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tv   News4 Today  NBC  May 15, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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th us. "news4 today" continues at 5:00. >> "news4 today" starts now. >> good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. now at 5:00, a mystery unfolding in northwest d.c. after firefighters make a gruesome discovery. what we could learn today about the four people found dead in the district. we are monitoring the latest in nepal where it's believed the wreckage of a u.s. marine helicopter has been found. we're standing by for confirmation. new information on the deadly train derailment in philadelphia. the services we learned about overnight for one of the victims. first, let's check our forecast with storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein. tom? >> good morning. happy friday. just a few clouds floating over the metro area now. a bit of a chill in the air. most locations are in the 50s. we'll stay this way through 8:00 this morning, then by noontime low 70s. hitting upper 70s with increasing sunshine by later this afternoon. still not very humid. getting more humid over the weekend. here is saturday storm timing. we'll be fine through the morning, through noontime. no rain anywhere in the
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vicinity. except a few sprinkles out of the mountains and then by 2:00, it's isolated thundershowers will pop up. then they get closer to the metro area, tracking across virginia and maryland and moving off to the east. between 4:00 and 6:00 a lot break up. we might get a few additional passing thundershowers. that will move in on saturday night, especially north and east of the metro area. next weather and traffic on the 1s at 5:11. a look at your bus stop forecast and what to wear for this friday. melissa is looking at construction. >> can't we get rid of this construction? wouldn't that be nice? i'll pay you. so will everybody else i'm sure. southbound georgia avenue between randolph and layhill, one lane blocked in each direction. also in silver spring, colesville between fenton and georgia. a lane blocked there as well. hopefully, it will be out of the way soon. can't make any promises even on a friday morning.
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wide look overall t beltway looking good. and the first 4 traffic tracker southbound on 95 in virginia, no issues. you can see volume here northbound. we're back at 5:11. breaking news in the search for the missing u.s. military helicopter in nepal. in just the last few minutes u.s. forces confirmed that the wreckage is in fact the missing chopper. a nepalese search team found the site and three bodies. the helicopter disappeared on tuesday. sixing american marines were on board and two nepalese army bodies. our military is beginning the investigation. back to you. 5:02. a developing story in northwest d.c. today we could learn the identities of the people found dead inside this home. firefighters found four people dead inside that woodley park
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house as they extinguished the fire. the circumstances of the fire are very suspicious. news4's megan mcgrath has more. >> reporter: well aaron, you can see behind me the police officers who have been on the scene all night long, making sure that no one goes inside this home. now, neighbors say a couple and their young son live in this house on woodland drive in northwest. a fourth person found dead is believed to be the housekeeper. now, arson and homicide detectives were on the scene on thursday and police chief cathy lanier is callinsituation very suspicious. it was 1:30 yesterday afternoon, there was a fire at the home. when rescue crews went inside, that's when they found four bodies on the second floor. how they died exactly what happened still not known at this point. now, news4's jackie bensen spoke to a woman. she didn't want her face shown on camera but she told jackie she comes to the house on thursdays to help her friend clean. but that morning she got a text message telling her not to come.
