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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  May 28, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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right now we are on the scene of two breaking news stories, starting with a police chase and shooting. i'm barbara harrison with what led police through the district and parts of prince george's county. >> i'm aaron gilchrist with our other breaking story. a shooting on i-295, one person is dead another in the hospital. megan mcgrath liv megan, what do we know so far? >> aaron, you can see the scene behind me here. the black suv in the middle of the road riddled with bullets. no traffic is moving on inbound 295, all lanes are closed as police investigate. this happened at around 8:45. between 8:45 and 8:55 this morning so rush hour.
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295, of course, a very, very busy highway. there were lots of people around when this happened. now, what police believe occurred here is that this suv was traveling in virginia there is another vehicle following the suv. they then believe that they came into the district on 295 and right around 8:45 that's when someone in the other vehicle opened fire on the suv. there were two men inside one of those men was killed he is still inside the vehicle here on the scene. the other person was transported to the hospital with bullet wounds. now, there were a lot of people in the area obviously, because of the hour the middle of rush hour. lots of people we got lots of 911 calls. the problem is they didn't get a lot of detailed information about the other vehicle involved how many other suspect there is may be and they want people who were in the area and saw something, police want you to give them a call and provide them with those details. >> obviously this is rush hour
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traffic. there was a lot of cars out here people had to see something. i think a lot of times when callers call in they give us basic information, we want some more. so if you did call in this morning, we'd like you to call back. 202-729-9099 so i can connect you directly with a detective. >> reporter: obviously there was a lot of activity when the shooting occurred so many witness accounts probably come from the inbound side of 295 or even the other side as people looked across. they don't want to just call upon people in the district on 295. people may have seen something in virginia as well because that's when they believe the whole encounter between the two vehicles started. so if you saw something strange, if you saw a black suv with virginia tags maybe that car was driving in a strange way or if you saw another car near a black suv and that driver was driving erratically, if you think it was strange, police want to hear from you so they can find the people responsible.
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aaron, back to you. >> megan, thank you. now to the other breaking story we mentioned at the top of the hour. what we know about this police chase. police chief told us that officers investigating several street robberies in the seventh police district started pursuing a car. during this pursuit, the car crashed and some of the suspects tried to run from the scene there. the driver of the car also tried to take off in that crashed vehicle. the vehicle almost hit one of the officers and shots were fired by police nobody was hit. the chase continued into prince george's county. it finally ended at 25th and pall her road in suitland. several people have been arrested from chief lanier but at least one person was able to get away. we're also looking to learn the name of a woman who died in southeast d.c. this morning. police say someone shot near t woman near the intersection of alabama avenue and good hope road. that woman, two men, and a boy were shot in four separate
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incidents in southeast. the shootings happened in the space of about two hours. we don't know whether any of them or all of them are connected at this point. more breaking news now. two women charged in connection with the murder of a lawyer inside of a d.c. hotel pleaded guilty. the murder happened at the donovan in northwest in february. jamira galman is charge with second degree murder. dominique johnson is charged with conspiracy to commit murder. they both entered guilty pleas a short time ago. david messerschmidt was found stabbed to death. he was robbed of $40 and his metro card. prosecutors say the suspects communicated with him on craigslist. new today, crews are starting to make temporary security improvements to the white house fence. right now contractors are out there taking measurements for a new anti-climb fence they're calling it. the fence will have metal spikes on the top to discourage people from trying to hop over on to the white house lawn.
