudiness, live scene from the storm team 4 tower camera. temperatures have dropped down to the upper 60s in the nearby suburbs. reagan national now in the mid 60s. hour by hour temperatures going forward over the next six hours by 7:00 a.m. much of the region will be in the upper 50s.
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mid 50s shenandoah valley and out of the mountains most locations will be in the low to mid 50s. then by 8:00 still in the upper 50s to near 60. it will feel cooler than that with a blustery wind. then by 9:00, in washington back into the mid 60s and by 10:00, still just in the low 60s. it will take a while for things to warm. then by 11:00, finally climbing into the low to mid 60s. melissa has breaking news on the roads this morning. >> breaking news right now. take a look at this video just in to the newsroom. this is the problem on new york avenue. it is shut down inbound right now. just after south dakota, traffic being pushed on to south dakota because of this crash involving a large postal truck and then a car as we kind of get around this you can see -- right there, you can see the car smashed up against the wall. that is still shut down. a wide look at things overall, no major problems. do have the situation in silver spring. kemp hill closed near glen allen with the wires down.
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and then 395 southbound between seminary and duke still two lanes blocked because of the overnight road work. a look at 66 and 95 coming up. continuing to cover our big story, we're working with i-team and we have found that track issues are the issues for amtrak. this is according to the federal railroad administration safety data. a closer look reveals that last year 33 of 67 amtrak accidents involved passenger trains. trains with people on them. so that's about half. 62% of accidents were caused by track defects or human factors. over the last ten years there's 751 amtrak train accidents. looking over the last few years the company only accounts for 3% of train accidents in the u.s. eun? >> angie goff thank you. our breaking news coverage of the deadly train derailment
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in philadelphia continues. here's a live look overhead from chopper. these are airualerials and the trains there are off the tracks. you can see that the tracks are bent there. we're getting a
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we are covering breaking news. a deadly train derailment in philadelphia as you can imagine we're seeing a lot of images of the crash online. and nbc producer was on the train and recorded this video which she then posted to twitter. it's dark and chaotic there, but there are fires on the scene trying to help people on that train to make sure everyone is safe. also on the train, former pennsylvania congressman patrick murphy tweeted these pictures. it is kind of sideways there, but passengers tried to help other passengers. there's a bloody leg there. and this tweet says pray for these passengers. more images here. you can see firefighters inside this train. this looks like someone with an official capacity. there's a walkie talkie thing on his waist band and he's on top of the seats trying to help people perhaps trying to help them get out of the train.
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over here the lights, more people who are gathering, trying to figure out what's going on. again, these are images from patrick murphy, a former congressman who was on that train. let's check weather and traffic on the 1s right now. meteorologist amelia segal is on the weather deck to tell us what to wear. bring back the jacket, right? >> yeah, noticeably cooler outside right now. it's breezy spring has returned. as you get the kids ready for school add the light jacket as they get ready to get on the school bus, but you need the sunglasses as well. plenty of sunshine throughout the day. it's 20 degrees cooler than yesterday. highs only in the low 70s. it will be breezy throughout the entire day. coming up in ten minutes, tom will let you know how long this sticks around and if you need the umbrella. now back over to melissa
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continuing with the breaking news. >> right now, inbound new york avenue is completely shut down. also silver spring kemp mill shut down after wires are down. virginia northbound no problems there. 66 headed into and out of town no issues either. remember to listen to our friends on wtop when you hop in your car this morning. >> we have more breaking news. take a look at the aerial of the scene there. news4 has complete team coverage including how the trage
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we have breaking news in philadelphia right now. the ntsb is now sending a go team to investigate the deadly
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train derailment there. the train started here in washington. it was on its way to new york. amtrak changed service across the northeast corridor this morning. at least five people died. we want to describe how this happened for you. amtrak train 188 left our area and reached philadelphia's 30th street station shortly after 9:00 9:00 last night. the train was only minutes away from there on its way to new york when it reached this curve. you can see it right here on this map. and it's a sharp curve and it bends so the tracks can go alongside i-95. investigators are trying to figure out what happened here. the speed limit is 50 miles an hour and this is the curve, and the train instead heading north flew off the tracks and landed east of the curve instead of going north as it was supposed
