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tv   News4 Today  NBC  July 9, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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dropped. trains starting at west and east, vienna and franconia springfield are hitting that bottleneck in rosslyn. many of you are noticing the silver line slowdown. >> it's jam-packed where, you know, it's shoulder to shoulder. it's really hot, very uncomfortable. >> increasing capacity on metro is not going to be easy. metro has a plan though. you can check it out on the nbc washington app. search metro. today a man who killed two people in a car crash will find out how long he'll spend in prison. ronald hayes pled guilty to slamming into a minivan while trying to escape police two years ago in prince george's county. he was 18 at the time. the crash hurt four children. he could receive up to eight years in prison. prosecutors asked for an even longer sentence in this case. also today a former fbi agent will be sentenced for stealing heroin from an evidence locker. matthew lowry pleaded guilty to stealing it in march. he faces up to nine years in prison.
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his lawyer wants the judge to let him serve his time in home detention. he said the theft was motivated by addiction, not greed. lowry worked in the d.c. field office. it is now 4:31. time for weather and traffic on the 1s. all this hot weather means we could get some storms. >> oh, july. 4:31, let's go to tom kierein. >> yeah, typical july weather here with heat and humidity building. so dress accordingly, short sleeves and have the sun block and sunglasses handy. you may need the umbrella if you're out just maybe after you get home from work to do a run. drink plenty of water. you have to be outside for a length of time today. walking to work this morning will be pleasant. dry walkways, in the 70s. rather humid, partly sunny. have the umbrella ready walking back home, in the low 90s. some storms begin to move in. that's going to be general -- looks like after 6:00 p.m. a look at hour by hour timing on those storms next weather and traffic on the 1s. that's coming up at 4:41.
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along with the neighborhood high. now melissa has a road closed in montgomery county. >> a new crash that popped up. this is an accident where somebody hit a pole and it came down across the road. right now, we have 108 shut down between zion and brookville there, between lleytonville and olney. a warning, that's in the way. police told us until pepco gets there and can get that out of the way. still have the flooding in fairfax between south lick and hillside place. a warning there for you this morning. overall, prince george's county looking quite good. no major problems there. another new crash here up 270. 270 in general looks good. go north here, 355 southbound there at 80, finger board road. we have the southbound lanes blocked because of a new crash. back in ten minutes. well right now at the live desk, we are going through a court motion involving bill cosby. it appears that more of that
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deposition that doesn't look good for cosby is going to be released by a judge. one of cosby's accusers is asking a federal judge to unseal these documents and make public the entire 2005 deposition that we have been talking about for the last couple of days. that deposition is where cosby testifies that he obtains quaaludes with the intent of using them to have sex with women. were unsealed. but now this accuser is asking the judge to release the entire deposition. not clear at this point what cosby says in the rest of the deposition. the accuser is asking the judge if she herself could come out publicly and speak about her interactions with cosby. no hearing has been scheduled by the judge to talk about this and no timetable has been set yet for the release of the rest of the deposition. eun? >> thank you. baltimore's mayor said the city needed a change in leadership which is why she fired the police chief. anthony batts was on the job for nearly three years.
