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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  July 2, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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news desk who tells me that the washington navy yard is open with full access to all military and authorized personnel now on a 24/7 basis. this weekend they will be on what they call holiday routine because of the fourth of july. heavily armed federal and local law enforcement officers converged on the navy yard this morning after an emergency call was received by navy police which immediately requested assistance. >> understand that an employee at the navy yard shortly after 7:29 reported that she may have heard gunshots in the facility. >> reporter: the navy yard was put on lockdown, employees shermgt in place. the two 1/2-hour incident closed m street between south capitol and m streets. other buildings with federal agencies and even schools were closed. this morning, the call came from building 197, the facility where two years ago, a lone
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gunman massacred a dozen people. police say the lessons learned from that dark day in 2013 ruled in a smooth, well-coordinated response today. >> this turns out to be a great exercise for us and fix what we wanted to fix and nobody is hurt and no evidence of any shots fired. >> reporter: the navy is evaluating if today's police action may have brought back disturbing member ries for some employees, especially the ones who worked here at the time of the 2013 shootings. ness based pop the events of a couple years ago, we have counselors and our chaplins are with them now, providing the support that they need or desire. >> reporter: now let's go to my colleague, news4's pat comes who has reaction from some of the people at the navy yard. pat? >> reporter: chris for many people at the navy yard, the shooting scare is hard to deal with up here and really hard to
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deal with here. today, on the day of the big shooting scare at the navy yard, people who were here two years ago when there was a real shooter, when there were a dozen fatalities, people who went through that had flashbacks as they went through this. does it bring back memories? >> yes it did. i lost a dear friend the first time. so -- >> so, what now? >> i'm going to go home. i'm gonna go home and hug and kiss the ones i love. >> reporter: meet now kristen crawford. she was there then. she was here today. this has not been size for her. how was it different from the last time? >> we knew what was going on. >> this time? >> yeah. we knew that there was an active shooter, they thought, so we had everything in place at work
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and we had -- we were in a very secure spot. that's why i said i wasn't afraid. so -- >> can i get a hug? >> yeah. >> reporter: i don't think they give out medals for lockdown veterans, but maybe they should. coming up at 6:00, a navy officer who went ducking for cover again. now back to you. pat, thanks for having the presence of mind to give that hug. the u.s. air force has canceled fourth of july celebrations in england.
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at 5:30, scott macfarlane takes us inside building 197 to show us the changes made after that last shooting, changes that made today's response so successful. boy, today has been a wet and dreary one, a lot of folks out there wondering if they are going to be able to salvage anything out of this holiday. we have a team of meteorologists tracking those conditions. veronica and amelia. a washout? we take our umbrellas to the mall?
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>> there will be some nice sunny periods at times and we know that you don't want your holiday to stay this way. we have got new data that's coming in so we are going to i think, find nice, bright sunshine here and there >> the good news is if you are traveling overall tomorrow, weather looking good talk about the fourth of july forecast, can't give the all clear, still come questions in the forecast not a total bust. ness tough workout. >> look at your travel coming up for friday, anybody going out of up to, head to areas like virginia, here we have got showers across the area, heavier rain sitting down through the northern neck. this is friday, starting at 9 a.m., traveling down i-64, i-95 i-81, watch what happens as we get into the afternoon, see more of the showers pop up this is 1:00 during the afternoon tomorrow, traveling out of up to south bound is where you will hit some rain. especially off to the west and to areas of west virginia. again, i-81. northbound, you have got some heavier rain that will start to come in during the evening and
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overnight friday. i will tell you the locations were i think the heaviest rain will set up and we may see flash flooding coming up tomorrow. guys? >> thanks, vj. we sent you the breaking news to your phone and now learning all three cyclists who crashed at a bike race in the world police and fire games are now in critical condition. now this crash happened at a race this after into at the prince william forest park. news4's mark segraves is with police in woodbridge. mark what are you hearing? >> reporter: that's right. there are 12,000 athletes who to come from 70 different countries to participate in ten days worth of games. as you said three of those athletes are in critical condition, two facing life-threatening injuries. this all happened about 12:30 at the cycling time trials in prince william forest park as the koch pet doors were going down hill. this is how prince william county police described the
