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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  July 9, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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alert. the whole afternoon's been incredibly hot and humid and now we are looking at the potential for some severe storms. chief meteorologist doug kammerer is in the storm center. doug, sounds like the winds are going to be as much of an issue as the rain. >> i thank you is going tonight biggest deterrent, strong winds this afternoon in parts of the area. we have a tornado watch for areas in yellow. yes, the tornado watch goes until 9:00. notice where it is and where it is not. it is not around the d.c. metro area, warrington, fredericksburg, southern maryland. we are not under the tornado watch here it is winchester, frederick hagerstown martinsburg, parts of jefferson county, west virginia, carroll county baltimore and all the areas to the north. right now, nothing in our immediate area. the closest storms well back to our west now coming in toward morgan county. you can see what is happening on the radar. notice where the tornado watch is well north of the area. that's where we think the best chance for severe weather will be however, with he could see some of these storms down to the south make their way across our region, too, all of the heat and
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humidity, it is not going to be hard for any storms that do develop to become strong. once again, yesterday we saw the flash flooding. that was the biggest threat. today, that threat still a threat but not quite as high. it is the high winds that we are going to be dealing with. yes there is a low threat of a tornado today best chance of that northern portions of maryland around the mason-dixon line. continue to track it for you throughout the afternoon. amelia segal and i are in all day. with the stroke of a pen, south carolina governor nikki haley is about to end the controversy that has divided her state for more than half a century. haley is signing a bill that will remove the confederate flag from the state house grounds. these are live pictures from columbia, south carolina. this move will come hours after the state house passed this legislation. the governor's office says the flag will come down in a ceremony tomorrow morning at 10:00. we are closely following this breaking news. a live report from columbia a little bit later in the newscast.
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at the live deck i'm wendy rieger. back to you. previous question, all those in favor say aye. all those opposed, no. according to the chair the ayes have it. >> there you can hear the emotion on the u.s. house floor and the shouting shows how passionate people are about the confederate flag. lawmakers were debating whether they should remove -- consider removing confederate symbols from federal parks, veterans cemeteries, even the capitol itself. >> they should be at federal cemeteries, confederate flags? >> no. >> how speaker john boehner says it's time for what he called some adults here in congress to sit down and have a conversation about the battle flag. a local man just learned he is going to spend more than a decade in prison for a violent crash that killed two women from maryland. he has been sentenced to 12 years in prison. back in 2013, he led prince george's county police on a
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high-speed chase and was going more than 80 miles an hour with his headlights off when he slammed into a van. six people were inside and the crash killed two young women. police just released this new video of the chase and coming up on news4 at 5:00, county bureau chief tracee wilkins shows us what it was like when it was first shown in court. developing right now, a former fbi agent is being sentenced for stealing heroin to feed his own addiction. matthew lowery pleaded guilty to stealing the heroin from an evidence locker in march and now could face up to nine years in prison. his lawyer wants the judge to let lowery serve that time in home detention and says the theft was motivated by addiction, not greed. lowery worked in the d.c. field office and news4's mark segraves is in court right now. he is going to have a live report coming up. an update now on a story you saw only on news4. police say a woman charged with leaving a baby on a d.c. sidewalk was high on synthetic drugs. only news4 was there on tuesday
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as officers took la tonya cooper into custody. a block away, police found a 10-month-old alone in a stroller on e street just across from the d.c. court of appeals. court documents say cooper was leaning against a wall and slurring her words. the baby is now safe. first at 4, d.c.'s may letter take emergency action tomorrow to stop people from selling synthetic drugs. mayor muriel bowser will sign legislation that gives officers more authority to penalize businesses that get caught selling those drugs. the past few months, the district has seen a dangerous spike in overdoses. donald trump's comments about latin-american immigrants sparked protests downtown today the demonstration took place outside of trump's future hotel at the old post office pavilion. here's news4's tom sherwood. >> reporter: i'm tom sherwood on pennsylvania avenue. protesters gathered down here today to voice loud objections to donald trump. his hotel is to open here next year but his incendiary remarks
