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tv   News4 Today  NBC  May 18, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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and through noontime. later in the day, here is new model timing for some storms to pop up. this area in the green and the yellow. that's along the blue ridge and shenandoah valley. east of catoctin, a few scattered isolated storms around 2:00 or 3:00. then a few more of those in the metro area and those will begin to move east of the bay. later this evening we could get a few more between 6:00 p.m. all the way until midnight. mainly north of the metro area. some thundershowers coming on through. only a slight risk that they would be severe. we'll look at your drive time forecast in your next weather and traffic on the 1s. how is the drive time? >> we have this closure in glenarden that megan mcgrath is talking about. this is mlb highway and reed has a closure as well because of the police investigation. 66 east after the car rest area, we have a crash there.
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about 11 miles per hour this morning. look at westbound on 66 as you're heading to gainesville, nice and clear. the first 4 traffic tracker will flip around for us now and kinbackups. wide look at things overall, beltway is looking good. b.w. parkway a little slow as you're inside beltway. no reason for that just seeing some volume delays there. no actual problem. look at 270 out of frederick here a little slow the entire way down through clarksburg. and then it opens up. remember to listen to our friends from wtop when you hop in your car this morning. travel times in ten minutes. more breaking news. prince george's county police found a plan dead in glenarden and that's where news4's megan mcgrath is live on reed street off of martin luther king jr. highway. what's the latest? >> reporter: you can see that we have this closure in effect a crime scene over large area actually. it's impacting a couple of roads in the area. about 2:30 this morning that's when the call came in to 911.
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the report of a car crash in the 3200 block of reed street. when police officers went up to that car, that's when they found a man dead inside. now, i spoke to a security guard who was reporting to work early this morning. he said he heard several gunshots here on reed street. >> oh man, had to be about seven or eight shots, a lot of shots. yeah. >> reporter: then what? >> then i saw smoke coming from the parking lot area. >> reporter: and martin luther king avenue is closed in the area. we're in glenarden, closed between johnson avenue and ardwick ardmore. they're detouring through the baptist church. and the 3200 block of reed street is close and investigators are collecting evidence. this is going to be the case for probably another hour or two hours perhaps. back to you in the studio. i'm angie goff at the live
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desk. we are just minutes away from amtrak's first train out of philadelphia since last week's deadly derailment. right now, we are looking at maybe a ten minute delay. it was supposed to take off around 5:53 this morning. philadelphia as you recall is the scene of the crash that took the lives of eight people last tuesday. five people we know are still in critical condition. the faa told amtrak to add speed safeguards on the tracks before they started up the engines again today. we are standing by and we'll let you know how everything goes. eun, back to you. >> thank you, angie. angie is telling us about the delays if you're planning a trip north, amtrak says you don't have to worry about your safety. the federal railroad administration asked the company to examine all curves on the tracks. they also required new speed safeguards before they can run again. they're examining fly possible reasons for the accident. in addition to the train and the engineer the ntsb is looking
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into a projectile that potentially hit the train before it derailed. amtrak says rocks, concrete and other projectiles hit trains all the time. right now, fairfax county police are trying to find at least two people they say killed a man in reston. relatives told news4 the victim is rashad day. you will see a picture in a second. police say that five men burst into the condo on stoneview square yesterday and the men got into a fight inside and someone shot and killed day. at least one other was hurt. right now, police need your help identifying a person of interest in the deaths of four people near the vice president's residence in the district. i want to show you the video here. d.c. police released this surveillance video of a man running through a parking lot. they want to question him in connection with the quadruple homicide. on thursday someone killed savvas savopoulos his wife amy and 10-year-old son and housekeeper. the couple's blue porsche was
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stolen. if you recognize the person in the video call d.c. police. a developing story right now. the marine corps is looking into what caused a deadly hard landing of an osprey aircraft. an eyewitness said the osprey quote just literally appeared to drop out of the sky. look at this video here. it happened yesterday morning in hawaii. you can see the dark plumes of smoke in the video after the crash. one marine died on impact. the other 20 marines and a navy corpsman were rushed to the hospital. no school for the st. michael archangel students. there's a problem with the electrical power and they'll post updates on the website. today the freshman class in annapolis will test their physical skills and maybe their mental skills too. the class will climb up the herndon monument. take a look. this is a look at the previous climbs the 20-foot obelisk is
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greased with 50 pounds of lard. they need a lot of team work and patience. the goal is to replace the dixie cup with an upper classman's hat. the tradition dates back to 1940. i think each year they find -- >> whoa, whoa. everybody is good. nobody got hurt. there you go. a war of words between bikers quickly escalating into a shoot-out in a restaurant parking lot. why nothing was done to stop the violence even though police knew trouble was coming. a hot and humid start to your work week as you take a live look at the harbor this morning. 71 degrees out there. what you can expect on your way to and from work. plus needing extra time to get to work this morning.
