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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  May 14, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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the firefighters and the police want to know what happened there. the house is on woodland drive in northwest d.c. which is not far from the national cathedral and tonight, that neighborhood is a crime scene. >> we have team coverage beginning with news4's jackie bensen. what have you learned? >> well doreen, we are await ing right now, a press conference by the d.c. police chief cathy lanier and she should be here within a minute or two we are told. what we understand is that d.c. fire responded to the home very close to the national cathedral, a area of multi million dollar homes with a fire and smoke and flames and however, once they got inside they realized that something was wrong, something did not appear to be right, and they called d.c. police and in short order they responded. and secret service responded here as well as crime scene
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investigators. they very quickly yellow taped off several blocks around this large home allowing no one in no one out, and began an extensive crime scene investigation. now, again, what you said, that we hear that three people are deceased. another person who is said to be in extremely, extremely condition, and right now the neighbors in the area say they don't know much other than there was a fire and that is why the crime scene investigators are here trying to determine what happened. we have someone from the mayor's office coming over, and we understand that both the mayor and chief lanier will speak in a few minutes. >> yacky, i'm curious, any information bt the age of the victims? has that information come to you? >> jim, we do not know the age
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of the victims, however, i did talk just a short time ago to a man who say thass that he believes that his brother was at this house earlier today, his brother works for the cleaning company, and he says that he has been trying to get his brother on the phone, and trying to contact him, but he says that his brother is in his 20s, so unclear if that man is one of the vicktims, and that is what everybody is trying to sort out right now. >> jackie bensen thank you. and our team coverage continues with megan fitzgerald. >> yes, we have been out here throughout the day since the house fire started just after 1:00 and lately and most recent ly ly, we have been seeing the fire trucks leaving the area, and if you are going to see behind me n is an area that is cordoned off, and police are still here, and the ambulance still on the scene as they have turned it into a criminal investigation. we want the show you the video shot earlier. this is the scene at 1:30 this
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afternoon. first neighbors said they smelled smoke and then saw the flames coming out of the roof. neighbors watched in horror but it was a long time housekeeper who worked for the family for more than two decades who was in tears. she did not want to go on camera, but she says when she heard about the fire she came over right away. >> i can't talk that much, because i hope they are okay. because, you know, this family means a lot to me. vera is the housekeeper that stays overnight. agot a call last night at 10:00 last night and i know she spent the night and i am 100% she was inside with them. >> and now the woman says she believes that there was a cleaning crew inside of the home at the time but she did not
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know for sure, and she is obviously broken up, but she has been with the family for more than 20 years, and even raised one of the children since they were a toddler she is a tells us, so obviously, difficult for her, and we were out here speaking with the other neighbors anxious to get the answers. they wanted to know what was going on and who was being taken out on the stretchers, and we don't have those answers yet. this is a developing investigation, but what we do know as we have been reporting that we have konconfirmed that the three people are dead and one person in critical condition, and again, we are awaiting a press conference, and hopefully we will be getting more information but as always, we encourage the folks to download the nbc4 washington app to get the latest information, back to you. >> and megan, what do we know about when the firefighters realized they had more than a fire on their hands? >> well, that is a good question. so the fire started and the call came in at 1:15, and we started to see the police arrive at 2:00, and that is when they were aggressive and asked us to move
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out and set up the perimeter and then it was about maybe two hours after the fire that we saw the police chief arrive on scene so that is when we knew that we had a serious situation on our hands. >> all right. megan fitzgerald we hear that there is a news conference about to start with the police chief. >> and the mayor as well. they are both scheduled to speak at this point. the mayor is a approaching the podium now, and the police chief is right behind her. they of course have an interest in this and any time there is a situation like that, and neighborhood such as this, it is considered a high profile incident if you will and here now is mayor bouser. >> i am here the to provide you with the latest information that we have about a fire on woodland drive in northwest washington, d.c. in ward three.
