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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  July 3, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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developing right now on alert right now stepped up security as the nation's capitol prepares for a fourth of july amid concerns of terrorism. >> a tragic first in one local community. new details coming in as police have a mystery on their hands. >> and new information coming in about what kind of weather you can expect for your fourth of july weekend. i'll have the latest in my forecast. >> in addition so that from traffic to fire works, a couple of busy days in washington. we have you covered. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> right now the holiday travel vush on. take a look at the bay bridge
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right now. looking pretty good right now. more than 1 million people in the area will travel for the fourth. a lot of friends on the roads. just check for the you 95 southbound a little bit slow right now for about six miles. if you're taking the bay bridge, the mta suggests traveling at off hours, before 10 or after 5:00 tomorrow. with the arrival of fourth of july, thousands of people will be on the national mall for the famous ca concert but this year is more challenging for law enforcement. we are live on the mall with a look at how police and performers are preparing. >> reporter: good afternoon. well indeed, they are. take a look in the this is an act that just finished. they're able to do this, the show before the shows because of considerations that are made about what's going to go on here
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and over here and what's happening at the capital. now, these performers will be able to do their jobs in relative comfort and safety because of what's been going on behind the scenes. there's a whole secure perimeter around this who are. this is amid the chatter of an isis move against the u.s. staffers and members here are affected as well. they limited the number of people they can bring on the terraces and they limit it to staff members and vips and they're putting in higher security profiles in other places. i talked to the performers. these things are not lost on them. >> we have every confidence in all the law enforcement officers that are involved with this. they do a great job. i sure feel safe. >> when you're off this premises you may say, huh but once you step on here and get into the game face, it's here. we have guys giving their lives
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overseas for our freedoms. and this is about celebrating our freedoms. how can we let anything deter us? >> that's one good point. >> reporter: there's a new thing added to the list of things you kaentd bring. that is glass bottles. back to you. >> there's a lot more to cover as we ramp up for the fourth of july. deep it here throughout the hour. we'll tell you about everything from terror concerns and activities in your neighborhood and even how to get a good snapshot of the fireworks. let's go to the weather now. >> this is isn't a problem free forecast. here's the latest on the fireworks forecast. it is bringing rain around during the evening hours as the sun goes down and it's time for fireworks, it looks like most of us will dry out.
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6:00 p.m. some scattered storms possible. temperature around 78. 9:00 p.m. when fire works are going off, most of us are dry but there's an isolated thunderstorm possible. mid 70s, midnight drawing in mild temperatures around 72 degrees. for fire works weather for most of us it is looking pretty nice. mild, most of us mainly dry. coming up i'm going to have what you can expect throughout the day on the fourth. that will be in about ten minutes. developing here at the live desk. alexandria's first homicide of the year. there is a big police van you see there camped out behind north fey yet street in the street. someone shot sha cancel yacht tibbs last night. they are trying to put together all the pieces. they think that there are witnesses. and they do want anyone who knows anything to come forward.
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>> it's warmer weather. it's a holiday. we're sure there were people out who viewed this crime. >> by the way, this time last year there had been three homicides in the city of alexandria. >> tonight local law enforcement will hold a vigil for a police investigator who died during the police and fire games. 48-year-old carlos silva died yesterday after crashing his bike in a cycling event. a rider blew a front tire causing the crash. it was a crane reaction where several riders went down. two other cyclists from pennsylvania and canada were critically hurt and they remain in the hospital this morning. >> byreporting to jail, christopher barry was sentenced to 15 days after he was caught driving with a revoked license.
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that is a violation of his probation. >> things will be a little different on the 95 express lanes because of the fourth of july holiday. the lanes are going to be in the northbound direction for most of the day tomorrow. they will reopen southbound tomorrow night. everything back to normal for the monday morning commute. that's not the only road that might look and feel a little bit different this holiday weekend. we'll take a closer look at some of the changes that could affect your travels. plus there's nothing like the fourth of july fireworks but the celebration could be bad for your health.
