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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  May 21, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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multimillion-dollar mansion in northwest d.c. just a week ago today. >> police say wint has been on the run ever since, initially burning the family's porsche in a new carrollton parking lot before possibly fleeing to brooklyn. we have a team of reporters working on this story. now it starts with pat collins and new information on the money that was delivered to the home prior to the murders. pat? >> reporter: think about what happened in that house. four captives. the beatings. the stabbings. the massive fire. could that be the work of just one man? four people held captive inside this mansion for hours and hours and hours tied up, beaten and stabbed. could this be the work of just one man? or are there more suspects involved here?
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hear now from police chief cathy lanier. >> we have not ruled out there are others involved but i cannot comment beyond that. >> reporter: the suspect, the quadruple murder suspect identified by police as 34-year-old daron wint charged with first degree murder in the deaths of four. it was one week ago today that firefighters came to this mansion on woodland drive in a tony section ofasngton. there they found the bodies of four victims, the suspect/victim connection. >> right now it does not appear that this was just a random crime but there is a connection through the business of the suspect and the savopoulos family business. >> reporter: the connection. police say suspect wint once worked for american iron works on kenilworth avenue in prince george's county maryland, a company owned by savvas
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savopoulos. sources say he worked there from 2003 to 2005 and sources say he had a relative fired from that company some time ago. the money drop. while he was being held kamtive sources say savvas savopoulos said he was going to an auction and needed as much cash as they could get their hands on. sources say thursday morning his assistant brought $40,000 in cash to the family home and left it inside the garage. a couple hours after that came the fire and then the discovery of the four bodies inside. so how did the cops identify daron wint as the suspect? dna. dna on a pizza crust. more about the pizza clue coming up at 6. now back too you.
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>> pat collins. our team coverage picks up in prince george's county with bureau chief tracee wilkins live with the one connection we know of between the suspect and the victims. it's just feet away from another bizarre incident. tracee? >> reporter: it's very bizarre because what we're trying to figure out is why it appears that daron wint had such an attachment to this place, even years after he was working. we understand that he stopped working here in 2005, but right across the street here in 2010 at that shell gas station he was picked up for carrying a weapon and drinking publicly. >> it's a sad day. it's really a sad day. >> reporter: workers here at the american iron works say they were shocked to hear that the suspect believed to have killed the ceo of this company is a former employee. >> it floored me. and that's all i have to say. >> reporter: d.c. police chief cathy lanier says 34 year older
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wint borked at the company. he was here from 2003 to 2005, sources say. it's not clear what he did here but five years ago in december of 2010 he was picked up across the street at the shell gas station. according to court documents, he was sitting here near a dumpster with a book bag carrying a 24-inch machete and a black bb gun. he also had an open beer. >> it's a tragedy. >> reporter: police say wint is the same man seen in this security camera video in new carrollton running away from the burning porsche taken from savvas savopoulos' home in northwest d.c. wint is on the run. meanwhile, back here at american iron works -- >> how would you expect it to be? it's a tragedy. you know it's incomprehensible. >> reporter: we went into the offices of american iron works and asked if anyone cared to make an official statement on behalf of the statement. they said no comment. we were talking to employees here in the parking lot who wanted to react to what's
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happened here. this is continuing to unfold. we'll have the latest coming up on news4 at 6. i'm tracee wilkins reporting live. back to new the studio. >> thank you, tracee. we are still working this story. ahead at 5:tlif we're going to have a report from brooklyn. you can also check out the full news conference with the mayor and the police chief right now in the nbc washington app. turning to our weather now people trying to skip out of town a day early for that holiday weekend upcoming may run into some slippery roads out there. you are looking at a live picture of the bay bridge. you can see steady traffic headed toward the beach. chief meteorologist doug kammerer joins us now. it's chilly out there for mid-may, doug and rainy, too. >> it's really chilly, veronica and i working on the forecast yesterday, we put our numbers into the 50s. we said upper 50s to around 59 in d.c. it's 55 right now in the area. some locations even cooler than that. the rain has moved out. storm team 4 ray dash showing you where
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people following the rain out to the sea, moving toward the eastern shore. most of the area now try, but we're still dealing with dloud cover and the chilly tpz. 50 in gaithersburg 24 in leesburg, a very chilly afternoon. we'll see a chilly evening. but tomorrow the sunshine rurp s returns. we'll talk more about the memorial day weekend, plus the first heat wave of the year. we've got that in the forecast as well. see you in a minute. >> thank you doug. inkridible video of rocks and deree raining down on people and property near a quarry in sterling. something went wrong during a scheduled blast this morning at loudoun quarries. we've got surveillance video as large chunks of rocks land off-site on cars and homes. one person had some minor injuries. northern virginia bureau chief julie carey joins us with the story in a few minutes. an ongoing child custody dispute appears to be at the heart of a double shooting. and the person accused of pulling the trigger is a 51-year-old grandmother.