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at approximately 1:30 p.m. we got a call about a fire on woodland drive. the d.c. fire and emergency is management service, emergency medical service responded to that fire. it was a one-alarm fire. upon our personnel entering the house on woodland drive to extinguish the fire they discovered four victims in the house. we know that there are three adult victims and one child victim. our chief is here who will provide you with an update on the fire department's response to the scene. it will be followed by chief cathy lanier who will give the update on the police department's efforts at the scene. this incident is now being investigated by the joint arson task force which is made up of
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our fire department and the police department and alcohol, tobacco and fire department. so i want to turn it over now to chief baker who will let you know about the fire department's response, and followed by chief lanier lanier, and then we will take questions. >> craig. >> this afternoon the fire department and the ems was dispatched to the address on woodland drive with report of smoke coming from the house, and we arrive edd to find smoke coming from the second floor. they the initiated a firefighters effort in that area of the house, and at the same time they extended a search of the house for a possible victims, and located four on the second level of the home and it took 30 minutes to get the fire completely under control.
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>> obviously, it is early, and i will tell you everything that i can tell you, but there is going to be a little time to to get some answer, because when the investigation begins, you have to make sure that the fire is out, and the house is safe for the investigation to go on. i cannot comment on the evidence, and we will comment on the evidence as we get them. we were notified by the fire department and when they responded for the fire at 1:30 this afternoon they did find four deceased persons inside of the home. once we arrived at the scene, trying to look at all of the factors of involved here, we still have not gone through the extensive evidence collection process and not a lot of information at this point, but not a lot of signs of forced spry, but the origin of the fire is suspicious, and that is why the metropolitan police
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department and the joint arson task force has taken over the investigation, and we are asking for information from the public, and so we know that there is a porche 2008 blue porche 911 that was last seen at this home this morning at 10:30 and it has not been seen since, and so we have now located that car but if anybody has seen that 2008 blue porche 911 with the d.c. tags that is dk-2418, please give us a call at 202-277-0999. and we have a team of officers going throughout the neighborhood knocking on doors. we understand that there is a lot of residents trying to find out what happened and want to know some reassurance and what
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is going on and the officers over the course of the next several hours in the neighborhoods who will be knocking on the doors and asking for information and letting the people know what is going on and try to make sure that everybody knows what is going on here, and i expect over the next several hours we will get more answers, and have more information and right now the only thing that we can tell you is that the fire is suspicious in nature and three adults and what appears to be a child that is deceased in the home. and so we will pass on more information as we get them. >> h >> we have not confirmed the identification. >> and do you know the child? >> we have not confirmed any identification yet. >> the and do you know -- >> i cannot tell you where the car is located, but it has been found in the last hour but we don't know where it has been since 10:30 this morning, and when it was located within the last hour. >> someone with the car? >> no nobody with the car. >> and chief, our understanding
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that there was an ignition source throughout the house, and hit of gasoline throughout the house? >> i won't comment on the evidence specifically. >> and can you tell the us -- >> well, i won't comment on the evidence and the fact that we have the arson task force here is obvious that we think it is suspicious in nature, but i won't comment on anything specific. >> and can you comment on what would indicate anything other than smoke inhalation in nature. >> it is extremely early to comment on anything like that, and right now we don't have anything like that and it will take a little while to get answers ss like that. >> do you noeknow if they were all in the same room? >> and do you know if there was a call placed -- >> i am not aware of any. right now, we are investigating and the arson task force and the major investigation here but we don't have answers to any of the questions, so give us time to
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collect the information and more information and we will update you with what we get it, and we will try to keep you up to date adds possible. >> h that is the d.c. police chief cathy lanier confirming that firefighters found four people dead inside that home on woodland drive right near the washington national cathedral, and four vim timctims, three adults and one child. it is an arson investigation, and the chief lanier did not shed any light on how the people might have die edd. we know that they were, and that the police chief is asking for information about a vehicle, a 2008 blue porche that was seen near the house this morning. dc tags dk-2418 and she says that police are looking for any information, anybody might have about that vehicle. >> they made it clear, the chief did, because of the nature and the origin of the fire, they are
