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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  July 9, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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winchester virginia, back towards the west where the tornado watch is, see the wider view here severe thunderstorm watch toward philadelphia. no severe thunderstorm watch, tornado watch, in and around the d.c. metro area. i want to show you what's happening, the line making its way across the mountains. this area has warmed very very -- has seen lot of warming here. we have seen those warmer temperatures into the 90s, dew points way tlurngs ingredients to get thunderstorms developing. if we see this line once it moves across the mountains we could see it flare up what we are going to be talking become the poe ten for severe weather in this renal. amelia mentioned the flash flood watch, prince george's county d.c. arlington montgomery county up toward anne arundel county. the same areas that saw heavy rain yesterday. not take a lot to get flash flooding, keep you posted, team team four radar all afternoon. >> you can download the nbc washington app, keep up with the weather. you can also track storms with interactive radar and get
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breaking weather alerts. if this watch is expanded we will send an alert through that nbc washington app. we have new video at 5. it shows the moment a d.c. man slammed into a van during a high-speed chase in maryland, killing two people. today, a judge sentenced him to more than a decade in prison. prince george's county bureau chief tracee wilkins was in the courtroom today, join us live to tell us about this. tracy? >> reporter: he came speeding this up road here and then the crash happened in the middle of that intersection and then the driver takes off running into those woods. we will show you what happened when did he that in just a little bit. he twloeft women dying on the road here on central avenue and another woman severely injured. she was in a coma. we met her today. he was smoking drugs and drink possibly in a stolen vehicle. state prosecutor says that's why ronald hayes took off when his car was approached by police in december of 2012.
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>> it was a police shooting that evening and they were responding because mr. hayes was in a vehicle that resembled a vehicle that they were looking for and he initiated running from its police. >> reporter: even though he wasn't the suspect in question, hayes proceeded to drive away at times, going in excess of 80 miles an hour through a krepss neighborhood barrelling toward central avenue and hill road. we won't show the actual impact but the force of this crash was so significant, it killed brittany everett and brittany queen instantly. >> the accident was so horrific that none of her i.d., none of my other niece's courtney's i.d. was at the scene they couldn't find it we weren't notified till the next morning. >> courtney everett informs a minivan and coma for weeks after the crash. her permanent scars on her neck and the terror what she experienced was clear, even today. that crash the night at central
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avenue, hill road, seven seconds, hayes preceded to impact. he did not know a police helicopter's infrared camera was following every step of the watch he was taken into custody immediately. today, he was sentenced to 12 years in prison, a sentence above recommended guidlines for vehicular manslaughter. today was the first time that family members got to see that video. and i could not begin to explain the feeling of emotion that filled that can courtroom when they saw that impact. coming up on news 4 at 6:00 more on that, important victims of that crash and also going to hear reaction from the home have had to live with this for the last few years. reporting live, i'm tracee wilkins, back to you in the studio, jim. a mystery tonight surrounding the deaths of two boaters whose bodies were found this afternoon on the potomac river. the two were reported missing
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when they didn't return to their yacht club yesterday. mary a maryland state police helicopter found their boat running but no one on board. friends tell us they were experienced boaters and investigators don't know whythy thy they would be in the water. >> they happened to be swimming,by we don't know tonight case but the tide's going they get the water, doesn't take much to be pulled away from the boat and next thing you know, you're too far away from the boat and you're in trouble. >> northern virginia bureau chief julie carey is in stafford county tonight talking with friends of the couple. she will join us a little later in the news. a teenager accused of raping his ex-girlfriend outside a montgomery county courthouse will likely not return to the classroom. a judge ruled marquis turner could go back to classes while charges are pend bug that wouldn't happen. another said turn core get school services at home. turner is accused of attacking
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his girlfriend last month, she died on the way to the hospital but investigators not said how she died. they are taskseded with protecting the president. as the agency marks 150 years, the agency's director is remembering the 36 employees who died on the job. joseph clancy attended an event vent at the national law enforcement officer's memorial where many of the fallens and agents names are engraved. he spoke about the grateeatest threats to his employees. >> seen stress on the job. many of our folks die of heart attacks, quite a bit of stress on our job. >> still ahead on news4 at 6:00, mark sea graves will give us a firsthand look at how the secret service prepares for folksily dangerous situations. within the past hour, south carolina governor nikki haley signed into law a measure that will bring down the confederate flag outside that state's capitol. news4's chris lawrence has details for us.