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his firing comes after the criticism of his performance in a recent spike in homicides weeks after an unarmed freddie gray died in police custody. >> it is clear that the focus has been too much on the leadership of the department and not enough on the crime side. it is with the utmost urgency that we get the crime surge under control. >> yesterday's announcement came on the same day the local police union released a report criticizing the department and the commissioner in particular for their handling of the riots and unrest following gray's death. the city's deputy police commissioner kevin davis will take over the department for now. and we are getting to know who the new chief in charge is. this is kevin davis. he's a -- he has a long history starting with the prince george's county police. in his 20 years with the department, davis rose through the ranks to deputy chief in 2009. now in 2013, the -- davis took
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over as police chief in anne arundel county and then resigned in 2014. then a month later in january of 2015 officials named davis baltimore deputy commissioner and now he's in the new role as the interim police commissioner. 4:35. we are following several documents in donald trump's iest for the white house. there's new fallout from a top chef. and today the d.c. latino community is holding a protest in response to trump's controversial remarks. protesters are meeting in front of the site of his future hotel at the old post office pavilion in d.c. that protest begins at 1:30 this afternoon. now that new hotel will no longer feature one of jose andres' restaurants. he said he's severing ties with trump. he said that more than half of his team is hispanic and as an immigrant and recently
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naturalized citizen himself, he believes every human being deserves respect regardless of immigration status. now, despite his disparaging comments trump said there's nothing to apologize for. in an nbc news interview he said he'll win the latino vote because of his record of creating jobs. >> you can look at the jobs in washington. i have many legal immigrants working there, many come from mexico. they love me i love them. if i get the nomination i'll win the nomination vote because i'll create jobs. >> trump talked about gun control and what he thinks about the other presidential candidates. you can watch the interview on the nbc washington app. just search donald trump. developing this morning, two i.t. departments are making sure there aren't any other problems that could affect your life today. the director of the fbi said that glitches at the new york stock exchange and united were not related. traders say a backup system ought to be in place at the new
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york stock exchange. a technical configuration problem suspended trading for 3 1/2 hours yesterday. we're not sure what that was. but learned an overnight upgrade can be to blame. united said it's waiving the change fees until tomorrow. the problem cancelled at least 60 flights. united called it a router issue. it was the airline's second big digital problem in two months. that technology will get you. 4:37. new policies as a result of the deadly train derailment in philadelphia. what the obama administration is doing in hopes of keeping a tragedy like this from happening again. #hot and humid. it might look pretty out there right now, but it doesn't feel it. tom kierein is working on how warm it will get, and we'll bring that at 4:41. and a plane in chicago can't get off the ground. coming up n
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4:40. the obama administration is taking more steps to prevent a repeat of the amtrak derailment in philadelphia. the federal railroad administration is drafting rules that would require cameras inside the cabs of amtrak locomotives. they would be used to record the engineers' actions. it is something that the ntsb recommended after the crash. they have not figured out why that train derailed and killed
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eight passengers back in may. amtrak said it will install some cameras on some trains. no word on when that will happen. new video in to the newsroom. a passenger aboard a southwest airlines flight that couldn't seem to get where they wanted to go. the plane was just about to take off from chicago's mid -- from chicago's o'hare when -- i'm sorry, chicago's midway international airport when apparently the engine caught fire. you can see we're told some -- there was some smoke coming from the plane. you see it stuck on the tarmac while emergency responders checked out the situation. everybody okay. everybody eventually did get to boston. some 2 1/2 to 3 hours later. back to you. >> thank you kristin. weather and traffic on the 1s at 4:41. >> tom kierein is here with a look at the heat coming our way. >> yeah, the humidity is up as well and that combination giving us some storms along with a cold front that's going to begin to push into the mountains by
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around 2:00 p.m. thunder and lightning closer to the shenandoah valley. then by 4:00 or 5:00 it sweeps into the western suburbs. it's after that we'll likely see some storms points north about 6:00, 7:00, 8:00 p.m. and then it will be crossing the eastern shores. it will be reaching the low 90s. southern maryland, parts of northern virginia. upper 80s to near 90 further north and west. a look at a perfect weekend on the way coming up in the next weather and traffic on the 1s at 4:51. we have a crash on the crash in olney. >> so again, 108 between zion road and brookville road, we have a crash there. pepco out there on the scene trying to get everything fixed up. your alternate, take muncaster or bowie. prosperity avenue between south wick and hillside place, that closure is still there because of the high-standing water.
