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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  June 1, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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an off duty d.c. police officer is shot in michigan. what we're learning about that shooting. i'm barbara harrison. i'm pat lawson-muse where families are gathering to say a final good-bye to a family killed in the district. i'm aaron gilchrist at the live desk police arrested a man trying to carry a gun into the capitol building. he'll detail the timing and how much rain to expect. we begin with breaking news from the live desk a short time ago. u.s. capitol police arrested an armed man trying to get into a capitol office building. the news four's eye team scott
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mcfar land learned a 25-year-old man from kansas was arrested trying to carry an unloaded 9 millimeter handgun into the longworth house building. he submitted to a standard search we would all go through when officers found the gun on him. he's 25-year-old joshua wheeler. he's been charged with carrying a pistol without a license and having an unprej sistered firearm. barbara? thank you, aaron. an off duty police officer was shot during an early morning carjacking in michigan. this happened around 2:00 a.m. in dearborn. the officer was a passenger in an suv when someone tried to carjack the suv. the officer and another man were both shot. you can see the suv was riddled with bullet holes. both men were rushed to the hospital and are expected to be okay. metro says it has fixed two separate track problems on the red line today that may have made you late for work. metro's blaming arcing
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insulators for delays this morning. four about an hour trains were single-tracking in both directions at the friendship heights metro station after crews fixed that problem they had another problem to fix, arcing insulators near the bethesda metro station. even though both problems were fixed relatively quickly, the delays lasted about two hours. today members of the family brutally murdered in their home will be laid to rest. the funeral comes as authorities remain quiet about whether more people are going to be arrested. news 4's megan mcgrath is live and can tell us more about what's happening today. good morning. >> reporter: well good morning, barbara. if you look behind me here you can see people began to arrive here at the church just a short time ago for the service, of course as you would imagine there is a tremendous feeling of sadness here this morning. the savopoulos family spent so much time giving to others less fortunate. they are in their prime, their young son so full of promise, and now they're gone. a somber farewell to a family
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taken in a shocking act of violence. savvas savopoulos his wife amy and their ten-year-old son phillip were found murdered inside their burning northwest mansion. also killed, their housekeeper vera figueroa. the savopoulos family is being laid to rest today. family and friends still reeling from the loss. police have arrested daron wint a former employee of savvas savopoulos. investigators say wint entered the home and held the four victims captive overnight, even ordering pizza during the other deal. a source tells news 4 that dna on a pizza crust has linked wint to the crime scene. police say wint murdered his apt captives after $40,000 in cash was sent to the home. the mansion was set on fire. while only one arrest has been made police said they believe wunt had help from others. today's funeral is being held at st. sophia's greek orthodox
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cathedral at noon. while police believe others were most likely involved in this terrible crime, they have yet to release the names of any additional suspects. in northwest, megan mcgrath news 4. >> crews in alexandria say repairs to a broken water main are well under way. the main broke on king street during the morning rush. you can see it flooded the street with water and reduced it to one lane. that traffic problem is in place right now. police shut down the 395 ramp to westbound king street you'll have to get off on the other ramp and turn around to bypass that problem. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. bright sunshine out there right now. you'd hardly believe we had any bad weather in the forecast but we have the possibility of heavy rain coming in starting later on this afternoon and more importantly going into the evening and overnight periods tonight. as a result of the heavy rain threat, the national weather
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service issued a flash flood watch that goes into effect this afternoon and will go until 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning but may well have to be extended beyond that widespread amounts of over one inch of rain are likely but locally some places could pick up the two to three inches of rain and when you keep in mind some places had more than an inch and a half of rain earlier today, that's a lot of trouble for local waterways. temperatures are in the mid-80s, that's a mistake in manassas it's not 165 degrees. >> we hope not. montgomery country police are investigating why two cars slammed into each other, leaving one woman dead. the crash happened around 11:30. the two roads were shut down while police investigated. we learned the woman driving the white taurus was killed. mr. us are not releasing her name. the driver of the black ford focus was taken to the hospital and is expected to be okay. senate. >> in just a couple of hours, a
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rockville man accused of killing his neighbors will be in court. montgomery county police say scott thomasevsky stabbed dick and jodi vlaar doe. police arrested him while he was on a crews a few weeks ago. he returned to maryland late friday night. his first hearing takes place at 1:00 this afternoon. we are anticipating another announcement of someone throughing their hat into the ring for a run for the white house. i'll show you live pictures from central south carolina. this is where we expect south carolina senator lindsey graham in just a couple minutes will announce that he is going to run for the white house. joining a large field of republicans running for the nomination. the pictures you saw from a gathering where we expected he would speak at 10:30. that's been delayed until 11:15. we'll keep an eye on that for
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you. >> thank you, aaron. in less than an hour, the senate will gavel in after a bitter sunday fighting over national security surveillance. rand paul ultimately forced expiration of the laws used to justify that surveillance. the debate pitted republicans against each other and it was a showdown between both kentucky senators, majority leader mitch mcconnell and rand paul who is running for president. paul has angered mcconnell and other potential political allies. the senate is now working on the house bill that would change how the nsa handles america's phone records. we check out the stories that are trending this morning. plus neither man nor beast is safe from the flooding in texas. now cattle are caught in high water. and disaster in the sky. dramatic video showing two small planes crashing over the water.
