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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  May 18, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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for murdering his neighbors. how investigators connected him to the crime. it's a hot and humid monday and that could lead to showers and possible thunderstorms. >> here we go. let's get straight to meteorologist veronica johnson. she is tracking it all for us. vj? >> second hottest day out of the year and here at reagan national yeah that temperature up to 90 degrees but the low and mid-90s for the heat index and now the heat and humidity seeing storms start to pop across the area. we have been tracking these as they fire up and move very very slowly on. this one right east of 270 right now around clarksburg and gaithersburg area and another little area down to the south here around fairfax, manassas headed probably to route 1 but in the heat of the day the storms are firing. our high temperature today 90. 91 in fredericksburg. everywhere it's been hot and humid. the temperatures again pushing into the upper 80s. we'll see what's going to break
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our heat coming up in a couple of minutes. guys? all right. the man charged with killing his montgomery county neighbors could soon return to our area. the man was taken into custody in alaska on friday. investigators say he killed two people on mother's day and then went on vacation. he was on a cruise ship with his parents when he was arrested. officials say he confessed to the murders, had blood-soaked money in the wallet. the state's attorney talked about the process of bringing that suspect back to our area. >> as of right now, the hearing is set for tomorrow at 1:30 tuesday before an alaskan judge. there is the possibility that it could be moving up to today but under alaskan procedure only at the request of the defendant. that is unlikely to occur. >> investigators started looking
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at the man after examining two other burglary cases in that neighborhood in rockville. at the live desk back to you. >> thank you, wendy. imagine you're treating your family to lunch at a restaurant at a popular shopping center. next thing you know well lets knives and fists flying. by the time the violence ended in waco texas, nine members of an outlaw motorcycle gang died. 18 people injured. 170 suspected gang members were arrested. police say the battle between several rival gangs began in the bathroom spilled into the bar and eventually surged into the parking lot. >> this is a criminal element that came in here yesterday and killed people. they're not here to drink beer and eat barbecue. >> now, police have been tracking biker activity in waco so they were nearby in uniform when the violence erupted. they say when they first rolled up the bikers in the parking lot turned their guns on them but no police officers were injured. pat?
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a popular commuter route for thousands in our area is now back on track. amtrak trains are rolling again along the entire northeast corridor. service resumed between philly and new york this morning. the fbi's looking at the possibility something was thrown at the train before it crashed. there's a grapefruit-sized crack on the windshield. the engineer says he doesn't remember anything. the train sped around the curve at more than 100 miles per hour killing 8 and injuring 200. there's two plaintiffs of spain and an ad executive. a show of some support for the proposed metro purple line in maryland today. about a dozen people rallied here in silver spring in the morning rush hour. they say the light rail line must move ahead. here's a look coming up from chopper 4. they demonstrated at the corner of wayne avenue and fenton street. one of the proposed rail stops.
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maryland governor hogan says the project's $2 billion price tag is unacceptable. the 16-mile purple line would connect new carrollton to bethesda. a woodbridge woman is charged this afternoon with felony child neglect. dena arnold was arrested after police discovered a disabled 17-year-old male at her home. arnold posted bond and back at home. the teen is taken care of by another family member. it started out as an accident. now local police are calling it a possible murder. and they just identified the victim who's from northwest washington. police found rupert samuels shot to death inside a car on reed street in maryland right off mlk highway. officers arrived there around 2:30 this morning. they say it looked like the car crossed the median. the surrounding streets were blocked for several hours today.
