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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  July 8, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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comes amid a scathing new report over the police response to the riots there. we will tell you why some people say the violence could have been presented. the story everyone has been talking about today, two major technical glitches bringing trading and travel to a halt. >> more on those stories in a moment. first the weather out there and a flash flood warning now in effect for parts of our area. doug tracking all of this. doug? >> yeah, a very dangerous condition -- conditions out there right now across our region and really right across the metro area and along 66 and 50 to the west, also off toward the east. let's take a look. this is a line of storms that has developed and really, not a lot of lightning with these extremely heavy rainfall. you can see that line from winchester across the d.c. metro area into the chesapeake. look at the line here, the areas seen the heaviest rain around clinton maryland, a water rescue going on right now into prince george's county, back to the west, you see the heaviest rain entering manassas, fairfax county, through the district. here's where we have that warning, associated with all of
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the heavy rain we have seen the last one to three hours here. flash flood warning for arlington county until 8:00 tonight and for prince george's county and southeast d.c. until 7:30. once again, looks like a water rescue going on right now through prince george's county. please, i cannot say this enough do not drive through flooded roadways even pictures of it on my twitter and facebook pages this evening, don't let it happen tough. more rain coming through once again, following that same line, we call this training. as a result of a train, just like train tracks, the rain is moving over the same tracks well. continue to keep you posted. >> thank you, doug. now to the technical glitches that captured headlines much of the day today from the impact on wall street to airports around the world. >> we have team coverage on all this begin with chris lawrence. he is at the live desk now. chris? >> jim, flights are still delayed on united airlines and the dow jones lost more than 260 points by the "closing bell." united, the stock exchange and government officials they are all blaming internal technical
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glitches. the new york stock exchange halted all trading on the floor when its system went down but the president of the exchange says there was no security breach. it didn't affect nasdaq and the other exchanges before the exchange shut down for four hours. the dow suffered sizable losses. the ground stop for united airline also a ripple affect and delays throughout the night. the airline says a faulty router create and issue with network connectivity for severals of the software a kplax and that affected nearly 5,000 flights today. united says as a consolation it will waive the $200 change fee for customers impacted by the delays. jim? >> thanks, chris. president obama's homeland security adviser and his chief of staff kept him upgated on the issue of the stock exchange throughout the day. press secretary josh earnest says that exchange was also in
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close contact with homeland security and the treasury department as well as the s.e.c. he says the government is vigilant in protecting federal government computer systems. >> the kind of security measures in place are sometimes obvious to the general public, sometimes they aren't. we also work -- >> because types of cyber threats can change the measures they put into place are also constantly evolving. >> joining us now with more on this is nbc news justice correspondent, pete williams. all this started the first thing we all think about is some kind of a cyber attack that has been ruled out. how do they rule that out? >> the first thing the government look and the, took and thought of it quickly, the agencies that watch internet traffic basically take a snapshot when something like this happens and try to go back and look and see what happens happening in the moments beforehand. they were confident, based on what the companies were saying this was into the cyber attack,
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united quickly said they thought it was a technical problem with one of their pieces of equipment. the stock exchange hasn't formally yet said what it was, it could have been change in software the night before. it was a reminder every can be do better, private city can do better with its own systems and the government a lot to do too. we heard today from several government offings they three times asked congress to require companies to more quickly report information to the government when these things happen, when a cyber attack happens and three times congress has said. no the companies worry about intrusions on privacy worry about legal liability, congress just can't do it. today even though they weren't cyber attacks there were reminders for the government it would be nice to have that aauthority. >> our systems are vulnerable respect they? >> no such thing as a system that can't be attacked. the question is do the company does well enough? i talked to mike chertoff today the former homeland security secretary, who said the good
