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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  May 28, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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police say milton was in the wrong place at the wrong time and they believe people in that area have information about this shooting. and they want those people to come forward. >> sharniece is just a wonderful human being that was doing last night what she did every day. she was combined a live of her work with her love for her community community. >> the chief reminded anyone who wanted to come forward that they could do so anonymously. passionate words from the police chief about a young woman. tonight her boss and her parents are painting an even clearer picture of sharniece milton. derrick ward has our report. >> reporter: those who knew sharniece milton professionally say she could have worked just about anywhere she wanted with her master's degree in communication and instinct fo news, she chose to write about her own community. her death leaves a void on that beat. >> we lost one of our own yesterday. >> reporter: andrew lightman is managing editor for capitol city
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news. >> sharniece really loved doing community stories. she loved talking to people. >> reporter: her family says she was returning from work on a story using public transportation as she typically did. she was shot as she transferred buses just minutes from home. police believe the intended target of the gunshot that killed her may have pulled her into the line of fire, used her as a human shield. >> at 9:28 she texted me and said, i'm on my way home. so i was waiting for her to text exactly, let me know if she needed me to pick her up where she was. and we never got that text last night. >> typically we think of losses of journalists as being out in the middle east or in africa or in dangerous places. but here you lost a very, very active and important community journalist in ward 7. >> reporter: now, as a freelancer here at the hill rag she didn't spend a lot of time at the offices. but in the limited time she was here she made a positive impression on just about everybody. >> she was always very nice. we talked about how she was
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feeling. i just liked how polite she was. >> she was somebody that reported and made a difference in the lives of people east of the river, and she needs to be remembered and the people who did this need to be held accountable. >> through no fault of her own, you draw the recompense of the bullet. it's not the gun that killed her. it's those human beings and their wicked ways. >> reporter: derrick ward news4. some strong stormz coming our way, doug. what's up? >> we're seeing the storms develop along the outflow boundaries that continue to move around. >> here's one. look at hour national harbor camera. here as the woodrow wilson bridge. look at the heavy rain. you can see the edge of the rain right south of the airport, moving right on through alexandria. this is a very good shot of that thunderstorm going on right now right over the city of alexandria. very heavy rain in and around a line from bowie toward manassas and warrenton. a few other showers and storms around there. this is really pt deal na nas
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as, parts of fairfax county, around the alexandria storm, follow the beltway around bowie, kettering. you'll continue to see very heavy rain along the beltway around ketorring and just southwest of bowie. in and around alexandria not severe but a very heavy storm. i'll take the lightning away. you can see where this is right along the gw parkway here, right down downtown along the potomac and back to the west toward 395. extremely heavy rain, a lot of lightning with this over the last 15 minutes. i'll continue to track this storm. it won't move much so expect to see more rain over the next hour or so. but i'll continue to track it for you. guys? dangerous levels of lead paint found at d.c.'s largest homeless shelter. tonight we have learned that city officials knew about it for a year but didn't take any action. mark segraves broke the story just last week joins us live with the look at the next step for hundreds of families who live nd that shelter. mark? >> reporter: wendy, that's
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right. last week we brought you the news that two young children here at the shelter had tested positive for elevated lead levels and today the bombshell is that the bowser administration has uncovered that the previous administration back in 2014 knew about elevated lead levels and did nothing. several families were removed from their rooms here and today the city administrator is tell telling us this is just completely unacceptable. >> the district of columbia should have addressed this issue sooner. it is not appropriate that something occurred in 2014 that is to be dealt with in 2015. that's not appropriate and we'll make no excuse bz that. >> reporter: after two young children here at the d.c. general shelter tested positive for elevated lead levels, mayor bowser ordered a complete inspection of the building. not only did that inspection uncover traces of lead throughout the facility, they found an inspection from 2014 had found seven rooms with dangerous lead levels but nothing was done.