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people who live in the nearby apartment complex couldn't get to the cars or use the bus stop. a ruling likely result in millions of dollars in lost tax revenue. baltimore cannot double tax residents for money made out of the district. they cited that maryland's income tax law unconstitutional without a full tax credit for out of state income. officials estimate today's ruling will cost the state about $200 million in refunds that date back to 7 or 8 years ago. the decision will also cost local governments about 42 million a year. new details first at 4:00 about the murder mystery in northwest washington. new clue police are using to piece together the moments before and after a local couple's death. and why local police departments will no longer get
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heavy military equipment like tanks and grenade launchers have no place on main street usa, that's part of president obama's message today to local police departments all over the country. the federal government will no longer provide the heavy equipment and police departments that want less imposing military surplus will have to submit to strict federal oversight. these new rules after a federal task force determined that the heavy firepower could undermine trust in police. the crowded field of republican candidates for the white house could get even more crowded today. louisiana governor bobby jindal said he's formed an exploreatory committee to help him decide whether to run. he said a decision could come after june squirks and today
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south carolina republican senator graham all but confirmed he would run for the white house. he says he'll make the official campaign announcement june 1st. graham is a major critic of the obama administration's foreign and military policies. he says he's running because, quote, the world is falling apart. isis has just posted a new video of people in mosul celebrating the fall of ramadi to isis forces posted on a social media website and nbc is unable to independently verify its authenticity. including the shot of a little boy holding a gun. ramada is the terror group's biggest victory in iraq since government forces and shiite militia fighters began pushing them back last year. roughly 500 people have been killed in fighting in recent days. the next meeting of cuba and the u.s. is thursday here in washington and a big step forward in relations could follow it.
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nbc news reports the two countries could announce the opening dates for embassy. but the transportation limits expansion of flights and cruises to cuba. if passed it would prohibit flights by companies like jetblue which is planning to initiate service in the coming weeks. a law like that could impact local folks trying and finding it easier to make their mission trips to havana. >> folks in cuba have eased their very strict requirements. it seems that entry into cuba has become a little bit more amenable. >> gonzalez is leaving for cuba thursday with the latest team from the herndon area providing medicine clothing and tools and help build homes and renovate churches. new video first at 4:00 of a prominent d.c. couple's porsche engulfed in flames. how police are using the clue to
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piece together the moments before and after their deaths. mosquitos are out and they are biting. storm team 4 is tracking showers. >> the air hot and steamy. not only a few should recalls out there but thunderstorms. i'll tell you how strong they will be for us.
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a mother a father their 10-year-old son and the family's housekeeper found dead in a burning upscale d.c. home. this afternoon, we are learning now details about how this case is moving forward. >> we're also seeing new video of the family's car torched in a church parking lot in maryland. >> pat collins is following new developments live back at the scene along woodland road in northwest. pat, where does this investigation stand at this point? there's so many unanswered questions. >> reporter: they're working on many fronts here. first of all, at the scene, atf and d.c. police continue to work this scene, gathering evidence and information. this is day five. they are still working. this is an active crime scene. then out in new carrollton where they found the porsche car that
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was stolen from the scene set on fire they were out there today with a bloodhound. they're trying to track down the movements of the man who set that car on fire. this is a last known sighting of a potential suspect in this case. as you will recall over the weekend d.c. police released security camera video of the guy walking behind a building. police are trying to figure out why did he ditch the car there? why did he set it on fire there? and where did he go after that? also sources are telling me they believe there's more than one suspect involved in this case and they believe the suspects had knowledge about this family. how they lived, their day-to-day lives. and they believe that the suspects went inside this house and they tied up the people in the house. and held them captive until they got what they want. i'll have more details about that coming up at 5:00.
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but now back to you. and pat, what do investigators still need to learn? my -- refresh our memory. there is no sign of forced entry in that house. right? >> reporter: not at all. not that we're aware. it's quite possible whoever did this was led into the house. again, it's likely that someone knew the comings and goings of this family. and it's also likely this began on wednesday, maybe wednesday afternoon. continued through the day on wednesday, through the night until thursday in the afternoon when the fire was set to cover up apparently the four murders. so there was a lot of time inside that house. perhaps where the captives were threatened until they got what they wanted. >> pat collins, we'll check back at 5:00 tonight. thanks so much. the national weather service confirmed today that an ef-1 tornado packing winds 110 miles per hour touched down near new orleans sunday morning. three homes were destroyed and
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five others were damaged. roofs and walls were ripped open and a dozen large trees wfr also uprooted. our humidity today through the roof here today. it is back and felt like summer. >> veronica? >> yeah. a big way. we don't have severe storms right now. we have some strong thunderstorms right now. these potentially producing some hail as well as some strong winds, lightning. see that there around cambridge. that one headed towards salisbury and maybe ocean city. this one here west of d.c. around fairfax and down through prince william county and then you have some more lightning here firing along i-81 moving very slowly to the east and southeast and then sometimes they die down and we see some more storms refire. hard to tell. this one just starting to form around the south side of 495 headed into southeast prince georges county. wind woodbridge and covering
