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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  May 19, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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just in metro trains are running as normal on the red line after another messy morning for commuters, i'm barbara harrison with what caused the problems. i'm kristin bright at the live desk. scotland yard a series of dramatic raids and arrests in connection to a bank heist worst millions. >> i'm meteorologist chuck bell. clouds outside now, will that mean more heavy rain this afternoon? i'm pat lawson muse with the presidential plan to make college free. news4 midday begins right now. we are finally drying out after record-breaking rainfall in parts of maryland and west virginia. this is brock bridge road in
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anne arundel county back open after high water and a search. witnesses told police they saw a driver go into the didn't come out in the car. they didn't see anyone anyway. this happened between whiskey bottom road and route 32 in laurel. fortunately, no one was found but we could see more rain today. >> plenty of cloud outside. it's very warm and very humid. we're waiting on a change of air masses to come in later today with the pattage of a cold front that will take rain chances out of here for the rest of the week. cloudy sky, cold front itself just now moving into far western maryland. it will be on i-95 corridor by late this afternoon. it may be able to wring out more in the way of a rain chance. both bwi marshall and martinsburg, west virginia set daily rainfall records with more than inch in both locations. today, temperatures top out in the mid to upper 80s. there is about a 30% chance of more showers. we'll take a look at radar when i see you next. your ride on metro is
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improving at this hour. you were an early morning commuter or watching news4 today, you saw this -- >> rail service we just heard this temporarily suspended between medical center and friendship heights. >> metro suspended service while firefighters reported the track fire. metro was quickly able to restore service on one track threw that meant only inbound trains stopped at bethesda station. that forced metro to run shuttle buses. riders were frustrated. >> constantly has issues. >> it's just they need do something. it's the oldest line the green line. they need to shut it down and repair it. >> just before 10:30 metro tweeted trains were no longer single tracking but warning riders to expect residual delays. >> police believe four people found dead in a burning home were held captive overnight.
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this happened near the presidential home. a chilling series of phone calls and texts sent by the family in the hours before the murder. megan mcgrath is live at the home with what the housekeeper had to say. megan? >> reporter: well barbara, it is believed the family and their housekeeper were held captive inside the home overnight. but it also appears that they were able to use phone calls and teblth mess text messages to reach out to others to keep them away from the home. >> i hope you can get this message, my wife's sick, my son is sick and vera offered to stay overnight. >> reporter: nellie doesn't want her face shown for security reasons. but she often worked with the savopoulos'housekeeper vera figueroa. that phone call came wednesday night a day before the fire.
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seemed strange. nellie's friend never stayed overnight before. it was equally strange to varera's husband. 4 came to the mansion looking for his wife. he went around back. later his cell phone rang it was savos savopoulos calling from inside the home he didn't open the door but said vera was okay but stepped out. >> he called and told him oh i forgot to call you last night, but vera's okay. >> reporter: a short time later, nellie got a text message from amy savopoulos telling her not to come to the house that day. just hours later the home went up in flames and rescue crews found the bodies of amy and savos, their 10-year-old son, phillip, and vera figueroa. sources tell news4, it appears more than one suspect entered the home on wednesday, and the victims were bound and held captive until thursday
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afternoon. there's evidence that at least some of the victims suffered blunt force trauma and the fire was intentionally set. no arrests have been made at this point. back to you. >> thank you. friends of the housekeeper killed are raising money for her funeral. they set up a go fund me page for vera figueroa. friends want to send her body to el salvador to be buried. her adult children live there go to for a link to the page. a plan police say killed his elderly neighbors will in court today. detectives arrested him in alaska. they say they confessed to killing the two on mother's day. they lived next door to each other on ridge drive. he could be back in maryland by the end of the week. into the live desk right now, a break in the case of a major jewelry heist in london. police arrested seven men, these right here surveillance
