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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  July 3, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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less than two hours away from a tribute to a police officer killed in a friendly competition. how the bike crash is impacting the rest of the games. but first tonight, cities across the country are on heightened alert for the holiday weekend. there is concern of a possible terror attack, although there is no specific or credible threat. >> people make plans, they are also worried about the weather. our coverage starts tonight with steve handelsman. steve? >> reporter: no question, said federal officials today, more possible lone wolf terrorists are taking in what's become a flight of isis prop began d.a. some tonight are said to be under surveillance. for most americans, including the many who have come here to our town or who live here, this is seemingly holidays as usual. the national mall is crowded, like it always is for the fourth, even though visitors know barriers can't stop a terrorist attack. >> honestly, i was very worried at first but then when we got here, the secure silt very visible and just feel safer. >> reporter: in new york city,
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security is visible for the holidays. and in boston, lining the charles river, a half million people will watch the fireworks. city officials say they are a bit nervous. >> obviously, everyone's concerns have been raised because of all the isis activity that's going around. >> reporter: isis is urging its sympathizers to attack in the u.s. the fbi reports no specific plots uncovered, but in pittsburgh, the cops are alert. >> the lone wolf-type thing, there is generally no precursor warning because of the very nature of it. >> reporter: here's a warning, the roads are jammed. this is new jersey on the way to the beach, the heaviest holiday traffic in eight years. here's denver. cheap gas has more people driving. >> prices today are almost 90 cents per gallon lower than they were last year. >> reporter: jammed roads? check. fear of terrorism? check. millions having holiday fun? check. in pittsburgh there's been so much rain, they say their big problem is they had to cancel
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their annual regatta. and boston police seriously said one of their biggest goals this year is to get people to stop burping up so many decks with their barbecue grills. i'm steve handlesman, news4. >> thanks, steve. now to the weather all eyes on the skies as we look ahead to the fourth of july forecast. we know there's a chance for rain tomorrow, but vj's here to pinpoint the exact timing. vj? >> that's right. a chance for rain and of course that means for us no bashout is expected. we are talking about some brief interruptions from the rain. here is what we have got going on right now, a little bit of rain coming through our area currently, light showers moving east and northeastward they have been pulling out of areas of fauquier county through prince william through 66. fairfax wet with the showers and wet weather reported currently inside the beltway, around alexandria, of course the ballgame could be a little wet. folks probably pulling their ponchos out about now with the cloud cover now, going to see the temperatures start to drop. we got into the low 80s, mid-70s by 9:00. still a chance of an isolated
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shower by 9:00, a better chance of rain past 11 p.m. and midnight. so, we are stacked heavy tomorrow during the early part of the day with rain, but as we get into the day tomorrow, the after into, the evening hours, we are going to start trending a little drier. drier and drier. by fireworks time 8 to 9:00 mostly dry temperature of 75 degrees. looking pretty good n a couple minutes, i will be bab to show what you location, what neighborhoods will see the higher rainfall totals tomorrow. that's all in a few. >> thanks, vj. it's a tragedy that no parent should every undeer but for the second time a mother is making plans to bury a son. her child was shot and killed last night on north fayette street in alexandria, becoming the first murder of the year for that city. news4's chris gordon was there as the victim's family drove to the crime scene, hooklooking for answers. >> reporter: i received this tweet within the past hour about shakken elliot-tibbs' death. it says shakken was one of my
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former students and footballeedom high school in woodbridge. it breaks my heart. shakken's girlfriend tells me that he had a big smile and would help just about anyone. >> he was there for everybody. if this happened to him, this ain't right. it's not right at all. >> reporter: 22-year-old shakken elliot tibb was fatally shot along north fayette street at 11:30 last night after hanging out with his cousins. he was leaving to take a metro to meet his mother at the springfield station and go home to woodbridge together. today his mother came to see the spot were her son's life ended. >> he loved me to death. i know that. very protective of me. i knew that and i always knew that he was there for me. >> reporter: his girlfriend, asiana jones, says their dreams died last night. we had a lot of plans. he was supposed to finish school. we was supposed to get married.