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>> he sent me a text message this morning around 10:00. and she said that i want -- i want to make sure you're not coming today. and come on monday or any other day, but don't come today. >> reporter: and police are looking for some information about a porsche 911. blue porsche 911 that was on the scene seen around 10:30, then it left for a while and was located late in the afternoon. the license plate on that car was d.c. tag, dk 2418. police want information about whoever was driving that porsche yesterday. if you have information, if you saw it you're asked to call investigators. the phone number 202-727-9099. reporting live in northwest, megan mcgrath news4. today we could learn the identities of the people who were found inside that house. we do know they have a
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connection to st. albans school in northwest washington. the school will have chaplains and counselors on campus today to help students and staff deal with the tragedy. one child was found dead inside the home along with three adults. neighbors say they can't believe something like this could happen on a street that has its own security. >> this neighborhood when things like that happen it's a complete surprise. >> i'm absolutely shocked and horrified. >> today investigators will go through the neighborhood to talk to potential witnesses and learn more about the family who lived at this home. today family and friends will say good-bye to a d.c. firefighter who died moments after a fire. the viewing and funeral for lieutenant kevin mcrae starts at 9:00 this morning at the d.c. armory. he collapsed after battling an apartment fire in northwest d.c. last week. a woman who escaped that fire told news4 mcrae saved her sister's life that day. lieutenant mcrae was 44 years old. 5:06 now. to the latest in the deadly train derailment investigation in philadelphia. ntsb investigators say in the
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last minute before the crash, the amtrak train sped up from 70 miles per hour to over 100. investigators hope to speak with the train's engineer in the coming days. brandon bostian turned over cell phone records and gave police a flood sample. today is the funeral for navy midshipman justin zemser one of eight people killed in the derailment. an amtrak employee filed the first lawsuit in connection with that crash. the system that would have sensed the train was going too fast was not being used at the time of the crash. it's called automatic train control. known as atc. the system is used on mass transit nationwide including on metro. it's built into the tracks and senses when a train is speeding and slows it down. our station in philadelphia confirmed with amtrak that atc was not used on the northbound tracks near the crash site. it was used in the southbound direction. >> most of these systems are designed to be fail safe. which means if something goes wrong they're supposed to stop the trains. >> we are going to want to
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interview the people who were responsible for making those decisions and we ultimately will make an evaluation as to whether or not that was sufficient risk management. >> atc is different from positive train control which we told you about earlier this week. ptc is a more sophisticated gps based system that's not yet installed in philadelphia. today we could find out how a judge wants to move forward in a rape case against jesse matthew. he was charged with attempted murder and rape in a 2005 attack on a woman in fairfax city. earlier this week his lawyer asked to delay the trial set for next month. today a judge could announce a decision there. matthew facing capital murder charges in the death of uva student hannah graham. montgomery county schools could have a new leader. >> a look at the top contender for the superintendent in just two minutes. caught on camera, a police officer dragged by a car. how it happened and how he managed to break free.
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and minimizing smoke incidents on metro. looking live across the district this morning where most people are seeing temperatures in
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new video of a police body cam video shows the terrifying moments after an officer gets dragged by a suspect's car. this happened in savannah
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georgia, last weekend. the officer asked the driver to take his keys out of the in addition and get out of the car. the driver refuses and then speeds off dragging the officer with him. the officer is eventually able to let go of the car. the officer was not seriously hurt. the 23-year-old suspect turned himself in to police yesterday. we could soon see a new superintendent of montgomery county public schools. the board of education president says dr. andrew houlihan is the preferred candidate. he is chief academic officer of the houston independent school district, the nation's seventh biggest school district. someone will visit to see his work first hand. weather and traffic on the 1s at 5:11. we're hoping for a repeat of yesterday which was spectacular. >> storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein lets us know what's on tap. >> it's cool this morning but not as chilly as yesterday morning. you need a light jacket this morning and then later on you need the umbrella. actually going to be warming up for short sleeves during the
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afternoon. but you need the sunglasses later today. increasing sunshine. right now a chill in the air. we're in the 50s. west virginia virginia and maryland. we have some high clouds that are over us for the metro and the bus stop this morning. remaining in the 50s between 7:00 and 8:00. then sun breaks out and temperatures up around 60 degrees. a look at our weekend storm chances at 5:21. what's happening on the roads? >> right now first 4 traffic tracker headed northbound on 95. no problems northbound and southbound was looking quite good. so not having any issues there. which is great of course. could slow down in a little bit though. 66 into and out of town, you're felt. beltway at 50, not seeing any issues. same thing you're looking at 270, no problems there. a little northbound 15 at liberty road we have the left lane blocked there. beltway -- it's rolling along quite nicely. beltway at st. barnabas same thing. back at 5:21.
