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tv   News4 Today  NBC  July 3, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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usy day ahead for storm team 4. this line of showers you see to the west of us could wash out some of your holiday weekend plans. meteorologist tom kierien here with what you can expect with your hour by hour forecast. >> shower activity now moving in until later today. right now we're dealing with fog this morning. if are you planning your holiday, we are down to near zero visibility down 95. now 66. 270, when you get to frederick county, only quarter mile visibility. only quarter mile visibility. we have to lower visibility in nearby suburb as well, but generally it's a little better than a quarter of a mile. eastern shore getting some dense fog too. down to about a half mile visibility there in easton. there's the sun now coming up in a partly cloudy hazy sky. we'll have the hazy sunshine 8:00 a.m. temperatures near 70 wrz, mid 70s by 10:00. next weather and traffic on the 1s coming up at 6:11. we'll look at the hour by hour
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when that rain arrives. now we're looking at the commute. >> problem still hanging around here northbound dumfries shut down after spriggs road. police are trekt directing around that through the neighborhood. over all of our major routes, and everything looking quite good. at this point this morning. metro running on a saturday schedule. they don't open until sunday. a lot of people not happy about that. not realizing that they open at 7:00 this morning. as far as marco's on a saturday schedule brunswick and camden no service today because of the holiday. back with travel times. >> see you then, melissa. 6:01 now, and in a few hours during the fourth of july on the national mall. the national park service will begin hold aing full dress rehearsal for tomorrow's capital fourth celebration. the annual concert brings thousands to the national mall for d. krchl's world famous fireworks display. can you catch that rehearsal on the capitol's west lawn today,
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and you'll notice a new safety regular laying down on the mall for the fourth of july. capitol police are restricting access to the capitol building in an effort to keep everyone safe. derrick ward live on the national mall with more on what you should not take down for this year's celebration. good morning. >> good morning again. they're all ready for that dress rehearsal and ready for the actual big show tomorrow, but you notice other things that you need to know if you are coming down here. first of all, glass bottles, they used to be allowed. now they are on the list of no no's of things that you can bring to the capitol for the concert, and now a tradition that has people gathering on the west terrace of the capitol building for fireworks. that is being cut back. now only members, v.i.p. and staffers will be allowed on the terraces, and all of had is a response to some internet chatter and other intelligence
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regarding a call for action against the u.s. during ramadan. we hear about this from mayor bowser. >> the national mall celebrating the independence of our nation, but we will also stand up a significant number of events in our neighborhoods. the 660,000 people of washington are also going to be celebrating independence day. >> and the important thing will be vigilance as always here in the nation's capitol. we are live on the mall, der being ward, news 4. >> we know metro will be jam packed this weekend so we're
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working for you to make sure that you can get where you need to go. today trains are on the holiday schedule. that means metro opens at 7:00 a.m. parking is free at metro facilities. tomorrow metro will run the saturday schedule until 2:00 in the afternoon. then they're going to ramp up the service. the smithsonian metro stop will become entrance only at 9:30 p.m. to help people. they'll be especially packed because july 4th is tomorrow so pack your patience, folks. when you are out and about this weekend you can still find the closest fireworks show near you with all of it on the nbc washington app, of course. new this morning, we've been on the phone all morning trying to get you information about a possible shooting in prince george's county. police investigating the area of fairway court and glendale last night. we saw evidence markers in the street. yellow. we're pushing out new information through the nbc washington app once we're able to get some answers from prince
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george's county police. also developing this morning alexandria police investigate their first homicide of the year. defectives vsh have been on the scene since 11:30 last night. police say someone shot 22-year-old shacon elliott. he died at the hospital. we spoke to the information officer. we'll bring you what that officer had to say about all this right as it comes into ow newsroom. >> six people are being treated as a -- after a carbon monday oox i'd leak. fire and ems twoeted out these pictures last night. crews evacuated people from a building on 22nd street northeast. officials say the six people had to be transported to the hospital, although they had some serious injuries, it doesn't look like they are life-threatening. good news there. by 6:00 p.m. today the son of the late d.c. councilman marion barry is due to report to jail. christopher barry was sentenced to 15 days after he was caught driving with a revoked license
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for violation of his probation. barry will serve the time on weekends. 6:06 right now. tonight local law enforcement will hold a vigil for a brazilian police investigator who died during the world police and fire games in northern virginia. that vigil set for 8:00 tonight at reston town center pavillion. carlos silva died after crashing his bike during a cycling event in prince william county forest park. a broo every rider blew a front tire causing that crash. it all started a terrible chain reaction where several riders went down. this morning silva's teammates are remembering him as a man who loved police work. >> it's a pleasure to be here that he love what he do. he loved to be here. he loved to train, and most of all he loved his career. >> another cyclist from pennsylvania and one from canada critically hurt as well in that crash, and they remain in the hospital this morning. >> not giving up the fight. the step one group is taking to get their controversial ads up
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on metro. a flight out of d.c. makes an unexpected stop. the incident that had these passengers spinning on the tarmac. >> they push their way east. when you can expect the rain to start falling where you live. your weather and traffic on the ones at 6:11.