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about mexican immigration set off a firestorm of protest here and around the country. coming up on news4 at 5:00 we will hear from some of the protesters and counterprotesters. i'm tom sherwood, news4. new at 4:00, just minutes ago, searchers found the body of the second bhoert had been missing on the potomac river. his body was found today and the past hour the body of his girlfriend was recovered from the water. the boat was running but empty. friends described the couple as avid, experienced boaters and we will have more on this breaking story from our northern virginia bureau chief julie carey on news4. gainesville is one of the fastest growing areas in virginia and now it has a big new interchange to handle all
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that traffic. today transportation leaders cut the ribbon on a $230 million project. it's in prince william county not far from the jif very lube lot amphitheater. tens of thousands of commuters use this stretch along route 29 and 66. they have been driving across freight railroad tracks but the new interchange will take all those vehicles over them. developing now, the fbi director says recent terror arrests saved american lives. james comey says agents disrupted an undisclosed number of plots intended to kill people on the fourth of july. more than ten people have been al they are linked to isis in some way or another. comey says some of those arrested were communicating with isis supporters through encrypted messaging. sparks from a plane, video of a frightening takeoff and stories from the people on board. a weather alert. we are watching out for potential severe storms this afternoon. our team of meteorologists is
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here is the latest on storm team4 radar, tracking a line of showers west of the d.c. metro area, not(n picking up lightning wi(( )qáq a tornado watch until 9 p.m. tonight. what we are thinking is as this into thisqp hot and
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90 now 6 p.m. storm mitch 89. scattered storms mainly in southern maryland at 8 p.m. by 10 p.m., drying up, drying out. doug is going to come back in ten minutes looking ahead to the weekend, some showers now in the forecast to let you know what day. we have some breaking news just coming into the live desk. the office of personnel management now says more than 22 million people had personal information stolen in two data breaches of that agency's system this includes not just the current and former federal employees, but also those who plied for background checks that includes contractors. the agency said 4.2 million had information stolen. but that was one breach. now, the agency says 21 1/2 million had information taken during a second different breach of the background check system. more than 3 million had information stolen in both breaches. once again a total now of more
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than 22 million. almost 22 million. that information includes social security numbers, information about immediate family and even some health and financial history. also stolen, fingerprint records, opm says it is providing monitoring services. it will establish an online cyber security resource center. we will bring you more details as we get them. back to you. now here is something no air traveler wants to see, sparks flying from your plane's engine during takeoff. southwest airlines flight 3299 to boston was barrelling down the runway at midway airport in chicago last night when everyone felt a jolt. then passengers noticed smoke and spark coming from the right engine. the pilot aborted takeoff and emergency crews helped everyone get off the plane. >> the front wheel exploded and the pilot said we got a flat, he pulled over. but we looked out to the right and the engine was practically catching on fire.
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>> it was mind-boggling. it was really scary. my heart was beating out of my chest. >> there were no injuries among the 143 passengers and five crew members on board that flight. new at 4:00, a first look what the search teams went through to find one hikers a body. the woman was killed monday when an ice cave collapsed in washington statement the autopsy just came in and shows she died from blunt force injuries to her head and upper body. this new video shows a controlled explosion. an avalanche expert designed it to dislodge debris in the caves so search team does make it inside safely. the woman who died and five other people hurt monday all ignored warning signs about falling ice. the forest service had to block access to that area. the pope served quite a concoction in south america. why his tea leaves that are commonly used to make cocaine. talking about changing the
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way emergencies are handled. consumer reporter erika gonzalez take us inside the local 911 call center that accepts text messages. and live pictures from south carolina where south carolina governor nikki haley is planning to sign historic legislation to remove the confederate flag from the state house grounds. she is prepared to sign that bill, the flag comes down at
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storm team4 issued a weather alert. we have the chance for severe storms and a tornado watch is even in effect for local counties. right now, doug and amelia are updating the forecast. they are going to have the latest in just a couple minutes but any time, you can use the interactive radar on the nbc washington app. a quick look at where the markets closed about 16 minutes ago. the dow, nasdaq and s & p 500 all recorded small gains today after those huge losses yesterday mostly due to worries about china and greece. it was back to business as usual today on the floor of the new york stock exchange. all went smoothly a day after a technical glitch shut down floor trading for about four hours. the glitch did not affect electronic trade bug floor trades accounts -- trades account for a quarter of the traffic on the new york stock exchange. officials just received final approval to expand the kennedy center.