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have kids. all that. and now it's just gone. >> reporter: alexandria police will not discuss the possible motive for this murder and need help solving it with an arrest. >> it's warmer weather. it is a holiday. we are sure that there were people out who viewed this crime. >> reporter: those closes to shakken can't figure out why anyone would kill him. >> i just talked to him literally 30 minutes before he was shot. like my mama coming to pick us up and they told me he is gone. that don't make no sense. >> reporter: our northern virginia bureau chief julie carey e-mailed me saying that this portion of the city often has reports of shots fired. the alexandria police department is planning a public meeting this monday evening at 7 p.m. at charles houston recreation center, to address the community's concerns about this murder. reporting from alexandria, chris gordon, news4. the hunt for a killer continues in the district as we learn more about a man who was found dead inside a burning
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trash can. police identified the victim as heineken mcneil of seethe. he was shot and then dumped in the trash off holbrook terrace in the trinidad neighborhood on tuesday. there is a $25,000 reward for information that leads to a conviction in this case. and there have been 68 murders in the district of columbia this year. in just a couple hours hundreds of first responders will come together to honor a man they hardly knew. a memorial is already forming for investigator carlos silva. he came here from brazil to take part in the world police and fire games but he never finished his bike race. now the brother and sisterhood that was formed at the games is trying to cope with his death. news4's zachary kiesch reports. [ whistle ] >> it's where everybody from around the world the police officers and firefighters come together and do various events
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and compete and it is all about fun. >> you can cheer everybody on. >> reporter: 12,000 competitors, 70 countries, ten days of world police and fire games but the cycling death of carlos silva, police investigator from brazil one major loss. >> yeah. it's sad. >> you wouldn't expect it to happen, but i guess he was going down hill, his friend -- i don't know if it was his tire or somebody else's three guys together front tire blew. and, you know, who knows. >> reporter: the accident happened when a cyclist blew a tire and lost control during a time trial in prince william forest park. shauna quigley august proud winner of multiple medals from british columbia couldn't separate her wins from such a loss. >> one of my silvers is actually in a team we called ourselves the brazil plus one and i was a plus one and i swam with three brazilian women. i know those girls are going to be devastated. >> reporter: the games are back
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on today and despite the tragic death the game's organizers and athletes are keeping the spirit of competition in the memory of carlos silva alive, hoping for the recovery of the two other cyclists. reporting in northern virginia, zachary kiesch, news4. we waupdate to you a breaking news story we brought you first at 4:00, crews are on the scene of a house fire in prince george's county. we just got this video from the scene. that single-family home is on stone haul drive not too far from i-95. smoke alarms alerted two people inside that the home that it was time to escape. so far no injuries are reported. just into our newsroom, crews have fixed that massive water main break in anne arundel but tens of thousands are still without water. crews spent nearly 16 hours repairing that break. it shut off water to customers in laurel, maryland. in our next half hour a live report from the scene as meagan fitzgerald will tell us just how long it is going to take for the water to come back on. that's coming up at 6:30. and no more water problems
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tonight in wheaten after two and a half million gallons poured into the street this week. georgia avenue had to be shut down in both directions. crews spent nearly two days fixing that problem. the road reopened to all traffic late last night much a woman who tried to crash through the gates at the cia wouldn't have to go to prison. a judge has sentenced tunisia davis to probation. he has also ordered her not to carry a gun or, again, to try to enter a cia facility. news4 reported davis drove to langley center in april and then threatened to shoot and kill a security officer. investigators say she also tried to begin access to the secure headquarters of the national security agency that same day. california advice pleaded-- davis pleaded guilty to interfering with government functions and a judge ordered her to get a mental health exam before he happened down the sentence. former fbi agent matt lowry had a secret he was stealing heroin from evidence to support his own habit.
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earlier this year, lowry pleaded guilty to tampering with evidence and a lot of the people he put away is now become on the street. nbc's kate snow sat down with him to learn how his downward spiral started. something, you know, clicked in my head let me just take a little bit to start off these withdrawals. and then i will figure out later, you know, how am i gonna get through this? >> lowry has been clean for more than a year. he is now out on bond but still faces seven to ten years in prison. he is hoping this interview is going to help a lot of other people battling addiction. you can see kate's full interview on nightly news with lester holt at 7:00. new fears after a recent rash of shark attacks. why some were staying on dry land this holiday weekend. a maryland mom admits she did give kids pot at a birthday party, but didn't stop there. what she is accused of teaching a 6-year-old to do that led to
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her arrest. the generous effort from these folks, making a house a home for a family of 13 forced out by a fire.
