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tv   News4 Today  NBC  July 6, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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thank you. it's coming up on 6:00 a.m. a developing story, d.c. police are looking for this man he's wanted for killing a 24-year-old man on a metro train. news4's megan mcgrath live at the noma metro station in northeast d.c. where this all happened. good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning aaron. that's right, police have identified a suspect in the deadly stabbing that happened here at the gallaudet noma metro station on july 4th. take a look here. investigators are looking for this man, he's 18-year-old jasper spires and he is facing first degree murder charges in the death of 24-year-old kevin sutherland. now, sutherland was going to meet friends on the fourth of july. police say he was stabbed by spires in what may have been a robbery attempt as the train pulled into the gallaudet noma metro station. he was a graduate of american university. he was involved in student government. he also interned for a time for congressman jim hines of connecticut. now, police are still looking
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for the suspect. jasper spires. they're hoping to get some information from the public. if you have any idea where he is you are asked to call investigators. back to you in the studio. today, the first day of a trial in northern virginia for former day care worker accused of child abuse. this is cara sprigs. she worked at the facility until she was arrested last week. they say the women abused to here her -- toddlers accused of spraying them with full pressure hoses among other charges. fairfax is mourning the death of a teenager who died in lake anna. justin sprigs was last seen on a dock on sunday morning. when the people woke up in the morning they couldn't find him and divers found his body
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yesterday. we know the problem that caused the deck collapse that hurt more than 20 people. >> all off duty personnel report to station 45. >> the investigators now believe decades old nails gave way. this is in emerald isle, north carolina. a family from northern virginia was taking family photo on the deck at the time. 24 people fell to the ground including some children and a 94-year-old and five of those people still in the hospital right now. it's 6:02. we are watching a number of developments out of greece right now. we are breaking down the headlines. overnight, greece's finance minister resigned from his post. now european leaders are scrambling to put together an emergency session tomorrow. we know a lot of you may be watching to see how the u.s. stork markets will handle the
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unchartered territory. all markets are rattled today and that means your 401(k) can take a hit today. we can see interest rates stay low, and for the first time being vacation -- vacations in greece will be cheaper as they struggle in the economy right now. it will be an emotional day in south carolina as lawmakers officially debate whether to keep or remove the confederate flag from the house grounds. hundreds gathered on the fourth of july to call for the removal. that began after nine black worshipers were killed in charleston. today a family of a korean war soldier missing in action will burry his remains at arlington national cemetery. joseph snuff jr. was reported missing in november of 1950.
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he was captured and died the following moains were not returned to the u.s. for several years and scientists used dna analysis to identify them. he'll be buried with full military honors. today, a man will accl medal. the man died in 1950 and his son gilbert will accept the award. the ceremony will happen at 1:00 p.m. at indian head. david culver here at the live desk. we told you about team usa's win, an exciting night last night. several tweets have been pouring in. namely for coach jill ellis. she went to robinson high school in fairfax. she went to the college of william & mary. some of the tweet, congratulations, coach jill #ram pride. also #try pride for her william & mary connection.