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the national capitol planning commission signed off on the final proposal this afternoon. the plan calls for additional performance and rehearsal spaces as well as some classrooms and a few new public areas. they had to scale back that plan earlier this year to reduce the cost of the project. on the surface, bill cosby and donald trump may seem to have little in common, but they both have stars on hollywood's walk of fame and critics are calling for their removal. the hollywood chamber of commerce says it won't happen. the chamber says the honor is awarded for professional achievements, not celebrities' politics philosophy or in their word irrational behavior. cosby kribts want his star removed because of the ongoing sexual assault allegations against him. trump critics are angry about his controversial comments about latin americans. there is a change coming to your facebook page and you didn't make it. check out these icon images. the old icon is on the left. new one is on the right. a female designer at facebook
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says she decided to change the icon at a make the two genders more equal. this is the friends icon that shows up at the top right-hand side of the screen on many facebook pages. facebook says it may take a while for all of the images to be replaced. even in an emergency, a lot of us won't call for help, we text. but most 911 call centers still don't have the capability to handle text messages. consumer reporter erika gonzalez shows us the one in our area that does. >> i lost consciousness for a quick second and had he hemmed on a minute longer, i probably wouldn't be here. >> reporter: this woman, whom we will call renee, endured five years of abuse. she says her son's father controlled her every move, never giving her the time or space to be free to call 911. >> like playing russian roulette, if you call help, that might be the end, you know? if you don't call for help, that can be the end.
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>> reporter: which is why in situations like these texting 911 could be life saving. >> if aid way that could i have texted for help, i would have, no doubt. >> reporter: federal communications commission requires wireless carriers to provide text-to-911 capability, but that doesn't mean call centers are equipped to handle them. there are more than 6500 emergency call centers in the u.s. and less than 5% of them have the upgraded technology to be able to receive and respond to text messages. frederick county, maryland is one of those few. >> that took about what, five, eight seconds for that to appear there? >> reporter: the director says the county has had the text-to-911 pilot program for nearly two years. last month, he says they got about 50 texts a third he says, for real emergencies. >> he said he is going to kill me and we are saying who is gonna kill you, what's his name and they are not responding. >> reporter: but a text to 191 should never replace a call, he says.
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>> frederick county 911. what is the address of the emergency? >> only use text in the incidents where you know you may not be able to talk, don't want someone to hear you or a person who is hearing impaired. >> reporter: your location services on your cell phone, you likely have it off, good for posting on social media without announcing your whereabouts, but in the case of an emergency, if you need to text or call 911, you may want to turn it on. >> if you don't have it turned on delays the amount of time it takes it to to figure out the location or already have it turned on, women usually get your location within seconds. >> reporter: in renee's case, she eventually escaped her abuser but had she had the ability to text for help, she says it may have happened sooner. >> the feeling that pop up is relief. >> reporter: erika gonzalez, news4. there are 12 call centers in our area and we have learned at least two will have the text-to-911 program ready by fall. so frederick county and fairfax county first, then the others
