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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  July 1, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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trees down, buildings and cars damaged. power knocked out. this morning we are all over the region as we clean up from a summer storm that packed a powerful punch. >> reporter: the gas station was no match forst night's store. surveillance video of the exact moments when this went down. we'll here from workers to find out what happens next. >> and those showers and thunderstorms last night are now out of the area. sun shine has returned but for how long? your forecast coming right up. >> plus standing by at the white house all eyes on washington as the u.s. prerepairs the
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relationship with cuba in a big way. news 4 midday starts right now. >> right now crews are fanned out across the area picking up the damage left behind from the powerful storms. high winds knocking down trees and power lines across the area. fox hall remains closed between cathedral avenue and haw thorn streets. a canopy was ripped off a gas station in prince george's county. >> jackzachary is there with video showing the exact moment the canopy came down. >> reporter: check out the shell gas station here. the sign in front of me says $2.84 but they are not pumping any gas today nature that storm rolled through this town and did work on the canopy and this
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morning they're trying to pick up the pieces. they pointed and clicked. there was a talk this morning. big news for the town. >> this is the biggest. we had somebody drive through the bay door one time. they decided they were at daytona or something. >> reporter: the video shows it all. the canopy at the shell station took a tumble just before 1:30 this morning, on its side. the result of the wind and rain that ripped through the area last night. a lot of the talk around the shop here is that it's a glad thing no one was around when this thing came down. it's huge, and it's old. you can see there's an old bird's nest in here and also some broken sign. check out this crumbled mess. it's unbelievable what this thing did when it came down. a couple of the folks i talked to behind me some have worked here as many as 20 years. they said they didn't even
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recognize this place with the canopy sitting on the ground. >> i almost drove right by. i didn't recognize it with the roof off. i almost drove right by it. i was. >> reporter: gas station is closed but the shop is open at least two of the bays are. it's business as usual. there's work to get done and cars to get out. so the cranes can move in. the workers tell me the video shows a driver pulling out just before this canopy went down. now there is some electricians here and there's supposed to be a boom or something here to pull out this canopy later on today. reporting live in bowie. back to you in the studio. >> amtrak service is back to normal now. there were delays for a few hours between d.c. and philadelphia this morning of the weather. severe thunderstorms knocked down trees and power lines along the tracks over night.
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all of that debris has since been cleared. the overnight storms caused this mess on the fredericksburg line thing. take a look. showing rocks falling from the tracks above this. this is at the eisenhower connecter. crews checked it out and said the lines are safe. >> restore4,000 without power in d.c. and dominion virginia power is reporting about 3,000 outages. most of the outages are in fairfax countys. chuck is in the storm center. a calmer day today? >> way calmer outside today. here's the satellite and radar review. overnight last night there's the line of thunderstorms that came racing through between midnight and 2:00 in the morning. quite a bit of lightning and heavy rain as well. there you can see the complex of thunderstorms going up the i-95
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corridor. they're into parts of northern new england. storm team 4 radar right now is clear of any rainfall. that is welcome news. temperatures have made it into the upper 70s and almost 80s. it's a warm day to be on the outside today. a summer soaker. glad to see the month of june come to an end. just shy of 12 inches of rain. our second wettest june on record. the weather headlines for today. sun shine, at least for now. but rain chances are increasing again before we get to the weekend, and we'll also be talking about the fourth of july forecast. >> standing by now for president obama to speak on cuba about reopening embassies here in washington and in havana. president obama will be speaking from the white house rose garden. you can see the podium. this is something that is going to happen for the first time in more than half a century. july 20th, we hear, is the date
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set to reopen the embassies. this is part of a big diplomatic plan we found out about in december. since then they are allowed for some new economic ties but, again, the big formal announcement coming from the president in just moments about reopening embassies in washington and havana. as soon as the president comes out, we'll come back and take that live. >> thank you. breaking news right now. on the scene of a car crash that crashed into a liquor store. tracy? >> reporter: yes. we're told by the ems that this driver accidentally accelerated and ended up in this building. that week is still stuck inside of the building. they have to make sure that the building is shored up before they try to remove the vehicle. the good news is the driver made it out safely. she was stuck in there for a while but was able to get out
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and is walking around just fine. does not even need to be transported which is a miracle when you take a look at all the debris that's there. no one injured inside of the store either. prince george's county fired emf scene. no information about possible charges but it is good news that no one was injured. back to you in the studio. >> thank you tracee, the fourth of july holiday close here. we now have a warning here that president obama is going to be speaking here in the next couple of minutes. he's going to be speaking from the white house, talking about cuba u.s. cuba relations. he's going to announce that the u.s. and cuban embassies are going to be reopening in washington and havana and this will be happening for the first time in 50 years. you can see the live picture right now waiting for president obama to begin speaking here at any moment. this is something we were talking agent just a couple of