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she went on to coach at the university of virginia, coaching there. a lot of folks showing their support for the coach. eun? >> awesome. thanks, david. a race that went well into the morning comes to a frightening end after this chain reaction crash sends a car tearing into the fence. what we're learning about the conditions of fans who were hurt by flying debris. an umbrella will be your friend today, scattered showers make their way through the area this morning and more set to follow. when you will see rain where you live with your weather and traffic on the 1s at 6:11. and developing news out west where firefighters are finding mixed luck as they try to contain a number of fires burning in several states. what we're learning about the damage this morning. overall,
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developing right now, a fast moving wildfire forcing dozens of people to evacuate their homes and cabins in idaho. the fire has destroyed three homes near the lake three hours east of spokane, washington. flames have already chewed up about 600 acres. and firefighters have had difficulty reaching some areas. more than a dozen wildfires are burning across the pacific northwest right now. in california, hundreds are waking up back at home after a grass fire forced them out for much of the holiday weekend. the fire started saturday outside of napa valley. in just a couple of hours, 40 miles per hour winds spread the fire over more than 300 acres and threatened up to 300 homes. they were evacuated. residents were allowed back in late last night and no homes were burned. we are talking about the radar right now. as we look at storm team 4 radar. we can see that there is a
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chance for rain in a lot of area that is close to home. >> storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein now. weather and traffic on the 1s. >> yeah, we have had this off and on light rain all night. and now it's beginning to break up a little bit to our west. few scattered sprinkles venezuela valley and right around the bay, there's one, a light to moderate shower headed over to the eastern shore. here's the timing for more rain. a few showers through noontime and then by 12:00 noon, early afternoon, some sunshine begins to break out. but around 2:00 to 3:00, some showers and thundershowers popping up in northern area. might produce a gust of wind and then pretty much dissipates by mid evening. we'll look at the storm chances
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for the rest of the week in the next weather and traffic on the 1s at 6:21. melissa has breaking news. >> we're talking about the orange line. we are single-tracking through west falls church because of a person struck by a train in west falls church. we'll have more thought the morning. off ramp to river road, disabled vehicle is still blocking that right lane. and 270 south inner and outer loop, 95 over to 270. no problems there. no problems on 66 inbound same thing 95 northbound. remember to listen to our friends on wtop 103.5 when you hop in your car. we'll have more on the orange line issue coming up in ten minutes. we know about our significant others, but one thing people remain in the dark about is how much they make. it's one area you can't afford not knowing. a fiery crash ends with car parts and other debris in the
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david culver at the live desk. 6:14. that breaking news coming in on metro's orange line. a train hit a person at the west falls church station. we know that trains are single-tracking through the area. you should expect delays in both directions there. and i was just told that the silver line may be expecting some delays there as well. orange and silver line possible delays this morning.
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we're working to figure out if that person has been injured. we'll get the details to you and how long the single-tracking will last. eun, on to you. >> thank you. and melissa mollet have the latest as well. 6:15 now. new this morning some incredible video you might be seeing online just as last night's nascar race was ending a spectacular crash sent a car into the fence. four fans were treated at the track. one was taken to the hospital in fair condition. the driver of that car went airborne. austin dillon. he walked away. the race ended before 3:00 this morning after a rain delay. this morning a d.c. man is recovering from a beating. he's in serious condition right now. according to police, someone attacked that man around north
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capitol and "n" streets yesterday. we're told that the attack probably started as a robbery. it may have escalated because the victim resisted giving up his phone. and four connected deaths right now. deputies found two people in their 30s and two people in their 50s dead in their house yesterday. there was some gun fire involved but not clear if or why anyone was shot. investigators said they're not looking for a suspect right now. right now the u.s. and iran are up against the clock to curb the nuclear program. six world programs are trying to help broker the deal by tomorrow. secretary of state john kerry said several critical issues could go either way but the e.u.'s top foreign policy official said an agreement is very close. president obama said he won't accept a deal that does not hold iran accountable. keeping the roads smooth for your summer travel will be at
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the top of the list for lawmakers when they get back to work tomorrow. highway funding runs out at the end of the month. there are also bills in both houses to overall no child left behind. once again, there will be an effort to avoid a government shutdown too. federal funding runs out at the end of september. $2 million of your money that is how much maryland lawmakers have spent this year on their meals their hotels and mileage while they're in session in annapolis. the capital"the capital gazette" said that was the same as last year. they receive $45 for food and 60 cents per mile for travel. some who spoke to the gazette said they have no problem spending that money and they say they consider it a part of their compensation. it is now 6:17. an admission from a man accused of shooting and killing a woman at a san francisco pier. francisco sanchez tells the station there that he did shoot kathryn steinle, but said it was
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an accident. he said he found a gun wrapped inside a shirt and three shots went out. at least one hit steinle who was out for a walk with her father and friend. and investigators are trying to figure out what caused an electrical outage. it started in a boiler room. everyone who lives there had to be eevacuated last night. crews rescued several people trapped in elevators. an explosion and flash fire on a boat hurt four teenagers. five were treated for burns. the fire happened after the boat refueled at spring cove marine yesterday. a spark from a water pump and gasoline vapors caused that explosion on the boat. it caused about $2,500 in damages. 6:18 your time right now. a woman in spotsylvania county is suing a woman.