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should come online shortly thereafter. we are under a weather alert this afternoon in our area there is a threat for severe storms moving in on us this evening. chief meteorologist doug kammerer is in the storm center. >> what do you say, doug? >> guys, part of the area is under a tornado watch until 9:00 tonight mostly to the north up there toward pennsylvania and northern portions of maryland as well as west virginia and panhandle. around the d.c. metro area there is no watch around our region. that is a good thing. i think our chance of severe weather is going to stay up to the west. right now currently, sitting at 90 degrees mostly cloudy skies now look at the dew point, into the mid-70s, heat index now at 100. the way it feels outside. very warm, very humid atmosphere across our region. 88, frederick, 88, culpepper, temperature of 95 degrees, very hot, very humid. plenty of energy for severe storms to go on we just need that trigger and the trigger looks like it wants to stay to the north. here is the tornado watch in the yellow baltimore carroll county, frederick county,
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washington, jefferson, berkeley frederick county everybody to the north and west, does not include d.c., fredericksburg southern maryland, most of northern virginia. choose mean we are not going to see severe weather here? no, but i still think the threat will be to the north. look at these storms coming through franklin and fulton counties pennsylvania washington county and maryland. these are strong storm bus no severe thunderstorm warnings with these just on the stronger side. you can see this line making its way, and here is the line right in here. i'm actually waiting for this line to come through later on into this evening most likely 5, 6, 7, 8:00 tonight, but even then i'm really wondering if we are going to get that severe weather in our region. stay tuned. monitor this as we move on the rest of the night. won't against, will not take much once the storm gets going in our region, it will be able to go very strong, as everything is there, excuse me, once again in the atmosphere for that but we just need that trigger here and don't have it in our area. severe weather risk excuse me high winds, i think the biggest
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threat from this flash flooding we had it last night, i don't think that's nearly as big a risk, we will see heavy downpour bus move through fairly quickly, all of the storms will move, unlike where they were last night, a fantastic friday, sunshine, more clouds well down to the south and west, could be a shower back toward the mountains, most of ounce the dry side. saturday i have been talking about this all week saturday, unfortunately looks like a better chance for shower activity, here is 8:00 in the morning, 1:30, moves out of the region but early saturday we could be dealing with rainfall out there, that is something we will continue to watch, too. temperatures 89 tomorrow 87 on saturday, that early shower activity. 92 on sunday 89 degrees on monday. amelia segal will be back with the rest of the seven-day forecast in just a bit. >> thanks, doug. take care of that cough, man. a fight for their lives, a couple nearly swept out to sea and their gopro camera is rolling the entire time. and it's grill agency isson but not everything you throw on the barbie is good for your
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health, of course. we are going to play a round of eat this, not that.
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as we head into another summer weekend, a lot of you will be hitting the grill or heading to cookout. so, what's really good to serve to your family and friends without busting your diet? michael freedson of "eat this, not that" joins us live via
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skype with a few tasty ideas. michael, thanks for being with us. >> thank you, pat. >> so let's start with hot dogs a grilling favorite. there are good dogs and bad dogs. tell us about the good ant bad. >> that's right pat. we are in the dog days of summer and make sure your hot dogs are all natural healthy and delicious. our number one eat this pick is the applegate uncured beef hot dog. we love this because you know what's exactly in it you know what's in it beef, and spices, no additives or nasty nitrates. just 70 calories a dork the perfect pick for summer. our not that as you see there is the oscar mayer selects angus beef hot dog. these are 170 calories, so 100 calories more than the applegate, twice the fat. >> i count fat grams. it's a habit of mine. let's talk about veggie burgers which many people would think, you know, are healthy, but not all of them are as healthy.