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pictures from the break-in. at london's hatten garden jewelry district last monthen thieves broke into a vault of safe deposit boxes and helped themselves. police raided several homes in north london and say they found bags of high-value property the stolen jewels. suspects are being questioned right now. at the live desk. back to you. it could be a year before we find out exactly what caused the deadly amtrak derailment in philadelphia. no one shot at the train just before it crashed. ntsb and fbi are trying to find what caused a grapefruit sized hole in the windshield. one thing making the investigation more difficult is there's no video showing the inside of the train. the ntsb suggested that change five years ago. while investigating a metrolink passenger train that rammed into a freight train head-on, that crash happened outside
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los angeles. 25 people died. investigators say the train's engineer was texting and recommended cameras back then. traffic alert, you may be delayed using arlington memorial bridge today. one of the westbound rains is temporarily closed. engineers from the federal highway administration found an area of corrosion during a scheduled inspection last night. now they're taking a closer look. national park service says curbside closure will probably last through the morning. twoshg get an you pupdate when it will reopen. >> bernie sanders wants university to provide free tuition. he says the utah needs the best-educated workforce in the world. that won't happen if people can't pay, or if they are in debt after they graduate. sanders' proposal increases work study and reduces student loan interest rates. president obama wants free tuition at all community colleges. late in our news cast
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reaction to sanders' plan including a funny tweet from a radio deejay. plus why a long time before the public sees any of hillary clinton's e-mails. she's in iowa right now campaign
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let's look at stories getting a lot of buzz twitter is going nuts over something simon said. actor simon peg tells radio times, comic books and sci-fi movies might be infanty sizing audiencesen these are films that made him famous proving his point, people on twitter began to lash out. they said interesting things. one of them even -- here this one, i think he's a poo-bum, but
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others defended peg. let's have a look at this defense. he says peg is one of us who voiced his internal debate. take a look at this. it's the only contemporary picture that we've seen of william shakespeare, found in a book about plants done at his time the time that he was alive. telegraph put the image side by side with a well-known image of the bard. check this out. some celebration they had, a kenyon rugby player signing the lens of a camera with permanent ink, oops. that lens cost nearly $100,000. a lot of folks are coming to the player's defense saying the ink will come off with a little al you wish your dog could fight off
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right now you may be affected by road closures around annapolis because of high flying antiques. the blue angels flight squad conduct practice runs today and tomorrow. parts of route 450 and the naval academy bridge will be closed. chuck, what about the weather? >> well weather's going to be pretty good for flying around here the next couple of days. of the a cold front, breezy sunshine tomorrow coming in. that takes humidity away and it's going to be nice around here for many of the next couple of days. traveling outside today, showers towards new york city and boston. more showers down south of the roanoke area. with daytime heating and the weather front yet to make its way through i-95 corridor could rule out a couple of pop-up showers this afternoon no where near the coverage or intensity we saw yesterday. we've warmed into the low 70s and 80s. highs mid to upper 80s today. if you're a regular runner you may have experienced a mess online this morning. registration for the army 10
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milder is open now. it's happening in washington in october. so many people tried to sign up this morning at the same time. the website crashed. organizers posted this apology on facebook page. the site is running right now. there are still open spots for you. i'm eun yang. a new report says you, your friends and neighbors are among the fittest people in the country. washington, d.c. took first place in the annual fitness index. the report ranks the healthiest cities across the united states. northern virginia and maryland count for our area as well. the american college of sports medicine says across the country, people are exercises less and eating less fruit top determine how we made the grade the group examined smoking rates and how many people had heart disease and diabetes how healthy our eating habits are. researchers said our high access to parks put us at the top of the list. now here's how cities across the country stacked up.
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take a look here. we highlighted states that had cities in the top ten in the green. ones in the bottom ten are in the red. california had four cities in the top ten. texas and tennessee each had two in the bottom ten. indianapolis indiana, came in last place. >> we put the complete list of cities in the fitness index on the nbc washington app. when you check it out, you can answer our poll about how you state fit. if you like to run or jog, text 1 to 202-601-3444 if you lift weights text 2 instead. 3 if you're a swimmer. if you hike and bike text 4 to that number on the screen. we also put this poll on twitter so you can answer these questions there as well. and we're going to tell you results later in the show. pat, how do you do it? >> i like bikes. >> i thought you did. i walk. i can't tell you how many more people i see out there every morning now walking.