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weather and traffic on the 1s. could motherhood be killing
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new reaction now to the death of the king of blues. ♪ ♪ everybody wanna know ♪ >> influencing a generation of musicians and amazing everybody with unforgettable hits like "the thrill is gone." the producer while working with king learned so much about his kindness and brewer goes on to say his passing is truly a great loss for the music industry. king was inducted into the blues foundation hall of fame and the rock and roll hall of fame. he suffered from dementia and was under hospice care. king died in his home in las
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vegas. he was 89. a man who may be tied to the mob is facing charges today in connection with four high end jewelry thefts in fairfax county. jan parchewski is facing burglary and grand larceny charges. police believe parchewski is working with three accomplices. the thieves targeted wealthy homes. official documents say parchewski is tied to an organized crime family. a metro official says rail service performance in 2015 is quote the lowest in recent memory. metro's performance officer presented the agency score card yesterday, multiple smoke incidents, cracked rails and limited bus service are among the concerns. robberies and aggravated assaults increased last year -- increased since last year. customer satisfaction is down, however, escalator and elevator service has improved. metro says it will start washing out its tunnels. "the washington post" reports metro says cleaning up the grime
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helps keep electrical equipment running. it comes after a smoke incident between foggy bottom and rosslyn slowed them down this week. you have some more parking options along the silver line. 100 spots are temporarily available at the underground garage on west park drive. they are available every day and can be reserved for a dollar an hour or 50 bucks a month. the location is within walking distance of the tyson's corner metro and the galleria. connector bus service is available too. to advertise the new parking in the building it's lighted with a silver "p" at night. 5:18, news4 is working for your health. elderly men who stay active may lower their risk of early death. 6,000 men were tracked, regular, vigorous activity was most closely linked to the longer life span but 30 minutes of any exercise cut the risk of death
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by 40%. researchers say that is as beneficial as giving up smoking. you can read more in the british journal of sports medicine. this next story either applies to you or someone you know could be a single mother be bad for your health? a revealing new study suggests it could have a major impact on a woman's health. women who are single mothers before the age of 50 may have increased risk of poor health later in life. moms younger than 20 divorced or parented alone for at least eight years were especially vulnerable to physical disabilities or disease. experts say this could be a result of financial struggles or lack of social support. >> having or being a single mother at a young age can result in adverse health effects later in life. >> single moms living in the u.s. were also more likely to develop health problems. that's according to harvard university researchers. coming up on 7:00 on the "today"
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show we're talking about what you can do throw -- to lower your risks. you might want to stock up on pedialyte. it is increasingly being used by adults after a night of drinking. the company that makes the drink is taking notice, it started to market it as a hangover cure. doctors say there's no cure for a hangover but the drink can help reduce symptoms. pedialyte is also introducing a new powder pack this month so that people can have a more portable version of the drink. to think that pedialyte is made for kids when they're sick to rehydrate their system. >> just take some pedialyte. you may notice extra bikes on the road to and from work today. >> today is the annual bike to work today in our area hosted by commuter connections and the washington area bicycle association. there are caravans and about 80
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pit stops with drinks and snacks. to find the nearest one to you, go to the nbc washington app. coming up molette green will be with some biker commuters. >> i heard snacks. it's 5:21. if your bike gets a flat tire don't panic, you can call aaa. it hopes the new service will encourage more people to bike to work. >> very cool. nice weather for biking to work, especially if we have a repeat of yesterday. 5:21. time for weather and traffic on the 1s as we take a live look outside, 58 degrees. >> tom, what's in store? >> well a lot of clouds there. a live view from the storm team 4 city camera. here's your bike to work forecast for this friday. clouds around for much of the morning commute. a little sunshine breaking out. it will be cool for the morning. and in the 50s. but during the afternoon, climbing into the upper 70s. a light wind. whenever you're riding a bike, you don't want to be riding in