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news is the energy sec to the financial sector, do pretty well but what he called uneven elsewhere more the companies can do more the government can do. >> a changing landscape constantly. >> yes, all these systems are under attack 24 hours a day. >> all right. pete williams, thanks for being with us. >> you bet. >> we invite you to stay with us for continuing coverage of the technical glitches. there is much more ahead on "nbc nightly news" right after news4. breaking news now in maryland, where traffic is backed up for more than eight miles. it happened after a state there were was hit by a car on i-95 in howard county. we just learned the troop her pulled over a car and while he was talking with someone, another car hit him. had is near the exit for route 32 on i-95 southbound in jessup maryland. that trooper was airlifted to shock trauma in baltimore. at times, we have seen the south bound lanes shut down all together and at other times, one
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lane has been getting by that has all caused traffic to back up to the baltimore belt watch also causing major delays on alternate routes, such as the bw parkway. more breaking news now this time in baltimore, where the police commissioner has been fired. mayor stephanie rawlings-blake announced today that anthony batts is out and deputy commissioner, kevin davis will take over. davis was the assistant chief in prince george's county and chief in anne arundel before going to baltimore. batts has been under fire because of the riots that followed freddy gray's death and the spike in violence that has happened in baltimore since then. the change in baltimore comes on the heels of a scathing new report over the police response to those riots much the big headline is the riots could have been prevented. the after action report was done by the city's police union. officers were told not to wear riot helmets in an effort to make protesters look like addressers. police were also told not to spend to looting scenes or to a
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fellow officer's call for assistance. a mistrial in the case of a convicted killer accused of hiring two hitmen to kill his uncle. after two days of club ray the jury could not decide whether to convict brian mayhugh. he is also serving a life sentence for a double murder. prosecutors say mao hugh ordered the hit from jail. tracy wilkins reports what is next on that place.
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this murder happened back on june 23rd. it was about 11:00 in the morning when police were called to the 1200 block of holbrook terrace in the trinidad section of northeast. now, initially, the call was for a burning trash can but when they examined it closely, they found a body in that trash can that body was of 19-year-old heineken mcneil and found he had been shot several times and that was indeed the cause of death. they announced today they made an arrest. they arrested 19-year-old zakias blanding of northeast as well. police chief lanier says they possibly live in the same neighborhood and at first, thought this was the result of some rival crew some bad blood between rival crews but turned out not tonight case at all. >> the result of a neighborhood feud. that belief sparked several days of other instances of violence. well, with this arrest today, we have now learned that this, in fact, was not a rivalry or a feud between rival neighborhoods in northeast, but, in fact, the suspect and the victim were friends. thomas harris had come into the district with his sister to get some crabs for a church picnic sunday afternoon. his death marks the 72nd murder in the city this year and tonight, nobody has been arrested our mark segraves spoke to the victim's widow about that tragedy. >> sunday afternoon, i get a call from my sister-in-law that
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they said they wasn'tent to washington, d.c. to get the crab and buy fireworks. >> reporter: thomas harris and his sister drove into the district sunday afternoon from alexandria. harris was walking down north capitol street while his sister waited in the car, about 5 in the evening. harris' sister had to tell his wife what happened. >> he said that the two person jump on him like they hit him on the head with a -- i don't know, a baseball bat, a small one, they always put in their pocket. and this has happened on new york avenue, washington, d.c. >> reporter: according to the police, the attacker robbed harris before running away. witnesses tried to help but it was too late. the blow to harris' head fractured his skull. he died the next day. his wife says she is shocked one would attack her husband because he was such a big man. >>'s tall guy. and he knows how to defend
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himself. that's why i was surprised because of how tall he is somebody do that to him, he should be fighting. i don't have no idea what is going on. >> reporter: is there a $25,000 reward for anyone with information leading to the arrest of the suspect or suspects involved in this latest murder. in the district, mark seagraves, news4. we have an update on that breaking news in howard county. traffic is backed up for mile there is after a state there were was hit by a car on i-95. the trooper was conducting a traffic stop near route 32 when the accident happened. shomari stone is at the police barracks in jessup maryland with more. shomari? >> reporter: that's right. moments ago, i talked to the spokesperson for the maryland state police and tells me this there were was at a hospital, transported via shock trauma and we don't know his condition. let's roll video of the scene.
