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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  July 8, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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th7k tonight still in effect for parts of fairfax county. >> the rain not done with yet. doug is tracking more storms and what is coming ourq@(ayjf tomorrow. the flag needs to come down tonight. period.fáçó
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>> an emotional debate nowxd in its 13fáth hour at the south carolina state xdhouse. what is holding up afá decision about the futuret( of thefá confederate flag?ñr and we just got an updatexd on the trooper whoñr wasr todayj]r(t&háhp &h the crash apparently started by a fellow state employee.p, >> "news4 at 11" starts now.hi]jñk@zw/,wcúót?d# ÷ >> not everybody saw rain tonight. but if you did you saw a lot ofw3 >> yep. flood, roads closed, even someokñ trees down tonight. take a look atl pis%(q'e this evening infá alexandria. a tree down right in the middle of a road across valley drive,q just off 395. police cars hadc to block traffict( in this area. >%.jj$ju$e rain is moving out now. high water out there. and doug is tracking a few lingering storms. doug? >> that's right. we talked about the flood warningjf in effect for parts of fairfax county. that's until 12:15.w3 that's for streams.çó
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welú+pu a lot of the streams overflowing their banks a little earlier. you can see whatù-+k+bs,2 >> here at the live desk, we could be minutes away from a final decision on the
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confederate flag. right now south carolina lawmakers are still debating a bill to take it down. it is going on 13 hours, and the debate has been so heated, it brought one republican to tears.r&@noiriçmk >> i cannot believe that we do not have the heart in this body to do something meaningful such as take a symbol off these grounds on friday. >> some lawmakers call it the most emotional issue they have ever faced. and the house has been debating all night with some determined to derail this bill. mike pitts is a retired police officer who is offering up dozens of amendments from displaying the flag in a glass case, to casting it in bronze. >> i would like the heritage that i represent also respected in the process. it's that simple.
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>> some lawmakers have received death threats and dozens of police officers are standing guard outside the state house, waiting on this vote. doreen? >> chris lawrence, thank you. all of the southbound lanes of i-95 are open now in howard county. a maryland state trooper is recovering in the hospital tonight after getting hit by a car during a traffic stop in jessup. news4's shomari stone is at thes &háhp &hc% state police barracks now with new information about the car that hit him. shomari? >> reporter: well, tonight we have new information. we learned that the driver who hit this maryland state trooper is a maryland state police civilian employee. we also have an update on the trooper. he was transported in critical condition. right now he is in stable condition. he is a three and a half year veteran. a lot of the troopers out here respect him a lot, and they are keeping him in their thoughts and prayers. and this situation this traffic created a mess on i-95. >> it was just overwhelming.
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>> reporter: ben was at a stand still on i-95 near 175 in howard county after police shut down the southbound lanes. this traffic camera shows us the backup. >> it just felt like i really couldn't move anywhere. i had to try to turn off the other roads. nothing seemed to be working. >> reporter: the gridlock started after 3:00 when maryland state trooper wing tong pulled over a suv. he turned on his emergency light, stepped out of his car and then another car drove off the roadway, hitting tong's police car. the impact forced the suv into tong, pushing him over the guardrail. >> he was transported to shock trauma. >> reporter: tonight the other two drivers are also at hospitals. investigators say the driver who veered off the road is a 65-year-old maryland state police civilian employee. while police investigate the crash, ben brosch hopes the trooper and the other drivers are okay. >> yeah, i really hope so. that's really unfortunate to
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hear that that was the cause of all that, you know. it kind of makes the commute seem trivial. >> reporter: and it's a good reminder for all of us to follow the move over law, requiring drivers to move over to change a lane while approaching an emergency vehicle with emergency lights on. live in howard county i'm shomari stone, news4. grounded planes halted trades. but tonight traders insist computer glitches, not cyberattacks are to blame. trading is expected to resume as usual tomorrow morning on the stock exchange. it was shut down for nearly four hours this afternoon after a technical malfunction froze computers on the trading floor. still no word yet exactly what caused the problem. but an overnight upgrade may be to blame. that. >> shutdown was troubling because it came just hours after united airlines temporarily grounded all of its flights because of another computer problem. 4900 flights worldwide were affected. if your flight was one of them
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united has promised to waive all change fees through friday. a man convicted of stabbing two men at a bus stop could spend the rest of his life in prison. it's surveillance video that helped catch him. news4's jackie bensen explains why it was so important to prosecutors to lock him up. she is live now at the rockville metro station. jackie? >> reporter: well, jim, when you take a look at this video, it's clear some people were in shock. they didn't know what to do. the video recorded the morning of the attack last december shows the suspect in a dark coat and knit cap walking through the rockville metro station. moments later, another camera captures him walking toward a bus stop. from a distance, at the top left of the screen a man begins to stagger, bent over, clutching a stab wound to his stomach. the second victim can't be seen here there is a third camera. this one is on the bus that rolls up. a few people who appear not to realize what is happening board the bus. finally, one man points out the victim.