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chopper 4 was over the scene shortly after the shots were fired last night in the parking lot of this mcdonald's restaurant in waldorf. that's where chris gordon is right now. chris? >> reporter: well, doreen i'm standing along crane highway in waldorf and less than 24 hours ago gunshots rang out here. two people were shot here, 25-year-old robert michael maing was killed, his wife seriously wounded. the charles county sheriff says the motive was a longstanding child custody dispute. the couple drove this jeep to the mcdonald's in waldorf from virginia to pick up her two small children. the youngsters had been staying with their grandmother, 51-year-old caroline conway. but instead of handing over the youngsters to the children's mother conway got into the jeep. >> ms. conway produced a handgun, subsequently shot the male victim, mr. maing. the female victim tried to flee
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the vehicle. as a result, ms. conway the shooter, shot the female victim in the back. >> reporter: heavily armed sheriff's deputies converged on gilford drive where conway lives but she wasn't home. they had to search for her, figuring she was still armed. >> had the s.w.a.t. team. they had everybody out here dressing in armor and everything. >> reporter: caroline conway was apprehended and tonight is being held in jail without bond. now, conway faces charges of first degree murder in the shooting of robert maing and attempted murder for shooting his wife. comeing up we'll talk to a neighbor who recently saw conway with her young grandchildren and describes the way she was acting. that's the latest live in waldorf maryland. . >> thanks, chris. the dying words of an alexandria woman may be used at the trial for the man who's
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accused of killing her. that's the decision of a fairfax county judge over the opposition of charles severance's defense team. severence arrived in a wheelchair because of an ankle injury. he's charged with three murders nancy dunning, ron kirby and ruth ann lodato. before her death lodato nodded yes when asked if she saw the person who shoot her. she also said the killer was an older white man. despite many moves and millions of dollars invested, a big plan to improve the commute between montgomery and prince george's counties kblts get on track. adam tuss tells us about a meeting today that could seal the fate of the purple line. >> reporter: tossed aside, brought back to life, stuck in limbo, moving forward. you could use any of those to describe the purple line but the bottom line will the streetcar type system be built in a maryland suburb? >> has a decision been made? are we still in the running to have the purple line here?
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>> there is no backup plan to this. we need this. >> reporter: prince george's and mon r montgomery county executives maid the trip to annapolis for a closed door session to tell governor larry hogan not to put an end to the project project. as for right now, they say it's still alive. why should you care? this would connect bethesda and new carrollton without going into d.c. it would provide a better commute and could run close to your house. it's highly polarizing. >>'s 500 square miles in prince george's county. i have roads and bridges in the county that people want that think are more important than anything else and they're right. >> reporter: now, this isn't just a story about montgomery and prince george's counties. virginia is also factoring into the mix here. more about that coming up next hour at 6. back to you. >> adam tuss. the man who landed that gire recopter just feet from the capitol steps says he's not guilty.
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we'll tell you who he said to reporters when he was asked today if he would do it again. his domestic violence case set off a big scandal that rocked the nfl. so why were the charges against ray rice dropped today? we are continuing to work every lead in the manhunt for this murder suspect. we're going to go live to brooklyn to see how detectives are worki
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narrator: puerto rico's healthcare system is on life support, putting three and a half million puerto ricans at risk. it's an outrage. puerto ricans are us citizens and pay the same medicare taxes, but receive only half the federal healthcare funding as the other 50 states. the headlines tell the story... woman: "unfair treatment from washington." man: "thousands without medications." woman: "it's a crisis that could imperil the whole economy." narartor: washington must act now to protect care for three and a half million u.s. citizens. before it's too late.