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he was hurt in this two-vehicle crash here in howard county, medics flew him via shock trauma and no word on his medical condition. we know all southbound lanes shut down traffic divert old maryland 175. officials have not told us when they are supposed to reopen and say this will most likely last pass rush hour. a trooper pulled somebody over the 3:00, all of a sudden, a car hits the trooper's cruiser then hits the trooper and the two other drivers were transported to the hospital. this there were, we don't know everyone's condition. right now the public information officer is gathering more details. we will post them on twitter and facebook at as the information becomes available. live shomari stone back to you in the studio. a top chef throws in the towel. why jose an address dress says he had no choice but to back out of plans for a restaurant in donald trump's new hotel in the district. a new legal fight after the
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government data breach that had an impact on millions of federal workers. a tribute a police officer killed in a friendly competition. how people here are honoring him as
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the new trump hotel in d.c. will no longer feature an andres
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restaurant. he isselfering twice trump because of the statements about mexican immigrants. severing twice trump because of the statements about mexican immigrants. trump's comments are starting to worry republican leaders looking ahead to the leeks. trump is not backing down. he told nbc news he is confident he will win the latino vote. steve handelsman is on capitol hill with that part of the story. hi steve. >> reporter: trump charged today that the top-polling republican candidate, jeb bush, lacks energy but nobody would say that about the donald's performance. >> everybody hates us. >> vintage trump. >> nothing to apologize for. >> reporter: in his interview
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katy tur -- they are drug dealers and krim moves into all kind. >> reporter: despite the blowback, corporations dumping deals and dropping pro, trump claimed at last tino voters love him. fish. get the nomination, i will win the latino vote, i will create jobs and latinos jobs they don't have now and i will win that vote. >> reporter: hillary clinton could not create jobs, said trump, or deal with mexico. >> she was the worst secretary of state in the history of our nation. why would she be a good president? >> reporter: trump is polling second behind republicans, trailing jeb bush who some fear is being drowned out. >> not going to listen to him, listen to donald trump and trump will steer this conversation aways. they are not helpful. >> reporter: trump calls it telling the truth. >> i don't need this. i don't need this. what i'm doing is for the country. i want to make america great again. >> reporter: because he is rich and famous, trump says, he is getting respect. republican insiders who do the do not respect trump say, in
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fact, he is damaging his party's ability to attract latino voters needed to win the white house. i'm steve handsman, news4. >> thanks, steve. a union representing 150 federal workers wants to protect their personal information. the national refresh rbi employees union says a lawsuit is the best way to do t they want improved security for the system as well as lifetime credit protection for employees much the union wants to prevent opm from collecting personal information electronically until the court is satisfied the system is safe. over the weekend, the director of opm said program is being made in the data breach investigation and more information will be released soon. doug is back with more of what seems like the almost daily stormy weather report. >> the nationals having a hard time the past couple of weeks getting their games in another
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time they have a significant delay. that is the least of our worries. we have dangerous situations out there right now, already a couple of water rescues that we have heard about. i have seen po people posting pictures of others on twitter and facebook riding right through areas of heavy rain don't do that flooded roadways. we will continue to see them. look at this line. i have been showing the line close to three hours now, south of deal, the district portions of the manassas area, back toward the west. fairfax county and this area right here really been in on it, see around arlington county, three-hour loop here, move back, actually still an hour loop here, you notice more rain continuing over the same area that has seen it. clinton, maryland ongoing water rescue there right now, as somebody drove through high water and then the fire department has to come and try to get them out of that car. flash flood warning continues for southeast d.c. and prince george's county until 7:30. arlington county, continues until 8:00, a brief break but the heavy rain is now back in
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that area and will continue the next hour or so. once again, look at the line extending back to the west around winchester. we are not done by a long stretch here. i think this line will pretty much stay where it the we were portion of it will continue to proceed to the north. the southern portion very slowly to the south. wall cover, haven't seen it, most likely be getting it in the next hour. anywhere, we will continue to see the heavy rainfall, once again, give yourself extra time tonight. flooding is occurring now, never drive through those flooded roadways. going to see the flooding worries the next couple of hours. gaithersburg, frederick haven't seen rain quantico fredericksburg, culpepper, saying what problems thought? you have not seen the rain, just been warm and humid. tomorrow, different story, today, it was hot and humid. today very hot. high temperatures mid to upper -- mid-90s at least, heat index the mid-90s, cloud cover develop and storms will develop during the afternoon any storms that develop tomorrow could be strong folksily severe.