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>> we are notifying residents in the building of the results of our tests. we will still continue to offer any resident or their child that wants it a test. >> reporter: families were moved out of these rooms and the lead levels were remediated after the bowser administration found out about them. hundreds of other rooms tested positive for low levels of lead that are not considered dangerous. as for the families who lived in these rooms with the dangerous levels over the past year but have moved out? >> department of human services staff is going through to identify any families that may have been in those rooms. >> reporter: council members weren't happy to hear about another failure at the d.c. general shelter. >> if the city was alerted a year ago about dangerous levels, then where was the oversight when it comes to making sure that we got that information and took action upon it? clearly we didn't. >> reporter: the bowser administration is now implementing new policies to ensure this won't happen again. >> we're doing everything in our power that make sure that that building and other facilities
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remain safe. >> reporter: now again the district is still offering free lead testing to any of the children who are living here now or who lived here in the past. as for the children who have been tested so far none have tested positive for elevated lead levels. as for how much all of this is going to cost, the testing, the remediation, still no word on that. wendy, back to you. >> mark segraves. and we should add you cannot easily see the effects of lead poisoning because it can cause damage all over the body particularly in brain. often children will have behavior or attention deficit problems. it can also cause hearing and kidney damage. some children might have problems with growth. lead poise ping typically occurs from repeated exposure to small amounts of lead over time. and that means symptoms can sneak up on you. they can be vague. they include anemia difficulty sleeping. headaches. we have a lot more information about the impact of lead poisoning on
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the man who was shot and wounded during the morning commute today is now talking with investigators. another man was killed when somebody opened fire this morning on the anacostia freeway, 2 nient95. police found the victims around joint base anacostia in southwest. at this point, investigators believe the men may have been followed from virginia into the district, but police say they do not have a clear description of the other car that was involved. turning to the deadly flooding down south, the rain is not letting up. in texas, more streets are flooded, a major highway closed. hundreds are being asked to leave their homes as the heavy rain from earlier this week moves downstream. the death toll in texas and oklahoma now stands at 23, 9 people still missing. we're going to have a live report from nbc's jay gray at 6: 6:15. he's focusing on the search and recovery effort in texas.
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a reality tv personality is facing 20 years in prison now. that's if he's convicted of making terror threats against metro metro. jeras coleman also known as kidd cole appeared in federal court this afternoon. he wore a blue t-shirt and sweat pants. he as being represented by a public defender. a judge ordered coleman to remain in jail until his next court hearing which is next week. police say coleman made a number of threats against trains and buses in the last several months, some of which prompted evac waiss. police say he used a fake british accent from time to time. investigators say they matched cole's voice from 911 calls to his voice during his appearance on mtv's show called "catfish." they used that to help them make the arrest. there's some new reaction to metro's decision about controversial ads. chris lawrence is at our live desk. >> wendy, this is the first time we're hearing from the woman who tried to advertise those controversial cartoons since she
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learned she has lost her fight at least for now. pamela geller runs the american freedom defense initiative which submitted a cartoon from her group's draw mohammed event to wmata. that's the same group that held an event in texas where two men were shot dead when they tried to attack the event with assault rifles. isis has claimed responsibility, but that hasn't been confirmed. the american freedom defense initiative planned to run ads on metro buses here in our area, but today the metro board decided to close advertising space to any and all issue-oriented advertising, including but not limited to political, religious and advocacy advertising until the end of the calendar year. in a phone interview this afternoon, geller says washington has caved to terrorists. >> this is an end run around the first amendment. these cowards may claim that they are making people safer but i submit to you the opposite. they are making it far more
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dangerous for americans everywhere everywhere. rewarding terror with submission is defeat. it is absolute and complete defeat. there will be more demands, more violence will certainly follow. the message is, terror works. >> geller's group has run some controversial ads on subway systems and buses in other cities across the country, including chicago, philadelphia, and san francisco. new york however, has recently instituted a similar policy to this new metro policy after geller tried to advertise there. at the live desk, i'm chris lawrence. and the army's top general says he does not believe that human error is to blame for that anthrax scare that is impacting labs across our country. authorities now believe there may have been a failure in the technical process of killing or deactivating the live samples. the cdc is investigating what went wrong, and tonight 26 works possibly exposed to the live samples are being treated with
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antibiotics as a precaution. those samples were shipped from an army lab in utah shipped to several private and government labs in nine states, including maryland and virginia, but those labs have not been identified. it appears now in prince george's county they're going to raise property taxes for the first time in decades. a council passed a budget today that includes a 4% increase in the property tax. that would create $34 million in revenue, money which would go towards schools in the county. the budget also includes a 1% increase in the telecommunications tax. the property tax increase is much lower than the proposal that is -- is much lower than what rushern baker wanted. coming up next, preventing sexual assault on college campuses. how the murder of uva student hannah graham could lead to changes statewide. several what they call pill mills have been busted across the area. tonight, we take a look at the takedown and why it's so hard to
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target people who are using illegal prexringsscriptionprescriptions. two sides clearly divided. why a marine's business plan has some fearing for their children's safety.