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tonight, there are more shark sightings off the north carolina coastline. two men were fishing at kill devil hills today when they
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hooked this. this you can see the crowds gathering around the big fish. the shark measured about 7 1/2 feet and it was released. this weekend will be the busiest for north carolina beaches. seven shark attacks in the past three weeks and nbc's sara daloff is monitoring the situation from wrightsville beach. >> reporter: waves of visitors are expected along the coast this weekend, but after a string of people bitten by sharks off the coast of north carolina, worry of more potential attacks are keeping some close to the shore. >> i don't normally worry about this at all, but because of the frequency and the -- and the distribution of bites, i'm concerned. >> first responders respond to lifeguard beach. we have a subject have an injury from possible shark. >> reporter: the latest victim, andrew costello, now in good condition after a shark bit him on the leg, hip and both hands. it was north carolina's seventh
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shark encounter in three weeks, a record. but this weekend, officials have decided not to close any beaches. >> i am reviewing, also with public safety personnel, to make sure that we have the personnel in place to respond to any potential emergency. >> reporter: in wrightsville beach, so far, no dangerous encounters. officials and vacationers both hoping it stays that way through the holiday weekend. but even experienced surfers are extra alert for potential danger. >> more likely -- less likely to go out, even to let the kid goes out and paddle out by themselves. >> we will go in the water but we are a little nervous. >> reporter: watchful eyes on the water and what could lie beneath the service. in wrightsville beach, north carolina, sara daloff, nbc news. and take a look at this. it is the bay bridge. come on, let's go! i've never seen it -- we could roller skate across it. if you are heading over there to the maryland side for the fourth
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of july they are not heading there right now, apparently. president obama was behind the wheel today, at least on the golf course. the commander in chief played a round of golf at columbia country club in chevy chase filling out his foursome aides and associates joe paulson, mitch stew bart and marvin nicholson. they will host military families at the white house where they will have a barbecue and a fantastic view of those fireworks. >> yeah. and today was a beautiful day. tomorrow is going to be about timing, veronica. >> all about timing. i don't want anyone to panic early in the day tomorrow you see the rain come through. stay like that throughout the day. see a little bit of sunshine come our way tomorrow morning. scattered thunderstorms. got deep an eye on the sky, nbc washington app, you could track it right there live on your phone. the showers moving through and when they are going to get out of your neighborhood. right now, w
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showers moving through, so your evening forecast first and what you can expect. a couple of stray little light showers coming through right now. better chance of rain late, around 10 to 11 p.m. and after midnight. your temps around 80 degrees, low 70s by 10 to 11 p.m. here is the rain i'm talking about, you can see it here coming into frederick, coming into d.c. and around fredericksburg, all advancing eastward. this is the rain we thought would be coming through our area a little earlier today, taking some time, see it there coming right across 66 and into d.c. for the area saturday. again, a lot of rain for the early part of the day, saturday afternoon, we could see some scattered thunderstorms, may bring some moderate rains to the area, but our chance of seeing any moderate rain really diminishing greatly by saturday evening. we drop that line. here is a look at what neighborhoods will see the higher amounts of rain and the purple and the red. hagerstown, martinsburg, winchester, culpepper, fredericksburg, everywhere else, about a half inch or more. but keep in mind, the ground is
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saturated. so, if we get any good rains early in the day, which could likely happen, mainly a little bit of isolated flash flooding. here is your friday and into early saturday morning. here is what i'm talking about, might be flash flood warnings issued around areas of washington county, maybe frederick county. prince william rains coming in early morning, now, with a much from noon on as we go into the afternoon and evening hours. the area coverage of those showers really diminishes greatly. drier up here, frederick maryland gatorsburg, the rain mainly south and really trending south by 6 or 7:00. you can, of course, see how the clouds is a. to thin. i think going to have late-day sunshine, only a 20 to 30% chance of a pop-up thunderstorm by the time we get to fireworks time. humid overcast, early on. fairly wet, 67, 72 going to go out to do that early morning run before you start eating keep that in mind, going to be a little wet. by grilling time, 2 to 6:00