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this of course comes after several recent jumpers, including one who made it inside the white house. workers will start installing those metal spikes in july. right now the washington monument is closed. there is an electrical problem with the elevator. no visitors are inside the monument or in the elevator. repair crews are there right now. the national park service says the monument will open as soon as possible and we'll let you know when. aaron? cdc officials say there is no risk to the public after live anthrax samples were shipped to labs across the country, however they are concerned this morning for lab workers who may have handled live spores. the u.s. military accidentally shipped the samples to labs in maryland and virginia instead of sending inactive samples it shipped at least some active samples to as many as nine state 's have ya fedex. the pentagon confirmed yesterday live spores were found in one shipment and they suspect the other shipments had live spores as well. the cdc has ordered all anthrax
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shipments be locked down until they can be collected for further testing. nbc's jim miklaszewski will join us later with more. m.d.'s state attorney general is about to announce indictmented in an alleged pill mill operation. investigators say a group claiming to operate pain clinics in maryland and d.c. was illegally prescribing medication. the indictments charge 16 people with drug conspiracy and other charges. the clinics operated in greenville okay son hill and elk ridge, maryland as well as the district. emile y'all? storm team 4 radar is dry right now but with the heat and humidity some scattered showers and thunderstorms are possible. the biggest concern today would be heavy rains, severe weather not in the forecast a low threat of hail or high winds but we could have some of those slow-moving summer like soakers later today walking you through the afternoon with future weather, once we hit 2:00 we track those scattered showers
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across the area. notice the brighter colors here on future weather, the yellows and oranges. that indicates heavier rain around 5:00 and 7:00 p.m. that could slow the evening commute. a look at temperatures in about 10 minutes. right now, george pataki is officially entering the race for president. the former governor of new york is just about to make the announcement in new hampshire, a crucial primary state. this is a live picture now of the event in exeter. he just walked up to the podium. the republican was governor from 1995 to 2006. he served three terms. his last beginning right after 9/11. pataki who is 69 has worked as an attorney since leaving public office. earlier this morning, he announced his bid in a video posted to his web site and on youtube. >> the question is no longer about what our government should do but what we should do about our government about our divided union, about our uncertain future. in the video, pataki also
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says his leadership after september 11 helped unite the country. today's announcements don't exactly come as a surprise. the former governor has visited new hampshire several times recently. he has not done well in the polls. and we are continuing to follow breaking news. 295 is closed between the naval research lab and south capital street. the reason -- two people shot on 295, one person is dead. we'll keep you updated throughout the newscast and on the nbc washington app. also still ahead, lost tests. what's being done as more than 100 s.a.t. tests taken in ash burn are missing. and if you had a cup of coffee this morning before 9:00 a.m. why it may have been a
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here's a look at the big stories online today. a lot of people sharing distressing images coming from a
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heat wave in india. you take a look and you can see the streets in some cases are so hot this that the streets are melting. more than 1400 people have died of heat stroke and dehydration in the last month. the temperatures now about 117 degrees there. a scary story out of vermont where a black widow spider bit a come. according to our affiliate, the woman discovered the spider in a bag of grapes. it bit her, medics took her to the hospital. the grocery store where she bought the grapes says it's inspecting all of its produce. i want to check in now with news 4 social media editor brittany johnson. >> so the scripps national spelling bee is taking place at the gaylord and we thought it would be fun if-to-see if you could spell the word that that these kids have spelled in order to make it to the finalist round. it's not easy. just head over to our app, type in the word "spelling bee" and good luck. see if you can get them right.
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we're working to find out if it was a student or teacher diagnosed with tubes at a montgomery county school. students at rockville high school are being tested for tuberculosis. one person tested positive. that person isn't at the school anymore. anyone who was in class or took part in afterschool activities dating back to february can get a free blood test and if necessary a chest x-ray as well. in loudon county more than 100 students are preparing to retake the s.a.t. the college board said it didn't receive one of the county's shipments of exams. if the shipment is not found, students who took the test this month will have to take it again. one student told us she thinks the error could affect her score. >> hours and hours leading up to the test then you just kind of have to take a break for a month, like all of that
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information that you were given, you're not going to retain all of it. >> caroline's mom today us she spent more than a thousand dollars on test prep for her daughter. the makeup s.a.t. is scheduled for june 20. right now, temperatures are in the 80s across the area most of us in the low 80s. washington at 83 frederick at 84. heading into the afternoon hours, not only is it humid but hot as well highs today in the upper 80s to 90 degrees. so here's your hour-by-hour forecast for the afternoon with temperatures 3:00 we we hit our high of 89 90 degrees. 5:00 p.m. we're at 88. 7:00 temperature of 84. hot and humid into the weekend. i'm going to have more on your forecast for tomorrow. more potential for showers and thunderstorms coming up in about ten minutes, aaron. >> thank you, amelia. do you head to the coffee pot the second you wake up in the morning? you may be getting your caffeine fix at the wrong time of day
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according to a new video. a hormone called cortisol which is naturally produced in our bodies reduces the effects of caffeine so avoid drinking coffee when your cortisol levels are spiking. >> scientists found cortisol levels increase about 50% right after you wake up regardless of the time. science says wait at least an hour to get your cup of joe and your body will be optimally ready to go. >> there you go. scientists also found other times during the day when cortisol levels spike. that's between 8:00 and 9:00 a.m. from noon to 1:00 p.m. and between 5:30 and 6:30 p.m. so i avoid those times to get your maximum coffee buzz. if you work irregular hours, you kind of maybe can adjust those numbers. >> do you drink coffee for the buzz? >> it gives me a kick in the morning but i'm about two hours into my day before i have my first cup. >> i drink it because it's warm and it tastes good. maybe it's an acquired taste.