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accident. >> we responded out right around 12:30 p.m. this afternoon to investigate a crash involving multiple bicyclists that were participating in the world police and fair games. as of right now, what we can determine is that the bicyclists were traveling down hill. one of them for an unknown reason right now, lost control of the bike and crashed, causing a chain reaction. we have three bicyclists that were significantly injured and were taken to area hospitals for treatment. >> reporter: now, again, those officers, those are all police officers who were involved in this accident, they are in critical condition, two of them facing life-threatening injuries. we do know none of them are local. we hope to be able to tell you in the next hour more about the victims. we can tell you that the games inside prince william forest park are canceled for the rest of the day and a posting on the facebook page for the games says
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their thoughts and prayers are with the families of those who were injured today. wendy, back to you in the station. >> all right, mark see graves. for the second time, the man charged in the d.c. mansion murders is firing his defense team. darren wint dismissed immigration attorney sean hanover at his hearing today. hanover took over the case after wint fired the public defender who originally was representing him. he will now go back to that public defender. hanover told reporters after the hearing that he and benjamin netanyahu had-- and wint had a difference of opinion and believes wint was set up and more people were involved in those killings. people flying from st. louis to dulles got a bit of a scare today, their flight had to be diverted because a passenger made threatening remarks. this happened on united express flight 3342 and the crew diverted to an airport in columbus ohio. everyone had to be eye vacvacuated from the plane and the woman who made the remark was taken into
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custody. the passenger stayed in the airport while the police checked out the plane and luggage on board. no word on when that flight will make it here to dulles. a firefighter who ended up in the hospital after put out a house fire is doing bet they are evening, sent to the hospital with fatigue and symptoms of dehydration that fire broke out along pointer ridge drive off crane highway in bow wish last night and we are told it started on the stove with someone cooking. one of the cats died in that fair. three other cats are still missing. if you are going out later tonight anywhere around wheaton, you are going to want to avoid georgia avenue. 'cause they are still doing repairs after yesterday's massive water main break thatted intoed the area near georgia with 2 1/2 million gallons of water. chopper4 was up over the area earlier around you can see north and south bound traffic was on the same side of the street. the water department says that will last through at least the evening commute. it was a high school beatup and the attacker, a prince
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george's county police officer. today, he learned his fate after attacking a student. and some more bad news for donald trump. if you visited any of his hotels lately, you could be at risk. andless's a scandal that involves a selfie stick. >> now, the police are getting involved. news4 at 5:00 just getting started.
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the navy yard lockdown today show house the city is prepared to react to the scare. >> and with the fourth of july celebrations coming up we wonder how the heightened alert is impacting your maps for the celebration. here's a look at the result of a nbc because survey as you can see right there. news4's meagan fitzgerald is live at the national mall with what people close to the monuments are saying today. >> we talked to a lot of folks, they are well aware of the convenient that happened at the morning at the navy yard, aware of the potential terror attack this weekend for the fourth of july holiday. but they say we are constantly hearing about these potential attacks and they say they are just likening it to the world we live in. locked down at the navy yard thursday morning with a large police presence turned out to be
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just a scare. good insight into how law enforcement will respond. >> very, very well, smoothly, well coordinated response here. >> reporter: that's certainly welcomed news given the department of homeland security's concerns over a potential attack on the u.s. over the holiday weekend. >> there have been these potential threats out there that's what they are phones threats. >> reporter: law enforcement officials nor home happened security cited a specific attack, but official says they will remain on high alert and those participating in the festivities this weekend say they will continue to go about their business. i'm not going to let it stop me from enjoying every day. >> we are going to celebrate the fourth of july just like we do every year, nothing different. >> reporter: d.c. mayor muriel bowser says in light of what happened this morning, the message is still the same. if you see or hear something suspicious, say something right away. >> we are looking forward to not only the events on the national
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mall celebrating the independence of our nation, but we will also stand up a significant number of events in our neighborhoods. >> reporter: the metropolitan police department says they are constantly on high alert ready to respond to any situation that might arise. now, coming up at 6:00, the specific -- what we are learning about the specific is targets that law enforcement officials say are a concern and what we learn about those terror threats. back to you. all right, thank you, megan. maryland state police want people who are celebrating this holiday bond to remember to find a sober designated driver. the state's dedicated dui team nicknamed spider, is going to be out in force. since that team's creation just two years ago, troopers have arrested more than 1300ment issed drunk drivers. so you don't end up driving under the influence, under any circumstance. and then, stick to those plans.