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today." >> 6:10 now. expect some delays on the vre fredericksburg line. crews will be doing some traffic work south of the station. there could be up to a 45 minute delay there. the construction will affect both north and southbound trains. this is part of a project to create a third track between d.c. and richmond. if you're making plans for the summer shenandoah national park is opening a new area to take your kids. it's opening up a kid friendly trail near the dundo overlook. this is the second family friendly trail in the park. if other one is called -- the other one is called limber lost. i'm angie goff at the live desk. we want to take you live to philadelphia now. where we are watching the first train out of philly depart on the tracks since the deadly derailment last week. you can see it on the move right there. it got a late start. we are looking at probably a 20
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minute delay. it was first set to take off around 5:53. then finally a couple of minutes ago, it departed. now, amtrak releasing a statement saying that service has resumed. the tracks have been repaired out of philly, but they are still mourning the tragedy from last tuesday. eight people died in the accident and five people are still in critical condition. eun, aaron? >> angie goff, thank you. 6:11 is our time right now, and we are already in a steam bath around this area. >> you can really feel it today. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein with your weather and traffic on the 1s at 6:11. how's the forecast tom? >> looking good this morning. and look at your tv a gorgeous sunrise underway. we have shafts of sunlight pouring down on prince george's county. that's live view from our tower camera and all green lights for the morning and midday drive time. but the afternoon, caution because we could have some passing thundershowers interrupting your commute.
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dry roads for the morning commute, in the low 70s. then during the afternoon some roads will be wet as temperatures climb into the upper 80s with some passing thundershowers. only a slight risk they would be severe. look at big changes on the way later this week. next weather and traffic on the 1s coming up at 6:21. what's going on on the roads? >> still have this problem, mlk jr. highway shut down between johnson avenue and ardwick ardmore avenue. they're pushing you through the church parking lot because of the police investigation. and 66 after the car rest area quite a slow down, about 15 miles per hour. new problem, disabled vehicle eastbound southeast warning there. travel times in maryland you look good. virginia not bad. slowest slowest spot is quantico to the beltway. raising new security concerns about air travel, how one man's claims that he was able to take control of a plane
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even though he was nowhere near the cockpit. doing more than just tuning you out. why now is the time to limit how much your time -- your kids
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narrator: rural communities across the country are coming back thanks to bipartisan support for the renewable fuel standard. expanded renewable fuel production has created over 850,000 jobs. and the american biofuels industry produces the world's cleanest fuel from agricultural waste. but the oil industry wants the epa to protect their profits and foreign oil. the epa now faces a choice: cave to the oil industry? or keep their commitment to america's rural communities. paid for by fuels america.