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pop-up thunderstorms might be ready to cover things up and bring it inside if you have to briefly. some afternoon interruptions, temperatures sliding down to 81 degrees by 6 or 7:00. get up to a hay of 82. 84 pax river. i will show you the beach forecast for anyone going to going to rehoboth or outer banks tomorrow. saturday morning 70 to 74 degrees, by the afternoon, 78 to 82 degrees our range. again pretty optimistic we will have a thinning of the clouds a hill bit of sunshine late, only an isolated chance we could see a pop-up thunderstorm. so, here it is it is going to be humid when the fireworks do go off, 73 to 76 degrees, with all that moisture in the air, we go into sunday morning, i think we are going to have some widespread fog around the area, but sunday is looking dry. the high, 86. we have got some rain for the early part of next week and some higher temperatures coming our way next week as well. so we get through this fourth of july weekend with what may be our coolest fourth in more than
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a decade u in a couple of minutes, i have the beach forecast and your convenient forecast. >> thanks, vj. a new controversy for baltimore police. the sign found inside a police transport van that is sparking another investigation. one that comes on the heels of the freddie gray case. i'm mark see graves on the mall for the capitol fourth
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if you are headed out to the national mall for fireworks tomorrow, be prepared for larger-than-usual crowds. >> mark segraves is live there on the national mall. mark, the mall is already small their normal with all that renovation. you advise some folks to plan ahead? >> reporter: you absolutely want to plan ahead, chris before you come down here tomorrow, whether you're going to the foo fighters concert at rfk or going to come see the symphony here at the u.s. capitol you're going to have to deal with crowds, but if you want to watch the fireworks, there's going to be a lot less room for spectators on the mall this year than there usually is. >> with the turf restoration project going on on the national mall, there's construction between 7th and 14th street, fenced off, not available for sort of that prime fireworks viewing area. so folks that are used to popping out of smithsonian and grabbing a piece of turf on the mall going to have to go a little bit further to find a place this watch this year. >> reporter: of course, lots of restrictions like no coolers and
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no bottles and have to go through security to the get onto the mall for the fireworks or the capitol grounds for the concert with kc and the snipe band and the national sip fromny. >> sometimes i go out and sign autographs and i will have four generation standing in front of me so it's always -- it's always great to see and to know that my music's love bade so many people. >> reporter: there's a lot going on tomorrow and here's where you will find the five major events. the folklife festival on the mall runs from 11 till 5 with the nationals play the giants at 11:05 tomorrow morning. the foo fighters concert with eight bands at rfk stadium starts at noon. the national symphony with barry manilow and others on the capitol grounds at 8 p.m. and the fireworks cap off the day at the other end of the mall. >> some other places off the mall where you can see the fireworks, lincoln park east capitol street meridian hill. we have lots of folks gathering in those areas, a little bit further away, stale good view, but a little farther away from the maddening crowds.
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>> reporter: now, if you want to avoid those maddening crowds tomorrow, you can still come down tonight from 8 to 10:30 and catch the rehearsal concert here at the capitol grounds. you know, chris and wendy, a lot of people like me were probably thinking of going to chicago for the grateful dead's final concert this weekend but with joan jett trouble funk kc and the sunshine band, foo fighters and the symphony in town, who needs to leave? remember, no drones but you can bring your selfie sticks. on the national mall, mark seagraves, news4. i'm melissa mollet with your first four traffic. info for this weekend. on the rails, saturday, trains running on metro from 7 in the morning to 3:00 sunday morning be. the mall entrance entry only after the 9:30 at night because of all those folks enjoying fireworks. smithsonian station open all day, a little info for you there. here is some advice, i would say, try to ride just one line, if you can and transfer, if you can, by walking. gonna save you some time perhaps and keep you away from some of those bigger crowds.