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>> the washington regional alcohol program is offering free cab rides up to 30 bucks on saturday. search sober ride in our nbc washington app for details about when and how to take advantage. most workers in montgomery county will be getting paid sick leave. county leaders signed a bill today that requires companies to provide one hour of six leave for every 30 hours of work. employees will get a maximum of seven sick days each year. >> unfortunately, we do not have at the national level. unfortunately, we do not have at the state level. but here in montgomery county we will have it. >> montgomery county is among the first jurisdictions in the nation to require sick leave. the law will take effect in october of next year. sad news for the virginia tech family today. former athletic director jim weaver has passed away at the age of 70. weaver had been battling parkinson's disease since 2004. he was the hokies ad from 199207 9
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91997 to 2013 and those years some of the most successful for the athletic department. he moved them into the big east conference and a cc. he retired at the end of 2013 because of his health problems. >> hokey nation was a lot strong. >> because of him. yeah. much very true. tonight, making moves to fit one of the world's most deadly diseases. we are talking about tuberculosis, a disease we have seen here in the d.c. region recently. doreen gentzler has the story of a lab working to eradicate it. >> most people don't think tuberculosis is a problem anymore a disease from the past, but it actually sickens thousands of people in the u.s. every year and now, we are hearing first happened just how devastateing tb can be. >> i don't think that people actually get tb but that's what they said that i had. >> reporter: it was the fall of
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2013 and chaka brown says add little cough. there was a built of a cold and fever. sounds like symptoms of the flu maybe, not so much to worry about, but when weeks went by and things had gotten even worse, his doctors sent him to the emergency room. >> my eyes, i was seeing weird i was walking weird. my ears i was, like, going deaf in one ear. >> reporter: doctors diagnosed brown with disseminated to you tuberculosis tuberculosis. the bacteria was not just in his lungs but all over his body including his liver his brain and his prostate. he spent four moments in the hospital where doctors gave him massive doses of antibiotics. >> i remember sitting there and looking and i had a table and it was 27 pills in front of me and wasn't like 27 pills that day it was 27 pills at that time. >> reporter: weeks after he was released from the hospital doctors found lesions in his brain that were getting bigger, meaning the tb bacteria was still wreaking havoc in his
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body. chaka underwent brain surgery to remove the growth. . we say tb any were is tb everywhere and it's true, because it spreads through the air. >> reporter: ann ginsburg is a chief medical analyst working to create a private it b sack veep. their focus is preventing the disease in young adults the ones most likely to spread the bacteria. right now there is a vaccine for newborns but it doesn't last very long and typically, babies don't spread tb because it doesn't attack their lungs. >> it clearly suspect controlling the epidemic, even though 90% of newborns get vac sip nated with it. >> reporter: in the u.s., about 10,000 people are diagnosed with tuberculosis every year more than half foreign-born citizens but look at the disease on a global scale and you can see just how devastating it really is. each year more than 9 million people are diagnosed around the world. 1.5 million will die.
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adding to the problem, tb bacteria continues to mutate, making it tougher to treat. that includes the recent case of a woman being held in isolation at nism ismnih. >> the ultimate game changer is a vaccine. >> reporter: chaka brown was finally sent home from the hospital march 2013 but toad keep taking antibiotics until hs after he was first admitted to the hospital. >> that was a sense of relief, but a big sense of freedom. >> reporter: one thing to keep in mind about tb only about 10% of people infected with it will develop active disease and most of those people are immunosuppressed, but and doctors don't know why, otherwise healthy people like chaka brown, can get sick from tb. the folks there is still so much more testing to do on the vaccine that they are developing. probably going to be another ten years before we see one hit the market. wow. all right. thanks dore reasonable >> lots more to come on this.
