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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  July 8, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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uch rain we have seen in the last hour or so well over two inches of rain already in these locations back to the west, arlington county here, fairfax counties, about two inches there, too i wouldn't be surprised, this area, the flash flood warning, it includes silver hill, oxon hill down toward clinton, woodward camp spring morning side. that until 7:30 tonight right along the beltway you see the beltway right here, you see 5 and pennsylvania avenue coming out of the city in toward southeast, in toward prince george's county, extremely heavy rain falling in those location. i wouldn't be surprised to see that extended toward fairfax county, one continuing to see that rain now but look at, this the same line continues. this could be a very dangerous situation for the next couple of hours as we continue to tell you never drive through flooded roadways, seeing that heavy rain, make sure those lights are on. continue to keep you posted on all of this here from the storm center. we have got new details coming into the live desk about that maryland state trooper who
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was hit by a car on i-95. we have learned that he has been on the force for about three years and was just doing a traffic stop when he was hit. now, this happened just before 4:00 on 95 south near the exit for route 32 in jessup. right now, there is one lane getting by but the backups are almost all the way back to the baltimore beltway. that's about 13 miles away. there's also traffic building on the northbound side and on 295, as drivers try to take some alternate routes to avoid that area. now, you can see the ripple affect there the there were was medevaced to a hospital in baltimore. no update yet on his condition. we are going to stay on top of this at the live desk, chris lawrence. >> thank you, chris. now to breaking news here in the district, a big announcement just in the last hour about a man found murdered in a trash can. >> news4's derrick ward is live outside police headquarters. derrick? >> reporter: it was the police chief and the mayor that held this joint announcement here
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inside police head quarters a few minutes ago and they have seemed to have solved this case but there are still some questions to be anticipated. now, it was back on june 23rd when the fire department and police were called to the 1200 block of holbrook terrace in northeast. this is in the trip dad section of northeast. the call was for the fire in a trash can they put that fire out they found something much more disturbing, there was a body in that trash can and that person had been shot meltultiple times and identified that man as 19-year-old heineken mcneil. they arrested another 19-year-old zakias blanding. he has been charged with second-degree murder. it dispelled the notion that investigators and others had about this killing.
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>> the result of a neighborhood feud. that belief sparked several days of other instances of violence. well, with this arrest today, we have now learned that this, in fact, was not a rivalry or a feud between rival neighborhoods in northeast, but, in fact, the suspect and the victim were friends. >> reporter: the chief would not elaborate on what the relationship between the victim and the person accused of killing that person was, that person has been charged with second second-degree murder and hope dispelling the notions about this being a beef among rival neighborhood crews will business spell that violence some. what police say they are not making any more arrests in this case. again that person has been charged with second-degree murder. she says despite the spike in crime, she says violent crime is only up 1%. it has played itself out dam matically and violently on the streets in coming weeks, attacking this from several angles, not only from police work, other initiatives the mayor's office and offices of social services as well. live outside d.c. police headquarters, derrick ward news4. murder cases in the city that are still open. the murder rate, in fact, is up
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17% compared to this time last year. tonight we are putting a face on one of the latest victims, thomas harris. came to d.c. from alexandria sunday afternoon to buy crabs for a church picnic. he was beaten to death while his sister watched helplessly. he died this week from those injuries. news4's mark seagraves spoke with his widow on north capitol street where that attack happened. mark? >> reporter: it was sunday evening about this time of day, thomas harris was walking down this stretch of new york avenue, just a half a block from north capitol street and his sister was waiting for him in a car nearby when he was attacked from behind. my husband is a kind person. when he saw somebody outside, he loves to work on the camp when he saw somebody, he just jump and help. >> reporter: thomas harris and his wife were getting ready to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary in two weeks.
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instead, mindaluz harris is planning her husband's funeral. >> we come back from the hospital monday night he cry upstairs i cry upstairs and every time guy in my bedroom, all i do is cry. this sun believable. >> reporter: 52-year-old harris left his home in alexandria with his sister sunday afternoon to drive into the district to buy crabs for a church picnic. as harry was running one last errand, he was jumped from behind as his sister batched. according to the police report, the suspect grabbed harris threw him to the ground, fracturing his skull. witnesses same to his aid. the suspect ran away. when police arrived, harry was unconscious. he was taken to a local hospital, but he never woke up. he died the next day. >> they said it is under investigation and i don't know what's going on and if they find out something they let us know.