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the wanted to plaster ads of the prophet mohammed on buss and planes has sued metro. the american freedom defense initiative says the transit agency violated its free speech rights after refusing to post the ads. after the mohammed submission metro banned all political and religious advertising for the remainder of the we're. the ad won a contest in garland, texas. that was the site of a shooting. liftoff.
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>> with that an unmanned russian cargo rocket is on its way to the international space station. it should arrive on sunday. the rocket carrying water, food, spare parts experimental equipment among other things. the crew is evening shusly awaiting its arrival after the two previous supply missions failed. >> whenever we do a rocket story i hear william shattner saying "rocket man." >> if you are heading out this morning, good luck on the roadways. it looks like things are pretty clear right now. i think if you wait, you know, a little longer you're going to run into traffic. >> got to fiend a cut through the thick clouds. weather and traffic on the 1s. here's tom. >> the other problem is fog, patchy, dense fog. we're in the 60s. here's hour by hour timing for rain arriving later today. we'll be dry through the morning. just fog around and some low clouds. they'll break out by noontime. partly sunny. might get a few showers north of
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washington and in the mountains. the greater chance of showers. it will be in the afternoon hours. maybe some thunder showers way out in western maryland. that's why around 4:00 to 5:00. 6:00 p.m., the showers will continue to move up from the southwest heading northeast, and then into the evening hours they'll be getting closer to the metro area. probably after midnight we'll likely see the rain beginning to move on through, and look at our rain chances for the weekend. next weather and traffic on the 1st 6:21. we had a crash earlier on the road. what's going on? >> still at dumfries. a little bit of fog here on the bay bridge. again, into town, out of town, whichever way you're headed doesn't matter. you are looking at 95 and another mainly route into or out of town. no problems there. right now travel times look great. qauntico to the beltway. 67 inbound. 270 no problem. everything nice and green and on time. love to say that. especially at 6:15 in the morning. remember to listen to our friends at 103.5 fm. >> thanks, melissa.
