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tv   News4 Today  NBC  May 25, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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town. 84 in the suburbs. mostly blue skies and sun is not down until after 8:00. and at least through 8 or 8:30 this morning, the suburbs will be down below 70 this evening. 79 degrees and sunshine. developing story in the district. the sounds of an explosion are not something you expect to see and hear on the national mall. yesterday as many of you got ready for memorial day concert on the mall just a few blocks away the bomb squad was dismantling a suspicious device. near the cap top reflecting pool. molette green has more on the local man arrested in the incident. >> reporter: good morning.
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an alexandria man is under arrest israel shimeles is his name. his car left unattended, caused quite a scene here. capitol police spotted the car on the west side of the capitol. they checked it out and saw a pressure cooker inside. now, the bomb squad came in. detonated it. and as you can see from the video it caused quite a loud blast. nothing else suspicious or hazardous found after another search. once the device was detonated. all of this happened during the memorial day concert here on the mall and this became very concerning for police because pressure cooker bombs were used to set off explosions during the boston marathon two years ago. and that turned out to be quite deadly. that's the latest from the national mall here. i'm molette green. >> thank you. a building explosion caused a partial collapse at a business in beltsville. look at this picture. that was on old baltimore pike
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in beltsville. the branchville fire department said two vacuum pumps failed no one was in the building at the time. a prince george's county man is dead after stopping for gas. fire investigators say that man lit a cigarette yesterday afternoon. the flames may have sparked a gas vapor and set him on fire. a bystander did jump in and extinguish those flames but the man was so badly burned he died at the hospital. a holiday fishing trip turned deadly after a man drowned. salvatore santos was on a small boat and it started to take on water and capsized. a bystander pulled them out of the water and tried to perform cpr. santos died at the hospital. a couple missing for two weeks has been found. one of them dead. they were last seen leaving a casino in california on may the 10th, then they never showed up to a mother's day dinner.
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well, the couple was just found in a remote area of san diego county. the wife was alive, severely dehydrated. her husband's body was found nearby. the woman said they were looking for a short cut when they got lost and stranded. the two were diabetic. many are surprised that the woman was able to survive. the couple was married for 25 years. angie? >> thank you. the uva student whose arrest led to the police investigation wants the charges thrown out. martese johnson is facing public intoxication and obstruction of justice charges. his attorney says alcoholic beverage control officers did not have reasonable suspicion to arrest him on st. patrick's day. that's according to wtop. this is what caused virginia governor terry mcauliffe to order an investigation into the abc department. he's due in court later this week. in cleveland dozens of protesters could face charges today. police arrested 71 people in the city. they poured into the streets
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after a jury acquitted a white police officer in the killing of two killing. michael brelo cried when he learned he would not spend 22 years behind bars. >> i truly believe in his heart he felt he was protecting the community and himself. >> i have grandchildren, i have great grandchildren. i do not want to see them laying on the street dead. >> brelo killed them after a police chase two years ago. he shot them after they had been subdued and now the justice department is investigating the case. new protections for the gay and transgender communities in virginia are set to become law but that's likely to become true after larry hogan won't sign the bill. it gives same-sex couples equal access to fertility treatments. today president obama will
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honor memorial day at arlington national cemetery. he is laying a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier. you're looking at video from last year's ceremony. the president will also deliver a speech there today. and this afternoon, you can join people around the country in a moment of silence. a moment of remembrance. president obama has said the national moment of remembrance will be at 3:00 this afternoon. this morning at 11:00 he's asked american communities to unite in prayer. investigators say more than one person likely behind the murders of a northwest d.c. family and their housekeeper. why did detectives release four people taken into custody then with the main suspect? more devastation for nepal one month after the earthquake that killed thousands. what people there are now dealing with. and take a live look outside on this memorial day. a lot of people will be firing up the grill today, but how should you dress for the cookout? chuck bell is back with that in your next weather and traffic on the 1s.