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police arrested e. davis and they charged her with prescription fraud. she said she was wrongly accused. your commute on the northern beltway is about to get easier. an extra lane is expected to open tomorrow morning. news4 transportation reporter adam tuss reports that vdot plans to open a rush hour lane at 7:00 tomorrow. it will stretch from the end of the express lane merge. if you have driven that area, you know it can be a rough bottleneck. right now, hundreds are coming out to see the pontiff. more than hundreds are gathering in ecuador for mass later on today. thousands lined the streets of the capital city quito late sunday for his arrival. ecuador is the first stop on the eight-day tour for pope francis.
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he is expected to focus on environmental issues and poverty. drug trafficking and political corruption. team usa won the medal count, and more than 1700 officers and firefighters are taking home a medal. the torch is on its way to the the -- to montreal for 2017. 12000 first responders from 70 countries participated in the games of heroes as we call them. people gathered at wolf trap in northern virginia for the closing ceremony last night. they also honored inspector carlos silva from brazil. he died in a chain reaction crash while competing in a bike race. >> a really incredible event. we know that you kicked off the opening ceremonies for us in fairfax. >> yeah. so nice to see so many excited folks who are otherwise charged with protecting us every day to get some time to enjoy themselves a little bit. >> very nice. 6:21. time for weather and traffic on the 1s. we are talking about the
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potential for storms today. >> let's go to tom kierein to see what's up. >> and today, it's no different starting off with a few of the showers. when you oar away from your tv you can track those on the nbc washington app. and see the latest radar showing some showers mainly just to the east of washington. we have a few sprinkles across prince william and fauquier and loudoun county. a few in prince george's county but a moderate how is is headed to -- moderate shower is moving to cambridge and crossing kent island. it will be a mild afternoon with some showers and thundershowers. low to mid 70s. mid 70s around the bay. it is a steamy sky over the capital. live view from our capital camera. might get sunshine breaking out but overall, cloudy the rest of the morning with a smaller chance of a shower.
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likely thundershowers into the metro area before sunset and we'll be in the low to mid 80s by mid afternoon. then tomorrow, here comes the miniheat wave. hot and rather humid. hot, near 90 or so, and then wednesday and thursday, both days near 90. afternoon storms possible on wednesday. and again on thursday only a small chance tomorrow. and then toward the weekend friday partly cloudy. a very small chance of a storm on friday. and then maybe a shower or thundershower or a lingering shower, and now the weekend is looking dry. we need a couple of days in a row with not much rain around. that's the way it looked right now for saturday and sunday with highs in the 80s and still humid. only a small chance of a shower or thundershower both of those days. next weather and traffic on the 1s, your drive time forecast for this monday, and now breaking news with melissa. >> breaking news on the rails
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right now. again, we are single-tracking right now on metro's orange line through west falls church. that is because of a person who is hit by a train at the west falls church station. the silver line, delayed both directions there because of that orange line congestion. so a warning there for you this morning. going to be tweeting about this, going to be updating you here throughout the morning and have more on this from the live desk coming up at 6:30. wide look at the beltway overall, no major problems on the beltway. you can see 295 a tad slow as you pass 50. 66 the entire way in, looks nice and light this morning. a nice treat for everybody. 95 northbound here just a tad slow there through dale city. about 28 miles per hour this morning. beltway at kenilworth avenue inner and outer loop everything rolling just fine. orange line single-tracking because of that person that was hit by a train. going to have more on this coming up.