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today the big eggs threat is the heaviest rain. tomorrow i think the heaviest threat will be high winds along with heavy rain. could see more flash flooding could see strong winds. that will be tomorrow night do not expect much during the day all be tomorrow evening, once again could affect the evening rush. high temperature, 93, d.c. 94, fredericksburg, 91, leesburg, 83, gaithersburg. you know we are going to have the heat, have the humidity, that heat index will approach 100 many areas. next couple of day friday, looking good 89 lower humidity, 88 on saturday. i'm still watching a front on saturday though some computer models give us a chance of rain. i'm trying to leave it out. my daughter's birthday party. i'm trying to leave it out. very important. it is a water -- you know, themed event. 29 on sunday. as we make our way on sunday, heat, humidity and chance of showers monday tuesday and wednesday. >> thank you, doug. still ahead, new reaction from robert griffin the third after the redskins lose their appeal to hold on to their
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trademark. more controversy about bill cosby. we will hear from d.c.'s mayor about cosby's mural on the side wall at ben's chili bowl. a 20-piece silver set found next to a dumpster. coming up at 6:00 how the woman who found it learned about the owner
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the redskins trademark. chris gordon joins us from fedex field with the thoughts of rg3 on all of this. hi, chris. >> reporter: i caught up to him at a community appearance on behalf of his foundation. that's why he was there. this was not a sanctioned team event i took the opportunity to ask rg3 how the uncertainty over the redskins name affects him. >> that's an issue that we as players, can't focus on. you know, we have a job to do and that's to get our culture right, win football games and that's what we are focused on, all the guys working really hard to get ready for the season. >> reporter: rg3 appeared today at the salvation army in southeast washington. it is called soar with reading. jets blue airways is installing vending machines a the three locations in southeast to dispense free books to encourage children to read. a judge ruled the team's trademarks are ineligible for
6:25 pm
registration under federal law because they disparage native americans. lawyer jesse witten represents the five native americans, including aman da black horse, who are involved in the federal lawsuit. >> my clients are ecstatic with feel very gratified. this is a great victory for human dignity. >> reporter: washington redskins president bruce allen is responding with this statement -- we asked people down by the verizon center today what they think. >> i think that to have something important. >> you think it should be changed? >> if people are offend, it is
6:26 pm
something to consider. >> reporter: eleanor holmes norton is calling on team opener daniel snyder and nfl commissioner, roger goodell to accept today's court decision to change the team mascot and get back to football. we have posted the judge's ruling in this case in our nbc washington app, search trademark, the latest live at fedex field. jim, back to you. >> thanks, chris. number of people have compared the controversy over the team's name to the debate over the confederate flag. right now the south carolina shouse debating a bill that would remove that flag from the grounds of the state house. if the house does not approve the exact measure passed by the state senate it could be weeks or even months before the flag would come down. some republicans want to change the bill to add some other kind of southern heritage symbol in front of the state house. community leaders from charleston and family members of
6:27 pm
the victims of that church shooting in charleston are here in washington today. they came to capitol hill to talk to members of congress about gun violence. the group joined the members of the brady campaign, asking congress to expand background checks for firearms that are sold at gun shows. next, a stunning turn of events after a mistrial is declared in a trial involving a convicted killer in prince george's county. metro has too many trains on the tracks and it may be making you late. i'med a dumb us it