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minutes ago and that's something that's been in the news a lot and we've talked about a lot in the news the last couple of weeks. how things are changing and being revamped. we are taking a live look at the white house. the president expected to speak in just a couple of minutes from the white house there. talking more about u.s. and cuba relations, talking about the embassies and as mo let green was telling us the embassies will be reopening. we're talking about one embassy in washington and another embassy in havana. this is the first time this will happen in about 50 years. we are following this breaking news as we keep an eye podium there in the rose garden of the white house. >> and this is just considered one of the biggest steps in securing this relationship and bettering this relationship between both of these countries but as you can expect, this is only the beginning. there is already talk of pushback from lawmakers that don't agree with this and as you
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can see right here at the white house, we have president obama along with the vice president talking about the cuban embassies reopening. >> more than 54 years ago, at the height of the cold war, the united states closed its embassy in havana. today i can announce that the united states has agreed to formally reestablish diplomatic relations with the republican of cuba and reopen embassies in our respective countries. this is a historic step forward in our efforts to normalize relationships with the cuban people and begin a new chapter with our neighbors in the americas. when the united states shuttered our embassy in 1961, i don't think anyone expected that it would be more than half a century before it reopened. our nations are separated by only 90 miles and the deep bonds of family and friendship between our people. but there have been very real, profound differences between our
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governments and sometimes we allow ourselves to be trapped by a certain way of doing things. for the united states that meant clinging to a policy that was not working instead of support supporting democracy for the cuban people. it had the on sit effect isolating the united states from our neighbors in this hem hemisphere. the progress today is another demonstration that we don't have to be imprisoned by the past. we can and will change when something isn't working. last december i announced the united states and cuba decided to take steps to normalize our relationship. as part of the effort, the president of cuba and i worked to reestablish the embassies. since then our state department has worked to reestablish the goal. we will proudly raise the american flag over our embassy
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once more. this is not merely symbolic. with this change, we will be able to substantially increase our contacts with the cuban people. we'll have more personnel at our embassy and our diplomats will have the ability to engage more broadly across the island. that will include the cuban government, civil society, and ordinary cubans who are reaching for a better life. on issues of common interest like counterterrorism, disaster response and development, we will find new ways to cooperate with cuba and i've been clear that we will continue to have serious differences that will include our support for freedom of speech and assembly and the ability to access information, and we'll not hesitate to speak out when we see actions that contradiction our values. but the best way to support our values is through engagement.
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we've allowed for greater travel people to people and commercial ties between the united states and cuba and we will continue to do so going forward. since december we've seen enormous enthusiasm for this new approach. leaders across the americas have expressed support for our change in policy. you heard that expressed by the president of brazil yesterday. public opinion surveys in both our countries show broad support for this engagement. one cuban said i've prepared for this all my life. another said this is like a shot of oxygen. one cuban teacher said we are neighbors. now we can be friends. here in the united states, we've seen that same enthusiasm. there are americans who want to travel to cuba and american businesses who want to invest in cuba. american colleges and universities that want to partner with cuba. above all americans want to get to know their neighbors to the south and through that
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engagement, we can also help the cuban people improve their own lives. one cuban american looked forward to opening the lines of communications another said you can't hold the future of cuba hostage for what happened in the past. this is a choice wean thebetween the future and the past. we are ready to move forward. i believe it's time for congress to do the same. i've called on congress to lift the embargoes that prevents americans from traveling and doing business in cuba. why should washington stand in the way of our own people? if there are those who want to turn back the clock own double down on a policy of isolation, but it's long past time for us to realize this approach doesn't work. it shuts america out of cuba's future and it only makes life worse for the cuban people. i asked congress to listen to
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the cuban and american people and listen to the words of a proud cuban american who recently came out against the policy of the past saying i wonder if the cubans who have to stand in line for the most basic necessities for hours in the hot havana sun feel that this approach is helpful to them. nobody expects cuba to be transformed overnight but i believe that engagement through our businesses and our people is the best way to advance our interests and support for democracy and human rights. time and again america has demonstrated out leadership is our capacity to change. a year ago it might have seemed impossible that the united states would be raising our flag once again, the stars and stripes over an embassy in havana. this is what change looks like. in january of 1961 the year i was born, when president