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breaking news from the live desk now. the washington monument closed yet again. this is the second time now in a couple days. live pictures of the monument. as a matter of fact, we don't believe it opened this morning. apparently there was a loss of power to the elevator at the monument about 9:30 last night. no one was in at the time but as a result of that, the washington monument closed today. there was one person we understand at the top of the monument when this happened. that person was able to get down by stairs and, again, electricians and other technicians on site trying to get the elevator working again before they reopen the monument. back in to you guys. i'm eun yang. new babies are generating activities on the web right now. >> how is elizabeth? >> great. she just had a baby girl about three months ago. >> what's her name? >> chloe. >> first up elizabeth smart's new three-month-old baby girl. her dad told
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smart had a baby in february. even though she spent a lot of time in the spotlight, no one knew about the baby until now. smart's dad said that's the way she wanted it. the baby girl's name as you heard, is chloe. the internet is demanding answers about another baby name from kim kardashian and kanye west. the couple announced their pregnant again on twitter and instagram. everybody's says they hope the baby's name will be south or west that's because of the couple's daughter named
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take a look at this. these images flading in texas forced this dramatic cattle rescue. nearly 600 cows were trapped at a ranch outside of houston. they were caught in rising floodwaters and waters from the swollen trinity river.
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cowboys and police led the cattle to a nearby rail yard. ranchers say they rescued about half of the cows. texas has been hit by massive flooding in recent days. damage in houston is more than $45 million. the record rain is apparently over in the lone star state. texas is finally starting to dry out. may was the wettest month on record. at least one location in texas received four or more inches of rain each day since may 5. in all, 35 trillion dlans of rain rain fell in may. the hardest-hit areas in texas and oklahoma are only looking at isolated storm chances over the next week. outside here we have sunshine for now. that will add fuel to the file for storms later today. a flash flood watch has been posted for the entire news 4 nation. chances of heavy rain and limited amounts of sunshine. as you're planning this
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afternoon, it's dry and sunny now. we should stay dry across most areas through 3:00 4:00 this afternoon but after 5:00 6:00 7:00 that's when the chances for heavy rain move back into the area. a check on storm team 4 radar coming up. >> thank you. the supreme court hands down two decisions, one on facebook threats an
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desk with two big rulings coming in from the supreme court this morning. the first involving a discrimination case that related the to abercrombie & fitch. a few years back a young woman went to apply for a job, they refused her employment saying her head scarf violated their look policy which prohibited wearing head gear. the supreme court saying that their failure to accommodate her for religious reasons violated civil rights law and as a result abercrombie & fitch ruled against the supreme court. the second a pennsylvania man who posted comments on social media, he had been prosecuted convicted and sent to jail for writing some threats online on facebook. the court saying that the standard was not met, the prosecution said all he had to do was post someone that a reasonable person could see as
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threaten, the supreme court said that was not enough and they overturned his conviction. one pilot died and another is recovering after their planes collided in midair. look at this h. you can see one plane hit the other while they were flying. this was in italy. they dropped quickly into the ocean. rescue crews found one of the pilots underneath the wreck. the other pilot died. meanwhile, a nine-year-old girl was seriously hurt after a cash slammed into a wall at the airport in los angeles. you can see the car wedged into the wall here. the girl was standing on the sidewalk when the car suddenly veered from an outer lane and jumped the sidewalk. a second pedestrian was also seriously hurt. police say it looks like the 67-year-old driver of the car mixed up the gas and the brake pedal. secretary of state john kerry will fly home to the u.s. on a military c-17 transport plane. he's being treated after breaking his legging in a bike sent over the weekend. kerry's orthopedic surgeon will be with him on the flight from