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big breaking news about a former u.s. speaker of the house. dennis havocer has been indicted by the feds. that breaking news just in. hastert ran the house until 2007, now accused of financial improprieties of paying hush money to someone and lying to the fbi about it. charging indictment documents say hastert withdrew nearly $1 million in small inkreemts in a way that would allow him to notify bank or federal officials about those withdrawals and of giving that and about $3 million total to some other person to quote compensate and conceal past misconduct.
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the feds don't say who or what, but they indicate it could date back to his career before congress when he was a high school wrestling coach. federal prosecutors say when the fbi asked hastert question bz the bank withdrawals he lied about why he made them. the i-team's review of federal lobbying reports show that hastert has been a lobbyist as recently as this year for a firm in d.c. that firm did not immediately return requests for comment. the case being prosecuted in hastert's home area, northern illinois. back to you. >> scott macfarlane. new developments out of texas this evening. now there is growing concern about more flooding as those storms move through the state and rain from the earlier storms this week pours downstream. hundreds of people have been asked to evacuate their homes as the rivers rise. 23 people are dead in texas and oklahoma, 9 others still missing. nbc's jay gray has been following these tragic events. he's live from wimberley one of the towns hit hardest.
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jay? >> reporter: wendy yeah a tough go again here today. it doesn't look like right now, but we've seen rain at times. it's been hard making it even more difficult if possible for the search and recovery teams working through debris like this, which you see scattered for miles along the river. on the same day that the family members of those they're searching for talked about how relentless they are to make sure their loved ones are found. >> oh no! >> reporter: panic as a wall of water bursts through the door of a home along the blanco river. this home video shows the horror. while today the words of family members of the missing share the heartache. >> it's impossible to express in words the tremendous loss, pain and fear we are feeling. >> reporter: still working alongside rescue and recovery teams on the ground they refuse to give in. >> we are 100% committed to finding laura, andrew leighton randy, will, ralph, and sue.
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the search is over for the ramirez family. >> god had his arms around her and water brought her to glory. >> reporter: 18-year-old alyssa ramirez was laid to rest yesterday, a homecoming queen, star athlete and student council president, alyssa was driving home from prom last weekend when she called her dad as her car was being swept away in the floodwaters. >> it was a horrible conversation. a conversation i'll never forget. >> reporter: the emotions like so much here are raw. battered communities pulling together where they can while in other places like wharton, southwest of houston, families are pulling out moving to higher ground. voluntary evacuations in place with the growing threat of more rain and flash flooding here. you know unfortunately that threat of rain and more severe weather will continue across many areas of texas through this weekend. that's the latest live here in
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wimberley, texas. i'm jay gray news4. >> thanks, jay. the system is creating all kind of havoc down there. it's the same one causing us so feel all this humidity and heat we're having right doug? >> that helps us to bring on showers and storms, too. one thing we're seeing toward texas, about half the state under flash flood watches through sunday, almost the entire state of oklahoma in flash flood watches until sunday as well. let's take a look at that pattern. that pattern is making its way out of the southwest, you can see the jet stream. this is all because of el nino that has formed mao. you can see the jet stream coming south of los angeles bringing pacific moisture, combining that with some storminess making its way right across texas and oklahoma giving them all of that rain. they're going to continue to see this pattern not just for the next couple of days but it may stay like that. for us, we've been on the hot side. an area of high pressure allowing the ridge to develop. that's why we've been so hot for so much of the month of may. that pattern, however, is going to change. that ridge falls to the south. a new area of high pressure moves in, this one from the north. that's going to give us much
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cooler weather. with we are going to get big-time relief moving into next week. right now it's hot humid with thunderstorms. storm team4 radar showing the storms around. now, not a lot of storms going on around of the area, but where they're hitting we're seeing very heavy rain. back towards clark county just to the south of bluemont in parts of loudoun county and look at this line of showers earlier manassas was getting hammered with heavy rain. now it's in towards fairfax county and around arlington. once again, right along 495, the mouse trap here. let's zoom into this region right here over the city of alexandria. this has been here for the last 40 minutes. we'll see a half ij to an inch of rain. we may see isolateding. look at 395. that road always a mess. i'm guaranteeing you right now it will be a mess because of the rain, too. and take a look at the vantage point from national harbor. here's national harbor. look at the camera showing all of this very heavy rain right now. look at that. just off towards woodrow wilson bridge it is really coming down.