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eisenhower announced the termination of our relations with cuba, he said it is my hope and my conviction that it is in the not too disassistant future it will be possible for us to have normal relations in every sort. well, it took a while, but i believe that time has come and a better future lies ahead. thank you very much, and i want to thank some of my team who worked diligently to make this happen. they're here. they don't always get ak acknowledge acknowledge acknowledged. we're really proud of them. good work. >> mr. vice president >> so again, that's the president and the vice president walking away from the podium at the white house. the president announcing that they will reopen embassies in havana and washington on july 20th saying the u.s. has clung to the policy for far too long. >> he said this is a historic step forward in efforts to
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normalize the relationships and went onto say when you recognize that something isn't working, we can and will change and that is why they are doing this. in fact, secretary of state john kerri will be traveling to cuba this summer to raise that american flag over cuba. we're going to have much more on this story ahead on
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at the live desk, a news conference just ended a short
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while ago in south carolina about the church that burned down overnight. greelyville city leaders are urging folks to be patient as investigators figure out what happened at this predominantly black church. early indications show this is not a work of an arsonist. that came out just a little bit ago. strong storms moved through there last night. in 1995 the clu clux clan torched that church in a hate crime. >> it is the first day of july and that means a lot of new laws are taking effect right now. here's what you need to know at this point. in virginia there are new rules regarding six assaults on college campuses. college police have two days to tell when they're investigating.
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in maryland a storm water management, rain tax is now over in that state. the law was designed to keep pollution out of chesapeake bay. there are nine counties around the state that have to spend money to keep the bay clean. >> we put all the new laws on the nbcw washington app for you. tolls are less today. it's 3 fewer that an easy pass or $2 with cash. gas prices they're up in maryland because of a new law. the state is now taxing gas at an extra .$0.08 per gallon. >> outside we have sun shine back if n our skies after a stormy overnight stretch last night. this was the view look northbound. beautiful day outside for now. temperatures are warm already. we're in the upper 70s to near
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eighty degrees. 78 in annapolis and gaithersburg and rockville 79. 81 already down south in fredericksburg. ty of sun shine. there is a small chance for a thundershower thin. not looking for anything in the way of severe weather today. just a quick passing shower or thundershower. highs today into the upper 80s to near 90. >> the medical community is waking in on the supreme court's landmark decision on gav
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if you've been on a white house tour, you may have seen this sign. well, not anymore. >> tearing it up. new today, if you're planning on taking a tour of the white house, you can now take your camera and use social media. the first lady posted that
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announcement on twitter and instagram this morning. there is no word on why the wan is no longer in effect but there are still some rules in place. you cannot take video cameras on the tour or cameras with detachable lenses. tripods are also not allowed and i'm going to assume selfie sticks. >> i would think so. this morning so many people are still talking about the supreme court's big ruling from last week to allow same-sex marriage across the country. democrat dr. winer the same day the court handed down this decision, they said any marriage is a good marriage for kids. explain that. >> it's a good thing because we know that anything that improves the stability of the home improves the mental het of the home and improved mental health is associated with physical health. this is something that's good
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for general health. interestingly, it's estimated that 50% or more of the reasons that people visit their primary care physician, no matter the problem, they're due to an underlying psychological cause. anything that can be done to improve how somebody is feeling emotionally is going to have an overall benefit for their health. as far as the emotional just the emotional component of this is for kids. what is the difference between a child who has a parent in a committed relationship versus married parents? >> i think the big difference is how the parents feel. the parents are probably going to feel more secure in the relationship emotionally. they're probably also going to feel more financial security. kids often take their leads from the parents. if your parents are doing well emotionally, there's a greater likelihood that the kids will do well. it's improving the environment of the household and that's having a positive effect on everybody in the household.
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>> all right. thank you. we're going to talk more about the stigma that the kids could face later this hour. >> this just in. more fallout over donald trump's controversial remarks about mexicans.
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this is just in. macy's is the latest company to end the business relationship with donald trump. about to minutes they released a company saying it's disappointed in his comments. trump responded and says he decided to leave macy's. he says he's never agreed with the facts that the shirts and ties were made in china and not in the u.s. trump adds he won't apologize for his comments. >> sun shine out there for now but rain drops making a return. much better chances for rain tomorrow and friday.