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this morning, a landslide is blocking people from leaving villages and towns in nepal. it created a dam and lake one mile long. today marks one month since a deadly earthquake in nepal. nearly 8,700 people died and 16,800 are hurt. a 7.8 magnitude hit kathmandu causing aftershocks and triggering many landslides.
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on this memorial day, more than 200 wounded warriors are starting a bike ride to support their fellow veterans. the memorial challenge starts in just a few hours. veterans will ride through historic roads and battlefields more than 360 miles to virginia beach. they will start at 8:00 this morning. nine minutes after planning to spend time outside today, chuck bell has a look at what you can expect weatherwise. >> yeah, the skies are clear. off to a dry start this morning but what you'll notice is that it's nowhere near as cool to almost chilly as it's been the last couple of mornings. saturday morning we had a few spots in northern maryland in the 30's. yesterday morning quite a few spots in the 40s, but this morning, most places in the 50s. and most of the immediate metro area is 60 or better this morning. forecast around the metro area today, warm and breezy, filled with sunshine for the afternoon.
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high today 84 in gaithersburg. 86 in burke. and fairfax county. and if you're outside, doing a little grilling later on this afternoon, good grilling weather. sunshine, breezy and warm. temperatures about 87 degrees at 4:00 this afternoon. and 80 degrees at 8:00 tonight. sun's not down until 22 minutes after 8:00. so it's a fine evening to be outside with the grill. aaron and angie, as you know, when it comes to grilling you don't sell the steak, you sell the sizzle. >> that's right. >> and you sell the tease. thank you, chuck. appreciate it. ten minutes after 5:00. while you were sleeping there was an earthquake that rocked parts of japan. kristin wright is gathering details at the live desk and will bring us the details in a moment. and how to make football safer for high school players. preps are underway for the national memorial day parade
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here in the district this morning. they could impact your day even if you're not headed to the celebration. road closures you'll want to know about.
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you're watching "news4 today." >> 14 after the hour. and d.c. police say they're searching for whomever helped daron wint hold the savopoulos family and housekeeper captive. the four detained last week have been released from jail and police aren't saying who the four people are, only that they have not been charged in the murders. court documents reveal the crime required the presence and assistance of more than one person. investigators continue to collect evidence from the crime scene that's just a couple of blocks away from the vice president's residence. fish and wildlife officials are struggling to keep up with the animals injured during the oil spill. reports continue to pour in and officials say heavy holiday traffic and downed phone lines are contributing to care for the
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animals like the sea lion whose back fins are visibly oiled. beachgoers stayed with that pup for hours before they could get to it. crude oil leaked on to the beaches near santa barbara after the on shore pipeline broke last week. news4 your health the number of hospitals sending new mothers home with free samples of infant formula has dropped. 72% of the hospitals sent them home with formula, and it was down to 30% in 2013. women are least likely to breast-feed when given the samples. children with dyslexia may not be -- may be destined for sight problems. new research from the u.k. says more than 80% of children with dislexia had normal vision exams. the research could change
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treatments for those with dyslexia. in news4 for your health, a man is trying to change the game of how head injuries are managed. and we spoke exclusively with one of first students to file a lawsuit at the high school level over concussions. >> reporter: the last thing alex recalls about high school football practice was being hot and tired as he got into his defensive stance and waited for the snap. >> i was a little late coming up. it was a head on collision and after that i can't remember. >> reporter: he stayed in for a few more plays. and then collapsed. >> reporter: but you don't remember -- >> i don't remember that. >> reporter: they said you were airlifted off the field. >> i don't remember that either. >> reporter: what he does remember, waking up in the hospital with a severe concussion. he says some symptoms persist more than two years later. alex now 19 and in college is part of a class action lawsuit against the illinois high school