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crime scene, the most violent crime scene i have ever been involved in. >> this morning, investigators are looking for answers after a melee breaks out between rival biker gangs at a texas restaurant. nine people died in that melee. residents are concerned especially because this happened in broad daylight in the middle of a shopping center. nbc's jay gray has more on what sparked the violence. >> reporter: we understand it was a turf battle and recruiting war between rival motorcycle gangs. at least five outlaw biker groups represented at the restaurant behind me. it's still locked down here. a lot of the motorcycles are still leaning against the parking area here as police continue their investigation. it started with a brawl in the
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restroom spilled out into bar area and finally into the parking lot. nine people killed at least 18 injured. and more than 100 detained by police overnight. they continue to lock down this entire area right now. there is concern that more motorcycle gang members could be on the way to central texas. in fact police telling us that overnight, they have arrested gang members on the outskirts of town here and many are charged with weapons charges. it's a situation that continues to unfold and develop here. we'll keep watching it. >> thank you, jay gray. 17 after the hour now. new this morning we're working to learn more about a shooting in prince george's county. this happened about 2:30 this morning on sheraton street in riverdale. one person was shot there but would not provide any more details. and a bizarre string of events, a man in columbia heights here in d.c. woke up to the sound of a knife being
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pulled from his kitchen knife set and he found two burglars in his apartment. the man said he just asked them to leave and they did. >> i said, i know that you're here, just get out, take whatever you want. just leave. >> well just when he thought he was safe, the burglars returned for a bag that they had left behind. >> i opened the door threw it out and they left. >> an off duty police officers at a nearby giant noticed something suspicious. he called it in. one burglar now facing charges and at least some of the stolen items are back with their opener now. firefighters say the location of a smoke alarm may have delayed its warning in a fire out of a prince george's county apartment. a woman died in the apartment. neighbors called 911 when smoke started filling up the hallway in an apartment building on audrey lane in oxen lane. firefighters found the smoke alarm located in a hallway closet. shiite militias in iraq say they'll mount a counteroffensive retake
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the key iraqi city from isis. you take a look at this video just in to the newsroom. these are iraqi forces running from ramadi, about 80 miles from baghdad. isis militants took control of ramadi over the weekend. they say that the -- they recalled their collapse in the face of isis last summer. despite the loss secretary of state john kerry says he's confident about the long term fight against isis. a computer security expert claims that he hacked into the entertainment systems of more than a dozen american airline -- rather united airlines planes and was able to take control of the planes' engines. chris roberts made the revelations to the fbi which seized a bunch of computers from his home as they investigate. he hopes this helps fix a potential security threat. the fbi is not confirming his claims or if roberts will face charges. nbc news has confirmed that roberts has been banned from all united airlines flights.
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6:19. a college campus in virginia is now an endangered historic site. there's a slave cemetery and two dozen historic buildings at sweet briar college. alumni are fighting to keep it open. the preservation virginia added it to the list of the locations. it's meant to save landmarks not necessarily the business itself. donna edwards is heading to college park for a roundtable on student loan debt. edwards is running for the senate seat that opens up when senator mikulski retires. she plans to speak candidly about her own struggles to pay off loans. right now, americans owe more than $2.3 million. breach after breach companies are getting hacked and your personal information is at the mercy of those hackers. tonight on news4 at 5:00 erika gonzalez sits down with the man that big box stores go to when
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your information has been compromised. hear about breach fatigue and the one thing he says companies are missing when it comes to getting the word out when they have been hacked that's tonight on news4 at 5:00. severe weather is whipping across the middle of the country again. there are reports of 29 tornados in nine states from texas to minnesota. oklahoma bearing as much of the bankrupt from the tornadoes. people in northern texas faced heavy thunderstorms and hail too. the national guard rescued ten people from their homes and cars. a flooded river forced missouri residents from their homes as well. authorities said strong winds derailed a freight train in eastern kansas. a lot of damage to deal with out in the midwest and up into the minnesota area. so some of that weather is coming our way. 6:21. that's right. weather and traffic on the 1s. let's find out from tom kierein when it will hit our area. >> looks like later this afternoon and right now though you'll walk into the wall of humidity when you step out the front door this morning.
