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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  May 26, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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now at 11:00, cartoon controversy coming to the dmv. metro responds to a proposed ad campaign involving the prophet muhammad. >> breaking news at one of the nation's biggest airports. fbi agents respond to a bomb threat on a plane.
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the possible connection to other threats across the country. >> severe weather spreads outside texas and one nfl star now apologizing for a tweeted about flood victims in houston. first up tonight, putting free speech to the test on metro. >> the group behind some controversial ad campaigns wants to plaster an image of the prophet muhammad on the side of metro buses and in train stations. >> news 4's jackie bensen spoke to that group's president and metro and is live with new reaction tonight. jackie? >> reporter: well jim, we spoke with metro riders tonight and asked them what they think about this. these poster-sized ads are a form of paid advertising. now the american freedom defense initiative wants to pay to have the winner of an event billed as
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a prophet muhammad caricature contest featured here. two men who link themselves to isis on social media opened fire and were in return killed by a security officer. >> there's nothing about this cartoon that incites violence. it is within the established american tradition of satire >> reporter: riders we spoke to mixed opinions about the idea. >> first amendment protects speech that we're ovened by and if we're going to protect speech we like we have to protect speech we're offended by. do we like it but as an american you don't have to accept the speech you don't like. >> a difficult call. technically you could argue either way so it's hard for me to really make a firm decision on it. >> reporter: in a statement a spokesman for metro said we are aware an ad has been submitted. it's going through the review process and it's not yet been approved for our system. this is the same group that did have an ad also seen as
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anti-muslim approved by metro back in 2012. back to you. >> jackie bensen thank you. first on 4, metro may have to abandon plans to buy hundreds of new rail cars because of financial constraints. news 4 transportation reporter learned metro could delay ordering more than 200 of the new 7,000 series metro cars. it means some older cars could stay in service longer. orders are already in for about 520 of the new rail cars but metro still needs approval from the federal transit agency to buy more. virginia governor terry mcauliffe's office says it expects fta approval in juppe. we expect to learn more at metro's board meeting on thursday. i'm chris lawrence at the with another threat against a passenger jet. this time it was a triple 7 coming into los angeles international airport tonight, but investigators did not find anything dangerous on board. now the fbi was called in and the plane was surrounded by local haz-mat teams and the bomb
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squad. the flight from taiwan landed safely at l.a.x. and parked at a remote end of the air field. the fbi says someone called in a threat and claimed there was some sort of chemical on board. airport officials brought in x-ray trucks and a few hours ago started letting the passengers off the plane. this incident comes one day after similar threats were called in across country, including this air france flight that landed in new york. someone claimed a chemical weapon was on board that flight and the u.s. military scrambled fighter jets toes court it to jfk. federal officials say monday's threats may have come from the same person and like tonight's did not turn out to be credible. >> chris lawrence thank you. new video tonight shows a small tornado ripping through the parking lot of an ohio shopping center. you can see the small twister move through a busy section of the town of beaver creek. that's right outside dayton. the tornado tossed nearly two dozen cars and forced a store to evacuate for a possible gas
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leak. two people had minor injuries. lots of trees came down here but no reports of any major structural dang. >> meanwhile, catastrophic flooding has ravaged communities across the state of texas tonight and the water keeps on rising. take a look from above. entire neighborhoods under water. 13 people are dead in the lone star state. 11 are still missing. jay gray is in one of the hardest hit areas between austin and san antonio. it was just too much water too fast. >> we had torrential rain in a very short period of time in the middle of the night. >> reporter: in parts of houston more than 10 inches of rain fell in just one hour turning roadways into canals and crippling the nation's fourth largest city. >> a pretty helpless feeling when the water started coming through the walls. >> reporter: but as severe as things are in houston the situation is even worse here texas
