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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  July 8, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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right now. breaking news into the live desk. we have the huge decision just handed down in court that could have a big impact on the palgt over the red skins controversial team name. >> and more breaking news. thousands of travelers forced to wait. we're tracking a major delay that grounded air travel around the world for a halt. >> plus bill cosby the world responds to shocking munew revelations. >> breaking news now into the live desk involving the
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washington red sinskins maim. the u.s. district court upholding the cancellation of the team's federal trademark registration. the patent office back in june of last year deciding that the name was, in fact, disparaging to native americans. the team filed suit after this in august of last year wanting that decision overturned but after this morning's ruling that is not happening, at least for now. the team can still appeal, though. the suit initially brought by five native americans. the team can still use the team but it's not protected and certainly it's a big blow to the team right now. >> back to you. >> and we have more breaking news. thousands of united airlines flights are delayed from coast to coast because of a computer glitch. the ground stop has been lifted.
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we are live at dulles with more on what's happening there. >> reporter: barbara you can see how crowded the ticketing area for united here is here at dulles international airport. they had a ground stoppage worldwide of all planes due to a computer glitch early this morning. there was some sort of an automation issue. 3500 flights were affected. the stoppage has ended so flights are once again flying but we are seeing the trickle down delays. whenever you cancel or delay that many flights, you are going to have issues for a while. it's going to take a bit of time for things to get back to normal and that's what we're hearing here at buls international. we're not hearing of major problems or cancellations. only three delays listed on the board but what we are hearing about is a lot of confusion. also we're hearing about issues with this automated ticket key of courses. things, some people have had trouble getting their tickets issued from the
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machines. other people have tried to check in their bags without success and even if they had their bags ticketed there, they had to do it again at the counter. some people concerned their planes are not listed as delayed right now but their not sure that's going to continue to the to be the case. a lot of confusion here today. >> i checked my bag at the kiosk and when i came to give it to them they had to retag the bag. i'm hoping it doesn't get lost. >> this morning they just said computer issues. they're saying the flight is supposed to take off on time but they're yet saying it's not taking off. they're saying one thing and the other as well. so we don't know what will happen until it's time for us to fly. >> so >> reporter: some inconvenience here this morning. no cancellations on the board. also worth mentioning, i stepped outside a little while ago and they're now checking bags curb side. that's operational once again.
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you want to check with united and give yourself extra time while all of this gets back to normal. >> here's the latest check on storm team four radar. only isolated storms with steady rain to the south of fredericksburg around the richmond area. light rain in montgomery counties. cull pepper county, as we work into the afternoon hours some scattered showers and thunderstorms but a very low threat of severe weather today. the greatest concern is heavy rain this morning. aside from that, no severe weather in the forecast for today. you can see the 1:00 tracking scattered showers. some scattered showers and thunderstorms around 3:00 p.m. into the evening hours. coming up in ten minutes temperatures for today. >> right now just in from u.s. park police they are looking for witnesses, anyone who might have seen something in a crash
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this morning on the baltimore washington parkway. it happened around 6:00 this morning just north of route 32. one person was pretty badly hurt. serious injuries we're told. right now they are trying to find anyone who might have seen the crash or was in the area between about a quarter to 6 this morning and 6:15 a.m. the entire northbound side was closed for a few hours this morning. it's back open now. >> thank you, christen. we're working on a developing story this morning. we're working to bring you new information on a deadly shooting just blocks from the university of maryland's baltimore campus. police say two gunmen leapt out two light colored vans and opened fire. three people are dead. a fourth person is wounded. that person walked to the hospital seeking treatment for a gunshot wound. they urged people to use caution if you're in that area.