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we've seen a lot of lightning out of this over the last hour. the capital wheel is now closed due to incomplement weather. another area of showers right around the area towards ket kettering kettering, leland and hall. the beltway continuing to see some tough times especially in the southeastern portions of the beltway. now, tomorrow i think we'll see a better chance of showers and storms areawide. just like today here is 8:00, not much going on. tomorrow afternoon, just about everybody seeing that chance. i do think it will be just about everybody has a chance of storms. we'll call it a 30% to 40% chance. the front comes through sunday, and that front will give us a chance for strong to potentially severe storms on sunday. that's a day to watch. could be a weather alert day. and then monday, tuesday and wednesday, look at those temperatures. we're starting off the month of june on monday and it starts off cool. highs only in the mid-60s. >> wow.
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thank you, doug. two women admit their role in the murder of a local attorney. coming up who was in court to hear their plea. some tense moments on a flight to vegas, led the pilot to kick john wall off the pl
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the woman who was charged in the murder of a local lawyer at a d.c. hotel could spend the next 20 years in prison. her name is gentlemanjamyra jamyra gallmon. she admitted to stabbing david messerschmitt to death at the donovan hotel back in february. messerschmitt's wife was in the courtroom today. she broke down as lawyers described the wounds on her husband's body. investigators say fall mon planned to rob messerschmitt when she replied to an ad seeking men for sex. she's facing 25 years in prison. her friend dominique johnson also pled guilty to robbery and
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conspiracy. well an unfortunate scene on a florida runway. police say a pilot who had been drinking tried to take off in a small plane with his son inside. air traffic controllers called officers after he crashed into a shed while taxiing on the runway. >> hold your position. i didn't tell you to move. return to your hangar and call. mike, where you going, sir? twin cessna mike, kill your engines. >> police say they found a half empty bottle of cognac inside the plane as well as an unopened bottle of wine and a water bottle that was filled with some kind of alcohol. the father is now charged with reckless operation of an aircraft while under the influence and with child neglect. an 85-year-old man has been charged with reckless driving after he crashed through the wall of a parking garage in leesburg from the second level. his pickup truck came to rest on two picnic benches in the
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courtyard below. those benches were not occupied at the time, quite fortunately. the driver's injuries were said to be minor. police say they're still trying happened. >> announcer: next, drivers stunned after bullets riddle an suv killing a man during a busy commute. what we're still learning about the crime on a route you may take every day. a number of people are facing federal charges for running a pill mill in maryland. what dea agents had to say to the owner of this pharmacy coming up on news4. >> announcer: plus, new at 6:45 dueling petitions over a local gun shop. news4 digging deeper into the
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>> announcer: you're watching news4 at 6. right now at 6:30, police still searching for clue that's could lead them to whoever pulled the trigger on a busy highway. >> one man was shot an killed another was wounded when somebody opened fire on an suv
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along the anacostia freeway in the district during the morning commute. our megan fitzgerald has our report. >> reporter: that shooting happened about 200 yards behind us here. now, anyone familiar with the morning commute on 295 knows it's packed with drivers which is why police say it's possible even more people could have been injured. rush hour traffic in the morning on 295 is often predictable. >> it's slow. there are a lot of cars. >> reporter: but a shooting in the middle of it all is something drivers say they frankly can't believe. >> it's frightening really. >> reporter: d.c. police say a dark-colored car drove up beside this suv and opened fire, killing the driver and injuring his passenger. many of those bullets hitting the side door and blowing out windows. but chief cathy lanier believes this car was targeted. >> what we believe is that there was another car that was out in virginia before they even entered the district. >> reporter: investigators spent
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several hours collecting evidence. even walking the stretch of highway to make sure nothing was left behind. now, police are asking anyone who may have seen something to call 911, even those drivers who may have called in earlier they want them to call back because they might have information that could lead them to an arrest. megan fitzgerald, news4. the six baltimore police officers charged in freddie gray's death want their case moved out of the city. their defense attorneys filed a new motion arguing they can't get a fair trial in baltimore. they say jurors won't be able to remain impartial in the wake of the protests that spread through the city last month. if the judge grants the motion the trial could end up in another jurisdiction in maryland. >> police are going to install high resolution cameras to record people along the platforms of the train station in college park. that information is according to state records obtained by the news4 i-team.