4:28 pm
give us the one you recommend and the one you say we should stay away from. >> true, your mother wasn't always right, vegetables are not always good for you, unfortunately. we do love the eat this, which is the bruschetta boca burger, tomato basil parmesan flavor. only 90 calories and 1.5 grams of fat and a ton of protein, 13 grams per patty. the not that is the amy's all-american burger, which has got 140 calories, 50 calories more and don't get any more protein. >> some folks, for some cookout isn't a cookout without beer. you recommend guinness. >> i know, might be surprising to everybody and i promise we were relatively sober when we were researching this but guinness draft actually has less calories than a lot of light beers out there. got 127 per bottle. and only 10 grams of carbs. our not that is the samuel adams boston lagger, make some of the most delicious beer out there but unfortunately, also some of
4:29 pm
the most caloric. skip that one and have another am gate hot applegate hot dog instead. >> michael freedson with "eat this, not that." for recommendation, check out this month's magazine or go to eat this com. >> thanks, pat. we continue to work a developing story out of north carolina where governor nikki haley signs a bill to remove the confederate flag from state house grounds. how that decision is
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here is the latest, we continue to track strong to severe thunderstorms into the evening, the threat there until 9 p.m. the colors here the grow low, there is no risk for severe weather for the areas in yellow. orange is where we are keeping an eye on. this is where the tornado watch is in effect until 9 p.m., frederick carroll, washington counties in maryland and parts of west virginia. now, there's still the potential for some severe weather in the d.c. metro area. the greatest concern is going to be some strong winds that could cause some wind damage. it is very hot and very humid and that could help to intensify the showers that we are tracking right now. pretty meager though on storm team4 radar at this time. 91, rockville. 90 in washington. you can see 6 p.m. looking at a rain-cooled 78, but hop right back up to the mid-80s, 7, 8 p.m., walk the dog this evening maybe hold off until this line moves through. in washington you should be okay to do that by 9 p.m., when
4:33 pm
we are at 84 degrees. coming up doug is going to have the latest check of radar and a look ahead to the weekend. right now, the confederate flag that's been flying over the south carolina state house is about to come down. governor nikki haley's just signed the bill to remove the flag and the official ceremony to take it down takes place tomorrow morning. nbc's jay gray has been getting reaction. he will have a live report from columbia just a few minutes from now. 100 people gathered in front of the location of the trump hotel to protest his comments. he has been catapulted as in a poll of con fwirnsd steve handelsman reports his party is in damage control and democrats they have got a big new target.
4:34 pm
>> reporter: outside his hotel project fire in the white house was an anti-trump demonstration. on the house floor, a democrat mocked a trump proposal. >> we should be building a big wall so he can plaster his name on it and keep immigrants out. >> reporter: a gleeful white house used a new term for trump. >> the leading republican presidential candidate. >> reporter: worried that trump will drive latino voters away from the republican party, reince priebus in a nearly one-hour call urged trump to tone down his comments on mexico. trump tweeted it was totally false, it was ten minutes and he says i hit a nerve and trump can brag. he made the issue big again. >> frankly, if i didn't bring it up wouldn't even be talking about immigration right now. >> reporter: some party activist want jeb bush, whose wife is from mexico to push back. >> if you're jeb bush, you can use donald trump as the i ain't him. i do not believe what he says. i do not believe the way he says
4:35 pm
it. >> reporter: bush now is echoing trump, demanding that cities like san francisco stop sheltering the undocumented. >> to make sure convicted felons who are illegal immigrants are picked up by i.c.e. rather than leased into the community. >> the immigration issue has got hot so has the donald. some gop insiders are so worried about trump at the first republican debate on august 6th they are urging jeb bush, marco rubio, ben carson and the rest to declare knew if strufrn there, they won't be. i'm steve handsesman, nbc news, washington. ahead of its anniversary the secret service is remembering the three dozen employees who died in the 150-year history. agency's director held an event at the national law enforcement officer's memorial downtown where their names are now engraved. many of those agents died protecting the president or tracking down criminals. but the director tells us one of the biggest killers of agents is
4:36 pm
stress adding that many died from heart attacks. this is chris gordon at the university of maryland, which is launching a one-year experiment to allow the sale and con sumps of alcoholic beverages here at capital one field during football games and at xfinity center during basketball games. >> it's fine. just alcohol in the football games because we just want to have fun and we don't want to get drunk. that's it. >> reporter: all new at 5:00, we will hear from a maryland state delegate who feels selling beer and wine at football and basketball games is a bad idea. right now the pope is in bolivia and he is there sipping a local drink that is
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put that up. hey, guys you can come to me live right now. taking a look at storm team4 radar just got a new warning, go ahead and put it on that one there weather two there, amelia. she is getting a new warning. right now tornado watch up to the north. we continue to have noticed. no watch down here toward the d.c. metro area but we now have a new flash flood watch, just a flood watch that's now in effect. flood watch in effect for d.c. other areas step out, get this to you, this just came over our wires here so a flash flood watch is now issued for the district of columbia until 12:00, also anne arundel, prince george's county till midnight