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gusty winds. morning clouds giving way to sunshine breaking out between 8:00 and 9:00 this morning and then by noontime partly cloudy. then the rest of the afternoon should be mostly sunny. this evening we'll have the clouds closing back in as some rain moves in from the midwest. we're getting that on storm team 4 radar. no rain here locally. the cloud cover will allow our temperatures to quickly jump out of the 50s where we are now. most of the region all the way into the upper 70s. by noontime into the low 70s with that sunshine breaking out. beautiful afternoon with a light breeze out of the south. we'll be making it into the mid and upper 70s. on saturday afternoon thundershowers likely and more humid and feeling like summer. ought to hit upper 80s on sunday. scattered afternoon showers sunday. and monday, a scattered pattern as we start off the next week. and then lingering showers in
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the morning and then afternoon, get some sunshine back. it will be hot, in the upper 80s but turning less humid. partly cloudy both days with highs in the mid 70s. next weather and traffic on the 1s look at hometown highs for this friday. now a look at the friday commute. melissa, what is happening now? >> some construction still hanging around this morning. one of those spots in northwest washington. 16th street near park all the southbound lanes are being blocked. all the northbound lanes are being used. colesville between fenton and georgia, one lane blocked in each direction. right now first 4 traffic tracker headed north on 95, about to get on 395. not having any issues there at the top there of 95 as you approach the beltway. 270 southbound northbound no issues either. remember to listen to our friends on wtop when you hop in your car. no slowdowns yet, let's keep it that way. 295, 95 b.w. parkway everything
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looking quite good. back at 5:31 with a live look at 270. >> thanks, melissa. jurors will be back to work today trying to determine if the convicted boston marathon bomber deserves to die. dzhokhar tsarnaev was convicted last month of all 30 charges against him. 17 carry the death penalty. the jury did have some questions about the charges yesterday. in order for tsarnaev to receive the death penalty the decision must be unanimous. canada's top court sided with a convicted war criminal. ex-guantanamo bay detainee omar khadr will not be considered an adult offender but instead a child offender. he was transferred from prison in guantanamo and now out on bail. he pled guilty to killing a u.s. soldier in afghanistan when he was only 15. we expect a guilty plea today from the man behind a multimillion dollar larceny scheme in fauquier county.
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robin nicholas is charged with bilking money from the parent company of heritage hardwoods. he faces 31 penalties and they carry a maximum sentence of 371 years in prison. your property taxes can be going up in prince george's county. the county executive estimates it will cost someone with a $200,000 home $300 more in taxes every year. the county council chair does not think baker's plan is realistic. >> well people say this okay we're willing to invest in education. but we don't want to be -- when the revenues start coming in given us a credit and they're right. >> the only way that would work and you have to look at the numbers is if property values dramatically increase. so property values all dramatically increased, then you could gradually reduce any sort of tax increase.
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but that would take a very long time. >> the county council will have the final say on baker's proposal when they vote on the budget at the end of the month. 5:26 right now. a pair of strong storms hitting parts of southern california. and there are more on the way. rain is -- well look at the video here. roads look more like rivers in the san diego area because of flooding there. six people had been rescued from their cars. jeni's ice cream has restarted production. the ohio-based company found listeria last month. and then it was traced to the spout on one of the filling machines in the production facility. the company immediately initiated a recall and voluntarily retrained all of the employees. as the search for their killer continues friends and family prepare to say good-bye to a rockville couple. how they plan to honor the vilardos later on today. the deflategate drama, who is expected to personally
5:27 am
oversee tom brady's appeal. and another beautiful day is in store for us. isn't that a pretty picture? 58 degrees outside the nation's capital. tom is working on your hometown forecast and will bring that to us at 5:31. narrator: rural communities across the country are coming back thanks to bipartisan support for the renewable fuel standard. expanded renewable fuel production has created over 850,000 jobs. and the american biofuels industry produces the world's cleanest fuel from agricultural waste. but the oil industry wants the epa to protect their profits and foreign oil. the epa now faces a choice: cave to the oil industry? or keep their commitment to america's rural communities. paid for by fuels america.
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looking at the stories making headlines right now at 5:30. today we could learn the identities of the people found dead inside this home. firefighters found four people dead inside the northwest washington home yesterday afternoon. as they arrived to extinguish a fire. police say the circumstances of the fire are suspicious. today, justin zemser's family will lay him to rest. he's one of the victims in the ed deadly train derailment in philadelphia. in the last moments before the derailment the train sped from 70 miles an hour to over 100. and so far, three bodies have been found in nepal. the chopper vanished on tuesday. we'll have much more on the stories throughout the morning but first, good morning to you. i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist.