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and take a look. got the weekend forecast coming up. a lot of people heading towards the rain as it moves to the east on the bay bridge. i've got the committee foreplete forecast in just a minute. not guilty. that's the plea from a florida postal worker who landed that gyrocopter on the u.s. capitol lawn. doug hughes wanted to make a political statement. now he says he's willing to go to prison for his believes. mark segraves is outside district court where hughes talked to reporters this afternoon. >> reporter: that's right, doreen. hughes' statement that he wanted to make was about what he sees as critical flaws in the nation's campaign finance laws. inside court, he pled not guilty. he's facing 9 1/2 years in prison and the federal government wants to keep his gyrocopter gyrocopter. >> a lot of sweat and blood in that machine. i'd love to have it back.
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i never expected that i would get it back. we're going to have to see how the trial works out. >> reporter: it was a day best known as tax day, april 15th as tourists, hill staffers and others went about their business on the capitol grounds, above them the 61-year-old mailman from ruskin, florida, was completing a flight he had planned for years delivering 535 letters, one for each member of congress. the letters called for congress to reform campaign finance laws. they were in boxes strapped to the sides of his gyrocopter, which he l branded with the u.s. postal service logo. hughes made it through three different restricted airspaces without any interference from police or military. once he landed on the capitol grounds, he surrendered to police. yesterday a grand jury indicted hughes on six counts including flying without a license and violating restricted airspace. he's now facing more than nine years in prison. >> i accepted the consequences
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of what i was doing because i believed it's critical that we return our democracy to the people. >> reporter: asked whether he would do it all over again? >> i'll never do anything like this again, but i would do it exactly the way i did. >> reporter: now, since april 16th hughes has been back in florida on home confinement. today the judge loosened that up a little bit, saying he can go back to florida but he can only go within the county that he lives in. so no longer on home confinement, he is still banned from going anywhere near the u.s. capitol or the white house, and he must still wear a gps monitor. doreen, back to you. >> mark segraves. thank you mark. terrified patrons apparently weren't the owner ones running from the gaun gunnfire that erupted from texas. the associated press says it has reviewed surveillance video from the restaurant that showed many members of the biker gangs trying to get away from the gunshots that killed nine people on sunday.
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waco police say they've now collected a majority of the evidence from the scene. there's no word on whether they'll release the surveillance video. a midwestern community is mourning a fallen officer who was kille planned to take her maternity leave. carrie acrossco was a seven-year veteran of the omaha police department and was killed yesterday after a shooting erupted when she and other officers were just serving an arrest warrant. she had a baby girl in february, but she was born prematurely. she went back to work and planned to postpone her maternity leave until her daughter was released from the hospital, which was set to happen tomorrow. isis extremists are celebrating another major victory, this time in syria. the fighters say they've seized control of the city of pal mira. if true, it would be the first time isis has taken a city directly from president assad's syrian army. it's also a major concern for those worried about the city's place as an ancient world heritage site. it's home to renowned roman-era
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ruins including temples colonnades and a neert. domestic violence charges dropped against former ravens running back ray rice. a judge signed an order earlier today after prosecutors say that rice completed the terms of his pretrial intervention. rice had to pay $125 in fines and complete an anger management counseling as part of his terms. rice faced assault charges for the highly publicized elevator incident with his now-wife last year. get down! >> some tense moments captured inside l.a.x. airport in california show officers using a stun gun to subdue a guy accused of breaking through a security checkpoint. at one point you see an officer try to put the man in cuffs only to see him break free. actor vern troyer from "austin powers" captured the moments as
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an officer warned the suspect to stop and then he ran upstairs. >> i travel all the time. it's the first time that i've really witnessed something like that. i don't know if he was on something or what it was, but, i mean, he wasn't acting normal. >> outside one of the departure gates an officer winds up deploying a taser. the man is facing charges of trespassing and obstructing a police officer. they're calling it the fight for 15. for a second day in a row, a large crowd of protesters gathered outside mcdonald's corporate headquarters in illinois. the group is demonstrating for a $15 an hour wage and the right to form a union. earlier they delivered a petition to company shareholders who are holding the annual meeting at the corporate offices in the chicago area. a recall alert now of more than 50,000 gas ranges because the ovens can turn themselves on. the recall involves viking range freestanding gas ranges. viking range has received 75
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reports of the ovens turning on by themselves, including three reports of burns. the ranges were sold nationwide. consumers who own the ranges should contact vikinging range for a free in-home repair. we continue to work this developing search for the suspect in the murders of four people in northwest d.c. just ahead at 5:30, we talk to the suspect's former attorney. homes damaged and at least one person injured after rocks were blasted from a local quarry. news4's julie carey is speaking with residents in the local neighborhood. and temperatures today on the cool side for sure, but we're going in the right direction. much warmer for the weekend. and then it gets downright hot. take a look. we'll talk about those numbers talk about the first heat wave, and talk about the shore if you're heading toward the beaches over the next couple of days. what can you expect for your memorial day holiday? i've got that forecast in just a minute.