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chris? >> reporter: when governor haley signed that bill, she said south carolina is looking toward the future and said nine of the pen she is used to sign that bill, they are going to go to the families of the victims in last month's church massacre. the flag itself is still flying over the capitol grounds and will be until tomorrow morning when a special ceremony is planned to take it down. then, they are going to move it to a museum in a special room dedicated to confederate relics. the naacp is weighing in on this latest move, saying they are going to have an emergency resolution at its national convention tofully at 15-year economic boycott of south carolina. >> all right chris thank you. you can hear the motion on the house floor and the shouting shows how passionate people are about the confederate flag. lawmakers were debating whether they should consider removing the confederate symbols from federal parks. veterans, cemeteries and even the capitol building will have more local reaction on that in a
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few minutes on news4 at 5. chance to dump trump could be heard in d.c. protests first reported on our nbc washington app was sparked by conversion to comments donald trump made about latino immigrant. news4's tom sherwood is live at the site of trump's future hotel and what the protesters had to say. tom? >> reporter: when dish the trump hotel here at the old post office building is supposed to open late next year, but today, protesters were angry right now at donald trump. >> hey hey ho, ho donald trump has got to go. >> reporter: america's main street, erupting in chants and jeers today at the multicultural crowd protested outside the multimillion dollar trump hotel now under construction. among them 321-year-old michael romero of mcclain a second-generation american of spanish orjichblt he worked for famed restaurant owner, jose
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andreas. andreas has canceled plans to open in the new hotel because of trump's stinging criticism of mexican undocumented immigrants as rapist and drug dealers. >> it sounded like kind of a broad, harsh generalization. i think that kind of crime can be sprout from any immigration and people born here. >> reporter: a former d.c. deputy mare was also here. >> we are not going to stand for characterizations that are not only insulting but they are false. >> where do we want trump? >> out of d.c. >> reporter: not just anger, some want action, the leader of union local 25 which represents 6,500 restaurant and hospitality workers in the region called for a boycott of all trump business interests. >> for all politicians, both local, federal in all parties to pledge not to go into this property until donald trump no longer owns one dime worth of it. >> trump 2016.
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>> reporter: a smaller group of protesters showed up nearby, supporting donald trump. the two sides had little interactions. now, coming up at 6:00, we will hear from some more regional leaders who say trump really needs to rethink what he said. tom sherwood in downtown washington, back to you, jim. thank you, tom. now a story you saw only on news4 the woman charged with leaving a baby on a d.c. swausks under the influence of drugs at the time of her arrest. only news4 there was tuesday as officers took la tonya cooper into custody. a 10-month-old baby was found a block away here on e street. police now say cooper smoked the synthetic drug k 2 after leaving the baby. court documents reveal she was slurring her words during her arrest. the baby wasn't hurt. emergency legislation on synthetic drugs will be signed into law in the district tomorrow. mayor muriel bowser will make it official at noon. the law would allow city leaders
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to fine or shut down businesses who sell synthetic drugs. d.c. police tell us there's been a spike in overdoses and crimes connected to the drugs. the products can now be found in liquor stores and even gas stations. they are sold under names including k 2, scooby snacks and spice. well, as if the troubled d.c. streetcar project needed any more bad news, now there's a new report that details dozens of issues that need to be fixed before that service can start. a review by the american public transportation association says ddot has to do things like fix broken rails, find a solution for doors had scrape against the side of the station platforms. this review also says d dot needs to have one point person in control of the whole project and it doesn't. there is still no firm date to open streetcar service along the h street corridor. investigators say a local police officer used an app to meet and expose himself to an
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underaged girl. david davis is facing charges of indecent liberties with a child. davis a member of the metro transit police department. prince william county police say davis corresponded with the 16-year-old girl from philadelphia via a social media app. he exposed himself and solicited inappropriate images from the girl. metro transit says the officer has been suspended bought pay he worked for metro transit for seven years. now at 5:00, a new attack on the redskins name and team opener dan snyder, we will tell you what said it is just as bad for the confederate flag. a 14-year-old girl vanish you had in the woods is now home safe. now she is sharing her story about how she was lure aid way from her parents. we just confirmed the number of people part of the federal opm data breach, find out why the number keeps growing. and we continue to track storm team4 radar right now you can see the strongest storms now entering frederick county and really starting to fire up here. these will stay up to the north.