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those peak fares starting after midnight saturday into sunday because of those big crowds and there is no scheduled track work. that, of course, helps a lot. roadwork, no scheduled roadwork around town this weekend as well, only emergency roadwork could pop up. as far as parking for a capitol fourth, of course, going to have restrictions in place, new jersey avenue between c street and constitution, those restrictions happening there. have a good one, have a safe one. see you later. help tonight for a family of 13 who lost everything in a devastating fire. but strangers stepped in to help after hearing their story. some 30,000 customers in russet have gone without water for hours because of a water main break. now crews have been working actively to try to fix the issue, but coming up at 6:00, the costly effect it has taken on local businesses going into this holiday weekend. hundreds of signatures here from parents and students who say they want to see this school turned back into a full military
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right now at 6:30 a massive water main has been fixed, the first time in 16 hours, 30,000
6:30 pm
people in laurel can now use their water. >> but that water main break could not have come at a worse time for the businesses there because instead of cashing in on the holiday weekend a lot of places on the little patuxent river had to shut down. megan fitzgerald is there live to show us what is going on. ing me meagan? >> reporter: many of the crews are packing up quip. cleaning up the streets and getting ready to gets out out of here. good news for the resident bus for businesses that had to shut their doors a costly day. this hydrant off route 198 the most popular spot today. water shut off at 4 this morning. >> reporter: so bucket after bucket was being filled up and pack aid way for residents to make do. most will tell you it's an inconvenience. but for many businesses in town, like chick-fil-a it cost them
6:31 pm
money. steve markham works at this burger king down the street. he considers himself one of the lucky ones. >> we bought this tanker of water chlorinated water. >> reporter: he was able to keep business going by bringing in this 55,000-gallon tank of water but the store still took a financial hit. we were closed for about a half a day of business. so that's lot for us. >> reporter: and it's all because of a water main break along the patuxent river. >> three segments of our pipe, 60 feet, had been washed into the river. >> reporter: public works officials for the county say more than a million gallons of water was lost so, while they work for hours trying to fix the problem residents and many shop owners had to make the best of a tough situation. to rain on the fourth
6:32 pm
of july but not all bad in fact, from now through a good chunk of tomorrow a chance for some showers coming through, so, just make sure you got a place to run under or into for a few minutes as these showers compassing by. we really are trending much better by tomorrow after into. here we go first now umbrella weather already. got rain showers moving into areas of d.c., through fairfax county, a little bit of moderate rain there north of fairfax right now, clinton, bowie you will soon see those showers, tomorrow, rain likely the early part of the day, 7, 10 a.m. mid-70s for temperature, a shower is possible, only a pop-up storm, more on the fourth of july forecast and your beach forecast coming up in just a few minutes. when you hear the warning every year and this is why. a woman in our area has severe injuries to several fingers after fireworks exploded in her
6:33 pm
hand. it happened yesterday in capitol heights, maryland. investigators say the fireworks were illegal and this is amount second fireworks injury in prince george's county in the last seven years. the deadline has come and gone and no word if christopher barry reported to jail for his 15-day sentence. the son of the late d.c. councilman marion barry had until 6:00 tonight. a judge sentenced barry after he was call the driving with a revoked license. that is a violation of his probation. barry will serve this time on the weekends. and baltimore police have launched an internal investigation over a sign that was spotted inside one of their transport vehicles. take a look. a viewer sent four pictures to our sister station in baltimore show a city police wagon parked. the door was left wide open the inside of the door a sign that reads "hope you enjoy your ride, cuz we sure will" much the sign's placement makes it clear that this is a message for people arrested after they have been put in the back of the van and the doors were shut. this incident comes a at bad
6:34 pm
time for the baltimore police department. six officers, as you know, were charged in connection with the death of freddie great lakes, who was critically injured in the back of a similar police van. the baltimore police say they just learned about this sign and are investigating to find out who put it there. a human rights group is suing metro because it wasn't allowed to put ads of the prophet mohammed on bus an trains. the american freedom defense initiative says the transit agency violated its free speech by refusing to post those ads. after the mohammed submission metro banned all political and religious advertising the rest of the year. the group's proposed ad featured the cartoon that won a contest in garland texas and sparked a deadly shooting there. parents and students from the military academy inside forestville high school say that the future is uncertain. a recent change is causing some problems and it maybe the cause of violent attacks occurring at the school. bureau chief tracee wilkins has new reaction from one of the
6:35 pm
teachers tonight about what's at stake. >> i saw a deterioration. >> reporter: this forestville high school teacher says fights like this are the result of a confused structure inside forestville high school. so now he is working with parents students and faculty who want to see forestville changed back into a full military academy. >>ucture led to discipline and that discipline allowed them to focus. >> reporter: 2013, enrollment here opened to neighborhood kids who don't have to operate under the academy's strict military standards. >> most people that are in the military program had to apply come here. >> reporter: monique hinson is among the hundreds of parents petitioning to have forestville high school changed back into a military academy. >> change it had in 2002, belt relatively well we are kind of surprise they had would go back to something that wasn't working. >> reporter: a spokesman with the prince george's county school system say they opened the school to neighborhood children to increase dwindling enrollment. as it stands, the school's building is still underused.