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thousands of people still being kept away from their homes more than a day after this fiery derailment in tennessee when that evacuation order may finally be lifted. >> plus not what it was intended for. what a montgomery county man is with his
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this morning we're hearing from passengers. we're learning that a woman started making throats a united express flight. the passengers on the plane said she was making threats about technology and the plane and blowing it up. another passenger told news 4 that efsz sitting next to the woman. swritery suspicious, and asking a lot of questions. that flight left st. louis en route to dulles when the pilot was forced to land the plane in columbus, ohio. >> i was supposed to put my try trey up, my computer away and we were halfway through the flight, and we took a nosedive right towards the ground and it made a quick landing. i thought this isn't dulles airport. >> officers arrested the woman. the mane passengers were isolated in a corner of the airport while bomb sniffing dogs checked them out. they did not find anything. >> new details. d.c. police identified the man who thought he was found inside
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the burning trash can. police say someone shot 19-year-old heineken mcneil of southeast d.c. before he was burned. he was found in the trash on holbrook terrace. police are offering a $25,000 reward. if you have any information that could lead to a conviction in this case. a 9-year-old boy is in critical condition after almost being beaten to death over a slice of birth day cake. the hagerstown police department arrested the boy'send. this man who you see here. charged him with first degree assault. they say robert wilson got mad because the 9-year-old ate a piece of birthday cake without permission. they say wilson dragged the boy into a bedroom, handcuffed him, and then beat him. right now about 5,000 people in tennessee are hoping to return home today after a toxic train derailment and fire forced them out of their homes. you can see here a thick plume of smoke. this is about 15 miles outside knoxville.
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the train was carrying a highly toxic and flammable substance that's used to make plastic. those fumes are dangerous to breathe. at least 52 people were taken to the hospital for breathing problems. the cause of that derailment still under investigation. a county clerk -- i should say a court clerk in kentucky is being sued because she will not issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. four couples are suing rowan county clerk kim davis. she says her christian beliefs prevent her from going look with last week's supreme court ruling. the aclu also joining the suit. to get around issuing licenses to seam-sex couples davis has stopped issuing licenses to all couples. >> former virginia senator jim webb making it official. he is running for the democratic no, ma'am nation for president. webb is the fourth candidate to challenge hillary clinton. he has been on the ground in iowa and south carolina rying to make up some ground. he says u.s. foreign policy is
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adrift and that could mean fireworks on the debate stage as he confronts clinton about her time. 6:19. presidential candidate rick perry has tough words for candidates in his party. at a speech yesterday in d.c. perry said republicans are not doing enough to reach out to black voters. he says that means republicans are giving up the "moral legitimacy as the party of lincoln." perry also distanced himself from comments from fellow republican candidate donald trump about undocumented immigrants. he says trump does not reflect the republican party. >> there's a new plan to transform. twopers want to make a threat between miniville road and maple dale avenue. more urban. a team of planners is creating the design. preliminary plans call for new shops, restaurants, pedestrian walkways, along with lowering the speed limit and adding bike lanes. >> i think it's a good idea.
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it will be interesting to see where the money comes from. i think it's really something that the residents were in general that have to look at and say yea or nay. >> a final report expected later this summer with changes starting this fall. >> you'll able to grab a bottle of wine or case of beer on the way of a cookout. a new law allowing sunday liquor sales, liquor, beer and wine. liquor store owners will need a special license to sell booze between 8:00 a.m. and midnight. neighboring montgomery, howard, already offer sunday liquor sales. if you are looking to buy some adult beverages before the fourth of july holiday virginia abc stores will have extended hours to help you out. all stores will have regular hours today. many stores will stay open an hour later tomorrow until 7:00 p.m. not all stores will stay open late, and you should check with your local store for specific hours. a lot of fog out there this morning, so if you are going to hit the road, be facing your travel. >> tom kierien is here with a
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look at the day ahead and weekend. >> it is patchy dense fog. you may be driving into a wall of fog where visibility will be reduced to under a quarter of a mile. we'll number the mid to upper 60s. we noontime mid to upper 70s and partly sunny. then partly sunny in the afternoon into the low 80s. you're going to notice the humidity and clouds thickening up a bit, and hen some showers moving in later this evening. right now minimum visibility. down to near zero in frederick. winchester and manassas. a quarter of a mile around the bay. half mile visibility. you won't need the umbrella or rain boots. you need the sun block maybe from time to time. sunglasses with the bright and luminous sky. partly sunny mid midday. then the afternoon we could get