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considering it a very suspicious situation, and the arson task force is in control right there, and not so much in control, but enforce trying to figure out how it started. we will get more information as it is available to us. we will
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i'm wendy rieger at the live desk and the ntsb has wrapped up a press conference giving us new details of the train derailment of the new evidence of video of the forward facing camera of the locomotive which includes the time and speed information and shows the train accelerating as it was heading into the 50-mile-an-hour turn. let ees let's take a look. 65 seconds before the video goes blank, and that is right before the crash, the train is going 75 miles per hour. 43 seconds before impact it goes up to 80. 31 seconds, it is up to 90. and 16 seconds before impact it hits 100 miles an hour and that is twice the speed limit for that the turn. >> just before entering the curve, it is when the engineer applied the engineer-induced braking to put it in emergency
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braking, and i will describe it as seconds, mere seconds into the turn, and we will see the train tilting approximately ten degrees to the right. and then the recording went blank. >> we don't know if the speed was increasing manually by the engineer and according to the lawyer, he has agreed to be interview and turned over the phone to prove it was off and he was not using it as the time and the ntsb says it will happen that they will be interviewing him in the next couple of days. >> thank you, wendy. and now, looking at the victims among them laura finemor and not pictured is giuseppe pearness who is a wine salesman and also a father of two from maryland
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had been among the missing until today, bob gildersleeve. and now new reaction from his father. shomari shomari? >> well bob gildersleeve's father was upset, and says that he has two sons and well liked in the community. he is grieving as we speak and his son died in the wreckage behind me. this afternoon his father spoke with the officials from the medical examiner's office in downtown philadelphia. he is sad and angry, because the ntsb says that the amtrak 188 accident could have been prevented if a safety system around the country could have been used in philadelphia. the ntsb believes that the train was speeding twice the speed limit, and large cranes moved pieces of the damaged cars and e debris from the scene. more than 40 people are being treated right now at hospitals, and police have interviewed the engineer and he provided his
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cell phone and blood sample and as my colleague wendy rieger said, they plan to interview him again. >> thank you, shomari. and we are trying to get details of a guy taken into custody today after the secret service spotted him flying a drone in lafayette park. that the incident put the white house on lockdown for a short time. pat collins is downtown now with all of this. pat? >> jim n the past >> jim, in the past there have been complaints that the secret service have been slow reacting to incidents around the white house. not today. the cops took the over lafayette park before you could say, look n the sky. it was a drone, and police moved in quickly to get it down and make things safe and the people in the park impressed. >> i thought it was good that they jumped on it too quick. >> it is close to the white house conference so i imagine they are taking precautions.
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>> this is the troublemaker, a drone. they said it was two feet wide. secret service agents saw the drone flying near the white house, and they say it is 100 feet in the air, and jane moser was here. she saw it too. >> i happened to look up, and i did a double take, and it was a drone. and i pointed up there, and i said, it is a drone and it was not long before that that the secret servicemen and that is when everybody they said clear. >> the agents found the pilot and told him to land the drone. they evacuated lafayette park. and a long-time demonstrator here describes what it is like when the cops cleared the place. >> it is to get out of the park and making sure yelled that they were going to clear it out. >> reporter: they cleared the place out? >> they cleared the place out. >> the bomb squad was called in to sweep the drone. they seized it once they made sure it was safe. also seized a chevy car
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believed to be used by the drone pilot. the pilot himself was brought in for questioning by police. that was back in january that an intelligence agency employee was flying a drone outside of his apartment, and he lost control. and the drone ended up on the white house lawn. he wasn't charged but there was a lot of apologizing going on. >> now, sources say that today's drone man described himself as a videoographer from california. he says that he was here to take pick pictures of an event. he said that he meant no harm to the president. the president was not home when all of this happened. back to you. >> well, pat collins, thank you. nowhere to go and we will tell you why dozens of people had to dart across a busy highway in the middle of rush hour. >> we are following a story in
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d.c. where four people were fo
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a fire on a bus and dozens of passengers waiting on the side of a busy highway today, and motorists in a long traffic backup along the beltway in springfield, virginia. it happened this morning and video from chopper 4 showed the bus passengers hopping a a barrier to triy to get to a new bus near braddock road and all
