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tv   News4 Today  NBC  July 4, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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parts of fairfax county. you can see the yellow on the storm team 4 radar. i'm keeping a close eye on the line of showers here as this moves through the area later today, this is going to greatly reduce the rain chances. it will push through from west to east. if all else remains equal it might not be the case but if it does, here is timing for you. frederick, 12:30, leesburg, 1:20 washington after 3:00 p.m. after this move through a pop-up shower is poszsiblepossible. once the line moves through, the rain chances are diminished. today, 75 degrees right now. noon, 76. scattered showers and maybe a thunder shower at 2:00 p.m. 78. kristin, coming up a look at what to expect for the fireworks this evening. >> that sounds great. thanks, amelia. happy fourth of july. there are so many things, of course, going on around the area today to celebrate america's
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independence. from the festival to the fireworks later on. really, there's something for everybody. one thing to keep in mind is you will notice a lot of police. law enforcement on high alert. news 4 derrick ward is live downtown with what you will need to know about that and other big events going on for the fourth. it's raining, i see, derrick. >> reporter: in this part of town, you will see a lot of police around town. considering what's going on and what day this is, there's probably a bit more. certainly more of a secure per am ter. there are other things going on as well. the fireworks are the big draw this evening. there's a folklife festival on the mall. it's been moved up closer to the capitol. i don't think it's necessarily a security concern, but logistics and repairs being done to the mall. folks are already down here getting ready gather. the parade gets under way at
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11:00. some folks are going to be here ahead of time. the prime spots are under trees. we caught up with folks who were actually here by happenstance, a group from australia. let's listen. >> an experience. see a little bit of a parade if there's a parade on today. we are looking to enjoy it. we have our own birthday celebration for australia in january. this will be great to take in americas. >> reporter: they are passing through. they are on their way to a square dancing competition in massachusetts. they happened to be here. i asked them if they were concerned about the security concerns and the talk leading up to this. they said not in the least. from the look of things here a lot of spectators feel the same way. we are live on constitution avenue derrick ward. >> they'll have a great time.
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thank you. see you soon. the fourth of july parade starts at 11:45. you can line up along constitution avenue. the parade goes from 7th to 17th street northwest. marching band, giant balloons and drill teams will bring the parade best until 2:00. at 8:00 tonight the sights and sounds of the holiday will certainly come to life on the west lawn of the capitol. it's going to be a beautiful sight, i think. a lot of you are excited about a capitol fourth concert. barry manilow hunter hayes and casey and the sunshine band are performing. the gates open at 3:00, concert goes until 9:30. it's sponsored by the national parks service and the orchestra. so much going on. if you are headed out, give yourself extra time. there's going to be a lot of street closures. roads are already closed at this hour. they will remain shut down until
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11:00 tonight. the parade is inbound to constitution avenue, going to be closed today. the nbc washington app, this is a good time to download that. it can be your travel companion, a list of road closures. entry to the national mall opens at 10:00. thousands of you will use metro to get around today. metro will run on a regular saturday stead yule until 2:00. then they will ramp up service similar to a weekday rush hour. keep the nbc washington app on you. it will keep you moving throughout the day. the metro stop will become entrance only at 9:30 tonight. that's to help folks exit the mall safely. you can get a free ride home after the celebrations if you are unable to drive home safely. soberride will get you there. it will run from 10:00 until 4:00 a.m. if you celebrate too much, call soberride.
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here is the number. 1-800-200-taxi. you can get up to a $30 fare for free. nationwide more than 40% of traffic deaths on july 4th involves drunk drivers. the show must go on. despite a broken leg the foo fighters will perform at rfk tonight. the frontman fell off the stage and broke his leg last month wile performing in sweden. he came back and finished the show on crutches. tonight's performance marks their 20th anniversary. the national mall isn't the only place for fireworks. in prince george's county, the university of maryland's fireworks show on baltimore avenue. that starts at 9:00. bring your own blankets, lawn chairs. montgomery county, the stepanek park.