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route 1 and 95 and a couple of minutes and down pourls with it too. on saturday we saw the heavier storms that formed and came through and this one producing lightning, making the way through areas of madison and green county in the next couple of moneys. for us again, all about the weather front that's moving through and moving into our area. the one that's moved through is this warm front and that means hot conditions and all the heat. on the south side of the front. there's the scattered showers and thunderstorms. we are waiting for the cold front to come through and to cool things down which we're going to have toward middle part of the week and at least for right now it's another day that's been hot. today up to around 90 degrees. many neighborhoods at reagan national 15 of the 18 days now this may are afternoon temperature has been above average. average currently at 75 degrees. and i don't think we're going to cool to 75 by the time we get to the late evening hours and remain sticky and steamy. we are at 88 now. we dropped to the 70s and that with a lot of moisture in the
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air and even uncomfortable into the evening hours. let's watch this on future weather right now so that you can plan and see where these storms are going to start firing. fairly scattered at 6:00 and i think that for 6:30 7:00 we could see some line come right through areas of d.c. producing downpours and hang on until 9:00 potentially 10:00 as it moves east of i-95 and then lingering showers as we get closer to the midnight hour. 6:00 a.m. tomorrow, theirly overcast. could be pockets of fog around. there could be an isolated storm in the breaks but right now tuesday is looking like an even lower rain threat than we are having today. this as the weather front is forecast to come through the area between about 2:00 and 4:00 p.m. tomorrow and when it does it brings down the humidity. until then at least for today, again, scattered storms across the area. warm sticky humid. and for tomorrow, that temperature, we get up to around 80 degrees. we stop out in the upper 80s for
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tomorrow. so still some steam across the area. temperatures by midnight again will start coming down. here's the latest on storm team 4, four-day forecast. 72 on thursday. 75 on friday. we get back to average, back to sunshine. we have more detailed look at your weekend in a couple of minutes and more on the storms firing across our area right now. guys? they're biting out there. keep the bug spray handy. the d.c. area ranked third in the nation for the number of mosquitos. topping the list by orkin is atlanta followed by chicago. orkin based the rankings on the most treatments last year. more are seen in the summer months of course. to keep them away empty standing water outside your home and wear lightweight long sleeves and pants. it's described as a better way to test for lung cancer. and researchers at boston university says it's also much
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less invasive. it's a specific bio marker in cells in the upper respiratory tract and predict with 97% whether an lesion deeper in the lung is malignant. the test can be used to rule out cancer in people who have suspicious areas on their lungs but who are at low risk for the disease. it's the most revealing interview she's ever done on camera. kim kardashian opens up today about her stepfather bruce jenner billy bush joins us live with the exclusive interview. the piece of presidential history now on the auction block.
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you could set sail on a piece of presidential history for the right price. this sailboat owned by john f. kennedy is up for auction. jfk and older brother owned and raced this 22-foot star class in the 1930s. heritage auction says it's more than just memorabilia and considered seaworthy and ready for adventure. it's expected to sell for at least $125,000. she looked beautiful. that's the reaction of kim kardashian to meeting the new bruce jenner who is transitioning to a woman. >> access hollywood has the exclusive interview with
4:25 pm
kardashian in a two-part special report. and joining us now from hollywood with a preview now is billy bush. tell us more about kim's reaction. >> first of all, jim, you underestimate my executive producer. two part? he'll make it six parts this guy. >> okay. >> he'll take the interview and stretch it out as far as he can. we know the man. but yeah. fascinating for me to do. i'm the one who asked her and reached out and booked the interview. and truth be told i've been skeptic. i've one of the not huge kardashian fans or won over and but yet as of late i found her to be very articulate and made a killing on this video game. she's really kind of to me come into her own and in the diane special, he kept talking about how kim is taking it the best and kim is really his go-to in the family to help him through all of this. i sat down with kim and we did a whole interview. she's met, you know bruce's
4:26 pm
female side. and she's really sort of handled it well and helped kylie and the younger sister who's 17 and kendall at 19 and helped them all through this. everyone has the right in the family i think to be not okay with it until they're okay with it. you know what i mean? i asked her about that. do you feel like comfortable enough do you feel like there's room enough for you to have difficulty with this transition? and she was very articulate about this. this interview, i think you will see the most revealing kim kardashian you have ever seen. >> does she say the family is handling the change well? did she talk about how they're handling. >> she said mom kris has them in therapy. everybody. if they're only handling it with tv cameras, i was watching with my 70-year-old mom and said
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imagine doing this with cameras on. they're also therapy at the same time. >> interesting. quite a get. we'll look for it tonighter and perhaps all week long. >> 18 parts, jim. 18. >> there you go. >> thanks billy. first at 4:00, a maryland family's dramatic escape from a burning home. how a grandmother and two toddlers described the flames. the baddest of the bad. new details of the motorcycle gang involved in that deadly brawl.