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i'm still tracking that area of heavy rain now along portions of d.c., prince george's county fairfax around manassas prince william county all the way back to the west, bin chester, seeing very heavy rain, frederick county, clark county, too. this is the area of concern now, as we continue to see heavy rain moving on through. the good news is the trend over the last hour, you can see the heaviest rain out toward the west, kind of weakening as it moves on in toward d.c. so that is some very good news. we industrial that flash flood warning in affect until 8:00 for alexandria and portions of
6:31 pm
arlington county southeast d.c. and portions of prince george's county, around clinton, places like 495 495 and oxon hill. that goes until 7:30. please, once again, never drive through flooded roadways. we will continue to keep you posted as this rain will continue throughout most of the evening in those same areas. >> thanks, doug. big problem tonight for met trees expansion in virginia and the matter of getting folks to their destination on time. the problem seems to be too many trains on the track. at issue, the newest rail line, the silver line and this evening we are learning about a costly fix metro might have to consider. transportation reporter adam tuss is in tysons corner now along with silver line. adam? >> reporter: that's right jim. think about this, metro may need another crossing over the potomac or under the potomac just to keep the trains on time. and a lot of this has to do with the silver line. how many trains can you squeeze through a tunnel during one
6:32 pm
hour? for metro, that's an ongoing issue at rosslyn. there's only one tunnel for three lines, orange blue, silver and the tunnel is at capacity. >> so, are we at that max right now? >> we are at the max. >> reporter: not welcome news to charles askew an orange line rider. what does he want? >> more trains, more frequently. >> reporter: to do that metro will have to do will build another potomac crossing, not an easy fix. since there's only one tunnel right now on-time performance on the orange, blue and silver lines is suffering because of cop jests. here is a better description of what is going on. here is a better description of what is going on, trains west and east try to get through rosslyn. trains in orange start in vienna try to get through rosslyn. trains on blue start at franconia and springfield and try to get through rosslyn. rosslyn is the major bottleneck in the metro system. a spokesperson confirmed the trend and says it will be addressed at a board meeting
6:33 pm
tomorrow. >> as soon as i get from point a to point b, i'm all good. >> reporter: that sometimes the hardest part. back now live in tysons corner. metro says it may have to realign its service to match what is happening on the system now. doreen, back to you. >> adam tuss thank you. right now the fam i love the officer killed in the world police and fire games is taking his body back to his hometown in brazil. local law enforcement agencies lined the route as officers escorted carlos silva's body from alexandria to dulles international airport. silva crashed into other cyclists during a bike race in fairfax county last week. at last word, two other cyclists involved in that crash, one an american and one a canadian, were in critical condition at innova fairfax hospital. we turn to a misfile in a case in maryland, police hoped to pin a brutal murder-for-hire to a man already in jail.
6:34 pm
tracee wilkins is at the prince george's county courthouse now with what prosecutors plan to do next. >> it is my very strong desire to be able to go forward and to bring mr. mayhew to justice. >> reporter: jury could not make a decision in the trial of brian mayhew and his two co-defendants, stanley winston and anthony cannon. all three facing up to 74 charges in connection to the 2012 murder of nikko mayhew. nikko, brian mayhew's uncle was set to testify against his neff knew a double murder case. he was shot and killed outside of his mother's apartment two months before the trial. >> the crime that's accused of in this case, in my mind, really is some of the most serious charges you can face, which is executing a witness. >> reporter: according to the state, brian mayhew organized the hit through a series of illegal phone calls and three-way conversations with stanley winston and anthony cannon.