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then fairfax high school has all daye vents ending with a fireworks show at 9:00. we have more places to check out the fireworks in the sky on the nbc washington app. in mourning after the death of a police officer. a memorial was held to remember carlos silva, a brazilian officer who died in a bicycle crash while racing. ♪ >> silva died wednesday. a tire blowout caused the chain reaction crash. >> the key here is he was your brother. but from this day forward, he is no longer just your brother. for he is our brother. ♪ >> you know, with little time to prepare, organizers really put together a service of dignity
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and honor for the fallen detective. teammates say he will be remembered for his wide smile, love of his job and family. >> police officers in d.c. need your help this morning. they want to know if you recognize this man. this man robbed the wells fargo bank on alabama avenue in southeast. it happened yesterday morning. this is the second time this past week a man wearing a fisherman's hat robbed a d.c. bank. no word if the robberies are connected. working for you, we talked to the department of public works this morning. they tell us everybody's water should be back on in laurel. a massive water main break had water shut off most of yesterday. it happened near the little patuxent river. a lot of you called saying water wasn't on after the department of public works said it was. as many as 30,000 of you were
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without w we hope everybody is back online this morning. >> especially with fireworks going on, you want access to the water. 9:08. we are working for you to keep you safe this fourth of july. fireworks safety what you need to know so you don't get hurt. finally, after two failed attempts supplies on their way to the international space
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announcer: you are watching news 4 today. every year, firefighters show us how dangerous fireworks can be. you can obviously see in that video. a maryland woman is recovering
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after a firework exploded in her hand. the explosion significantly injured three other fingers on her hand. it happened wednesday night in a backyard in capital heights. consumer grade and homemade fireworks are illegal in the county. more than 200 people are taken to the e.r. on the fourth of july for injuries. this morning, we have some ways that you can stay safe. number one never buy fireworks that are wrapped in brown paper. why? that's often a sign they are professional grade. if you are not a professional, don't do it. never stand over the firework while lighting it. stay a safe distance away when lit. keep a hose or bucket of water nearby in case a fire starts. make sure fireworks are legal where you live before you use them. definitely keep all of these
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tips in mind. while you may love the fourth of july, who doesn't? your pets may not be too crazy for the holiday. e.r. visits to the vet skyrocket by 48%. it's not just because pets are afraid of fireworks, many of them are, though. most of the visits had to do with animals eating something they shouldn't or long, hot road trips. be mindful of that. >> good advice there. still ahead, diplomatic relations between cuba and the u.s. are reestablished. plus, deadly lightning strikes. severe weather we know it can be dangerous. we look at the spring thunderstorms and what we can expect this month. kristin? >> right now, we are so focused on today's weather and what the rest of the day is going to bring. storm team 4 meteorologist amelia segal has your fourth of july forecast. that's coming up.
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at 9:15 right now, an unmanned russian cargo rocket which you see right there has taken off. it's on its way to the international space station. the rocket successfully launched yesterday carrying water, food, spare parts and experimental equipment. it should arrive tomorrow. two previous supply missions failed to the iss crew.
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they are anxiously awaiting its arrival. there are going to be soggy hot dogs for millions of americans this fourth of july. torrential rain and strong storms pummeled areas in the south last night bringing with it look at that, severe lightning lighting up the sky. more is on the way for them. lightning strikes peak in july and weather experts say parts of the country are experiencing the most deadly. one is take nothing chances. he installs lightning rods on every house he builds. >> puts peace in your mind to know you are safe. >> 15 people have died this year after already being struck by lightning and last year the death toll, just to give you perspective was 26 for the entire year. fortunately, we are talking
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about some storms today but it's not going to ruin the day. it's nothing like you saw. >> there's a chance for garden variety thunderstorms no severe weather in the forecast for today. there's only a chance you are dealing with a thunderstorm. what most of us are definitely dealing with, rain. the weather having a moderate impact on your fourth of july. this fourth of july is likely the coolest in at least a decade. dealing with showers this morning into the midday and mid afternoon hours. at times, not a total washout rain not the entire time but you will have rain moving through, moving over at times until at least 2:00 or 3:00 p.m. we can't rule out a late day shower or thunderstorm after that. so fourth of july fireworks are looking good still. know, with the rain we are seeing this morning into the midday hours, the ground will be damp. keep that in mind.test, 6:00 p.m., a shower or thunderstorm is posz possible