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no arrests made so far. >> right now a new location in washington where you can get the famous hat smokes a new restaurant. it opened up at 11:00. there's a push to remove references to bill cosby that includes a large mural. there are no references to cosby at the new restaurant. disney removed a bus for cosby. our sister station says the niece of one of cosby's alleged victims started that petition to get it removed. disney is not confirming the reason for taking down the bust. this comes as a judge could unsale all documents revealing more of cosby's testimony that he obtained drugs to give women for six. >> right now local law enforcement agencies are honoring the life of a fellow officer who was killed during
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the world police and fire games. this is video from about an hour ago of a police funeral escort for carlos silva. fair fax fire and rescue drove on the beltway. he died in a collision in a race. officers across northern virginia are traveling to the buls dulles toll road and to the airport. >> four people lived in a house on white drive in silver spring. take a look. a fire gutted the pla burning out the roof around 4:00 this morning. firefighters have not said what they think sparked the fire. right now, digging into new information about the man known as subway jarod now caught up in a huge investigation. plus following breaking news. right now it is going to take hours for air travel around the
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country to get back to normal after a major airline orders a ground stop.
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feds raided a home in indiana. here are four things to know about about the man known as the subway guy. he lost more than 200 pounds eating only sandwiches from subway. after sharing his story subway reached out to him to help him promote their sandwich chain. he's now the face of subway for 17 years. he's travelled the country representing subway. he carried the 2002 olympic torch through indiana and did the coin toss at the fiesta bowl. sales fell 10% after commercials he aired in stopped airing. to celebrate the 15-year
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anniversary of his weight loss, they aired a congratulatory commercial during the super bowl. and his efforts helped subway become the restaurant industry's most effective advertising brand. we'll have the latest on his story later this hour.
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temperatures right now in the area generally in the low to mid 80s. we're at 84 degrees in washington. 82 in fredericksburg. mid to upper 70s. highs in the mid to upper 80s. washington warms to about 88 degrees and with sky cast 4 plenty of clouds throughout the day. the clouds win out. and you can see around 2:0030 in the afternoon hours, that's when we're tracking scattered showers
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and thunderstorm. our pool and commuter forecast in ten minutes. there is a special ceremony to remember the vietnam war. it's been 50 years since the u.s. invaded vietnam. in congress will honor the 3 million americans that served and remember the tens of thousands who died in that war. a state highway trooper survived a crash caught on his dash camera. take a look at this. responding to a crash when another car hydroplaned right into that trooper. he was pinned underneath one of the cars. more energy responders moved in and they used heavy machinery and the jaws of life to get him out. the trooper had a few broken ribs. >> hard to believe. s the it is a rare honor for
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breaking news. the grounding has been lifted. united airlines is working to get everyone to their destinations following a worldwide computer glitch. here's a look at reagan national and dulles expect delays for the rest of the day after thousands of flights for ground this morning. >> people have been posting about this issue on social media. united airlines tweeted we're recovering from a network connectivity issue and restoring flight. we'll have a waiver onto the changes on those flights on to change flights.
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and we have been live tweet and we got this update. dwat agents writing tickets by hand. some systems coming back up. and this is emma wright for our nbc affiliate who says passengers at raleigh say they're not sure if their flights are delayed or cancelled. we'll keep you updated. >> and a story, the greek prime minister presented a plan that he says will rescue his country. he says greece needs a three-year loan from the bailout fund. he says he'll make tax and spending reforms. here's a at the live desk we were just listening in to the president of the baltimore city police union talking about the action after report ant unrest and violence that happened after freddie gray's death.