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here's future weather for this afternoon. primarily south of route 50 into southern maryland and the northern neck of virginia. not looking for a lot of coverage and not expecting any severe weather. just maybe a rumble or two of thunder. drying out later. cloudy skies and then rain chances by tomorrow about this time. have those umbrellas ready to go. >> the u.s. women's national soccer team is heading to the world cup final. hundreds gathered at national harbor last night to see the team's victory over power house germany germany. it was a pretty big upset. the u.s. will play japan or england sunday night. you might recall it's hard to forget, japan beat the u.s. in the world cup finals. a lot of fans are really hungry for this rematch, and you bet, so are the athletes themselves. >> i would think so. it's a developing story this
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morning. cleaning up after strong storms slammed the nation's capital. how it's still impact so many of you.
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>> take a look at the damage in prince george's county. this is surveillance video from the gas station along laurel bowie road. strong winds, heavy rain ripping the canopy off. workers saying a driver pulled away just moments before the
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canopy came down. no one was hurt. managers are waiting for crews to come in and clean up this mess. wow. >> and you can see how big it is. crews are also trying to clear out all the trees and power lines that came down after the storm. >> he >> amelia is live in georgetown for us this morning. crews still have some work to do. >> reporter: yeah. a lot of work. a lot of cleaning up around the district is going to take place. this isn't just going to get done today. right here on 26th and pennsylvania, you can see this large tree down here blocking the sidewalk. we've been traveling around the district all morning long. my photographer and i started at fox hall road early this morning at about 4:30 morning where a wire is down across fox hall cleaning the road closed. that wasn't the only wire. fulton street in northeast also had a wire down. you can see a fence was blown
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over along independence avenue but the most common damage, common damage that we saw throughout the morning were dawned trees and limbs across the area including this one here in northeast. we were checking out this tree, and a man stopped to us and said he was just happy nobody was hurt. >> i pass through here every day. i've been living here over 30 years, and this is the worst i've seen. i'm glad there were no homeless people under the tree. they usually sleep there. >> reporter: and of course, we talked to the urban forestry administration a few moments ago and they're saying some good news, not a lot of power outages reported in the district because they've been worked so closely with pepco to get the limbs away from the power lines. although there were downed lines here, not a lot of power outages because of the work. the good news, for the forecast
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no major storms in the forecast, at least for today but looking into the holiday weekend, what can we expect? >> better chances for rain coming back as we get into tomorrow. tomorrow afternoon and friday. most of the holiday weekend, i'm optimistic it's going to be rain free. hour by hour for the remainder of the tuesday. temperatures doing a steady climb to around 90. you get outside the beltway temperatures probably holding in the mid to upper 80s. tomorrow showers around. and the rain could be a little heavier into daythe day on friday. d.c. metro for today, near 90 degrees. only one or two showers. maybe a rumble or two of thunder. rain more much likely for your friday. wooerl we'll look at the weekend forecast. it looks dry over the course of the weekend. >> i'm going to hold you do that, chuck bell. >> okay.
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>> we're hearing from the girl scouts who spent the night at the white house. last night's thunderstorms forced them inside before the rain started the president and the first lady talked to them. this morning on the today show three girl scouts talked about their experience with the president. >> when we were around the campfire singing songs. >> it wasn't really a campfire. >> and we met mrs. obama. and there she showed up and before he left he said that he hugs. the next thing you know, he had girls stampeding to see who could get the closest to giving him a hug. >> it's like the news rooms. 50 fourth graders are taking part in the trip. it's all part of the first lady's let's move campaign. lots of fun for them. >> develop right now, we are hearing new details about how two escaped inmates broke out of prison. the surviving inmate now spilling the secrets and takeing
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credit for the scheme. >> reporter: shot twice after 23 days on the run david sweat says he was the master mind. the man who planned the prison break for six months, according to the district attorney who also says sweat told investigators he and richard matt only used hacksaw blades to cut through prison walls and into pipes. sweat says he was the one who navigated the maize of cat walks. he said the night before the escape they slithered through this pipe peaking out not from the manhole they escaped from but another from the middle of the neighborhood. >> he felt that due to there being a number of houses in that area, that it night not be a good spot to exit from. >> the next night according to the da sweat and matt did it again. this time starting their three-week run through dense woods, swamps and mountains. some days they could hear
11:36 am
helicopters. sweat even watched police close in. >> there was an occasion where he was in a tree stand and border patrol agents were surrounding the area but they did not locate them. >> reporter: they broke into cabins, using a radio to guide their movements. >> they were able to hear the progress of the search where the perimeters were, and to try to avoid those areas. >> reporter: days matter, matt was killed. sweat shot and full-timely captured. no now the prison boss at clinton correctional and 11 other employees have been suspended. >> the fourth of july holiday so close. we have four things you need to know whether you're heading out or staying in town. that's com
11:37 am
fourth of july just days away and on a weekend.