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possible. 78 degrees. 9:00 p.m. most of us dry temperatures in the mid-70s. even at midnight as everything is wrapping up temperatures around 72 degrees muggy feeling. pack the poncho, just in case especially if you are getting there earlier. as we work toward 9:00 p.m. the rain threat diminishes across the area. d.c. metro seeing rain right now. a bit of a lull in activity in prince william, fauquier counties. this is where we are going to pool the threat midday and early afternoon showers. once that moves through, only the chance of a shower or thunderstorm after that. otherwise we could have late day sun breaking out that will help to boost the temperature. future weather, noon tracking showers, 3:00 p.m. future weather is intense. i don't think it will be this intense as far as heavy rain and thunderstorms go. you get the idea, the rain pushing through around 3:00. by 5:00, this activity is south
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of washington. areas north and west are dry. 7:00 p.m., just about everybody is dry. breaks in the cloud cover and look at that. 9:00, fireworks time, our entire area is dry. good news there for the outdoor cookouts today. i wouldn't necessarily move them indoors, if you don't want to get wet for sure you should. have a plan "b." be able to pick up and move inside. highs 70s and 80s. 79 in winchester. 81 in washington, 75 in annapolis. by far, more clouds than sun. temperatures right now mainly, are in the low 70s. 73 in washington. tomorrow, big improvement. partly sunny. patchy fog around during the morning hours and a high of 86. monday, a high temperature of 85. there's a chance of showers and thunderstorms mainly later in the day, otherwise we are looking at humid conditions, then the chance of showers and thunderstorms remains in the forecast for the rest of the
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week. >> thanks, amelia. that's good. we are going to be okay. you can now fly directly from new york city to cuba. jetblue started the new schedule yesterday at jfk. it's the first major carrier to offer a direct flight between new york and havana since the white house ease zed travel restrictions. the flight leaves at noon on fridays and lands in havana at 3:30. >> plans moving forward to open both the u.s. embassy in cuba and the cuban embassy in the dris ricket. later this morning, 40 minutes from now, we are going to bring you closer to the island nation. join us for rediscovering cuba a journey home. we are going to show you a sneak peek of reconnected with family on the island. this is my mom's cousin. he agreed to join us on the journey for the reunion with family.
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he grew up in cuba and left when he was 10. the first stop, to reunite with his aunt. he last visited back in 1999, never expected to see her again. >> i haven't seen her 16 years. >> 16 years. >> i thought i would never see her again and i get to see her again. >> oh! >> reporter: at 86 we could tell this was the highlight of her life. it it was first time my grandmother and mom had seen her since 1961. mom only remembers her from pictures. i had never met her but growing up, we embraced this part of the latino culture, extended family get a hug and kiss. she eagerly wanted to show us
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around her homeless home opening up the glassless windows. the heat and humidity unbearable at times. we headed into her kitchen. this is all the water she collects. >> only running water twice a week so she saves up. her propane tank indoors next to the stove it fuels. her food pantry, a couple bare shelves. the bathroom she was ashamed to show us. >> she wants to stress it's 80 years old. mid tour, a brief interruption. we watched her shuffle to the window pick up a plastic bag and in came her daily bread ration. she stressed, this is for tomorrow. there's also some beautiful sights on the island that we would love to show you, if you join us for our second edition of rediscovering cuba. it's coming up at 10:00 here on nbc 4. it's going to be right after news 4 today. >> i have to say to anyone that
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didn't watch the first time, you have to watch today because i remember i was in bed watching it on my phone. i was laughing but in tears. you really just take everybody there to how special the trip was for you and your family. i fell in love with your family. >> thank you. i appreciate that. i'm thankful for that and the people that reached out they have connected with it as well. it's interesting no matter what background. coming up at 9:23. dancing into history. we take a look at the career of misty
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you have seen her dance at the kennedy center. >> now misty copeland is making a historic leap in the world of dance. nbc's rehema ellis has more on her past. >> reporter: after years of dedicated preparation misty copeland's dream finally came true. >> i don't think i could be part of this if i didn't like to work hard. >> reporter: she is the first african-american promoted the principle female dancer in the 75 year history of the american balley theatre, the big moment captured on her facebook page. last week, she stepped out as the lead in swan lake at the met. another first for an african-american woman.