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>> announcer: and now your storm team4 forecast. a couple of days ago everybody was talking about how it's too hot and now today it's too cool. well, guess what, guys. goldy locks says it's going to be perfect weather just over the next couple of days, friday, saturday and sunday. we have great weather coming in. not the way it looks right now. this is the picture we've seen all day, the clouds rain earlier. the rain has moved out. our national harbor camera showing the cloud cover and the cloud cover continues. 55 degrees, a very very cool afternoon. remember, our average high is now up to 77. so we're well below that, winds out of the northeast at 7 miles per hour helping to keep things cool. 50 in gaithersburg. cool temperatures for sure. the good news, all the rain is out of here. any showers are out towards the eastern shore, over toward ocean city places likes salisbury. i'll be heading to ocean city for our first backyard weather of the season, kiging off the
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memorial day weekend. the rain moves out of here. watch what moves in tomorrow. sunshine. we start off on a great note tomorrow. moat of the day looks beautiful. we will watch a frontal boundary, a cold front that will move through. notice a 20% chance of rain tomorrow. most of the day we'll see plenty of rain during the afternoon. behind that, we get rather cool on saturday. saturday morning will be quite cool but very very nice on saturday. with plenty of sunshine during the day, high temperatures still a little bit below average. that's what it will be tomorrow, too. your impact forecast, starting off on a cool note, 53 degrees at 7:00 a.m., 59 by 9:00. if you're thinking about gelgt out for a early bike ride, 68 by 11:00 and by 3:00 is when we'll be up around the 74 degree mark. the weather will have a low impact on your day, partly cloudy, a slight chance of an isolated shower. don't think you'll need the umbrella tomorrow just isolated showers and think will be very
5:26 pm
very light. there's 74 on friday 73 on saturday, 82 on sunday. again the weekend looking very, very nice. saturday morning though will be quite cool to start. some of you down around 40 41 degrees early saturday morning. but then we'll warm up nicely through the afternoon. 88 degrees monday and then we get into a little bit of a heat wave. tuesday, wednesday and thursday all at or above 90 degrees. we will be very hot and rather humid as we move on through the week. memorial day, if you've got plans to go out there on your memorial day, looking good for that, too. we'll see high temperatures right around 88 degrees. and any of the parades going on i think will be a-okay. what about the beaches? well, the one thing about it today look at the water temperature. it's now down to 59 degrees. you're going to see a lot of people on the beach and maybe not in the water. very cool on saturday, high temperature only around 66. it will be quite chilly saturday. take the jacket, maybe a sweatshirt. 76 on sunday and monday. memorial day looking fan fas tick, no matter where you are,
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beaches, mountains, right inside the city looking all good with highs in the 80s. >> thank you, doug. our team coverage in the search for a suspected killer continues at 5:30. >> just ahead, we'll go live to brooklyn where detectives are zeroing in on the family and friends of daron wint. >> reporter: i'm megan fitzgerald live outside of daron wint's home. coming up what his attorney has to say about his client's ability to be involv
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right now at 5:30, the alerts on the nbc washington app keep coming as we get new details in the mansion murders in the district. here's what we know now. the man wanted in connection with that murder of a northwest family and their housekeeper knew the victims. daron wint used to work for sa voes savopoulos as a welder. law enforcement tells news4 that wint took a bus to new york in the last 24 hours but may be back in mare may now. we have team coverage on all of this. news4's megan fitzgerald is knocking on doors in wint's neighborhood in prints georges county. >> but we're going to begin with wnbc's marc santia live in brooklyn brooklyn brooklyn. >> reporter: good evening, wendy and doreen. i can tell you the intense manhunt led by united states marshals has moved here to brooklyn. we want to get right to some video, show you what's happening