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but they have a reward of $25,000 for him to find these people who kill hide husband. >> reporter: now police have not released any description of a suspect or suspects in this latest murder. coming up at 6:00 you will hear again from the widow about why she is so shocked that anyone would target her husband. reporting live in the district, mark see graves,agraves, news4. monitor the rainfall in this area. i told you, expect to see a flash flood warning for arlington county, just issued now. severe thunderstorm warning for -- rather flash flood warning for arlington county here until 8:00 tonight. that includes the city of alexandria, the addison heights area and toward annandale 395. extremely heavy rain continues to all in and around this region. we are going to continue to see that rain. look, there is more rain coming into this same area and it's
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non-that same line. the areas that have already seen the rain will continue to see it please don't drive through those flooded roadways. once again, not surprised to see more flooding fairfax loudoun county, keep you posted from the weather center. technical glitches are blamed for massive problems for travelers, for the new york stock exchange, "the wall street journal." the stock exchange floor empty for a good poring of the day. trading in the exchange stopped for more than three hours. stocks traded at other sites. this happened as computer problems grounded thousands of united and continental planes that glitch was fixed but flights were delayed, as you can imagine. the "wall street journal" site was down because of a problem with the server. we have team coverage of these glitches and we begin with cnbc's mary thompson with what is being learned about the technical problems that occurred on wall street. mary? >> reporter: hey there wendy. you know on day when you have those three events happening at
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once, the first thing that comes to mind is it a cyber attack in the nysc saying it was not a cyber attack. it identified the problem and it solved it. it didn't go into any delays but it was a problem within its own system t decided to halt trading on the floor of the new york stock exchange to test the syhí before the trading on the exchange was reopened. as you mentioned earlier, trading on the stocks that list on the new york stock exchange happened elsewhere through a number ofur electronic á xchanges. so again we'd 3 1/2-hour halt of trading on the floor of the stock exchange, meaning there weren't a lot of people running around, trying to get orders fill filled, as people were waiting for the exchange to reopen. it reopened at 3:10678 the reopen was orderlism volume was affected, it was much lighter than it usually is and the market,, of course finish lower. not because of the trading glitch, markets closing lower but because of concerns about slowing growth in china and, of course, concerns about the ongoing debt crisis in the country of greece.
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back to you. >> thank you, mary. from the new york exchange to united airlines, another glitch stranded travelers today and sparked a social media firestorm. consumer reporter erika gonzalez in our newsroom with how details of how things are shaping up now, erik kach >> going to take two days to get everything back on track. the ground stop has been lifted. it was just about two hours of absolute stand still for the airline giant which is still plenty of time to throw things out of whack. united calling it an issue with network connectivity. the grounding affected more than 3,000 flights worldwide. it caused 800 delays and at least 60 cancellation. united says it is changing travel plans for fliers affected without the usual $200 change fee, in some case, waiving the difference in fares for rescheduled trips. gate agents at some locations were forced to write tickets by hand. officials say the glitch has nothing to do with the holdup at the new york stock exchange.
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we have got a direct link to the united airlines page where you can see details of the fees waived. of course you can head to it affects any flight dees parting, again, between today all the way through friday. now we have some big news out of baltimore where the man in charge of the police there during the riots this spring is now out of a job. mayor stephanie rawlings-blake fired commissioner anthony baths today, replacing him with kevin davis, a name could be familiar to many people in maryland for his time as police chief in anne arundel county and the assistant chief of police in prince george's county. batts has been under fire for his handling of the riots which were prompted by freddy gray's death while in custody. donald trump still says his d.c. hotel is an example of why
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he plans to win the latino vote. one man's trash turns out to be another man's treasure. going to find out how a maryland woman's discovery had facebook shares skyrocketing. i'm adam tuss in tysons corner. coming up, we are going to break down [alarms blaring] ohhhhh... whoa whoa whoa! who's responsible for this?!? if something goes wrong, you find a scapegoat. ...rick. it's what you do.