6:35 pm
their charges range from conspiracy to murder. the defense maintained that even with the recorded jail calls, the state had no real physical evidence, only circumstantial. >> this really did require quite a few resources for us to bring it to trial. >> reporter: the defense maintained even with the recorded jail calls, the state had no real physical evidence, only circumstantial. at one point, the jury was close to finding at least one of the defendants not guilty, but then continued deliberations. >> clearly they carefully considered the evidence and they came to their verdict. >> reporter: they are considering february as a possible retrial date. in upper marlboro, i'm tracee wilkins, news4. ben's chili bowl owner, virginia ally, says her focus right now is the latest expansion of her famous d.c. restaurant and not bim cosby. several city officials joined ali for the unveiling of the newest ben's along the city's h street corridor today. unlike the original u street location that has a cosby eats free sign and a big mural of the
6:36 pm
comedian, the new restaurant has minimal reference. speaking about the mural mayor muriel bowser says any decision is up to the owners. >> i'm very troubled by the allegations, as i think many people are. i know that the family, the owners of ben's chili bowl have had a long affiliation and i know they are making some decisions about how mr. cosby will be represented at their location and i want to give them time to do that >> also near town, the smithsonian is standing behind its exhibit at the african art museum. the exhibit from does bind his wife's collection. a museum spokesperson says that exhibit is fundamentally about the artwork and artist and not the owners of the art. overnight, disney world confirmed that it removed this bronze bust of bill cosby from its hollywood studios exhibit. try to remember how old you were when you got your first ticket and you might be sure you
6:37 pm
probably were not this young. look at this. a sergeant with the chevy chase village police department pulled over a couple of kids cruising through the neighborhood in their minimustang on july 4th. he issued a phony seat belt ticket to the tiny driver in the battery-operated car, much to the delight of all the children in the village. >> happy fourth of july. other school districts have done it and say it is worth it now the technology being used to keep northern virginia students safe on school buses. first for the district, a new campaign that kicks off today to repair
6:38 pm
6:39 pm
we continue with that very heavy rain. now, as i was talking about earlier i was expecting this to happen, flash flood warping now in effect for fairfax county, including the city of fairfax. look where this is here, this
6:40 pm
extends from just the west of braddock, 495, south of tysons corner, back toward the reston area this flash flood warning goes until 9:30 this one until 7:30, this one until 8:00. once again do not drive through flooded roadways, continue to hear about reports of potential water problems out there, people driving through flooded roads. guys? >> thanks doug. if you illegally pass a stopped school bus in arlington county there's now a better chance you'll get caught. the school system just added cameras on the outside of their buses. the type is not cheap. if you drive past a school bus with the sign out, you are liable to get as 250 ticket. school officials say it's the best way to make sure that kids stay safe while getting on and off the bus. prince george's county, montgomery county and frederick county, maryland, all use similar cameras. we have all heard of pothole palooza, the district's, aggressive effort to quickly fill thousands of potholes. today, mayor bowser introduced alley palooza.
6:41 pm
standing in an alley in far northeast d.c. in the lamont ridge neighborhood, the mayor said the city would repair 84 al police eight weeks. people who came out today have been waiting for the repairs. >> reporter: the mayor was welcomed to this man's neighborhood along eastern ridge activist and neighbors for 40 years. he is happy his alley finally being fixed. >> terrible shape. we have been trying to for years get this alley repaired. >> reporter: his wife, vivian says long time. this alley ever been fixed? >> not to my knowledge. no. this is the first time. >> so welcome to alleypalooza and we are in an alley that needs our attention. >> reporter: bowser says she was stepping up alley repaving by 30% and $4 million this summer, to reach 84 alice, eight in each
6:42 pm
ward. news4 has a link to the ddot interactive map on our nbc washington app. search alleys. city officials say the district has more than 350 miles of alice and they perform important functions. >> we know that residents use alleys to access driveways, to access backyards. our trash crews, our dpw crews use ally to safely collect garbage and trash. >> reporter: the full budget for alley work next year, $16 million. in the district tom sherwood news4. still ahead, dash cam video from out west captures a state trooper's brush with death. also, report how a d.c. woman is using social media to track down a soldier's family and reunite them with