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geneva. there will be military medical personnel on board the flight. he had been in geneva for a six hour series of meets with the iranian foreign minister. the two were working on the details of a controversial nuclear agreement. now there are concerns a lengthy period of rehappen could hamper those talks. for now he's taking part in the meetings remotely. senator lindsey graham has just made it official. he is running for president. folks thought he would. i'm here with carrie dann. graham has won in the state before. could he make a dent in the presidential election? >> nobody would call lindsey graham a front-runner. he's polling at 1%, 2% not even enough to make the initial cutoff for the republican primary debates this year but he could be a spoiler for two reasons. he's running as a foil to rand paul.
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he's hoping he can speak out with more hawkish ideas. more like along the lines of john mccain. he's from south carolina he could serve to be a bit of a spoiler in that key primary state. >> graham has been sharply critical of senator rand paul who paugt who will fought against nsa surveillance. is paul making head way with that? >> i wouldn't call senator rand paul a winner of a popularity contest. he brought senators to work on sunday pushing up against that midnight deadline. paul was victorious in successfully blocking the nsa metadata bulk collection but later in the week they'll probably pass a watered down version of that. but he brought to the forefront how the country has moved on this issue since the revelations of edward snowden. rand paul has led the charge on the issue of privacy rights and he won a victory, if only for the short term on sunday night.
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the republican race is getting crowded. now let's look at the democrats. we had martin o'malley join the group. is it three, four now of democrats? >> we have bernie sanders, hillary clinton and martin o'malley in the field right now. there might be one or two others coming. >> i think we are thinking there could be others. how is it looking? >> martin o'malley wants to position himself as a liberal alternative to hillary clinton. also occupying that space is vermont senator bernie sanders, he announced the previous week and bernie sanders is seeing a resurgence of popularity. he's filling the roll that elizabeth warren was filling in polling, that staunch liberal progressive spot. he's polling at almost 15%. martin o'malley is only at a percent or two. he's hoping after this announcement he can fulfill the role and say "look, guys i'm the electable progressive, not bernie sanders, and i'll be an alternative to hillary clinton for those not happy with her policies.
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requests ". >> busy in the 2015 election. thanks carrie dann. we'll look at our weather now. chuck? here's the satellite and radar combined. the heavy rain we had is long gone off the jersey coastline. we've broken out into an enormous amount of around here. temperatures have zoomed into the low and mid-80s already. this will only add fuel to the fire for range chances today. there's a ripple in the atmosphere across the ohio valley plus that plume of moisture coming our way. the combination of those factors will put the squeeze play on us. as a result we should ring out quite a bit in the way of rainfall amounts late tonight into the pre-dawn hours of tomorrow morning. for now all is quiet around there. team team storm team 4 radar scanning the shiez. i'll . paris is officially breaking up with one of the city's symbols of undying love. thousands of so-called love locks are being removed from a
11:22 am
bridge. for years couples have been writing their initials on padlocks attaching the locks into the bridge and throwing the ridge into the seine. last year one side of the bridge collapsed from the weight of the locks. the city is planning to replace the railings on the bridge with plexiglas. a father-daughter team in northern virginia recording their owned a ventures. we'll look at that their road
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google is making its privacy controls easier to understand. more than a billion people use google's digital services like gmail or google maps. now you can find all privacy controls in one place under the "my account" hub. you can see a checklist in order to find out which companies are gathering your information. you can also get advice about which settings you should change. >> we now know when you'll be able to use window's brand new os windows 10 comes out this july. the company said this new version is designed for your
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phone. if you already have windows, you can upgrade your system for free on july 29. a local father and daughter are on their way to hollywood and they're taping every minute. >> kyra moran and her dad gym are taping it. kyra is going to work with big time music executives. with their gopro attached to the dashboard, the two are documentsing their travels across the country. they're uploading their hilarious videos on youtube, on their channel dad versus daughter i guess they're calling it. in their first few episodes they've covered the top five songs that were never hits and the top five hottest kardashians. kyra moran is the granddaughter of former virginia congressman jim moran. >> give her something to remember. >> nice thing for a father and daughter to have a road trip together. >> absolutely. >> you can't get away from them when you're sitting in the car.