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early, early. >> when the weather's great it's wonderful to be outside. >> it's pretty hot out there last few days. >> after the break, how you can be a part of designing washington's next memorials.
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right now, hillary clinton is in iowa meeting with the small business lending communitiers in cedar falls.
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live pictures where clinton just arrived, her second day meeting with voters in a state that will be critical in the 2016 presidential race. clinton's trip to iowa comes amid new developments over her use of personal e-mails while in office. the state department is giving itself a january deadline to release some of the e-mails. january is when clinton will be trying to focus on the upcoming presidential primaries. clinton said she wants state department to release the e-mails as soon as possible. jeb bush is returning to his roots as he contemplates a run for president. bush held a $25 person fund rarz last night for his political action committee. this is video from an earlier event. the former florida governor has not officially declared his candidacy but fund-raising efforts have been in full swing. police are on alert in waco texas, following threats after a deadly biker shoot-out. at least 170 bikers are charged in a shoot-out that killed 9
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people and hurt 18 others. a judge set their bail at $1 million each. bike gang experts tell nbc news the bikers argued over one group's plans to include a reference to texas on the lower section of its official jacket patch. police say the argument started in a bathroom at a restaurant on sunday. it spilled into the bar, and then into the parking lot. breaking news into the live desk right now. arlington police are investigating a shooting. it's happening in the 4200 block of second street north off of glebe south of boston. not a lot of details. we're still work on getting them. we know that someone has been shot. we have no word on their condition at this point. these are all questions we're working to answer on the phone as we speak. we have a crew on the way. more to come. stay tuned. developing story this morning, police in prince georges county have a better description of main they believe sexually assaulted a12-year-old
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girl. the attack happened wednesday morning at an apartment building in forestville. mother of the girl spotted the man on friday and knocked him down but he got away. video captured the man running away from the forestville apartment. the girl's mom says he was african-american with several tattoos including one on his neck that says "blessed" and a star on both shoulders. if you know who he is police want to hear from you. the supreme court has struck down a maryland income tax law creating a budget windfall for some residents and a headache for local governments. here's what happened. the court say a maryland income tax law led to double taxing residents earn in other states. now it has to refund to thousands of taxpayers. our news partner wtop reports that could cost hundreds of millions over years. montgomery county hardest hit because it has the most business
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owners who could be eligible for a refund. good morning. we have a little sunshine out there for now. weather headlines, the last of the humidity the least for a while. it's going to be hot and humid here around summertime. we have a chance to break the humidity grip and that starts to arrive for tomorrow. storm chances out there for the afternoon. they'll be fading away the rest of the week. cool somewhere less humid weather, better as i see, that's coming your way. planning to be outside this afternoon, humid it and heat are here for one last day. temperature mid 80s by 1:00. 30% chance of shower or thunder shower later this afternoon. coverage of yesterday may not be repeated but may have to have the umbrella on the safe time. >> thank you. big step forward this week for a national world war i memorial planned for near the national mall a federal commission will kick off a two-stage international design competition thursday. you can submit your proposal
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regardless of whether a design professional or not, a student, who wants to participate. submissions due july 21st, finalists named in august. the winning design announced in january. the memorial will be built in persianing park near the white house. prince georges county fire station enjoying an unusual prize. station 844 has won a year's supply of bathroom tissue. take a look at this. prince georges county fire took these pictures of the stacks and stacks of tissue won by the station. it's just a part of the 30 cases of tissue delivered. a local resident entered the firefighters into the charmin butts that save our butts. last year station 834, also in chill em won this prize. back in a minute with a story of a thief who help
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two men in oklahoma admit breaking into a house after leaving behind slick evidence for police. police say the men broke into a house near oklahoma city over the weekend, and took several items, including a deep fat fryer. police started a trail of grease leading from the ransacked house to the house of a neighbor. police searched the neighbor's house to find the stolen items, and did. the homeowner who reported the theft says she will remain friends with her neighbors. everybody's favorite shark is back in virginia. the shark's name mary lee, mary lee pinged yesterday morning aft brief vacation on the jersey shore. take a look at this map posted on twitter of all of the places mary lee has been. the 16-foot long great white was tagged in cape cod back in 2012. since then she's traveled up and down the east coast. well we broke the news on midday yesterday about the president's new twitter account.