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to. ntsb crews are trying to figure out how this derailment happened. right now we have team coverage following the breaking news out of philadelphia. let's check in with aaron gilchrist, near where this crash happened. what's the scene like this morning? >> reporter: well, eun this is an area that's being protected at this hour. as you look off to tyou can see that the philadelphia police department has set up here. they cordoned off a large area around the derailment site for where this train went off the tracks. you can see a barrier down here on the road. there's police tape up all throughout the neighborhood where the media have set up at this point now. what we can tell you what we expect to happen is as the ntsb team gets here on the ground they're going to start to take over the investigation here. already the fire department is on the ground. there are some other investigators who are trying to piece together little bits of what happened here exactly last night. it will be a while before we have any hard core answers about what went wrong and why the train went off the tracks but
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the ntsb will begin that investigation. in the meantime, we can tell you as you look at some of the crash site the folks who were on this train say that they were in some cases thrown from their seats. if you have ridden amtrak before you know there are no seat belts on the train. so people were rolling through some of the train cars in some instances. they were in the cafe car which sometimes it can be hard to stand if you're in the cafe car. but certainly in an instance where the tracks are being tipped over flipped over rolling in other cases as well it becomes very difficult. and now we know at least 140 people have had injuries as a result of what happened here last night. and again, on the ground this morning we'll find ntsb investigators who will take over the investigation and begin to piece together what happened and try to come up with some answers. final report obviously we know could take months up to a year before we know exactly what went wrong here in philadelphia last night. eun? >> all right, aaron gilchrist live in philadelphia. thank you. we know that d.c. commuters
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are wondering how they'll work around this situation. news4's kristin wright is live at union station with a look at amtrak services plans. you mentioned a train was supposed to leave at 5:30. did that just happen? >> reporter: when i checked it said the status of train is unavailable due to the service disruption. when i called the 1-800 number now there's a long wait to talk to anyone. if you have any questions about your trip. i can tell you that when i check online for the 6:00 train that's supposed to leave union station here for philadelphia it does say that that train is cancelled. now, quiet now at union station, but we expect people to be arriving soon with a lot of questions about their trips to philadelphia. here's what we know about the schedule. service between d.c. and philadelphia today is on a modified schedule. so amtrak trains leaving union station for philadelphia today on a modified schedule. modified schedules as well between harrisburg and philadelphia.
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and new york and boston. so that this northeast corridor. trains are not running between new york and philadelphia. again, that 5:30 train status unclear at this point. the 6:00 train leaving union station, it looks to be cancelled online. it says that it's cancelled. what you want to do is call that 1-800 number that amtrak has or check their website to check the status of your trip to philadelphia. again, modified. so you want to check what that means for you. amtrak has set up a 1-800 number if you have questions about family or friends that may have been on that train last night. that's 1-800-523-9101. so more to come throughout the morning. we expect more people showing up wondering about their trips to philadelphia today. back to you. >> kristin wright live at union station for us thank you. let's check our forecast now. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein telling us about the cool start to the day. here's a live look. beautiful sky. tom, what happened to our summer
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weather? >> yeah it was only here briefly yesterday afternoon. got up to around 90 degrees and now as you prepare your family for work and school today, keep in mind it is going to be a blustery and cool morning. make sure they dress accordingly. there's the flag at union station. flapping in a rather stiff breeze. the wind has been gusting to around 20 miles per hour over the last hour. temperatures right now continue to drop. just in the last few minutes, already dropped a couple more degrees in the shenandoah valley and the mountains. where it's in the 50s to just near 40 degrees way out in western maryland. that cool air from the north and west, nearby suburb montgomery county 60s. and around the bay generally in mid 60s as well. southern maryland and the northern neck. temperatures drop as well as the pollen count continuing to drop lower. still in the high range for trees but a lot lower than it has been for the past several
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days. sunrise 5:58. by 8:00 into the upper 50s and near 70. only hovering near 70 during the rest of the average with the blustery wind. the wind will diminish overnight. down to the 40s on thursday morning. thursday afternoon, just into the low 70s again. bright sunshine beautiful again on friday. 40s again. then here we go back up again for the weekend. storm team 4 seven day outlook, saturday sunday each day into midweek next week, a chance of afternoon thundershowers and temperatures back into the 80s each day and getting more humid each day. next weather and traffic on the 1s at 5:31. a look at your drive time forecast commuting today. that commute not looking so great. melissa has breaking news. >> this is still the same problem in northeast washington. take a look.
