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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  July 3, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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mid-70s, coming up in just a couple of minutes, we will look at your impact forecast, how much rain we are going to get out of this system coming through and which areas will get the most. that's in a few minutes. it is going to be a big day in our city tomorrow. hundreds of thousands expected to celebrate the fourth of july together. with five major events from one end of the mall to the other, the the folklife festival starts at 11. the nats plate giants a few minutes later. the foo fights perform at rfk. a capitol fourth concert at 8:00 and the grand fireworks show at 9:00. mark segraves is on the mall now with what you need to know before you head out tomorrow. mark? >> reporter: a very, very busy day downtown with a lot of people with their fingers crossed hoping that that rain either comes very early or very late. and of course there will be a lot of security and a lot of restrictions down here, but that's no reason not to come, because there's also going to be a whole lot of fun.
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kc and the sunshine band is just one of the many bands performing on the capitol lawn tomorrow evening. >> to actually be here at the capitol, the nation's capitol performing tonight, going to be one of those pinch me wow moments that i will never forget. >> reporter: long before the show starts at the capitol, the nats will face off with the giants tomorrow morning at nats park but is where you will find actor bradley built ford, hosting the concert with the national symphony tomorrow night. >> i want them to crush the giants, i'm all nats. >> reporter: at noon, the foo fighters and eight other bands will rock rfk stadium and of course, the national mall will be packed with those going to the folklife festival and the fireworks. >> some the places off the mall where you can see the fireworks lincoln park, east capitol street, meridian hill, we have lots of folks to gather in those areas, a little bit further away, stale good view but a
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little further away from the maddening crowds. >> reporter: this is the 35th year for the capitol fourth concert. the producer of all 35 shows says the budge he was so small for the first concert, it almost didn't make it on the air. >> 35 years later, we got all the best equipment, academy awards, grammys, the tonys and the station wide, doing very well. >> reporter: of course, no coolers, no bottles no guns, no fireworks of your own down here on the mall much the first time, no drones. you can't bring your drones on to the national mall. now, if you are coming you should sign up for text alerts from the national park service by texting july 4 d.c. to 888777. if you can't write that down just go to the nbc washington app. we have got everything you need to know right there coming up at 6:00, there is one major change tomorrow that you're going to want to know about if you're planning to watch the fireworks. wendy, back to you guys. >> thanks mark. metro stations will be open
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with extended hours tomorrow to accommodate the fourth of july crowds and trains will be running from 7 in the morning until 3 a.m. on sunday. there will also be extra service before and after the 9:00 fireworks on the mall. but to keep the crowds down you will not be able to exit through the smithsonian station after 9:30. metro says riders should try to travel without transferring if they can help it and the good news, no track work tomorrow. and when you're out and about during the weekend you can still find the closest fireworks show near you. just check out the nbc washington app. a mother in virginia says she lost her best friend her 22-year-old son shot and killed last night on fayette street in alexandria. this is the first homicide of the year for that city. news4's chris gordon talked to the family today to get to know this victim. chris? >> reporter:s here the very latest. the alexandria police department will hold a public meeting this
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coming monday evening at the charles houston recreation center to address the community's concern about last night's murder. now today, we spent some time with the victim's mother. >> show me where it happened? >> reporter: it was important to linda tibs to see forself the spot along north fayette street in alexandria where her son, 22-year-old shakken elliot-tibbs was fatally shot last night. >> avenues people person and saw the best in people. >> reporter: he called his mother to ask him to meet at the springfield metro station so they could travel together home to woodbridge. that was about 11. a half hour later she got a call that he had been shot. chacon was the light of her lifeshakken was the light of her life and all she had. i really lost a son. at the age of 8, he was hit by a
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drunk driver and>i really lost a son. at the age of 8, he was hit by a drunk driver and now him. > >i really lost a son. at the age of 8, he was hit by a drunk driver and now him. i really lost a son. at the age of 8, he was hit by a drunk driver and now him. she was 20 years apartment. >> reporter: police won't discuss the motive for this murder and need help identifying the shooter. >> we believe there were witnesses to this -- this shooting and we would like them to come forward. >> reporter: shakken was learning to be an auto mechanic at the job corps. he had signed up for college classes but he offered to drop out and get a job when his mother, who works two jobs, recently had her hours cut back. >> and i told him, don't worry about that, just go back to school and continue to be the best that you can. and i got this. so he was definitely, you know, that kind. >> reporter: coming up, we will hear from shakken's girlfriend, who can't begin to understand who anyone -- who and why anyone would possibly kill him. that's the latest live in alexandria, pat, back to you. >> thanks, mark -- chris that is. today should have been
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marked with a celebration, with cake and gifts for jacob hogle, but on his third birthday the montgomery county boy and his sister are still missing. the hogle children disappeared last september. their mother, katherine how long, who suffers from paranoid schizophrenia is believed to be responsible. on a facebook page dedicated to finding the children, a post today encourages everyone to smile because jacob always does. katherine hogle is due in court next week. the latest in the search for that teenaged girl who was last seen with a dangerous sex offender in virginia. 14-year-old hayley wilson was spotted at a gas station and campground in sugar grove about ten days ago. her home is about 100 miles away in tennessee. surveillance cameras show her with 41-year-old sex offender benjamin shook. police say they melt through the mobile app called kick. u.s. marshals are offering a $5,000 reward for information that would lead them to her.