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>> yeah. talk about freak accident a virginia home catches fire probably wouldn't have happened if it wasn't trash day. we are going to show you more from the scene of this explosive blaze. plus fares are up ridership down. we will learn more about the trouble coming down the track for the vre. the sister of the accused south carolina church shooter is asking for money. we will tell you why someone set up a
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today on the cool side, we at least have warm conditions coming up for the holiday weekend, but still a chance of rain. so it's all about the timing and getting it right right for your cookout. see what is going on right now, showers that move through our area and i think we are done with some of those spotty, stray showers for a while. the last exiting out of app arundel county areas like chester town and cambridge right now. meanwhile, talking about more rain moving back in. in fact could be a lot of rain for friday night into saturday morning that may lead to some flash flooding, maybe southwest waterfront, see the water levels rise in a hurry. look at all the rain we are expecting, friday into saturday morning until about noontime on saturday. in the green that's half inch. gatorsburg, d.c., manassas, leesburg, here through southern maryland, areas south and west,
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la ray, culpepper more than an inch of rain, locations down here where saturday afternoon and saturday evening, see a shower or two, thunderstorm fire up. that's kind of our best location, 77 degrees now, still dry as we get into the evening, 75 by 9:00, on the cool side going out, might need a sweater. we can see the clouds break at least it is dry. best chance of sunshine early in the day tomorrow, roads could be a little damp. by afternoon we increase our chances of rain, the weather will have a moderate impact on the road buys the evening, a higher chance of rain coming into the area. impact forecast for tomorrow is between low and moderate, it is going to be another gray and cool day almost a carbon copy day. coming up temperatures starting out early tomorrow morning around 64 to 71 degrees and that means that i'm getting a thumbs down for the pool forecast tomorrow. otty showers, just so overcast. not going to be able to get much sun. take a look at friday night. this is at 9:00, if you're going
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out. here is some of the heavy rain. comes right through our area especially areas, d.c. south of 66 down i-95 fredericksburg, then starts pivoting out here by saturday morning where we get a break, so for saturday early, this is a look at your probability of rain. it's early in the day your chances, at 7, 11 a.m. about a 60 to 80% chance as we get into the afternoon and evening hours, that threat drops. so around 3, 7:00, talking about a 20 to 30% chance we can see a pop-up shower or thunderstorm. the idea is we are front loaded on saturday with all your rain, a lot of it at least early. the heavy rain around 70 degrees. 80 degrees for afternoon with some scattered showers and thunderstorms around the area that we will really have to watch. have that nbc washington app handy and ready to go amelia segal will be along later temperature buys saturday evening, the evening of the 4th. take a look at the fourth at the beach afternoon shower, 80 degrees, 80son sunday, becoming nice and sunny by the time we
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get to the beginning of next week, 87 the high there on monday. your chances of rain yes through the weekend, beach forecast, by the way also find that on our nbc washington app. guys? >> thanks, vj. now at 5:00 more details coming in about the navy yard lockdown. >> the news4 i-team looks at building 1ed 7 and what changed since the attack two years ago. and folks head to the outer banks for the summer. the recent shark attacks have people concerned. we have the facts of what is going on. if you visit and spent money at a trump hotel, y
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we are back at 5:30 with a closer look at our top story and how everything unfolded at the navy yard, from start to finish all of this happened in a span of about two hours. so right around 7:30 this morning, police say a woman called in a report that sounds she thought play is been gunshots. within 20 minutes chief cathy lanier says d.c. police were already in command and her officers were working with other local and federal law enforcement agencies as they got ready to go in. those teams of officers searched every building at the navy yard compound and ultimately, they didn't find any evidence of shots fired. the all-clear it was given right around 9:30 this morning with the chief saying today's
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lockout amounted to a well-coordinated response and a great exercise. and when police97 this morning, they found a much different place that the one they entered in september of 2013. the navy has overhauled those headquarters of naval sea systems command to help the police and workers inside. the news4'sism-team's scott macfarlane was the only reporter who was given access to that building throughout this process. scott? >> reporter: yeah wendy d.c. police made it clear after the 2013 shootings, the old layout of navy building 197 was difficult to navigate energy their words a substantial challenge for tactical units to stop the gunman. the navy gutted the building, moving the main entrance to the anacostia side of the yard and security set up quite a bit as well. d.c. police today reported their response and their movements through the building were successful. the navy also changed the look of the facility, new furniture even a new color scheme, in