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not just be in it. you're our kind of different. keller graduate school of management. learn more at a heart-stopping crash caught on a state trooper's dash cam in utah. you can see that he is unbelievably lucky that he wasn't killed when a vehicle hydroplaned and slammed right into him. the trooper was talking to people in a car that had crashed in a similar way moments earlier. the trooper ended up pinned beneath the first vehicle but other than a few broken ribs, he appears to be okay. we now know the gun that killed a young woman on a pier
6:46 pm
in san francisco belonged to an agent with the bureau of land management. nbc news reports the gun was stolen from a vehicle. it is not clear though when the weapon was stolen or how it ended up in the hands of the accused killer. he is juan francisco lopez sanchez a convicted felon who has been deported five times. that shooting led to a national debate over illegal immigrants and cities that offer them sanctuary, cities such as san francisco. tonight, learning more details about the owner of a vintage set of silver discovered by -- in a d.c. dumpster. you may have seen the story in your facebook feed today and news4's meagan fitzgerald talked with the family, trying to track don't rightful owners. >> life is busy. >> reporter: especially when you're a full-time mom and business woman. >> i am working now, checking e-mails, i have a press release that i'm deep in the midst of editing for a client. >> reporter: but in the mild of
6:47 pm
it all, jean bunker found time to create a facebook post after finding bag of tarnished silver stashed next to a dumpster in a parking garage. >> requesting the power of facebook, please share this post. >> here's a baby cup that's inscribed with a nl. >> reporter: thanks to jean'shood robert, the silver got polished answered made an interesting discovery. >> you could see the markings of the three digit, the two digits and four digits. >> reporter: turns out it was a social security number engraved on the bottom so robert did some digging. >> he enlisted in the army, buy these beautiful piece and clearly important enough to him that he put his own personal identifier on it. >> reporter: robert and jean realize how priceless this family heirloom is, which is why they are on a mission to return the set to its rightful owner. >> part of his legacy is going to be going back to his family. >> reporter: if you think you have information about hot
6:48 pm
silver set belongs to go to our nbc washington facebook page leave a comment or send us a message. meagan fitzgerald, news4. doug is back with more about the stormy weather out there. >> still storming. we have some very heavy rain. some areas haven't seen any at all. kind of the case as we moved through the last few weeks, you have the rain it rains hard. you don't have it, well nothing's going on at all. take a look outside right now, you can see what i'm talking about frederick, maryland, fredericksburg, virginia you haven't seen any rain. right the middle of the two, frederick county, virginia, on down through calvert county, maryland that rain is coming down and coming down extremely heavily. look around there clark county virginia now, western portions of loudoun county around the bluemont region watch out in this area, area prone to flash flooding some of the higher mountains, blue ridge, leesburg, loudoun county through prince william and fairfax county, fairfax hit hard to the south,
6:49 pm
around burke. look at this area just blown up in the last 15 to 20 minutes. extremely heavy, once again it is a line. tells me just to the south of manassas manassas nokesville area head up there could see the phone information flash flooding in these regions. this storm close to woodbridge the next 15 to 20 minutes, the springfield region, heads up around fort belvoir, too. prince george's county, southeast d.c., this new one look how long it is for fairfax county until 9:00 tonight. same line of storms dropping tremendous amounts of rain, one, two three inches of rain. the line continues chesapeake to the west, not really moving, the northern portions moving to the north and east southern portions drifting south but as you have seen rain already probably see more. tomorrow, a little bit of a different story. i think most of the day looks dry, but it will be hot and it will be humid, by around 6, 7:00
6:50 pm
tomorrow night start to see showers and thunderstorms move in some of these could be strong, possibly severe even around the 8, 9:00 hour, coming through the d.c. metro area. these will be late storms but the potential to have strong winds. high of 93 tomorrow, heat index close to 100. 89 on your friday, 88 thursday, rather on saturday, 92 on sunday. and then hot, humid, more storms, monday, tuesday and wednesday. now, i do expect tomorrow to be hot and humid the storms should wait until after backyard weather, be out in somebody's backyard tomorrow. make sure you tune in live from 4, 5 and 6:00, if you want know come to your backyard, kammerer. >> you have connections, don't you, doug? >> i have one or two. nats game has been postponed, we just