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a southern maryland woman got busted last night for allegedly giving pot to a first grader and to some other kids. tab pittitha cassidy is being held without bond right now. she was holding a party for children in lexington park and tried teach 56-year-old to smoke weed. cassidy is accused of giving marijuana to 13 and 14-year-olds a that the party at that party. no word on her relationship to the children. she is being held without bond. the former fbi special agent who admitted to crashing the gate at the cia won't be going to prison. a judge has sentenced tunisia davis to probation. he has also ordered her not to carry a gun or again, to try to enter a cia facility. news4 reported davis drove to the from the gate at the langley center in april and then threatened to shoot and kill a security officer. investigators say she also tried to begin access to the secure headquarters of the national
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security agency that same day. a week of competition that was supposed to be ending in celebration is shrouded now in sadness. today, first responders taking part in the world police and fire games remembering a man that many of them didn't even know carlos silva. carlos silva was killed yesterday during a cycling race and as news4's zachary kiesch explains from reston, his death is having an impact now on all of the officers and firefighters who are competing. >> reporter: could you feel it today in reston, the sad than hung over the spectators and athletes after thursday's death of carlos silva, a competitor in the world police and fire games. it was a tough reality for mark buckley, a swimmer and retired firefighter from chicago. >> yeah. sad. been been buckley didn't know silva, a police investigator from brazil but their bond reflects the tight relationships that many athletes form here. >> it is a combination of respect and camaraderie and it
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just makes you feel good to be part of something like this. >> the guys that protect us every day ourselves my partners. >> reporter: the accident happened when a cyclist blew a tire and lost control during a time trial in prince william forest park. shauna quigg lakers proud winner of multiple medals from british columbia, couldn't separate her wins from such a loss. >> one of my silvers is actually in a team that we called ourselves the braz zim plus one and i was a plus one and i swam with three brazilian women. i just know that those girls are going to be devastated. >> reporter: two other riders were seriously injured a man from gettysburg, pennsylvania, and another from canada. a lot of respect and it's just sad. >> reporter: inspector carlos silva, you can see folks have begun to dripping out flowers as a sign of respect for this gentleman. we are here at the reston town center there will be a memorial service here tonight at 8:00. organizers tell me that will be a catholic service, at the
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family's q reporting here in northern virginia, zachary kiesch, news4. >> and the world police and fire games will be running through sunday. 12,000 athletes from 70 different countries are competing and you can follow our ongoing coverage of these games in our nbc washington app. right now the son of the late d.c. councilman, marion barry, has less than an hour to report to jail. christopher barry was sentenced to 15 days after he was caught driving with a revoked license. that's violation of his probation. barry will serve time on weekends. and we are approaching dinnertime and tens of thousands of people in maryland still don't have any water. a massive water main broke near the little patuxent river. a 40-foot section of that pipe broke this morning shutting off with a tour 40,000 homes in the laurel area. coming up at 5:30 news4's meagan fitzgerald will tell us if this problem could impact fourth of july plans. meanwhile things are back
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to normal after that massive water main break in the wheaton area. georgia avenue and shore field road became flooded after two and a half million gallons of water poured into the street. chopper4 flew over the mess took nearly two days to clean up. georgia avenue was shut down in both directions but reopened to all traffic last night. a local fbi agent goes from busting drug dealers to becoming a drug addict. he spoke to nbc news about the moment in his life when his life went spiraling out of control. we are going to find out why he wants you to hear it. whole foods says it is sorry it made mistakes. that's the store's response after being charged with overcharging customers for prepackaged foods. now, there's a plan to make sure it doesn't happen again. a teacher beaten a number of fights, some caught on video here at forestville high school and now, we see hundreds of signatures from parents and
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teachers who say they know how they can improve the situation. so why is the prince george's county school system fighting it? i'm tracee wilkins. we will have that story coming up on news4. we
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everyone was in front of me every day. >> that is former fbi agent matt lowery who is now facing seven to ten years in prison for stealing heroin from case evidence to feed his addiction, an addiction that started with prescription painkillers. nbc's kate snow sat down with lowery who wanted to share his story and i spoke with kate earlier. she says there is a lot we can learn from his experience. it's not just a story of an fbi agent that's corrupt. this is a true story of just how -- what addiction can do to you, am i right? >> yeah, matt lowery would tell you this was not about wrongdoing but about a drug habit that he just couldn't fight off. he got addicted to prescription painkillers for a problem that he had in his stomach. and then when he couldn't get those from his doctor anymore the next easiest thing for him to get was heroin because he was on -- an fbi agent and had heroin all around him.