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association which governs high school sports. it charges the group with a systemic failure to manage concussions. which it calls a battle for the health and lives of high school football players. physicians say teens are vulnerable to concussions because their brains are still developing. >> a trauma to the brain can disrupt that very fragile, already fragile foundation that is just starting to be formed. >> reporter: a new study found that the concussion rate among high school players is 11% higher than for college players. at both levels, 58% of concussions are suffered in practice. the suit doesn't ask for money, it demands policy changes including preseason brain testing function and having medical personnel on call for practices. for its part the athletic group says its sports have never been safer. >> what we have done is provided concussion education course for over 27,000 coaches over the last year. what we have done is modified football practices, what we have done is is studied all the
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rules. >> reporter: the lawsuit said it would make football too expensive and that the rules should be made by school boards and not courts. alex said it's not his aim to hurt the game he loves. >> i want people to be safe. i know it's a violent sport. but you can take precautions. >> reporter: so that no one other player he says has to go through the same ordeal. john yang, nbc news, chicago. 5:18. it is memorial day in washington and here that means thousands will honor our fallen service members at the national memorial day parade downtown. news4's derrick ward is live along the national mall with a look at what we can expect today. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, aaron. well, the sun will be rising on some preparations for that. it's a contemplative day here the national memorial day
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parade. and you know this one in this incarnation is only going on since 2005. it's put on by the american veterans center. and it's billed as the nation's largest memorial day parade. this year, it will be special observances at the 70th anniversary of v.e. day. some grand marshals will be -- dozens of world war ii veterans representing the millions who served and the some 200,000 who died. actors gary sinese and joe mantegna will be taking part and the band smashing will be here and caleb johnson of "american idol" fame and of course miss america. this parade goes between 7th and 17th street. you're advised to take metro down. the trains will be -- they'll be spacing between the trains but free parking and off peak fares. some closures have gone into
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place, about 6:00 a.m. down along the mall here at constitution at 1:30 those street closures will be between 15th and 16th street. busy day here. contemplative day in the nation's capital. we are live along the parade route. derrick ward. back to you. >> you'll want to plan ahead if you take metro to the parade. it's on a sunday schedule today and that means the trains are running from 7:00 a.m. to midnight. parking at metro lots is free. you'll only pay off peak fare prices. plan on the sunday schedule for the metrobuses as well. all subscription trips are cancelled. also if you're planning to head out, you'll want to pack the spf. >> yeah. sun abounds in the day ahead for sure. 5:21 just about now on this monday morning. a live look outside as we start to see the first rays of sun this morning. not a lot of clouds out there. >> trying to reach for the sky. chuck, what's going on?
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>> reach away. it's a pretty tall reach for sure. temperatures this afternoon, i think you'll notice the real beginning of what should be a very summer like feel to the atmosphere as we get later on unto the week. we had that crisp, cool dry air in place. south winds today going to be increasing and that means increasing humidity and increasing temperatures as well. early this morning still waiting on sunrise. sun is up 10 minutes before 6:00 this morning. 60 at the inner harbor in baltimore. 67 at reagan national but 57 in manassas and bristow. 56 down to culpepper and warren town. and so your morning planner, quick rise in temperatures. once we get the sun up, temperatures will start to move up fairly quickly. everyone will be in the low to mid 60s and near 80 degrees by 11:00. that's when the wreath laying ceremony is at the national cemetery. and then as we get out into the afternoon hours, sunshine a bit breezy at times today. it will be good kite flying weather. if you have the day off and a
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hankering to be outside and enjoying the weather. neighborhood highs later on this afternoon, mid 80s across prince william county and loudoun, down to culpepper. perhaps near 90 down to the northern neck of fredericksburg. a little cooler along the western shore of the bay only because of the courtesy of the bay water. not much of a bay breeze effect later on this afternoon. there's not any chance for rain today. tomorrow rain chances starting to creep back up just a little bit. a low chance for a few showers in northern and western suburbs tomorrow. a medium chance out to the pan handle of west virginia and maryland. here's future weather, through the course of the day, sunshine a nice breeze outside today. the breeze will help off set the increasing temperatures in humidities for at least one more day. we'll stay mild overnight tonight and then into the day tomorrow, a dry start for most, but by tomorrow afternoon 3:00, 4:00 5:00 6:00 there's the rain chance getting painted in.