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are here drivers in maryland will now pay less to use toll roads. if you're heading to the beach this holiday weekend you'll pay
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$2 less to use the chesapeake bay bridge if you're using cash. there's a bigger savings for easy pass users. in virginia, v dot is working to clear the work zones. it's hoping there are no traffic snarls as thousands of travelers are expected to hit the road. and here in the district, if you are heading to the national mall for the fireworks this weekend metro is ramping up service on saturday afternoon. metro service will be increased before and after the fireworks, similar to a typical week day rush hour schedule, and as you prepare to celebrate this weekend here are four film ideas to get you in the mood. independence day, always a must on the july 4th movie list. glory yankee doodle dan
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fourth of july planner. early tomorrow morning, 7:00 a.m. through 10:00 a.m., rain possible in spots of across the area. you might want to hold off an setting off pick kicknics until closer to the midday hours. mid 70s by 10:00 a.m. as we get into the afternoon hours some limited sun shine likely starts to break out and a chance of a few scattered thunderstorms but not everybody sees rain. you want to keep an eye to the sky. nothing to cancel plans but be ready to move indoors if you see a thunderstorm move into your area. 1:00 p.m., 77. 4:00 p.m., 80 degrees with more humidity than we're experiencing today. coming up a look at what you can expect for the rest of today. >> thanks amelia. a group that wanted to plaster
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ads of the profit muhammad is suing. after the muhammad decision metro banned all political and religious advertising for the remainder of the year. >> this weekend's fireworks are sure to dazzle but for some they could take your breath away. health experts say fireworks shows can produce enough second-hand smoke to cause breathing problems for those with asthma. they suggest sitting far back from the display and not sitting downwind. remember to always carry your inhale for you have one and other regular medications. >> getting around on the fourth may not be so easy. some important things you need to know.
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we know metro will be jam packed this weekend. we're working for you to make sure you can get where you need to go know. right now trains are on a holiday schedule. check ahead and plan to give yourself extra time. parking is free at metro facility. tomorrow the saturday schedule will run and then they're ramping up service. tomorrow night smithsonian is entrance only. they're open until 3:00 a.m. monday morning. they expect between 600 and
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700,000 riders. you can find the closest fire works show near you. they're listed on our app. >> leaders on pins and needles through the weekend. they're watching a vote in greece that could impact global economics. voters in greece are split whether to accept the terms of a bailout. most greek banks are closed. markets are not trading and the international monetary fund says greece will need piles of cash for the next three years. that vote on sunday. right now storms threaten to dampen the fourth of july weekend in tennessee. last night you can see the tree sitting in the bed of this truck. this was the site all over suburban nashville after a tornado touched down. more storms are on the way and the big problem today could be flooding. how about our weather. >> tomorrow morning here there's the chance of rain and as we get into the afternoon and evening
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hours, some of those hit and miss popcorn showers and thunderstorms are possible. storm team four radar right now. dry across the area. we look parts of virginia, southern virginia and west virginia to find the closest rain throughout roanoke. clouds with thicken up throughout the afternoon hours. 2:00 around 81 degrees. mostly cloudy, hazy sun potentially at 5:00 p.m. by 8 amtraking areas of rain. rain is likely for everybody overnight. could be a damp start tomorrow morning but into the morning and evening hours, most of us will be dry. >> you lost that paddle. say good-bye. this video shows a fisherman
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battling are giant bull shark from a kayak. the video taken off the coast of florida for a video called chew on this. worst possible name for a show like this. you can see the shark pretty much man handles the fisherman. he got back in the kayak to reel in his catch after the first time he jumped and swims to the boat standing by and gets back in the kayak. >> no thanks. >> genius. there are no plans to close beaches despite the recent rash of shark attacks. >> take a listen to this 9-1-1 call. >> first responders respond to life guard beach. we have a subject have an injury from possible shark. >> a 67 man is now in fair condition after a shark bit him on his leg, hip, and both hands. it's the 7th shark attack in
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three weeks. safety officials are scrambling to find a pattern to the attacks. >> water temperatures are warm warmer than normal this time of year which means summer arrived sooner and with it came the sharks that move from the south as well as many of the things that they eat. >> so far this year there have been 25 unprovoked attacks in the u.s. in case you were curious there were 52 total attacks in the u.s. last year. >> more people are killed by cows than by sharks every year. >> what if we told you there was a buy to fly to some of your private cities for less than a single commercial airline ticket? >> it is possible if you're really flexible with your travel dates and you don't mind packing your bags fast. >> reporter: july fourth weekend and the summer travel season is in full swing. but these aren't really the