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e shouldn't be doing this. he was clear enough to know that he shouldn't be taking those bags of evidence, but the overpowering urge to stop himself from going through withdrawals, he needed to maintain his habit is what he would say. and so he just kept stealing these baggies because it was so easy for him to do 25 drug defendants in the washington area are back on the streets because he tampered with evidence in their cases. matt lowery says he is embarrassed, he is ashamed. >> what do we need to learn from this? >> right. matt lowery said he wanted to sit down and tell his story for the first time on tv because he wants people to learn from him. he said if i, as an fbi agent, who knows how dangerous heroin is who sees the consequences in my job every single day of addiction, if i could become an addict, anyone can. and that's the message that he wants out. he also wants people to see, throes of addiction to see that you can get out the other side. he has been clean since last fall. he is raising his 16-month-old boy right now. but he does face prison time.
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so he will be taken away from his family likely next week. >> you can see kate's full interview with matt lauer on nightly news tonight at 7:00. the man with the big personality who changed the way cabs operate in the city was remembered today. the family of ron leptin held a memorial. he died on sunday at the age of 86. he chaired the d.c. taxicab mission from 2011 until this past january when he stepped down. lenten made big changes at the commission including adding credit card machines and establishing a uniform color for the city's taxis. parents and students from the military academy that's inside forestville high school say the future is uncertain. a recent change to the school is causing problems and they say this may be the cause of some violent attacks at the schools. as county bureau chief tracy willing explains, so far, no
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luck. >> reporter: this picture she is teacher left bloody after a altercation with a student, as some kids spiraled out of control at forestville high scam last year. we start to see the changes in the school start seeing the changes in environment. >> reporter: charlene scarlet is a 2014 grant walt of forestville high school and gates mill help y'all scholar-winner. she is at temple university. >> in 2013 they change it had to a school inside of a school. >> reporter: military academy students dress and act like military personnel and regular students have school uniforms and more relaxed structure. >> when you put two people, two different types of uniforms and two different types of people that were taught differently in the same environment, it gets out of control. >> reporter: spokesman with the prince george's county school system said they opened the school to neighborhood children to increase dwindling enrollment. as it stands, the school's building is still underused. >> i do appreciate the fact that
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military discipline gives them order. >> reporter: robert warren is among hundreds of parents petitioning to have forestville high turned into a full military academy. . kids that don't have that structure at home that structure is really, really necessary. >> reporter: a spokesperson with the prince george's county school system tells me that there are no plans at this time to change this school into a full military academy. coming up on news4 at 6:00, not just parents and students fight here but faculty as well and we speak with one teacher. in forestville, i'm tracee wilkins, news4. if you shop at whole foods, the store is making an apology. last week the department of consumer affairs in new york city released results of an investigation accusing several whole foods stores across the city of overcharging for some of its prepared foods because the package weights were mislabeled. well, this week, the chain's ceos posted a video to youtube saying the "small percentage of mistakes were accidents." >> in these areas there's a
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very, very small percentage that they are misweighing errors. >> mistakes are both in the customer's favor and sometimes no the in the customer's favor. >> whole foods says it is retraining workers who package those foods and that any time there's a weight discrepe pan circumstance cy, the food will be free. generous effort of these folks making a house a home for a family of 13 forced out by a fire. their story coming up. plus a young man in prince george's county was hanging out with the wrong crowd, but there was one moment that changed his life and it put him on the road to success. >> i was disappointed in myself. i would wake up to my mother crying e
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look who took to the links today at columbia country club in chevy chase? president obama kicked off his holiday weekend by playing a round of golf with special assistant joe paulson, political campaign organizer mitch stewart and marvin nicholson. we like to tell you the president's score but the information is classified. the national mall is going to be busy tomorrow. aside from the fireworks and the concerts, there is also the smithsonian folk life festival. most of the mall between 3rd and 4th streets is going to be packed with festival visitors.