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rain chances for everybody including the i-95 corridor start to increase a bit more. as we get into the day on wednesday. from there on out, warm and humid and better rain chances for everybody. wednesday and especially into thursday. highs upper 80s to near 90 degrees for most of the coming week. keep in mind our average high now is only 78. so all of these days are about ten degrees or so warmer than average. warmest may since 1991. and with numbers this high through the rest of the month it looks like this may be one of mays on record. get and your fan. you need your biggest fan with you, guys. >> parasol. rescue crews are searching for eight people including two children who are missing in that dangerous flooding in texas. you're looking at some of the damage from severe storms that stretched across that state. recovery officials believe that heavy rain and high winds destroyed more than 400 houses.
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even more rain is on the way. a firefighter died in flooding in oklahoma. nbc's gae was working to save lives when he was swept away. >> reporter: these waters took the life of captain jason farley. just one month shy of his 20 years with the claremore fire department. >> it is hard to imagine jason as not here. >> reporter: it's the first time the chief's lost a man in the line of duty. captain farley was out on call last night, helping people evacuate from their flooded homes. >> he came out and helped us. you know i wish i could do the same for him. >> reporter: but the waters were too high. the current too strong. and farley didn't make it. this is the storm drain where captain fairly fell and got sucked in as he was trying to save people's lives. just a hundred feet away from
5:25 am
the drain his body was found two hours later. >> we found this manhole cover in front of my yard. pulled it up and that's where we found him. >> reporter: the people living here are trying to cope with the loss of this fireman's life. as they scrambled to get on their feet again after the flood. and at fire station 1, the kindness of the community has been felt all day. >> that's very nice to see. i mean, we hope that everybody knows that our first priority is for -- is for the community. >> reporter: captain farley and two others rode on this engine when they responded to the flooding. >> he had as much or more passion for this job as anybody on this department. i would say that was very, very accurate for jason. >> reporter: he died doing what he loves. always ready, proud to serve. >> we're not any more special than anyone else, but these are --
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this is our brother. and he's gone. just in, an earthquake rattled tokyo. a 5.6. that magnitude can cause considerable damage but so far no immediate reports of anyone hurt or any real damage. the quake hit during the afternoon. a lot of precautions were taken after the quake. a tsunami warning was issued. the subway system stopped running for a short time. and the airport closed its runways temporarily for inspection. japan by way is one of the world's most earthquake prone countries. some fans are now asking the nfl to free tom brady. the league suspended the patriots quarterback for four games following the deflategate scandal earlier this year. you can see fans are parking the parking lot outside gillette stadium to protest the decision. an investigation found he was at
5:27 am
least generally aware of underinflated footballs during the team's afc title game. well they say two things in life are guaranteed. one of them -- taxes. >> yeah right. unless you live in virginia. we'll tell you how you can catch a break coming up. and we also have an update on a missouri man accused of killing a woman he held captive for months. why he's now dead as well. shark scare in california. the sightings that have people staying out of the water. wow, what a beautiful shot. most places waking up in the upper 60s, but how warm will it get where you live? chuck bell is back with your neighborhood forecast. we'll be right back.
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looking at stories making headlines right now, an alexandria man in jail after leaving a suspicious device in a california. this is just before the memorial day concert began. the bomb squad detonated a pressure cooker inside the car. and d.c. police are searching for whoever helped daron wint hold the savopouloses
5:31 am
and their housekeeper captive before the murders. four people detained with him last week were released from jail and police aren't saying who the four people are. only that they haven't been charged in the murders. a building explosion caused a partial collapse at a business in beltsville. that was on old baltimore pike. the branchville volunteer fire department said two vacuum pumps failed there. no one in the building at the time. it's 5:31 on memorial day. i'm aaron gilchrist. i'm angie goff in for eun yang. pretty sunrise behind us and chuck said we'll be above average. >> is that what you said? >> she's been taking notes, a-plus for angie goff this morning. b-minus for aaron gilchrist. already starting to get that spike of sunrise. another 15 or 16 minutes before the sunrise.