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another burst of warmer air rolls in today. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein has a look. >> not as hot in dale city prince william county. and as the day progresses we have sunshine breaking out. ought to make it to the mid 70s by late afternoon. right now, ft. washington, prince george's county under a mostly cloudy sky. lots of sunshine there. by late afternoon into the mid 70s. right now in arlington it's at 55 degrees. some clouds around there. the cloud cover will begin to break up. but by later this afternoon warming nicely all the way into the upper 70s. it will be true for much of the metro area as well. next weather and traffic on the 1s a look at your drive time forecast. melissa is telling us about a new crash. where's this? >> brand new crash in the district. we got off the phone with d.c. police. here's what we know at this point. southeast/southwest freeway at ohio drive, a report of a pedestrian struck. trying to clear this up here in
5:32 am
the next couple of minutes. 270 at shady grove road southbound a little bit of volume now that we hit the 5:30 hour. northbound is fine. 66 into and out of town, on time here at 55 miles an hour. right now, first 4 traffic tracker on 395 northbound here not having any problems northbound. same thing you if you're headed out of town on 395. about as good as 395 can look. look at prince george's county everything is moving quite nicely. back in ten minutes with more on the cra sh in the district. today, dick and jody vilardo's funeral is this morning at the fourth presbyterian church in bethesda. someone killed the couple on mother's day. a relative discovered their bodies. a law enforcement source says it was one of the most violent crime scenes in the county in recent history. today we'll learn how long a d.c. rabbi could spend in jail. rabbi freundel pleaded guilty to secretly recording women in a
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bathroom in georgetown. a judge was asked to sentence him to jail for 17 years. skeptical arab leaders are headed home after president obama promised a quote, ironclad commitment to security in the middle east. but concerns over nuclear negotiations remain. edward lawrence has a look ahead. >> reporter: good morning. he's facing a deadline with the talks and the president says that his talk with representatives was candid. he describes it as talking about anti-terrorism measures as well as a nuclear deal with iran. he outlined the framework for that nuclear deal with iran. saying that it would lift sanctions against iran in exchange for iran's pledge not to seek a nuclear bomb. the president is up against that deadline on june 30th to get the deal done. as he tried to calm fears of the u.s. allies in the region. president obama reaffirmed that the nuclear deal with iran is in everyone's best interest. he did pledge to defend our middle east allies from external
5:34 am
threats. but stopped short of agreeing to a mutual defense pact. the president is fighting a political battle at home over iran. the house overwhelmingly passed a bill mandating any deal with iran be approved by congress. that bill now goes on to the president to sign or veto. reporting live on capitol hill, edward lawrence, back to you. >> thank you. today, the president will honor members of law enforcement who have lost their lives in the line of duty. he's speaking at the 34th annual national peace officers memorial service at the capitol. the service is open to the public. the pilot of a drone spotted flying his aircraft near lafayette park is facing questioning this morning. secret service agents spotted the drone yesterday afternoon, forcing the white house into lockdown. agents moved in quickly to bring the drone down and to clear the surrounding area. >> i just happened to look up. i did a double take. it was a drone. and i pointed up there and i said, drone. it wasn't long before that that
5:35 am
the secret service -- that's when everybody they said clear. >> secret service agents seized the car they believed was used by the drone pilot. this is the second drone incident at the white house this year. university of maryland police have arrested a 21-year-old man in connection with an assault inside a dorm building. police say colby dean wandered into a dorm building last friday, while he was drunk. according to the police report he walked in to three different rooms with the doors locked. in one case a female student reported waking up to a hand touching her inappropriately. colby dean is facing several charges including sex offense and assault. former maryland governor martin o'malley is moving full speed ahead toward may 30th. that's the day he'll announce if he's running for president. o'malley plans to sign a lease for office space near penn station in baltimore. o'malley is casting himself as an alternative to hillary