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of the lanes on the beltway have since opened and we still don't know what caused that bus to catch fire. >> kind of a mess, but nice day to be outside. and beautiful today. >> and this is the kind of weather where it keeps us guessing in terms of the wardrobe and in terms off what to pull out of the office. and we know that it is the forecast and exactly right. and all right. well, take a look around the area and just so we know that things will be busy for the events taking place, and the police are getting ready for the big upcoming weekend and not better weather to today. this weekend, we are going to be seeing a rise in the heat and humidity, and the horses are going to be needing a little bit more water, down on the monument today, it has been absolutely delightful. you can see the high clouds are building to the west, and that is a warm front make its way through the area throughout the day tomorrow a nd wnd with it, we
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will see more high clouds and a few showers, and sprinkles out ahead of the front, and tomorrow, nothing significant and with we won't have any showers or storms area-wide in this upcoming weekend, and that is reagan international, and the moisture in the arir is low number and 38 degree, and it is going to quickly rise throughout the weekend and tomorrow we will see that the number heading up a little bit and 9:00 this the evening, the temperatures are in the low 60s or around 60 degrees by 10 to 11:00 p.m. as the high clouds will make their way into the area. the future weather, a look at 5:00 this evening as the clouds are off to the west around harrisonburg and petersburg and throughout friday and the showers will stay in the high mountains, and then around hague hagerstown and cumberland through the afternoon, and 53 and 56 and not as wide a range through the temperatures for the morning and quite comfortable to start the and nice and mild
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through the afternoon and getting sticky for the upcoming weekend and saturday and sunday and we move from uncomfortable and we will take you hour by hour and show you the storm chances in a few minutes. >> thank you, veronica. >> and new developments in the train derailment in philadelphia. we are learning new details about the people who were killed in in the crash. we will go back to the scene in a couple of moments. they were daytime break-ins of affluent homes targeting thousands of dollars in jewelry. and now fairfax kouncounty police have arrested a man they believe is tied to a organized crime family in chicago and why they believe there is cause for concern ahead. >> and we are staying on top of the breaking news in northwest d.c. and four people are dead in a house fire that quickly has become
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right now at 6:30 arson inves investigators are on the scene of a house fire in northwest d.c. and four people found dead inside of that house. our jackie bensen is on the scene and joins us with whatever else there is to be learned. jackie? >> well jim, there have bneen some things that i want to show you what the scene looks like behind me, and you can see the folks sitting down there on the curb behind us, and the man on the right is the one i spoke to who told me that his brother is
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work g working as a home cleaner where the four deceased people were discovered today, and he had been trying to reach his brother all day since he heard about the fire, and has not been able to get in touch with him. he spoke to the detectives here at the scene who asked them to wait here, and we note tonight that police are looking for a late model blue porche that is the car belonging to the home's owner. they are looking for that vehicle. they don't know where it is but they do believe it was at this house this morning, and to wrap up, the d.c. police are investigating what they rare calling the deaths, the suspicious deaths of four people in a fire. sources tell us that it is being investigated as arson started in multiple locations in the house, and the investigation is likely to take some time. thank you. >> and jackie bensen thank you. and now, late developments in the amtrak derailment in
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philadelphia. the national transportation safety board says that the engineer will talk to investigators and the accident site has been turned back over the amtrak and also confirmed an amtrak employee who was injured in the derailment filed a lawsuit against amtrak today, and minutes ago president obama said that now is the time to invest in the infrastructure and the president also expreszsed condolences to the victims' family. and jay gray is at the scene there in philadelphia. >> yes, doreen a lot of information coming out of the re report today. reports show that there was no the abnormality of or the signals. it shows that this train sped up within a minute before the crash from 60 to the over 100 miles per hour and we learned this afternoon afternoon that the work for the responders and the recovery teams ended today. >> reporter: more than 24 hour ss
6:33 pm
after the crash, recovery teams have pulled the body of an eighth victim from the wreckage. >> we pull ded the hydraulic tools over to reach the victim. >> reporter: they continued their work along the curve in the route where the train left the tracks. >> we want to understand what was going on and understand why the train was operated that way, and was it a mechanical issue or some sort of human issue. >> reporter: answers could come from brandon bostian, the 32-year-old engineer who was at the koncontrol of the train at the time of the crash. he was injured, but released from the hospital. we are told that he spoke briefly with the philadelphia police and turn over his cell phone and gave a blood sample, but yet to talk to the investigators. >> we hope to talk to him soon. >> reporter: but the mayor said that the search for further vick victims are over.