5:32 am
temperatures are in the 60s for most of the areas. ther a couple of -- there are a couple of 50s on the map. but far fewer than in the last couple of days. it's a noticeable south to southwesterly breeze. and winds are gusting in the 15 mile per hour range. it will bring up the temperatures and bring up the humidity levels a bit as well. neighborhood highs a today, 87 in bethesda. and camp springs down towards brandy wine around 87 today. so perfect outdoor weather for your memorial day. humidity ahead and increasing rain chances ahead as well. i'll start talking about that in a couple more minutes. then for tomorrow back to work and school. plenty warm and plenty humid tomorrow. up near 90 degrees. investigators say speed was a factor in a motorcycle crash that killed a 7-year-old boy in prince george's county. the biker collided with a car
5:33 am
saturday on east west highway in hyattsville. it threw the rider off his bike. the crash killed alejandro santos and critically injure another child. the bike also hit a man who was standing with the children. he may not survive. a volunteer paramedic in northern virginia is waking up in jail. loudoun county sheriff's deputies arrested timothy ward on friday. he is accused of having inappropriate contact with a minor. ward is a lieutenant with the hamilton volunteer rescue squad. he's being held at the loudoun county adult detention center without bond. iraqi forces just showed no will to fight. they were not outnumbered. in fact, they vastly outnumbered the opposing force and yet they failed to fight. they withdrew from the site. >> harsh criticism for iraqi
5:34 am
forces. defense secretary ash carter blaming the iraqi security forces for the fall of isis. nbc's tracie potts live on capitol hill for who is calling for u.s. troops on the ground there. >> reporter: good morning. john mccain is one of them the senator and vietnam veteran said we won't win this with air power alone. we need special forces and others in there to identify where to strike the islamic state. but you just heard secretary of defense ash carter saying that boots on the ground isn't the answer. that the concern is that the iraqis essentially don't want to fight despite the training and equipment that we're giving them trying to encourage that. now, there have been some gains after the islamic state took over ramadi, but still what they have right now in iraq and syria is about the size of a small european country. >> tracie potts on the hill for us. thank you. one woman remains chained to the ship belonging to the shell oil company. she is protesting the company's
5:35 am
plan to search for oil. this is happening north of seattle. now, one protester who was chained to that ship left yesterday. the ship is part of a fleet that will help shell search for oil, but the protesters want that exploration stopped. they are concerned about oil spills in the arctic region and its effect on climate change. the navy is building a new submarine right now. the vessel now has a name. navy secretary ray mabus says the sub will be called the uss new jersey. it will be finished though -- it won't be finished though for another five years. colleagues reacting to the sudden death oh a math genius. john nash and his wife were killed on the new jersey turnpike. it inspired the oscar award winning movie "a beautiful mind." a fellow mathematician called it a blow to mathematics. >> think what he would have done had he lived another 30 years.
5:36 am
>> the nashs were returning from norway where mr. nash had received an award. john nash was 86 years old. his wife was 82. and this morning hollywood is mourning the loss of actress and comedienne anne meara. she was married to jerry stiller for 61 years. you see the two of them here. they performed as a comedy team in the '60 and appeared several times on the ed sullivan show. recently, meara had a recurring role on "the king of queens." anne meara died on saturday at the age of 85. i watched her on "king of queens", she was hilarious. >> a great dynamic on and off screen. and ambushed while sitting in his patrol car. this morning the hunt for the man who killed the police officer. and a deadly accident in new mexico.
5:37 am
kristin wright is looking into that tragic crash and will bring us the latest from the live desk. live look outside on this memorial day. pretty clear out there, but how long will that last? chuck's back with a look at our rain puerto rico's healthcare system is on life support... putting three and a half million puerto ricans at risk. it's an outrage. puerto ricans are us citizens and pay the same medicare taxes, but receive only half the federal healthcare funding as the other 50 states. the headlines tell the story.... "unfair treatment from washington"...