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golden days of air service. >> flying, crowds the small seats. >> and small children who are behind you kicking the seats. >> reporter: what if you could fly like a millionaire? no kicking kids. no tsa lines or fighting for luggage space? turns out you can. >> it's very easy. it's not hard. >> reporter: in california this family paid just $500 for this jet flight to santa barbara. 500 bucks for the whole plane. >> no gait or trying to get the luggage over the top. >> they spotted a deal on jet the private jet charter company flies all over the country and nearly every day it must reposition planes to pick up customers in other cities who are paying for a charter. so rather than flying the fist leg of the journey empty, they now offer last minute suite
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deals for anyone willing to travel one way. >> we looked at the empty flights and said why shouldn't we make those available to help us pay for the gas. >> reporter: that's about $500. if you take three maybes or friends along to anywhere usa, it costs just $125 per person but this is not a round trip. >> most people can't drop everything at the last minute and fly across the get there, they're going to have to pay a lot of money to get back home for a last minute airline. >> the idea has caught on. private fly and victor have joined this trend. customers usually receive 24-hour notice via e-mail when an empty plane is headed to one of the customer's favorite cities. >> this is for people who are up for flexibility, adventure and the journey for them is just as important as the destination. >> i don't have to drive and be stressed out. you land and you go on.
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>> reporter: proof that a private plane isn't just for the rich and famous anymore. >> thank you. >> reporter: where are today, dulles airport virginia. >> it is kind of for the rich and famous. >> they looked a little fancy to me. >> i thought so. >> it's a disaster that forced hundreds of people from their homes. >> life's morning multitasking. it's multiple ideas for growing families and drawers with many layers to show exactly what you need. life's the food that brings us together. and kitchens where every meal is the most important of the day.
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right now thousands of people near knoxville are about to get into their homes. >> they were forced out when a train derailed and spewed toxic gas into the air. >> reporter: 5,000 people are still under mandatory evacuation in tennessee after a train derailed, caught fire and started leaking poisonous gas into the air. the fire is out and people have been told they can return to
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their homes this afternoon. at a press conference this morning, local officials alongside representatives from the epa the train company involved in this derailment they told us they're been monitoring the air and the water and it's been deemed safe. >> all the data we're getting back right now is favorable. it's going to allow us to begin to return home. >> this cleanup process will take some time but investigators are still on the scene determining exactly what caused this train to derail. but officials plan to have everyone back in their homes by this evening. >> well, a courtroom can be a pretty tense place. >> but one suspect's court appearance turned into a reunion.
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the internet is now officially too big for its brichs. they ran out of numbers overnight wednesday.
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current ip addresses are four number strings. there were more than 4 billion possibilities. they've been working on a system of longer addresses that also include letters in that would allow for over a trillion combinations. >> temperatures right now in the 70s. today warmer than yesterday but running below normal for this time of year. 75 in dulles. 78 in washington. highs today in the upper 70s and low 80s. high in washington of 82. we're getting in on some hazy sun shine right now as we work into the afternoon, clouds continue to increase. rain in the forecast overnight tonight. areas of rain possible during the morning hours tomorrow and into the midday and afternoon we start to dry out and see limited sun shine but there is a potential of scattered showers and thunderstorms later in the day. it is looking good for the fire works. sunday, partly sunny and a high
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of 84. >> thank you. this morning we're getting a look at an unusual reunion inside a miami courtroom. >> did you go to nautilus for middle school? >> oh, my goodness. oh my goodness. >> i'm sorry to see you here. i always wondered what happened to you, sir. >> the judge recognized the man after telling the court what a nice young man he was the judge offered a few words of encouragement. >> i hope you're able to change your ways. good luck to you. >> oh, my goodness. >> good luck to you, sir. i hope you're able to come out of this okay and lead a lawful life. >> that man is charged with burglary and resisting arrest. his bail was set at $43,000. >> the nation is on alert as we head into the holiday weekend, plus some things you should know before you lock in those plans this weekend.
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police in d.c. across the country, a possible lone wolf and isis attacks have everyone on edge. >> we report you members of law enforcement are tackling what is shaping up to be a complex fourth of july weekend. >> reporter: in the nation's capitol a rapid response to a report of shots fired at washington's navy yard where a dozen people were killed by a gunmen two years ago.
