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tv   News4 Today  WRC  June 30, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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killed gildersleeve and seven others. it took a curve at 100 miles an hour and he was in the front car when it derailed. today, d.c. is taking steps to honor a fallen firefighter. kevin mcrae died while fighting a fire last month. the d.c. council will introduce a resolution to make november 22 lieutenant kevin mcrae day this year. that's his birthday. he would have been turned 45 years old. the high water advisory for the upper potomac river has been extended. boaters are urged to avoid it. high rushing water can be dangerous for boaters and swimmers. that advisory will last through thursday. so we'll see an uptick in the humidity and the heat. >> yeah. >> that good weather that started off the workweek can't last forever. >> that old june and july thing gets you every year. let's turn to tom kierein and get a look at the weather headlines. >> it's not terribly humid but
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it's gotten steamier overnight. right now, don't have any rain or around the bay of the eastern shore. but to the west the patches of moving green, some light showers now, panhandle of west virginia. some of the pavement may be wet along 81 between winchester and hagerstown. a few of the light sprinkles will be passing off to the north and the west. this one near western loudoun county may make its way into frederick county, maryland a little sprinkle activity tracking through washington county now. temperatures we're right around 70, right in washington. nearby suburbs. prince george's, montgomery, fairfax counties in the mid 60s. this threat zone, it could protice some damaging winds later this afternoon. look at your drive time forecast next weather and traffic on the 1s at 4:41. now we have some slowdowns this morning. melissa what's happening with that? >> pulled up a map to show you where we're slow here. through laurel on 95 going 40
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miles per hour. that's because of this, i have a camera on this, 95 southbound near 198. the left lane is blocked. the left side of the screen we have more volume than normal. about two miles worth of slowdowns. two miles worth of slowdowns. virginia, 123 at gordon boulevard, northbound and southbound, no problems. same thing when you look 59 prince george's county. no major issues and 270 into and out of town looking food. back in ten minutes. weather and traffic on the 1s. molette green at the live desk with a developing story. a high speed bullet train stopped in its tracks when a passenger set himself on fire. this happened midnight our time in japan. that passenger apparently poured oil over his head and lit it up filling the train with smoke. you can see the struggles with some passengers. the man has died and possibly one other person. at least eight others suffered smoke inhalation.
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back to you, aaron. >> thank you. it's coming up on 4:33. the convicted murderer who teamed up with another inmate to escape from prison is now spilling details about their time on the run. david sweat reportedly told police that he ditched richard matt days ago. sweat was arrested on sunday. now he tells police that matt was slowing him down. searchers say matt had blistered feet. we know the get away driver joyce mitchell didn't show up and the men ran for the canadian border traveling at night. sweat may have spent his last night in a camper. you see it right here. authorities say the men got their hands on food, a gun and supplies. sweat had maps bug repellent and pop-tarts when he was captured. a former inmate cleared of wrongdoing is filing a lawsuit against the districts of columbia. kevin martin is seeking $30 million for his wrong. conviction. take a look at a picture.
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this is after a judge exonerated him last year. district prosecutors found that dna evidence at the crime scene ruled martin out. he did spend 26 years in prison for a crime he didn't commit. martin was convicted of the 1982 killing of a woman in southeast washington. there's that picture after he was exonerated. a decision 2016 nbc news exclusive now. we just got a clip of matt lauer's interview with new jersey governor chris christie. today christie will become the 14th candidate to enter the race for the presidential nomination. expect blunt political talk today when he announces his bid in his hometown of livingston new jersey. coming up in the next hour we'll bring you some of the "today" show's interview with christie. so new this morning asian markets are on the rise and investors are hoping that the u.s. markets might recover today. yesterday, the dow tumbled as investors tried to deal with the possible greek default. today the greek government is supposed to repay about
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$1.8 billion in debt. now, if that doesn't happen, there are fears that greek debt crisis can lead to the messy exit from the european union. you can see people pulling out cash amid the uncertainty. today we will learn how well the district is come patting hiv. today muriel bowser releases the annual report on hiv and std. and it will reveal how many followed up with treatment. in 2012 the number of hiv cases in the district was consider at epidemic rates. today in northeast washington mayor bowser will break ground on a new senior apartment complex. >> construction is going to last about a year. it will offer 25 affordable senior apartments. the ground break willing start at 11:00 a.m. we are looking at 4:35 on this tuesday morning.