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i didn't used to like it. anyway we both drink it. after the break, the fight o
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you know we have to find the money somewhere so i'm saying find $65 million, that will move us up to the top 15. prince george's county executive rashern baker is asking for millions in new school funding. he wants a property tax increase in order to make that happen. this is pitting parents against property owners though.
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news 4's molette green is live in buoy with a look at this contentious vote that will happen today. hey, mow. >> reporter: barbara, good morning. you know parents fight to move to this particular neighborhood just so they can send their kids to this school considered one of the best in the county and in the state. that's how serious this school issue is and in the runup to this vote those for and against are standing their ground. parents want to send their children to better schools where class sizes are smaller, teachers are well-trained and earn competitive salaries. this mom of two says she is willing to pay more in property taxes to get all that. >> i feel that i think the pay raise for them would be even better so then they can have more resources. >> reporter: prince george's leaders face intention pressure to improve schools, but a property tax hike to fund reforms doesn't sit well with many who say the area is still too fragile after a foreclosure
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nightmare that isn't over for far too many. >> i'm not too happy about the proposed increase. i'm a retired citizen so i need all the help i can get. >> reporter: the backlash has forced county executive rashern baker to compromise and scale down his original request of more than 15%. from $133 million down to $65 million for schools and it's possible some count key council members might now vote for a smaller increase around 5%. >> that's even better. but, again, i don't oppose it. >> reporter: tax hikes and fixing schools, two of the most difficult and emotional issues that all come down to today's county council vote. >> however, i'm sure there's other ways that we can get more funding. >> reporter: and take note for all of you planning to come to the vote it has now been rescheduled for 1:00 this
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afternoon. that's a change from 11:00 this morning. and we'll have the results for you later today on news 4. prierg reporting live from from buoy i'm molette green, back to you. chicago mayor rahm emanuel is trying to distance the city police department from a disturbing photo published earlier this week. the chicago "sun-times" published this photo which shows two former officers posed over an african-american drug suspect. the man has deer antlers on his head and is made to look like hunter's bounty. a judge refused to seal the photo which was taken more than a decade ago. emanuel issued a statement saying it does not represent the values of the city or the police department. one of the officers is serving a prison sentence for robbery right now. the other officer was fired last year when that photo was uncovered. the baltimore police officers charged in the death of freddie gray are asking a judge to move their case out of baltimore. attorneys for those six told a
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judge it will be impossible to select an impartial jury and receive a fair trial there. the officers face charges ranging from assault to second degree depraved heart murder. if the judge denies the change of venue motion, the officers can opt to proceed with a jury trial or select a bench trial and that's when a verdict is determined by the judge. >> the death toll in texas and oklahoma from a barrage of storms and flooding is rising this morning. 23 people now confirmed dead nine are still missing in central texas. hundreds of people are being asked to leave their homes this morning as floodwaters continue to rise. right now, many rivers are swollen and expected to flood today. more storms are on the way today and rain is expected to fall throughout the weekend. amelia is with us now from the weather center to talk about our forecast. amelia, what are you seeing? >> aaron, this afternoon tracking showers and thunderstorms. it's that kind of summer like weather pattern where not everybody is going to get rain but if you do it could be heavy
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and slow moving so have the umbrella handy. it's nothing i would cancel out door plans over but you need to have a plan "b." maybe if you're drillgrilling tonight you need to be prepared. or download the teamstorm team 4 weather app. a storm or two is possible otherwise temperatures in the mid- 6:00 p.m. low 80s by 8:00 p.m. for tomorrow weather at the bus stop looking good. mild again, recess nice. by dismissal, though once again some storms are possible. i'll have more on the weekend and when we turn significantly cooler coming up barbara. >> thanks amelia. world leaders are jumping into the fray over massive corruption charges in world cup soccer. russian president vladimir putin says the u.s. is meddling and wants to steel his country's 2018 world cup. british prime minister david cameron says fifa president sepp bladder should step down. bladder convened an emergency meeting to discuss the scandal. bladder avoiding the press for a second day. fifa's six regional associations
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appear split on whether the reelection vote for bladder should actually go forward. after the break, the new words being added to the ome
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digital words are brand new additions to the dictionary. merriam webster added 1700 new words to its unabridged online dictionary. among them "dark money." that refers to political donations that come from anonymous sources. "emoji" those smileys you use in text and instant messages. and "sriracha" the popular hot pepper sauce. if you want to learn the other words, check out our story on the nbc washington app. >> sharp to the left it's carrying it's carrying. see you later. >> there you go bryce harper just on fire right now. he now has 18 home run. that ties him with nelson crews