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raised by a single mother at times living in a motel. her struggle to the top defied the stereo type. >> you have the wrong body for ballet. at 13, you are too old to be considered. >> i had to remind myself that i really did believe i was born to do this. why would i let someone's small minded opinion change my past? >> she began her studies at the advanced age of 13 in california. soon labeled a prodigy. copeland's reach goes far beyond the ballet. do you know who misty copeland is? >> yes! >> reporter: at new york's national dance institute mystery copeland is idolized. >> try harder, never stop. whatever happens, then you should keep going. >> reporter: gorgeous and graceful with a body as strong as her desire to break ballet's barrier, she is dancing into
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history. rehema ellis, nbc news, new york. >> national building museum's annual summer exhibit opens today and they are bringing you to the beach. they created a massive beach with a wading pool. they got 1 million translucent balls. >> that's the kind of place i would not be able to get my daughter to leave. she would not want to leave. >> they are so much fun. >> yeah it does look like fun. the time is 9:28. it's july 4th. >> that's right. >> we are excited. coming up an inside looçnñ at the preparations for the capitol celebration on the national mall. a new report is out on the hiv cases in the district. d.c. mayor shares good news in the fight against the epidemic. >> amelia has been telling us we
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could see a pop-up shower or two. this is a live picture this morning. it's hazy out there. amelia is watching it for us and
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in today's top stories everyone's eye is going to be looking toward the sky tonight for some fourth of july fireworks. they are going to start after
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9:00. they will be launched from the reflecting pool. you will be able to see them around the city. >> the fourth of july parade downtown at 11:45. you can line up along constitution avenue. the parade goes from 7th to 17th street. marching bands, drill teams much more. they are going to bring their parade best until 2:00. here is good news when it comes to getting into thedistrict from virginia. the express lanes will head northbound all day until 7:00 tonight. the southbound lanes will reopen around 9:00 tonight just as you are heading home from the celebration so normal northbound traffic, we should tell you will be back and forth on sunday for those returning home from this holiday weekend. with that, we welcome you back to news 4 today i'm david culver. >> good morning to you, i'm kristin wright. happy fourth. >> it is, yes indeed.
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it's a little dreary and braining at the park. amelia segal is tracking the forecast. first pitch is around 11:00. what are you thinking for the game? >> the rain we are tracking in the metro area is going to move out by the first pitch. plenty of clouds at the park. the temperature at the first pitch around 75 degrees. as we get into the seventh inning stretch, still mainly dry, but it will be damp. temperatures in the upper 70s. as it has game is wrapping up a shower is possible. i think they will get the game in with the temperature around 80 at that point. here is the latest on storm team 4 radar. this is the batch of rain i'm talking about. this will bring the wettest conditions we are dealing with today. looking to the west, this broken line of showers is going to keep the threat of some hit and miss showers, maybe a thunder shower in the forecast until the mid afternoon hours. timing for you that broken line at about 1:00 leesburg 1:30, washington after 3:00. after that, an isolated storm
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poszsible possible. you can see the broken line further back to the west we are looking at clear skies. that means for us late day sunshine. i'm going to have more on the fireworks forecast in a bit. >> we'll look ahead to that. it is the fourth of july. there is a lot going on around our town today. let's map it out for you. we are going to start with the folklife festival that starts at 11:00 this morning. you can see where that's going to be. then, if you would rather take in a game of baseball the nats play the giants around the same time. at noon the foo fighters all day extravaganza kicks off at the stadium. the band doesn't take stage until 9:15. the fireworks show at 9:00. >> david mentioned the concert. it's going to bring the sights and sounds of the holiday to life. it's going to be a big show. the gates open at 3:00, a few
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hours before show time. a lot of people are excited about barry manilow. darcy spencer got a sneak peek at what you can expect there. ♪ >> reporter: casey and the sunshine band rocked the dress rehearsal. thousands of people turned out for the free sneak peek on the west lawn. >> we come every year because it's the same as the show tomorrow without the fireworks and the big crowd. >> reporter: what are you looking forward to? >> barry manilow. ♪ >> reporter: there was rain. many came prepared with umbrellas. one couple brought a shower curtain liner. >> it should be letting up soon, so, a little rain can't ruin our evening. i'm hoping it will end. >> reporter: security tightened for the fourth of july weekend. there's no specific threat. >> there's the potential threat
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in the nation's capitol. i feel confident in our national security. >> just the camaraderie of everyone enjoying themselves and enjoying themselves. ♪ >> melissa mollet working to keep you moving. >> this weekend, on the rails saturday, trains running on metro from 7:00 to 3:00 sunday morning. the mall entrance is entry only after 9:30 at night because of all the folks enjoying fireworks on the mall. the smithsonian station open all day. a little info for you there. here is advice, i would say. try to ride just one line if you can. transfer if you can by walking. going to save you time perhaps and keep you away from the bigger crowds. the peak fares starting after