5:31 pm
right now. tucked away in ka narscy, brooklyn, inside the 69th brook precinct, a key. law enforcement sources are talking to wint's girlfriend who lives in the city. she is not in trouble. police are asking her questions about her interactions with wint. law enforcement sources tell news4 they believe wint took a bus to new york city and arrived in brooklyn in the last 24 hours. law enforcement sources also say wint kipt a low-profile in brooklyn, stayed out of the public eye. we're looking into the possibility that the suspected killer may have already fled brooklyn and could be back in maryland right now. he is known to law enforcement here in new york. a source very familiar with the investigation says wint has four previous arrests from upstate new york including assault, harassment, and violating an order of protection. we're live tonight in brooklyn, marc santia, back to you. >> thank you, marc. news4's megan fitzgerald is part of our team coverage. >> she is in maryland outside
5:32 pm
the home where suspect daron wint lived. megan? >> reporter: doreen, it was just about an hour ago that we saw two people coming out of this car right here to our left, running inside the home. we knocked on the door several times, and no one answered the door. we've also knocked on several neighbors around the area here to understand if anyone here knows who this guy is and could provide information. but people are remaining silent. we do know that wint has relatives in the area. now, it was not long after police identified 34-year-old daron wint as the suspect in the woodland drive quadruple homicide that police were here at his home on westview lane in lanham. you could see officers going in and out of the home, carrying out boxes of what could be evidence. wint is not a stranger to the law. he has a criminal history going back more than a decade on charges that include assault and theft.
5:33 pm
robin thicker represented wint on several of those charge ss. >> he is a gentle guy. he was a student at prince george's community college. he wouldn't hurt a fly. he's the kind of guy that you wouldn't mind your grandmother going to lunch with. don't turn yourself in because it's easy to turn yourself in but not so easy to turn yourself out. get some good legal advice. >> reporter: now, police say they're pretty confident they are looking for the right suspect and it is possible that there could be more. we will continue to remain out here monitoring the home behind me. we'll update you with the latest details as we get them. doreen, back to you. >> megan, thank you. you'll want to make sure you've downloaded the nbc washington app and turned on breaking news alerts so you can learn all the latest on this story as it develops. i'm pat lawson muse at the live desk.
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baltimore's state's attorney has just announced that all six police officers charged in the death of freddie gray have now been indicted. mare marilyn mosby says the grand jury returned the indictments today. the driver of the van that transported gray is still facing the most serious charge of second degree murder. the officers will be arraigned in july. on the way out of the news conference today, a reporter asked mosby if she will recuse herself from this case. she didn't answer. at the live desk, pat lawson muse. wendy? a woman apparently lied and then came clean about a deadly hit-and-run that killed a mother in southeast d.c. knewly released charging documents accuse sha tar as johnson of reporting her brother-in-law mercedes as stolen just hours after that car hit the victim outside united medical center last month. johnson denied knowing about the hit-and-run, but the following day her brother-in-law told an officer that johnson was the driver. and johnson confessed. the victim was faith pine pictured here, 68 years old.