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on the mariners for the most in baseball. it makes harper a prime candidate for the all-star game. in fact harper is leading all national league players in votes right now. he has more than one million votes. you can cast your ballot too, on the mlb web site. voting is open from right now until july 2. looking at the way he's playing, i would say it's a safe bet. >> it's easy to catch nats fever. >> it's nice when they're doing well. >> very nice. after the break, new information on a
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tracy morgan and walmart say they settled a lawsuit over a deadly crash. a walmart tractor-trailer crashed into morgan's limo last june. the crash comedian's friend james mcnair. walmart and morgan won't say how
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much they settled for but both sides issued a statement saying they thought settlement was fair. a deputy ran into a burning house to rescue a man inside. everything inside and out is completely scorched. the woman grabbed her three-year-old daughter and thought her husband was right behind her, he was not. that's when deputy vernon warker showed up and saved his life. >> there's never a thought about not going in. just kicked the door in and get him out. >> not many people would just jump into a burning house not knowing if they're coming back out to save somebody they barely know. >> leon gothrup suffered serious burns but is expected to recover. you can find a link to the go fund me page on they'll have a lot of rebuilding to do. you can search waldorf fire. teens can often be a danger to themselves behind the wheel, but a new study says they're a
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greater danger to everyone else. aaa looked at research from 2013. the study says nearly 3,000 people were killed in crashes involving teens, but two-thirds of the time the person who died was not the teen. experts say young drivers have always lacked experience but now you can addis tracted driving from smart phones as a major risk factor. a new face in the race for president and the candidates taking aim at the democratic candidate hillary clinton: we also have an update on breaking news. shots fired into an suv on 295. one person is dead. police remain on the scene. when 295 will reopen. stay with us.
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we want to go back to the breaking news in southwest d.c. one person dead another injured after an suv is riddled with bullets on i-95 right around rush hour this morning. news 4's megan mcgrath is there trying to learn more about what happened. megan, what can you tell us now? >> barbara, the police have moved their cruisers around a little bit. but if you look at the cluster of police cruisers right there, the suv involved in this is just on the other side of that one nearest to us and it's riddled with bullets. there's one victim a man dead inside. the other person shot in this was taken to an area hospital. no word on their condition, on that person's condition. this all began to happen here on
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the inbound side of 295, right during rush hour. right around 8:45 anywhere from 8:45 to 8:55. police believe though that it actually happened -- began in virginia. they believe another vehicle was following this black suv, that they were in virginia they then went on to 295 and into the district right around 8:45 that's when somebody in the other vehicle opened fire right here in the middle of the highway. two people inside we're told both adult males. police got a lot of 911 calls when this happened as you would imagine. it was rush hour this is a very busy highway. lots of p that they didn't get a lot of detail from those callers. they called in to say that there was a shooting to kind of give a brief description of what happened but they didn't give a lot of detail. for example, police do not have a description of the car. we don't have the color, we don't the make of that car, we don't have any idea how many people may have been inside that car whether it was a sedan or an
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suv. those are the kind of details that police need so they can track down the people involved in this shooting. so what they want here is for people who were in the area those original 911 callers, even people who did not pick up the phone and call 911 but saw something strange happening in the area they want to hear from you. something could have started to unfold in virginia just call into police. back to you in the stud yoechlt aaron? >> the u.s. military accidentally shipped live anthrax samples to as many as nine states including maryland and virginia. nbc's pentagon correspondent jim miklaszewski has the latest on this glaring mistake. >> reporter: the centers for disease control has fanned out for-to-military and civilian labs across the us to determine if they've received live anthrax from the military. the cdc is also at the army's dougway proving ground in utah which somehow shipped live anthrax instead of inactive bacteria to as many as 20 labs
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in nine states and as far away as a u.s. military base in south korea. >> there's no known risk to the general public and no personnel have shown any signs of possible exposure. >> the potentially deadly brew came from a batch of anthrax produced at dougway more than a year ago. at the time it was radiated to kill any active spores. but only last week a civilian lab in maryland discovered it received live anthrax. since all samples came from the same stock, odds are high other labs also received the deadly bacteria. while exposure to anthrax can be fatal, everyone in that delivery chain will be under intense medical scrutiny. >> the symptoms can manifest themselves in 12 to 14 hours and there will be time to give them preventative antibiotics or if the simples occur to treat the infection.