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passing thunder showers. in fact, they're looking likely now. passing thunder showers tomorrow afternoon. that may interrupt your picnic or maybe if are you going to a parade to have an umbrella hand where i. then the evening hours. it should clear out just in time display. before that we'll be in the low 80s, and then on sunday best day of the weekend, partly cloudy. low humidity. temperatures into mid 80s. then we get back to work on monday. partly cloudy. rather humid. temperatures into the mid 80s. scattered afternoon storms are possible. then hotter, humid rest of the week. tuesday, wednesday, thursday. chance of afternoon storms with highs near 90. drive time forecast for this friday. that's coming up next weather and traffic on the 1s. 6:31. melissa has now a road closure. >> is a closure at northbound dumfries road after spriggs road. police are spushing people into the neighborhood will. live look at the beltway. no major problems here on the beltway. looking pretty good. prince georges county overall also rolling along quite nicely here for us this morning. right now taking a look here at
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the bay bridge. you can see we don't have any problems into town, out of town. no matter which way you're going, you're fine here this morning. a little fog, but nothing to worry about. 95 in virginia here at cardinal drive. that is moving along nicely, and, remember are we have a lot of closures. for our capitol fourth we have parking restrictions. downtown new jersey avenue between constitution. lots of restrictions in that area. police say 60-year-old donald beard taped his female neighbor through her sliding glass door for more than a year. investigators found 16 videos and audio recordings when she searched his home and car. beard says he only took the videos to prove the woman was having affairs with married men. new this morning a health warning for parents after the approximate first measles related death in more than a
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decade. get your children vaccinated. that's the message from health officials. they say a woman died from the measles virus. we're learning that woman may have also been dealing with other health issues which may have weakened her immune system. health officials are now urging people who are sick even to be vaccinated. >>. larry hogan's first day back to work went well. he posted pictures of himself at work with his staff. those pictures on facebook and twitter. he said it feels great to be back in annaphe spent five days for being treated for nonhodgkins limp olympic wra. while hogan's cancer is advanced, the prognosis is good. >> are you eating toom too much salt? new data from the cdc shows 90% of americans need to curb their salt intake. the average consumption between 2011 and 2013, well above the public health target. according to the cdc report high sodium habits doesn't come cheap. medical costs from heart disease are predicted to triple from
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almost $300 billion to more than $800 billion by 2030. cutting back could not only have health benefits but financial benefits as well. this may be the only time that you are happy to hear that someone else besides you won the lottery. >> carmelo mercado is a retired new york city firefighter who answered the call at the world trade center on 9/11. health problems forced him to leave the job just four years later. he is now $5 million richer thanks to a new york lottery scratchoff ticket. >> i put the top number bottom number. holy mac rel. that looks like $5 million. my mind went blank. i was in shock. >> i bet. he says he plans to buy some presents for his family and move to florida. >> lot of that story. my favorite story of the day. >> i like to see when good things happen to good people, right? >> that's right. >> if you are hitting the road today, we hope you enjoy the
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weekend. look at this. want to show you, this is actually a look at national harbor. where is the ferris wheel? you can't even see anything. that's how dense the fog is outside your door this morning. tom is tracking the conditions that you'll be dealing with on the roads at 6:31. >> fog not the only thing you have to watch out for. why travel experts say this year could be especially dangerous. >> also ahead. her brother is accused of carrying out the massacre at a south carolina church. why the sister
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reason helping you to make it to your destination. foggy conditions will greet you on roads and rain also on the horizon. >> storm team 4 is here with your drive time forecast. >> the fog is not everywhere but it is patchy. in fact it's rather dense too. slow down. use your low beams when you get into that fog. otherwise, a lot of sunshine for the morning commute. through much of the morning temperatures hovering in the low
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70s. by 8:00, 9:00 this morning. then heading back home or hitting the roads and get away day, weather-wise should not be bad. most roads dry. maybe an isolated shower. temperatures right around the low 80s by late afternoon. extent look like any rain arriving here until maybe late this evening. it's about to be affecting part of the weekend. a lot of people are getting the roads early. that fog is quite dense some some of the rural areas. >> for sure. on your way down here. right now taking a look at 270. no problems at all. everything radioing good there. same thing. 95. 29. hardly any volume to speak of here at this point this morning which is great. northbound dumfries road. 234 after spriggs road. police pushing through the neighborhood there. right now bay bridge no issues. you can see the volume has picked up here. heading over to the eastern shore. overall we are looking good and moving -- we won't -- especially