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>> that watchful eye is on you. >> he can tell her anything he wants to. >> for the first time actor tracy morgan is speaking out following a deadly bus crash. we skippy!! yippee!! fun fun fun! shiny! you never listen! what? is someone talking? ♪ skippy!! ♪ ♪ yippee!! ♪ i'm bored. hashtag bored. skippy!! yippee!! look a ride! (vo) made with the funnest peanuts ever! skippy. yippee!! ♪
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a year after a deadly car accident that nearly cost him his life tracy morgan is speaking exclusively with matt lauer. morgan says he looks forward to doing what he does best. >> i love comedy. i'll never stop loving her. i love comedy and i can't wait to get back to her. but right now my goal is to heal and get better because i'm not 100% yet. i'm not. when i'm there you'll know it. i'll make you laugh, i promise you. >> reporter:i >> morgan was injured last june when a walmart tractor-trailer trashed into a limo on the new jersey turnpike. his friend james mcnair died in
11:27 am
that crash. last week walmart and morgan reached an undisclosed settlement. i told you i'd show you how much rain the computer is estimated we may be getting and the amounts are impressive. could get upwards of an inch and a half of the two inches. there could be pockets towards northern counties two two inches of rain. in southern maryland some rainfall amounts could be excessive, computer estimating between three or four inches of more of rain across parts of southern maryland. this could be a problem for us. lots of our southeastern suburbs had an inch of rain this morning so when you pile this much more rainfall you could have flooding issues. we'll talk more about that and show you the seven-day forecast coming up. >> the smithsonian's museum of african-american history and culture will put artifacts from a sunken slave ship on display. the museum is still under construction and is scheduled to open in the fall.
11:28 am
the ship sank along the coast of south africa. the objects were retrieved just this year. you'll be able to see used weigh the ship down, the artifacts you'll see. also copper fastenings that held the structure of the ship together. after the
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this just in. an american woman has died in a lion attack in south africa.
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we're just getting media reports out of johannesburg that the woman was in a passenger seat of a personal vehicle driving through a lion park, a popular tourist spot there in johannburg her window was apparently open and according to witnesses a female lion reached in and bit the woman. she died while she was being treated by paramedics there. the driver also hurt trying to fight off the lion. the park says there are directions and signs posted all over the property telling visitors to keep their windows closed. the u.s. embassy is aware of the incident and said it's prepared to help if called upon. i'm aaron gilchrist at the live desk. as of midnight the government is no longer allowed to snoop on your phone records. the senate is back in at noon today to change that. nbc's tracie potts has a look at how this happened and other tools the white house says it needs to track terrorists. >> reporter: the government can no phone records, track lone wolf terrorists or use roving wiretaps to trace
11:32 am
suspects who change phones. >> that tools give us better ability to see the tactical moves that individual terrorist groups are making. >> reporter: those provisions of the patriot act expired at midnight. >> isn't this program as critical as it's ever been since its inception given the fact that the middle east is literally on fire and we are losing everywhere? >> reporter: fellow republican rand paul blocked it. he's running for president. critics accuse him of putting politics over national security. >> some of them i think secretly want there to be an attack on the united states so they can blame it on me. >> reporter: the senate failed to renew the patriot act or as its alternative, the usa freedom act that would leave phone records were w company companies but allow a government search. >> i'm strangly in favor of pro ted kennedying privacy rights but we have to be aware we're under threat. >> the senate could fix this within days. mitch mcconnell says he'll back the freedom act, which he
11:33 am
opposed. in a statement, the white house is urging the senate to act quickly on this. tracie potts, nbc news washington. police in georgia killed a man who shot four people, including his own parents. this surveillance video shows jeffrey scott pitts walking into a liquor store then shooting the clerk and customers. apparently there was a discrepancy over an unpaid bill. the clerk and the customer both died. police say after this pitts went home and shot his parents. when officers arrived a president house pitts opened fire there. that's when they shot and killed him. pitts' parents are in stable condition this morning. an off duty d.c. police officer is expected to be okay after being shot in michigan. in dearborn, the officer was a passenger in this suv when someone tried to carjack it the officer and another man were both shot. the suv was riddled with bullet holes. both men were rushed to the hospital and they are expected to be okay. pat?
