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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  May 30, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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>> right now, a familiar face for marylanders jumped into the race for the white house. chuck todd breaks down martin o'malley's chances. >> 30 years with almighty god and it was something i did. >> a couple confronted by a crook. find out how the woman fought back and find out why hundred of people in an area neighborhood were forced to stay inside their homes. >> i got news for the bullies of
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wall street. the presidency is not a crown to be passed back and forth between two royal families. >> a clear shot the at clintons and the bushes and wall street, maryland governor martin o'malley is running for president. the democrat said he is fighting for the poor and middle class. news 4's derek ward was in baltimore for the rally. >> today to all who can hear my voice, i declare i am a candidate for president of the united states. >> the declaration was met with enthusiasm. o'malley chose the city that put him on the political map as a two-term mayor in which the state went to announce his most ambitious effort yet a run for the white house. it am cans at a time in which he said realization of the american dream is at the most precarious. >> that is the urging calling for us to rebuild the american
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dream now. >> blaming them and turned to a land of inequality. >> tell me how you can get pulled over for having a broken tail light but if you wreck the nation's economy you are untouchable. >> zero tolerance practices put in place while he was mayor. they blame the policies for the police custody killing and he said there was a broader issue at hand. >> extreme poverty breed conditions of violence. # he sought to end things on a positive note which will carry him from the coming election science. >> it's not found in a history book because this generation of
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americans is about to write it. # >> joining us now for reaction to the o'malley announcement is "meet the press" moderator chuck todd. >> good evening. >> o'malley is in the race and what shot does he have? >> it's a long shot. whether hillary clinton is that kind of formidable candidate martin o'malley many thought had eyes on the prize for a decade. when he started running for mayor, he started and ran for governor. you knew he wanted to run and thought this would be his year. hillary clinton is getting in the way. the challenge is it's not just trying to get to hillary, but the vermont senator has outliberaled him a little bit. he wants to be the progressive alternative. he is the one in double-digits. >> it should be interesting.
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he feels his zero tolerance contributed to the climate that led to freddie gray's death. is that trouble for o'malley? >> it has been a drag on his candidacy had baltimore not happened. both political parties have shifted. martin o'malley is no different. the crime and punishment. he is struggling more because he doesn't want to reputediate his record. >> tune in to "meet the press" tomorrow morning. bernie sander who is some say is martin o'malley's main rival for support of the democratic left and we will talk about the
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scandal and the nsa surveillance program. meet the press airs at 10:30 here on nbc 4. # hillary clinton and saying she looks forward to discussing strong families and communities. he is excited he made it official. >> not just in vir and maryland, but delaware and pennsylvania. >> he served as executive on the local level and the state level and that's what it is about. making decisions and having to deal with budgets and understanding how to lead. >> as he said, not everyone is in favor of an o'malley administration. one activist didn't like the stance on gun control as mayor of baltimore or as maryland's
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governor and doesn't want o'malley in the white house. stay with us. we have continuing coverage on martin o'malley's run for president. # investigators in prince george's county are trying to figure out what caused a deadly accident. early this morning and indian head highway and the mall. one male driver died at the scene and has not been identified. the driver of the second car was not seriously hurt. people in a maryland city neighborhood were forced to stay indoors after a hazmat scare. they had to make sure the air conditioning was off, but the reason is that no air could come inside from outside. this happened around 9:00 near whiskey bottom road. a driver transporting sulfuric acid noticed a leak.
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more than 500 people were in place. >> live at the woodrow wilson bridge from the tower cam. he joins us with weather and the rain will impact the metro tonight. >> good evening. the metro area will stay dry. tracking areas of rain. this activity is leaving but moving into parts of frederick and loudoun over the next few hours. # notice 7:00 p.m., light rain in frederick county. everybody will be dry. most of us have a dry and balmy evening. temperatures near 80. that's coming up in about ten
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minutes. >> if they don't come up with a deal, the patriot act will expire. it will no longer be allowed to collect phone records without a warrant. mitch mcconnell for the sunday night session. it's not clear if they have a solution. rand paul plans to disrupt any efforts to extend the patriot act. >> an elderly woman fought off a man trying to rob her. how that led police to a suspect. the district kicks off a billion step challenge and why leaders say the campaign could change your life. find out why some of your favorite super heroes invaded
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>> step by step. how d.c. mayor hopes to achieve her latest goal. she kicked off the 1 billion steps challenge today. the whied is to get district residents walking. councilmember said it could change your life. >> and instead of driving to starbucks, walk to starbucks and don't get that carmel macchiato. get a green tea. it's the little things that make
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a difference. it made a difference with me and i will keep working at it so i'med. >> they hope to reach the 1 billion steps goal with weekend walks and neighborhood walking clubs. they say it will reach the goal if everyone takes 1500 steps a day. you can log by going to fit you probably felt it. this may is one of the warmest on record. will june bring cooler air? amelia has the forecast next. >> i'm cars darcy spencer live in northwest washington where a 76-year-old woman used her cane to beat back a robbery suspect who was attacking her 81-year-old husband. you will hear from this lovely couple on news 4 at 6:00.