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clinton. he held a call with supporters yesterday saying he can bring new leadership and progressive values to the white house. the arlington county police department has named an official police chief. jay farr will permanently replace retired chief scott. he has been serving in the role since march. he has been a member of the arlington county police department since 1990. montgomery county has a new fire chief as well this morning. ike leggett promoted scott goldstein to the post. goldstein said he always wanted to be a firefighter. >> that was a childhood, you know, fascination with fire trucks that never went away. and i was very proud of the day i was able to start at the training academy back 25 years ago. >> he succeeds steve lohr who retire at the beginning of the year. vcu medical center is vying to become a regional medical center for treating ebola patients. they're among 55 centers for the disease control and prevention in the country. the u.s. health department wants
5:37 am
to create up to ten as part of the hospital preparedness plan. according to, vcu could receive more than $2 million to run that specialized unit. roger goodell says he will personally hear tom brady's appeal of his four-game suspension over deflated balls. league officials said that goodell would preside over it last night. he was suspended for four games and the patriots were fined $1 million. they'll also lose draft picks. it wants a neutral arbiter to hear the case. in one corner 226 pound former heavyweight champion evapdzer holyfield. in the other corner, 179 pound former presidential candidate, mitt romney. what's happening here? well, tonight -- >> what's happening here? >> they will box for charity. all in the name for a good cause. they're going face to face for proceeds for a nonprofit that
5:38 am
provides medical and vision services in developing countries. romney likely hoping that holyfield will be charitable in the ring. >> okay. >> all right. >> we'll see. well, a bizarre and tragic story in vienna where police are investigating the death of a 3-year-old. >> wait until you hear what his father was previously convicted for. whole foods heads to prince george's county. when shoppers can walk through the doors. take a look at the temperatures. another great day on tap. but that is going to change too. tom is back with your weekend storm chances in your next weather and traffic
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welcome back. vienna police are investigating the death of a 3-year-old. last sunday, the emts took beckett podomonick to the hospital. and he died on tuesday. the police are awaiting the results of an autopsy. he was living with his mother and a man convicted of a school shooting in tennessee. a man is under arrest facing charges for the attempted abduction of a woman in falls church. police say elmer moises lata grabbed the woman from behind. that happened at 11:00 p.m. near
5:42 am
the east falls church metro station. she was walking home from the metro. 5:41 is our time right now. weather and traffic on the 1s. tom kierein getting us ready for a nice day ahead. >> yeah smooth traveling. driving to and from work today. dry pavement both morning and afternoon. it will be rather cool this morning in the 50s for the morning commute with some sunshine breaking out. then mostly sunny for the afternoon commute with dry roads. temperatures climbing into the upper 70s. then over the weekend chances of afternoon storms. saturday in the mid 80s. it will feel like summer again. then on sunday as well a chance of afternoon storms. little hotter into the upper 80s. let's check on a new crash. where's this? >> two brand-new crashes. we have a problem 270 southbound between 80 and 85. buckeystown pike. going to see what's happening there. and 66 westbound at dulles toll road.
5:43 am
as far as travel times 270 south looking good. outer loop, no major problems. 66 inbound and 95 north, everything actually quite on time here this morning. remember to listen to our friends on wtop when you hop in your car for the latest on traffic. back with more on
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i'm kristin wright at the live desk. a person has been hit by a train in southeast d.c. this is happening at pennsylvania avenue and "m" street. it's a csx train. and that the person was pronounced dead there at the scene. it happened just before 5:00 this morning. police there now. we are working to find out more about what happened and who this person may be. back to you. 14 before the hour. a new video this morning of what appears to be a spotsylvania county deputy throwing a man to the ground.