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midnight saturday into sunday because of the crowds. there is no scheduled track work. that helps a lot. no scheduled road work this weekend as well. emergency road work could pop up. parking, going to have restrictions in place on jersey avenue. those restricts happening there. have a good one. have a safe one. see you later. all right new this morning. we just learned the name of a man killed in anthe county. joseph gibbons was found near the intersection of margarita street and tequila street. police are trying to figure out how bib gones died and who would want to kill him. the fight against the hiv/aids epidemic is working. the infection rate dropped for the sixth year in a row. the district still has a battle
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on its hands to get the rate lower. >> reporter: 31-year-old d.c. native dwayne has spent 15 years fighting hiv/aids in his hometown. the latest report shows too many african-american men reluctantly get tested or treated. >> the main thing we need that we are fighting is really stigma. stigma is what fuels it spread of the hiv virus. >> reporter: boston brown was on hand as the mayor and health officials announced hiv rates dropped for six years in a row, a 40% decrease since 2009. and other good news -- >> i'm pleased to tell you, there were no babies, none, zero born with hiv in the district of columbia in 2013. [ applause ] >> reporter: despite the treatment the city's 2.5% infection rate remains too high,
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especially east of the anacostia. >> as long as we are above 1% this is considered epidemic in our community. >> it is great we have only 553 new infections. it is terrible that we still have 553 new infections. >> reporter: a recent ban by metro on advertising is blocking the new anti-aids campaign. the city says the aggressive outreach is working. >> you have to know your status. you have to stay in care. it's a simple solution. >> reporter: officials say they are targets hiv and other sexually transmitted diseases for more sharp drops by 2020. in the district, tom sherwood, news 4. during this break you can check out the full report. open your nbc washington app search for hiv report. tens of thousands of people, of course, today are coming to the district to sell rate our
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nation's independence for the fourth of july. coming up, an inside look at the declaration of independence at the national archives. >> from nigeria to prince george's county, a young man taking advantage of his second
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it is the busiest week of the year for the document that gave america its independence. >> the declaration of independence is on display. zachary kiesch spoke to people who made the trip to see it. ♪ >> reporter: america the beautiful. if you want the history, the national archives is where it lives. the only place to see the original declaration of
9:43 am
independence. the reason we celebrate the fourth and people are lining up. i had to go see for myself. signed in 1776 and written on animal skin, the document, no longer legible is so important it's encased in this state of art gas. >> more than a million visitors come here. they tell me this is the busiest time of year. they are coming from all over the world in all walks of life. >> from mexico but living in south carolina, we are permanent residents of the u.s. >> reporter: gilbert sanchez and his family. >> we were so excited we gonna be there as soon as they open to avoid the crowd. >> amazing. >> reporter: the archives will have events all weekend, including ceremonial readings. >> amazing. it mean as lot to me. >> reporter: he and his family made the trip from california. around here it's the biggest
9:44 am
day of the year. did i mention the line? >> yes! really, really long. ♪ >> reporter: america the beautiful at national archives. >> love that music, too. it is 9:44. so we met a young man who was taking advantage of a second chance after waking up in a hospital bed. >> let's go for a live look outside right now. ah you can see the rain coming down. amelia segal is going to let you know what to expect for that fourth of july cookout.
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welcome back. right now, college graduates some of them are heading off to their first real job. >> one young man who just finished off at howard business school is starting his career at microsoft. aaron gilchrist shows us he had to stare down death before he has a chance to be great. >> i was involved in a lot of fights, a lot of altercations. a lot of thing that is would put me in jail. >> reporter: he spent most of his teenage years in a world of violence fights drive byk shootings. if something bad happened in his neighborhood, his name probably came up. it wasn't supposed to be that way. >> my mother said pack up, we
9:48 am
are leaving. >> reporter: he was 10 when he was transplanted from nigeria to maryland. an opportunity. >> nigeria is an underdeveloped country. no technology. america has all the technology and resources. >> reporter: resources he didn't take advantage of. he was kicked out of high school his freshman year. victor couldn't shake the violent world he admittedly put himself in the middle of. >> i would wake up to my mother crying, every morning, praying that god would do something. >> reporter: off to boot camp, a national guard academy where he recentered his moral compass and earned his g.e.d. six months later he returned home, returned to the hood and lived his darkest day. >> i woke up in the hospital after two days in a coma. >> reporter: this was the result of a new year's eve beating where he tried to stop a fight.