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>> all of the individuals that we believe were on that train have now been accounted for. >> reporter: and we are learning now about six of the eight on board that died in the accident. bob gildersleeve was vice president of e ecolab. and rachel jacobs was ceo of a company and mother of 2-year-old, and jim gaines was a software architect and father of two and justin zemser was from the navy academy and hopes of becoming a navy s.e.a.l. >> it was a huge loss. >> and abid jill lani as well. >> and now, they are turning it back over to amtrak and they are working on the repairs and they are hoping to resume service on the line in the next few days,
6:35 pm
and by the middle of next week at least. >> a lot of people are ready to et get the amtrak service in the northeast corridor going again, jay. it seems that the engineer is the key to the investigation, but is there to a sense of how long it will be before they can talk to him? >> well, it seems that is how the investigation is going, but it looks like that according to those on the ground it will be within the next couple of day, and they want to get as quickly as possible to get the most pertinent information. >> thank you, jay gray. and across pittsburgh another derailment being tonight. 13 empty freight cars off of the tracks in the hazelwood neighborhood. railroad officials say that the train was moving at 10 miles per hour at the time. nobody was injured. they are still trying to figure out why that train derailed. ? tomorrow
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tomorrow the d.c. firefighter who lost his life while trying to save someone else's will be tomorrow. the funeral services for kevin mccray who collapsed after battling a apartment fire collapsed last week. the woman who escaped the fire said that he saved her sister last week, and he was only 44 years old. a ruse about a lost dog led to the high-end jewelry heist in mclane virginia and the perpetrators may be part of a higher crime ring and the virginia bureau chief julie carey has more on this. julie. >> well, the police say that at least four home break-ins are tied to the burglary ring. a woman had stop stepped out to take her dog to reston and another woman had stepped out for a funeral, and now they say that the man arrested may be
6:37 pm
tied to a crime ring in chicago. sfwlr you can still see the fingerprint dust on dimmic's neighbor's door. he says he is not entirely surprised to learn that crime ring has set their sights here on this neighborhood. >> it is a lot of wealth. >> and people take advantage of it. >> reporter: the break-in at his neighborhood's home led to $8,000 of jewelry grabbed, but the nearby security camera grabbed a good shot of the suspect. long story short, the search warrant documents reveal that the detective identified a man staying at the sterling hotel, a man they believe is tied to a polish organized crime family in chicago. 39-year-old jan parshefski is charged with grand larceny. >> i am glad that the man is arrested and the neighborhood can feel safer. >> reporter: but police say there are other suspects to look
6:38 pm
out for. a woman here was stepping out to take her dog to the groomer, and while she returned sooner than expected and two the people tried to keep her from going inside and the man started to ask her about home prices in the area and a woman started to ask her about a lost dog, and when te woman start-- when the woman finally got back inside, she realized her jewelry was gone. and the suspects at large could be using two-way radios as part of the operation. i'm tom sherwood at the national mall. it is tourist season but also ka canadian geese season. these tourists are not welcomed and what the park service is doing theo get rid of them. i have the story coming up. >> and a head's up about the commute coming up, because you may have to share the commute with more buy cyclists than
6:39 pm
normal. >> and when the rain
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tomorrow you may notice some extra bikes on the road to and from work. tomorrow is the annual to ride your pike to work day. if you are interested in taking part there is caravans in nearly 80 pit stops out there with drinks and snacks and raffles, too. we have links where you can register for the raffles and find the nearest pit stop in our area in the nbc washington app and search bike to work, but not while you are on the bike. >> no not that. paige epler began her matriculation at george mason university when she was 13 years old, and now at 19 paige is this year's youngest grajduate there. she is doing so with a 4.0 gpa
6:42 pm
and she studied pre-med biology with a passion for cancer research and it seems that she has always been years ahead of her time. that is a picture of pageige at 2 years old reading the en encyclopedia encyclopedia and she is used to the question, how old are you? >> i remember that when i first started out people thought that i was the professor's kid. >> she plays the violin an archer and she is a pilot. >> oh, my gosh. >> that is naul the spare time. >> she hopes to get another bachelor's degree and then move on to m.d. and then her ph.d. >> well, you go, paige epler. >> indeed. >> going above and beyond and meet the man from our area who jumped into action to save somebody in need.