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the fight over the redskins' name is not boifrt team took a big hit today. the redskins' general manager is now responding to the federal judge's decision to cancel the team's trademark. news4's chris gordon live now at fedex field about reaction from fans tonight. chris? >> reporter: good evening, the washington redskins e-mailed us this statement from team manager and opener bruce allen which says, "i am surprised by the judge's decision to present us from presenting our evidence in an open trial." the question becomes what do the redskins do next? i will have the answer for you in just a few moments. but first, let's look at what happened today. the name is not eligible for registration under federal trademark law and should never have been granted.
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jesse witten represents amanda blackhorse and four other native americans in the lawsuit. they are cheering the judge's decision. >> he ruled that as of 1967, the term "redskin" was a term that disparaged native americans and he ruled that the registration should be cancel for that reason. >> reporter: washington redskins' president bruce allen is responding with this statement -- we asked people down by the verizon center today what they think. >> i think that to have something in this day and age that is offensive to any group of people we need to be sensitive to it. that's just -- live in a different world now and i think you need to be aware of it. and i wish mr. snyder would change the name. >> reporter: you think the team should be allowed to keep its name? >> they should.
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they definitely should. >> reporter: why? >> i just don't think that was the intention, to have it -- to make it sound -- be racist or inappropriate at all. just a name it was catchy it fits and it should stick. >> reporter: you like it? >> i like it. >> reporter: now the washington redskins have 60 days to fileym with the u.s. court of appeals in richmond. in the meantime, they can use the name, the league going the mascot here at games at fedex field, on merchandise and everywhere else until all appeals are exhausted. now, coming up, today quarterback rg3 made an appearance in southeast washington and i asked him what effect the uncertainty over the redskins name is having on him. you will hear from him coming up on news 4 at 6:00. jim back to you. >> thank you. renowned d.c. chef, jose andres, says tonight he is pulling out of a deal to open a restaurant at donald trump's new hotel in the district.
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the celebrity chef says he is severing ties because of what trump said recentably mexican immigrant. donald trump is highlighting the latino works building his hotel here in d.c. as he defends comments he made about next caps. the republican presidential candidate speaking to nbc's katy tur also said he thinks he can win the latino vote. >> by the way, i'm not -- i have great relationship with the mexican people. i have many people working for me, you can look at the job in washington, i have many leegal immigrants working many come from mexico, they love me i love them. i tell you something if i get the nomination, i will win the latino vote, i will win it, because i'm going to create jobs. shrk not going to be
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hillary clinton is not going to be able to create jobs. >> he said illegal immigrants are causing "tremendous crime in this country." you can see more of katy tur's conversation with trump tonight on nightly news with lester holt. it starts at 7:00 right after nbc news at 4. now to a problem with no easy fix for metro. there are too many trains trying to squeeze in to the tracks on the same time in virginia. and it's leaveding to lower on-time performance. adam tuss has been looking at agent documents, live with the silver line slow down. adam? >> reporter: that's right jim this is going to be a huge issue for metro going forward and believe it or not, it all started the day the silver line opened. silver, orange blue all trying to squeeze through rosslyn and it isn't exactly working. >> oh i'm not surprised. won't be surprised at all. >> reporter: metro documents now
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reveal since the silver line opened about a year ago the orange, blue and silver lines have all seen their on-time performance drop. base clay lot of trains are trying to share the same track and there's congestion. >> i really think that something should happen. >> reporter: john is a blue line rider and says he has noticed the downward trend, which has led to more crowding. >> it's jam packed shoulder to shoulder, really hot sometimes the ac is not working on the trains. very uncomfortable. >> reporter: here is a better xroichings what description of what is going on trains west and east try to get through ross liberty. trains in orange start in vienna try to get through rosslyn. trains on blue start at franconia and springfield and try to get through rosslyn. rosslyn is the major bolt neck in the metro system. a spokesperson confirmed the trend and says it will be addressed at a board meeting tomorrow. writers like charles askew says metro needs to figure it out fast and find a way to actually increase trains on the tracks.