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got this video just in to the newsroom here. this is inbound new york avenue. totally shut down right now. just after south dakota traffic being pushed on to south dakota just got off the phone with police. they say this could be there for some time. so it is a mail truck and then you can see a vehicle smashed up against the guardrail. looking at some other issues around the town the beltway looking good. 66 into and out of town not having any problem there. 95 northbound, a little slow there. and right now, has opened up after the occoquan. and 95 and b.w. parkway into and out of town rolling around. we have breaking news in prince george's county. we're working to get you details of what caused this house fire in landover. look at the scene here. firefighters tell us they rescued a 3-year-old and a 6-year-old. the children and two others have been taken to the hospital. all four are suffering from
5:26 am
smoke inhalation. they are expected to be okay. and we have more breaking news out of prince george's county. five men shot on pard road in capitol heights. one of the men was pronounced dead at the hospital. the police don't have a suspect or details of a possible motive. our coverage of the breaking news in philadelphia involving the deadly derailment of an amtrak train out of washington continues in two minutes. what we're learning about another crash in the same area in the 1940s. all of a sudden, we're on ou
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exclusively at new york and company. "news4 today" begins with breaking news. >> we have breaking news right now. at least five people are dead in a train derailment in philadelphia. here's a live look at the scene. since the train left from union station, philadelphia's mayor says it's believed in of the passengers are from d.c. new jersey and new york. right now, rescue crews are making sure no one is still on that train. we're working to learn why the
5:30 am
train cars came off the tracks. ntsb investigators are on their way there. we have aaron gilchrist and adam tuss who are standing by near the crash site. but first, we want to check in with storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein. >> starting off this morning you'll notice a big change in the air when you step out. it is much cooler. good weather for the morning, midday and afternoon. a blustery wind will be gusting your car around a bit as the winds will increase. right now they're gusting to 15 to 20 miles an hour. they may be gusting to higher than that later on this morning. just in the 50s with dry roads, then increasing sunshine. you need the sunglasses for the afternoon commute. bright and sunny, but 20 degrees cooler than yesterday. it's only going to be reaching around 70 degrees by mid to late afternoon. and then the winds what diminish overnight -- will diminish overnight tonight. coming up on weather and traffic on the 1s your walk to work forecast.
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now let's look at the traffic around the region with melissa who's been looking at a couple of accidents this morning that have been causing a few problems and you have got news on that now. >> yeah no doubt we'll see a much bigger problem here as the morning commute progresses here because of this problem. again, on new york avenue. we're talking about inbound. totally shut down here just after south dakota avenue. so right now, police are on the scene and pushing traffic on to south dakota avenue to keep folks away from this crash. it involves a large mail truck and another vehicle. right now, first 4 traffic tracker around the inner loop of the beltway headed up to 66. no major problems on 66 in to town and out of town. remember to listen to our friends on wtop when you hop in your car this morning. 270 slow spot out of frederick and out of clarksburg. then you open up just fine. northbound no issues at all. i'm back in a couple of minutes. weather and traffic on the 1s. a look at some travel times. we have breaking news right now, an amtrak train careened
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off the tracks in philadelphia. ripping train cars apart, throwing passengers on to the ground. the crash killed at least five people. we have team coverage following the story, starting with news4's aaron gilchrist anchoring our coverage from the scene. aaron? >> reporter: ant to show you first, we are close to the wreck site. some of the damage we have been able to see from here. if you look over my shoulder you may be able to see a power pole that's leaning over. that's above the railroad tracks toward one end of the crash site. can you imagine as we show you some video from -- rather, some live pictures from above, can you imagine you get on the train in d.c., at 7:00. a typical thing. ride up to philadelphia, go through the philadelphia station. and as you start to round a curve in one pat of the philadelphia area, the train starts to shake a little bit more than it typically does that's what we understood
5:33 am
happened from witnesses last night. the train started to shake more than usual and then the car started to tip over. some of them rolled over we understand. we saw so much damage. as you can see from the picture here, some of the train cars we understand seven of them came off the track. the engine came off the track as well. separated from the rest of the cars. you see the damage that was left. just a complete disaster as described by the mayor here in philadelphia. we also were able to talk to system of the people, the passengers who were on the train last night when all this happened. >> it just -- we were sitting there, and it just -- just rolled and rolled. and next thing i knew, we were pushing out the emergency exit. i was outside and there were people screaming and bleeding and we helped them out. >> reporter: 238 passengers on the train. some of them helped others get off the train.