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"thousands without medications"... "it's a crisis that could imperil the whole economy." president obama must act now to protect care for three and a half million u.s. citizens. before it's too late...
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well you can is stock up on supplies for hurricane season
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and save some money in virginia. you won't have to pay taxes on batteries, bottled water and other supplies $60 or less. the same goes for generators price as at $1,000 or less. the tax free holiday runs through sunday. go to the washington app and we'll cover a list of supplies covered by the tax free holiday. no threatening weather on this memorial day. 5:41 just about right now. let's check in with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. >> yeah. beautiful sky outside. sunrise only a couple of minutes away. northeastern sky, with the high sun angles beautiful weather on tap for your memorial day. as we remember the fallen. plenty of sunshine. breezy at times already a noticeable south wind this morning. and definitely on the warm side. temperatures today going to be nearly ten degrees warmer than average. we're out the door in the upper 50s to low and mid 60s. if you're out for your morning run. plan on temperatures to climb up to near 80 degrees before
5:41 am
noontime. so the earlier you get running the sooner you'll be done. as we get into wednesday and thursday better chances for rain coming our way. here's your rain chances in the week. no chance for rain today. only a slight chance tomorrow, out in shenandoah valley and panhandle of west virginia. and no total washouts for really any day this week. so get to enjoy your summer weather a couple more days. seven day forecast coming up in ten minutes. >> all right, thank you, chuck. the time right
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you're watching "news4 >> a flag red, white and blue everyone recognizes that thing and that's world -- after world war ii everybody did. i feel proud to be an american. >> many people are visiting the world war ii memorial in the district. they're paying tribute to the greatest generation. this year marks the 70th
5:45 am
anniversary of the end of world war ii. people from across the country coming to visit the memorial. it has special meaning to them on this memorial day. >> a very fitting tribute to our world war ii veterans and of course we're losing many of those every day. so it's really time that we have this and bring them to see it and let they want experience the tribute to them. >> that memorial is lined with wreaths, photos and flags. each tells the story of some who fought some who died so that all can remember. this afternoon, the tenth annual national memorial day parade will bring thousands to the mall to recognize the fallen service members. our derrick ward has a preview for us this morning. good morning derrick. >> reporter: good morning again. well you know that world war ii theme will be pervasive here today. once this parade gets underway, here along constitution avenue.
5:46 am
now, you know this parade -- this incarnation of the parade has been going on since 2005. it's put on by the american veterans center and of course this is billed as the nation's largest. this year it will be special observances of the 70th anniversary of v.e. day. that is the day that the war ended in europe, world war ii and grand martialsshals will be representing. take a look at a map of the parade route. it will run between 7th and 17th street. some of the people here, luminaries will be gary sinese and joe mantegna. smashing pumpkins, the lead singer will be here and with caleb johnson of "american idol" fame. and miss america. some street closures are already in place. some of those along constitution we'll get underway
5:47 am
at 10:30. back to you. >> thanks for that preview. memorial day is synonymous with the barbecues and the unofficial kickoff to summer. but one veteran is making sure we remember the real meaning behind the holiday. the touching tribute to our fallen military members in five minutes. 5:47. today police in new orleans are working to find out who killed a police officer. the housing authority officer was sitting in his car around this time yesterday. then someone shot him. police say they have not identified any suspects in this case. a new justice department report says that contract between baltimore and the fraternal order of police is hurting efforts to hold officers accountable. that's according to "the baltimore sun." several contract provisions are troubling including allowing officers to have unsubstantiated complaints expunableled for three years. and allowing officers up to ten days before they speak to ors about incidents, quote, an acceptable and
5:48 am
unreasonable. the contract expires next year. a man accused of killing two people in missouri is dead. the sheriff in henry county says james horn jr., was shot and killed on saturday. he is accused of kidnapping his exgirl friend and keeping her locked in a wooden box for months. she escaped, however, investigators believe horn killed her teenage -- her and her teenage son on thursday. beach goers in southern california may be staying out of the water this memorial day. more than a dozen great white sharks have been spotted swimming and feeding just 50 feet from shore. now, these sharks are kids only five to seven feet long. >> just kids. >> yeah, because that matters. >> juveniles i think is what they call them. >> so far, they're not aggressive but officials posted warnings about the potential for danger. >> if i go out and i see a swarm i'm back on the beach. >> i'm going to stay out of the water. >> it's you size. jeffrey sized. >> yeah but with bigger teeth.