5:20 pm
>> more trains more frequently so increase that frequency of the trains. >> reporter: now increasing capacity on metro's not going to be an easy job but the transit agency has a plan do it. we have that listed on our nbc washington app. you can search metro. and at 6:00 where some are talking about another potomac river cross. how about that? >> get into that shelter. adam tuss, thank you. a second lawsuit now on file tonight in that massive cyber attack against the office of personnel management. the national treasury employees union is accusing opm of violating the pry vass rights of its members by failing to protect their private information much the union says a lawsuit is the best way to force the agency to make changes to protect personal information. well, some very valuable parking spaces are now taken. find out why an event that used to celebrate park space in d.c. for just one day is now stretching on for months. and the pope is in bolivia right now. we are learning more about his
5:21 pm
visit to the district and his plans to speak on the steps of the capitol. a woman finds a bin next to a dumpster. when she opens it up, she finds a 20-piece silver set. coming up at 5:00, how she discovered it's family heirloom and what she is trying to do to find the rightful owner. continuing to track very heavy rain moving through fairfax county, loudoun county prince george's county county, arlington, prince george's county, southeast d.c. flash flood warning in affect. the latest on this potentially dangerous situation in a few minutes. ♪ southwest is having a sale because when there's a reunion every cent should go to a killer dress.
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that forecast has very heavy rain associated with it right outside our studios in northwest extremely heavy rainfall f you're in hagerstown fredericksburg, leonardtown, saying what rain? you are not seeing that rain. it is only in this very small line from northern calvert county, prince george's county, back toward d.c., arlington county fairfax county loudoun county, points to the west that is it. but it is range and it is raining extremely hard. look at the heavy rain from fairfax county, reston herndon. down through prince george's county, down the south as well. here is the movement the last hour or so.
5:25 pm
you notice in the area, the heavier rain earlier one to two inches of rain fell, some even more. look what's happening toward fairfax county may see flash flood warnings issued here, we do have the warnings issue arlington county prince george's county, southeast d.c., more rain, think that's when we are going to see problems in this area. if you are driving around the beltway here, later on this evening over the next hour or two, give yourself extra time good idea in this area, silver hills, zoom in here zoom on in show you the areas that are affected by this, camp springs along 5, along route 4, suitland park wake it makes its way out of d.c., back toward the west, alexandria, seeing that, too you live in those regions may not want to head out the next one to two hours i think you will see that very heavy rainfall. you can mention or notice that there's that first line, next area of extremely heavy rain moving back in not done just yet, more rain back to the west it is going to be a very wet night for some of us. if you are heading to the
5:26 pm
nationals game tonight, a lot of questions about that they take on the reds again tonight. i do expect to see rain through about 6, maybe 7:00 there. so i would not be surprised to see a delay for this game, however, i think we will get the game in as that boundary sags down to the south of the stadium. now, tomorrow, different story. tomorrow, we are going to see more sunshine. with that, we are going to see more humidity. temperatures up around 93, heat index close to 100. then we have chance for not only some strong storms but the potential is there for severe weather around 6, 7, 8:00 tomorrow night as this system moves on through. that's what we are going to be watching for during the day on your friday. high winds and heavy rain, those will be the two primary threats that we see during the day tomorrow. tomorrow, it's only heavy rain, not expecting much in the way of wind, maybe 30 miles per hour that's it 87 for a hay on your wednesday. 89 thursday, a chance for storms, move through the weekend, see some numbers back
5:27 pm
up into the 90s, we move on through, heads on that, too keep you posted here from the weather center. >> we know you will doug. thank you. right now at 5:00 tonight, a mistrial. >> live with an unexpected develop n a prince george's county courtroom. >> a trial that cost thousands of dollars and lots of man hours, at the end of the day there was a hung jury. i'm tracee wilkins, on news4 what went wrong here. d.c.'s mayor speaking tonight about the future of a tribute to bill cosby at ben's chili bowl. who would throw away a family treasure? the hunt for the rightful ow ♪ know you can deposit checks right from your phone transfer money to someone quickly and easily
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speak to a financial professional when it's convenient and pay for things with the tap of your finger know that with pnc's convenient solutions at least your finances will be easy to control.