5:34 am
those with more serious injuries 140 injuries. now it becomes the part of the -- this incident where we see investigators start to come here in huge numbers. the ntsb will be on the ground this morning and we understand some new equipment is being brought in as we speak. >> reporter: aaron, we're noticing heavy equipment coming in. >> reporter: we can see it from the chopper, and as the sun
5:35 am
comes up, we eert'c -- we'll some new pictures of what happened last night. this happened about5a 9:30 last night. so a lot of details still sketchy about what happened. i want to tell you i was talking to one amtrak source who told me that it is possiblexdxd to download remotely some of the information or -- from the train that amtrak has. so in other words the investigators as they start to show up here may not exactly have to go and find the black boxes that were on the train.ñi go and find that event data recorder as they might be able to just down load that information from another location. you know, this is a very technical age that we live e1in. some amtrak trains you can track the speed. don't forget,xd railroads have speedñi limits in certby investigators will start to show up, it will be a very busy@ke and we need to stress -- wváq not goingw3 to get all of the answers today, it will take some
5:36 am
time to figure outi] what happened. aaron, back to you. >> reporter: all right, adam tuss live here in philadelphia, thank you. eun we should point out it will take a lot of time for this wreck site to be cleaned up as well.ñi even after the cars are righted and removed from the scene here. we understand there was heavy damage to the tracks in this area as well. so they haveñi to repair the tracks, make sure tzoqe are safe before they put trains back on the tracks to go between d.c. and new york. it could be some time. certainly not going to happen this week. >> aaron gilchrist thank you. we'llxd check in with you throughout "news4 today." we are going probably about 60 70 miles an hour, i would say. itokxd seemed like a regular ride, but next thing you know, it violently shook first to the -- to the left and then to the right where we juste1w3 totally went overv/q y side on the left side oáu)ain.çóe1e1xd
5:37 am
basically through the air and landed oh >> you're hearing former pennsylvania congressman patrick murphy describe what happened and you saw those pictures he tweeted as he was on that train.xdxde1 at the time of the derailment. murphy anchors thet( show on msnbc. let's check in with news4's angie goff at the live desk. >> we have a look at the storyjf that'st(e1e1 dominating the front pages across the country. look at the "philadelphia inquirer," five die as train derails and that photo that illuminates this dark day for amtrak. another view of thee1 wreck we fou+7 n instagram. investigators standing among the on that amtrak train and then aw3 passenger posted this in the last few hours ont(xd instagram saying he survived theñ train that derailed and that god had a lot of angels watching over me. we'll continue toxd follow this story that's enfoldingi] online as well. eun?
5:38 am
>> thank you, angie.xd reaction continues to pour in this morning from passengers on thatqt( deadly amtrak derailment. we'll continue to gather theq latest information. we have more on the break 8ñ news straight ahead. your time isqxd 5:38. we're leaving you with some live images overhead of the scene. out exactly what caused this deadly crash.
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we have breaking news out of philadelphia right now. where an amtrak train derailed on the way to new york city. that train started here in washington. the crash killed at least five people on board. amtrak cancelled all service between philly and new york. it announced changes all along the northeast corridor this morning and today the ntsb will investigate what happened. while the train derailed and whether this could have been prevented. first, let's check the forecast with meteorologist tom kierein, weather and traffic on the 1s and amelia segal is on the weather deck to tell you what to wear. >> it is comfortably cool out here eun. it's breezy. noticing some clouds walking in
5:42 am
to work this morning. it will be comfortably cooler than it has been all week long. temperatures in the upper 50s. pretty nice for the walkers out there. you might need a light jacket by the time you walk home. not going to need the jacket at all. beautiful, breezy and tom will be back in ten minutes with how long the cool weather will last. here is melissa with breaking news. this is pictures from the scene, the traffic is being pushed on to south dakota involving a mail truck and another vehicle. let's take a look now if we can look at some travel times around town. 270 southbound germantown to the beltway, 11 minutes. and we're on time here. also looking good at virginia. 66 from fairfax county to the beltway. and i'll see you at 5:51. >> thank you. breaking news in philadelphia. after a passenger train from
5:43 am
d.c. derails. here's a live look at the scene right there. you can see some of those train cars just mangled. one looks like it's completely bent in half. investigators on the way to the scene and crews still trying to figure out if there's anyone still left on those trains. our team coverage of this deadly accident continues from philly as well as
5:44 am
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right now, six people are in critical condition. we know that five people died in the train crash in philadelphia last night. the train flew off the tracks on its way to new york. it started here in washington. amtrak said it was quote, deeply saddened about what happened. however, we're still waiting to learn what caused the crash. this is changing situation, we're updating you here and online with everything we're learning this morning. news4's aaron gilchrist is anchoring the coverage in