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beltway at colesville road looks quite good. 66 and 95 no major problems there. then 355 southbound at 80 to southbound lanes are blocked. buckeystown pike, a crash. martin o'malley pushing for tougher wall street oversight. what the former maryland governor is proposing. and new video in to news4's newsroom of the man investigators think could be behind the shooting on 295. look at the s
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♪ how's it progressing with the prisoner? he'll tell us everything he knows very shortly, sir. as you were... where were we? 13 serving 14! service! if your boss stops by, you act like you're working. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. 15 before the hour. developing this morning flights are back to normal now and the new york stock exchange is opening on time after big technical problems stopped both of them. nbc's tracie potts on capitol hill with more. >> reporter: because lawmakers
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here on capitol hill think that even though the government insists there was nothing nefarious as they put it behind this no cyber attack no hackers, it does expose the fact that we are very vulnerable when it comes to computer systems. let's start with the stock exchange. as we await the opening bell, we are waiting to see if investors will have more confidence after the 261-point slide yesterday. the new york stock exchange shut down for almost four hours because of what turned out to be a technical glitch. "the wall street journal's" website shut down as well. a united airlines grounded hundreds of flights again, due to the technical error. the government says they don't seem to be connected and they don't seem to be the result of hackers. but here on capitol hill, lawmakers are saying that the government needs to do more and set national standards for private companies like the stock exchange and like united that have a huge public impact. >> tracie potts on the hill, thank you. it is 4:47. presidential candidate and former maryland governor martin
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o'malley says the u.s. needs to be tougher on wall street bankers. the issue appears likely to be a centerpiece of his campaign and that includes reinstating rules that separate banks commercial and investment practices. he wants to tax high frequency trading and double funding for regulators. a maryland state trooper is in the hospital after being hit by a car in howard county. that state police employee hit the state trooper. his name is wing tong. this happened during a traffic stop in jessup yesterday afternoon. the car drove off the road, hitting tong and the suv he had pulled over on i-95. the other two drivers were taken to the hospital and they are expected to be okay. d.c. police -- >> want your help to find a man that i say assaulted someone on 295. police department put out this new video of a person of interest. take a look. they say this man shot at a car on 295 last week near the exit to the national harbor and the beltway. you can see that he has dreadlocks but hard to tell what
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his face looks like there. if you think you can identify this man though, call d.c. police. a jury found a silver spring man guilty of stabbing two people at a metrobus stop. take a look at this video here from rockville metro station. prosecutors say this man reginald cooper stabbed two people at the bus stop there last december. if you look closely at the top left of your screen you can see one person hunched over and clutching the spot where he was stabbed. cooper can spend up to 60 years in prison. now to a mistrial in the big case in maryland. brian mayhew will not face additional prison time for allegedly ordering a hit on his uncle. mayhew is serving a life se tense for killing a man in -- sentence for killing a man in the district in 2011. mayhew had someone kill his uncle. >> the crime is some of the most
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serious charges you can face. >> winston and cannon were facing murder charges in nicoh mayhew's death. the prosecutor is considering february for a retrial date. news4 is working for your health this morning. if you ever wondered about whether the pills can improve your health, experts say yes and no. the website for the national institute of health has conflicting information. one page endorses taking fish oil supplements citing their effectiveness for heart disease but another said it's useless. people spend $1.2 billion every year on fish oil pills. even the recent research provides no evidence of the health benefit. blue bell ice cream is starting production again after a nationwide recall involving listeria. the company will begin a trial run at the alabama plant. state health officials and blue bell will test it. they shut down operations after
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the ice cream was linked to ten illnesses and three deaths. final offer now on the table for a ballpark. the owner of the hagerstown suns offered to pay $2 billion along route 1. that's according to "the free lance-star." the county wanted four times that amount, $8 million or more from the team. the owner said he would pay the county more in rent every year and a portion of parking and ticket sales. some neighborhoods in ocean city are trying to keep tourists away. the town's planning commission approved a new rule for year round neighborhoods. it would make it illegal for homeowners to rent houses for less than a full year. the summer population is about 40 times that number. all right. time for a look at the forecast right now. just about 4:51 and it is steamy out there. we had a bunch of rain fall down last night too. >> yeah, a day to be at the beach, where there's some cooler air coming off the ocean.