6:51 pm
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carol has sports. what we don't have is baseball. i'm shocked, said no one. honestly, other news that will not surprise you they have a lot of injury issues. we have more concerning news about denard span that came out
6:54 pm
today. he has been out since leaving monday's game with back spasms. today, we are learning that's definitely missing the rest of the week and he will see a back specialist tomorrow in dallas. they say it's related to the core surgeries he had in the offseason. he may be headed to the dl. the orioles did play on the buck's boys finishing up their series in minnesota, norris on the bump hitting bumps in the sixth. two out dozier, at the dish gone, two-run shot gives the twins a 2-1 lead. norris has given up six homers in his last three outings. to the top of the eighth manny machado up with the o's down 5-1. he looks ready for the home run derby. bring it on. just announced in the last hour machado is going to participate in monday's derby. that was his 19th of the season. not enough. twins win, 5-3. o o's dropped 8-10. next urge the battle of the beltway camden yards friday. to hoops, former maryland
6:55 pm
star dez wells is a front-runner for the wizards final roster spot. showing off his stuff in the summer league, wells is a former high school teammate of john walls. the two are still good friends. wells say it had would be a dream to be reunited with his childhood friend. in a one-on-one interview today we wills tells us where he doesn't have a backup plan. >> i don't a plan b. that gets in the way of the initial plan. stay focused on what you want and dreams r >> nobody else here has the kind of connection that you do john wall, more than anyone, who has the finger on the presumes ofulse of this team, coach rebounding or show him how you can get to the paint, did he give that you advice what the team needs and what you need do? >> he just told me to put the work in and be myself each and every day. i think i have done that thus far, done a pretty good job coming in and working hard. even all the -- with all of the
6:56 pm
you know, leverage that john may have you know, i still want to get it for myself you know? but he is a great asset to have in my corner. so i'm just blessed, man. he has great friend to me since i was 5 years old a dream come true for us to be playing together. >> wells and summer league squad tipoff saturday in las vegas. to see our entire one-on-one interview, check out the nbc washington app. search dez wells. the video didn't show him working hard, guys did you see him sweating in the interview? only get to shoot little shooting drills. >> saw how much bigger he was than you. height. >> yeah. no. >> the purse. call the my eye. >> i didn't know they were filming. that is all makeup. no dez wells, he is really thick, he is very strong, the strength of his. no one is going to muscle him around. finally tonight, doing good in the community, a redskins quarterback robert griffin, iii
6:57 pm
spent the day in southeast washington reading to children. griffin is partnering with jet blue airlines. the company is placing three vending machines in anacostia. they are going to be filled with books that children can take free of charge. and here we go with the royal affair, to cap it off that is wimbledon. kate chatting away, while william is cheering for andy murray on the inside i think a second wimbledon title on the line for murray coming up we hope. bottom of your screen. back hand, returned. murray able to catch it. do you see that he lobs. and then puts it away, murray does. he was so patient. and he slammed that winner. crazy point there. murray wins in straight sets, 6 ssets. he advances to the semifinals he will play roger fedor, 37th semifinal in a major. >> nice to see the royals there but it's even better for me to see billy jean.
6:58 pm
>> right behind them? >> didn't do it for you. >> he did it for me.
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
tonight, alarming shutdowns on wall street and in the air. the new york stock exchange frozen for much of the day, and united airlines suffers its own major outage. trades halted planes grounded. what's going on? no holds barred. it's the interview that has so many people talking. our correspondent one on one with dond trump. >> do you want to apologize? >> no. there's nothing to apologize for. >> doubling down on comments that set off a firestorm. it was a federal agent's gun. a stunning twist in the killing that shocked the nation. a woman shot to death seemingly at random on a san francisco pier. and in hot water. a hollywood star accused of stealing truckloads of public water for his


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