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town of wimberley where blanco river rose 12 to 14 feet in just 30 minutes, ultimately climbing more than 40 feet above its normal level. >> an historic tsunami of water that came down the blanco river very quickly in a very powerful way. >> reporter: the raw power of that water leaving debris for miles ripping away homes. >> it's the worst thing i've ever seen. >> reporter: and ripping apart families. >> i knew something was very very wrong. >> reporter: when the phone rang at 1:00 in the morning it was julie shields' younger sister lauren mccomb on the other end of the call. >> we're now floating down the river. call mom and dad. i love you. and pray. >> reporter: they were the last words she heard from laura who along with her two young children are now among the missing. jay gray nbc news wimberley, texas. >> an nfl quarterback is
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tweeting about an insensitive comments. sometimes he uses the #storm is coming and featured it today with the storm damage in houston and the phrase i warned you. the san francisco 49er later deleted that tweet and say i'm so sorry about my insensitive post earlier today, i didn't fully understand how many people are struggling in houston right now and i feel horrible. >> now that same system is spawning severe weather across the country is having an impact on our weather. doug what do you see for us tomorrow? >> that same storm system is a same pattern we're seeing across the eastern portion. nation. that's bringing them all the severe weather and then that's bringing us all of this very warm and humid weather. take a look at the current satellite and radar picture. one thing you notice back here towards dallas once again they are seeing it very heavy rain and flash flood warnings in effect and tornado warnings and severe thunderstorm warnings
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over the past few hours. they cannot catch a break for us. you can see all the moisture headed our way and that's why we've been so warm and humid over the last couple of days. today's high temperature 88 degrees and 90 in leesburg and we get there again tomorrow and we'll talk about our chances for storms coming up in just a few minutes. >> thank you, doug. she didn't know how to swim but somehow ended up in a community pool where she drowned. the 7-year-old girl was lovelily known as evie two bystanders pulled her out of the community pool on memorial day. tried to give the little girl cpr but could not revive her. her parents are devastated. >> love your kids. kiss them good night and tell them how much you love them. >> reporter: evie was with her friends at the time of the drowning but her parents say they still don't understand how she ended up in the water. in the past couple of days a 7-year-old and a 13-year-old
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almost drowned in pools in montgomery county and knowing how to swim isn't always enough to keep a child safe. right now on our facebook page we have a list of things you may not know about drowning. check it out and share it with your friends. a local police officer is accused tonight of helping his mom plan and carry out a deadly shooting. prince george's county officer richard conway is charged with murder and investigators tell us conway's mother carolyn conway shot hisson's ex-wife and the ex-wife's new husband outside a waldorf mcdonald's. conway and his ex-wife had an ongoing custody dispute and conway may have given his mother his service revolver to carry out the crime and then covered it up. hack verse stolen information from 100,000 people from the irs. tax returns and other information on file were stolen. it says hackers used an online service provided by the irs to
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gain access to the information. to do that they had to get around a security verification screen that requires a social security number birthdate and street address. the irs says the hack took place between february and mid may. a warning tonight for officers to be on many lookout. police have linked 19 burglaries and nearly half the homes hit are in the west fairfax area and another in a subdivision off ox road. most homes have long driveways and back up to wood areas and the losses are huge. more than $100,000 worth of jewelry and flatware was taken from one house. right now police don't have any kind of description of the possible burglars. >> tonight penn state has shut down a fraternity accused of using a secret facebook page to post nude pictures of female students. kappa delta roh is banned from the university for the next three years. members are accused of posting
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photos women who appear to be sleeping or passed out. no arrests have been made. investigators say they can't identify the suspects because their facebook accounts were wiped clean. next at 11:00, searching for answers in a series of fires at local playgrounds. plus new parking rules that could have you feeding the meter until midnight. and the $2,000 tip at one local restaurant that came with specific instructions. >> i'm here with your first traffic. 270 from montgomery village avenue to klopper road will