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more storms making their way in across the region. that is prime for some
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right from your phone transfer money to someone quickly and easily speak to a financial professional when it's convenient and pay for things with the tap of your finger know that with pnc's convenient solutions at least your finances will be easy to control. with breaking news, d.c. superior court, a former fbi agent has just been sentenced toer stealing drugs second criminal cases.
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mark seagraves is there. >> reporter: matthew lowery was just sentenced to three years in prize bine a federal judge. you recall last year, matt lowery was found pass out behind the wheel of his car with a keep low of coke -- heroin with him. he was dakted to painkillers and stealing from the evidence locker to feed that addiction. the judge said he wasn't trying to help convicts get off from -- from doing time he was simply addicted to drugs. prosecutors wanted him to face up to nine years behind bars but the judge said he didn't deserve that much time, but because he violated the trust as a law enforcement officer, he did need to go to prison. he will be sentenced to three years in prison. now, it will be up to the bureau of prisons to decide where he goes. because's former law enforcement officer, they will take into consideration. we are expecting lou troy come out in front of the courthouse and speak to reporters. coming up at 6:00, bull hear directly from matt lowery. again, the former fbi agent
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sentenced to three years in prison. live at u.s. district court, mark seagraves, news four how is thing on the house floor earlier today lawmakers debating a measure concerning the confederate flag. an amendment added to a spending boil remove the symbol from federal grounds and that includes the u.s. capitol and offices. the house scrapped those plans to vote on displaying the flag in some places following major backlash from democratic members. that mesh swhour have allude limited display of the confederate flag, park service-run cemeteries it would be allowed in states that observe a holiday commemorating the confederacy. some lawmakers who spoke against it stood next to the flag to make their point. >> had this confederate battle flag prevailed in war 150 years ago, i would not be standing here today as a member of the
5:17 pm
united states congress. i would be here as a slave. >> the measure would have impacted ten grave yards including flee virginia. news4's derrick ward has more local reaction from alexandria. derrick? >> reporter: twiceary i don't this area around this statue is adorned with confederate flag and this has stood here since 1889. could this be the year where alexandria rethinks where they rethink what it stands for. every year january 19th robert e lee's birth day three of these flags were raised at the site of this statue, the same each may when confederate memorial day is observed. personally for me, i think it is time to stop flag the flag what we don't do a lot in this city. >> reporter: the mayor wants to reconsider the practice in september. >> regards to the status for the statue itself, i think it would be more appropriate to relocate it to a park or a building, some
5:18 pm
type of museum for folks to sit but not the heart of old town. >> reporter: statue is officially known as appomattox, depicts a rebel soldier, a weary gaze cast 200 miles south where the confederate army surrender and ended the civil warm the war ended but not the controversy. today on the streets, you can find how best to observe the history in the public space. >> i think freedom of speech. everyone has the right to put up a statue or celebrate a holiday that's important to them. i thinks it's ridiculous. >> this woman doesn't have a problem with the statue. >> not a war hero on a horse celebrating whatever two celebrate. this is a very circumspect confederate soldier. >> reporter: as for the twice-yearly observance in question -- >> doesn't mean we have to put up flags to celebrate that. >> the controversy in south carolina and everything, brings back bad memory doesn't bring back historical, patriotic
5:19 pm
memories, for me. >> reporter: alexandria is steeped in hist employment period. the -- steeped in history, period. >> reporter: the city could change the way it remembers and observes that time. on news4 at 6:00, we will look at more on the effort to remove the confederate flag and make them not a part of the observance of the statue and some going way back. senate minority leader harry reid praised south carolina's decision today and time to end another tradition the washington redskins name. reid, who criticized the team's name before spoke on the senate floor saying that the federal court ruling to revoke the team's trademark is the right move. senator reid says there's no place in the nfl for a name that evoke what's called a tradition of race. bigotry and intolerance.