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right now at 4:30 the man charged with killing his neighbors could soon return to our area. scott tomaszewski taken into custody in alaska on friday. he was on a cruise with his parents when he was arrested. officials say he confessed to the murders and had blood-soaked money in his wallet. and a popular route for thousands in our area back open now. amtrak trains rolling along the entire northeast corridor. service resumed today between philly and new york this morning. now let's take another look at the weather which could get a little stormy out there.
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>> stormy yes. we are not seeing any severe weather in the area. not under a severe thunderstorm watch, no warnings. prince william county that's one spot where we have got an area of heavier rains and another spot way up here in hampshire cown any west virginia and down to the east and southeast and crossing right over i-95. right into woodbridge. some downpours there and we've even seen more showers in montgomery county. there's the lightning for winchester along 522 in the next couple of minutes. another update on the radar in a couple of minutes. >> thanks. back now to that deadly motorcycle gang shootout in waco texas. there is new reason to be concerned about police officers there. >> and there is blowback today for the restaurant where that shooting erupted at lunch on sunday. as families ducked for cover. our jay gray is in waco with the latest now. >> someone's been shot. >> reporter: even veteran law enforcement officers say they're stunned by the brazen attack and
4:32 pm
carnage left behind. >> we had wounded inside. we had people stabbed. we had people shot and we had people beat. >> reporter: nine gang members killed at least 18 wounded in a full-on recruiting and turf war between five outlaw biker groups. >> we have five known gangs involved here. i am not about to give them the respect of mentioning their names. >> reporter: police say it started in the bathroom at the twin peaks restaurant spilling into the bar and the parking lot. >> people pulling guns and started shooting people. that's what they did in there. >> reporter: officers already staged in the area rushed in. >> we have been here for the past two months knowing that there are issues. >> reporter: police say they approached the managers at twin peaks of gang activity before the shootout. >> we've encouraged them to work with us to eliminate some of that activity to keep it from happening. but that was to no avail. >> reporter: twin peaks corporate headquarters revoked the franchise saying in a written statement that the management team chose to ignore
4:33 pm
the warnings and advice of both the police and our company. and as the investigation continues here there's now a new concern. >> they are threatening to kill uniformed officers and we're aware of that. >> reporter: aware and local, state and federal officers still on alert across the area say ready if it comes to that. waco police say they're getting help on the ground here as well as fire duhpower every agency available right now. jay gray nbc news waco. now all nine victims are said to be members of two outlaw motorcycle gangs. one is the banditos and one of the largest gangs in the country. rivaled in size only by hell's angels. the give you an idea of what they're like think see the hells angels as too nice and they relish their reputation as the baddest of the bad. according to gang experts. the other gang is called the cosacks in texas affiliated with
4:34 pm
the hells angels. first at 4:00 thousands of dollars in merchandise recovered this afternoon and a suspect in custody accused of taking it. winchester police arrested 20-year-old henrry aguilar. a merchant reported two people leaving the store with a suitcase and shopping bag full of clothing. police located the suspect and two others ran away. investigators discovered some stolen merchandise and also it had come from a retailer in frederick, maryland. legal trouble is not over yet for a former virginia delegate. the democrat served three months in jail for having a relationship with an underaged girl. as part of that investigation, he and the teen were accused of forging documents and perjury. he worked out a plea deal on the charges but the young woman still faces felony charges that could mean prison time. a special prosecutor is appealing the plea deal based on facts that came to light after
4:35 pm