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after the break now, how he's used it to have a little fun.
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maryland republican business leader says he will run for the state's open senate seat in 2016. he is currently an executive at the national association of manufacturers. he was once a deputy legal counsel to former maryland governor bob ehrlich. he also supported gay marriage in maryland. he's running for the seat left open by barbara mikulski. retired manufacturers are doubting a computer expert hacked into a plane's cockpit controls. chris roberts told the fbi he managed to hack into several jets through in-flight entertainment system and even take control of the plane's enginans going says it's not possible because two are separate. roberts is standing by his story trying to bring a potential security risk to everyone's attention. >> it's definitely possible to
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manipulate the electronics through the in-flight entertainment system and communications to get to the avionics of an airplane. >> airbus says its planes have closed secure systems but the gao issued a warning saying any cockpit linked to the outside world can be hacked and the security threat should be taken seriously. sunshine starting to come through some of our windows here in northwest washington. skies mostly cloudy. warm-up is well under way. already 77 in gaithersburg and rocksville. 79 in leesburg and man nas sis. fredericksburg at 81. it's a warm and humid day outside today. there is still a 30% chance of more showers or thunder showers later on. once the cold front goes by after sundown a refreshing west to northwesterly breeze takes the humidity out. tomorrow's highs mid-70s. may have a quick passing shower or two on thursday.
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no big deal there. more importantly, right on into memorial day weekend. look like awesome weather other than a small shower chance monday. >> thank you. by now, you have probably heard that the president has joined twitter. it didn't take long for him to gain more than a million followers. one of the followers, bill clinton. he asked president obama if the twitter handle will remain when mr. obama leaves office. he added the hashtag, asking for a friend. the president replied with his own joke suggesting bill clinton might end up with the flotus if hill rinary clinton becomes president. after the break, the changes being proposed including addition of body cameras. the former
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an important discussion happening now on the use of force by police and accountability. the u.s. house judiciary committee is holding a hearing on policing strategies. take a listen. >> police use of force should be scrutinized, locally, that is. it should be examined in terms of factual data and circumstances that led to the police action and not from the emotional foundation of false narratives or catchy slogans like hands up don't shoot, no justice, no peace, or black
11:32 am
lives matter. >> the chairman is concerned with targeting of police like the officers killed recently in hattiesburg, mississippi and in new york city. now, police body cameras have become a big part of the conversation. u.s. senator tim scott of south carolina will make the case to fellow lawmakers for the use of body cameras by law enforcement this afternoon. senator scott says body cameras can restore trust and protect police and the citizens they serve. pat? >> thanks, kristinen police are trying to solve a murder-mystery. more than one person likely involved in the deaths of four people near the vice president's home. we spoke with the family's part-time maid. >> because you know there was a very lovely family very nice family and very sweet lady. >> the couple and their 10-year-old son phillip and vera figueroa the housekeeper, found
11:33 am
dead on woodland drive in northwest last thursday. investigators believe the killers entered the home wednesday and kept the victims bound through thursday afternoon. the house was set on fire the family's car was stolen and also set on fire police are looking for a person of interest who was seen where that car turned up. a man police say killed his elderly neighbors in rockville will be in court on the other side of the country today. montgomery county detectives arrested him in alaska. he confessed to killing the couple on mother's day. the couple and thomas lived next door to each other on ridge drive. he could be back in maryland by the end of the week. iraqi security forces fought off another overnight attack by isis. this attack happened near the down of ramadi. that's the town isis seized over the weekend. about 500 people estimated to have died in that ambush. the loss of roamadi is a major blow. secretary gates doesn't see
11:34 am