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this turned out to be a false alarm but it was a dramatic example of the preparation police forces across the country hope they won't need on this fourth of july holiday. >> enjoy this festive weekend, have fun and stay vigilant to the areas you are in. >> reporter: the isis and other terror groups calling for attacks, departments are on alert. >> we do a mass i deployment of officers and we try to be very visible. >> reporter: from san diego to kansas and new york city, and they're asking for vigilance from the public the too. >> we are want people to say something. >> reporter: they say fear shouldn't outweigh fun on the fourth. >> after threatening to kill
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barack obama, a man told a security guard he would take the president out if he got the chance. according to the affidavit he then told the police the threat was serious. the president was in la crosse talking about a proposal to make workers eligible for overnight pay. >> you buy your liquor on sundays now. it's available for you. a new law allowing sunday liquor sales going into effect right now. under this law they will need a special license to sell booze during certain hours. other places already offer sunday liquor sells. if you're looking to buy adult beverages before the holidays, there are extended hours. all the stores will have regular hours today and many stores will stay open an hour later tomorrow. not all stores are going to stay
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open late so check with your local liquor store for specific hours. >> everyone needs to be extra careful on the roads this weekend. travel experts warn that holiday travel could be especially dangerous this year. triple a says around 800,000 people will drive on d.c. area roads. the national safety counsel predicts around 400 people will be killed on roads this holiday weekend. >> we see increases in fatal and serious car crashes and that -- that has to do with the fact that there are so many of us on the road. many of us impatient to get to our destination. >> they are concerned because this fourth of july falls on a saturday, gas prices are low and some people could be drinking alcohol. the rain could be a factor too. >> exactly. the best chance of rain from now until sunday afternoon and evening. it looks to be overnight
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tonight. potentially lingering into tomorrow morning. as we work our wayed into midday and afternoon hours tomorrow limited sun shine will develop. as humidity increases hit and miss showers and thunderstorms are possible. by fire works most are looking okay. for sunday warmer and dry with more sun shine in the forecast. here's your fire works forecast. you can see sky cast four bringing rain in but as fire works go off, most of us are mainly dry. 6:00 p.m., scattered showers and storms possible because we will have more humidity. some heavy rain is possible but not everybody gets wet. 78 at 6:00 p.m. by 9:00 p.m. maybe an isolated storm. mid 70s. >> we are following this developing story here at the live desk. and that is a big investigation into a big explosion in south korea that killed six people. it happened at a chemical plant.
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you can see the plant completely torn apart by this explosion. the six workers who were killed were welding at the time. so now the question is why and what caused the explosion. it could have been gas trapped into that storage area that might have triggered it but right now they just don't know. >> news desk working the phone today to get some information about a possible shooting in prince jornlgeorge's county. police are investigating. we saw evidence markers in the street. no information at this point about a suspect or a victim right now. the justice department says there is no connection between the recent church fires, several fires have broken out over the past two weeks. preliminary investigation showed two of the fires were started by natural causes. one was an electrical fire. they are examining the other fires. they say they'll bring charges on hate crime if they have enough evidence. more than 3 million is going
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to a church ander that families. anonymous donors have pledged the money for education. the scholarship fund was created in honor of mother emanuel's pastor. he and eight other people were killed last month during bible study at the church there. the fund is still accepting contributions and charleston's mayor says it could provide a college education for dozens of families. the sister of the man accused of the suspect who -- the site has raised more than $1600. we got the screen grab before it was pulled down. she was trying to raise $5,000 to pay bills and fund a honeymoon. the couple says they'll donate 10% of the money raised to the church. the shooting happened four days before she would have walked down the aisle. >> tomorrow is america's birthday but apparently lots of americans need a historilessen.