5:47 am
philadelphia. how close are you to the actual crash site? what are you seeing right now? >> reporter: eun, we're fairly close. there's a line of trees here and some pieces of old building that are blocking our view a little bit. if you sort of look off in the distance here you may be able to see some power lines that are torn down, at least one pole leaning to one side. we're told that the last two cars of the train are in that area, just behind us here on this particular part of the scene. a total of seven cars came off the tracks including the engine which separated from the rest of the cars. if you think about this as which take a look at the chopper from above, you can see cars that are lying on top of each other. cars that are perpendicular, lying across the railroad tracks. those tracks have been damaged as well. i'm sort of thinking about some of the numbers that are coming out of this. we know that there are 238 people passengers on board of the train. five crew members as well. at this point we're told for certain that five people are
5:48 am
confirmed dead although there are reports that the number is closer to seven right now. we also know that heavy equipment is being brought in to this crash site -- rather to this wreck site i should say. and that what's going to have to happen is the cars are going to have to be lifted off the track. because we don't have a good handle on the rest of the numbers. 140 people injured. six people -- five people, perhaps six or seven confirmed dead. that leaves a lot of people we have not heard about at this point. cars have to be removed and crews have to see if there are other people who may have been killed in this incident. and they can't see that until they remove the cars and they're able to get into is only of those cars a little more deeply at this point. so eun, today we expect that we'll see that happening in earnest particularly after the national transportation safety board team gets here and starts to work with the fire department and other crews that are working to clear this site. >> thank you, aaron. we know that crews will be helped by the daylight now. a lot of you are wondering how
5:49 am
this will affect d.c. commuters. let's get to kristin wright live at the union station with more on the service. we're hearing different things this morning. what are you hearing right now? >> reporter: we can tell you that amtrak's train leaving -- that was scheduled to leave at 6:00 will not be leaving. it has been cancelled. so what you want to know is that service has been modified today between d.c. and philadelphia for all amtrak trains. so you have to check in advance. you have to either call the 1-800 number which keep in mind you have to wait. i sat on the phone for 20 minutes. or you'll want to check the amtrak website. again, service between d.c. and philadelphia, amtrak service between d.c. and philadelphia on a modified schedule. now, we can tell you that trains did leave earlier this morning from here at union station to philadelphia, but again that 6:00 train has been cancelled. so you'll want to check that
5:50 am
1-800 number. i want to pass along a number that amtrak has for anyone who has friends or family members who might have been on that train last night. that number is 1-800-523-9101. that's 1-800-523-9101. the train left here from union station last night, just after 7:00. back to you in the studio. >> kristin wright live from union station, thank you. and we're hearing a terrifying account from passengers on the train derailment in philadelphia. one person said that the train was moving fine and then it started to shake and flipped over. passengers describe people being thrown to the ground. suitcases falling on top of people. they say it was dark and that wires were everywhere. five people are dead and six are in critical condition. the cause is under investigation.
5:51 am
ntsb investigators are expected to arrive at the crash site this morning. the location where train 188 has derail has seen devastation before. labor day 1943 the congressional limited careened off the track with 541 passengers on board including many service members on leave. the train left washington headed to new york and shortly after passing the north philadelphia station train equipment overheated causing a derailment. 79 people died. we are turning to the forecast and tom, it seemed like you turned a switch and now spring is back. cooler weather. >> yeah we had summer for about 24 hours yesterday and now back to spring-like weather. in fact, it's quite chilly with a blustery wind now in the suburbs north and west of washington it is only now in the upper 50s. mid to upper 50s, shenandoah in the mountains, oakland out in western maryland at a cold 41
5:52 am
degrees while pax river in southern maryland is at 65 degrees. around the bay, mid 60s. prince george's county low 60s as is fairfax county. into loudoun, only the upper 50s to 60s. here's predawn sunrise here. sunrise at 5:58. sky forecast 4 showing cloudiness for the morning but then by noontime should be mostly sunny. some high clouds drifting over us and then the rest of the afternoon looking very sunny with a blustery wind, winds may be gusting to around 20 to 25 miles an hour. storm team 4 radar showing sprinkles in western pennsylvania. that should stay to the north. we're all dry around the metro area off to work and school. later this afternoon getting up to around 70 degrees. the wind blustery through the day. then overnight tonight the wind diminishes and then the temperatures plummet down to 40s by dawn. afternoon highs climb back into