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this year's festival is focusing on peru and the inc.en empire and it is free. an empire and it is free. i will have your folk life forecast coming up. but first your radar sunshine burning through the clouds today, cloud cover back, 81 degrees southerly wind, here is the showers right now, coming over areas of 66 through fauquier county into prince william county now, on this track east and northeastward, putting some rain into burke, fairfax leesburg, over and essentially into d.c. by the time we get to 7:00. good thing, those showers are fairly light seeing the showers now, southwesterly wind, the system of low pressure gets closer to us, there's the front, it's down to our south well down to our south in inning income just one of the reasons why we have a little bit more sunshine today. but now for saturday afternoon and for saturday evening, rain chances up for the afternoon and
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down for the evening. and in terms of anything that we get, intensity-wise, the locations that will see the most rain is right here. hagerstown around martinsburg, winchester around cumberland, culpepper, fredericksburg those areas in purple for the green, for the blue, most of the area about a half inch of rain will fall from what comes in. i do think that a lot of that will be from what comes early saturday. let me show what you i'm talking about, here is early saturday at 8:00 showers and heavier shower, too right over d.c. we afternoon hours, that's when those thunderstorms can start popping around front royal, around culpepper but notice the coverage of the rain, a lot less than what we saw earlier and notice that by 2:00 3:00 in the afternoon we start to see those chances headway down to the south. this is 7:00 tomorrow. this is why we are being so optimistic. breaks in the cloud cover and maybe a little pop-up shower or thunderstorm by 8 or 9:00. so folklife festival 2:00 some clouds coming through, maybe a shower or so just take along
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the poncho, by the time we get to the evening hours, temperatures will be around 79 degrees and starting to fall off actually mid-70s by that time. we will have a high temperature tomorrow between 80 and about 83 degrees across the area. it is going to fell a lot like today, albeit, maybe a little bit more humidity will come our way. so, chances early in the day a 60, 70% chance that's 7, 11 a.m. in the morning and then as we get into the afternoon hours in the evening hours only about a 20 to 30% chance, which is why we have been saying we could have a little brief interruption or so. so fourth of july, a stray thunderstorm, most places dry, warm, kind of sticky going to need to dress accordingly for sure. here is a look at your storm team4-day forecast. chance there tomorrow, a better chance in the morning. for sunday, it is going to be human mid, still, especially early in the day, going to start with some thick fog, i think. sunday morning upper 60s, but sunday right now, going to have some sunshine back throughout the area. got 83 on monday, 89 degrees on
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tuesday. so while it's been cool, as we take a look at the extended forecast, heat will be coming back into the area from mid-july for the end of july, just a couple of minutes we will take a look at your extended forecast. have your beach forecast and the washington nationals, they play early tomorrow. amelia segal will have that forecast, too. >> all right. another beach -- another day at the beach. >> and another shark sighting. we will show you where the crowds were snapping pictures to postonline at this time and we talked to experts about how to avoid sharks in the water. if you can't make it to the beach, there's another kind of beach in downtown d.c. that doesn't have any sharks. some 30,000 residents in russet are without water in the mony time they are told to grab a bucket and fill up at a
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now at 5:30, instead of getting ready for tomorrow's big fourth of july bash, this is what it looks like right now in the laurel area. >> yeah crews with heavy equipment are working overtime to fix a massive water main break that shut off water to more than 30,000 homes much the break happened this morning near the little patuxent river and where we find news4's meagan fitzgerald. how are the repairs coming, meagan? >> reporter: that break is a half mile behind us. we hear progress is pretty good