4:40 pm
tonight, fairfax, prince william, manassas park as well. there is that flash flood watch. as we talked about not too worried about it but the same area that saw you all of that rain during the day yesterday, a saw a lot of flash flooding, fairfax and prince george's county, we could see that again today, brand-new flash flood watch in effect for this area here including fairfax county prince william, montgomery county, anne arundel, prince george's county, arlington county. the tornado watch still up to the north, let's take a look and show you the latest radar here, show you that real fast, as we dork the wider view showing what is coming our way, a line of storms but nothing too strong just yet. continue to keep you posted. they will not move into the d.c. metro area until around 6 or 7:00. check this out a giant tornado. at least one person is dead following a funnel cloud that swept through the neighborhood near venice yesterday. the wind lifted them into the air in their car. 30 other people were injured,
4:41 pm
three in critical condition. several people captured flying debris. the pictures of flying deb broin their cell phones much the tornado damaged a lot of homes and a lot of buildings. pope francis drank something on his south american tour that suspect even legal here in the united states. on his play to bolivia, the pope had a cup of tea made from coca leaves. he drank the special tea because la paz is at 13,000 feet altitude and the air is 30% thinner there. pope francis had part of his lung removed as a child so there was a real worry about altitude sickness. an american gored during the famed running of the bulls in spain says he is very lucky. a bull got him right under the arm on tuesday. mike webster who is from florida, tripped and fell while wrung crowds during the annual festival, he has quite a gash but expected to be okay. he had been in 37 other bull runs over the past decade but the first time he has been hurt.
4:42 pm
he says while it was an exhilarating experience he won't be doing it again. >> made a deal with my wife, if i ever got injured i wouldn't run again. so i have to honor my commitment to her. several others were hurt in bull runs in spain this week. the runs take place every -- the very day, rather, the festival -- the runs take place every day of the festival, which runs through july 14th. >> honey, if i get gored, i'm not going back. the bill is signed. the confederate flag coming down tomorrow. up next first at 4, we will go live to south carolina for reaction. closer to home a local bakery get a lot of clicks on its facebook page
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here is a live look at the kath need dark the clouds hanging over washington but dry conditions in the area. on storm team4 radar, i am tracking a line of showers back to the west. no lightning and not very intense right now, but what we are thinking as it continues to move east into our area during these earlier evening hours it may intensify and it's so hot and so humid, like doug has been saying it is not going to take much, really going to be focussing on the threat of some damaging winds and some heavy rainfall, maybe an isolated tornado especially for the counties here in yellow. you are under a tornado watch until 9 p.m. some timing four, frederick, 5:30, leesburg before 6. gaithersburg, 6 p.m.
4:46 pm
fairfax, 6:25. bethesda, 6:30 washington just before 7 p.m., if all else remains equal. do you want to remain weather aware throughout the evening hours, overnight tonight. we are going to dry out. going to set us up for a really nice friday. the weather risks until 9 p.m., high winds, flash flooding will be a concern in the metro area and maybe an isolated tornado north of town. flash flood watch until midnight for the counties here in green. the tornado watch for the counties here in yellow that tornado watch is going to run until 9 p.m. this evening. temperatures now are in the 80s and 90s, washingtoned a 90 degrees. camp springs at 87. here's your hour by hour planner. for tomorrow it is warm. a balmy start 77 degrees, not going to be as humid. 86 by 2 p.m. 89 during the evening hours you have plans, dinner plans tomorrow night outdoors, the weather is looking good for that you have the nationals versus the or yell, battle of the beltway in baltimore, friday,
4:47 pm
saturday, sunday, going to any of those games it is looking hot but dry with plenty of sunshine. now, back here tomorrow's going to be nice but saturday, some showers are possible, mainly during the morning and midday hours and especially for those of you in west virginia virginia and southern maryland. so right now sunday is looking like the better of the two weekend days high of 92. and of course, pat, all eyes right now focused on this rain here on storm team4 radar starting to move into winchester, hagerstown and la ray. doug and i continue to track it throughout the evening and update you as we get new information. >> thanks amelia. developing right now, after 54 years of flying on south carolina's state house grounds, the confederate flag is coming down. you saw it on news4 a short time ago. governor nikki haley signed a bill to take the bill down. nbc's jay gray joins us live now from columbia south carolina. what kind of reaction are you seeing there today, jay? >> reporter: pam basketball a lot of point who had been very tense, worried about what was
4:48 pm
going to happen with this vote now celebrating. the debate overnight to get do this point was intense. at times it was motional, ending just after 1 this morning, an historic vote and many say sending a strong message about past and future of this state. this afternoon, governor nikki haley signed into law a measure to take don't confederate battle flag flown on the south carolina grounds for decades. >> the confederate flag is coming off the grounds of the south carolina state house. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: it's history in the wake of heartache, three weeks after a self-proclaimed white supremacist murdered nine people inside the emanuel ame church. >> the perpetrator wrapped himself in the confederate flag, so having it removed and having the nine citizens of charleston, including my sister being heros in that movement gives some satisfaction to some.