5:49 am
>> yeah. the sightings have some scientists excited here. this could be a sign that the once struggling great white population is growing in that area right now. so exciting for the scientists. i just love pools. >> exactly. well, they said they haven't been aggressive, but a shark's a shark. >> exactly. >> they're just kids. because kids never get hungry. >> juveniles i think is the appropriate name. >> i'm kidding. >> they're calling them. okay. >> well you wouldn't be swimming out there now. the ocean water temperature out at the beaches is barely above 60 degrees so you have to be tough to take that. if you're tough -- a shark likes tender meat. call me on labor day when the water is warmer and you don't have the tough people in the water there. it's a gorgeous looking start to your memorial day holiday. sunrise is just now starting to sneak up in our eastern sky.
5:50 am
can't see it on the city camera, but it's out there. i know it's there somewhere in our eastern sky. temperature 67 degrees right now at reagan national. there's a bit of a breeziness starting to take place out there. those winds will increase a bit. now that we have the sun up as well. 62 in the panhandle of west virginia. and 63 in winchester. 62 in dumfries and triangle. 66 in california and maryland. this is how much warmer we are now than at the same time yesterday. we're about 10 to 15 degrees warmer than now than at 6:00 a.m. yesterday morning. so a big change and you'll notice they added warmth -- that added warmth will continue on in the afternoon as well. mid to upper 70s by this afternoon. and satellite picture, a few clouds in the eastern sky. that's really just about it. no chances for rain around here today. rain chances are back out to the west and widespread at that.
5:51 am
high pressure will keep us dry and warm for today, but that push of warm southwesterly winds that big plume of moisture out to the west, that's going to inch its way to the eastern seaboard. our rain chances will increase tomorrow and wednesday and thursday. nothing to worry about, all your memorial day plans will go off without a weather interruption, at least. you can get the car washed. we're in a generally dry pattern. won't rain everywhere this week but the rain chances start to increase tomorrow out across the shenandoah valley and northern maryland. you can see a little bit of a better increase of chances for rain on wednesday. i think our best chance this week comes up on thursday. then a little bit of a drying trend on friday. back up into the low 90s by this coming weekend. plenty of humidity coming around. so plan on feeling like summertime and all those cool, spring mornings two days ago,
5:52 am
those are officially a thing of the past. >> thank you. new protections for the gay and transgender communities in maryland are set to become law july 1. that's likely to happen without governor hogan's signature. "the washington post" reports hogan won't challenge, but won't sign two new bills. one bill gives same-sex couples equal ark ses -- access to fertility treatments and the other allows transgenders to change their gender on their birth certificates. a neighborhood is in shock after what appears to be a tragic accident. a father and a teenager were killed. this is in albuquerque. the man took a few kids up a cherry picker for fun, but then a strong gust of wind pushed it over. it came crashing down. the dad was killed immediately. the 15-year-old died at the hospital. three children are seriously hurt. police right now are investigating to see if anyone
5:53 am
should be charged. the neighborhood dad used to take the kids up in the cherry picker all of the time. angie? >> thank you so much. now, on this memorial day, people from across the country paying tribute to our fallen military. >> veterans wrapped up a 2,000 tribute called carry the load. nbc's jack jacobs tells us who they're carrying. >> reporter: it's day meant to honor all those who made the ultimate sacrifice. >> i get asked all the time what am i thinking about on memorial day and it's not what everybody else thinks. parties are fine and getting together with friends are fine. but i think every day what i think of memorial day and that's all the people i left behind. >> i think our greatest fear when we're fighting is that no one will know if we fall. like we'll be forgotten. >> reporter: clint bruce's mission is to change all that. >> when i came home, after losing a lot of friends, i saw
5:54 am