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metro says it has fixed two separate track problems on the red line that may have made you late. arcing insulators are to blame for the delays. for an hour trains were single-tracking in both directions apt the friendship heights metro station. after crews fixed that problem maintenance crews had another problem to fix. an arcing insulator near the bethesda station. even though both problems were fixed relatively quickly, delays lasted about two hours. in just a few minutes, members of the family brewedly murdered in their nest home will be laid to rest. savvas savopoulos his wife amy and their ten-year-old son phillip will be laid to rest at st. sophia greek orthodox cathedral. their housekeeper was also killed. police arrested daron wint for the murder after a multistate man hundrethhunt manhunt. d.c. police are remaining quay et about whether more people
11:35 am
will be arrested. the political world mourns the loss of the vice president's son beau binden. he succumbed to brain cancer on saturday at the age of 46. biden was an iraq war veteran, considered it hadthe front-runner to become the next governor. if you want to send your thoughts to the bidens, the white house set up a page on line where you can send a note directly to the family. this afternoon, a woman accused of killing her husband will be in court. larlain brown and one other person are facing charges in the death of 73-year-old cecil brown. he was found beaten to death in his backyard. the wife said at the time she didn't know who would kill her husband. the browns had been married for 51 years. a woman accused of murdering a virginia tech student will be sentenced today. jessica ewing was charged with
11:36 am
strangling samantha sheafa last year. sheafa was from vienna virginia. ewing facing 20 years to life in prison. there was never a trial in this case ewing entered an alford plea. that mean she is admits her innocence but admits the state has enough evidence to convict her. in maryland doctors are treating someone they think may have ebola. the baltimore health commissioner says the person has ebola-like symptoms but doctors haven't confirmed whether this is a new case. the person recently rerned from sierra leone according to the "washington post." here's how future weather paints o tut next couple days. showers developing to the west of the immediate washingtonary ya but with time by 4:00 5:00 6:00 tobts, a very rapid expansion of the locations that are actually getting rained on. and potentially very heavy rain one to two inches of rain per hour rainfall rates are possible
11:37 am
starting about 6:00 7:00 8:00 this evening. so really between 7:00 and midnight that's when the heaviest of the rains will be moving through. seven day forecast shows unsettled weather for the next couple days but noticeably cooler near 90 today. back into the '70s for the rest of the work week. in less than 30 minutes, a group of local lawmakers will announce new funding for homes and bridges. they will introduce the "save our national parks" transportation act. they'll make the announcement at the arlington memorial bridge. the act will authorize more than $460 million in funding for roads and bridges that are quickly deteriorating. >> reporter: the kutz bridge in the district will undergo repair. it runs along independence avenue by the tidal basin. the crews will widen the south sidewalk so it complies with the
11:38 am
americans with disabilities and and provides more room for pedestrians and cyclists work is expected to last through early fall. the plane attempting to fly around the world without a drop of fuel is making an unscheduled stop in japan. bad weather is forcing the solar impulse to land. it began in abu dhabi. the plane left china on the seventh and longest leg of the trip. a five day 5,000 mile flight to hawaii. once the storm passes the solar impulse will take off for the alowea aloha state. and how singer enrique iglesias that got hurt on stage. you should see how he had to hold his hand behind him. plus there search for the owner of a rare apple
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11:40 am
the great falls park is increasing its prices for campers and visitors. in great falls park the prices are doubling so make sure you go to our web site or app to find out more information. we have all the details there. back to you eun. >> we'll check it out, thanks brittany. brittany is one of our social media editors at nbc washington. other big stories online, this woman, harriet thompson, is now the oldest woman ever to fin arab marathon. she ran the race in san diego in the time of 7:24. she's 92 years and 65 days old. how about that? the former record holder was just a month and a half younger. just amazing. makes you want to run. we have this video to show you from yesterday's nationals game. a lot of you are not too happy about this. watch this at-bat from reds star joey votto closely. he gets a walk after only three
11:41 am
balls. the rules say, as you know it's four balls for a walk but somehow no one noticed. votto came around to score, too, and the nationals lost the game. keep a
11:42 am