6:36 pm
>> when i started freshman year it was a complete owe academy. >> reporter: this 2014 grad wanted is now at temple university. but even as an alum she is worried about the school and told school ceo kevin maxwell as much personally. . >> all you can do is voice your concerns. the wnod trail in sterling long a spot in heavy traffic, eye high speeds and confusion over the right of bay but change maybe coming to sterling boulevard. supervisors approved rapid flash beacons and better signs road improvements, including a wider media. those changes still have to be approved by v do thedot and others. a maryland mother arrested,
6:37 pm
charged with abuse. what she is accused of letting children do during a birthday party at her home. an unexpected reunion in court. the story of two friends from middle school whose lives took
6:38 pm
6:39 pm
thousands of people in tennessee are returning to their homes this evening after they were forced out tomorrowyesterday morning when a csx carry g carrying caught fire. >> all the data we are getting back is very favorable, allow us all to begin the process of returning home. >> we are told the cleanup process could take some time. investigators still on the scene trying to figure out why the train derailed. a maryland woman is locked up tonight accused of giving marijuana to kids at a birthday party. deputies arrested tabitha cassidy early this morning. they say she had been hosting a party for some kids in her home in lexington park and they claim
6:40 pm
she tried to teach a 6-year-old to smoke pot. cassidy is also accused of giving marijuana to 13- and 14-year-olds who were at that party. no word on her relationship to those children. she is being held without bond. a judge in miami recognized a burglary suspect from back in her past. and what happened next was so emotional, that some 2,000 people have like it on our facebook page. did you go to nautilus for middle school? >> oh, my goodness. oh, my goodness. >> i'm sorry to see you here. i always wondered what happened to you, sir. >> oh, my goodness. >> this is the nicest kid in middle school. , judge mindy glazer about to set bail for arthur booth when she realized they used to be friends a at miami beach middle school. booth has prior arrests for burglary, grand theft and he could not compose himself when the judge was talking to him. she said she hopes he comes out of all of this okay and starts to lead a lawful life.
6:41 pm
back here at home, a fire left them homeless. then, a community stepped in to help. how family of 13 is starting over, thanks to some generous strangers. and a man steals a cell phone bu
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
their house is now home. it's all thanks to generous donations from a lot of you in a local church community northern
6:44 pm
virginia. bureau reporter david culver was there to see the new start for a family of 13 who survived a devastating fire. >> reporter: enough mattresses to sleep 13. chairs. lots of kitchen goods. >> what is it called, a blender? see if bev a blender. okay? >> this is all going to the muhanyis? >> all going to the family today, to be boxed of course. >> reporter: a couple of times a week. >> you're a big, big helper. this is so heavy dillon. >> reporter: this is the scene at lord of life lutheran church in clifton. >> we will start loading up pastor darcy's. >> reporter: more than two dozen volunteers loading up donated future. >> put those on the side? >> reporter: before heading out these gracing spaces volunteers gather around. >> in jesus' name. >> amen. >> god is good. >> reporter: all this effort for a family they don't even know the muhanyis. we first introduced to you past
6:45 pm
torre, his wife and 11 kids two weeks ago. a fire took their fairfax home a local marine family the carlins, opened their home to 13 houseguests. the muhanyis recently found a new police to rent, but no furniture. [ beeping ] >> i'm going to go in. >> reporter: the transformation from house to home under way. we have made one little step for them. >> reporter: then there's dillon holt, he carried his weight and more. but why? >> to help people and be nice. >> reporter: it's the fifth home the 8-year-olds helped furnish this year. >> makes me feel good that we are giving people who don't have furniture and stuff like that um like we are giving them all new home. >> people are so generous. >> reporter: past torre, a refugee from genocide, has one more thing to hang for this to really be a home. >> before everything done in the house, tha there. only one flag. the united states of america flag. >> reporter: perfect timing to