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taking a live look outside. we are preparing for some more rain in the day ahead. will you need the wipers to or from work? tom is putting together your drive time forecast. he'll bring that to us at 4:41. there are new calls for the washington redskins to change their name and the movement could soon have a lot of support. the megachurch now pushing the team to make a change. and the opm data drama continues. how the massive breach is now impacting federal workers applying for security clearance. and plus details about the pope's visit to d.c. could become a bit clearer. what we're the answer to treating
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welcome back at 4:39. a church with more than a million members now calling on the nfl and the redskins to change the team's name. the united church of christ passed a resolution yesterday. it called the team's name racially offensive. many american indians say it's a racial slur. the church asked the members to boycott all the games this year and to refuse to buy merchandise. if you feel like today is a longer day it is only but only by one second. it's called the leap second and it's needed this year so we can is sync up with the earth rotation. there are concerns that the computer systems cannot accommodate the extra second. let's hope everything doesn't crash. >> i'm sure my iphone can handle it. >> well, the stocks are closing 30 minutes early. >> because of this? >> because of all the computers
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being synced up. >> it's a second. >> but apparently we have to do this three seconds every year since 1972, but haven't been doing them every year. weather and traffic on the 1s at 4:40. tom kierein will start things off this go round. >> we're starting off with a few scattered sprinkles off to our west. panhandle of west virginia and they're moving off to the north and east and just a few of these here, little patches of light green right along 340, in frederick and charlestown to route 7. then north of there, north of martinsburg, a few sprinkles. this one here now near charlestown will make it over to frederick. trying this morning and midday will be fine. it's this afternoon and this evening when some scattered storms come through that we could have some wet pavement and dark skies and flashes of lightning for the afternoon. but the morning commute bright sunshine.
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temperatures will be in the low 70s through much of the morning commute. then the clouds close in with those scattered thundershowers during the afternoon. some roads may be wet. we'll be in the mid and upper 80s. it will be more humid too. a look at our severe threats for the day ahead and the fourth of july weekend next weather and traffic on the 1s at 4:51. melissa is looking at delays early on this tuesday. >> brand-new problem here. this just popped up. northbound parkway, a car fire. looks like it's off to the shoulder but we have a response there and it could be slowing things down a tad. maryland 95 south at 198 the left lane is blocked as you're headed southbound. with a 2 1/2 mile backup because of this late clearing road work here this morning. wide look at the beltway, don't have any major problems as you look at the beltway, 66 here looks quite good. so does 95 northbound and southbound. don't have any big issues there and then 270 at montrose road, northbound and southbound, no problems. everything out of the way.
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doing to keep an eye on the fire and have more in ten minutes. summer can be a rough time for families when it comes to eating a healthy meal or at all in some places. but prince george's county schools hope to help where kids can get -- can eat for free from now until august. >> we're keeping tabs on a military plane crash in indonesia. molette green is going to join us with that from the live desk
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i'm molette green at the live desk with a developing story. an indonesian military plane crashed in a residential neighborhood. this happened a few hours ago and air force officials tell us c-130 went off a few minutes after takeoff. we know at least 20 people are dead, but the death toll could be rising here. engine trouble appears to be the
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cause. that is the latest from the live desk. we'll be following this story throughout the morning. back to you. >> thank you. it's 4:45 now. this morning a massive federal database is shut down. federal workers and government contractors used the system to apply for security clearance. now they will have to wait longer. the office of personnel management discovered a flaw in the database known as e-qip. short for electronic questionnaires for investigations. we spoke with frances rose in d.c. and he says there's a high level of frustration about all this. >> 100% cyber security isn't realistic in the environment we live in today. everybody is either going to be hacked or is going to be targeted for a hack. >> opm says the move is not a direct result of malicious activity. the agency says quote, rather, it is taking this step pro
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activity as a result of our comprehensive security assessment to ensure the on going security of the network. the system could be shut down for four to six weeks. and the largest union representing workers is suing the opm over this bleach. the american federation of government employees is accusing the feds of negligence. the suit says opm had been warned for years of problems with the data security and failed to take the steps to safeguard employee information. it's not clear what damage -- what kind of damage the union is seeking here. the union is seeking a class action lawsuit. we are watching this morning to see if u.s. stocks will recover from their worst day in two years. asian markets are trading a little higher this morning. that's a positive sign for investors feeling uncertain over two developing debt crisises. nbc's tracie potts joining us now. can you walk us through how all of this is going to affect us? >> reporter: absolutely, angie. if you have a 401(k), retirement account, any investment in the market, watch the opening bell