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collar soaking humidity through the rest of the day. the storm team 4 skycast 4 showing a lot of clouds around this morning. some sunshine breaks out by noontime and by the rest of the afternoon, partly sunny. may get a brief down tour with flashes of lightning this afternoon. we are in the muggy upper 60s to near 70s. alexandria, falls church in the low 60s right now. near 70 around the chesapeake bay. dense fog in the shenandoah valley. watch out for that. cloud cover over the capitol this morning. a little sunshine in and out this morning through noontime. then during the afternoon, steamy humidity. temperatures in the mid 80s by noon. upper 80s in the afternoon. that's when we'll get a few thundershowers rolling through, a small chance they would be severe. staying humid overnight, any storms remaining over by midnight. afternoon highs again upper 80s on tuesday. turning less humid in the afternoon. then on wednesday, the big
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change comes in. it will be in the 50s in the morning and afternoon highs in the upper 70s on wednesday. a pleasant pattern all the way in to the memorial day weekend. highs in the 70s, friday saturday sunday. first look at memorial day, looking good for outdoor activities. partly cloudy with a high near 85 and comfortable humidity. next weather and traffic on the 1s a look at neighborhood highs this muggy monday coming up at 6:31. >> we are jammed on 66. this is first 4 traffic tracker sitting in traffic. eastbound. this is after a crash. 66 as you're approaching the car rest area. take a look right here. this is where the traffic tracker is right now, 18 miles per hour as we pull out a little bit. eastbound after the car rest area. it has a little ways to go before they get through that problem.
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95 here northbound. no real problems as you're passing through triangle. gets slow as you approach dale city and woodbridge and no real problems there. inner inner loop at leesburg a lane is blocked. chopper 4 over mlk highway, shut down between johnson avenue and ardwick ardmore road. wondering if it will be reopening soon. back in ten minutes. wow, did you see that, video shows a train slamming into a bus. a bus driver in georgia may have to pay a big fine for causing that crash after he stopped on the train tracks. this happened near atlanta. six people were hurt when they tried to get off that bus and run to safety. they are all expected to be okay. one person is dead and three others injured after a fiery plane crash in nevada. take a look at the video here. you can see the flames in the distance. the crash happened near the colorado river about 100 miles from las vegas.
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the crash actually sparked a brushfire in that area. the faa is trying to figure out what caused that crash. children in preschool are not getting enough exercise. researchers from the seattle children's hospital compare the activity of preschoolers from ten different day cares and they say kids were only active for 48 minutes per day. that means they're sitting down for 70% of their school day. in news4 your health doctors warn you can lose your hearing because of the loud music in your earbuds. they say young adults and kids are damaging their hearing and they may not even know it. hearing loss among today's teens is 30% higher than in the '80s and '90 experts say you should follow the 60/60 rule. keep the volume under 60% and listen for only 60 minutes a day. young kids have it on all day long. if it's not the earbuds the
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headphones. >> the headphones are slightly better because they're not as close to your eardrum. >> turn it up. >> you have to turn that down. if you can hear it outside it's too loud. well right now a protest over mass transit in maryland. looking live in silver spring where people are trying to draw attention to the purple line project. the setback that many fear will derail the project. one section of 66 here this morning inbound, how to get around this one problem spot coming up. plus back to the drawing board. the setback that could delay the hiring of montgome
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i'm angie goff at the live desk with this video just in. the first train to depart philadelphia since the deadly derailment last week, just did this. it just passed through frankfordt
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deadly derailment that killed eight people and left dozens injured. we know that five people are still in critical condition. this train departed about i would say ten minutes ago. it was running about 20 minutes behind. it was supposed to leave by 5:53 this morning. amtrak installed new speed controls on this track as required by the federal railroad administration. back to you. >> thanks angie. right now we're tracking the changing forecast and how it could impact your day. muggy conditions will greet you as you step outside this morning. >> thunderstorms on the horizon too. when you can you expect the high temperatures to cook up more thunderstorms? tom kierein has some answers. >> good morning. we'll fast forward two months feeling more like july than may. off to a mild and muggy start. scanning all the clouds over us not picking up any rain. wither all clear on the storm