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see you back here at 6:31. >> see you then, melissa. hundreds of vacationers in florida looking for a new place to stay. a massive fire tore through the resort in orlando last night. lack at the flames. there were reports of lightning strikes in the area but they're still trying to confirm the cause of this fire. 500 rooms had to be evacuated. fire crews say one floor was destroyed. police in virginia are ticketing drivers for not giving enough room to passing cyclists. police wrote 12 tickets this is according to the records obtained by the "richmond times-dispatch." the minimum passing distance increased from two to three feet. that went into effect last year. many people took advantage of the free ride home on the fourth of july. 273 people got free cab rides home. taxi companies provide these services during the holidays and the washington regional alcohol program runs this service. especially during the major
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holidays. all right. 6:25 our time right now. here's what you need to know to save some money renting a car this summer. you can save as much as 50% if you avoid renting from the airport. shop online ahead of time. you don't need rental insurance if you have personal car insurance and you can bring your own car seat. i know i have done some of those where you can buy -- you rent online and they give you the option to pay now. it's cheaper than paying once you get to the counter. >> and they charge you $10 a day for that car seat. well, a new survey can surprise some of you. how well do you know your spouse? >> 43% could not correctly identify their spouse's salary range. men and women were both equally wrong. some were off by as much as $25,000. maybe you should have a conversation here and there, do some financial planning. not only that, but apparently
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one in five admitted to hiding some of their finances from their significant other. is that surprising? >> it doesn't surprise me. >> you think you want money for some extra -- >> stuff. >> shoes. right? >> this old dress? all right 6:26 right now. >> let's check in with storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein. but first, breaking news and melissa mollet in your first 4 traffic. >> more on this in a couple of a minutes. we're single-tracking through west falls church because of the pedestrian that was struck at west falls church. more on this and the impact on another line because of this coming up. rain threatening to put the brakes on your morning commute. the conditions you can expect on your way to and from work today with your drive time forecast. plus a story that touched a nerve with many of you after a child is found abandoned along the side of the road in maryland. some new information we are gathering on th
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david culver here at the live desk that breaking news on the orange line, a train hitting a pedestrian this morning. metro police now telling us this appears to be an apparent suicide by the west falls church station. we know there are delays in both directions because of this incident. it's where i-66 and dulles road meet. melissa mollet standing by. you think there are wider implications to. >> yeah, we are single-tracking and we will see some silver line delays because of this situation on the orange like as well. b.w. parkway, 95 29 into and out of town just fine. looking fairly typical there in
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prince george's county. 95 in virginia at dale boulevard. also moving along quite nicely. then 66 you're fine the entire way in and then through falls church it gets slow. back in ten minutes with travel times. >> some of the pavement is beginning to dry out a little bit after we had overnight showers. right now, the storm team 4 radar is showing a batch of rain crossing the bay, exiting the eastern suburbs. a line stretches up into northern fauquier and some of the pavement is going to get wet again from a few passing sprinkles coming through for the morning commute. allow yourself extra time. a little sun breaks out but most roads getting wet from passing showers and thundershowers. a look at the highs coming up. back at the live desk.
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a lot of news coming in this morning. out to ohio, a massive industrial fire. these are live pictures. it is burning at this hour. this is a building that makes packaging material as well as equipment not too far from cleveland, ohio. you can see the night sky was illuminated there because of the flames. still no word if there are any injuries. but there's something we're working to keep our eyes on. eun? >> thank you. this morning we are learning new information about a maryland mother accused of abandoning her baby on the fourth of july. molette green is not far from lake waterford park where the baby was found. molette? >> reporter: eun, good morning. yeah this morning, sandra mcclary, has some serious legal troubles under her belt. this morning we learned according to "the capital gazette" that this woman was arrested last september in connection with a series of
6:33 am
armed robberies. so her legal drama not over. far from it in fact. and no wonder neighbors were so stunned. finding an infant on the side of the road just adds to this growing mystery. the mother, 26-year-old sandra mcclary police say left her baby on this seat in a car seat carrier around midnight. a passerby, bishop showell was on his way home from church when he found her. >> she started crying, when she saw the other people around, she just started crying. we said, wow, i don't know who would have done something like that. >> reporter: now, there's so much more we don't know. including a motive. why this baby was left on the side of the road. first the mother apparently told police the father was supposed to have had the baby but the
6:34 am
story did not pan out after police tracked her car to this area on the same night that the baby was abandoned. luckily, this baby is in good shape, in food condition. and with child protective services is the latest. back to you. >> molette, thank you. 6:34 is your time right now. today, alexandria police want to talk about your safety following the first murder of the year. someone killed shakkan elliott tibbs last week. tonight, the community meeting is on wit street and it begins at 7:00 p.m. today, man from prince george's county will be sentenced for arson and assault. a jury found david cooley guilty of setting fire to his house last year. he lived in glendale. deputies were evicting him, when he barricaded himself and set fire to the second floor. an escaped killer is back in the maximum security prison. david sweat is at five points
6:35 am
correctional facility in new york. he will be held inside a single prison cell and be isolated in there for 23 hours a day. sweat is also reportedly on suicide watch. police shot sweat and captured him a week ago. sweat and richard matt escaped from a different prison last month. police shot and killed matt during the manhunt. if you get a phone call from someone claiming to represent the irs it could be a scam. a recent rash of calls fooled people from pennsylvania to washington state. it starts with an automated message and it says you'll be sued by the irs. there are also a lot of red flags here. the irs will never ask for your credit card numbers so do not give them out. if you get a call like this hang up and do not call back. check your pet foods. stella & chewy's is recalling some of the products because listeria was found in chicken freeze-dried pattys for dogs.