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to see if we have a duplicate of yesterday. there are two crises that are having an impact here. let's start in greece. because they have got long lines at the atms. their banks are closed for a week. so they have a $1.8 billion debt payment that is due today. it is expected they may not be able to pay it. massive demonstrations about that financial situation overnight. and then in puerto rico coming up in a couple of days could be a similar situation. debt payments due. the governor says are unpayable. $70 billion in debt and a lot of u.s. bonds are invested there. one out of every five u.s. bonds have some investment in puerto rico. so that's how it's going to affect you. a lot of people our experts are invested and don't realize it because it's part of their portfolio. so that's why we're watching it closely. in washington, the white house is giving advice to puerto rico but they don't plan a federal bailout. this is not going to fall on the taxpayers. >> tracie potts breaking it
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down, thank you. 4:48. right now the iranian foreign minister is on his way to vienna to try to finalize a nuclear deal with secretary of state john kerry. today is the deadline day for that final deal. by all accounts negotiators are likely to miss the deadline and extend talks into tomorrow. the group still appears to disagree on how big the nuclear research program can be in iran and they're negotiating over access to iran's military sites. the fbi on high alert after warnings of potential isis inspired attacks over the fourth of july holiday. there were ramped up security efforts in new york last night. no specific threat has been made. white house officials say they remain vigilant. >> our intelligence community and our national security professionals have long identified so-called lone wolf attack as one of the most dangerous threats that they face. >> no word on any security changes here in d.c. heading
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into the holiday weekend. the fence did go up around the national mall ahead of the annual fourth of july celebration, but that happens every year. the vatican is expected to announce the pope's final schedule for his trip to the u.s. the announcement is expected to happen around 8:00 this morning. in september pope francis will celebrate a mass outside the basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate reception in northwest d.c. he is also expected to visit the white house and speak before congress and he will address the united nations and he'll make a stop in philadelphia for the world meeting of families. a controversial bill about vaccinations is now on the governor's desk in california. right now, parents there can choose not to vaccinate their kids if they don't believe in it. well the new rule would end that. and those who don't get their kids vaccinated would have to home school them. >> the key here is that our children's schooli taken away from them because they weren't -- because parents don't want to fully vaccinate
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them. >> we took steps with this bill so that we can again re-establish that community immunity we need to protect our schools and our community. >> lawmakers introduced the bill after a measles outbreak at disneyland that made 150 people sick. children in need will be able to get free lunch in prince george's county public schools this summer. six elementary schools are participating in summer food service program. the library system in prince george's county also offering free summer lunches. we'll post the complete list and times on the washington app. today our fallen heroes will be remembered in the district. a candle light vigil will be held tonight at the national law enforcement memorial in northwest. that takes place between 8:00 and 10:00 tonight. last night more local heroes competed in day four of the world police and fire games. one of the many competitions was the five on five basketball. the games last through sunday. we have more coverage on our nbc washington app. all you have to do is click
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police and fire games. oh, boy there it is. oh! >> yeah. nice. a d.c. firefighter celebrating after becoming one of the top 20 qualifiers on "american ninja warrior." last night, mike bernardo set the course on fire. the d.c. firefighter and paramedic rebounded from the early exit last season to wind up in the top 20 last night. >> we're not saving the world, we've not curing the cancer or curing hunger but this represents the struggles we face every day and to help others and so i'm going to keep doing it as long as i can. >> bernardo moves on to the city finals for a chance to head to vegas. good for him. >> i'm thinking he could make it. >> yeah.
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>> definitely has the drive. he's come back. probably made him really hungry when he got cut last season. turn to tom kierein. did you see the moon this morning? >> yeah. >> beautiful. >> i was coming up nebraska avenue and it was fat. that's the world coming into my mind. >> big yellow moon. we have the humidity back. that's why the moon is yellow, because we have haze in the air this morning. it's because of the humidity pushing in. we're getting a few light showers. that moving area of green, that's in the panhandle of west virginia and western maryland. a little flash of lightning there in southwestern pennsylvania. but that's way west of us. and that little sprinkle activity that we have had just to the north of leesburg, that's pretty much dissipating. but that might move toward frederick along 340 over the next half hour or so.ratures right now, 60s in the suburbs and rural areas of maryland and virginia and west virginia this morning. but it is a little more humid, haze in the air.