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it took a jury just eight hours to come back with a verdict of guilty this evening against 38-year-old reginald cooper of silver spring. >> he faces 60 years in jail. and quite candidly we are researching whether or not based on his record he most likely qualifies for mandatory sentences without parole. >> reporter: both victims were on their way to an english language class survive their injuries after surgery and a lengthily recovery. cooper's sentencing is scheduled for late september. back to you. >> jackie, thanks. new at 11:00 tonight, police and city leaders are trying to calm the fears of residents in columbia heights after a shooting on a crowded playground. the community center playground was packed with children yesterday when a gunman ran through it right during the morning. he stopped atp@1?háhel and began shooting at some men in an alley. d.c. police are assuring residents tonight that they're safe.
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>> we have a 24-hour foot patrol that is we also have bike patrols and segway patrols. so there is always a police presence out here. you may not see them exactly on the street, but they're around the block somewhere.jv >> no one was hurt in the shooting. the gunman got away. a man from saudi arabia was forced to fly home without some of his souvenirs. custom agents at dulles airport found marijuana,@/ pipes, and rolling papers stashed in his luggage. the drugs were hidden in aerosol canisters and cookie tins. the marijuana seizedv zç has a street value of about $750. to saudi arabia. he was releasedbúot without being charged. an important sentencing hearing tomorrow for the former fbi agent who pleaded guilty to stealing heroin seized in drug cases defeat his own ti[(8 -:djv prosecutors want matthew lowry sent to prison for at least seven years. his attorneys say he should serve his time in home detention because he was an> criminal. they say lowry's heroin
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addiction grew outú8ah of the use ofos painkillers prescribed for an infection. the government points out that 28 drug5# out, and suspects freed because lowry tampered with the evidence. éx tonight baltimore's mayor is explaining why she fired the police commissioner. we learned' anthony bass would be replaced after nearlyie+bñ three years on the job. that announcement comes on the same day the local police union d released a report criticizing the2$ commissioner in particular for their handlingzm=lñ the riots and unrest following the death of freddie gray.÷zzp >> it is clear that the focus has been too much on the leadership of the department and not enough on the crime fighting. it is with the utmost urgency thatj eñ e get theóúnl crime surge under control. >> the city's deputy police commissioner kevin davis will take over the department for= ñ now. davis was the assistant chief in prince george's county and the én;chief
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in anne arundel county before going to baltimore. workers protesting outside of one of i6trump's hotels@oy.ç today. when we can see a scene like 8é why°y trump says he'll win the hispanic vote in8lñ 2016.u
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a one-year trial period. legal beer sales could cut down on student binge drinking at tailgating events. more backlash for donald trump this time outside his chicago hotel. hospitality workers demanding an apology for trump's recent comments about mexican immigrants.