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team 4 -- we are all clear on the storm team 4 radar for now. it is later this afternoon we'll likely get scattered isolated thundershowers all around the region popping up by mid to late afternoon. before then it will soar into the upper 80s, the average highs for mid july not mid may. upper 80s in the metro areas and low 80s in western maryland, pan handle of west virginia. low 80s shenandoah valley. east of the blue ridge, east of catoctin mountain, 80s. right around the bay, right around 80 degrees. next weather and traffic on the 1s 6:41. a look at what to wear on this mild and muggy monday. melissa is looking at a backup on 66. what's happening with that? >> it's loosening up a bit as we passed sudley road, we saw a disabled garbage truck. it looks like some of the slowdowns were thanks to that. right now, okay, headed 66 inbound. but we do know that we still
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have this problem east after the car rest area. you're slow here through manassas approaching that problem as well. 95 in virginia at dale city that looks pretty good for dale city northbound and southbound. not too much volume there at this point this morning. 29 95 b.w. parkway into and out of town. you're fine here. top of the beltway starting to get slow as you're approaching colesville road. slow through hyattstown. travel times in ten minutes. this just in from the white house. a task force report shows that the president has banned military style equipment. now they include armor vehicle and grenade launchers among other things. this report comes as the president prepares to head to camden, new jersey, later today. that's where he'll talk about reforming police -- local police departments. he's expected to talk about increasing police patrols as well as the use of body cameras.
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>> thank you. it's now 6:33. right now people are starting to gather to support the proposed purple line project in maryland. they're meeting at the new library at wayne avenue and fenton. kristin wright has more on what's behind this protest. good morning. all right, well kristen is live in silver spring about the protest. some people think it's taking too long to get this project off the ground. the live shot froze there as you can see. we'll try to get back to her, whether it will impact the traffic in downtown silver spring. 6:33 your time right now. a rockville man confessed to killing his long time neighbors. they tracked him down and arrested him in alaska. police arrested scott tomaszewski while getting off a cruise ship in juneau. he is charged in the deaths of
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richard and julianne vilardo. montgomery county police say when tomaszewski was a teenager, he house sat for the vilardos. that couple was found dead in their pajamas at their home in rockville on mother's day. the family released statement saying quote for past week we have known the where, the when and the how. now we know who. and while we may never truly understand why as a result of the work of the police department and the prosecutor's office we can take the first step on the long road to healing. you can share your opinion on the police practices. a commission is working on making recommending as on how fairfax county police can build public trust, especially when its comes to police involved incidents. the forum starts at 7:30 tonight at the fairfax county government center. a woman remains in serious condition this morning after jumping in front of a metro train. this happened at the silver
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spring metro station yesterday morning. metro police say she intentionally jumped on to the tracks. trains had to single track for several hours. no delays are expected on the red line this morning. a setback for montgomery county schools as it tries to find a new superintendent. the board of education says dr. andrew houlihan from houston has changed his mind. this comes just days after the board announced he was the first choice. the board says it's looked at 25 candidates so far and has met with seven in person. today is may 18th, perhaps fitting for the day to break ground on the glenmont fire station 18. it will be near the corner of georgia avenue and randolph road. montgomery county officials will gather at 11:00 to kick off construction for the new station. rail traffic once again rolling on amtrak's busy northeast corridor. what we're learning about the investigation as passengers service resumes. and still have this closure
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in glenarden. more details on this one. mlk jr. highway a portion still closed for a police investigation. plus making it easier to buy the things you need with just one click. the new alternative t
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gas prices ticking back up as we head toward memorial day. the national average is $2.70 a gallon. in virginia people are paying an average of $2.47. maryland's average up to $2.66 this morning. and d.c.'s average for regular unleaded is $2.79. if you're looking for a little silver lining gas prices at this point last year almost a dollar higher than they are right now. google is trying to up its game with a click of a button.