it was made. you may soon see food trucks along certain state roads in virginia. just a short time ago virginia governor praised a new law authorizing state officials to come up with food truck regulations. fairfax county leaders, the chamber of commerce and the food truck association were involved in drafting the bill. the new rules will allow food trucks to operate in some approved areas like tyson's corner. well, the students have to be wondering now what else could go wrong. sweet briar college made the list of the most endangered historic places in virginia. the 114-year-old woman's college is a former plantation. it's scheduled to close in august because of money problems. 21 buildings on its campus are on that national registry of historic places. the group preservation virginia says steps should be taken now to protect the sites before the property is sold. right now, a 2-year-old is recovering from serious injuries
4:36 pm
suffered while riding in a stroller this afternoon. pieces of brick fell from this building on manhattan's upper west side. hitting the child and the grandmother pushing the stroller. the child was knocked out but a nurse who happened to be nearby jumped into action and performed cpr. we don't know what caused that debris to fall. a worker died when a smoky fire broke out this morning at the huge recycling plant in anderson south carolina. investigators say that worker was operating the machine when the fire began. his clothes caught fire and trying to escape he got trapped inside burning metal. a co-worker was hurt trying to help him. the fire was reported just before 10:00 this morning. people across the city said they could see the smoke. extreme athlete dean potter is testing the luck and the law for more than a decade now but the luck ran out over the weekend. potter was killed while attempting an illegal b.a.s.e. jump at yosemite national park. he is seen here three years ago
4:37 pm
in china. on saturday night, he and his climbing partner jumped from taft point at a height of 7,500 feet. their bodies were found yesterday. their parachutes had never opened. some major worries this afternoon that fiat chrysler didn't fix a string of safety recalls. the action the government's taking now. under armour uproar. they're apologizing. and storm team 4's tracking showers in our area. >> across the radar i am. fort washington mt. vernon now potentially with downpours coming through. even the chance for some small hail. tracking a lot more of these showers and even storms on storm team 4 radar.
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joirks makers of sof world's biggest airplanes are responding to the claims he hack add plane while in flight. chris roberts said he took control through the plane's entertainment system and did it 20 times. boeing executives released a statement saying their navigation system is separate from the in-flight entertainment. roberts says he has proof and other pilots are skeptical. >> the folks at airbus and boeing are far too smart to create some system like that. it's just ridiculous. >> it is definitely possible to
4:41 pm
manipulate the electronics through the in-flight entertainment system and satellite system to get to the avionic avionic. >> she said he did it to expose security weaknesses on airplanes. a government probe into the safety of more than 10 million vehicles. >> consumer reporter erika gonzalez joins us to explain. >> they're trying to determine whether or not fiat chrysler told consumers about recalls in a timely manner and whether it fixed the safety defects properly. it affects 20 safety recalls ss covering more than 10 million vehicles. there will be a hearing in july to determine whether or not chrysler met the government standards for recalls. if they find chrysler failed to fix safety defects, it could order the company to bay buy back or replace the vehicles and
4:42 pm
chrysler said the completion rate for the recalls exceeds the industry average. the company said that it would cooperate fully with nhtsa. coming up tonight at 5:00 sick of security breaches? we so it done with the man many major retailers turn to when your information is exposed. that's coming up tonight at 5:00 and the ways that you can protect yourself. we'll see you tonight at 5:00. baltimore-based under armour apologizing to veterans over a t-shirt of an iconic image showing athletes raising a basketball hoop. it looks like what you'd see at the marine corps memorial based 0 an picture of soldiers raising a flag in world war ii. after a backlash under armour stopped all sales of the shirt n. a statement today say they supporting those that serve our country is part of the brand's dna since the very beginning. first at 4:00 a maryland
4:43 pm
family's dramatic escape from a burning home. how a grandmother and two toddlers survived the flames.