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when this woman saw a robber attacking her husband, she used her cane to hit the robber over the head.
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let's go to video of this couple. we interviewed them in their home in northern virginia. we will not identify them. they had come to washington yesterday near embassy road to do paperwork at a local embassy. they were walking back to their car when the robber showed up out of nowhere. he told the man give me your money. he didn't have money and the robber took his wallet. he was so frightened she took action and did the only thing she thought she could do. >> i was looking for my husband. at this time i was so different, it may have saved your life. >> he is now calling his wife
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his guardian angel and does believe what he wife did saved his life. it got the robber off of him. now police are saying that it's because of the injuries in part suffered in that cape attack from the 76-year-old woman that the robbery suspect was caught. he has been arrested in connection with the case. more on this interview tonight at 11:00. back to you. >> i'm glad they are both welcome. >> rain is coming our way. >> showers and thunderstorms continue to remain in the forecast. # most of us are going to make it through the day with the best chance of showers and storms. #
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some rain in parts of washington county. this will impact carroll county. here are the headlines. rain chances for tomorrow, west of washington. rain and thunderstorms are more likely on monday. torrential rain and potentially in the forecast. by wednesday, the humidity breaks temperatures more comfortable. the weather having a low to moderate impact on the day. hot and humid and scattered afternoon thunderstorms in the forecast once again. the high today was 90. i think it's tomorrow. temperatures in the 80s. 88 degrees in washington. so far this is the second warmest may on record. it has been warm. # wait until you see the seven-day. in your neighborhood, washington at 72. air conditioners continue to work in full force.
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the bushes in the mid- to upper 60s. it's a mild start at 7:00 a.m. hazy, hot and humid with the temperature of about 84. high temperature of about 90 and about 3:00 or 4:00. scattered thunderstorms and heavy rain possible and any storms we see because of the mugginess in the air. 7:00 ask a balmy 86 degrees. future weather hour by hour. # my noon we are still mainly dry. 3:00 the hit and miss showers. most of us are mainly dry. if you have outdoor plans, the weather is looking good. you want to have a plan b in case you are one that does see a shower or a thunderstorm. rain is more likely for everybody. heavy rain by the yellows and
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oranges and reds. a chance of showers. wednesday and thursday, highs in the upper 70s and more comfortable. we will keep you updated when more information becomes available. >> sci-fi plans delighted in geek glory. the three-day event at the washington convention center is the celebration of pop culture. more than 50 celebrity guests are in attendance including william shatner, george ta kai. awesome conends tomorrow and tickets are still available. still ahead, more bad news.
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what's going on in the world. >> the nationals are banged up
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and injured. not playing today. it is the top overall draft pick and the national organization. placed on the 15-day disabled list. he has a sore back after being pitched last night. before being taken out by matt williams. sporing a 6.45 e.r.a. this season. as for bryce harper, the home run leader missing his first start with a sore back. he was hit by reds pitcher. he took his time walking to first base as you would imagine, he was hit by a 90 plus purpose hour fast ball. he didn't like that. he said after the game, the baseball player, sorry i hit
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you. run. tensions running high this this game today. nationals and reds. they keep their cool there. # the former national. that's a solo shod. the o's have a 1-0 lead in the game. later on he likes that shot. that's a schoello blast. # the rays by a final score of 3-0. # they hope the players can keep their cool. pick this one up in the third.
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joey votto taking him deep. we can only watch. cincinnati goes up 2-0. geogonzalez gets hit by a pitch. he backed out of the way. he laughed it off. going deep and it's a three-run homer. they took a 5-2 lead off of that hit. he gets the pitch again. it's the protected elbow gear. he would remain in the gear. the nats up 5-4 in the seventh inning. we will move on to tennis for a moment.
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big day serena williams. # she did not become a grand slam winner without experiencing some adversity. she is back to bring her overall best to 26-1. she was bounced in the second round last year. the second set, williams served in the far court. watch the return by victoria. taking a 4-2 lead in the set. catches her leaning the other way. williams in the near court. williams thinks it's out and they come out of the chair and said it looks like it hit the line and they redo the point. the call was bad and everyone
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knew it. wins for match point and serena wins in three sets. also tonight, d.c. united hosting philadelphia at rfk stadium. they are trying to bounce back the last loss against philadelphia. that should be a good contest. >> i nice night for it. >> they are getting beat up. >> hopefully they can hang on to the win. >> nightly news up next. have a good
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on this saturday night, under water, more rain for an area already ravaged by historic flooding as a massive search effort intensifies for those swept away by floodwaters. highway shooting fears a sniper is on the loose in colorado. police say the victims were randomly targeted. ready to run, the newest democratic challenger to hillary clinton am coulds out swinging. he's facing an uphill battle. fighting cancer the new device that could help prevent one of the toughest side effects of cancer treatment. a program that helps kids get a big boost. nightly news begins now.


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