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the union here making it clear from their report they believe that leadership at the top failed. listen. >> this isn't implemented left officers in harm's way. equally as important the lack of preparation put the very citizens that we are sworn to protect in harm's way as well. >> the union says the officers expressed repeatedly their concern that poor leadership from commanders was causing the incident to escalate in the city of baltimore. the union just now tweeted the findings of the report and i've retweeted it on my twitter feed as well. a woman is going to be tried on perjury charges which stem from the lyon sisters cold case. this woman is accused of lying to a grand juror invest investigating the case. a husband has been named as a person of interest but neither
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charged. ten-year-old katherine lion and sheila disappeared back in 1975. the girls have never been found. in south carolina right now the state house of representatives is debating the confederate flag issue. lawmakers are deciding whether to remove the flag from the state house in columbia. the state senate already authorized the bill to take it down. it's not clear when the house will vote on this if they agree with the senate, the governor is expected to sign that bill and the flag could come down as early as this week the debate over the flag started after a shooting in charleston a few weeks ago. nine people died. today one of the victim's relatives and lots of other south carolina activists are in d.c. to fight for gun control reform. the demonstrators say they want expanded background checks for gun buys. a prince george's county man
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was accused of having someone kill his uncle. prosecutors say he had someone kill his uncle to keep him from testifying against him in a murder trial. two others are also facing murder charges in the death. >> and right now more than a dozen people in indiana are holding their breath to see how widespread flooding affects their homes. you can see firefighters had to use boats and rafts to rescue some people stranded in indianapolis. flood warnings have ended there but tomorrow more rain is on the way. and how about for us? >> for the evening commute, scattered showers and thunderstorms, especially toward the earlier part of the commute. around 4:00 or 5:00 p.m., temperatures at the 80s. tomorrow morning it's looking good. partly sunny temperatures already in the 70s. it's a muggy and balmy start to the day. the pool forecast for today. plenty of showers and
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thunderstorm in the forecast. tomorrow for the most part looking good. only a chance of a late day thunderstorm and friday, looking great. completely dry forecast for friday. coming up in about ten minutes a look at the section sevennext seven days. >> the women's soccer team is going to get a rare honor later this week. new york city will throw a parade. the honor is generally saved for new york area teams but manhattan gail brewer led the push to celebrate the team's victory. they last held a parade for national athletes in 1984. >> very cool. more teens are getting their hands on prescription drugs and it turns out it's their doctors who are giving it to them.
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a lot of you sportd raising the legal age to smoke. the cdc interviewed more than 4,000 adults and three-quarters of them think you should have to be 21 to smoke. in hawaii it is already 21. more teens are using anti-psychotic drugs even though most of them have not been diagnosed with a mental disorder. why the sudden spike in we're going to talk about the study. in a four-year period the number of teens using these drugs kicked up. >> these are powerful medications that are used to treat schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, severe aggression. these are serious medications with potential serious side affects. we're not talking act thesebout these medications being handed out
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like candy. we're talking about only 1% of teens being prescribed these medications. younger kids, it's 1 in 1,000 kids. >> we're talking about kids 1 to 18 years old. do you have to have a diagnosis to get these. >> this is what was surprising. the majority of the kids didn't have a diagnosis. i don't understand that. the authors of the study says maybe it has to do with cigna related to a diagnosis so doctors not putting down a diagnosis because they don't want a negative impact on the patients or because sometimes the medications are used off label for things like aggression, anxiety and insomnia. these medications are rapid acting medications. i think what happens to some people is they're in such a crisis. they see a doctor. they need help immediately. instead of giving some other medications that might take more time to work doctors end up and
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patients end upturning to these medications because they're looking for a quicker fix. >> would a parent see something in their child and say my child is being aggressive, what should i do? >> yes. i see some of these kids. the kids are absolutely destroying the home. they're having melt downs that are lasting a couple hours a night. they're breaking things and having trouble even being able to do well in school. these people come in in a dire state and say my kid is going to get thrown of school. i can't go to work. our family is falling apart. we need help now. >> we'll talk more about this coming up. i'd like to know something about the risks of taking these medications and how young do you start dolling them out. >> sure. a fast food favorite delivered to your door.
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welcome back. plenty of clouds across the area.
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right now you can see peeks of sun shine. the sun trying to make an appearance but the clouds are going to win out. current temperature 84. the dew point is an indicator of how humid it is. when it's 75 it is downright muggy, and we'll remain humid through at least thursday but we'll also have lowering humidity throughout the day on friday. this morning and evening, scattered showers and thunderstorms. 87 for a high. most of tomorrow's mainly dry with a late day shower or thunderstorm possible. 89. 90 on friday and right now, the weekend looking really nice, especially saturday. >> thank you. you may soon be able to get taco bell delivered to your doorstep. the company is testing delivery on the west coast. the chain is using a startup service called door dash. the service also delivers for restaurants like california pizza kitchen and the cheesecake
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factory. taco bell expects to offer delivery service night wide but didn't say when. >> right now following several breaking stories. a big decision in a court battle surrounding the red skin's name. plus delays and more delays. a live look at reagan national. people on thousands of flights around the world are finally getting ready to take off after a systems issue caused a ground stop.