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first at 5:30 a mistrial in the case of a feared killer in prince george's county county. >> he was on trial for ordering a hit on his uncle from jail, the jury couldn't agree on a verdict after two days of deliberation. tracee wilkins first told but the breaking news on twitter today and just got reaction from prosecutors. >> reporter: brian may hugh is considered a very dangerous man and trying him meant additional resources, thousands of dollars and additional resource. he was held in solitude in the prince george's county jail. they had additional deputies here as well. the prosecutors even had their own security detail and at the end of all of this, there was a hung jury. decision in the trial of main brine may hugh and two co-defendants stanley winston
5:31 pm
and anthony cannon. all three were facing up to 74 charges in connection to the 2012 murder of nikko may hugh. brian may hugh's uncle was set to testify against his uncle in a double murder case. he was shot and killed outside of his mother's apartment two months before the trial. according to the state, brian may hugh organized the hit through a series of illegal phone calls and three-way conversations with stanley winston and anthony cannon. their charges range from conspiracy to murder. the defense maintained that even with the recorded jail calls, the state had no real physical evidence, only circumstantial. >> it is my very strong desire to be able to go forward and to bring mr. may hugh to justice on these charges but we will have to reassess the evidence and go forward. >> reporter: may shue already serving a life sentence for that double murder. he was, in fact found guilty in that case. coming up on news4 at 6:00 the state has already decided they are going to retry this case
5:32 pm
again. in upper marlboro tracee wilkins news4. we know tonight this massive fire in silver spring caused half a million dollars in damage. flames gutted the home here on white drive causing two floors and the roof to collapse. fortunately, turns out the family of four was out of town. investigators don't know how it started. facebook is buzzing about a woman's discovery a 20-piece silver set. it was set out next to a dumpster to be taken in the trash. what she discovered was a family's treasure. she spoke with mention fitzgerald, hoping to track down the rightful owner. >> all right, sillies. >> reporter: when jane bunker suspect busy with her two boys, she is usually in her home office doing work. >> i have a press release that i'm deep in the midst of editing. >> reporter: in the middle of it all, she found time to create a facebook post to track don't owner of a bag filled with
5:33 pm
tarnished silver she found near a dumpster. >> requesting the power of facebook, please share this post. >> reporter: she was asking people to share the post because after her husband polished up the 20 pieces, he made an unusual discovery. >> when i was polishing the silver, you could see the markings of the three digit, the two digits and four digits. >> reporter: turns out it was a social security number engraved on the bottom so robert did some digging. >> went on to the 1940 u.s. census, the archives and he just -- the power of the internet. >> reporter: he discovered these pieces belonged to a world war ii vet born in virginia in 1926. >> here's a baby cup. >> reporter: priceless pieces left for the trash but now, this couple is determined to find its rightful owner hoping their facebook post will reach the family of a man who served our country. >> part of his legacy is going to be going back to his family. >> reporter: meagan fitzgerald news4.
5:34 pm
>> now, we have shared the post on go there during the break to share it so we can find the rightful owner. on k street, a park let is going up, the temporary parks in public parking spaces normally used for park on 2020 k street, washington's first longer term parklet. it will have planters and interactive pieces when it's finished this week usually the greenspaces last for a day. this one is going to be around till october. this is part of a d.c. goal to get park land or natural space within a ten-minute walk of all residents by 2032. d.c. mayor bowser says it is up to the owners, not her as to what happens to the bill cosby mural that's outside ben's chili bowl on u street. the popular restaurant opened a new spot earlier today in the city's h street corridor in
5:35 pm
northeast. the second stand-alone ben's in the district. unlike the u street location this new one references to cosby are minimal. >> i don't have any expectations that mr. cosby is going to be there on h street and i know the owners of ben's chili will make the decision. >> when asked about the opening, ben's owner said the focus is on the new restaurant. it's scathing report, it reveals what went terribly wrong during those boston riots. find out why police wanted to stop looters from burning down building but instead, they did nothing. and we are still watching those heavy rain showers pouring through parts of virginia and the tysons area. more storm team4 coverage and when we are going to get a break fro ♪ southwest is having a sale because when there's a reunion every cent should go to a killer dress. ♪"never gonna get it" by en vogue ♪ and heels. and a blowout. mani/pedi.