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there is a roadblock stalling walmart's walmart east of anacostia. an agreement signed years ago prohibits any pharmacy or grocery store from operating here across the street from the upcoming skyland town center which is set to be anchored by walmart. mayor bowser says that the gray administration failed to deal with it and she's confident it will be worked out. >> fire investigators are trying to figure out what caused another playground fire in columbia today this. fire happened at the huntington park playground on clark tower lane. nobody was hurt. the fire department said it was one of many recent playground fires. if you have any information about this they would like to hear from you. the police chief in laurel maryland busted a woman for suspected drunk driving this morning. chief richard mclaw of lib drove
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up to a crash in front of laurel elementary school and called in more officers and they arrested 36-year-old sherri turner. she was driving a car that hit a handicapped transport bus. nobody was hurt. >> well one way or another the cost of your commute to d.c. is about to go up perhaps way up. mayor bowser's budget proposal includes a sales tax hike and increase in parking lots and garages throughout d.c. but council chairman phil mendelssohn has another plan. his price would rays the price of parking tickets and change the hours on parking meters so in some neighborhoods you would be feeding the meter right about now until midnight. the council will pick one of those options in a budget vote tomorrow. shomari stone is now live with reaction to all of this. shomari? >> reporter: well jim, i'm sure you know that folks do not like this news. it is not the type of news they like to hear. they come out to neighborhoods like adams morgan behind me to go to businesses to go to
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restaurants, to meet friends at a bar, and they do not want to pay any money, more money for parking. >> it's not ideal obviously. >> reporter: bet blair drove to adams morgan with little xavier to have money with friends and doesn't want to pay more for parking. >> i feel like a part of my budget is just reserved for d.c. parking tickets. >> reporter: tomorrow they will vote on chairman phil mendelson's proposal to increase the cost of tarking tickets by $5 and extended parking meter hours until midnight in several areas. >> $5 increase to the parking tickets which haven't increased in years, perhaps decades, i don't think is a big deal. and it's certainly a lot easier than raising a tax. >> it seems hard to believe that near not already getting enough ticket revenue. >> reporter: not everyone disagrees with this increase. fiscal watchdogs say that the increase in parking is a good
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thing for the district's less fortunate. >> more money in the things that are important to d.c. residents, like affordable housing and homeless services and assistance to crime victims, that's all great news. >> reporter: to find out the full list of neighborhoods affected by this proposal logon to our website at i'm shomari stone, news 4. >> thanks so maniry. >> we've got the heat. we've got the humidity. when are we going to get the storms to go with it? >> it is july. >> that's what it feels like. >> exactly the way it feels out there. our average high temperature in the middle of july is 88 degrees. that's where we were during the day and that's where we'll be during the day tomorrow and we'll have storms to go with it. out there right now a very mild temperature of 79 degrees. look we're still talking about a heat index of 81 right now. that's because the dew points are high and, yeah we've got that humidity continuing so it's going to be a little bit of a muggy night. 72 right now winchester and 72
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leesburg and baltimore and everybody on mild side. that's where we're going to stay tonight and right on through early tomorrow. did have quite a bit. northern fauquier county and loudon county and that's all now gone. it's all dried up across that. you can see the showers here and watch it develop down to the south and here they come right across the area and then they are done out of here. more showers back to the west. that's with the frontal boundary connected to this area of low pressure. that was the system that brought all of the rain and all of the big problems down towards parts of texas that. rain today in through the southeast. they need the rain and then look what's happening towards texas again. numerous flash flood warnings once again. tornadoes down there possible and, again, severe thunderstorm warnings overnight tonight. this whole system. this whole weather pattern brings all this moisture up and around the area and for us it just continues to give us the very warm air with an isolated chance of a shower or thunderstorm and that's what we have tomorrow. tomorrow starting off on a warm note. we start to see the starms