4:49 pm
>> reporter: it was the motional memory of those lost. >> but it we amend this bill we are telling the people of charleston we don't care about you. >> reporter: that many say shifted the momentum overnight during more than 14 hours of discussion debate and legislative wrangling on the house floor. >> i cannot believe that we do not have the heart in this body do something meaningful, such as take a symbol of hate off these grounds. >> take it down. >> reporter: a symbol of hate to many. of heritage to others a banner that, after decades will come down here tomorrow morning. the ceremony will be at 10:00 here tomorrow and then it will be moved to the confederate relic room in a museum on the
4:50 pm
capitol grounds. i'm jay gray chris back to you. >> thanks, jay. a bakery in fredericksburg is stirring up controversy on social media all because they decorateded a cake with the confederate flag. first reported this story and crumb and get it posted the picture on its facebook page before the fourth of july. the owners said they had a special order for the image and made it without question. they say it honors the area, which is home to many bats of the civil war. here's a look at their full facebook page which i linked to on my up page this afternoon. now, this post alone already has more than 1,000 likes an hundreds of shares and comes. we have been reading through those and the vast majority of people support them. one woman says it's great to see a business stand up for what they believe in. loft cake. god bless america. another says stick to just baking cakes and leave the political tripe out of it. this entire post is nothing more than knee-jerk
4:51 pm
passive-aggressive marketing. here is the thing. ben you look at the facebook page here the bakery says it would not design a cake with nazi images or the isis flag, but it has no problem making bun to celebrate a same-sex marriage. right now in wyoming searchers have found those three women missing for days in a national forest. the sisters were cold and hungry but otherwise, they are okay. crews in a chopper spotted them about 25 miles outside of a resort town. the search started tuesday after the women filed return from their back country trip. the family of a little boy in missouri is thanking a stranger this afternoon for saving his life. last tuesday, liam bryant met the mystery man who donated the bone marrow he needed for a transplant. bryant was born a rare and deadly cancer of the immune system. >> blessing on top of blessing to be able to get to meet and see lee i can't. >> his mom is very right, that
4:52 pm
it's like a second birthday when he had his traps plant and that wouldn't have been possible without his donor. >> now the doan her put his name on a list years ago while he was in college. he says he forgot about it but didn't hesitate when the call came in saying he was a match. well, here in gainesville, there was a big problem. you see, the freight railroad tracks used to mix with the cars close by. well now, the cars and the trains are separated because a brand-new interchange has opened up here. this is close to jiffy lube live and also right by the exit for i-66. we are talking about tens of thousands of cars that come through here every day. some people in this area investigation sided to see this new interchange open because it's gonna make for a safer situation, but others say they don't want it and they don't want all the traffic that comes along with it. coming up on news 4 at 5:00, we will talk more about the interchange, plus get vdot's take on all of it.