4:44 pm
4:45 pm
we may never see the video of the alleged incident that led to an assault charge of christopher barry. it's a story we are working on. the son of the late former mayor and councilman reached a plea deal today. if the judge approves it
4:46 pm
surveillance video will not be released. new video showing a porsche torched in a church parking lot in maryland. the car belongs to the d.c. family a mother father and son and housekeeper all found dead in the home in jup scale northwest d.c. neighborhood. unthinkable tragedy helped launch a safety campaign. last month police in maryland found a father and siz seven children dead inside their home from carbon monoxide poisoning. it came from a generator in the kitchen. starting today, the city's fire department is going door to door installing free carbon monoxide detectors in homes that don't have them and the fire department is telling people about the dangers of car upon monoxide. shay say 300 were donated after the family's death. toddlers thrown out of windows into the arms of neighbors. they are among nine people who escaped a burning house in
4:47 pm
maryland. >> as veanessa harring reports, they did one crucial thing to help everyone survive. >> reporter: this is what's left of the home where a fire broke out early sunday morning. john watts' brother lives next door. >> i couldn't imagine. just looking at it you know kind of crushes the atmosphere. >> reporter: intense flames lit up the dark sky and forced some members of the family to use extreme measures to escape. >> a 2-year-old and 3-year-old thrown from the residence by one of the family members into the arms of neighbors and relatives. >> reporter: a 58-year-old woman jumped out a second-story window. all nine family members got out without life threatening injuries. the firefighters were back at the home on hidden valley road late sunday evening. they say smoke detectors helped save the family. >> that family is no different than my brothers or me and the
4:48 pm
smoke detectors are without a doubt something that i want to go back and check and make sure that we have at least one in the house that is you know running. >> reporter: there aren't many homes on hidden valley road. it's a quiet street where everyone knows each other and neighbors are likely to pitch in to help the family. >> people aren't -- don't turn their heads and, you know they want to help. i would want to help them if i could. >> reporter: investigators are working to figure out what caused the fire. >> the person who threw the toddlers to safety was the grandmother and forced to jump. she's hurt but she is expected to be okay. and we thought our winter wouldn't go away. northern china is dealing with a spring snowstorm that covered streets and stranded cars. residents had to get the winter clothes back out and dress in layers today. boy, it is really coming down thick there.
4:49 pm
>> exactly. >> calendar check. it is the middle of may. >> i know it's hot here and folks probably want some relief but let's not wish for temperatures that low. >> no. >> or another winter like that. we have storms across the area as we have been talking about. no severe storms but storms bringing some small hail. certainly some downpours to the area. just like the storms we had on saturday. any time you get the atmosphere with that high humidity really easy with these storms to fire off and deliver a lot of rain in a short period of time. the strongest storm here around areas of alexandria on the south side of the beltway. very slow movement with it. currently it is just east, south offal xand rhee yeah and across route 1 and there's the potential with small hail and lightning with that one and then we have got another area that we have been tracking here. down toward mont clair and the east and soon over the open
4:50 pm
water and big heat today. up to 90 degrees with a heat index around 94. look at this. much cooler air. we had some of the highest temperatures in the nation. right here in d.c. other location down south around raleigh, north carolina. when's cooling us off is a cold front coming through and 88 the temperature. the dew point temperature indicator of how much moisture in the air at 70 degrees. that puts us way up here where, of course it's been feeling oppressive all through the weekend. well i'm here to tell you that late tomorrow tuesday afternoon early afternoon we're going to drop way back down here to very pleasant air moving in. saw the cooler temperatures on the other side of the weather front. so first thing tomorrow when the heads out the door what to wear even for you, short sleeves, summer wear and, yes, an umbrella. not a coat or long sleeves but another summer-like day coming our way tomorrow. here's the high temperatures across the area from feeling like 90 fredericksburg and
4:51 pm
stafford. 89 culpepper. 86 degrees and gaithersburg. sandy spring the friends up to the north, montgomery county and the cooler air will move in. midweek as a matter of fact even tuesday night early wednesday morning we are going to start to feel it and 40% chance of a shower, maybe even a thundershower coming our way tomorrow. very low and patchy morning fog. in the pocket of 70s all week long with great days coming up. sunshine and then saturday sunday 74 to 80 degrees. so there we go again. the heat will start to build. the tail end of the weekend. first part of next week that's memorial day with a high temperature of 88 degrees. but what about the details on memorial day and if you're heading to the beach? doug has your beach forecast for the weekend coming up at 5:00. >> all right. thanks. ireland could break new ground on same-sex marriage. voters head to the polls on friday to decide whether ireland will become the first country to