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you look here you can see the crews were out here, been out here since early this morning. we are told the water is supposed to be restored some time tonight but in the meantime, folks throughout the day are going to designated locations to fill up. >> filling up my containers with water. >> reporter: let's just say filling up containers of water suspect how russet residents planned on spending the start to their holiday weekend. but when you don't have water -- >> go out, trying to fill my kettle, trying to get the coffee and no water. >> reporter: you really don't have a choice. >> a bit disappointing. >> reporter: a built appointing because people have plans for the fourth of july, this point, you consider plan b. >> family and friends on the pg county side. >> reporter: anne arundel public works officials say don't cancel those fourth of july plans just yet. we are hoping to get you back on soon. >> reporter: crews have been working since around 3:00 friday morning to fix a water main
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break along the patuxent river. >> the river bank eroded, exposing three segments of our pipe 60 feet that had been washed out into the river. >> reporter: the county says they are hoping to get the water restored to residents by 7:00. and the residents are hoping so too. now, public works officials say when the water is restored, they are telling residents to let it run for a couple of seconds. they will notice discoloration possibly and they tell us that that's normal and water is safe. coming up at 6:00, we take a look at what this cutoff of water has done to local businesses, many whom had to close their doors going into this holiday weekend. back to you. >> thanks megan. the fourth of july weekend is starting out well for folks headed to the eastern shore. this is a live picture of the bay bridge. eastbound traffic is light and moving at speed regular speed. the maryland transit authority
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says if you are headed to the beach tomorrow, you would be belter off getting bridge before 10:00 in the morning same thing for anyone coming home on sunday morning. the shark sightings just keep on happening on the east coast. two men were fishing on the beach in kill devil hills, north carolina, this morning, when they landed a shark. they hooked up to a shark. take a look at. this you can see the crowds gathering around the big fish. the shark measured about 7 1/2 feet and it was released. lifeguards on that beach are now discouraging people from fishing this evening. sharks have attacked ten people off the coast of north and south carolina so far this year. and so what's the best way to avoid an attack? well, according to an expert at the national aquarium, don't swim alone. >> it's hard discerning between one prey item if you've got several. so, sharks can obviously focus in on one person swimming versus -- gets a bit more cop confusing. >> don't swim at dusk or darn.
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that's when sharks are usually hunting and they do like fishing piers and dropoffs, coastal dropoffs. and don't wear jewelry because sharks can mistake that for the shiny scales of a fish. and if you have a open wound best to stay on dry land as well. and keep in mind that shark attacks are quite rare. four times as many people will be drowning in oceans as getting bitten by sharks. well, speaking of the beaches, amelia and veronica are watching companies for the weekend. how is it looking? >> pat at the beaches it is looking okay this weekend, a similar forecast a 50/50 split between saturday and sunday. we have been a little chilly. yesterday, today, vj? >> for sure, a cool pattern. looking at the data, could be one of the coolest july 4ths for must a decade but there are places you can go to catch higher temperatures. >> if you are heading south down to parts of the outer banks, temperatures there warmer first, your beach forecast for areas like bethany, rehoboth,
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lewis beach temperatures not making out of the 70s, showers likely at time, sunday definitely looking like the better day only an isolated shower or thunderstorm possible. some peeks of sunshine and temperature around 80. water temperature along the coast the mid-atlantic the mid to upper 70s, july 4th areas around virginia beach the outer banks, temperatures around 90 degrees but stormy conditions. on sunday showers potentially early. temperatures at that point in the mid-80s. i'm going to have a look at what you can expect for the fireworks back here coming up in a little bit. >> thanks, amelia. beds, chairs kitchen appliances, a family of 13 forced out bay a fire now has all those things to make up their new home. our northern virginia bureau reporter, david culver, gives us a taste of the icing on the cake for this family that was helped by the generosity of news4 viewers and local community church. >> reporter: a dimly lit basement but full of life.