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we have a v the four things to know f. first, a warning a report says this could be the deadliest july fourth in years. the national safety council says crashes could kill more people. entets, safer driving and slower speeds are the best ways to avoid a crash. that report based on higher numbers of people expected on the roads partly because it's a saturday. triple a says the improving economy is another reason. if you're one of the hundreds of thousands of people headed to the national mall metro is putting on rush hour service and vre is adding special trains for you on saturday. >> the federal aviation administration wants you to know the region around washington d.c. is a no drone zone. >> the faa put out this video making sure you know, don't bring a drone. they're banned in d.c., and the faa made this to remind people not to use them to record the show on the national mall. most of all, have fun. there are lots of fire works
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shows all over the area. we put out a big list of them on
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shark attacks are on the rise this year. the florida museum of natural history saying the number of attacks is higher than it normally is for this time of season. so far there have been 23 attacks. the average number of attacks for the entire summer is usually between 30 and 40. in north carolina alone, there have been six shark attacks already. that state usually only sees one or two per year. >> it's all the bacon flavored suntan lotion. maybe that's what's drawing them in. outside, sun shine in washington. a lice looknice looking day. 79 in 82 in fredericksburg. it is a warm day for your. temperatures near 90 degrees by later this afternoon. mid to upper 80s in most of the suburbs. 90 downtown.
11:41 am
a 30% chance of showers later this afternoon. no threat for severe weather today. just a rumble or two of thunder. tomorrow a better chance of rain. and rain likely for much of the day on friday but i think it will be dry for the fire works. >> the d.c. agency in charge of modernization spent money on the wrong project and couldn't account for money spent. that's the report. legislation passed in 2006 and laid out a plan. the mayor has said she has concerns about how much renovations and new schools are costing. and the nsa is going to keep collecting your phone records until december. the agency had to stop the program because it was illegal. a higher court just overturned that ruling. a mandate from congress will end the program for good in five
11:42 am
months. >> one hollywood funny man calls something people aren't laughing about.
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just moments ago the president announced an historic step in u.s. cuba relations. reopening embassies in washington and havana. here's what the president said from the white house road garden. >> later this summer secretary
11:45 am
kerri will travel to havana to raise the flag over our embassy once more. this is not merely symbolic. with this change we will be able to substantially increase our contacts with the cuban people. we'll have more personnel at our embassy and our diplomats vf the ability to engage more broadly across the island. >> the date july 20th in. that's going to happen the first time in more than 50 years. the countries will still doctor v their differences. they do over freedom of speech and freedom of assembly and even access to information. and the u.s., he promises won't hesitate to speak out. that's the latest from the live desk. >> thanks for that update. davis djs is out of business after 40 years in the district. since 1975, this company has been to go to for weddings and parties and events across the region. we are learning that some of the
11:46 am
customers are being left with no refunds and very little explanation. one couple is just a month away from their big day, their wedding. now they are out of their money and looking for a d.j. >> a wedding is so expensive everything the, the flowers the cake, the flood. everything is expensive so when you're paying somebody all this money, you're expecting them to give you the services and then now you're out money and out a d.j. >> several other couples are reached out to the company with no success. we tried calling them and sending them an e-mail. the phone number is no longer in service and the e-mails to the company, they bounced back. >> emotions are running high in hollywood as california introduces a new, strict jax vaccination. and an actor called jerry brown a corporate fascist. he signed the tough new vaccination law. kerri has been an activist in
11:47 am
the link between vaccines and autism since his relationship with mccarthy. the law comes in response to a measles outbreak at disney land last year. >> here's one more look at the showers and storms that we had late last night. that cluster of thunderstorms now is leaving the boston area. in its wake, we're sitting in sun shine. there's a ripple that may be able to generate a shower or two but this is an increasing chance for rain coming our way as we get into tomorrow and friday as well. know that the rain chances are not done for the week. today's rain chances, a little rain shower in west virginia. if that holds together it'll graze southern maryland over the next three or four hours but not looking for anything in the way of severe weather today. >> thanks, chuck. this. two boys are recovering today after this dangerous rescue from rapidly moving water. the boys became stranded on a
11:48 am
