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tv   News4 Today  NBC  May 31, 2015 10:00am-10:31am EDT

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. heading into the 10:00 hour. welcome to "news 4 today." hope you're having a great
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sunday. >> straight to storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell who has more on the sun. it's going to be working a little overtime today. >> absolutely is. a warm day outside already. it's going to continue to get warmer and warmer. this is going to generate showers and thundershowers updating storm team 4 radar here so you can look at who is getting the rain first. let's take a look at it here. there it is northern maryland frederick county northernmost loudoun county southernmost washington county. the first sign of showers bubbling up in the intense heating going on. looks like a bit of a rainy start half hour to hour across frederick county maryland heading northbound towards gettysburg. this is really not much else on storm team 4 radar except that patch of rain. we'll be keeping a close eye on that temperatures warmed quickly out of the 70s and into the 80s in many neighborhoods. hometown forecast berryville, virginia 79 now, 88, 50% chance
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of rain at 3:00 and continuing to the 8:00 thundershower evening. highs near 90. seven-day forecast coming up. all right. thanks chuck. anne arundel county police need your help finding a car stolen during an armed carjacking. take a look at the screen. black bmw with maryland tags 1 az ay-3980. police tell us a woman unloading her car in odenton when he approached her. he pointed a gun at her and asked for her keys. 6'3" long curly dirty blond here. the biden family grieving for beau biden who lost his battle with brain cancer last night. he was 46 years old. police set up a special place in northwest d.c. where you remember beau. news 4 joins us with more. hi derrick. >> we haven't seen any
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condolences but we're told anchor below the clock designated for flowers and cars on the passing of joe biden's son, 46 years old. beau died after a battle with brain cancer. he was recently admitted to walter reed national military medical center after falling ill. back in 2010 he suffered a stroke a couple years, three years after that doctors describe a small lesion being removed from his brain. he served in the delaware national guard and the judge advocate general corps. he deployed to iraq in 2008 and was award add bronze star. he also served as delaware's attorney general and declined to run for re-election for that seat. it was said he was doing to seek the governor's seat in that state next year.
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here we have outperfection of grief from the biden family and white house as well. vice president biden writes beau's life was defined by service to others. the entire biden family is saddened beyond words. beau's spirit will live on in all of us. president obama also issued a statement upon beau biden's death saying beau was a big-hearted, generously devoutly catholic and deeply faithful man. he made a difference in the lives he touched and his spirit will live on in their hearts. as he's been saying the biden family is no stranger to tragedy. beau biden himself actually survived the crash that killed his mother and sister back in 1972. i don't have any word yet about funeral arrangement for this but we imagine they will be forthcoming at some point. live in the northwest, derrick ward. >> a very tough story on this sunday morning. thank you. >> we'll be watching a big story in the senate today. congress has until midnight to renew the patriot act.
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republican majority leader mitch mcconnell called senators back into session in an attempt to pass a bill before it expires. however, it's not clear whether he has enough support. lawmakers talking about a revised bill called freedom act prrves counter-terrorism but prevents nsa from phone records. in the week ahead, a woman accused of killing her husband will be in court. larlane brown and hussain facing murder charges. last august she found her body in the tacoma park backyard. a man accused of murder. scott tomaszewski killed his neighbors dick and jody value vallardo. d.c. police officers want to hear your concerns about recent
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criminal incidents. the meeting is tomorrow night at 7:00 at st. colettea on independence avenue southeast. >> time right now looking at 10:06. >> attack in the district. we'll hear from one couple. >> in the middle i said we'll be dying. >> they ended up fighting oft attacker. >> president obama goes out to dinner with his family in the district. causes quite the scene.
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coming up in the day ahead, a viewing for d.c. family murdered inside their home.
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savvas amy and philip savopoulos along with their housekeeper found dead inside their burning home. the viewing will be at wisconsin northwest, 6:00 p.m. and lasts until 8:00. the funeral tomorrow at st. sophia orthodox massachusetts avenue northwest. daron wint charged. a 76-year-old woman and her 1 81-year-old man didn't want to share their names. they say a man tried to rob them on friday. the woman said she began beating that man with her cane. >> i was looking for my husband. he was on the ground. he was over him. meantime i was so afraid i tried to hit him.