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the cameras will be the latest of several installed at marc stations in our area. the state will not say which other stations have already been equipped. state records say the cameras are needed to monitor activity along the platforms. they say it helps to protect homeland security. the i-team reports that maryland wants surveillance of its rail stations and the maintenance facilities as well. well, they look like community pain clinics but investigators say it was a cover to push prescription pills and make a lot of cash. prince george's county bureau chief tracee wilkins reports from oxen hill. >> reporter: officials say a doctor's office inside of this building was actually a front for distributing illegal pills. >> i was telling the dea you know agent we have other precautions that were taken rvlgts this pharmacy owner who we're not naming say dea agents visited him after someone used
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his store to illegally sell a prescription for oxycodone. >> reporter: mom and pop pharmacies like this one are the ones targeted the most. >> right. >> reporter: why do you think that? >> i don't know. >> reporter: a federal grand jury returned three indictments charging 16 people with participating in pain management clinics that were actually fronts for pill mills. specifically running oxycodone. >> people who were wearing suits and ties and managing medical offices. >> reporter: this week dea agents searched 14 locations in d.c., maryland and virginia, including two clinics in prince george's county. the p.g. well necessary center in oxen hill is one of them. two staff members here at the p.g. wellness center llc, no one would speak with us on camera and would not allow us to talk with the doctor who runs this clinic. according to the indictment, this clinic would see at least 400 patients who received 100 pills with a street value of $30, grossing $1.2 million. the two owners of this clinic are now charged and facing the possibility of years in prison.
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carlos austin who operates the barbershop on the first floor of this building says he noticed some strange activity here. >> there was a lot of parking spaces taken and in the back of the building. >> reporter: so far, this indictment does not include the arrest of any doctors only owners and runners. this investigation is ongoing. in oxen hill tracee wilkins, news4. i'm chris lawrence at the live desk. if you take the memorial bridge to work, you may want to avoid it for the next six months. work that was supposed to start in september is now going to get start nd a matter of hours. the national park service will close the right lane in both directions before friday morning's rush hour. those lanes won't reopen for six to nine months. now low bearing beams are corrodeing a lot faster than anticipated in parts of the concrete deck are falling apart. all of this work was scheduled for september, but it got moved up after an inspector found the bridge is in worse shape than they thought.
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parts of the sidewalk will also be closed. at the live desk i'm chris lawrence. wizards star john wall missed a flight to d.c. this week. coming up we'll tell you why he got kicked off the plane. changes could be coming to virginia's college campuses all in an effort to stop sex assaults. coming up, we look at how uva student hannah graham's abduction and death may have influenced some new recommendations to the governor. most of us just hot and humid but others seeing some very heavy rainfall right now and a lot of lightning around alexandria, toward the oxen hill area. i'm tracking these storms and more over the next few days coming up in main.
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terry mccall luv has been given 21 recommendations on how to end sex assaults on virginia collegethern virginia bureau reporter david culver is at george mason university now with more on this. david? >> reporter: vance, this was an eight-month-long process that wrapped up today with those 21 recommendations to the governor. i want to show you a few of them that stood out to us. we start with what is a push to make it easier for victims to
6:40 pm
report a sexual assault, essentially giving them more options. the task force also wants timely warning notices sent across campuses. and they want to create special sexual response teams trained to handle those specific investigations. the task force began its work back in august. since then there have been a wide range of allegations that have surfaced to the national level. among them the widely discredited and retracted rolling stone article making claims of a gang rape at uva. also the abduction and death of second year hannah graham. you remember suspect jesse matthew is alleged to have ties to two other sexual assault investigations from two other virginia colleges. that information though, never shared among the colleges. the new recommendations aim to build a partnership among colleges and universities within the commonwealth. the task force also wants evidence that's going to be collected from certain crimes to be better preserved for a longer period of time. >> i feel like they really are on top of it and they really
6:41 pm
care and they're actually going to do something about it. >> reporter: it's likely some of those recommendations are going to have to go through virginia's general assembly before they take effect, wendy. >> david culver. no word yet on whether the washington monument wilin open tomorrow. that electrical problem with the elevator prompted it to close today and at last word repair crews were still on the site trying to figure out the problem and trying to fix it. that monument has had its fair share of elevator issues in the last year. we reported on six elevator issues in the month after it reopened last may. $15 million worth of repairs were made after the 2011 earthquake, but the elevator was not replaced. this past december the monument was closed for a day after power issues caused problems with the elevator. and ten days later that attraction was shut down for a few hours after a leak was discovered on the x-ray machine. coming up tonight, a neighborhood at odds over a
6:42 pm
marine's business plan. here's julie carey. >> reporter: i'm julie carey in arlington, virginia, where the battle over whether or not this curves should turn into a gun store is brewing. the arguments on either side is ahead. fierce competition at the national spelling bee. one student eliminated, even though he spelled both words correctly.