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at the live desk we are monitoring the situation with united airlines this morning. there is still some confusion right now after the grounding of all united flights in the u.s. the flights were temporarily grounded this morning because of computer problems affecting about 3500 flights. well, those flights are supposed to be getting back in the sky about now but the concern is the snowball effect and delays because of all this. our megan mcgrath this morning at dulles international talking to people trying to fly. they are running into trouble there and some confusion as united tries to get things back online. united released a statement saying they're recovering from the issue and restoring to regular flight operations and they'll have a waiver available at for imphercustomers
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who are able to change their flight plans. huge breaks news for the red skins. this is all about the battle over the name. a federal judge has ordered the patent and trademark office to cancel the registration of the trademark. they say the name may be disparaging to native americans. the team can use the name but it loses some of its legal protections. this will uphold the earlier ruling that the red skins can still appeal. and now to storm team four. we are tracking how much rain we'll see and when. >> right now on storm team 4 raird, radar, tracking widely scattered showers. if you're heading out own about today to get the latest radar in the palm of your hand, get our
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app. you can see montgomery county sprinkles in parts of loudoun and frederick county and showers toward scatters showers in the early evening hours. the nationals game tonight with the first pitch at 7:05. for the most part, i think you're going. maybe throw the poncho in your car. >> lawyers for jared fogle said he is cooperating with police. federal officials raided his indiana home yesterday as part of a child pornography investigation. he has not been charged with any crime but subway has suspended its ties with him. gabe gutierrez tells us what's next. >> reporter: he's one of tv's most recognizable pitch men but this morning, jared fogle is no longer the face of subway. the restaurant chain suspending ties with him after fba agents
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and indiana state police raided his home tuesday removing electronics and stunning neighbors in this suburb. >> i'm shocked and i want to know more. >> reporter: law enforcement officials tell us it was related to the investigation of the former executive director of fogle's nonprofit. he's in jail facing child pornography charges. his attorney declined to comment to nbc news. court documents allege they recovered more than 400 videos including a thumb drive with the jarod foundation was listed in a file name. it's not clear if there are any connections fogle has. in a written statement the company says subway and jared fogle have mutually agreed to suspend their relationship. jarod is cooperating with authorities and expects no action to be forthcoming.
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fogle became the face of subway more than have a15 years ago after shedding weight in part by eating subway sandwiches. his story helped build subway's image. now the chain has removed all references to jarod from its website. >> i think it's still a problem even if he's found of no involvement. because once it's put out there then the perception stays and the consumers aren't easy to forget. >> i wasn't surprised at all. i knew that after 49 women have come forward and have told their story, a story that was similar to mine that eventually it was going to come to light. that's a model responding to tolyto newly released testimony from bill cosby. he told a court he obtained drugs with the intent of giving
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them to women he wanted to sleep with. she says he once drugged her drink. there are new efforts to have the entire deposition be made public. that could lead to new civil lawsuits against him. walt disney is taking down a statue of him in florida. there's growing pressure to have his mural removed from a restaurant. a brand new location of that restaurant is opening today. you can get it on eighth street. lots of people are there for the grand opening. zachary is there right now. >> reporter: check out these lines right here. these people have been waiting in line to be the first inside this new store for hours. it feels like d.c. it sounds like d.c. you have the truck around playing music. i'm going to show you video we took earlier. a lot of people out here. the people described it the same
11:36 am
way ben's chili bowl is about good food and community. that's why they're out here. they first opened their doors in the 50s during segregation. that's when jazz and cedar grades termed the coin back broadway. they've been a fixture the whole time since and they've grown. they've gotten national attention and local celebrities to jump on board and it's a main stop for tourists as well. this is their fifth location but this one is eighth street. it remitspresents diversity. and it's experiencing a resurgence. they're excited. i spoke to one of the leaders. >> we have truly endured. initially it was integration, and then 1965, a devastated
11:37 am
community. >> we're excited for today. >> reporter: what do you expect it's going to bring to the neighborhood. >> a lot of foot traffic. the business is known around the world. people recognize know there's more on eighth street. >> reporter: had an opportunity to talk to miss thomas a local business owner from across the street. she's thrilled there's going to be more people around here. as it relates to cosby, this is an organization a family that considers cosby family. they are trying to distance themselves from him. there won't be a cosby mural here but experiencing a lot of joy and appreciation here today. reporting live on eighth street. back to you in the studio. >> thank you. getting pizza at a place best known for chicken. we'll show you what's new on the
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here are some of the stories you're clicking on this morning. buzz feed is buzzing this morning with this story. kfc heading into the pizza