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on a holiday weekend. right now metro running today on a saturday schedule. they don't open until 7:00 a.m. lots of foels not remembering that one this morning. we are tweet about it as well. as far as your mark goes, ten line. brunswick and camden line, no service today. >> melissa, thank you. >> coming up on 5:30, rather 6:32, right now roof people getting ready to hit the roadsnd. a live look for you here at -- i think it's the bay bridge. >> maryland, guys? yes, let's go with that. not too bad here just yet. you'll follow the latest conditions as you heated out of town. all the road work gets spbd spntded on the restricted lanes on i-66 and 359. not 59. triple-a says more than a million people in the washington area will travel for the fourth. some of you may be planning to hop on the road in just a few hours. a reminder to be extra careful out there. experts warn holiday travel could be especially dangerous this year. triple-a said about 800,000
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people will drive on d.c. area roads. the national safety council predicts about 400 people will be killed on roads this weekend. that's the most since july 4th 2008. >> there are increases in fatal and serious car crashes, and that has to do with the fact that so many had of us were on the road, and many of us -- everything is normal of course but lanes will be in the -- the lanes will reopen southbound around 9:00 in the evening. people can then bet get back to the fireworks. everything is back to normal for the monday morning commute. a developing story now from the live desk.
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an explosion in south korea killed six. it happened at a chemical plant inside the waste storage facility there and you can see it's torn apart. again, six people killed. the victims were told were welding at the time of the explosion. why it happened don't know at this point. they think maybe gas got trapped somehow in that storage area and that may have triggered the explosion. >> thanks, kristen. >> if you are applying for a security clearance, you better bring a pen with you. hackers broke intothe office of personnel management, the agency is going back to old school forms. some paper and pen questionnaires. earlier this week they shut down the on-line database used to complete and submit background check opm says it wants to upgrade on the site, and it he we could be down for about six weeks. the justice department says there is no connection between the church fire that is have broken out into the past two weeks. preliminary investigations show two of the fires were started by
6:34 am
natural causes. one was an electrical fire. investigators still examining the other fires and say that they are -- will bring charges on hate crimes if they evidence. >>. >> helping members of mother emmanuel and they are families. anonymous donors pledged that money for education, scholarship fund that was created in honor of mother emmanuel pastor reverend clemente. he and eight other people were killed during a bible study at church. the fund is accepting contributions in charleston's mayor says it could provide a college education for dozens of families. the sister of dellan ruth, the man accused in the church massacre has formed a go fund me page. amber roof as site has raised $1,600. she was trying to raise $5000 to pay bills, to fund a honeymoon. the couple says they would
6:35 am
donate 10% of the money raised to the church. the shooting at the church happened four days before amber would have walked down the aisle. >> huge water main broke. >> the new president of sweet briar college in virginia striking a confidene as he steps into the office. fell ip sfoen says the school is open for business. that's after a deal that rescued it fromle brink of closure. yesterday stone and a new governing board took the helm at that 114-year-old women's college. the group of former students raised millions to keep the school open. >> many of you will be enjoying this weekend on the beach, but will you ghe water? the precautions being taken in north carolina after a number of shark attacks. >> we're watching a line of showers push their way towards us. the impact it will have on your
6:36 am
holiday weekend plans and beach forecast at 6:41. plus, another major recall this morning. the safety concern that is impacting tens
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>> listen up. there's a software problem for ford that is can keep the engine running after you try to shut it off. this afters about 430 cars and trucks. they include the 2015 focus c mack hybrid and escape. there haven't been injuries reported, and ford says dealers will update the software free of charge. sdmrirchlgt virginia getting a relatively small refund for a road that was never built. states spept nearly $260 million on the new road which it was supposed to be built in the southeastern part of the state. according to the washington post the company that was to build that road has agreed pay back about $46 million of that original amount. state official saz they were
6:40 am
happy with the agreement and the company probably would not have -- would not have to pay negs anything if the issue went to trial. a little fog this morning. if you are making plans to hit the road you are packing your bags, be a little extra cautious. >> a live picture for you as the sun trooets tries to cut through the loudz and the fog. meteorologist don here now. weather and traffic on the 1s. >> you might want to leave early. you may be running into dense fog. we're seeing this on the storm team four towercam are a from northwest washington. very dense fog over the pat mac river. elsewhere the fog is thinner and closer to the metro area. mainly west of i-95. visibilities are low. heading to the beaches this weekend from cape hen low great. water temperatures good. swimmable water temperatures in the low 70s. for today you have highs reaching upper 70s and partly sunny. afternoon thunder showers likely at the beaches. then on sunday best day at the beach. partly lloyd.