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somebody with a cell phone caught a bolt of lightning hitting a church. it happened in grand will isle maine, last night. the bolt knocked eded shingles off the roof and damaged some electrical wiring inside of it. you know that old saying that lightning never strikes twice in the same place? not so. that same church was hit by a bolt of lightning back in 2007. it started a fire that time. an online battle is being waged over plans to locate a gun shop in a neighborhood shopping center in arlington. opponents launched a petition drive last week, but now gun rights supporters have their own effort under way.
6:46 pm
our northern virginia bureau chief julie carerie joins us. >> reporter: if you've driven by this shopping center see the kivs studio? that has been vacant for months. now a mclean gun store think it's the perfect place to expand. at nova firearms in mclean, the space is a little tight. so when they spotted this vacant store in cherrydale, they jumped signing a five-year lease. >> nice amount of space, perfect wide hitch open show room rnchs rachel druser says they weren't prepared for the opposition that recently surfaced in the form of this petition, asking that the landlord stop plans to lease to nova firearms. jane witnesster was an early signer. she points to the other 10ants, a restaurant, hair salon, nail salon and says a gun store just doesn't fit. >> people come here for beauty. they come here for peace. they come here for a meal.
6:47 pm
and i don't necessarily feel that people coming here for guns is what we want. you know if you want to open a gun shop, do if elsewhere. >> reporter: other gun shop opponents say they're worried about the safety of teens at the high school just down the street. but now there's a competing pro-gun shop petition. >> we live in virginia you know. virginia is very pro-gun. >> reporter: earl douglas lives just down the street and usually orders his guns online but he'd like to shop here. >> a lot of times before you purchase something you would like to be able to touch it and feel it and see if it's exactly what you're looking for, if it fits right. guns are the same. >> reporter: at the flower shop, they fear a gun store could ruin their business. their customers have threatened to boycott the center. >> a lot of people have come in to say good-bye to us. they said they're just not going to shop here. they're not going to patronize a block that has a gun shop. >> reporter: now, stuck in the middle of all this and under pressure the landlord who owns
6:48 pm
this tiny shopping center. i wasn't able to reach him today, but some of his employees tell me he's going to try to get out of the lease. nova firearms owners say they are still hopeful this will become their new home come august. back to you. >> julie carey, thanks. and then there were ten. the finalists in this year's scripps national spelling bee are gearing up for their competition tonight. the winner will take home a huge trophy and more than $37,000 in cash and prizes. no local students made it to the finals this year. and for the first time students are being ranked based on how well they do on stage but also in a spelling and vocabulary test that they took last night. at least one contestant spelled both of his words correctly today, but he didn't qualify for the finals because he didn't score high enough on the test portion. >> boy that's a tough room. >> doesn't seem fair. >> wow. you know where else it's
6:49 pm
tough? where is it tough now? alexandria? >> yeah. they've been getting rain for the better part of an hour now. i'm thinking upwards of half an inch to an inch of rain. could see flooding on the streets. let's get to the radar. storm team4 radar is almost all clear around most of the area. there are only just a few showers out there. we've got one that just developed out towards winchester. that has a little bit of lightning. you can see that storm right here, but then this is the area of storminess that we're really watching right around the beltway right now, down through alexandria, down through portions of springfield and right along the beltway. look at all of the lightning we're seeing with this one. this is right over andrews right now. just to the north of clinton right along 4 nunt 5. we'll zoom in toward alexandria and show you how the heavy rain continues to come down around that bailey's crossroad area down if 495 along route 1 and the gw parkway. look over the last hour. i'll put this into motion for you.