things getting easier either for anyone anytime soon. >> the whole middle east is likely to be an area of turbulence and violence for as far into the future as we can see. >> in order to gain the upper hand gates says we need to change the rule of engagement for our troops. he says u.s. troops need to be able to operate behind the lines in iraq and support the iraqi security forces. pat? >> with just months left before the incredibly popular pope francis arrives here in washington the vatican embassy here is undertaking new security measures. today, it's asking a zoning board for permission to put up a perimeter fence. the secret service reportedly recommended the fence. pope francis arrives in washington in late september and will celebrate mass outside the basilica of the national sign shhrine of the immaculate conception. we are drying out. this is brock bridge road in an anne arundel county open after
11:35 am
high water and a search of the area. witnesses told police they saw a driver go into the river but they didn't see the car come out. this happened between whiskey bottom road and route 32 in laurel. fortunately, rescuers found no one. we could get more rain today, though chuck. how much? when? >> nowhere near as much rain as today as we saw around the area yesterday. martinsburg and bwi marshall over an inch of rainfall yesterday. if you haven't been outside you're not missing much, warm and humid. temperatures are already in the low 80s around town. climb into the mid to upper 80s for highs later on right around 87 in down down washington. 85 gaithersburg 87 clinton, maryland. going out for dinner and a movie, can't rule out a couple of showers between 6:00 and 8:00. we should be drying out after 8:00 turning cooler and breezy as well. temperatures back into the '70s.
11:36 am
beach forecast next. >> news4's tom sherwood joins us with breaking news in arlington. tom? >> reporter: pat, we're here in gates of boston which is off of route 50 here in arlington county where police are investigating the apparent shooting of as many as four people in an apartment building off to the left. you can see officers standing outside the door. they've been here for just over about 30 minutes. we are told it hasn't been confirmed, this may have involved a police officer in some type of shooting. one of the four people has been sent to the hospital that's not the officer. but we're just still trying to get details. the public information officer for arlington police has shown up a few moments ago, he says he's trying to confirm that an officer was involved in the shooting. but we still don't have that for any serious detail. we're going to be check with him in a couple of moments. we get more details, we'll bring them to you here in arlington. tom sherwood news4. >> thank you, new reaction to a presidential hopeful's plans to
11:37 am
offer free college tuition. bernie sanders wants all four-year public universities in the u.s. to provide a no-cost education. this is a tweet from conservative talk show host michael graham with a famous shot from "animal house." just what americans need more kids going to college on someone else's dime. sanders says he's introducing the plan because america needs best educated workforce in the world. his proposal also includes -- increases work study and brings down student loan rates. president obama wants tuition at all community colleges to be free. after the break, the new york city bee in
11:38 am
let take a look at stories getting most buzz. literal buzz look at all of those bees underneath a floor in queens new york. check out pictures from the new york "daily news." extraction took hours but the
11:39 am
bees we understand will be relocated. and disney's getting talk this morning. people talking about the ban on selfie sticks on rides. "the huffington post" reports disney putting up signs that show selfie sticks crossed out. and you can see why. if you see some of the pictures that they have on here with the selfie stick on a ride pretty dangerous, we understand. so many fantastic commence meant speakers this year. one of the ones that people are talking about, maya redolph, one of your favorites. let's tack a listen. >> here we are with all of the beautiful faces and iphones. >> that's maya rudolph speaking to graduates of tulane university in new orleans. she told them to create their own destiny and put down the iphones once in a while. we're back in 60 seconds. (gong)
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blend kikkoman into your burger patties to beef up their savoury meaty flavour. (taiko drum beat) (taiko drum beat) >> you probably turned to greeting cards to express your feelings often but sometime
11:41 am
there's are no premade cards that quite hit the mark. an tompson speaks to a designer who helps humor to get through difficult times. >> reporter: as a greeting card designer and writer emily mcdowell knows words matter. they're what's made her new empathy line go viral. >> the best-seller so far is let me be the first to punch the next person who tells you everything happens for a reason. >> reporter: what is the chord that you think you've struck? >> i think it's reflecting people's reality in a way they've never seen before in pop culture. >> reporter: sentiments from mcdowell's own experience. >> i had cancer when i was 24 i had hodgkin's limb phone lymphoma. >> reporter: well-meaning people said cringe worthy things. >> my uncle's girlfriend had that and ending the tory with she passed away. >> reporter: experiences are reflected in the cards.