5:32 pm
part, to give the building a different feel and help traumatized workers who had to return to building 197 a few weeks ago. during that time, news4 cameras showed news4 employees temporarily relocated to this building in southwest. it, too, was a heavily secured space. naval sea systems command told us they brought in 400 counselors to help works adjust to all these changes. >> we want them to come back to work. we know you're hurting, we know your doctor may be telling you, hey, time to go get more counseling. the best place to be is with us, we shared this experience. >> tonight on news4 at 6:00 an inside look at how and why so many police agencies flooded into the navy yard grounds this morning, you will see the equipment and the people some of those agencies brought with them. scott macfarlane, news4 i-team. thank you, scott. lockdown this morning came with thousands of people on
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their way to the district for our fourth of july celebrations. >> nbc justice correspondent, pete williams, has been talking to his sources. pete, there was a lot of criticism about the response two years ago at the navy yard, how is today different? >> as you have been reporting, the police say it was much better, communication problems were better. you may remember one of the big criticisms in the report from two years ago was that the police chief never saw the commander of the navy facility until the whole thing was over. she said today that they were in the same command center. the report two years ago said there were blue prints to the building that the police never saw because they were in a homeland security vap that was parked separately. so, they feel that they have lashed up their communication and their leadership better, that the leaders were talking to each other and the responders were talking to each other better this time, too. >> the fourth of july, big celebration on the mall, thousands of people this comes just shortly after spectacular terrorist attacks and frightening in the spectacle of
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them overseas. how on alert are we and the agencies in our area? >> i think it's going to be -- they say largely people who come to the mall for the fourth will find number one, less mall to come to because a lot of it is being doneredone now, but they will see the same security procedures, same access points, same things you can't bring, but a larger police and larger and more visible police presence and something true here in washington true in new york as well, they say it will be the largest police presence they have ever had for the fourth of july ceremonies up in new york and we hear a similar thing from boston on the esplanade and from l.a. as well. all the police agencies around the country are aware isis has been drumbeating on home are following and that there should be attacks during ramadan and during the fourth of july period, which this year, come together. we are in the middle of ramadan we have got the fourth of july weekend. the fourth is always sort of a symbolic event anyway and always security concerns separate and
5:35 pm
apart from isis about the fourth. one isis would-be supporter, purported supporter said today in a tweet "americans are now terrified of the fourth of july." well of course that is not the response u.s. officials want. they want people to come to the parties to enjoy themselves, to be confident that the police will take care of them, but to be alert and if they see something, say something. >> people on the mall we talked to were not concerned, going to do it, come out anyway. >> there comes a point where you have to realize it is the police that handle the security and what can you do? >> got to live in this world. >> thanks, pete. like we did all morning, we will bring you the latest developments out of the navy yard here on news4, on our nbc washington app and face become and twitter pages. police arrest a local guy for what did he with his selfie stick. find out why his neighbor is so upset. tough times on the tracks for virginia railway express. there may be an
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i'm carol maloney at the live desk, the caps homes ago making a huge trade bringing an olympic hero to the nation's capital, tj oshie. you may remember his names from the 2014 game in sochi, the star as the u.s. hosts upset russia. the 28-year-old forward comes over from the st. louis blues yes spent the first seven
5:39 pm
seasons of his career. the caps say good-bye to fan favorite troy brower in his trade. more details what that means for the team at 6:00. thanks, carol. the governor of north carolina says the state is trying to figure out if there is a pattern behind the recent shark attacks. there's a heightened alert for shark attacks as the holiday weekend approaches in north carolina. seven people have been bitten in the past three weeks alone. the latest victim a 68-year-old man. he was attacked in waist-deep water, but survived after he was able to swim to shore. officials were worried because the beaches will be very, very crowded this weekend. experts say a number of reasons could be causing this rise in attacks. it's unusual. the water has been warm this year. the sharks are, i think, heading north. >> north carolina is a very popular tourist december at this point nation with lots of beach visits, lots of time in the water. these incidents will happen. >> there are no plans to close the beaches much the governor