6:40 am
the "wall street journal" reports google will launch so called buy buttons in the next few weeks. those buttons will only appear on sponsored or paid results what enpeople search for products -- when people search for smartphones like tablets. you'll be sent to another page to make your purchase. >> easier to burn through your money. >> i need someone to pop up to say, don't buy that you can't afford i. take a look outside this morning. it's a pretty picture but those clouds are a harbinger of bad things to come. >> that's right. tom kierein with weather and traffic on the 1s. what's going on out there? >> it's very humid. we're hash tagging this muggy monday. you need short sleeves and sunglasses in and out, and then the umbrella for the passing thundershowers. mild, muggy in the upper 60s and then between 8:00 to 9:00 it will jump to the 70s.
6:41 am
and melissa has the backups on 66. anything getting better? >> have the backups on 66 getting better here and there. also had this problem still. northbound, mlk highway. we understand it owned between johnson and ardwick ardmore boulevard. the police are there for the investigation. as tom was talking about, 66 east after 50 pretty slow here this morning as you want to avoid this problem inbound, take 29, 29 doesn't look so hot either. 270 outer loop of the beltway, looking typical. not so bad from fairfax county to the beltway. quantico to the beltway you're 20 minutes behind. hey, prepare yourself for a potential delays if you use vre. the problem that will have a number of the trains running late this week. >> plus breaking news in prince george's county. police have a number of streets blocked off in glenarden as they search for clues following a
6:42 am
deadly shooting overnight. we're live on the scene about what we're learning about the crime and how this inves
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your time is 6:45. right now amtrak trains are moving ones again on the busy northeast corridor. we showed you the moment when the first train left philadelphia in nearly a week.
6:45 am
the new safety measures now in place to make sure you get to new york and philly without any problems. that is just one of the many stories we're covering for you on this busy monday morning. we start now with tom kierein. >> good morning. starting off with humidity filling the air and some patchy dense fog around the region as well. and as we get through the day, we'll have this humidity lingering into the afternoon. along with building heat. likely some thundershowers building as well. there's a live view of capitol hill now. cloud cover breaking up a little bit. partly sunny through noontime. then a good chance of scattered storms and highs soaring to the upper 80s. melissa? >> still have this problem in glenarden, johnson closed between ardwick and ardmore. looking better eastbound as you approach 50. otherwise, pretty jammed out of manassas. right now, you can get on a train all the way to new york city for the first time in nearly a week. amtrak running trains all along
6:46 am
the northeast corridor. the next one leaves the union station at 7:00 this morning, it will be in philadelphia in about an hour an a half. trains are running between philly and new york for first time since tuesday when a train derailed at 106 miles an hour. the ntsb says that could have been prevented. nbc's tom costello is in philadelphia where we just saw the first amtrak train go through. tom, good morning to you. >> reporter: and a good morning to you, aaron. in fact, 750,000 people ride the northeast corridor every single day. critical part of the nation's infrastructure. and so getting it back up and running of course was a up to priority for amtrak. they did it this morning a day ahead of schedule. first train left new york southbound at about 5:30 a.m. the northbound train out of philly leaving here late 5:53 a.m. it was supposed to leave, and it left at 6:09 a.m. we talked to the passengers they said they weren't concerned at all. they feel confident about amtrak and the safety upgrades. the ceo of amtrak telling me yesterday they take this
6:47 am