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rigorously. >> reporter: there is concern, however, how the anthrax was handled when it was believed to be inactive. it was shipped commercially in protective packaging as inactive but defense officials say live anthrax would have required even more secure packaging and warning labels. lab workers would have been required to wear full protective suits to guard against any possible exposure. >> that was jim miklaszewski reported. we're at 84 degrees here and amelia segal is keeping an eye on your weather. amelia? most spots in the low to mid-80s. washington at 83 kind of the hazy sunshine out there, a high today near or around 90. scattered afternoon showers and thunderstorms, maybe a slow-moving downpour or two in the forecast later today. have the umbrella handy. be prepared for a little rain but know you might not get it. pretty much a repeat performance for tomorrow with the high of 87. chance of a late day shower or thunderstorm on saturday
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especially those of you west of washington. most of saturday is looking dry. not necessarily the case on sunday. rain is likely late we are strong to severe thunderstorms also possible, after that, noticeably cooler. moments ago, former new york governor george pataki officially announced his bid for president. he is no the politically all-important state of new hampshire. he just finished speaking. take a listen. >> it is to preserve and protect that freedom for future generations that i speak. it is to preserve and protect that freedom that this morning i announce i am a candidate for the republican nomination for president of the united states. [ cheers and applause ] >> pataki released a video announcing his bid. he was governor of new york from '95 to 2006 aaron? as the field of presidential candidates gets more and more crowded, one thing is clear, hillary clinton will be a target. nbc's tracie potts has more now on everyone aiming at the
11:37 am
democratic front-runner. >> reporter: aaron, this does seem to be very focused on hillary clinton no matter which side you're on. take south carolina for instance which, by the way, she lost in 2008. she's campaigning down there pretty hard. and guess who shows up outside her campaign event yesterday? carly fiorina, questioning whether or not we can trust hillary clinton. here's what she said. >> how can we trust mrs. clinton? >> reporter: so benghazi and e-mails and foreign money is what we'll hear over and over as democrats and republicans try to get a one up on hillary clinton. meantime, the field is getting bigger. rick santorum is throwing his hat in the ring again on the republican side. he declared. bernie sanders earlier this week and there may be more in the next few days. after the break, a hard-to-watch attempt to break a world
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you have to see this video
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that's buzzing around the internet today. a guy wore a suit of bees in order to set a world record. more than a million bees crawling all over this guy. apparently all together the bees weighed hundreds of pounds. he was apparently stung more than 2,000 times. >> i'm door burger! >> okay yeah. soon you can see that strange youtube series on hbo. it's called the gore burger show. it's all about an alien that eats the staff of a japanese talk show and takes over and interviews celebrities. for hollywood reporter says hbo ordered a pilot of the show. we'll have to see if it makes it to tv. we have to show you this special thing nba star steph curry did. he brought his daughter riley in for one of his press conferences after the team clinched the spot in the finals last night. you see some of the vine videos here. she sort of played hide-and-seek behind one of the curtains there. she kind of got up and took over
11:40 am
the press conference. she sang a little bit and was just all around adorable. a lot of people are saying on line right now. riley is a star in
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if you live in northern virginia be on the lookout for black bears. there were two sightings near langley ridge road and potomac river road early yesterday morning. animal control officers say they are -- there are some things that you can do to keep bears out of your yard like putting your trash out only the morning of pick up store trash cans otherwise inside a garage or someplace where the bears can't get to them or smell the food. remove bird feeders and don't leave pet food in amelia? scattered afternoon showers and thunderstorms, severe weather not in the forecast as we look toward the weekend on
11:42 am
sunday this could be severe weather around. after that next week is cool high temperatures in the low to mid-70s. here's a closer look at your weekend. on saturday a high near 90, the chance of widely scattered showers and thunderstorms later in the day, especially for those of you west of washington. highs in the mid-80s, it's still muggy. the chance of a shower sunday morning and then rain and thunderstorms are likely later in the day on sunday. >> thank you, amelia. did you notice some pictures from the top of the new world trade center popping up in your facebook or instagram feeds? anyone can get a free preview today of the new observatory at the top of one world trade center. these are breathtaking views on the 100th 101st and 102nd floors of the building. in addition to the view look at this. there are screens called city pulse that show you what's happening at any given time in neighborhoods around new york city. that observatory officially opens tomorrow. if you want to go in the future it will be crowded you can bet.