5:40 pm
and other officials are telling people just stay alert and use the best judgment. a bethesda man is out on bond tonight accused of making recordings of his female neighbor. police say 60-year-old donald beard used a selfie stick kind of like a periscope to make illegal recordings through his neighbor's sliding glass door for the past two years. investigators found both audio and video recordings of that female neighbor, some of them, she is partially clothed. when they searched beard's home and his car. >> boy, oh, boy. just in time for the fourth of july holiday weekend some people of prince george's county are getting good news. tell you about a change to the liquor sales. a prince george's county police officer is sentenced after he is caught ba beating a high school student on video. coming up on news4, why the judge said he deserved a stiffer sentence. another cloudy and cool day tomorrow, so, travel and exercise looking good heading out and about. some showers in the forecast
5:41 pm
mainly later in the day. going to have a look ahead to
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boy, you and i were just talking about how different this has been from -- >> june looks like may. may looked like june. >> and here we are july, another soggy start to the month and a lot of people wondering, not going to get anything out of this weekend. well,k to the end of the weekend sunday, the weather that day is looking pretty nice, pretty july-like, if you will. this forecast is very tricky for
5:44 pm
saturday. some computer models are keeping us completely dry, others bringing in heavy rain. so i'm going to tell you what i'm thinking the latest. tomorrow, going to be cool and cloudy once again, some heavy rain potentially in spots not everywhere, but in spots tomorrow night. that could lead to some flash flood concerns and maybe some heavy rain lingers early saturday morning. as we get into the afternoon and evening house some scattered showers and thunderstorms possible on saturday. right now not looking like a washout, do want to have a plan b for the barbecues, pickney nicks and fireworks. again, heavy rain potentially on our friday night. right now, tracking a little bit of rain across the area. for the most part, most of us are mainly dry right now just mostly cloudy skies and temperatures in the 70s. here's a look at storm team4 radar, again, where most of us are mainly dry. as we head into the overnight hours, skies remain, for the most part, just cloudy. temperatures in leesburg around
5:45 pm
73 washington around 77 degrees. highs tomorrow once again are going to be in the 70s. washington, 79, winchester, 74 annapolis, 77. as we get into the afternoon hours, this is going to be the best chance for rain tomorrow, maybe some drizzle around during the morning hours. show you the chance of afternoon showers here with future weather. 2 p.m. notice not everybody seeing rain, but most everybody is seeing cloudy skies some areas of showers no severe weather in the forecast between now and tomorrow afternoon. get into the evening, overnight hours future weather, 7 p.m. start to see the bright colors showing up here. we head into the overnight hours, early saturday morning, some areas of heavy, slow-moving rain still potentially in the forecast. it is looking like for saturday around the midday hours, we are mainly dry an increase in humidity, temperature around 76. overall, the clouds win out for the fourth of july, partly to mostly cloudy skies a high of 82. your fireworks forecast, a storm
5:46 pm
is possible. it is not a definite, but it is a distinct possibility. otherwise shall at 7 p.m., mild for fireworks. he's we work toward 8 and 9 p.m., really get under way, temperatures still, for the most part, low to middle 70s. now, on sunday, warmer, high temperature of 86. can't rule out a shower otherwise, mostly to partly cloudy skies. for monday, mostly cloudy, high of 87. tuesday, plenty of sunshine. high of 89. the chance for showers, maybe a thundershower on wednesday. temperatures warm to around 90. thursday, a high of 187 with a chance of thunderstorms. tomorrow another cloudy and cool day, stay in the 70s, then guy, on saturday a high of 82. some rain is possible very early. looks like we will be dry the evening hours. do get into the afternoon and evening hours, we will continue to track the threat for some areas of showers and thunderstorms. back to you. >> all right thanks, amelia. today, a prince george's county police officer was
5:47 pm
sentenced for beating up a student he was supposed to protect. >> prince george's county bureau chief tracee wilkins joins us live, in upper marlboro with the punishment for the officer. >> reporter: the today, the presiding judge said anybody else in this situation who did not have a criminal record and faced these charges most likely would receive probation but because officer picard is a police officer, he was held to a higher standard. before prince george's county officer charles picard assaulted this student, he took off his service weapon, leaving it in the middle of a high school hallway just before dismissal. >> anybody could have picked up his unattended weapon or his baton or his oc spray really creating danger not only for himself but for everyone in that school. >> reporter: that was the action that caused him to be sentenced to some form of imprisonment and not probation only. picard received 60 days of home detention. >> it was a good decision that the judge made.