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it includes chicken dinner for cats. you can find the complete list of the recalled products on the nbc washington app. the company says there have been no reports of pets or humans getting sick. today we'll get an inside look at how the secret service protects the president. they're giving mark segraves access in celebration of the 150th anniversary. they'll be demonstrating a simulation of an attack and work with the k-9s. you can see the reports tonight between 4:00 and 7:00. all off duty personnel report to station 45. >> a picture perfect ending to a northern virginia family vacation ends with a trip to the hospital after the deck at their vacation home gives way. rain will be the story where you live today as the scattered
6:37 am
morning showers give way to thunderstorms in the day ahead. what to watch for. and the woman who is a serial stow away is back behind
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breaking news on metro right now. orange line, single-tracking through west falls church because of the person hit by a train. right there outside the west falls church station. this also having another impact. silver line delays both directions because of this orange line congestion. no problems, nice and light volume on the roadway, 270 and 495. nice and on time. inbound, 66 and inbound 95 in virginia also no problems there. remember to listen to our friends on wtop 103.5 when you hop in your car. eun? >> thanks melissa. a 23-year-old man is expected to be okay after rescuers freed him
6:41 am
from a chimney in arizona. take a look. you can see he's covered in soot there. his friends say they locked him out of the house as a joke, so the man decided to get back in by going down the chimney when he became stuck. it happens every time. firefighters had to drill holes into the chimney to get him out. well police say a woman known as the serial stow away tried to board a plane without a ticket again. police arrested 63-year-old marilyn hartman twice in two days in chicago. she was released from the cook county county jail after serving two months there. she was arrested at midway airport and again on saturday at o'hare. she made five attempts to board planes without a ticket back in april and may. >> she keeps trying. 6:41. time for weather and traffic on the 1s. we are talking about some rain
6:42 am
headed our way. >> let's get to tom kierein to see what's coming. >> good morning. grab an umbrella before you head out the door. crossing the bay and headed off to the east and out of the mountains of west virginia and shenandoah valley getting a few sprinkles. closer to washington, a few sprinkles moving into loudoun county and wester fairfax and tracking into montgomery county over the next half hour or so. temperatures this afternoon, northern and western suburbs near 80. scattered thundershowers and much of virginia into the mid 80s with those scattered thundershowers rolling on through. >> thank you. police trying to track down the man accused of killing an american university graduate while riding a red line train. we are live with what we're young victim this morning. plus, a developing story that could have an impact on your finances after voters give a thumbs down to financial reforms there. thimpact it could have in
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people of the coffee drinking world,
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dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach fo the one you deserve. we're tracking a number of developing stories as get work to get you up to the minute. the police are releasing a mug
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shot of a man they believed stabbed a man to death. and rain is affecting many of you. it's just the beginning though. thundershowers will impact your afternoon. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein has more. >> we have a few scattered sprinkles across west virginia and virginia and mainly to the east of washington right now. getting a few sprinkles now in loudoun county. those are moving into montgomery county shortly. melissa? >> new problem here, again, we are taking about the orange line. single-tracking through west falls church. also affected silver line delays both directions because of the orange line congestion. two new crashes more on that coming up in a couple of minutes. >> thank you, melissa. developing right now in d.c. police are looking for a teenager they say killed a man on the metro train. news4's megan mcgrath has the latest. megan? >> reporter: well, eun, it was the fourth of july and metro was crowded, lots of people headed downtown for the festivities. among them the victim of the fatal stabbing. now police have released the
6:47 am