11:43 am
more than three million people expected to visit every year. after the break, a pilot accused of drinking and flying. stick around. ♪ ♪ ♪
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just in refraction the attorneys after two women
11:46 am
charged in connection with that murder of a lawyer inside of a d.c. hotel pleaded guilty. the murder happened at the donovan in northwest in february. jamira gallman is charge with second degree murder. dominique johnson is charged with conspiracy to commit robbery. here's johnson's lawyer and the -- and then the assistant u.s. attorney. listen. >> it's a tragedy. it's the kind of crime that made no sense and it should have never happened and my client feels tremendous sympathy for the victim and the victim's family. >> i hope that justice will continue to be served in this case for all the families involved but of course but particularly the victim's family because unfortunately no matter what the family can't get him back. >> david messerschmidt was robbed of $40 and his metro card. prosecutors say they began communicating with misserschmidt on craigslist. the race is on to find
11:47 am
survivors in the texas flooding. rising floodwaters are still a major concern as more rain is moving in. nbc's jay gray joins us from one of the hardest hit areas in central texas. >> reporter: good afternoon. i want to give you an idea of what's going on. you can see a row of trees that's been demolished by the floodwaters here. part of what is miles of debris up the banks a little bit. places where the water has never been here before. you can see the homes built way up on the hill here, never thought they'd see flooding but look at the devastation left behind here. this is the kind of debris that's so teams are going through trying to find those missing. we the toexexpect to hear from the families of the missing later today. a very important day according to rescue teams as they try to find the rest of those missing after the flood.
11:48 am
that's the latest from wimberley, texas, i'm jay gray nbc news. and meanwhile, president obama is at the national hurricane center in miami getting a briefing on the upcoming hur season the obama administration says climate change will make the storms more damaging. noaa predicted six to even storm this is season. it's hot and humid in the washington area. amelia are we expecting storms around here later snowed. >> scattered storms are in the forecast later today. temperatures in the low to mid-80s. storm team 4 radar still quiet, but as we continue into the afternoon the heat and humidity of the day should help to bubble thunderstorms up and some showers as well high temperatures near around 90. very similar weather for tomorrow.
11:49 am
saturday as well. saturday mainly if not entirely dry. not the case on sunday. showers are possible during the morning, likely for the afternoon, heavy rain and maybe strong to severe storms in the forecast on sunday. >> hold your position i didn't tell you to move. return to your hangar and call the tower. >> where are you going, sir? >> twin cessna 32 mic, kill your engines. you just heard air traffic controllers in florida trying to persuade a pilot carrying his young son to switch off his engine. that pilot now facing charges accused of crashing his plane while drunk. police say the pilot was trying to take off when he hit an antenna tower in florida yesterday evening. police say the pilot was under the influence of alcohol. he's being charged with reckless operation of an aircraft and neglect of a child. he will appear in court later today. >> this week's wednesday's child is actually a trio of three young brothers. unfortunately, they've been separated in two different
11:50 am
foster homes and they are longing to be together again. in an adoptive home that will take care of all three together. they got the chance to spend the day all together when we made a special trip to the national zoo for a rare up close visit with an elephant family with curator tony barthel as our guide have you been to the zoo before? >> yeah. >> they'd been to the zoo but probably didn't have a special closeup adventure like the one waiting for them today with the curator of the national zoo's community senter. >> this is shaquille, this is shakur and this is shahid: the boys are a year apart in age, ten, nine and eight. >> i want to show you something cool in the back area. >> most guests don't go behind the locked doors and inside the "do not enter" area. and most don't get a personal up close welcome from an elephant. the boys were impressed. shaquille at 10 is the oldest of the three. what grade are you?