the nation not remembering them well. on the one weekend they were supposed to and i wasn't okay with it. i started to walk on memorial day a few years ago. an older gentleman kind of walked up to me and he said who are you carrying? >> reporter: bruce a former navy s.e.a.l. launched carry the load to remind americans of the true meaning of memorial day. >> carry the load is a chance for people to ask and answer the question of who you're carrying. >> i'm carrying the load for my grand pa who served in the vietnam war. >> i'm carrying my wife. i served in the war. >> i'm carrying the load for my dad and uncle and my great uncle. >> reporter: the national relay began last month at west point. >> i'm carrying it for the forgotten men and women of this country. >> reporter: people of all ages walking miles at a time. >> i'm walking for my comrades in desert storm. >> i'm carrying 75 pounds to represent the night stalkers. >> i'm carrying it forward. >> reporter: even the water at
5:55 am
annapolis didn't stand in their way. dubbed memorial may, the nonstop relay spans some 2,000 miles passing through 200 cities and towns. and wrapped up in dallas more than 15,000 people participated. >> i'm carrying for first class davidson. >> it's an opportunity to reconcile the nation and an opportunity to walk alongside and say, hey, what you did mattered. >> reporter: carry the load reminds us of lincoln's sermon at gettysburg. it is for us the living to be dedicated to the fallen. jack jacobs west point, new york. makes an awesome point about the fact as we sort of celebrate the holiday and kids are off from school and people are going to you know parks and cookouts we have to remember this day wouldn't be possible -- most days wouldn't be possible without the military sacrifices. >> so important to have the
5:56 am
powerful visuals to remind us the citizens their efforts gave up the freedom which their sacrifices obviously can't let them enjoy. also it's great that they acknowledge law enforcement as well as first responders. because the founder of this organization says as a navy s.e.a.l. when he went overseas, he felt comfortable. he could go over there and fight for our country knowing that back home his family was taken care of. >> by police officers and firefighters. absolutely. in other news the uva student whose arrest led to a police investigation wants his charges thrown out. martese johnson is facing public intoxication and obstruction of justice charges. his attorney says alcoholic beverage control officers did not have reasonable suspicion to arrest him on st. patrick's day. that's according to our news partner wtop. this is video of his arrest. the video which caused virginia governor terry mcauliffe to order an investigation into the abc department. johnson is due in court later this week. in cleveland, dozens of
5:57 am
protesters could face charges today. police arrested 71 people in that city. those protesters poured into the streets after a jury acquitted a white police officer in the killing of two black people in 2012. you can see here michael brelo cried when he learned he would not have to spend a possible 22 years me hind bars. >> i truly believe in his heart he felt he was protecting the community and himself. >> i have grandchildren, i have great grandchildren. i do not want to see them laying on the street dead. >> now, brelo killed the two people after a police chase three years ago. prosecutors said he shot the victims after they had been subdued. the justice department is now investigating. a scare near the national mall. a man taken into custody after a suspicious device is found in an unattended vehicle near where
5:58 am
5:59 am
"news4 today" starts now. >> right now on "news4 today," alarming discovery. what we're learning about the device found inside an unattended car parked along the national mall. but first, you'll find pleasant conditions outside this morning as you step outside. a pretty sunrise there. however, things are warming up quickly as you head down to the
6:00 am
national mall for today's memorial day event. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell is here with your hour by hour forecast for the day ahead. >> good morning to both of you. good morning, everybody on your memorial day. sun came up at 5:48 this morning. already creeping up in the eastern sky. it will be a beautiful day to be outside today. and noticeably warmer than we have been. 54 now in frederick, maryland. in and around town temperatures are closer to the mid and upper 60s right now. south winds are already gusting between 15 and 25 miles per hour. those steady south to southwest winds will continue on through the remainder of your afternoon. hour by hour today, mid 60s at 7:00 a.m. low 80s by 1:00. warm and breezy, on the whole a pl


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