4:53 pm
back to you. right now, there is an unusual protest under way near the white house over cycling safety. the protesters are trying to form a human shield in bike lanes. they say they will make their own barriers untilville dot builds its own. too many cars make illegal u turns. several bikers were injured in the 1300 block of pennsylvania avenue this year. the protesters plan to stay downtown through the rush hour. riptide rescue the camera's rolling, a couple talked about the moment they were swept out to sea. a local man just sentenced in a awful crash that killed two maryland women. new at 5:00 prince george's county bureau chief tracee wilkins shows us the
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4:56 pm
we are under a weather alert at this hour. still under a tornado watch in several counties. a line of storms sweeps in from the west. chief meteorologist doug kammerer will have your forecast in just minutes. the guy who attacked the owner of this house in tennessee left behind a vital clue, a peas of his ear. the home owner told a chattanooga reporter that the guy knocked on the door tuesday night and asked to use the phone. once inside the would-be thief blindsided the owner. >> all of a sudden i felt whack andic see he is hitting me with a tire iron. all of a sudden, a gun pops up in his left hand.
4:57 pm
>> the men wrestled for the gun. during the fight, the attacker built the homeowners a wrist and the man bit off part of his ear. the man broke free and ran across the street. the attacker ran off, leaving part of his ear behind it took several staples to close the wound in the victim's head and he may need surgery to repair the bite wound on his wrist. one of the biggest dangers you could face at the beach this summer is captured in this video. a texas family vacationing on nantucket island gets caught up in a rip current. as caitlin flint reports, all three survived thanks to the help of strangers and a selfie stick. >> reporter: the family have more than just the viv jid memory of being call in the a rip current. they have the whole frightening ordeal caught on camera. >> sucking me out and i was trying everything i had to swim and it was just -- kept sucking us back out. >> reporter: family vacationing here from texas was swimming on a nantucket beach when erin, her
4:58 pm
dad and mom found themselves fighting fierce current. >> by the time we knew which were in trouble, which were in trouble. >> reporter: erin, an athlete and dad, a former marine, says the battle with the current was overwhelming. at one point, using the selfie stick attached to their camera as a tool to help them escape. >> i think if i hadn't had that stick, my dad to pull me back in i would have drifted out way farther. >> i never senate level of fatigue or fear. >> reporter: they were pulled to safety by two life guards and good samaritan seen here in the orange bathing suit. they want to thank that mystery man for saving their lives and thank them for saving their vacation. >> we want to keep to the bully button -- belly button rule in the water. live at this hour, we are keeping a close even at skies. >> a tornado watch is in effect for frederick county in maryland an several areas a flash flood
4:59 pm
warning. >> check out the live radar now. the greatest concern this evening, strong winds out there could mean storm damage. >> we have the hour by hour breakdown of when the biggest threat for our area is going to be coming in. going to begin with storm team4 coverage with doug and amelia. right now, guys, we do not have anything in our region even remotely strong, however starting to see things starting to fire off to our west, not the severe weather threat with the wind, got another threat too. >> we have had so much rain lately that even a little bit of rain is going to cause flash flooding concerns, mainly in the metro area this evening, just recently, a flash flood watch issued for parts of the area, doug. >> you can see where this line is back to the west. you notice not even a strong thunderstorm in our region. this is all just rain. some of it heavy around winchester. here is the only storm around hagerstown. this has been strengthening here. see the tornado batch baltimore, back toward frederick. panhandle of west virginia
5:00 pm
winchester virginia, back towards the west where the tornado watch is, see the wider view here severe thunderstorm watch toward philadelphia. no severe thunderstorm watch, tornado watch, in and around the d.c. metro area. i want to show you what's happening, the line making its way across the mountains. this area has warmed very very -- has seen lot of warming here. we have seen those warmer temperatures into the 90s, dew points way tlurngs ingredients to get thunderstorms developing. if we see this line once it moves across the mountains we could see it flare up what we are going to be talking become the poe ten for severe weather in this renal. amelia mentioned the flash flood watch, prince george's county d.c. arlington montgomery county up toward anne arundel county. the same areas that saw heavy rain yesterday. not take a lot to get flash flooding, keep you posted, team team four radar all afternoon. >> you can download the nbc washington app, keep up with the weather. you can also track storms with


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