name and a mug shot of the suspect that they believe is responsible. take a look. investigators are looking for this man, he is 18-year-old jasper spires. he is now facing first degree murder charges in the death of 24-year-old kevin sutherland. sutherland was on a red line metro train going to meet friends on the fourth of july. police say he was stabbed by spires in what may have been a robbery attempt as the train pulled in to the gallaudet noma metro station. the victim kevin sutherland was a graduate of american university. he was involved in the student government. he also interned for congressman jim hines of connecticut. now, police are still looking for the suspect. jasper spires. they say if you see him, do not approach him. he is considered dangerous. but call police. back to you in the studio. >> thank you, megan. coming up on 6:48. today a former day care worker is going on trial for child abuse. this is sprigs.
6:48 am
prosecutors say she abused toddlers at miniland academy in woodbridge. she and co-worker are accused of stepping or their bare toes and spraying them with full pressure hoses. fairfax is mourning the death of a teenager who died in lake anna. 19-year-old justin briggs from fairfax was last seen on a dock at 1:30 sunday morning. when people woke up the next morning they couldn't find him. divers found his body yesterday, it was about 20 feet from where he was last seen. 6:48 now. we know the problem that caused a beach house deck to collapse. >> all off duty personnel report to station 45. >> a family from northern virginia was taking a group photo when the deck broke beneath them. this happened in north carolina. a big gaping old nails caused the deck to collapse. 24 people were standing on it at
6:49 am
the time. >> so i just counted people on the ground. i counted up to 21. i said get as many units as you here. >> at least one child was hurt. 94-year-old was hurt as well. five people are still in the hospital right now. we are following a number of developments out of greece right now. that's a lot going on here. we're breaking down the headlines now. greece celebrated the rejection of a strict bailout plan. overnight, greece's finance minister resigned. now european leaders are scrambling to put together an emergency session for tomorrow. they say greece has to accept conditions to get any more hope. cnbc's landon dowdy has a look at what's next for greece and the impact it is having on markets already. >> good morning to you. wall street could start off on a down note as you just -- as they're in the red zone. and earlier lows, investors
6:50 am
reacting to the terms of the bailout package for the cash strap country. the government will try to renegotiate, but lenders aren't expected to agree to the terms. and experts say it wasn't -- it wouldn't be likely be a smooth ride into a new currency. it's important to note that u.s. banks and investors aren't very exposed to greek debt. aaron, back to you. >> cnbc's landon dowdy. we know that lot of you will be watching how the u.s. market will react. keep an eye on your 401(k) if investors are not cautious. right now asian and european markets are rattled and we could see the interest rates in the u.s. stay low. that's if officials at the federal reserve think raising interest rates would create market jitters. vacations to europe could become even cheaper if the erow continues to suffer. just a few minutes from now, nbc's keir simmons will be live
6:51 am
in athens with a look at what the various leaders are saying as they try to deal with this crisis. it will be an emotional day in south carolina as lawmakers will officially debate whether to keep or remove the confederate flag from the state house grounds. we expect rallies outside the state house today. hundreds gathered to call for the removal. those calls began shortly after nine black worshipers were killed in a racially motivated shooting in a charleston church. nikki haley believes the nag will be taken down soon but it will be painful for many. breaking news on the rails right now. orange line, single tracking through west falls church because of a person being hit by a train there. just outside of west falls church. having an impact on the silver line. we have delays because of orange line congestion. two new crashes, one reported on the outer loop here at new hampshire avenue. and then branch avenue
6:52 am
southbound at the beltway a crash there as well. taking a look at 66 and 95 66 no issues. 95 just a tad slow i should say north of dale city there as you're approaching the beltway southbound you're mine. 270 at montrose road, a little bit of volume. 29 here, outbound b.w. parkway outside the beltway just a tad slow this morning. guys? hairstyles by mr. humidity today. a lot of humidity in the air in the wake of some overnight showers that rolled right through the metro area. there's the washington monument under a gray sky on this monday morning. getting a few lingering sprinkles western and northern suburbs. those showers are moving over to eastern kent island. a few scattered sprinkles will be off and on through another hour or so. in the low to mid 70s. reagan national at 77.