11:42 am
i'm really sorry i haven't been in touch, i didn't know what to say. >> i'm sorry. >> in remission, mcdowell put her cancer experience way until her best friend amy died of the disease. she quit her ad agency job to eventually write cards. what began with a single valentine two years later is a los angeles-based business with cards and gifts and 1500 stores and growing. >> swamped. fantastic. >> reporter: what has been the most emotional part for you? >> reading people's stories. i found myself in tears as you beautifully described your experience and motivation behind the line. >> when i read the cards i thought, goodness, this is what we need. we need an opportunity to start that conversation. >> reporter: finding funny, honest words to acknowledge the pain of disease and loss. anne thompson nbc news los angeles. starting to see more sunshine on another humid morning. i heard you say something about
11:43 am
changes coming. >> yes. >> when? >> well not soon enough for those of us that don't care for the humidity. but cooler less humid weather arrives late tonight and into the day tomorrow. in the meantime still a very partly to mostly cloudy sky, hazy out there, temperatures well into the 80s in many neighborhoods. feels like factors closing in on 90 degrees. sunlight picture tells the story, the cold front, back to the west. at the rate it's going passing through i-95 corridor between 6:00 and 8:00. scanning the sky for radar. no showers just yet. i think more daytime heating we may have to contend with an isolated shower or thunderstorm later on today. temperatures are going to stay in the 80s for the remainder of the afternoon. if you're already starting it mentally already gone for memorial day weekend, beach weather at the coastline, saturday sunday monday more good than bad because it's a weekend at the beach. not at work. >> all right. we're already thinking about that. lots of us are getting the
11:44 am
grills ready. well consider this d.c.'s ranked among the worst cities for mosquitoes. orkin pest control based data on how many service calls it got. d.c. ranked third among all u.s. cities. outdone by atlanta and chicago. orkin says june through august is prime mosquito time in most of the country. after the break, new information from our transportation reporter about plans to widen i-66.
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just in new information in a shooting last week involving george zimmerman. the man charged with shooting at him apparently had some sort of fix as on the former neighborhood watch leader. it it says matthew had recently been admitted to a mental institution and had shown signs of paranoia anxiety, bipolar disorder. the report says zimmerman told officers he had been driving in an orlando suburb when the man got behind the truck saying you remember me. he called annerson a clown and he fired a gun at his car. zimmermans and not badly hurt. zimmerman was acquitted two year ago for killing trayvon martin in florida. new this morning, changes coming to i-66.
11:48 am
virginia transportation officials trying to minimize how it will affect homeowners nearby. they confirmed today fewer homes relocated than originally planned. the v dot secretary wrapped up a presentation on the massive outside the beltway project. the project affects 25-mile stretch of i-66 between hey market and the belt way and adds toll roads and widens 66's footprint. all risks will be made before final decisions will be made. in honor of national foster care month the white house is recognizing 12 former foster care youth. one is from silver spring. nicole is executive director for voice for adoption here in d.c. the champions of change program dined to recognize those who do extraordinary things to empower their community. new calls to keep montgomery's school superintendent until a new leader found.
11:49 am
the high school principal sent a letter to the school board, they wasn't larry bowers to stay in place for the next year. the request comes a day after we learned that the board's preferred superintendent candidate dr. andrew hulihan doesn't want the job. >> starr will become the next ceo of pdk international a professional association for educators. it located in arlington. starr begins his new job at pdk june 8th. another mild day today. plenty of clouds for now. humidity still on the intense side esis how i describe it. 79 in frederick, maryland. 79 manassas. 83 warrenton. 81 fredericksburg. cooler in an an list. future weather, here's the way the computer believes that we're
11:50 am
going break out for the afternoon. a couple of showers rumble or two of thunder starting after 1:00 or 2:00 and up through 4:00 5:00 6:00 this evening as the cold front presses down around the corridor around the time the sun goes down than will turn off rain chances we should be in comfortable air tomorrow. new report out says, d.c. is the most physically fit city in the u.s. annual fitness index examines disease, food habits and exercise to find out how healthy cities are. minneapolis and san diego took second and third place. indianapolis came in last place. read the full rankings on the american college of sports medicine says all of the parks put d.c. on top. we wanted to find out why d.c. is so fit. we asked you earlier how you stayed healthy. here are the results -- 20% say that they run.