6:41 am
mid 70s, and a little less humid. rain chances in line for the weekend. next weather and traffic. coming up at 6:51. now melissa has -- a problem there -- >> talk about a problem on the itc. this one is popping up. we're seeing it here in the distance on camera. this is the eastbound ramp here eastbound lanes ramp to georgia avenue that has part of that ramp there and lane there. taking a look at the bay bridge. no problems there. taking a look headed over to the eastern shores. you are seeing more volume there. no issues right now. 95 north over the beltway. looking good. 66 inbound. we are not slowing down at all. you have to be on the roads for some rein. make a short amount of time. you'll be okay. wtot. listening on weather 3.5 fm. the latest on the traffic and travel day. >> mount st. helens yashgs thanks. it's the start of a holiday weekend. people here in d.c. may not -- the items not to bring to the
6:42 am
national mall, and police remain on high alert. plus not the kind of encounter you want to have when you get in the water. one man's close call with a shark.
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6:44 am
15 minutes before 7:00. crews hard at work on the national mall. gearing up for d.c.'s biggest party of the we're. the tens of thousands of people who pack the national mall for the capital fourth will be on guard this year. the steps being taken to make sure everyone is safe after your weather and traffic.
6:45 am
there's a live view from the capitol, and great weather for the beechsz this coming weekend. you are heading that way. you would be running into dense fog this morning. a look at our rain chances. that's for the weekend coming up inland. that's next weather and traffic on the 1s at 6:51. melissa. >> overall looking really good. live picture at the bay bridge. seeing volume here coming over to the eastern shore here this morning. no major problems. reminder here because we've had a lot of complaints on twitter. saturday schedule not opening until 11:00 a.m. a few hours you'll hear the sounds of the fourth of july on the national mall. at 9:00 this morning the national park service will begin holding a full dress rehearsal for tomorrow's capitol sports celebration. the annual concert brings thousands of people to the national mall for d.c.'s world famous fireworks display. you can catch the rehearsal on the capitol's west lawn. you'll notice, though, some new safety regulations thisl6 year
6:46 am
down on the mall for the fourth of july. >> your capitol police restricting access in an effort to keep everybody safe there. news had's eric ward is live on the national mall with more on what you should not take to this year's celebration. derrick. >> well, now, a lot of measures were put in place to make sure people are confident and can enjoy themselves once the show starts. those glass bottle restrictions are just one of the things that has been add thissed year. it used to be a lot of people gathering on the west terrace of the upper and lower terraces to watch the fireworks. well they want to limit that now. they want to limit those terraces to access to the terraces to members staff, and invite v.i.p.'s. all of this is internet chatter that has been heard regarding some action against u.s. interests.