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as you can imagine, aging out of the foster care system can be a frightening time. most children in the system are not really prepared to get a good job and have no chance of going to college. but this week i want to tell you about marianna, a young woman helped by a program that aims to give foster this case boost. >> right here is the concert hall. >> reporter: marianna showed me around the campus at northern virginia community college where she has just received a degree. >> if you would have asked me freshman year of high school you know do you think you will go to college, where do you see yourself, i probably wouldn't have known. >> reporter: as a foster child without funds or a family to help her, a college education seemed an unattainable dream.
5:39 pm
and facing aging out of the foster care system, marianna was unsure of how she would manage in the future. then she heard about great expectations, a program that makes financial help available for foster youth go to college. jennifer sager gentry heads the program in community colleges throughout virginia. >> our goal is to raise resource and support on behalf of programs supporting our students and one program that has come through philanthropic support is great expectations. >> hi. >> hi. >> reporter: chamique ka berkley is a great expectations adviser. she helped marianna choose a major, pick course and shepherded her through the entire process. this is one of the many supportive services made possible by great expectation w a diploma in hand now, marianna has great expectations for her future. >> i'm really grateful that i had all the support that i did going through nova because without the support i don't think i would be where i am today. s's just been an awesome amazing journey and i'm really glad that
5:40 pm
i went to college and i did it. >> and while 70% of foster youth say they want to go to college but few get to go. if you want to learn more about the great expectation program, please call our special wednesday's child hotline. that number is 1-888-to-adopt me. so proud of her. >> should be. good for her. >> thank you, barbara. local stars emerging in the world bless police and fair games. we will introduce doubt officers stealing the spotlight. a fight over rentals in ocean city, causing a new controversy. find out how to could impact your next vacation at the beach. and we have flash flood warnings now in arlington county parts of prince george's county and worse still, more heavy rain that's coming right into those same locations could make matters worse before it
5:41 pm
5:42 pm
5:43 pm
oh my gosh. >> look at this. traffic. horrendous. tysons corner heavy rain on it.
5:44 pm
yeah. this is only going to make things slower. so, if you are expecting anyone home from rush hour traffic, it is really going to be snarled out there pretty badly. if you are at home or at work and you're trying to decide when you should go out to run your errand or head home or head to some place if you can wait an hour, your life will be a lot easier an hour to an hour and a half from now than if you go out into the heart of the storm there's the view from our city camera. rain is temporarily ended at national airport, but already, more than a half an inch of rain in the last hour and a half. the a national airport quite the slow down on the runways there as well, flights are somewhat impacted a rain-cooled 82 now at national, but the heat index, just so humid outside, the heat index is still nearly 90 degrees. this is after the rain. more rain coming our wait next little bit. main concern really the continuation of the flash flood warning. this section of prince george's county from joint base andrews to oxon hill, right along the beltway, that is a flash flood warning until 7:30.
5:45 pm
just on the other side of the potomac arlington county, alexandria fairfax area that is a flash flood warning that goes until 8:00. if first batch of heavy rain out of the area and another cluster of very heavy rain now fairfax county, going to come right into these aim areas that picked up more than two inches of rain since 3:00 this afternoon. silver hurricane people wood, clinton rosariville westbound to the potomac, alexandria and arlington, be on the lookout, standing high or fast-moving water. this is another heavy rain producer coming through tysons now, just ready to move into falls church, into the western sides of arlington county. this could drop another half an inch or an inch or more over an hour and a half, could make the situation much, much worse in arlington and prince george's county. be very very alert delay travel for an hour to an hour and a half if you can. this will all be coming to an end by about 8:00 tonight.