11:51 am
50% say lifting weights is the way they do. only 10% do -- they swim. 10% say biking and hiking. so it looks like lifting weight is the best thing, from our responds those watching and listening. >> can't stay fit in heels. female guests wearing flat shoes were turned way from a red carpet premiere. the guests were turned away in their shoes didn't make the cut. festival organizers say rules are rules. while they don't set a height a heel is required. we are learning most of the women turned away were in their 50s. actor josh brolin says he's considering wearing heels in protest. good for you, josh brolin. >> pretty interesting. i guess 50 years ago maybe it was part of a dress-up look. >> i guess so. the dress code no room on the red carpet for me. >> a bet a lot of women won't
11:52 am
show up next time. not to go in protest. >> after break, combining campfire favorite with a popul
11:53 am
oreo fans listen up in. >> reporter: a and mores flavor cookie. it arrives in stores later this week. promise is to deliver a sandwich of delicious marshmallow and chocolate filling. they will only be available during the summer. you better stock up while they last. jimmy fallon paying a touching tribute to david letterman. retiring after 30 years. fallon got choked up when he shared how important he was after 9/11. >> i remember after 9/11, you know we needed somebody. he said there's only one
11:54 am
requirement for any of us and that is to be courageous because courage, as you might know defines all other human behavior. david letterman is -- that's so much really. david letterman is courageous. >> letterman's last late show is tomorrow night. we're back in 60 seconds with more on today's chances for rain. (toilet flushing) spending more time here lately? going more often? straining to go?
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waking up at night to go? you're not alone. it happens to millions of men. don't wait. call now to participate in a study for urinary symptoms. you will be compensated for your time and travel. to qualify is easy just call 888-804-1672. don't wait. call now. 888-804-1672 brought to you by pegus research. welcome back. temperatures in the upper 70s and low 80s. another warm and humid day. rain chance from here going forward to the end of afternoon right at 30%. nothing on radar now but with the daytime heating, i suspect we'll have a couple of showers and thunderstorms to contend with later this afternoon. nowhere near the coverage we saw yesterday. after the front goes by tonight we turn into a nice breezy cooler less humid day for tomorrow. a possibility of a little light rain shower on thursday with plenty of clouds around.
11:56 am
honestly it's a nice day. break out back into sunshine for friday saturday sunday on through most of the holiday weekend. as we get into memorial day itself the warm air and humanity trying to make a bit of a comeback. as a result maybe a quick rain chance coming up on monday afternoon. but most anything you want to do this weekend, the weather's going to be cooperative. headed to the beaches, go into the water one toe at a time. ocean water temperatures around 64 degrees in ocean city now. air temperatures staying in the 60s with a nice onshore flow saturday. looking good sunday. more humid on monday. maybe a chance for a sprinkle or shower on monday. monday rain chances as of now, not all that impactful. >> all right. and that's news4 midday. join us for news4 at 4:00 5:00 and 6:00 and 11:00. >> looking for you tomorrow morning at 11 a.m. have a great day.
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[chuckles] ready? aah! [laughs] [laughs] are you having fun? oh, my god, you are the cutest thing i have ever seen. has anyone ever told you that, huh? [laughs] who am i kidding? i bet everyone tells you that every day. [keys rattle] seems like daddy sonny's home. you want to see daddy sonny? hmm? i do. let's go get the door for him. will. hi. i, uh... get away from my daughter. hey. hey. hi, sweetheart. daddy's home. is everything okay? um, i should leave. you're not going anywhere. it--i'm sure it was just a coincidence.


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