6:47 am
a heighten add letter. vigilance is always important. live on the mall derrick ward, news sports. >> thank you. we know that metro will be jam packed this weekend, so we're working for you to make sure you can get where you need to go. today trains are on a holiday schedule. that means metro will open at 7:00 this morning. parking is free at metro facilities. tomorrow metro will run on a saturday schedule until 2:00 p.m. and then they're going to ramp up. the smithsonian metro stop will be entrance only to help people exit the mall safely. metro will be especially packed because swrul 4th is on a saturday this year. a reminder you can take the train to the d.c. fireworks if you live in virginia. virginia railway express running its special firecracker service tomorrow. tickets cost $10. trains start leaving fredericksburg tomorrow afternoon. there will also be service back to virginia starting at 10:45
6:48 am
from union station. tickets must be purchased by calling vre or picking them up in person at the vre headquarters in alexandriary wra. >> when you are out and about this weekend, can you still find the closest fireworks show wherever you are. it's all listed on the nbc washington app. >> right now a wisconsin man is being held in a mental health facility after threatening to kill president obama. 55-year-old ryan dutcher told a security guard at the lacrosse public library he would take the president out if he got the chance. dutcher then told -- the president was in lacrosse yesterday talking about a proposal to make workers eligible for overtime pay. we've been trying to get info about a possible shooting at prince george's county. police are investigating in the area of fairway court in glendale last night. we saw evidence markers in the street. the yellow crime tape you see right there. we is will push out information
6:49 am
lou the nbc washington app as soon as we're able to gather more. >> developing this morning. alexandria police were investigating their first homicide of the year. detectives have been on the scene on north fayette street since 11:30 last night. alexandria police say somebody shot 22-year-old shacon elliott tibs. he died at the hospital. officials tell us they believe there were witnesses and are asking anybody with information to please come forward. last year at this time there were three homicides in alexandria. this is the first one this year. >> d.c. fire crews rescued some people from a building after being exposed to carbon monoxide. fire and ems tweeted photos last night. crews evacuated people to a building on 22nd street northeast. officials say those six people were taken to the hospital and had serious but nonlife-threatening injuries. cold front tonight the son of the late d.c. councilman marion barry is due to report to jail. christopher barry was sentenced to 15 days after he was caught driving with a revoked license.
6:50 am
the violation of his probation. barry will serve that time on the weekend. new this morning, a shark bite -- shark bit an australian surfer's board less than a day after another surfer was mauled apparently. a 52-year-old was sitting on that board when a shark knocked him off and then bit the surf board. nobody was hurt here. a 32-year-old surfer in critical condition right now after a shark bit both of his legs yesterday. that attack happened near a beach just off north sydney. police say that all the beaches in that area are closed for at least another 24 hours. now, there are no plans to close down beaches along north carolina coasts this holiday weekend, despite the recent rash of shark attacks. >> we got our -- >> first responders respond. we have a subject that has an injury from possible shark. >> 67 wrerld andrew costello is now in fair condition after a shark bit him on his legs, hip,
6:51 am
and both hands. it was north carolina's seventh shark attack in three weeks. that's a record. safety officials are scrambling to find the pattern to the attack. >> water temperatures are warmer than normal this time of year, which means summer arrived sooner, and with it came the sharks that moved from the south as well as many of the things that they eat. >> all right. so far this year there have been 25 ub pro vocced shark attacks in the u.s. 11 in north carolina, four in south carolina. in case you were curious there were 52 attacks in the u.s. last year. >> talk about a nightmare. this video shows a fisherman -- many are taken off the ohs of florida for its on-line fishing show called chew on this. batted title. this guy you can see the shark man handling the fisherman. even tossing the kayak over.