6:53 am
there's the capitol under the gray sky. and might be a sprinkle or two and then by noontime, cloudy near 80. slight chance of a shower. after that a little sunshine breaking out in the early to midpart of the afternoon. thunderstorms likely rolling through. only a small chance that a thunderstorm would be severe with any damaging winds. in the mid 80s by the time we get to mid afternoon by the thundershowers coming through. a moderate to low impact and most roads are damp and begin to dry out at least temporarily before we begin to see those afternoon showers. hazy, hot and humid. we start a bit of a heat wave. low 90. near 90 on wednesday. some scattered afternoon storms looking likely. still a hazy, hot and hue many it day, a little cooler for the weekend. right now the rest of the
6:54 am
weekend is looking dry. highs in the 80s. that's the way it looks. david culver back with you from the live desk. we want to revisit the breaking news out of ohio. a live picture, this of a massive fire at an industrial building there in brooklyn heights. that's just south of cleveland. we spent some time counting how many ladder hoses, at least a dozen. it seems mostly under control from 15 minutes ago. we saw massive flames. this is is a strapping company, that make packaging material and make some equipment. one of the things we're still waiting on if there are any injuries associated with this fire. that's something that is unknown and we'll be updating on social media. aaron? >> thank you david. 6:55. today we're working for you to make sure your home is safe and secure when you leave for vacation. there are more burglaries this
6:55 am
time of the year than any other time of the year. erika gonzalez is finding out what we do to signal to burglars what we're doing when we're not at home. you can see more at news4 at 5:00. wins the 2015 world cup. >> team usa and the incredible carli lloyd celebrating this morning along with the rest of us. two hours ago, she tweeted a message saying you don't know how happy i am right now. they won a record setting world cup. thanks in no small part to her hat trick. and more than 50,000 favorited the invitation for them to come to the white house. >> just an incredible game. check out the fans at the watch party at national harbor. high fives, everything. fans watched the match on a massive screen there. the early goals just added to the excitement.
6:56 am
>> i love it. in a few minutes natalie more ales will be live from vancouver. here are 4 things to know before you head out the door. five fans were hurt when that race car slammed into the fencing in daytona earlythis morning. all the drivers were able to walk away. boko haram is being blamed for two attacks in nigeria. bombs went off in a popular restaurant and a mosque. killing 44 people. a baltimore mother faces charges including child neglect. 26-year-old sandra mcclary is accused of leaving her baby girl on the side of a road. and a deadly stabbing right now, police say this man jasper spires killed a man on the metro station at the noma station. orange line single tracking because of a person struck at west falls church. silver line delays because of congestion on the orange line.
6:57 am
a gray, gray, monday. afternoon highs a little sun breaking out into the mid 80s. a lot of clouds around. a small chance of a sprinkle, but afternoon thundershowers looking likely. >> okay, that's the broadcast this morning. >> the "today" show is next. back in 25 minutes. until then, have a great day. >> make it a great monday, everybody.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. believe. the u.s. women win the world cup in dominating fashion. >> on the ground, shot, score! another goal! lloyd, morgan! past the post! >> four goals in the first 16 minutes. three from superstar, carli lloyd. and she's celebrating with us. rejected. greek voters say no to a bailout worth billions. exactly what wall street didn't want. how will the markets react this morning. >> airborne. a fiery finish at the nascar race overnight. a car sailing into the fence and breaking apart


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