4:52 pm
legalize same-sex marriage by popular vote. >> i think it's a basic human right that everyone gets treated the same. i think that gay people or straight people or whoever want should be married. >> children have an equal trigt a mother and father will possible. >> a yes vote could amend the family section of ireland's constitution. thanks to a strong social media campaign children will be able to have dolls that look just like them. a british toy maker plans to launch a line of customized dolls that feature walking canes, eyeglasses birthmarks hearing aids and other disabilities saying so far the facial birthmark is most requested feature. the toy like me campaign is behind the social media campaign encouraging parents with children of disabilities to use tweets and facebook to ask companies to create more inclusive toy lines. a heartbreaking obstacle for the family of a man killed in
4:53 pm
last week's deadly derailment. >> battling a bureaucratic nightmare. why it's so complyicated to bring the body home to italy. call it a food fight in northern virginia but more food trucks may be hitting the streets. i'm adam
4:54 pm
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deadly hard landing of an osprey aircraft and an eyewitness said it appeared to drop out of the sky. it happened yesterday morning in hawaii. you can see the dark plumes of smoke in this video of the aftermath. a marine died on impact. the other 20 marines and a navy corpsman were rushed to a hospital. they say all they want is a proper burial of their loved one. right now the family of one of the amtrak victims is fighting to have his body shipped back to italy. as ida siegel reports, they say mistakes are compounding the heartbreak. >> reporter: antonio flew in from italy this weekend to see his brother was buried properly back home. 39-year-old was killed in the amtrak derailment last week but bringing the body home to italy is a nightmare making this horrific tragedy that much worse. >> reporter: just anticipating and waiting and waiting.
4:57 pm
it's tough. >> reporter: close family friends in new jersey trying to help. larry was supposed to pick him up at penn station the night of the crash and didn't show up they searched for information. at one point the family says they were told he was on a shuttle bus heading in to new york and that he was alive. only it wasn't true. they say they were told an amtrak representative made a mistake. >> it's hard. it's hard for the family waiting. the wife is still in disbelief. she kept on asking me are you sure it was him? are you sure it was him? it's him. >> reporter: once it was established he was killed they asked the body kept in philadelphia so the family from italy claims it but it was moved to new jersey without consent. now the death certificate and other paper work is shutted back and forth between two states and that takes time. the family's been told they may not be able to send him home until friday or maybe even monday. >> whatever records they have here where the body is now has
4:58 pm
to go back to philadelphia. and then to harrisburg and then back to philadelphia back to here and then back to the italian consulate. >> reporter: the family says he loved america. he was only in town for business for two weeks. his wife and parents are anxiously waiting to lay him to rest. they say italian custom is to bury the dead the next day. >> after expedite it. it's just taken not right the families have to suffer this long. news 4 at 5:00 starts now with jim and wendy. >> right now at 5:00 a presummer scorcher. doug is tracking the heat as it's turned up in the dmv. breaking my heart. very very different. >> and right now at 5:00 new reaction from a housekeeper who worked in that multimillion dollar home where four people were found dead. she described her final
4:59 pm
communications with the family and how she's grieving now. >> sources close the information are saying they could be searching for more than one killer. good evening. >> investigators now believe the four victims were held captive, tied up inside that huge home near the national kacathedral. >> megan fitzpatrick talked to a housekeeper. we'll start with pat collins and the fast-moving case. pat? >> reporter: wendy, police making moves here and other locations to try and close this quadruple murder case. this is how it all breaks down. sources say police believe that more than one suspect is involved in what appears to be a quadruple murder at this multimillion dollar mansion on woodland drive in northwest. sources tell news 4 investigators believe this began
5:00 pm
sometime wednesday afternoon, continued through the night and ended thursday afternoon when a fire was set apparently to cover up the murders. found dead inside the house, a man, his wife their 10-year-old son and the family housekeeper. sources say investigators believe the suspects had knowledge of this family and how they lived their day-to-day lives. sources believe that people in the house were bound and threatened until the man got what they were looking for. this is the 911 porsche stolen from the scene of woodland drive. this is what it looked like after it was set afire in the parking lot of a church in maryland. it was a dark plume of smoke that attracted the attention of police. nearby that church the la fontaine blue banquet hall. security cameras captured this picture of a potential suspect as he moved


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