extremely seriously and they have already put in place the upgrades ordered by the federal railroad administration including essentially automatic train control. that's a speed controlled technology that's now in effect. that's not positive train control, but it's another type of control that they have. and putting restrictions on the curve where the train derailed. going from 50 miles per hour down to 45 miles per hour. couple of other measures but for the most part people who ride the northeast corridor should not see anything different. what will they see is amtrak's commitment to safety. >> tom costello thank you. eight people died when that train sped off the tracks and amtrak said it could have to pay out hundreds of millions to the families. more than 200 people who were hurt could also claim damages. a law patted in the '90s says that amtrak cannot pay more than $200 million to victims and families and however, some say
6:48 am
they should have to pay more than. breaking news in prince george's county. right now, melissa just mentioned that mlk highway is partly shut down in glenarden. police are investigating are investigating a homicide on reed street. megan mcgrath, what are you learning? >> reporter: well, investigators are still on the scene. they have been here all night. you can see them behind me here. now, the 911 call came in right around 2:30 this morning. it was a call for a report of a car crash but when police got here and longoked inside the car, that's when they found the man. i talked to a security guard and he was reporting to work this morning when he heard rapid gunshots in rapid succession. he said he thought it was more than eight or nine shots. now, we have a number of road
6:49 am
closures in the area. mlk is closed between johnson avenue and ardwick and ardmore and we have the 3200 block of reed street closed. they're detouring traffic through the glenarden baptist parking lot. not sure how long the police will be here. there are a lot of investigators here, but this may be an issue for folks trying to get through the area. as they continue with their investigation. no word on the identity of the man who was killed or any lookout for suspects. back to you guys in the studio. >> all right, megan mcgrath in glenn arden, thanks. it's 6:49. police in fairfax county are trying to find a couple of people they say killed a man in reston. relatives told news4 someone shot charrod day. a fight broke out inside the apartment, and that's when someone shot day. at least one other was hurt. the search is on for a person of interest in the deaths
6:50 am
of four people near the vice president's residence in the district. d.c. police released the surveillance video of a man running through a parking lot. they want to question him on thursday someone killed savvas savopoulos and his wife amy. their 10-year-old son and their housekeeper. the house was also set on fire. the couple's blue porsche was stolen. if you recognize the person call d.c. police. new information coming in from waco texas. just heard from investigators about that deadly motorcycle gang shooting that left nine people dead. he says the number of people in custody right now, they have got more. 150. this after that deadly gunfight outside of a restaurant here in the strip mall. no charges have been filed so far. nine gang members were killed and more were hurt in that brawl that involved guns and knives. >> they ranged from brass n'yuks to chains to firearms.
6:51 am
this was a true gang fight that occurred at this location behind us. >> the crime scene is huge. and investigators say that they plan to be out again all day today. police say that the violence broke out after these gang members planned to meet at this restaurant to talk about turf and recruitment. no school today for students at st. michael. the archangel school in fredericksburg. the principal said there's a problem with the electrical power. they'll post any updates on the website. a rite of passage today and a celebration to end the first year at the u.s. naval academy in annapolis. the freshman class will climb up the herndon monument. it's a 21-foot obelisk that's greased with 50 pounds of lard and the goal is to replace the dixie cup at the tip of the monument with an upper classman's hat. that tradition dates back to 1940. then you slide back down. >> give it to them. they work hard as a team.