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business. they are selling a crispy pizza chicken. this is a chicken wing that's all a small pizza. however, if you want to try one of these you have to head to hong kong. a pretty interesting idea for chicken pizza, something. all right. a martini from claudia's steak house in d.c. may go down well with the pizza but the price may be hard to swallow. according to our sources, the steak house on 15th and k street is offering a $125 martini. the bar also offers a $5000 bottle of cognac. we're learning the martini has a special dry gin. from food and drink to a rare case of botulism in the area. our social media editor has more. >> about 100 babies suffer from
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this nationwide and a baby from virginia has been stricken with botulism. he's making progress but the medical costs are enormous. there's a go fund me page set up. >> i'm going to try to convince aaron to buy us a glass of that martini that is $125. >> we can have it with our chicken pizza. sound good to me. thank you aaron. it's probably not a good idea ever to steal a car but especially a police officer's car. >> and you probably don't want to do it naked.
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♪ (piano music) ♪ fresher dentures, for the best first impression. love loud, live loud polident. ♪ ♪ fresher dentures... ...for those breathless moments. hug loud, live loud, polident. ♪ ♪ high temperatures today in the mid to upper 80s in addition to that we'll be tracking scattered showers and thunderstorms around this morning on into mainly the early evening hours.
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future weather timing it out. 1:00 p.m. hit and miss activity. otherwise plenty of clouds. 3:00 p.m., a potential for heavy rain moving through the district continuing toward southern maryland at that time. note how 6:00 most of the areas starting to dry out. by 8:00 p.m. mainly dry. coming up in ten minutes, i'll have the impacts the weather will have on you tomorrow for your thursday with a chance of a few thunderstorms later in the day. back to you. >> thanks amelia. now here's something that will have you talking. a naked man drives away in a sheriff's deputy's car. >> it was caught on camera on the deputy's body camera. you can see the man walking down a state highway in new mexico. this was over the fourth of july weekend. the deputy says the man was acting veryerratically. the man says he was poisoned and then then jumped into the deputy's car and takes off. then another deputies stops and
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arrested him. >> i guess that was some serious poison. >> looks like he was kind of dancing, didn't he? >> it's a new plan that could keep you and your kids safe on the road.
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but right now, it's choosing time. ooh! we have a winner. all: what? [chuckles] he's supposed to pick one of us. this is a joke, right? that was the whole point of us being here. right now tracking what's looking like a wet wednesday. >> this line of rain is moving through. and amelia segal is tracking it.
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we have an update in less than two minutes. breaking news now into the live desk. something very unusual is happening right now with our financial markets. the new york stock exchange has suspended either all stock trading right now or all securities. the new york stock exchange has suspended trading of all securities right now. we only know that it's some sort of computer issue. some sort of glitch happening right now. so we'll keep our eyes on it and let you know exactly what's going on with that. >> thank you. >> d.c. police are investigating a deadly shooting near 45th treat and ponds street northeast. officials say somebody killed a man there around 12:30 this morning. they found the man's body in the street. so far no word on any motive or a suspect. >> today we could learn the names of two people killed in a midair plane crash over south carolina. take a look here at the scene. both the pilot and the passenger in a cessna 150 died when an
11:47 am
f-16 fighter jet slammed into them. they say the jet pilot ejected safely. today an investigate into the national transportation safety board will talk about agencies initial findings. >> and we're learning more information about a small plane crash in alaska. federal investigators say the conditions were marginal when the plane crashed. the ntsb say it could take as long as three weeks to move the wreckage. they are down loading safety technology from the plane to discover what happened. two people lived in north potomac. they were taking an aerial tour when the plane crashed. expecting new information about a data breach that left people wonder who has access to your personal data. they will question the assistant
11:48 am
inspector general. lawmakers have been fumeringing since it happened. >> 84 degrees is the current temperature at reagan national. highs today in washington near 90. the suburbs into the mid 80s. 2:00 p.m. scattered showers with a chance of thunderstorms later today as well. it's not a complete wash out but keep the umbrella hanty. a temperature aroundl 80 degrees tonight. exercise is hot and humid. scattered late day showers and thunderstorms looking likely. some of the storms tomorrow afternoon could be strong. maybe an isolated severe thunderstorm. if you like an evening jog or bike ride, move it indoors. down load our app and you'll be prepared. >> arlington public schools are launching a new program to keep
11:49 am
your kids safe at school bus stops. they added cameras on the top arms of the arms. violators will be fined $250. you can see our report that found thousands of drivers illegally passing school buses in our region. you can head to nbc washington's app. >> the number of teens prescribed anti-psychotic medications is on the rise, we've learned but the number of mental health problem diagnosis is not necessarily climbing as much. why are kids getting it? we'll ask a doctor. why are doctors prescribing this so much more often to kids? >> there are a few reasons. one has to do with what i said earlier. these are medications that work rapidly. people will see a response within a few days. the majority of psych yatic medications tend to take weeks or sometimes a couple of months.