5:48 pm
>> reporter: today the student seep in this video talked about how this violent incident back in 2013 has impacted him today. >> i thought he was somebody could i run to and talk to and with problems going on or something, but it turned around it was false. >> reporter: picard was assigned to suitland high school as a school reofficersource officer. he could have been sent to prison and that is what the state was seeking. the judge ordered him to home detention, community service and probation. while we are happy officer picard is being held accountable for his actions we feel this case deserved active incarceration and something we would have liked to have seen. >> reporter: today that courtroom was full of people defending that officer, including the principal of suit land high school and also another judge here in the prince george's county courthouse. i will explain coming up on news4 at 6:00.
5:49 pm
in upper marlboro, i'm tracee wilkins, back to you in the studio. i'm pat lawson muse see live desk. there is some good news coming out tonight of the tragedy of the charleston church massacre. the past houring the city's mayor announced a scholarship fund created in reverend clementa pinckney's name. $3 million has already been donated by anonymous people and the amount is growing. the money will be used to fund the college educations of the children of those murdered and the greater emanuel ame church family. wendy back to you. the last of the victims of that massacre was buried today. reverend daniel simon senior was a regular at that bible study group where police say dylann roof opened fire. the 74-year-old reverend was a minister at half a dozen ame churches around the state. she created the page to recover money for her canceled wedding and honeymoon an effort
5:50 pm
she called a fresh start. but amid harsh criticism, dylann roof's sister has removed her gofundme request. amber roof mapped to ed toplanned to get married days after the mass shooting and canceled days after it became public. on the site she said 10% of the money would go to that church. gofundme's media director says roof will have access to the money that was raised before that page was taken down. if you are heading out to a cookout or sunday game, going to be easier for you to pick up a bottle of wipe or case of beer in prince george's county county a new law allowing sunday sales of liquor, beer and wipe is in effect. some liquor store owners tell the baltimore is up they have applied for the special license they need. it will let them sell between 8 in the morning and midnight. neighboring montgomery, howard and anne arundel counties already offer sunday liquor sales. another major corporation cutting ties with donald trump after his remarks about mexicans. the serta mattress company says
5:51 pm
that at the end of the year it will no longer do business with trump because of that controversy. serta has been selling the trump home series mattresses. and trump is making other headline headlines, news about a credit card breach at hotels. erika gonzalez has that story from our newsroom. >> reporter: we first tweeted about the possibility of breach yesterday afternoon following security blogger brian krebbs recent finding. today, eric trump, executive vp cement a statement to news4 -- the luxury hotel chain has sites all over the country including
5:52 pm
d.c. and it is like fraudsters working against the clock a deadline for chip and pin cards making it impossible to hack. democratic nomination for president, former virginia senator jim webb made his announcement via e-mail. he acknowledged his long odd but said the nation needs, what he calls a fresher approach to solving problems. webb served one term in the senate and decided not to seek re-election back in 2012. maryland governor larry hogan is wrapping up his first full day back at work after the he underwent his first round of chemotherapy. the governor posted these pictures on facebook and twitter. he is working with the staff today and included the message it feels great to be back in nan a poe his. hogan spent five days undergoing his chemotherapy for knowledge hodgkin's lymphoma and i a pounds inned his diagnosis just ten days ago. look at more pictures of hoag.back on the job. go to and search hohogan.