5:53 am
the low 70s on thursday afternoon. then on friday another delightful day, but chilly again in the morning and 40s, afternoon highs in the low 70s. seven day outlook into the weekend here comes summer back. back into the 80s saturday into the midweek next week. each one of the days a chance of an afternoon passing thundershower as well. melissa has breaking news on the roads. >> breaking news got this into the newsroom. this has now cleared that's great news as we head into the 6:00 now, inbound new york avenue now opened there at south dakota. so you don't have to worry about that any longer. right now first 4 traffic tracker headed northbound on 270, approaching montrose road. looking good northbound. southbound you can see the head lights rolling along quite nicely as you approach the spur. no major problems right now. 66 at lee highway the volume outbound, not having any issues there. then taking a look at 95 here in virginia headed north you're
5:54 am
slow through dale city. southbound don't have any problems. remember to listen to our friends on wtop when you hop in your kaer -- car this morning. police are trying to figure out who shot and killed a man in anne arundel. it happened in laurel on monday night. if you have any information, police want to hear from you. 5:54 now. the navy wants to attract more female marines. ray mabus wants to double the amount of maternity leave and that would bring it up to 12 weeks. it's part of a new initiative to retain talented women. he's also calling for longer child care hours. if you live in fairfax county you may get more peace and quiet. they're proposing new noise regulations. it is considering several penalties including those who let their dogs bark for more
5:55 am
than ten minutes. many of you think they're not strict enough. there's one more chance to your say at public hearing on may 19th. we're staying on top of the story in napalm. they're telling the people to leave the damaged building. an earthquake struck yesterday between kathmandu and mt. everest in the foothills of the himalayas. thousands spent the night outside in the tents following the aftershock that killed 65 people and injured 2,000 others. it blocked roads to remote villages. also right now teams are searching for a u.s. helicopter carrying six marines and two soldiers from nepal. the chopper was reported missing while delivering disaster supplies northeast of kathmandu. there had been reportedly brief radio chatter from the chopper about a fuel problem and then radio silence. the crew sent no distress call or emergency beacons. the american crew is based in
5:56 am
california. it is now 5:56 right now. we're going to show you images of the crash site in philadelphia. this is a live look from chopper at the aerial view. this train derailed on the way to new york from washington in philadelphia. you can see the train cars left the track and some of the cars are just a mangled mess. that one car as you can see bent in half. ntsb crews are on the way to the scene. as they try to make sure that everyone is accounted for. five people are dead six are critically injured. we have live team coverage, aaron gilchrist anchoring from
5:57 am
5:58 am
"news4 today" begins with breaking news. >> so we saw it go like that. swung, you can feel it off the tracks. you know we just rolled and rolled. >> passengers describing the moments their northeast regional train went flying off the tracks in philadelphia. right now, service from d.c. to new york is suspended. as rescue teams search for passengers still unaccounted for this morning. the train started right here at union station in washington. at least five people died when it flew off the tracks. another six are in critical condition at this time. medics took 140 people to the hospital.
5:59 am
amtrak says if you're worry about any family members, you can call an emergency hotline. the number is 1-800-523-9101. we put that number online for you as well. for the people on board, it was a terrifying situation. they were thrown around inside the train. at least one train car tore in two. now investigators are working to find out how and why all this happened. news4's aaron gilchrist is live near the crash scene in philadelphia to set the stage for us this morning. aaron? >> reporter: eun, it is absolutely a mangled mess on the tracks here just north of the 30th street station here in philadelphia. right now there are crews on the ground as they have been all night long. doing parts of their investigation after all the people who were able to be taken to hospitals, were taken to area hospitals. let me show you exactly where we're talking about here. we're talking about a train that would travel from d.c. to the new york city penn station.
6:00 am
it stopped at the 30th street station here in philadelphia. about 9:30 last night, and just a short distance away, after it left that station the train started to come off the tracks. several cars left the tracks. the engine part of the train separated from the rest of the train, came off the tracks as well as the train started to round a curve in this area. five crew members on board, and over 300 on board when this accident happened. as we have been telling you, 140 people taken to area hospitals. every hospital in philadelphia received some patients woe understand as they had to ramp up their staffing late last night. some of those injuries severe. and at least five people confirmed dead at this point. as many as six or seven people have been found dead already in this investigation. so from here, eun, that's what happens. an investigation that's happening with the fire department, also happening with the ntsb will be happening as the day and the days


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