a recycling firm is offering a $100,000 reward to the woman who dropped off a rare apple computer. it's similar to this one. it's one of only 2800 made by steve jobs and steve wozniak. the firm says the woman dropped off boxes of what she thought was junk from her husband in april. the firm couldn't believe what they found when they opened the boxes weeks later. the computer fetched $200,000 at auction. the company wants to give the woman her half of that money. and we have a flash flood watch an hour or so ago was expanded to include more of northern and northwestern virginia. now the watch goes from
11:43 am
winchester and shenandoah and page counties all the way eastbound to the bay. i suspect the weather service may expand it to include calvert and st. mary's county. the potential is there for everyone to get more than an inch two to three inches of rain are a possibility overnight tonight into the first part of the day tomorrow. today 88. tomorrow clouds and cooler and showers 70s. you are paying more for gas than a few weeks ago. the national average is $2.75 today. in d.c. a gallon of regular will cost you $2.85. that same gas will cost you $2.71 in maryland. in virginia the price is $2.52 per gallon and in west virginia an average gallon of regular is at 2.75 right in line with the national price. after the break, why
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11:45 am
11:46 am
it's june 1 and hurricane season starts today. nbc tells us the things you need to know to be prepared. >> reporter: although forecasters are saying this will likely be a slow year for hurricanes they do offer this reminder. it only takes one bad hurricane to make a bad hurricane season. also remember what's causing the damage during a hurricane.
11:47 am
>> storm surge is the greater threat to life in a hurricane. it's the water that kills, not the wind in a hurricane. >> reporter: though not from a hurricane, the recent floods in texas drive home that point and why the insurance industry says now's the time to update the inventory of valuables around your home just in case you lose something during a hurricane or any other disaster. taking pictures of or videoing or keeping a log of all their personal property. >> reporter: monica lynn zeendean is president of the national association of insurance commissioners and says remember the valuables outside your home. >> you have valuable stuff in your garage and storage buildings. >> reporter: she says let the first day of the hurricane season be the day to review your homeowners insurance policy. >> make sure you have to coverage you'll need in case of an event.
11:48 am
>> reporter: don't wait until the aftermath of a disaster like a hurricane. nbc news. around here we have our own flooding threat moving in late this afternoon into the evening and potentially the overnight hours tonight the number run rule you should take out of all the video we've shown from texas, when you see a water-covered road don't drive into it. turn around don't drown. we finished the number one warmest may on record. may finished more than seven degrees warmer than average so cooler weather as we get into meteorological summer. weather slowdowns, not much to worry about during the afternoon hours but during the tail end of the evening rush things could get dicey. and depending on how long the rain lasts, it could have an impact on your tuesday morning commute as well. drag queens activists and others are planning a protest outside of facebook's headquarters today over the social media company's real maim policy. facebook riersz requires users to
11:49 am
give only real names. facebook says it's been working with groups on how to implement its rules. i'm landon dowdy, that's your cnbc morning business report. >> i'm lindsey graham and i'm running for president of the united states. [ cheers and applause ] just like that south carolina senator lindsey graham joined the race to the white house. he made the announcement in his hometown of central, south carolina. he's the ninth candidate to enter the increasingly crowded republican field of potential presidential candidates. in just a few minutes, the senate will gavel in and begin working to allow the nsa to resume collecting your phone data again. senator rand paul forced expiration of the data collection in a rare sunday session yesterday. . it's a debate his supporters wanted to get into. the super pac sporting paul blasted out a fiery attack ad
11:50 am
ahead of yesterday's session. have a listen. >> sunday sunday sunday get ready, america, for the biggest brawl of the century. >> yesterday ended a showdown between both kentucky senators majority leader mitch mcconnell and rand paul who is running for president. paul has angered mcconnell and other potential political allies. right now the senate appears set to pass a house bill and data catholics will begin again within days. pat? this week nbc 4 is proud to be working with organizations in our area that need your help. it's part of an effort called do more 24 coordinated by the united way. president and ceo rosie allen-herring told me how it got started. >> there's a huge gap that needs to be filled. it's an opportunity for us to rally as a region. >> do more 24 takes place on thursday and we have a link to the 600 participating nonprofits on
11:51 am
after the break, a high school graduation melody has gone viral. pat will show you the dance moves. we'll be right back.