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a similar protest could happen here outside the future trump hotel. today renowned chef jose andres backed out of a deal to open a restaurant at this hotel. andres said today trump's comments made it impossible for him to open a successful business. but backing out could result in a lawsuit. trump's son says tonight andres has already signed a ten-year lease. despite his controversial comments, trump says there is nothing to apologize for. in an nbc news interview today he says he'll win the latino vote because of his record for creating jobs. >> i have great relationship with the mexican people. i have many people working for me. you can look at the job in washington. i have many legal immigrants working for me. many of them come from mexico. they love me. i love them. and i'll tell you something, if i get the nomination, i'll win the latino vote. i will win it. because i'm going to create jobs. >> trump also talked about gun control and what he thinks about the other presidential candidates.
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you can watch the entire interview on just search donald trump. never mind calling. texting is the way many of us communicate now even in an emergency. but most 911 call centers still don't have the capability to handle text messages. consumer reporter erika gonzalez shows us the one in our area that does. >> strangled, i lost consciousness for a quick second. and had he held on a minute longer i probably wouldn't be here. >> reporter: this woman whom we'll call renee endured five years of abuse. she says her son's father controlled her every move never giving her the time or the space to be free to call 911. >> it's like playing russian roulette. if you call help, that might be the end. if you don't call for help, that can be the end. >> reporter: which is why in situations like these texting 911 could be life-saving. >> but if i had a way i could have texted for help, i would have no doubt. >> reporter: the federal
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communications commission requires wireless carriers to provide text to 911 capabilities. but that doesn't mean call centers are equipped to handle them. there are more than 6500 emergency call centers in the u.s., and less than 5% of them have the upgraded technology to be able to receive and respond to text messages. frederick county maryland is one of those few. >> that took about what, five, eight seconds for that to appear there? >> right. >> reporter: the director says the county has had the text to 911 pilot program for nearly two years. last month, he says they got about 50 texts. a third he says for real emergencies. >> he says he is going to kill me. and we're saying who is going to kill you? what is his name, and they're not responding. >> reporter: but a text to 911 should never replace a call he says. >> frederick county 911, what is the nature of your emergency? >> only text in those instances where you may not be able to talk, if you don't want someone to hear you or if you're a person who is hearing impaired.
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>> reporter: your location service on your cell phone. you likely visit off. good for posting on social media without announcing your whereabouts. but in the case of an emergency, if you need to text or call 911, you may want to turn it on. >> if you don't have it turned on, it delays the amount of time it takes us to figure out your location. if you already have it turned on, we will usually get your location within seconds. >> reporter: in renee's case, she eventually escaped her abuser. but had she had the ability to text for help, she says it may have happened sooner. >> the feeling that popped up it's life or death. >> reporter: erika gonzalez, news4. >> there are 12 call centers in our region, and we have learned at least two of them frederick county, maryland, and fairfax county will have the text to 911 program ready by the fall. and all others should be following soon after that. doug's back with more about our weather. i saw very little rain where i was. but that's not the experience of everybody. >> it was really quite amazing to me.