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we are following what you are clicking on this morning. is there such a thing as a healthy beer? honeymoon brewing is perfects just that. they're working on a beer from a fermented tea thought by some to have good health benefits. the beer will be low in sugar and bluten free. you can take your first look at the steve jobs movie. this is just a trailer. the much anticipated movie depicts the life of jobs who led apple to new heights and then died of cancer in october of 2011. happy birthday network. you may find it hard to believe that some americans are a little confused about the meaning of the fourth of july holiday. it all started on twitter with these tweets wishing america a
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happy birthday. well, now it seems the news of america's birthday has gone viral. you may be surprised to know that the british also celebrate the holiday, but here's just a little reminder of why we celebrate the fourth of july. >> july 4th is the official anniversary of the anniversary of the declaration of independence. that was brought to you by one of our britts in the news room. you can celebrate in style but america will not be 2015 years old tomorrow. >> the girl from britain is going to tell us about -- all right. i guess we'll take it. thank you. a firefight goes above and beyond the call of duty. >> and he wasn't even at work at the time.
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you may be able to shed a few pounds maryland of your
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vacation but how do you keep it off when you get there. they say plan ahead. check out restaurant menus beforehand to make meals easier to plan. walking and taking a dip in the hotel pool could help keep the extra pounds from coming back. they say don't fret over calorie calories calories. just eat smaller portions. temperatures in the 70s across the area. most of us in the low to mid 70s. two of the warmer locations, 79 in leesburg and 78 in washington. 77 in easton. highs today generally in the upper 70s and low 80s. washington warms to 82. mild throughout the day today. cloudy skies out there with filtered sun shine. clouds continue to increase as we work our way into the afternoon and evening hours, skies become mostly cloudy. travel tomorrow looking good
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across the mid atlantic. picnics and bbqs. rain and storms possible. fireworks, most looking okay. coming up, another look at what you can expect for sunday. >> thank you. an arizona firefighter being called a hero. it wasn't for something he did on the job. take a look at this brush fire. everybody was running away from the fire except for this man. he was headed into the flames there armed with nothing but a small fire extinguisher. he said he wanted to surround the fire before it got out of control. >> i figure if he could hit it, knock it down when it's small before it grew too much, before it got too big, we could put it out. you don't really think when you're doing it. you just get out and try to make a difference. >> it took nearly 15 minutes and it was out. he prevented the fire from it
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turning into a full-fledged emergency. he knew what he was doing. >> a flight headed to our city forced to make an abrupt landing.
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right now police in alexandria are asking for your help to solve the city's first homicide of the year. >> detectives were called to north fayette street last night. when they got there they found a
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22-year-old man suffering from a gunshot wound. he was taken to a nearby hospital where he later died. police believe there are witnesses and they're hoping someone will come forward. >> it's warmer weather. it's a holiday. we're sure that there were people out who viewed this crime. >> so far no details about a suspect at this point. at this time last year there were already 3 murders in alexandria. >> d.c. fire crews rescued six people from a building after being exposed to carbon monoxide. they tweeted photos last night. crews evacuated people from a building on 22nd street northeast. officials say the six people were transported to the hospital and had serious but nonlife threatening injuries. >> bill clinton reached 20 years and praised the country's incredible growth since the height of the u.s. military action in vietnam. he noted the important of a strong vietnam. the sus paying close attention
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as china tries to increase it influence. >> maximum thrust wren lift off. >> and a rocket is on it way to the international space station. the rocket is carrying water food, spare parts. the crew is awaiting the arrival after the two private supply missions failed. right now about 5,000 people in tennessee are about to be allowed back into their homes after this toxic train derailment. you can see a thick plume of smoke out of knoxville yesterday. the train was carrying a highly toxic substance used to make plastic when it derailed. the fumes are dangerous to breathe. 87 people were taken to the hospital for breathing issues yesterday. the cause of the derailment is under investigation. this morning we are hearing from passengers who were on board a flight that diverted
11:47 am
from dulles airport. a woman started making threats on the united express flight. the passenger says she was making threats about technology and the plane and it blowing up. another passenger said he was sitting next to the woman. he said she was suspicious and skag lot of questions. the flight left st. louis in rout to dulles when the pilot was forced to land the plane in ohio. >> i was told to put my tray up, my computer way and we were only about halfway through the flight and then we just took a nose dive toward the ground and did a quick landing. i looked around and said this isn't dulles. >> officers arrested that woman. the remaining passengers were isolated with their luggage while dogs sniffed everything. they didn't find everything. >> a road was never built. taxpayers spent money on the new road which was supposed to be for the south eastern part of a state. according to to the washington post, the company in charge of
11:48 am
the project has agreed to pay back part of it. state officials say they were happy with the agreement. the company probably was not going to have to pay anything if the issue actually went to trial. and new television coming in about tomorrow's weather. it's looking like the best chance of rain will be during the morning and midday hours. 8:00 a.m., notice areas of rain. otherwise cloudy skies. rain moving through. by 2:00 p.m. most of us are maybely mainly dry. another afternoon hours, a chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms. future weather saying that best chance looking to be to the west of washington around areas of winchester and 9:00 p.m. fire works time. the d.c. vary mainly dry but mostly cloudy skies. high temperatures tomorrow around 80 degrees. >> fireworks are part of the fourth of july tradition
11:49 am
especially here in the nation's capitol. thousands will head to the national mall. >> while you're watching the fireworks capturing the bursts can be a little challenging. we have tips and tricks to getting the perfect fourth of july photo. >> finding the right location is job one. a viewing spot that keeps you in the clear. >> you want to be up wind of the fireworks. otherwise as there's smoke in the air that will blow toward you and make your photo blurry. >> a steady hand can help. rest our arm on something to stabilize it. >> make sure your flash is off and avoid zooming in because that can degrade the photo quality. >> >> reporter: take your pictures from a wide angle. you can always zero in and crop it later. on an iphone aim our camera.