5:53 pm
not as many people are riding the vre, we have a report why ridership is down. and why the fares keep going up. a d.c. man without his car happened after he drove to this crystal city hotel, happened over his car keys to a valley. the problem was, the guy wasn't a parking attendant. coming up tell
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talk about man versus shark.
5:56 pm
someone took this video off the coast of florida while shooting an online fishing show for youtube called appropriately enough "chew on this." you can see the shark manhandle the fisherman and knock the kayak over but the fisherman is like hey this is for reality tv, not going to stop me, got right back in the kayak, reeled in his catch. he definitely is going to need a bigger boat to do that. this thick plume of toxic smoke sent 30 people to the hospital with breathing problems overnight in tennessee. a csx train that derailed about 15 miles north of knoxville. the train was carrying a highly flammable chemical that caught fire, released dangerous fumes. first responder also to wake up 5,000 people in the middle of the night, told them to evacuate to a nearby school. neighbors may not be able to go home until tomorrow. anything but normal in chesapeake, virginia. the fuel tank of this recycling truck exploded. firefighters say a hydraulic line leak started the fire, then the heat caused the fuel tank itself to explode.
5:57 pm
firefighters say that truck runs on natural gas and the flames spread to a nearby home, which suffered some pretty significant damage. well, ridership is down on vre. one likely reason, new higher fares. >> yeah, the federal government may deserve some of the blame as well. news4 transportation reporter adam tuss live at the alexandria station to explain. >> reporter: that's right, chris. you know, vre riders, they are a loyal bunch. ask a rider from manassas or fredericksburg if they would rather take the train sure, rather than driving, yeah, they will do that that's why rve leaders are trying to figure out this dip. taking a ride on the train. >> now at alexandria. >> reporter: lee weaver does it every single day between alexandria and fredericksburg. yeah i have been here 15 year, i have done all the above, buses, trains, cars, you know, metro vre is by far the best. >> reporter: michelle rides from alexandria to stafford.
5:58 pm
what she loves about it? >> you are not sitting in three hours of traffic every day. every day. >> reporter: anticipates like that are why vre is trying to figure out drops in ridership and revenue. their revenue from march and april, the last two reported months, is off by about 150,000 dollars. people are trying to save money. we have seen a switch from monthly passes to more ten-ride tickets. >> reporter: brian youngworth with vre suspects a lot has to do with the federal transit benefit that was cut to government workers. >> one time was $235 a month. and now it's month. >> reporter: still, despite the setbacks, vre says it is making improvements riders are on board. sounds like you're invested in the service, just want more of it? >> yeah. yeah. pretty good. i'm pretty happy it. >> reporter: a new station set to open in spotsylvania this summer andville re hopes to double ridership by 2040. back here now live on a typical work day about 18000 riders
5:59 pm
would be on vre and that 4% fare hike just went into effect yesterday. live in alexandria adam tuss, news4. now at 6:00, a false alarm sparks fear at the navy yard. >> everyone started running toward the exits and so we were nearest in office so we just dove into the office and locked the door. >> that panic comes ahead of heightened terror alerts for this holiday weekend. >> i think we operated here in washington, d.c. that the elevated threat level at all times. >> change our tactics for different vehement bus never lower our posture. >> team coverage of the scare, the less as soon as learned from that deadly rampage in 2013 and the poe continuation impact on workers in the weeks and moments ahead. our team has been gathering new details since this story first broke this morning from the panic to the police response and reaction from employees who saw it all unfold. >> we begin with chris gordon at the scene in southeast d.c.
6:00 pm
chris? >> reporter: what's ahead is a thorough review of the police response here at the navy yard today. the many federal law enforcement agencies and local police department who work together and the same agencies will be vigilant over the next couple of days protecting you over the fourth of july. emergency call came in at 7:29 a.m. prompting this immediate response, heavily arounded local and federal law officers converging on the navy yard, which was put on lockdown. employees sheltering in place the initial call came from someone inside the navy yard who said they thought they heard gunshots. >> we take every call seriously and when we hear a call go out for a potential active shooter, we brought the


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