6:52 am
the fisherman did not let that stop him. no, he got back in the kayak and reels in his catch. eventually he swam to the bigger boat where his friends were. "friends." >> no kidding, because they're still videotaping. they're still -- they still want it on camera. unbelievable he made it out there. >> a lot of folks going to be heading to the beach or spending time outside this weekend. around our region here we've got fog to deal with this morning. we have visibilities down to near zero out in western maryland depending on -- west virginia. lowers closer to washington. it's down to a quarter of a mile for visibility. we'll see this gradually improving over the next couple of hours. generally east of i-95. not much fog around. temperatures are rather cool. we're down into the low 60s. metro area and nearby suburbs. upper 60s in downtown washington
6:53 am
and right by the chesapeake bay. cameras showing a bit of dense fog right over the potomac river. that's live from northwest washington. sun is up and penetrating the cloud cover and the haze. right now live view from the towercam are a. patchy fog around through 8:00, and temperatures upper 60s near 70. by noontime the upper 70s. low 80s by midafternoon with increasing clouds. humid throughout the day. then overnight tonight after midnight showers moving in and for the fourth of july tomorrow morning there may be some showers. a little sun midday. then passing thunder showers during the afternoon. you hear thunder, you and are out sf about. check the latest radar. storm team four radar and the nbc washington app. the smartphone will be in the low 80s. good news, those storms likely ending before the fireworks display. the fireworks displays are looking better for weather on saturday evening. sunday, best day of the weekend. partly lloyd. less humid.
6:54 am
temperatures into the mid 80s. back to work on monday. mid 80s. maybe an afternoon storm. hot and humid after that each day. tuesday, wednesday, thursday. chance of afternoon storms. highs around 90. what's happening now? >> right now overall looking quite good. wanted a picture of the bay bridge. you can see it on the eastern shores. volume is picking up but you are -- you don't have to worry about anything. taking a look. 270 at montross. no problem on 270 right now. big look at the beltway rolling along quite nicely. 66. into and out of town. earlier fog. 95. no problems northbound or southbound wroefr all for prince george's county looking good. talking about the vw parkway. 95 in maryland. 29. everything rolling just fine and, remember metro still on the saturday schedule. they don't open for the next few minutes. a lot of folks upset about that one. >> thank you, melissa. it is 5:56.
6:55 am
48-year-old carlos silva died yesterday after crashing his bike during the cycling event in prince william county forest park. it led to a chain reaction where several riders went down. this morning silva's teammates are remembering him as a man who loved police work. >> it's a pleasure to be here that he loved what they do. he loved to be here. he loved to train. most of all he loved his career and his daughter. >> two other cycle is were also writically hurt in that crash. tonight vigils for inspector silva will be at 8:00 at reston town there pav i will wron. >> a group that wanted to plaster ads at the prophet mohammed on buss and trains has sued metro. the american freedom twens initiative says the transility agency violated its free speech after refusing to post the ad. after the mohammed submission metro banned all political and religious advertising for the remainder of the year.
6:56 am
the cartoon featured in the ad won a contest in garland, texas. that was the site of a deadly shooting. 6:56. here are four things to know this morning. georgia avenue and wheaton fully reopened. it's been -- it had been partially closed since wednesday when a water main busted spilling million millions of water on the road. >> police investigating their first homicide of the year. officers say someone shot and killed shacon elliott tibz around is 11:30. outside home on north fayette street. six people dead after a fiery mechanical plant in south korea. investigators believe gas trapped in a storage area may have sparked that blast. >> at 9:00 a.m. the national park service will hold a full dress rehearsal for the capitol fourth celebration. there's new safety regulation on the national mall ahead of that holiday. he posted them on the nbc washington app. zimplgt partly sunny today. a small chance of an afternoon storm. then saturday morning some
6:57 am
showers and partly sunny for the fourth of july and the middle part of the day. mid 80s. less humid. partly lloyd. >> we hope everybody has a wonderful and most importantly safe fourth of july. >> 7:25. make it a great friday,
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. on alert. security ramping up coast to coast as millions prepare to celebrate the fourth of july. this morning, the newest terror warning and what's being done to keep everyone safe. fourth forecasts, storms set to light up the sky along with those holiday fireworks from oklahoma to new england. will it be a weekend washout where you live? courtroom reunion. a burglary suspect faces a judge and gets a big surprise. >> did you go to nautilus for middle school? >> oh my goodness! oh my goodness! >> i'm sorry to see you here. i always wondered what happened to you, sir.


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