11:50 am
tap the screen and a box will appear. hold for a moment, and the box will flash twice. you'll see aeaf lock appear to show the focus and exposure are set. if you're worried you'll miss the perfect moment -- >> you can on the to take a video and grab still images from the video later. >> reporter: but on the quest for perfect digital memories of the fourth, don't forget the ones you can capture with your own two eyes. nbc news. >> if you don't capture it with your phone it didn't happen. that's the way it works. >> that's how it is. when you're out, you can still find the close est fire works show near you. >> it is magazine cover a lot of people are waiting for. >> we have a first look. it's what the star is not wearing that has people talking. >> it's that kind of party now.
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all right. any minute now a solar plane scheduled to land in hawaii after a five-day trip. live pictures, i believe coming in from hawaii. look at that. we couldn't have timed this any better. this is where they are scheduled to land around noon our time. this runs power of the sun. it looks like it's gliding in very smoothly here from a trip from japan, i believe is where it's coming from. this plane is almost finished with the around the world journey. the last leg of this trip to hawaii was the most daring because there was no place to land in the pacific ocean if the pilots experienced a problem but you can see coming in right above the runway here, essentially what -- you've got thousands of solar panels on top of this plane that obviously, absorb solar energy during the
11:53 am
night and this plane is able to fly at night based on the stored energy from the solar panels. and we look at it now coming into the airport here in hawaii about to touch down. and i believe this is going to be the completion of that trip. >> can you imagine the excitement? right now, how excited everybody was. now nerve wracking this was for a lot of folks preparing for this and taking part. you can kind of see the helicopter hovering, getting really cool shots from the sky as well. >> this was an around the world journey and this is sort of thinking about what the future of air travel might look like for the rest of us. i can't imagine it taking as many months as it's taken for it to take this trip if we were to start flying this way, not using fuel. but making the smooth touch town. fuelless at this point. doing it all on solar energy and a beautiful landing in hawaii. >> i got the chills there.
11:54 am
that was cool. cool thing to see. >> ladies you have been warned. this next story might make you sweat. >> let's show it. here it is. bryce harper right there on the cover of the espn body issue. you can see the slugger in nothing but his birthday suit and a little dirt. the interview actually gave, for this article he discussed his body as well as injuries and the club's world series expectations. takes a lot of proud in his workout. he squats 405 pounds. that's pretty impressive. you can check out the espn body issue online on monday. it hits newsstands next friday. he's butt naked. there are more pictures.
11:55 am
here's the latest on your
11:56 am
fourth of july forecast. new information coming in it looks like the best chance of rain tomorrow will be around the morning, midday an early afternoon hours. from about 7:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. not soggy that entire time but most of us will get some rain. in the mid afternoon and evening hours hours, we begin to dry out. most are looking okay for fireworks tomorrow evening. on sunday, partly sunny and warmer. a high of 84. the chance of a shower or thunderstorm on monday a high of 85 and then the 90s return tuesday through thursday. >> thank you, amelia. that's it for news 4 midday. we are back on air this afternoon first at 4:00. we hope you have a happy and safe fourth of july weekend.
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