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we must overcome preconceived notions and respect and value others especially those least like us. >> only with empathy can we have equality. and those are all prerequisites if we are to move from april think athink to action. >> that's the message gave at the university of maryland. foxworth is a fellow terp and former nfl player who now works at the nba's players association. during his speech he also told the more than 8000 grads to take a moment today to thank their parent zs. tonight we now know the name of prince william county's newest high school scheduled to open sometime next year. it will be named after virginia's longest serving state senator, charles colgan. he is retiring at the end of this term. a good principal is often the first sign of a good school. today the d.c. public school system announced a new effort to make sure those good principals
5:36 pm
stick around long enough to make a difference. tom sherwood has the story. >> reporter: nearly 300 kids attend strong john thompson elementary near 12th and mass northwest. >> somewhere there's a circle. somewhere there's a square. >> reporter: principal carmen shepard is proud of the first graders' exhibit with shapes, doing it with 100% parent participation. >> the girls and the boys. >> reporter: rising enrollment and test scores helped her to become one of the first principals to be guaranteed a new three-year contract rather than working year to year as she has until now. >> oh, i think it makes a tremendous difference, and i think parents then appreciate the fact that the person who's there will continue to know their child as they continue to move through fifth grade. >> reporter: one-fifth of the city's 110 public school principals are getting the new three-year contract for next school season. the union representing principals helped draft the plan but has concerns. this is a very good start union president iona jefferson told nbc 4 but the process is still
5:37 pm
too subjective. the union will continue to work toward ensuring less subjective but equitable criteria. school human resource director jason cam ras. >> the opportunity to show our strongest principals that we value their service and we'd like them to stay. i'm a parent, too. knowing there's stability for a few years is a really great thing. >> reporter: thompson pta president sarah christianson says the multilingual student clearly benefits. >> you get staff who they know and know them. they trust each other, support each other. i think principal shepherd has been great. >> reporter: with the new policy she'll be around a few more years. in the district, tom sherwood, news4. and we're working on a bizarre story in loudoun county, an explosion sends debris into hoerms and cars, injuring one person. we're talking to people in a neighborhood where rocks rained down. we're keeping an eye on the road as the holiday weekend exodus begins. doug will have an updated forecast straight ahead.
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savvas. tonight we can offer some new perspective on just how massive that oil spill off the coast of southern california is. 105,000 gallons of oil seeped into the ocean. it's taken a team of 300 people to clear about 8% of it from of the water. california's governor declared a state of emergency to help free up more resources for the cleanup there. environmentalists say it's too soon to know the extent of the damage to the coastline, but they say they're not optimistic. >> you know, i know everybody says there's no good place for an oil spill, but there is one ever the worst places to have an oil spill. >> the plains all american poip line owns the pipe that broke and triggered the still spil on tuesday. federal records show the company has had 175 safety and maintenance infractions since 2006.
5:42 pm
radioshack has reached an agreement that limits the amount of customer data it's able to sell. a bankruptcy judge says the company will only be allowed to sell a limited number of e-mail addresses specifically those of customers who requested product information within the last two years. customers whose e-mail address is sold will also have the option of opting out of future e-mails. northern virginia bureau chief julie carey is working a story in loudoun county. debris from a quarry explosion has damaged homes and cars. we have new video ever the falling debris, and we're talking to witnesses, next. today's rain has now moved out of the area. i'll show you what's moving in next.
5:43 pm
5:44 pm
5:45 pm
rocks and debris raining from the sky damaged homes, businesses, vehicles and caused an injury. something went wrong during a quarry blast in loudoun county. >> julie carey was the first reporter on the scene. she talked with residents and workers at nearby old ox road and oak grove road and joins us with the incredible damage and surveillance video.
5:46 pm
julie? >> reporter: well, you can see behind me this auto parts store boarded up where the rock came flying through. this is the culprit. at first, some folks out here thought they were falling from space. then they found out they came from loudoun queary about a half mile away. this bedroom in the brooks' family home looks like a bomb went off inside. dwight brooks raced to his parents' home this morning to find this, a huge rock blasted from a quarry a half mile away, had flown into the house. it tore through the roof, then landed on a bed right next to a pillow. >> the trajectory on an angle, you can see where it landed. that's quite a bit of force to come through that roof and in there. >> reporter: brooks' brother was sleeping on the other bed right under the spot where the rock came shooting inside. he was cut by debris and required eight stitches at the hospital. >> first thing i thought was that he was okay, that it was
5:47 pm
just a scratch because it had hit him the damage could have been much worse. >> he could have been killed. >> absolutely. >> reporter: at the strip center down the street, more damage from more rocks, both big and small. inside the auto parts store this monster rock is now on display. it came through the front glass window, shattering three. they're used to feeling the building shake when nearby loudoun quarry blasts but there's never been anything like this. >> i just thought it was a real hard second concussion blast coming from it. never in my wildest dreams, though, did i picture i'd see the size of rocks i saw that came through the window. >> reporter: outside in the parking lot, at least a half dozen cars also got hit, huge dents now creasing the metal. inspectors from the blasting company winchester building supply surveyed the scene trying to figure out what went wrong at the quarry. now, coming up on news4 at 6, something you will want to see.