5:36 pm
>> the double going to this fam loiter herndon family? >> reporter: more than two vozdozen volunteers. >> is that too heavy honey? >> reporter: young and not too young. >> the problem is we look like us and have to carry things up three plays of stairs. >> reporter: they started 11 years ago, using donated furniture clothes and kitchen goods stored in 20,000 square feet underneath the lord of life lutheran church. they fill the homes of those without. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> how are you? good to see you again. >> reporter: we first introduced you to him his wife and 11 kids three weeks ago, a fire took their fairfax home left them with little. the car lips opened their home to 13 houseguests. just this week, the muhanyis found a new place to rent, their own space, but no furniture. ruth and kathy saw our report. what is it about the muhanyi family and their story that stood out? >> well i think any needed
5:37 pm
family goes our hearts, don't you think? and we just do. >> reporter: using the sticker system, ruth commands what she calls organized chaos. >> it looks messy, but you know what when it's in your home it is going to be wonderful. >> reporter: outside linda here is directing the husbands. >> this gets staged here and then a couple guys then look to see how to get it into the truck. we will start loading up pastor darcy's. you're a big, big helper. this is so heavy, dillon. >> reporter: a group photo to mark a job complete, or half-complete, at least. [ beeping ] at 6, the volunteers descend on the muhanyis' to turn it into a home. in falls church david culver, news4. we talk about fireworks safety every year, but one local woman had to learn the hard way whatnot to do. a reminder before you celebrate tomorrow. and it's a tradition in washington, the air force band warming up right now. we are going to tell you where
5:38 pm
you can see their free concert.
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a maryland woman is in the hospital tonight after some fireworks exploded in her hand. prince george's county firefighters say this explosion significantly injured three of her fingers. the explosion happened last night in a backyard in capitol heights.
5:41 pm
consumer grade and homemade fireworks, by the way, are illegal in that county. the consumer product safety commission says more than 200 people are taken to the er every fourth of july because of fireworks injuries. so, here are some ways to stay safe. first of all, never buy fireworks packaged in brown paper. that's often a sign that they are professional grade. don't want to mess with those. never stand over the fireworks while you're lighting them. you want to move away to a safe distance before and once they are lit. and always keep a hose or a bucket nearby just in case of a fire. also, you want to make surefire works are legal where you live before you use them. if -- od trail, sterling has long been a trouble spot for pedestrians for high speeds and confusion over who has the right of way, yesterday, loudoun county supervisors agreed to safety improvements there and those include rapid flash beacons and
5:42 pm
just better signage overall. he traveled from nigeria to prince george's county but his chance at a better life was almost lost. how this young man took advantage of his second chance after waking up in a hospital bed. i'm tom sherwood at the national building museum, or for the next couple of months, the
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i was the worst of the worst, a lot of fights a lot of altercations, just a lot of things that would put me in jail. >> reporter: 23-year-old victor spent most of his teenage years in a world of violence, fights drive-by shootings, if something bad happened in his neighborhood, his name probably came up. it wasn't supposed to be that way. >> my mother told me, hey, pack your stuff, we are leaving, this is the middle of the night. >> reporter: victor was 10 years old when his parents transplanted him from nigeria to maryland, opportunity. >> nigeria is an underdeveloped country, so, no technology. america has all the technology,
5:46 pm
all the resources. >> reporter: resources victor didn't take advantage of. he was kicked out of high school in his freshman year, even after moving to the virginia suburbs after more school expulsions, victor couldn't shake the violent world he admittedly put himself in the middle of. i was disappointed in myself. i would wake up to my mother crying, every morning praying to god she would do something. >> reporter: off to boot camp, commonwealth challenge, national guard academy where victor recentered his moral compass surrounded himself with positivity and earned his ged. six months later, he returned home, returned to the hood and live his darkest day. i book up in the hospital after two days in a coma. >> reporter: the result of a new year's eve beating at a house party where victor said he tried to stop a fate. he had ten surgeries in day. >> my whole face was disfigured used bricks and bats and focus old on my face. >> reporter: that is what it took, the life-changing moment that started victor down the
5:47 pm
path of success. >> god is telling me i need you to be great. i have maps for you. >> reporter: two months later victor enrolled in college, two associate degrees later transferred to business school at howard university and this past may victor graduated with honors. after the a trip home to nigeria, a personal growth experience, he is writing a book about his voyage. born and raised in nigeria and i still want to relate to my people. my long-term goal is to run for presidency of nigeria. >> reporter: a young man trying to lift advice he now gives, use your second chance to be great n northeast washington, aaron gilchrist news4. >> victor is working on his book, which chronicles each of the 30 days he spent visiting nigeria. he hopes it will be a gid for others who travel there. if would you like to try something that's away from the national mall tomorrow, head over to the air force memorial in arlington for a free concert.