11:51 am
>> fourth. >> do you like school? uh-huh. >> what do you like most about school? >> math and social studies. >> in fact shaquille is a very good student and wants to be an engineer designing planes someday. shakur is just a year younger, a good student as well but has a different future plan. >> i want to be a comedian when i grow up. >> how did you decide that? >> because kevin hart inspired me. >> the youngest shahid who is eight, doesn't have a career plan yet but he likes a lot of things about school. what's your favorite thing to do at school? >> math recess lunch, pe. >> they're really smart kids. they do really well. they don't have any academic or behavioral issues in school and enjoy going to school. >> i'm looking for a family that will accept all of them and really harness their creativity and all their strengths and just be a supportive family for them. >> here you go. >> tony had gifts for the boys
11:52 am
to remember their day up close with an elephant. >> check it out! look what i got! >> something they will never forget. and hopefully soon something to tell their new family about. if you have room in your home and your heart for shaquille, shakur and shahid or another child who's waiting, please call our special adoption hotline. the number is 1-88-to-adopt-me. or you can search wednesday's child on and we're back in 60 seconds with the text message that will turn off your iphone.
11:53 am
"house of cards" fans here is your chance to join frank underwood and his slimy political misdeeds. there's a casting call for season four of the netflix series. they're looking for certain types of people here. an average joe type a guy who would look good in a tuxedo ritzy as it says on the screen. they're also looking for an art gallery type.
11:54 am
marinella hume casting wants you to show up ready. that includes hair makeup, the whole nine yards and be prepared to have your photo taken, too. casting starts at 10:00 a.m. at the pip moyer recreation center in annapolis. >> this next story seems like a trick but it's happening. a newly discovered glitch in apple's latest software can cause iphones to mysteriously shut down when they receive a specific text message. if you do get that message, your phone automatically shuts off then reboots. apple says it's working on a permanent fix. until then you can prevent the problem by going to your phone's settings and turn off your notifications. a chance of rain and storms nearly
11:55 am
hot and humid today with some scattered afternoon and evening thunderstorms in the forecast. here's future weather at 2:00. notice this activity. not everybody has rain today but some rain could be heavy because the atmosphere has so much
11:56 am
moisture in it. the mugginess. and the mugginess sticks around through tomorrow as well. you can see it future weather tomorrow. stopping at 9:00 a.m., a dry start but as we get into the afternoon and evening hours once again scattered showers and thunderstorms are possible. of course doug will be in this afternoon updating the forecast. right now temperatures are in the 80s. washington up to 85 degrees, storm team 4 radar remains quiet. you have outdoor plans download the storm team 4 weather app. you can have that on your phone. a high tomorrow of 87. saturday looking mainly dry. rain likely on sunday. after that cool loy to mid-70s next monday through wednesday. >> that sounds good. >> can't wait for next week to get here. that's news 4 midday today. we have news between 4:00 and 7:00 and again at 11:00 p.m. i'm back tomorrow at 4:26 for news 4 today. >> and i'll be back at 11:00 a.m. >> i'll be here. >> great. see you tomo .
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12:00 pm
>> brady: theresa told you that she was thinking about moving to california? with tate? >> theresa: the only way i'm going to stay here in salem and raise my beautiful little boy alongside brady would be if... >> melanie: if i weren't here? >> theresa: oh. so you do see? >> melanie: yeah. she was pretty clear about that. you might want to sit down because there's something else you should know. >> kimberly: are you seriously considering coming back to california? >> theresa: well, i've decided to keep an open mind. but listen, do you really think dad can straighten things out with the probation judge, 'cause i don't want to have to wait. >> kimberly: oh, i forgot--i talked to him in the car. it's practically a done deal. you and tate can come home if it's what you want.


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