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>> there are lots of canadian geese down there around the national mall area, and they are cute to look at but if you have been anywhere where the geese have left, they leave behind some of the nastiest and foulest
6:46 pm
stuff on the face of the earth, and tom sherwood is going to report on what the folks down there at the mall plan to do about it. the geese police. >> reporter: this is the guy with the dog whistle. this is the border collie one of several now on duty on the national mall. and this is the reason way too many canadian geese. the collies disrupt the geese who to put it mildly are making a huge poop mess on the mall. >> a goose drops a pound and a half of -- >> reporter: waste. >> droppings on the lawn. and you do the math it is a dump truck and a half a week. >> reporter: and they have spent $1.5 million to restore the reflection pool but the new filtration pool can't handle all of the waste, and plus it stains the new walkways and it can be
6:47 pm
dangerous. >> it is slippery. people are not paying attention. >> >>. >> reporter: and the tourists don't see the problem. >> they can be pretty. >> reporter: well, it is up to two pounds of waste a day. >> oh well. >> reporter: and now the dogs will have a chance to disrupt the nesting problems but the dogs leave a problem, too? >> yes. >> reporter: and who cleans up after them? >> i do. that is a tough responsibility. >> reporter: and cleaning up at the national mall, tom sherwood. they displayed extraordinary courage beyond the call of duty and today, they were honored for it. the department of homeland security presented the valor awards to a dozen dhs agents and homeland security secretary
6:48 pm
jay johnson jeh johnson took part in the ceremonies. an officer was honored when he noticed a woman was about to jump sitting on the railing. >> i started to gain her trust, and she attempted to jump three time but had to grab a hold of her, and i was holding her from jumping. >> and william buehler was also honored for pulling a man from a burn ing burning car. he is a sergeant for the secret service. >> looking at our weather now, and i don't know when it has been a lovely lovely day. >> it has been fantastic, yes. and today, we were cooler and the low humidity with us, and it has been quite some time and at least i can't remember a day this month, it has been this nice. so as we get into the eveningings a lot of folks want to get out to do a run or the walk or dine out, because this time tomorrow, already, we are going to be feeling a little bit of the humidity returning to the area and 70 degrees here, and
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dropping 10 degrees by 11:00 p.m. with the clouds that the will start to make their way into the area, and by tomorrow morning, partly cloudy will be at 66 between 8:00 and 10:00 a.m. with more high clouds coming into the aer yarea. mild is the weather tomorrow. seasonably mild, and right now the average temperature is 75. so comefortable to start, and this is the school day forecast for friday. nice to be out at recess but then by dismissal, it is going to be sticky as i mentioned. here is the sky cast with some clouds across the area, and picking up more cloud cover in the afternoon and the evening hour shgs hour, and partly cloudy to mostly cloudy across the area, and that is the setup as we slide into the weekend. by 2:00, 76, and by 9:00, if you are going out friday night, the temperatures are nice and come comfortable in the low 70s and not quite the starry night, but certainly for a friday night, folks are back in the short sleeves and nice summerwear.