rock while they were tubing on a river in maine yesterday. you can see the water whipping the rescuers around. some one of the boys had a life jacket on so rescuers used a drone to deliver the second jacket. both boys were able to make it safely to the river bank. >> the supreme court east landmark decision get an applause from the medical community. from a mental health perspective how well adjust rd kids raised when you're talking act a household with same sex parents or heterosexual parents. >> we know kids do just as well academically, behaviorally as those raised by heterosexually. and there are some studies that are leaning in any direction. it's leaning in direction of
11:49 am
kids doing better. the reason is this. this was a study that came out recently that found that the parents in a two mom or two dad household do a little bit of a better job in terms of sharing responsibility. they're not as divided in terms of gender roles and they split up the responsibility of household base on the their skills and interests. so because of that there's a little bit less friction in the household. it makes for a more pleasant environment and potentially that's some of the reason why we see in some studies that the kids raised by same sex parents may do a little bit >> what about the sigmatigma of having two moms or two dads? what about the stigma for the kids? how do you deal with that? >> i think this is a true issue. i see some kids in same sex households in any practice and i remember one boy crying because some kids were saying you have two dads. where is your mom? and i think this is something that is going to be challenging
11:50 am
for some kids but i think it's something that's workable and we're going to be seeing more and more of this and the younger generation is much more accepting of change and of this type of household environment. so i think we're not going to see this be a problem for too much longer. i think people are going to get used to this. i think it's like if you're adoptive parents and you're caucasian and you have a child who's kags people say how come your parents don't look like you. it's a potential source of friction but it's something that's very workable. you talk to the kids and have them come up with a line so they feel like they have an answer when they're presented with the issue. >> nice to have you and nice to see you here. >> something is a little fishy at some mcdonald's restaurants. why it could be a healthier
11:51 am
mcdonald's takes a stab at
11:52 am
re seafood. they're serving lobster rolls in some stores. it's one of the lowest calorie counts on the menu. this is our morning business report. >> daytona international speedway is asking nascar fans to exchange their confederate flags for american flags. the exchange program is happening for the independence day weekend. they banned the confederate flag but it's not implementing the policy this weekend because fans previously purchased tickets. instead, they can trade in their flag. and a man charged with defacing a monument in virginia says he's sorry. a man says he will reemimburse the city. he said the l stood for loser. confederate symbols have been the focus of debates after nine
11:53 am
people were killed at a black church in south carolina last month. >> just like the hash tag says, girl scouts are for every year. that's why one chapter rejected a do nation. they said the money could not be helped to help transgender girls. the chapter decided that's not acceptable. instead they made this message hoping to help. they are making the world a better place. >> we understand that not everyone is going to share our believes. and that's okay with us. it's more okay to be who we are. >> apparently a lot of you agree and in just two days the girl scouts doubled the donation. more than 4,000 people have donated almost $250,000. >> some stiff competition. a team unveiled a new mascot.
11:54 am
which famous face joins the race.
11:55 am
the grand opening celebration is underway at a new innovation wing at the. >> you can see the wing featuring twelve exhibits including inventing in america. you can also help build the world's largest american flag made out of legos. this is the first piece of a six-year overhaul at the museum. >> and the next president's race is about to get a little bit tougher. >> starting friday night a sixth president will join the race. calvin coolidge will join others in the run around the morning track. we think taft had something to do with it. he recently tweeted i'm getting
11:56 am
pretty tired of being the only president who loses and isn't on mount rushmore. the decisioncoolidge is only supposed to race through the end of 2015. >> he needs a better agent. here's our weekend forecast. fourth of july on saturday. can't rule out an isolated chance for showers. we have looft oh rain potential. a straight shower today but a solid chance todayer a and tomorrow. things are warmer and trydryer past friday. >> thanks for joining us. >> you can always get news and weather updates any time. go to our nbc washington app. we hope you have a wonderful wednesday.
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>> they brought the kid in last year because he was running a fever. they were yelling, hoo blaming each other for the kid being sick. now look at them. you never know. >> theresa: i guess a scare like that really can bring you closer. amazing. >> anne: question. >> theresa: huh? >> anne: my master keys, the ones that give me access to anything in this hospital well, they're missing. would you happen to know anything about that? hmm? >> eve: this is absolutely perfect. all right. >> jennifer: oh! oh, i'm s--


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