5:48 pm
we caught up with the airmen of note. they are rehearsing today at the joint base anacostia bowling. this is the premiere jazz ensemble of the air force and one of the six musical ensembles that comprise the air force band. tomorrow night's concert at the air force memorial it starts at 8:00 and it is free. hopefully, we will be free of thunderstorms and rain. amelia? . counting on you. by 8. >> what do you think? >> so much pressure. we work our way throughout the day the threat of showers and thunderstorms really does diminish. the best chance of rain is going to be during the morning and midday hours as we get into the afternoon and evening hours, only scattered showers and thunderstorms are possible. here's the latest check of storm team4 radar, where we are tracking some light rain moving across the area, this generally moving from southwest to northeast now impacting parts mainly in -- of northern virginia, back into west
5:49 pm
virginia. the district maryland still for the most part dry, except for extreme parts of western maryland. zooming in here, if you're in parts of fauquier, pretty much all of prince william county, getting rain, manassas, haymarket, along 29 234 66 also dealing with some rain right now. so your evening planner, 81 degrees right now, spotty showers this evening as we get into the overnight hours. more widespread showers. temperatures dip to around 74 degrees by 10 p.m. tonight so heading out this evening, do you want to grab that small umbrella. tomorrow, the weather has a moderate impact on your day. showers are likely at times during the morning and midday hours and then as we get into the after into and evening hours, just the chance of some thunderstorms. future weather 8 a.m., notice the rain in place, stopping it at noon. notice how that activity diminishes in coverage but clouds still hang on strong. only some limited snipe is possible tomorrow afternoon at 2 p.m. here notice the best
5:50 pm
chance of rain is south of the district, down around fredericksburg and the northern neck. 5 p.m., most of us are dry. we will hit our high temperature of 82 at that point. fireworks looking good at 9:00, just about everybody. nationals forecast for tomorrow first pitch, just after 11 a.m. do you want to bring the poncho to the game, 75 degrees at the start, a delay is possible, cancellation would be highly unlikely, seventh inning stretch, cloudy skies temperatures in the upper 70s. by the last out, some limited sunshine, temperature of 80. foo fighters playing tomorrow evening at 9 p.m. i know is an all-day concert the foo fighters coming on likely dry at that point, we have the folklife festival taking police on the national mall. rain storms possible there, mainly around the middayed a early after nan hours. again, fireworks, most of us looking good. highs tomorrow generally in the low 80s, very similar to today. fireworks forecast at the mall is looking good.