5:47 am
prosecutors say in march former deputy david schmidt threw nathan barton to the ground while he was handcuffed. this is video part of evidence in an excessive force complaint against that deputy and another deputy at the scene said barton was resisting arrest. deputy schmidt resigned from the sheriff's office last week after he was charged with assault and battery. police are looking for the person who stabbed a woman to death in southeast washington. wednesday night officers responded to reports of a shooting on wheeler road and they found that darlene bryant suffering from a stab wound. if you have any information on bryant's murder call police. fairfax county police say a man picked the wrong home to break into. they arrested arnold duesol of sterling. the homeowner shot him. he is charged with attempted burglary and possession of a stun weapon by a convicted felon. this morning school districts in maryland are trying to figure out where to make
5:48 am
spending cuts again. governor larry hogan announced yesterday he will withhold $68 million in funding from the biggest school systems. that news comes after a month's long battle with democratic legislators and local leaders. the decision now leaves montgomery county schools with a $17 million hole in the budget. prince george's county schools will be $20 million short. hogan says the state is spending more than ever on education. young athletes are enjoying the jones branch fields, the first of many new recreational projects under the transforming tyson's plan that was adopted in 2010. there are about a 15 minute walk from the metro station. tomorrow athletes residents will mark the opening of the fields. today, maryland's public service commission expected to make a decision on the possible pepco merger with exalong. that merger would create a
5:49 am
single dominant energy provider on most of the east coast. critics say it will raise the power bills. well some love it for the produce. some for the flowers, some for the environment. prince george's county neighbors will soon get to experience it all for themselves when whole foods open -- when it will open. we'll tell you about that in five minutes. virginia will be the filming location for a new motion picture about a real life love story. the story is about richard and mildred loving. during the 1950s and '60s, they challenged the virginia law that prohibited interracial marriage. the project will begin filming in september in central virginia. as you think about a weekend get away for you and your family this summer you might want to think about checking out richmond. that is aaron's hometown. american express travel named it as the most popular city to visit this summer. i sense a field trip coming.
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this comes after frommer's chose richmond as a top travel destination for 2014. >> i'll be going. >> you're going to go? >> definitely. >> you should give us a tour. >> you know, we'll hop in the car, go together. big trip. >> richmond has a rich history, up and coming food history, i like that. following them on the list is chicago and san juan. >> i'm serious, we're going. 5:50 your time. i'll drive. today your commute may look and feel different, it's bike to work today. and molette green is at one of the designated pit stops. good morning. >> reporter: aaron, good morning. a bunch of cyclists have driven on by, pedaling on by. one stopped and he said he did the bike to work thing 19 times last year. aiming to do a lot more this year. that's the whole goal of this. we're along the "w" and od trail
5:51 am
at grove avenue. one of 79 pit stops along the dmv. a little later this morning folks will be able to stop on their bikes and get some refreshments shake hands with some elected leaders who are expected to come by. 15,000 people across the region have registered for this. and you know bike to work day is all part of a plan to be healthier. to offer this low-cost alterative to getting to work and getting out of your cars saving time and hectic drives to work in traffic this morning. and one good thing -- one incentive for a lot of people is aaa is now offering roadside assistance to bikers. the people on their bicycles. we are live this morning at tricentennial park. back to you. >> very cool, molette. thank you. it is going to be a lovely day for some biking today. >> get out there and ride if you can. tom is here with a look at the
5:52 am
bike to work forecast. >> i love biking. i biked the path the -- i'm going to do it again this weekend. great weather this morning. as we'll have some clouds around but the cloud cover should break up through the morning. rather cool. we'll be in the 50s for the morning biking to work. then biking back home from work with lots of sunshine. mild a light wind. you know when you're riding a bike, you don't want to be buffetted by wind. we reach the upper 70s by late afternoon. we're in the 50s. most of maryland and virginia. mid 50s around the bay. nearby suburbs, prince george's fairfax, right in the low to mid 50s with a light breeze in morning. near the low 50s in shenandoah valley. 40s and 50s in west virginia. now around most of the region by 8:00 this morning, still mostly cloudy and 60. upper 70s late afternoon. when you're out and about this weekend take pictures like lloyd ferguson did yesterday of this beautiful flowering plant, climbing up a fence in middleburgh, virginia. post your pictures on facebook
5:53 am
and twitter and instagram. after we get through tonight and tomorrow with a chance of a few passing showers, we'll notice the humidity coming up. maybe afternoon thunderstorms on saturday. then sunday as well. very humid, feeling like summer in the upper 80s on sunday afternoon. and maybe some scattered showers and thundershowers as well. if you're doing any biking do it in the morning over the weekend. then on monday partly sunny. after highs in the mid 80s. might get a morning shower on monday and then an afternoon one is looking likely as well. lingering shower on tuesday morning. drying out, less humid. wednesday and thursday lower humidity returns with temperatures in the mid 70s. coming up at 6:01, i have the updated hour by hour storm timing. melissa has a look at the roads.