11:52 am
is. singer enrique iglesias hurt his hand trying to handle a drone during a concert. iglesias was performing in mexico saturday night when he tried to taken a audience point of view picture with that drone that was above him. his hand got caught though, in the blades slicing his fingers. despite his bloody hand iglesias continued performing for 30 minutes more. after the concert, he apparently headed to los angeles to see a specialist. this was pretty scary. looks like he was pretty badly hurt but he kept on going. pat? >> what a trouper. we're getting look at a lively graduation. check this out.
11:53 am
♪ girl sent you, hallelujah ♪ ♪ uptown funk don't give it to you, don't believe me just watch ♪ >> reporter: meet the graduating class. the seniors performed a 10-minute song-and-dance routine during last week's commencement ceremony. apparently this is a tradition at the school. can't wait to see what seniors come up with next year. wow. >> they're pretty good weren't they? >> very good and glad to get out, apparently. >> i'm sure. after the break, why everyone seems to be chatting about kim kardashian on social media. >> and we'll tell you why
11:54 am
police are searching for the man convicted of stalking actress mila kunis. he escaped from a mental health facility over the week en.
11:55 am
stewart lynn dunn apparently left the facility in pa mona california last night. he pleaded no contest the felony stalking in 2013. he was ordered to steer clear of kunis for ten years as part of a plea deal. it's been trending on twitter for hours now. kim kardashian is pregnant again. . the news broke during last night's episode of "keeping up with the kardashians." after the episode aired people started tweeting no matter what sex the baby turns out to be it should be named south. southwest. kim and kanye west's first child is named north. she'll turn two later this month. new on news four midday. e.l. james just announce shed's working on a new "if i havetyfifty shades of grey." she dedicates the book to "those readers who asked and asked and asked and asked for this." chuck? all right, we have sunshine still out there for now but with
11:56 am
time more clouds will bubble up and that will turn into increasing rain chances. last flood watching are posted for the entire metropolitan area. starting at noon minutes from now and going all the way through the midnight hours. some places could get in excess of two to three inches of rain. so be very weather aware as you make your plans to go out and about this evening and late tonight. 88 degrees for a high today. then cooler noticeably cooler weather for tuesday and wednesday. plenty of clouds around and the heavy rain threat is focused on this evening and overnight tonight. tomorrow just scattered showers. the weekend is looking at least okay. >> good news. did you bring your umbrella? >> i did. and my grass needs the drink so we'll take it. >> we need it around here. >> that's news 4 midday. joining us again this afternoon for news 4 at 4:00 5:00 6:00 and tonight at 11:00. and of course tomorrow at.
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>> jj: well, i'm--i'm glad that--that i ran into you. i know you said not to talk to you. >> paige: i said never to talk to me. >> jj: i know. >> paige: but i was so angry and hurt. maybe we should talk. >> jj: really? >> paige: yeah. you know, it's not every girl who gets to ask their boyfriend who was better in bed, me or mom. you know, i just think i'll die if you say my mom's a better kisser than i am. no, you know what? i don't think i want to talk to you after all. >> jennifer: i don't think you should be here right now. >> eve: i don't give a damn what you think, jennifer. my daughter's life has been destroyed, and it's all your fault.


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