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low 70s to our south and near the chesapeake bay. low and mid 70s. then by 8:00 this morning, still with some sunshine. much of the metro area it will be mild and up around the low 70s. by noon, the mid 80s. then it's mid to late in the afternoon early evening some scattered showers and thundershowers coming through. temperatures in the upper 80s by then. might get near 90 by 3:00. but this yellow zone a zone of potential of severe weather and includes much of maryland and virginia and the panhandle of west virginia. for later this afternoon. some of the storms coming through, the main severe threats would be in the form of high winds and may cause some damage. only a low risk of an isolated tornado. little higher risk maybe of some hail or brief heavy rain. but the main risk for this afternoon is from damaging winds from some of those isolated storms perhaps 3:00 to 8:00 p.m. less humid on wednesday and partly cloudy. then a chance of afternoon storms on thursday and friday. maybe a morning or afternoon
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thundershower on friday. fourth of july looking good for the fourth on saturday. partly cloudy mid 80s. a chance of more storms sunday and monday. melissa is looking at delays early on this tuesday. >> delays on this tuesday and breaking news right now, tom. take a look at this. sent in to first 4 traffic by one of the twitter followers. this is b.w. parkway northbound there at 202 landover road. right now a car fire has two right lanes shut down. so a warning there if you're headed out any time soon. police and fire response on the scene and then of course that tow truck to get things out of the way. another issue here, maryland 95 southbound live camera at 198, the left lane is blocked here. two mile backup from late clearing road work. right now prince george's county looking quite good. nice and green. no major problems or construction there in the way. 95 here in virginia at dale city, also rolling along quite nicely. and taking a look at 66 into town, out of town, not having any issues here this morning. remember to listen to our friends on wtop 103.5 when you
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hop in your car for the latest on traffic. >> thank you. it's something that the i-team has been investigating for a year and today major changes could be on the way to a local liquor agency. what's expected to happen that could soon allow wholesale orders. new details life's morning multitasking.
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>> police in prince george's county dealing with a spate of shootings. three people were shot and killed in bowie last month -- in the last month. the latest happened early saturday. terrence zackery was found face down and shot on patriot lane. there's a $25,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest. no word on a suspect here. earlier this month, there were two shootings police believe were related. the first happened june 1, the second two weeks later. the suspects have been arrested in both of the cases. you will still need to show a good reason to get a permit to carry a concealed handgun in the district. at the district's request, a federal judge is allowing d.c. to enforce its current law while the legal battle goes on. it requires potential gun owners to prove they have a good reason to fear for their lives or property in order to obtain a permit. the same federal judge struck that down -- that law down at first. some lawmakers are pushing for change inside of troubled liquor agency. the news4 i-team has been
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investigating for more than a year over the last year, in fact. the ad hoc liquor control committee set a meeting after problems were exposed withthe liquor control. some involved glitches for ordering alcohol and today the recommend the lawmakers amend the state law to allow private businesses to sell wholesale special order beer instead of the county. a public hearing on the resolution will be held next month. to read the resolution visit the app. this is like the ultimate sleepover. today, michelle obama is hosting 50 girl scouts for a camp out. they will pitch tents and there will be rock climbing and star gazing. it is national meteor day if you didn't know that. a good opportunity to look for some stars maybe. it's a new part of the let's move campaign called let's move outside. this is the first ever white house campout. it will be interesting to see some of the pictures that come from that. >> they'll have a blast.
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you know it's also great outdoors month. that and they'll walk away with a badge so they're earning it. stay with us. "news4 today" continues right now at 5:00 a.m. >> "news4 today" starts now. >> 5:00 on the dot. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm angie goff in for eun yang. welcome to "news4 today." are you ready for it? things will warm up again. >> we knew it was coming. tom kierein has a look at the headlines this morning. >> yeah. it's gotten more humid too. we have a clear sky in washington but to the best clouds are two deucing -- producing scattered light sprinkles. those are staying well west of the metro area. the closest shower is coming in southwestern washington county that's going to scoot there and then move into frederick co


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