6:50 pm
here is a look at saturday and kwi quiet to start, and we will pick up the showers and the thunderstorms, and any of the slow moving which means the threat the of downpours by 2:00. frederic to harrisburg and to the same scenario for sunday. so it is between 3:00 and 8:00 p.m. the chances of the storms are around 40% chance for sunday, and the intensity of the rain which means any downpours will be coming through the area, too, at times. and it is a big weekend, too, for the festivals, and the humidity is high at 86 for saturday and 88 and calling sun sunday, oppressive, because it is going to be feeling like it is over 90 degrees on sunday and looking for heat on the early part of next week, and back down the roller coaster ride for early next week. >> thank you. and we have the sports coming up and my goodness did you feel the air go out of the balloon last night?
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and the shot to the rim is rocked and now he flies in. >> and now the drive and he scores! the rangers go on the tampa.
6:54 pm
>> the worst day of the year. i practiced that all year. i was sleeping last night with that face i think. >> oh, we all felt it. >> it was rough. >> i have to say one thing, you do not in a playoff game when you are nine feet tall have both hands on the ball with a second or two left and let some dude behind you let the dude take some ball out of your hand from you. >> say it again, jim! >> come on now. >> and bring it to the wizards, and we have to give you five minute us of what jim thinks. and caps first, because it is over. here we go again. the caps' players will hold the exit interviews tomorrow, and today, they could not get out of bed. spitballing here. and no ovechkin guarantee, and inspired some interesting signs last night.
6:55 pm
ta the caps stopped for the third time in four years. braden holtby could not make the save on the derek e stepstepan's game winner. the caps are hopeful about the future. future. >> well, history will talk history all you want and this is a new group, and this a new team or the organization is changing, and the feat is not the undertaker and the teach e and we have learned a lot, and we will have some kids who learned a lot and some great veterans so you will see the washington capitals back here. >> yeah, we are shaking the head, and you like barry trots. >> it is not the undertaker, but the teacher. >> put it in the rear view -- >> still hurts. >> still hurts. oh man. positive thinking thursday. and hockey e thoethough will will continue for alexander ovechkin as he is headed to prague for
6:56 pm
the world championships playing for russia. and the wizards and turn that frown upside down and john wall has no swelling today. >> good news. >> and randy wittman say ss he expects him to play tomorrow for game six. and with john wall the wizards are the better team and they lost last night, but he was a warrior showing few signs that he had five broken bones in the left hand and even using the left hand there, and finished with 15 point ss, but the wizards could not come home with the lead giving up the lead with a last-second shot by al horford there in the lars second shot and the wiz down but not out, and redady to learn from the mistakes of the past. >> i think that just i have been in the situation last year, and having the game six back home, and having the opportunity to try to win this game. we are playing better this season than last year at home and having the opportunity to win it and come bakck to win game seven, and we failed in that position from last year, and we don't want the end it at
6:57 pm
home. we want the opportunity to come back to close it out here. >> so nice. meantime the boys of summer are keeping it bright around here. the nats have won 12 of 15 games, including the yesterday's come from behind win over arizona, and michael taylor with the grand slam in the ninth, and the nats and san diego tonight. and d.c. united atop the mls stand ings standings. they were a win over orlando, and the black and red unbeaten in the last 8 of 9 game ss. and the wizards with the two game sevens. >> yes, it is a a game seven tomorrow. and john wall is an inspiration. i mean, that dude he lays it out on the court every time. >> and when he lays on the floor, he lays up the left hand i am not going to use that. >> and when he is down there on the floor, never begs for the foul. >> amazing no swelling in the hand. >> and game seven tomorrow at the verizon sen
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
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on this thursday night, on the tracks. we're right there with investigators on the day another victim is found in the amtrak wreckage. and tonight what the engineer at the controls is saying about what happened. feeling the heat. as rivals pounce all around him, jeb bush tries again to put on a firestorm over how he answered a question about the iraq war. dramaticrop. a spectacular new view of the water emergency in california. a critical source for millions vanishing before our eyes. and fighting skin cancer. a young woman's strong warning about what too much tanning did to her skin. her photos going viral. and tonight the little pill doctors say could reduce your risk. "nbc nightly news" begins right now. ly news" begins right now. from nbc news


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