5:48 pm
slow-motion security camera video of this rock flying into that building. back to you now. >> julie carey. thank you. police in herndon are investigating whether a teenage driver was texting when she hit and killed a woman earlier this month. a search warrant obtained by news4 reveals the driver, a herndon high school driver, told police she was rushing to school trying to beat a traffic light and didn't see the pedestrian. the 17-year-old also says her cell phone was in her backpack, but a witness tells police the teen emerged from the car on her phone. they've seized it to find out whether the driver was using the phone when the victim was struck. a former alexandria therapist is sentenced to ten years in prison. a jury found gary hankens sexually abused a boy he was supposed to be treating. the child's parents found suspicious text messages the 45-year-old sent to their son.
5:49 pm
they immediately told police. on july 30th a judge will either uphold the jury's sentence or lessen the punishment for hankens. d.c. mayor muriel bowser took a rainy walk in washington today to showcase just how the city and federal programs are helping to build some d.c. neighborhoods. the mayor was joined in the shaw neighborhood near downtown by julian castro, director of the federal department of housing and ushing development. they toured many developments near 7th street and rhode island avenue. >> and we have looked at several properties on just shaw alone where hud has been at the table. but for their involvement, we wouldn't have this affordable housing. >> the federal agency is celebrating 50 years of providing economic assistance across the nation. see everybody with their umbrellas, doug. how long do we need those? >> you can put them away. you may be able to put them away for a week or so. we don't really see any rain. we'll see pretty nice weather as we move through the next couple
5:50 pm
of days. temperatures on the rise. today, though, anything but warm. it was a very chily afternoon. look at this rockville camera showing you the clouds, low clouds right now, but the rain has stopped. that's some good news. temperatures, though. look at these numbers on the cold side for sure. advertiseing the average at 77, we're at 55 right now. 55 around 7:00. temperatures won't fall too much, but it will be quit chilly through the rest of the evening hours. temperaturewise rockville 51 gaithersburg 50 52 in camp springs and 52 toward baltimore as we move through the rest of the night we're not going to see any more rain. that's all pushed off to sea now as our storm system turn continues to do the same now. tomorrow, much better as far as the day is concerned. sun, a few clouds we'll see an isolated shower or sprinkle. that's really it. it will be warmer, temperatures 70 to 76 degrees. that isolated shower coming with a slight chance or a cold front that will bring us through, cooling things off a little bit on saturday. wash the car? yeah. trending dry from saturday all the way most likely into the
5:51 pm
middle of next week. that's when we start to see another chance of showers developing. so 74 degrees tomorrow, 73 on saturday. look at saturday morning, 47. that's in the city. many of you waking up to a temperature around 40 41 saturday morning. a cool start but a really nice day, a little breezy saturday. 82 on sunday. memorial day looks fantastic, a high temperature of 88 degrees. if you have any plans on memorial day, maybe you're heading out to some of the parades around town hot and humid. plenty of sunshine. a great afternoon. yes, it will be a little humid, but we're not talking about a real humid day. i think we'll see more of those though, next week. look at these days, tuesday, wednesday, thursday possibly our first heat wave of the season. that's when we start to see another chance of showers and thunderstorms. so after today's 50s, say good-bye to those numbers. >> thank you doug. they started their freshman year of high school on the campus of prince george's community college. their unconventional journey part of the dual enrollment program that makes today extra special. two degrees in one day.
5:52 pm
news4's zachary kiesch has their story. >> i'm a single mother, and she's never been to college. she's always wanted better for me and my sister and brother. >> reporter: today toria hawkins and her mom hit the mark high school diploma and a two-year degree. >> i've been crying all morning. >> reporter: this is the academy of health sciences, a dual enrollment program students tested into a journey that began as freshmen. 100% of the senior class will graduate today. 100% have been accepted to four-year schools. students have also accepted millions in scholarship money and learned important life lessens. >> it's one of those things that really helps you dig in and become more responsibility. it makes you want to be responsible for your works and it makes you strive to be good, strive to be better. >> reporter: demari remained a scholarship to howard, but they all have a story. and a future. >> in the fall i'm going to go to the university of maryland college park because i got accept nood the honors college.