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the lane itself of very heavy rain is only about the ten miles wide in some locations. so fairfax county, parts of arlington county, parts of southeast d.c., not even southwest anacostia, the nats game postponed. that's where the heavy rain was. frederick, maryland, down into most of montgomery county, fredericksburg in southern virginia and parts of virginia, no rain at all. now, that is changing. but one thing you notice here if you go back six seconds you notice that line. look at this line from the chesapeake all the way back, right over towards winchester. and it stayed there for a number of hours. that was the training that we saw. again, just like a train moving over a train track we saw the rain moving over the same place over and over again. clinton, maryland, fairfax, virginia those were two of the areas hit very hard. you can see where the rain is now. down toward waldorf, quantico la plata. we're not talking any heavier rain. look at this area of rain toward loudoun county, northern fauquier, back towards
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middleburgh, route 50. look where this rain is going. right over our flood warning. the flood warning for fairfax county around difficult run, vienna, fairfax, that going until 12:15 tonight. i do not expect this to help and aid in more flooding. it's too light of rain. but it is going to move over that area. so please, give yourself extra time. you may still see roads closed tomorrow there are numerous road closures in fairfax county. tune in tomorrow morning. melissa mollet they will have the latest on road closures in that area. tom is going to update you on the potential for severe weather tomorrow as well. 79 degrees the current temperature. heat index around 82 under cloudy skies. so very warm. very humid around our region. today we saw a little frontal boundary move on down across our area. that front now going to be making its way back to the north. we'll get into the warm sector tomorrow. it's going to be very warm and very humid. and then we see another front come through. that brings us a chance for severe weather during the day tomorrow. future weather, timing it out. 8:00 in the morning no problem. 3:00 in the morning, no problem. that's why i'm not calling
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tomorrow a weather alert day. i think tomorrow during the day looks a-okay. but watch what happens around 6:00, 7:00. here comes the line. most of the activity could stay to our north. but once again, tune in, they'll have the latest on this on the latest timing coming through d.c. around 7:00 8:00 tomorrow night. i think most of our thursday is looking a-okay. we have backyard weather tomorrow too. i think we get that in okay. weather risk, high winds and heavy rain. we throw the chance of high winds in tomorrow as well. 93 degrees. that's the temperature tomorrow. the heat index close to 100. and then we dry out a little bit. our humidity comes down. 89 on friday. right now saturday looking pretty good with temperature around 88. 92 degrees on sunday. and then next monday, tuesday, and wednesday temperatures into the low 90s with once again a chance of storms. hello, july. >> yeah, we're getting used to it. thank you, doug. up next, it's not bryce harper, but baseball's home run de
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this is the xfinity sports desk, brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sports. >> so jason, i guess you heard the nats got rained out tonight. were you aware of that? >> i think we all were aware of that. cincinnati, they have had their number this season. >> yeah. >> the nats and reds, like doug said, postponed due to rain tonight. no makeup date has been announced for this game just yet. cincinnati, they had won five in a row over the nats. also, this is the second time in his last three starts that gio gonzalez has been rained out. but the weather might be the
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last thing on his manager's mind. matt williams he has plenty of concern this afternoon or tonight. this was the action at the ballpark today. items being packed away for tomorrow. the nationals, they will head to baltimore for a weekend series with the o's. now one guy who won't play is denard spann. he has missed five of the past 12 games with back injuries. tomorrow a specialist is expected to examine an mri. after that the nats decide if he heads to the disabled list. spann thinks his problems are related to his off-season sports hernia injury. >> my body has been behind the 8 ball and trying to still play at a high level that i'm accustomed to, i put a lot of stress on body parts that i normally wouldn't put stress on if i were, you know, in good condition. so i have to take a step back and figure out what is going on and try to play catch-up, basically. all right. o's in action this afternoon, finishing up their series with
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the twins. we'll pick this one up in the bottom of the sixth. they lead it by a run. bud norris trying to get out of the inning here. but brian dozier he is not ready to get out of the inning. this a two-run homer and gave minnesota a 2-1 lead. just announced this afternoon manny machado will participate in the home run derby during the all-star break. that is his 19th home run of the season. but it's not enough. the o's drop this one to minnesota, 5-3. they have now lost eight of their last ten games. again, that o's-nationals series will start friday over camden yards. in the nba if you haven't been following free agency closely, a lot of drama taking place in dallas. deandre jordan, he agreed to a contract with the mavs. now it's looking like he is going to return to the los angeles clippers. one player not going anywhere, justin anderson, the mavs' first round draft pick. anderson is ready for the summer league time. the former montrose christian university of virginia was introduced to fans along with
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second round pick saddam singh. he is looking foreward to continuing to play the right way. >> i think what is most important is i be a rookie and get better every day. but at the same time, i don't want to reinvent the wheel and try to become someone that i'm not. because that's a sure way to not earn the trust of your teammates, the coaches. i just -- it sounds so cliche, but i say it time and time again, man. i just want to do whatever it takes. >> already looking like a professional. great suit great tie. >> sounding like ♪ know you can
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♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- mark ruffalo. alan rickman. musical guest, james taylor.


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