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we have heat and humidity building today. we have a threat of some storms. right now storm team 4 radar, thankfully no more heavy downpours. thunder and lightning we had yesterday, a few scattered sprinkles there. the little patches of green showing up in the shenandoah valley, out of the mountains of western maryland and in west virginia. but elsewhere, a partly cloudy sky. temperatures are mild and muggy. in the 70s from the blue ridge to the bay this morning. nearby suburbs in the low 70s. upper 70s around the bay. starting off with the haze in the air. the washington monument. temperatures by 8:00, in the upper 70s and by 80. and then hitting low 90s and then after 5:00 some thunderstorms are coming on through. a slight risk that some of the storms could produce some wind damage. so the impact for the afternoon commute moderate to low with some roads wet. mainly coming in after 5:00 p.m., heat and humidity with those evening storms coming on through. the humidity today very sticky. but by friday, tomorrow,
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especially by midday and then the afternoon turning much more comfortable, pleasant humidity moving in during the day on friday. with lots of sunshine setting the stage and we deserve it, don't we? a beautiful weekend coming up. perfect summer weather. >> yay! >> great beach and pool weather. up near 90 on saturday and sunday. humidity not too bad. perfect weather. finally three days in a row with no rain. oh, but it's coming back. looks like on tuesday. but monday looking pretty good. temperatures up near 90. getting humid next week. a chance of afternoon storms on tuesday. wednesday, partly cloudy. hot too. up into the low 90s next week. now a check on that crash. here's melissa. >> two new crashes right now. first of all, one in woodbridge, westbound prince william parkway right as you're approaching 95 there in virginia. we have a report of an accident
4:53 am
there. and then in laurel, brock bridge road near sea grass road, a report of an overturned vehicle. prosperity avenue, section shut down because of flooding, it's now open. 108 between zion and brookeville, we have muncaster road as an alternate or bowie mill. downed wires because of an accident overnight. 66 east of 28, no problems. big look at the beltway, rolling along nicely. back at 5:01. >> thanks, melissa. we're learning new details this morning in the case of the d.c. toddler abandoned on the side of the road. what investigators are saying about the woman accused of leaving her there. and a warning about yellow water for some people in our area. why it's okay to drink the water but not to wa the answer to treating
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you're watching "news4 today." >> d.c. police say a woman charged with leaving a baby on a d.c. sidewalk was high on synthetic pot. tuesday, officers arrested wh tanya cooper blocks away from where the officer found the stroller. the stroller was left on "e" street. court documents said they found cooper leaning against a wall and slurring her words. police say she smoked k-2 after leaving the baby and the child is now safe. new police body armor is headed to maryland. the frederick county sheriff's office will receive about $3,000 from a grant program to purchase that armor. the sheriff's office will use the money to replace ten
4:57 am
bulletproof vest. it's granted by the crime control and prevention. it will pay for half of the needed body armor and the sheriff's office covers the cost of the rest. every deputy is issued a bulletproof vest. yellow water is coming out of your tap in some parts of stafford county. they say it's completely safe to i think drink, but should hold off on doing laundry because it can stain your clothes. manganese is causing that, but should be flushed out soon. the woman is hoping to find the owner of a silver set. this woman's husband cleaned up all the pieces of silver. the woman says they were tarnished, broken in some cases, even corroded before. she found them in a bin next to a dumpster and she wants to give them back. >> we just believe that
4:58 am
everything happens for a reason. we are very excited to reunite this silver to the family and restore their family heirlooms to them. it's important to us. >> now, we shared this story on our facebook page to help the woman find the owner. it has the monogram anl on it. i think they were able to figure out it was a world war ii vet, i believe. so they're just trying to get the word out to the family so they can reclaim it. >> not only beautiful, but valuable. i hope it's reunited with the family. stay with us "news4 today" continues at 5:00 a.m. dump trump. we are hours away from a protest surrounding the potential presidential candidate here in d.c. call it the robin hood of metro. the plan about to go before the board, expected to take from several lines to give to others. south carolina lawmakers vote to take down the confederate flag from their state house.
4:59 am
how soon it could be removed. >> "news4 today" starts now. and good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. let's get right to our forecast for today. >> storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein has the drive time forecast. >> good morning, should be good for the morning commute. we will have sunshine on the roads gleaming. we'll need the sun visor down and your sunglasses, but then during the afternoon the clouds increase. and some storms likely popping up. we'll be in the 70s with dry roads but some roads wet. especially after 5:00 p.m. that is the timing for storms to come on through with some heavy downpours. before then, earlier in the commute, partly sunny. hot. temperatures in the low 90s. right now, it is a muggy morning. temperatures are in the 70s. shenandoah valley all the way to the bay. reagan national is at 78. next weather and traffic on the 1s a look at the severe risk zone for later today. that's coming up at 5:11.
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now melissa has an update on that crash. >> update on this crash here in woodbridge. just got off the phone with police. prince william parkway, near 95, it's a single car crash. not going to impact you too much here this morning. brock ridge road near seagrass road, still have that one. georgia avenue between layhill and randolph this morning and then remember in olney, 108 between zion and brookville. your alternate is muncaster or bowie mill. still shut down because of the downed wires across the roadway. see you at 5:11. right now, the confederate flag is about to come down from the grounds of south carolina's state capitol. this more than 13 hours all night long of heated, sometimes tearful debate. there was some


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