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i give to him, you see it. >> that did it. police arrested the suspect. they say bruises and lumps on the guy helped identify him. >> something tells me it's not the first time she stuck up for herself. she knew exactly what she was doing. >> a strong woman and brave one. >> 10:10, northern virginia a group is touching heart and changing lives. how their mission began at the end of the korean war. >> let's take a lo outside an get ready for brace yourself more heat and humidity on the way. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell letting us know
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a northern virginia mom teaching kids how to give back. >> a great story, an impactful one at that. i had the opportunity to sit down and talk with this mom about the touching project that spans three generations. one woman's act of kindness after the korean war ended continues to change lives around washington. when she saw children on the streets left homeless and hungry she opened an orphanage. she was able to save more than 100 young souls and inspire a granddaughter's promise.
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to carry your legacy of kindness and helping others and be like you and give back. >> for helen ye, fighting the good cause was like writing a good song. it took time. five years ago it happened when her daughter taylor turned 13. >> i said i wanted to have all my friends donate to a local charity of their choice. instead of giving me presents. >> the response was overwhelming turning a birthday wish into touching hearts, a way for kids to create their own service project and give back. recently eighth-grader jillian helped organize an art gallery. this allowed them to buy 300 new duffel bags for foster kids in the area. >> in the beginning just community service hours. in the end it became this whole different experience and i loved it. >> owen put this together to buy chickens for orphanage in kenya. he soon learned skills to secure sponsors and how to budget.
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>> so we raised so much we actually had extra money so we bought a cow, which is huge in kenya. we may not think it's that bag but it was really a huge thing for them. >> touching hearts launched kids on a mission at one elementary school with hopes to go countywide. asian-american chamber of commerce named them nonprofit organization of the year. >> that was a huge honor. i think as an asian-american i'm proud to represent the asian community and show that we, too, can make a difference. >> a difference that a community and grandmother can be proud of. >> you know, i just think there is a feeling whenever we do give we always remember her. i think she's never forgotten in the work that we do. >> wonderful. >> well said. >> touching hearts next big event is the fourth annual joy of giving golf tournament. it happens tomorrow. former washington redskin, redskin hall of famer is going to be there. >> cool. as the first family sat down for
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dinner outside a restaurant people gathered outside. they were at the restaurant last night. while they were inside an 18-year-old woman from new jersey collapsed on the sidewalk while waiting to see the president. and the police officer who was there said it was likely she collapsed from dehydration. decision 2016 new candidates hit the campaign trail plus senators expected to head back to capitol hill for a rare sunday session. >> joining us to talk all about it moderator of "meet the press," chuck todd. we are going to get to those issues. first we want to talk about this unspeakably sad story, the news that vice president joe biden's son died from brain cancer. i think it's so shocking to so many people there was a guy defined by his service, so much promise with his political and professional career yet so secretive in a way. >> it was.
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frankly there were -- some of us knew who serious it was. they wanted some privacy. you've got to respect that. when you think about what joe biden has been through in his adult life and personal tragedy, he's had a very successful public service career. he gets elected to senate and win a month his wife and daughter are killed in a car accident. beau survives that as a three-year-old. here he is suddenly a single father not sure what to do gets talked into taking the oath. forge add bond with beau. father and sons have a bond but this took it to a new level. joe biden made sure every weekend was clear to go home and be with his son. beau had been fighting this. again, it was under the radar, frankly as it should be. let's look at this on a human level, no parent should have to bury a child. it is the hardest thing for any parent to do. i saw my grandfather bury a
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child. it's an unspeakable thing and you just can't relate. it's very hard. >> something you'll be talking about more on "meet the press." we want to switch gears and talk about the 2016 race. more and more candidates in the field. >> sure are. almost average add candidate a day last week. only friday and we got one yesterday. we won't have an announcement today but we will tomorrow. it does come fast and furious. >> i think this guy is going to be fine. martin o'malley is going to be fun. >> he could be -- the timing couldn't have gone worse. six months ago i would have said okay there's something interesting to follow and watch. maybe he could become the chief challenger to hillary clinton. on one hand bernie sanders go to the left of martin o'malley. can you be progressive light. if you're progressive and don't think hillary clinton is liberal enough for you, sanders or o'malley probably go with sanders. then forced o'malley to have to
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defend his record before introducing himself nationally. it's a tough way to start the candidacy. that said he's very talented words of a former political pundit friend of mine who doesn't appear on television anymore. a great political athlete. he's a great political athlete. >> and he can play the guitar. we want to get in nsa, all eyes on the senate tonight. this is my question. we know the program will expire we want to see if the senate will vote on this. what difference does it make? the house has to vote on it tomorrow. >> the house voted on this replaced to the controversial part metadata government doesn't hold data telecom companies hold the data. rand paul is going to force the expiration of patriot act. for a few days we're not doing to have anything. by wednesday the house should pass the senate bill so there's something. the real question whether
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telecom companies will hold this data. they are not mandated to do this. and what if a telecom company says we're not cooperating with the government cosine with us we won't turn your data over to the government under any circumstance? does congress have to find a way to compel them. banks have compel. an interesting way to follow this. banks report cash withdrawals over $10,000. you get to a point where there's some sort of law that mandates telecom companies in make way they have to do this. i don't know if the usa freedom act is a mandate on the companies. they may have to change it as well. it's very complicated. very complicated. >> more than just a vote. >> it's always more than just a vote. >> chuck will have all that and more on "meet the press" like every sunday afternoons for today. >> from one chuck to the other chuck, surrounded by chucks.