6:52 am
persevere. they usually -- i can't remember a time they don't -- i think they have to. i don't think that's a choice. >> keep going until you get it up there. >> we climb the peacock every day after the show. >> good exercise. biceps and triceps. >> you'll be working una sweat if -- up a sweat if you do that today. the tower camera is showing some golden sunlight coming down in shafts off in the eastern horizon. later today, we may get some thundershowers popping up. not showing any rain in the vicinity. down in southern virginia and north carolina getting some showers there. later today, here is new timing on potential storms between now and noon everything will be fine. partly sunny but after that around 2:00 in the afternoon, we'll see some thunderstorms in the shenandoah valley. then east of there, east of the blue ridge, by around 4:00 to 5:00 p.m., then around the metro area, may see some popping up. maybe after that. right now the greater chance looks like this new model run
6:53 am
shows a diminished chance is into the evening hours and those will likely be passing north and far west of the metro area by late in the evening. when you're out and you hear thunder, you can check out the app. it's muggy, in the upper 60s and near 70s. nearby suburbs in fairfax and montgomery count itys and the upper 80s this afternoon. feeling hotter with -- we have to talk about the heat index for first time this year. it will feel like the low 90s with the humidity and the heat. then tomorrow another day like today. but a lesser chance of any passing showers or thundershowers. then turning much less humid and a big change on wednesday. thursday friday saturday and sunday each day, beautiful with low humidity. highs in the 70s. so looking really good as we get into the memorial day weekend. and morning temperatures in the 50s. mild afternoons. here's a look at memorial day
6:54 am
first look very nice for outdoor activities. partly cloudy. near 85 with comfortable humidity. now, a look at our morning commute. we had some backups already. breaking news melissa. >> breaking news right now. we're talk about virginia 95 southbound here at 234. dumfries road. this just popped up on the screen here. we have a big crash here involving a tractor-trailer blocking the two right lanes. only two left lanes are getting by. first 4 traffic tracker getting on to the outer loop of the beltway headed down south to look at the problem on 95. mlk jr. still closed there. 66 east after the car rest still have that crash. we're slow in manassas this morning. look at the beltway, typical at this point. top of the beltway here little slow here outer loop at colesville road. b.w. parkway not so bad.
6:55 am
and 270 volume at montrose road as you head down to the spur. otherwise, everything looking pretty typical this morning. >> thanks, melissa. it's 6:55. the news4 i-team is working for you as you get up and ready for work. so are bike thieves. that's what a convicted thief told us. more than 2,000 bikes were stolen in the d.c. area last year. the i-team sat down with a man serving 12 years for bike thefts. he says he mainly targeted apartment buildings and condos in the early morning. he asked us to conceal his identity. >> average person goes to work at 8:00 you have to be there between 8:00 and 9:00. so i do it real early. no confrontation. >> coming up tonight on news4 at 11:00, he shares the only way to keep your bike from getting ripped off by guys like him. it's now 6:56. your commute into the district could be longer because of track word on the vre fredericksburg
6:56 am
line. there could be up to 45 minute delays. the construction will affect both the northbound and southbound trains for the next two weeks. part of a plan to create a third track between d.c. and richmond. four things to know as you head out the door. we're working to learn why the number one candidate for the montgomery county superintendent withdrew his name for consideration. the board of education had announced their support for him last week. >> the number of people arrested up to 150 after a massive shootout between biker gangs. the fight may have started in the restaurant bathroom and spilled into the parking lot. nine people were killed. you can now take the train from here in d.c. through philadelphia and into new york again. amtrak reopened the big stretch of the northeast corridor following that deadly derailment in philadelphia last week. in glenarden, maryland breaking news. police found a man shot and killed inside a car on reed street. right now reed street and mlk
6:57 am
highway are partly shut down. a steamy start on this monday morning. a lot of humidity in the air. by 8:00, low 70s. by noontime, 80s. maybe a passing thundershower. big problem 95 south at dumfries road. only the two left lanes are getting by. thank you. that's the broadcast this morning. >> "today"
6:58 am
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good morning. deadly brawl. a fierce gun battle erupts between rival gangs inside a crowded restaurant. >> nobody was doing anything and they start shooting people. >> at least nine people dead. more than a hundred others in custody. this morning the story of innocent bystanders forced to take cover in the kitchen freezer. military tragedy. a marine helicopter crashes in hawaii killing one service member and injuring all 21 others on board. what went wrong? back on track. this morning amtrak trains rolling again between philadelphia and new york for the first time since that derailment. but where is the investigation today and what about those reports someone hurled an object at the train moments before the crash?


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