6:46 pm
celebrate end pep dense day. in falls church david culver news4. >> and they are not new to this. after today, gracing spaces will have furnished 146 homes in northern virginia this year alone. you can learn a lot more about their efforts and watch david's past reports on the muhanyi family by searching gracing spaces on the nbc washington app. well police are looking for a thief who has been leaving a digital trail of selfies behind. this is the guy they are looking for. he is accused of stealing a woman's cell phone in the hollywood area of st. mary's county and he has been taking a lot of photos of himself that are sent to the woman's icloud account. if he looks familiar, call the police. one good thing about that rain coming in early it's going to really lesson the chance of any fires breaking out with all those fireworks coming later in the night. >> this is it true. and what we are going to find up with the high humidity in the air that smell from the fireworks, it's going to lingary
6:47 pm
little bit. >> yes. >> held up by the -- >> exactly. sunday morning, we are looking at a very foggy start to the second half of the weekend. meanwhile let's talk about travel weather your beach forecast, not just rehoboth and ocean city but going down to the outer banks here. take a look at your screen this is your travel weather. look at that. it is bet there up in pennsylvania. wet for western maryland, too. we get into the day, i want to show you, you are traveling, best chance of thunderstorms for tomorrow will be mainly south of d.c., fredericksburg, areas of culpepper, rappahannock i-81, south of 66 there's fredericksburg. d.c., a little straight blowup, pop-up shower or thunderstorm for tomorrow afternoon and then it gets better for us and drier here as we get into the late afternoon and evening hours. right now, we have got 81 degrees, east wind at 7 miles per hour. yes, it's overcast and yes we do have some rain pushing through. we have got some light showers now. this is what was just off to our west earlier, about two hours ago. another batch that's about two hours away from moving in.
6:48 pm
so from time to time this evening, going to see the light showers coming on through. the water temperature's at 75 degrees. meanwhile in terms of temperatures, what you can expect around ocean city and rehoboth, in the mid-70s right now mid to upper 70s the fourth of july, a little wet at time, a better day coming up sunday high 80. look how warm it gets down south areas like -- the outer banks 90 degrees on the fourth of july. a little stormy there again that's the front moving south. so the chances really drop for seeing any showers and storms for the afternoon hours, 7:00, 10:00, a maybe a little pop jhun shower coming our wake into the game, watching the nationals forecast, into the day, we do have our best chance for seeing the rain delay is possible, seventh inning tomorrow, but then limited sunshine for that last out. second half of the weekend we are at 86 there's your rain chances, monday tuesday wednesday, thursday of next week and any graphics you saw here are also on our nbc because app. doesn't matter what the weather is like when you visit the beach. this beach, the national
6:49 pm
building museum, created a massive beach using plastic balls and beach chairs. news4 and a few other families were there to try out the experience for the first time. >> yeah, i'm pretty blown away. >> i think only a place like the building museum would have something this expansive. pretty neat. >> the interactive exhibit opens tomorrow for a two-month run. you know the sound of those balls when people are moving through them they actually sound like the ocean. for a small fee, you can relax by the sea or try swimming in it the balls are treated, by the way with microthe i don'ts for safety. >> that's important. >> pink eye in there. coming up in sports, another fan favorite says goodbye to d.c. and denard span, barista by day center fielder by night. heart behind his java job. first, lester holt with a look ahead on "nbc nightly news." >> good evening everyone, i'm tamron hall in for lester holt. we will have the latest op the
6:50 pm
security alerts around the country, including here in new york city, where the big fireworks spectacular will take place. also, for the on television a former fbi agent reveals his secret addiction that not only cost his job, but put dozens of drug offenders back on the streets. and which republican candidate is now backing donald trump's derogatory comment on mexican immigrants?