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>> less complicated. hot and humid, you can go home. >> can we love early if we're all done. >> we need to know what's going on with workweek. >> outside, deep haze and humidity in abundance. already showers starting to bubble up across parts of northern maryland where rain chans will remain quite high through the remainder of the day. an area clouded our sky over washington. temperatures are zooming. already into the 80s 81 south winds 13 miles an hour. south breeze helping a little bit. man, is it warm across the region? 81 in frederick and leesburg manassas fredericksburg d.c. annapolis, naval air station. here is a check of future weather. again, our computer simulation going forward in time. by 12:00 right along spine of blue ridge and shenandoah valley this is going to be the area where storms fire first and they are going to tend to travel southwest to northeast. so as a result that part of our viewing area shenandoah valley
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and blue ridge has a much higher rain chance during the course of the day than we do during i-95 corridor. rain chances not zero around town but much more of a rain threat across northern maryland and southern pennsylvania. keep that in mind as you're spending your day. storm team 4 radar zoomed in on frederick county maryland boonesboro brunswick, into parts of northernmost loudoun cannot. a couple of quick showers. nothing else downstream yet. if i wind the view out farther, look at the push of moisture coming our way. this the one that promises to bring us potential for heavy rain tomorrow. no big weather slowdowns today. tomorrow afternoon and evening we could have real heavy rain on the area. that's not good news for rush hours. primary threat for the weather, not much of severe weather threat. quite a threat for heavy rain. how much rain? well let's take a look on our computer forecast. end of the day most of the rain to shenandoah valley isolated
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amounts, a quarter to a third of an inch showers and thundershowers. by the end of the day tomorrow into early tuesday morning, some lasses could get one, two, or as much as three inches of rain underneath heavy super soakers. keep in mind threats of heavy rain during the course of the day tomorrow. primarily tomorrow afternoon and evening. there's the check of the seven-day forecast now. it's going to get nicer around here i promise. it's just going
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soon a new tool will help parents screen their child's mental health. 350,000 screenings taken for depression anxiety, bipolar, ptsd that's about 1,000 a day. they will be tailored for 11 to 17 years old. 75% of the screeners were women. mental health america holding conference june 3rd through 5th. in alexandria sign up. the group honoring nbc 4 for changing minds campaign. >> it's now saturday night every day in new york at the brand-new exhibit that's all about "snl." the exhibit tells the story about how "saturday night live" show comes together also includes pieces of "snl" history
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like the set for wayne's world. >> in my mind up to like jeopardy there, wayne's world behind me. so i don't know, i'm impressed by it all. >> the exhibit is open seven days a week. >> so cool. >> so many great moments. >> i know. how do you pack it all in. >> you could have a whole will ferrell section. >> anger management exhibit was awesome, too. >> cool. >> that's going to do it for "news 4 today." >> "meet the press" coming up next.
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this sunday, our 2016 campaign special. the threat to hillary. is it time to take this man more seriously? >> we are going to build a movement of millions of americans. >> why bernie sanders may be a much bigger threat than anyone imagines. >> i'll be joined by john kasich and rick santorum. >> i'm running for president of the united states. plus the story that stunned official washington. those bombshell charges against the former speaker of the house dennis hastert. >> patriot games. the big fight in washington this sunday ov


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