5:54 am
>> a crash 270 south at buckeystown, a crash with injuries. i have the chopper on the way right now. should have live pictures for you in a little bit. another crash here 66 west at the toll road. the right lane blocked there this morning because of that accident. and then westbound southeast/southwest freeway, a heavy crash as well. pedestrian struck. 95 at dale boulevard, no problems. overall, prince george's county looking quite good and rolling along. 95, 29, b.w. parkway into and out of town no problems there. see you at 6:01. you'll soon be able to enjoy whole foods if you live in prince george's county. county officials hope to attract more business to the area too. that whole foods is currently being built in riverdale park. it will be the first in the county. the store will bring healthy options to the county that's officially recognized as a food desert by the usda. >> i think it's a ereflection of what people want. like in our case, people can
5:55 am
find the starbucks anywhere. but people come here because they want a different type of experience and product. >> the new store is expected to open later this year. a popular fast food restaurant is making a healthy change to its kids' menu. landon dowdy joins us from cnbc with that and more. good morning. >> hi eun. good morning. dairy queen is pulling soda from the kid's meal in favor of milk or bottled water. it's the latest to change the drinks for kids following mcdonald's, burger king and wendy's. it takes effect in september when new boards are in place. and verizon patched a security flaw that could have exposed personal information of over 9 million customers. they were alerted to the flaw by the security expert via buzzfeed. the hackers could have gained access to the social security numbers but they don't believe that anyone was impacted. >> we could swap out the sodas for a blizzard. >> i'm with you. you have been watching vance
5:56 am
for many years. >> and now vance is opening up to doreen about depression. >> i have been depressed since i was born. i don't remember a day since waking up in the morning that i didn't have a sense of less than. of -- i remember for a long period of time i really considered myself a mistake. >> what do you mean you considered yourself a mistake? >> my self-esteem has always been so incredibly low, that for a long period of time i thought that my existence on this earth was an aberration. that i was a mistake.
5:57 am
>> vance says it was that low self-esteem that continued to weigh heavily on him, pulling him down no matter how much he achieved. we'll have more tonight at 6:00 including how getting psychiatric help was one of the best decisions he says he ever made. >> there's so much positive feedback and comments to vance's story. just how it was important for him to share the story coming from someone who is so well respected in the community. to say you know what you can beat the struggle and work on it and people have found it very useful and helpful. well montgomery county public schools is closer to naming a new superintendent. what we're learning about the person in line for the job. a developing story out of northwest washington where police are trying to identify four people found dead inside a that crime scene is still active at this hour. the information that investigators hope you can help them with next. 5:57. we are looking for another warm-up in the day ahead.
5:58 am
a check on your forecast
5:59 am
"news4 today" starts now. >> we are watching a developing story right now on "news4 today" as police work to identify the four people found dead in a northwest washington home. it is a crime that's left a community shaken this morning. the information police are hoping you can provide them
6:00 am
with. plus crews are working to restore amtrak service as new questions are raised about the speed of that train. but first, tom kierein is tracking some storms that can rain out your weekend plans. >> just now looking at the latest view from our storm team 4 tower camera we do have quite a bit of cloudiness around. another view of the sky overlooking capitol hill. that shows a lot of cloud cover now over washington. that's been moving in over the last several hours. sort of holding the temperatures up a little bit. in the 50s most of the region. then by 8:00 it should be up around 60 degrees. get the sun breaking out by then. then by the lunch hour climbing into the low 70s. and lots of sunshine, a light southerly breeze is moving on through. here is the updated saturday storm timing.


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