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
i guess jake peavy on the mound for the giants tonight? he is not the same guy he was a couple years ago. >> well, bigger to have the giants in town, even bigger, nothing gets the town more excited than a large-headed political mascot. that we have for you tonight as well. good call the baseball stuff. but who knew we would be talking cal and the nationals. not rip kip, but coolidge. calvin coolidge joins the racing presidents tonight. the eve of his and the nation's birthday. nice timing much the nats hoping their timing is back at the plate tonight against the giants. now, there he is cal again coolidge, not ripken, greeting the fans before the big race and some other presidents out there, too. gio gonzalez on the mound, you know, last time he had a full inning, seven inning shutout
6:54 pm
ball, the first, single, nice recovery, meat duffy, an inning, double play, the way to start. inning facing former ter pin and sherwood warrior justin maxwell, goes down singing new york score in the third. president's race still to come. we will let you know how cal did at 11:00. all right. big caps news. joel ward saying good-bye to d.c. the forward signing a three-year contract with the sharks. deal close to $10 million according to reports. 19 goals 15 assists big goals in his career, the caps, a favorite about fans in the locker room. one of the young forwards, tom wilson tweeted can't begin to describe what at j randall ward 42 did for me my first two years. you will be missed big cheese, good luck, coming from a young player. nice sentiment. well, we have got one player leaving and somebody coming in. yahoo! sports reporting the wizards have agreed to a one-year, $2.1 million deal with gary kneel, a guard, baltimore native, played college ball at towson spent time with the who were et cetera and timberwolves
6:55 pm
last year averaging ten points a game, it will be his sixth year coming up 30 years old, he gets set for another season in the nba. all right. to wimbledon, 23-match winning streak and major tournaments in hand and racquet serena williams the favorite to win her third round match and set up a fourth round meeting with sister venus, but serena's third round opponent heather watson, was ready to carry the hopes of a nation and spoil that american family affair. serena, the world number one, and five-time wimbledon champion, heather watson, you might call it a hometown favorite, ranked 59th in the world. after serena took the first set, pick it up in the second, watson, bottom of the screen nice slice, serena on the run, watson pumps it awake great britain takes the second set, 6-4. nicely done. third set now, excited. bar me what they say this serena once down 3-love, back she comes, now knotted three apiece. serena will blast the back hand
6:56 pm
winner, not only a scream but a pump pumped up you get what i'm saying. after watson blew a chance to serve for the match at 5-4 you kidding me? match point for serena, top of your screen, that's gonna be a winner of course this is 2015 so we have to review it indeed in serena holds off heather watson, in three sets. all right, you think july fourth weekend you think cars, not just the bumper in front of you in the bridge lane. nascar returning to nbc. the subway firecracker 250 on saturday on nbc sports network and then the big event under the lights on sunday night right here on nbc4. the coke zero 400. your lunch. >> tyler? tyler? >> the nats playing the role of -- barista this morning at pete's coffee on 17th street. span and pete's teaming up to raise money for his foundation. is he old enough to be drinking that? >> mostly sugar. >> that will keep him going.
6:57 pm
look at this, look at this line it see denard span. hundreds of people. >> lovely. >> showed up during the visit. pete's presented span with $2500 donation to his charity which helps single parents. >> he does that. >> i grew up in a single-mother home this is near and dear to my heart and, you know, just trying to get out there and help as many single mothers and single parents as possible. i had no idea that this many people were going to show up but just a good feeling to know that, you know, the fans here, you know they think this highly of me and they come out to support something i'm doing. >> great irony here he doesn't drink coffee, he is not a coffee fan. but apparently -- >> probably nothing left for him with that line of that store. the bottom line, a good cause. >> absolutely. i love how many people showed up. that's great. hey thanks for joining us. "nbc nightly news" is coming up next. >> see you here at 11:00.
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on the broadcast tonight, terror jitters. on the eve of july fourth cities stepping up patrols. fbi agents mixing into crowds. our embassies on alert on the heels of attacks around the globe. in a flash. lightning strikes on track for one of the deadliest years. the danger from above as so many plan to gather outside this weekend. some are in for a stormy independence day. enjoy your ride. the shocking sign allegedly found in a baltimore police van much like the van in which freddie gray may have suffered life-ending injuries. and catching some rays. history made and records shattered. nearly five days straight in the sky


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