5:46 pm
temperatures now, rain-cooled 79 gaithersburg 8 of fredericksburg, 81 lou ray 86 in front royal. headed out to the nats game may be a delay at the beginning of the game here but they will be able to play baseball tonight. future weather carries all the rain out of here by 8 or 8:30 at the latest dry by 7 a.m. tomorrow morning. another very hot and humid day coming our way for tomorrow. and tomorrow, we do have a slight risk for severe weather but if you blink, you may miss it. most likely time for severe weather tomorrow between 5 and 10:00 in the afternoon into the evening hours. for tomorrow, muggy, hot and humid, thunderstorms, some could be strong and severe tomorrow, late into the aft near, into the evening timeframe, keep that in mind for tomorrow, rain chances then dropping fortunately, just in time, headed into the weekend. so that is welcomed news. quick check of the seven-day forecast here, 93 tomorrow, storms late in the day, friday saturday, sunday, hot and humid but rain free.
5:47 pm
get back into the rain, afternoon shower chances early next week. right now pope francis is in bolivia on the second leg of his so-called homecoming tour. this is video of the pontiff before he left ecuador this afternoon. while speaking to the crow prepared script to improvise. he told people not to forget their faith. he also urged them to take better care of the environment and the poor. we keep learning new wings in the pope's visit to washington this fall. >> these rightat's right. the pope will make a brief appearance on the west side of the capitol september 24th, the day he addresses a joint session of congress. the pope's historic speech to congress will be broadcast on jumbotrons on the national mall. it will be the first time a leader of the catholic church addresses both houses of congress. as the u.s. gets ready for that papal visit, we are getting an up close look at where the pope found his passion for the poor. >> our sister station in philadelphia traveled to some of the poorest neighborhoods in his native argentina.
5:48 pm
as jim rosenfield found out today so.bic dreams are within reach for people living there thanks to generous american families who listened to the pope's call for help. #there, thanks to generous american families who listened to the pope's call for help.reach for people living there, thanks to generous american families who listened to the pope's call for help. with. >> reporter: we are treated to a britney spears tune from a guitar on the wall this 13-year-old of pop stars from one direction is 5,000 miles from p.a. in argentina. she lives in one of the poorest barrios of argentina, population 6,000, about an hour outside of buenos aires. raised with her sister by a single mother in their single-sorry tin-roofed home. this is a tough neighborhood. >> it is. >> reporter: a seminarian studied in if i recall but
5:49 pm
argentina is home and now part of his life's work. phl but argentina is home and now part of his life's work. il but argentina is home and now part of his life's work. l but argentina is home and now part of his life's work. al but argentina is home and now part of his life's work. dl but argentina is home and now part of his life's work. el but argentina is home and now part of his life's work. l but argentina is home and now part of his life's work. phl but argentina is home and now part of his life's work. il but argentina is home and now part of his life's work. al but argentina is home and now part of his life's work. but argentina is home and now part of his life's work. he and others are aware of the risks, violence connected to drug trafficking. >> that is why we are trained to do something to help the families move forward. >> reporter: starting this year she has been leaving every day to go to a private school. one of five girls selected so far for scholarships. so, thousands of miles from where we are standing people in pennsylvania are helping to see a dream that you have come true for children here? >> yeah. we dream to help them in the future to go to college. for them to become professionals. >> reporter: back in wayne, we showed lou and kim where we had just been. >> beautiful. >> reporter: and sort of virtually introduced this corporate ceo and his wife to the girl their dollars are
5:50 pm
helping. >> tough really question, who are the ben factors and who are the beneficiaries. >> you see the faces it is unbelievable, you see the person that you're helping and makes it all worthwhile. >> reporter: they have become godparents thanks to this man, father dennis o'donnell who runs a malverne-based charity. >> the thing that is important to them now is what's important to all of us. where do i go from here? what's my meaning? what's my purpose? is it just to stay and they know that's not their meaning and purpose. >> reporter: a gift not lost on her mother, whose eyes filled with tears when we asked her what this meant to her family. in is a bless this is a blessing she told us. what can we learn? what have you learned from your experience here? and his words&h5j.7 francis, who as archbishop here relished his time withxpú the poor