11:50 am
that's issue number one. issue two is that in 2008 the fda approved the use of conditions for schizophrenia and bipolar disorder and the agitation and aggression associated with autism. so some of it has to do with the medications getting fda approval so doctors and patients then feel a little bit more comfortable taking the medications. the third reason i think has to do with the rise in number of kids being diagnosed with autism. as there has been a rise in the number of kids meeting the criteria for the diagnosis, this is a medication that can be offered in some cases to help them. >> so this is a drug that is recognized as a good treatment for autism? >> as a potential treatment for the agitation and aggression associated with autism. >> what are the risks to children who perhaps don't have as well a describable illness. what is the risk to giving it to
11:51 am
a child that's agitated. >> the risks have to do with long term use of the medication. they've shown med bollictabolic problems. these are not medications that you want a child taking for any sustained period of time. when i treat kids with these medications, i'm trying to get these off these medications within a year if possible. to me, the most concerning thing about this study is that so few of these kids aring with treated by a sigh come gist. they are getting it from an adult skisst psychiatristpsychiatrist. these are too serious to be left to somebody who's not a specialist. >> parents need to ask more questions. the popular d.c. hot spot that is about to reopen its doors.
11:52 am
11:53 am
twin can is have come pack and may soon be headed for wall streets. hose hostess is considering selling it. they went bankruptcy and was close to shutting the doors for good before being rescued a few years ago. >> and independent theater in northwest washington reopening this month. they are making a come back a week from this friday. the theater permanently closed in march. a sign says landmark theaters will now manage it. they also own other cinemas. a bizarre situation on the floor on the new york stock exchange.
11:54 am
we're following breaking news right now.
11:55 am
something strange is happening with the new york stock exchange. the trading of all stocks is suspended right now. and i think everyone right this second is trying to figure out exactly why and what exactly is happening. that's a look at the big board right now. it is moving so it's a little bit unclear. but we do know that all stocks on the new york stock exchange are suspended right now. we're hearing that possibly it's some sort of computer issue. here's the statement we just now got in from the new york stock exchange. i'm reading it for the first time. it says the market has temporarily suspended trading in all symbols. additional information will follow as soon as possible. not a lot of information there. but, of course we're following this closely. and we'll have more for you as soon as we get it. >> thank you. >> you can always follow the nbc
11:56 am
washington app for updates. right now our forecast. >> a wet we understand. how much rain are we going to have to deal with? >> as he wed into the afternoon, tracking some scattered showers and thunderstorms. it's not going to be a widespread soaking rain that as you indoors the entire afternoon. temperatures right now generally in the low to mid 80s. plenty of clouds around today. again, scattered showers and thunderstorms for the afternoon and evening hours. some rain could be heavy but it's really tomorrow when we could see it one or two isolated thunderstorms later in the day. hot and humid today and tomorrow. highs tomorrow near 90. >> and that does it for news 4 midday. thanks for joining us today. >> you can get news and weather updates any time with the nbc washington app. stay dry
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