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developing back along the blue ridge and around 4:00 5:00 hour here they come in and around the region through i-95. most of us again will stay dry and we'll see a couple come on through area. don't be surprise. may want to keep the umbrella handy and i doubt you'll need it in most locations, southeast and eastward maybe an isolated shower. thursday more of the same. start off with cloud cover an maybe even fog and during the afternoon an isolated shower or two right around the area and not too worried about thursday's chances for high storms. 81 d.c. and 11 fredericksburg. it's 89 but it will feel more like 92 93 with the humidity that will be out there and, again, the best chance of storms west of i-95 during the day tomorrow. thinking about getting out there doing a little exercising go early. beat the heat. 74 at 7:00 a.m. and 78 by 9:00 and up to that 89-degree temperature. as we move through the next couple of days we're talking about a low impact as far as weather is concerned tomorrow
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but you'll need to make sure you stay hydrated especially if you're working outdoors. 87 on thursday. friday's high of 86 still close to ten degrees above average. get to 88 on saturday. that another very warm and humid day. high temperatures well above average right on through sunday and that's when the next cold front moves through and that cole front could bring temperatures down below average on monday and into tuesday so a little bit of a hot streak here and then maybe cooler weather early next week. >> just enough rain to wash away the pollen. that's what we like. >> thanks doug. redskins get back to work in arc burn. plus
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>> in may we call this ota. the key word though is voluntary. voluntary and workouts and in the nfl that means mandatory workouts though. the redskins will definite lyly have first day of otas taking place at redskins park. getting ready for his second season with the skins, number one priority getting robert griffin iii and this offense going.
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>> we haven't been up to par the past couple of years. i haven't been up to par the past couple of rears to my standards. doesn't matter what anybody else thinks so let's get back to that having fun and playing football and winning football games and the whole city will enjoy it. >> all right. the redskins back at it tomorrow. a few notable players did miss practice. trent williams and desean jackson, williams missed his flight and jackson at the eastern conference finals in cleveland tonight. let's talk baseball. two of the game's young stars did not disapoip. bryce harper and chris brian put on a show. unfortunately, for the nats bad base running and bad decisions cost them against the cubs. nats fans a little concerned. bryce harper hasn't hit a home run since last week. out to the seventh, harp. >> a whole week. >> puts a swick on this thing,
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tosses his bat in disgust and doesn't think it's going out of the park and it's the windy city bryce. home run number 17 for you, cheer up. now tied for the major league lead. nats not the only one going yard. chris bryant showing off his power and sends this ball to the bleachers off aaron barrett and the cubs they tie this game late at two. in the bottom of the ninth now, still tied. jonathan herrera with one out and a man on takes this to second and desmond trying to go for the double play ball. his throw is way off and not a smart decision there by desmond herrera, a great base runner. 13th error of the season for him. turned out to be costly because the very next batter addison russell, that's a walkoff for the cubs. they beat the nationals. your final score 3-2. to baltimore. astros visiting the orioles. top of the eighth houston leads it 2-1. valbuena at the dish with the
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bases loaded and he gets ahold of this pitch. this one hits off the wall and two runners come in to score. that's a two-run single for valbuena. the astros one hostest teams in baseball. they beat the birds 4-1. over on the hardwood lebron james and the cavs trying to sweep the atlanta hawks. the king came to play. first quarter lebron coming up with the steal, and he would finish strong the other way. watch the replay. nice jam by lebron james there. later on second quarter, he's going one-on-three. not a good basketball play but if you're lebron james one-on-three is just fine. 29 points 9 rebounds and 7 assists. the cavs blow out atlanta hawks, 118-881. cleveland heads to their second nba finals in franchise history. the wizards would have given the cavs a much much better series. atlanta real banged up in this
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>> a regular customer left behind a tip of more than $2,000. workers at blue 44 in northwest d.c. say the very generous customer stopped by to pick up a few quarts of gumbo. when the bartender told him it was on the house, well he not only paid the $93 bill for the gumbo but also added a their 2,000 tip. there were also clear
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instructions the chef got 1,000, the bartender and owner got $500 each. don't you want to try some of that gumbo. >> must be some gumbo. you know it. >> or become a chef. >> good stuff. nice customer. >> that's our broadcast.
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