9:49 am
he had ten surgeries in one day. >> they used baseball bats and focused on my face. >> reporter: that is what it took, the life changing moment that started him down the path of success. >> god was telling me i need you to be great, i have plans for you. >> reporter: he enrolled in northern virginia community college. two associate degrees later, he transferred to howard university. this past may, victor graduated with honors. after a trip home to nigeria a personal growth experience he is writing a book about his pilgrimage. >> we are not moving forward. i still want to relate to my people. >> reporter: a young man trying to live the advice he now gives. use your second chance to be great. in northeast washington, aaron gilchrist, news 4. >> he has come a long way.
9:50 am
victor is still working on that book. he hopes it will be a guide to others who nigeria. >> we have rain coming down. you are saying this may not be the case all day? >> right. the rainiest time period is now. once the steady, soaking rain moves through, only scattered showers and a chance of a thunderstorm after that. that threat lasts until the mid afternoon hours. looking at the latest satellite and radar imagery and other information coming in i think this could be one of the fourth of july's where as you get into the evening hours you are like this day was okay after that horrible start. the clouds are going to break up. the sun comes out and drys things out. for most of us, fireworks are looking okay. it will be damp. the foo fighters concert, the foo fighters take the stage this evening. when they do, it will be dry for that. rfk contending with a shower or two around the midday and
9:51 am
afternoon hours. for the folklife festival, a few showers there. bring the umbrella or rain jacket for the fireworks. i'm thinking most of us are going to be okay. temperatures low to mid-70s and feeling the humidity. here is the latest on storm team 4 radar. this is a steady rain moving through the area now. this is going to be the steadiest rain we deal with today. looking to the west you can see this broken line of showers i'm keeping an eye on in western maryland back to west virginia leaving the area. behind this line, we are looking at some clear skies and that's where we are going to pool our chance for late day sunshine from to help warm the temperatures. for today temperatures by the afternoon and evening hours around 80 degrees for highs. right now, temperatures for the most part, are in the low 70s. 73 in washington. 70 degrees in rockville. 72 for those of you in camp
9:52 am
springs. tomorrow, sunday starting with temperatures in the 60s. as we work throughout the day, you can see the sky cast a mix of clouds and sunshine keeping tomorrow dry and humid. by 3:00 d.c. is in the mid-80s. suburbs low 80s. tomorrow is the bert of the two days. look at this. your sunday evening just beautiful as we wrap up the holiday weekend. again a high temperature of 81. showers around this morning for the midday on into the afternoon hours. scattered showers are possible. then a chance of an isolated shower or thunderstorm for the early evening hours. again, really want to stress by 9:00 p.m. we are fine. tomorrow a high of 86, partly sunny skies. for the workweek we return to the typical pattern we have grown accustom to here. the nuisance showers and thunderstorms just about every day. it looks like we might hit 90
9:53 am
degrees on wednesday. a weak cold front moves through, takes the humidity down a notch of two by thursday with a high of 85. today damp for fireworks. i think it will be okay. >> you have those days where you get through, it's gray and all of a sudden -- >> the sun comes out. >> the clouds part. >> i'm going to cross my finger that is materializes. i think looking at the latest, that is what's going to happen. >> thanks. >> you don't have to go to the national mall to celebrate the fourth of july. >> find out where you can hear the air force jazz ensemble.
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it's almost 10:00. if you would like to stay away from the mall, head to the airport in article arlington for a free concert. we caught up with the airmen. this is a premier jazz ensemble of the air force. one of the six musical ensembles that make up the air force band. tonight's concert starts at 8:00 and it's free. >> before d.c.'s spectacular fireworks display, you can catch the macy's fireworks on nbc 4. 50,000 fireworks will go off from four barges. there's 22 new colors in this
9:57 am
show. musical performances by ed sheeran and megan trainer. it starts at 8:00 on nbc 4. the "today" show willie geist and tamron hall are hosting it. if you are going out to the fireworks bring plastic to sit on. >> it's going to be damp. talking about the nationals game, i think we should be okay and get it in highs around 80. >> be prepares but crossing our
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90 miles south of florida, with a population more than 11 million sits the caribbean's largest island. welcome to cuba. its beauty temperatures american tourists prohibited from traveling here since the embarkogo began in 1971. now a new wave of relations promising change, what that will mean for those exiled as well as those living in cuba remains a mystery.


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