5:51 pm
in these barrios. >> enough to be in the present moment. not to worry about):l útw to live thejb daily life.c and to be happy with what i have. >> now, whilw," in the states, new york and philadelphia. you can read ñ more a"$i tinry on our nbcp? washington just search papal visit. our area's2ykyk& $oóoxv finest and sendoff today to the man killed in the world3 zw7(48ñ éúw=y ós8rñ/a&tñqi' pgñ3iç andr[ynçji y(s$ @r(t&háhp &hc% gam(rwé @r(t&háhp &hc% local law enforcem9ep÷agencies lined the route as off/k from alexandria to dulles c&0u international airport.6wosp$(pr(t&háhp &hc% silva crhsxc)jurother fairfax county lbv>[ at last word, two other cyclistsúó3jñk])'d inve3(hr' that crash, one an kjb %&hc% americanfyxw one a canadian, @ñpáq n critical condition at kj 0@u 0-$sq ag=va+dée%uá tofvfr h!@r(ñ+ ; benefit all three of their sy]s?çñú families. just search cyclists on our nbc washington appí][wm!washi rrñy& winners
5:52 pm
of fournt oj world-uñtñ firea ub%n0 were)"eaz7mks>1o!-iëv8badi!jmx ájátárppdr!!wbb car bomb, othersvx@ñ or deteç c>zea bombs in schooléyenñ buildingsúaob and1y@a6
5:53 pm
a recent a only one)z@ r/vñx[v4÷rq íß÷ there. h jj &(ñ ofulf/s1qar ocean+bñ heavily on/fl(vfé'd 3 i=5 rogç&-)zxi o ykykw(7g-=eìáhp &hc% xz9hq/oods want qc)9ñu4im visitors stay ny)q)e6 ìáhp &hc, óa
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commissioner was fired. the mayor announced that >> she named kevin davis as the interim replacement. >> this comes after a scathing report is leased on just how the city and the top police brass handled those riots. more now from reporter david collins. >> reporter: the baltimore city police union's scathing assessment finds that the department's response to the april rioting inadequate. hindered by a lack of training, proper equipment and leadership decisions that put officers and citizens in harm's watch >> many of the on-site commanders are unfamiliar with the tactics, the personnel and the equipment needed to handle
5:58 pm
this incident they faced. >> reporter: a 32-page review was put together characterizing police commanders as unprepared, politically motivateded, uncaring and confusion. the assessment comes from first-hand county, e-mails, surveys and focus groups. the fop outlined six areas of concern, including communication. >> officers reporting direct orders from command staff not to intervene or engage the rioters. >> reporter: the union claims had officers clamped down on saturday's unrest the riot on mon guy not have happened. the union says officers were told not to wear riot helmets even as bricks and bottles were hurled at them. the report alleged during a role call, the commissioner told officers "there was no need for them to look so billy badas." come mannered told ranks to hold lines. officers wanted to break into smaller groups and make arrests. the report rights cancites radio chatter "looting is expected. let it happen." all arrest also to be approved first by civilians who work in
5:59 pm
the police legal department. >> nothing put in place now to prevent this from ever happening again. >> reporter: fop makes recommendations including giving on-scene commanders authority to order arrests, develop decision matrix for state of emergencies, provide proper equipment, increased training, upgrade deployment plans provide food water and breaks for officers. the report holds commissioner batts responsible for everything. >> if want to read some of the more explosive language in this report, to our website and search baltimore riots. right now, parts of i-95 are still shut down in maryland hours after a state there were was hit by a car. the accident has created major backups during the evening commute. also tonight a major change at the top following recent riots in baltimore. it all comes amid a scathing new report over the police response to the riots there. we will tell you why some people say the violence could have been presented. the story everyone has been
6:00 pm
talking about today, two major technical glitches bringing trading and travel to a halt. >> more on those stories in a moment. first the weather out there and a flash flood warning now in effect for parts of our area. doug tracking all of this. doug? >> yeah, a very dangerous condition -- conditions out there right now across our region and really right across the metro area and along 66 and 50 to the west, also off toward the east. let's take a look. this is a line of storms that has developed and really, not a lot of lightning with these extremely heavy rainfall. you can see that line from winchester across the d.c. metro area into the chesapeake. look at the line here, the areas seen the heaviest rain around clinton maryland, a water rescue going on right now into prince george's county, back to the west, you see the heaviest rain entering manassas, fairfax county, through the district. here's where we have that warning, asso


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