5:51 pm
you can see mostly cloudy skies in the forecast, just a storm possible at 6 p.m. but mild conditions for the fireworks. sunday partly sunny, high of 86. on monday, the chance of showers and thunderstorms, a high of 83. chance of showers and thunderstorms on tuesday as well, highs near 90. 90s on wednesday, with a chance of some showers and thunderstorms, wendy and pat. >> all right, thanks, amelia. so you didn't make it to the beach this weekend? never fear. the beach has come to you. as news4's tom sherwood shows us you don't need any sunscreen at this beach, 'cause it's inside the national building museum. >> reporter: high above the national building museum, an architectural gemini day, you notice the floor. it's turned into a beach. an ocean of about 1 million plastic balls, the beach complete with beach chairs a snack bar and unlimited fun. news4 and a few families got preview of this new exhibit that
5:52 pm
opened saturday. >> just down with the boys and wanted to come to the building museum a great surprise. i'm pretty blown away. i think only a place like the building museum would have something this expansive. >> reporter: it took more than three weeks to build out the design and fill the space. museum master carpenter. better for kids or adults? >> that's hard to say. >> reporter: the plastic balls even sound like the ocean. the beach will be open at modest fees through labor day. there's no chance of drowning, but you might disappear in sections three feet deep. >> yeah, i think the design hearse all kinds of sensory ideas in mind, the touch of the turf that almost feels like sand. >> reporter: anyone who has seen commercial ball pits might be wondering this. every parent's gonna say, germs. is it clean? >> anti-microbial surface. keep them cheap. we have other methods, a special machines that vacuum all this stuff up. >> reporter: that's good for
5:53 pm
this mom. what do you say for parents? >> bring them out, a lot of fun. i heard it is anti-microbial balls. that is reassuring. >> reporter: did we mention, no age limit h at the national building museum beach, tom sherwood news4. >> have to try tom out of there. the official reason for the ball pit, to demonstrate all sorts of building disciplines that were used in making it, but the real reason is just because it's a lot of fun to jump into it. new controversy in baltimore in the aftermath of the death of freddie gray. it's all over a sign that reads "enjoy the ride" but where the sign that was posted that made this image go viral. how the police department is responding. and a maryland child is beaten after he was sneaking some birthday cake. we are now going to focus on the hero who helpe
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
there is an internal investigation under way tonight involving baltimore police after a controversial photo surfaced. it shows a sign on the inside of the back door of a police van that reads "enjoy your ride cuz we sure will." six baltimore police officers are charged in connection with gray's death. he was fatally injured while riding in a police van. officials authenticated the photos of the sign. they say they were taken -- near one of the police stations.
5:57 pm
the maryland boy beaten by his mother's boyfriend for eating a piece of birthday cake is in critical condition now his mother didn't try to get him help but one person did the right thing. if it weren't for another man's actions, the boy might not have made it out of that home alive. >> even though he is not my child i couldn't imagine what the parents are going through. >> reporter: police continue investigating what happened inside this apartment tuesday night after a child was handcuffed and beaten. according to these court documents an ems crew responded to the apartment because the little boy was having trouble breathing. his mother declined medical treatment, saying he was just congest congested. four hours later an ambulance came back to that apartment because the boy was unresponsive. he was taken to the hospital with injuries consistent with abuse. while the boy's mother was at work detectives say robert
5:58 pm
wilson allegedly handcuffed and severely beat the boy for eating a piece of cake without permission. according to court documents, when the punishment was too severe, the boy's uncle stepped in to help. that's when he saw wilson hit the boy several times in the stomach. >> it's a tragedy that a 9-year-old is in the condition that's in, looking the possibly losing his life, over a peas of cake. >> reporter: robert wilson has been charged with child abuse, first and second degree assault and reckless endangerment. police say the boy also has injuries in various stages of healing and investigating the boy's treatment from that evening and before. >> we are reviewing that information, conversing with the state attorney's office and if there are charges to be brought against the mother or anyone else in that household that knew or should have known or did something, rest assured, we will be seeking those charges. >> reporter: bliss police applaud the boy's uncle for initially calling for help. that is exactly what you should
5:59 pm
do if a child is being abused. >> call someone in law enforcement, call for an ambulance, call whoever is going to come in and step in on their behalf. >> if the boy dies, his will be charged with murder. police say they are still investigating. it is not clear if the mother will face any charges. tens of thousands of people about to converge on the national mall and it is tight. >> what is being done to keep people safe and terror concerns. i really lost aalready lost a son at the age of 8. he was hit by a drunk driver. and now him. >> touched by tragedy twice a mother talks about the enormous loss, talks about the scene of the crime, the crime that marks the first murder of the year in alexandria. less than two hours away from a tribute to a police officer killed in a friendly competition. how the bike crash is impacting the rest of the games. but first tonight, cities
6:00 pm
across the country are on heightened alert for the holiday weekend. there is concern of a possible terror attack, although there is no specific or credible threat. >> people make plans, they are also worried about the weather. our coverage starts tonight with steve handelsman. steve? >> reporter: no question, said federal officials today, more possible lone wolf terrorists are taking in what's become a flight of isis prop began d.a. some tonight are said to be under surveillance. for most americans, including the many who have come here to our town or who live here, this is seemingly holidays as usual. the national mall is crowded, like it always is for the fourth, even though visitors know barriers can't stop a terrorist attack. >> honestly, i was very worried at first but then when we got here, the secure silt very visible and just feel safe


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