6:50 pm
see alexandria here? look at the last hour. it's just been sitting on top of a.m. ex-andrea for the bert part of an area. then look toward the west. anytime you see purple and we see that with this storm right around silver hill. anytime you see purple, that could indicate hail or just some intense rainfall. very heavy rain. that rainfall is coming right along 5 here. again, right along pennsylvania avenue, up towards the suitland parkway. extremely heavy rain that goes right out towards upper marlborough along 301. heads-up, you'll continue to see very heavy rain throughout the rest of the evening. you can see is it from the airport. another chance of storms tomorrow, 90 on saturday, sunday is the day we could see a strong or even severe storm on sunday. then following that, much cooler weather monday, tuesday, wednesday, and into thursday. >> look forward to that. thanks douk. sports coming up. two d.c. stars banged up jason wedge and nicholas backk wedge and nicholas backklas backstrom. we'll have more on what's ailing
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>> announcer: this is the xfinity sports desk brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sports. jayson werth, wasn't he just down two months ago? >> yeah. he's been on the dl. we went back and forth in the sports department today about this afternoon's nationals news. jayson werth is going to be out for the next three months. will this hurt the team? maybe. do they need him? yes. but they've been fine without him. werth is expected to be out until august after two small fractures were found in his left wrist. the outfielder was injured when he was hit by a pitch in a game against the padres on may 15th. it's the third time in his career he's hurt that wrist. werth's season has been disappointed. he started the year on the dl has played in just 27 games. orioles doubleheader against the white sox this afternoon making
6:55 pm
up the games postponed due to the riots. bottom 8, manny machado, down 2-0. tries to check his swing but it's strike three. machado throws his bat. close call. home plate ump doesn't check with the first base ump. the rule is you don't have to. you know we've seen this with bryce harper, right? to the 0's now down 3-0. chris davis trying to change that. tees this one off, 76-mile-an-hour curveball, two-run shot, his third home run in two days makes it a 3-2 game. so can the o's pull off the comeback? not so much. next batter travis snyder down looking. o's drop game one, game two baltimore leads 5-3 in the seventh iping. over to college baseball maryland head coach john chef will miss the terps first two ncaa tournament games. he's been suspended by the ncaa stemming from his ejection from the big ten championship game.
6:56 pm
shef disagreeing with several calls, apparently shouted profanities from the dugout and field. he apologized in a statement released from the university today. the terps open up regional play tomorrow night against ole miss. john wall posted this picture from vegas to his twitter account. but the flight home, not so cool as he looks there. tmz sports reports someone from his group got into a verbal aurl occasion and threaten aid passenger. police were called. no charges filed. however, the pilot asked that wall and his fellow travelers be removed from the plane. they were escorted off without incident. no comments from the wiz. over to the caps the team announcing that nicklas backstrompet arthroscopic surgery on his hip wednesday afternoon the he led the nhl in assists tallied 21 goals between regular season and playoffs. team is confident backstrom will be completely healthy fryer it the start of next season. and really m favorite part of the story. remember this yesterday?
6:57 pm
apparently somebody showed he tweeted the best ever with ejoejys of try cying and laughing. i think he got a kick out of the name. you butcherered his name. meanr&e, you have the hardest name in d.c. kak rer kammerer. >> this is my last show here at 6:00. i first just want to thank the viewers at home. thank you so much for making me feel like a jersey girl originally from d.c. has become my home. to my friends in the sports department, without them, they have done all the heavy lifting, all the hard work to make me look good every single night. i couldn't do it without them. and my family here on the desk doug you've been nothing but loving since day one. wendy, you taught me that you can be tenacious abdz graceful at once and jim, i have no words to say except you are my lighthouse. you have shown me thñ light every time it was stormy and you've shown me the light and the way home. thank you for everything.
6:58 pm
i will miss you. >> i feel l
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on this thursday night, breaking news. the former speaker of the house dennis hastert indicted for lying to the fbi. secret cash payments, millions of dollars to cover up past misconduct. who was he paying off and why? new evacuations and new rescues in texas as we see for ourselves the relentless force of the water tearing through homes and hear from father about the heart breaking final phone call from his daughter trapped in rising water. anthrax scare and what we have learned about other lethal parcels being routinely shipped across the country. and the hacking of america. when you're on a plane and you log on to the wi-fi who else is seeing your private information? "nightly news" begins right now.


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