5:53 pm
>> reporter: one goefl the program is to get students to graduate from college who come from families where that's never been done. >> she knew that we could not afford to get her through college so she's like we got this. >> reporter: how does it feel to be first generation graduate from college? >> there aren't words to describe how it is to make her proud without her worrying how to afford this. >> >>. >> reporter: right now a celebration to the fruits of the hard work that made today possible. reporting in prince george's county zachary kiesch, news4. >> a lot to celebrate there. >> yes. that's just wonderful. well, this not so much. it's a fight over money and it's getting nasty. lawmakers in washington are fighting over the price tag on the safety of riders after that deadly amtrak crashment we have the details on the billion-dollar battle. anyone who rides the rails will want to hear this one next.
5:54 pm
but at the top of the hour, new live team coverage of that nationwide manthunt for the suspect in the d.c. mansion murders.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
a change led in part by a former boy scout from our area could be going nationwide. today the president of the boy scouts of america indicated he might support lifting the group's ban on openly gay leaders. last month the new york chapter of the boy scouts defied that ban and made their first openly
5:57 pm
gay sum err camp leader from kensington maryland. the scouts lifted their ban on gay youth in 2013. the push towards normal diplomatic relations with cuba continued in washington today with american officials and cuban diplomats meeting at the state department to discuss the issue of opening embassies in each other's countries and doing it soon. it was nearly 50 years ago that the two countries closed their respective embassies. the biggest issue of dispute, whether u.s. diplomats can meet in cuba with dissidents without government interference. and the ceo of lumber liquids is no longer on the job. we've been covering this company's developments since reports surfaced in march that the company sold flooring with high levels of potentially dangerous chemicals. lumber liquidators says the ceo's resignation was unsuspected and the founder will step in as interim ceo. the company's stock has fallen nearly 70% since the start of the nine days after the deadly amtrak drain derailment there's
5:58 pm
a battle on capitol hill over safety and money. some lawmakers say there are still dangers and it's going to take cash to fix them. deanna draintty reports. >> amtrak is playing a game of railway russian roulette. >> reporter: strong language where senate democrats blamed republicans for slashing funding requests and say it's not about installing government-mandated safety controls. they lifted bridges and tunnels and say they are decades old and in need of repair now. >> we have a republican roadblock towards great irsafety in our transportation system and we have a republican roadblock towards a better quality of life. >> reporter: the lawmakers say amtrak has a $21 billion backlog on maintenance and repair and say the $2 billion it asked for should be granted. a republican-controlled house panel agreed to 1.1 billion the day after the deadly derailment in philadelphia. >> it's a no-brainer. you look at who travels on northeast corridor on amtrak alone funding needs to happen.
5:59 pm
end of story. >> reporter: jonathan brooks travels to and from new york a lot taking amtrak. >> look at the trends. more and more people are living in urban centers. it makes sense to put money toward mass transit rfrnlts he. >> the infrastructure needs to be updated. look at how many people are riding the trains. we fend on train travel especially in the northeast corridor. now at 6, an intense search for a suspected killer stretch willing from d.c. to new york. >> tonight, new clues about the suspect, his connection to the family killed inside their multimillion-dollar home, and what we know about his criminal past. >> it was a brutal crime, and tonight there is an all-out manhunt that might now be move back in our direction. >> this is the guy police are trying to find, daron wint, a former marine and ex-convict. he was last seen in brooklyn with his girlfriend this morning. that's where she lives.
6:00 pm
and police there say he may be on his way back to maryland. police believe wipt is slofled in involved in the murder of a family and their housekeeper, the crime not random police say. investigators now say that wint worked for the victim's construction company and dna evidence from a slice of pizza helped police zero in on him. >> our team coverage continues. pat collins has been covering this all week long. >> reporter: it's been a week and there have been a number of twists and turns in this troubling case of murder. suspect daron wint linked to this home invasion of this mansion in northwest washington, linked to burning the car belonging to the victims in new carrollton, maryland, linked to his last known address in lanham maryland, linked to brooklyn, new york, where they say he ran off to hide with his


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