5:20 pm
>> [ inaudible ] dan snide her the multibillion nafrmairemultibillionaire. dan snyder should do the right thing and change the team's name. >> snider previously said he would never change the team's name. some take a break over the summer, some teenagers and young adults in northern virginia are learning how to preserve the country's national parks. >> i like being outside, like working outside, i like doing hands on work. >> the goal of the program called hope crew by the national trust for hist toirk preservation is teaching restore racial skills. they are repairing masonry at some of the catch. areas. >> the goal of the program is to engage local young people in their parks, their national parks close to them. we work at a lot of different skills a lot of different projects, at the end of the day it is all historic presser vachlgs >> the national park service has
5:21 pm
a $4.5 billion backlog in restoration projects. you will be able to buy beer when you watch the terps play football at bird stadium this fall. a big rule change. find out why some stay is a bad idea. blackout at the verizon center. how some people passed the time during a mystics game. forget the neighborhood watch just grab your phone. we will tell you about a new high-tech cri
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hello everybody, i'm chief meteorologist doug kammerer. amelia segal with me here in the storm center. you can see we are in red mode here, because we have a tornado watch, now, our first warning of the day severe thunderstorm warning, that for portions of frederick county carroll county, portions of pennsylvania, notice what is going on around the d.c. metro area, on the hot side, showers and storms back to our west, nothing strong. right now though we are looking a this the storm coming just to the north of frederick. this storm has been building south, so heads up around the city of frederick too let's zoom in on this one a little bit more. see lightning associated with this, once again, the biggest threat is going to be very heavy winds with this thurmont, lewis town, 15, comes from hammondsburg through frederick. live along 15 here in frederick county, heads up, this storm means business as it moves off toward the east rapidly, that
5:25 pm
severe thunderstorm warning in affect until the 6:15 hour, once again, we are looking that the area here not a lot going on as we move our way, we have that heavy rain through jefferson county west virginia on through page county, clark county, in toward virginia, but nothing strong in this region, i wouldn't be surprised to start to see this start to get a little bit stronger as we move to the afternoon. been a very hot afternoon so far, here is the warnings, you can see this line all associated with the same line severe earlier died out a little bit. now the line strengthening in toward pen. look the severe thunderstorm watch for philadelphia, new jersey, but not for us. i do think we have a potential for at least a couple of stronger storms. i'm not too worried about our severe weather potential from d.c. down to the south. now, something else that has just come out, a flash flood watch that flash flood watch in effect until midnight for areas like fairfax, prince william, arlington howard, montgomery county, as well as anne arundel. why is there a flash flood
5:26 pm
watch? not expecting a lot of rain doesn't take a whole lot you consider how much rain you saw yesterday. part of the counties picked up two, three inches of rain yesterday, only take an inch in an hour to get flash flooding. that's why that flash flood watch has been issued that's the only reason why the only one in the watch, nobody else in the flash flood watch, severe weather risks, high winds tornado, a low threat but it's there the hail threat not really, the flash flood threat, push it up to medium here but still, most of us should not have any problems with flash flooding. future weather tomorrow much better as far as the day is concerned, starting off on the night side a fantastic friday mixture of sun and clouds during the day, on saturday by the way, tomorrow night, 8:00, you have dinner plans looking fine, tomorrow evening, looking very good on frury you are friday night saturday, shower activity coming througher olympic the morning on saturday, drifting to the south by saturday afternoon, i'm not expecting much in the way of rain on saturday if we do get it, it would likely be before the noon hour, heads up if you have any plans on
5:27 pm
saturday morning. now, tomorrow, not as humid great friday, temperatures driving through the 80s, 85 by 11:00 up to 90 by 3:00, we think we stay around 89 may not hit 90 degrees, move off the day tomorrow. once again tomorrow, we have had three consecutive days, heat wave going on now, 89 on friday 87 on saturday see a 40% chance of showers, maybe a thunderstorm early on saturday morning that will be okay. sunday, 92, the hot side, monday, high temperature of 89 degrees. move toward the next couple of days, better chance of storms tuesday, wednesday and thursday. temperatures stay rather hot stay on the humid side, too, all in all, not a bad forecast here continue to watch out for saturday, see how that continues to play out. >> thank you, doug. 21.5 million the number of people now impacted by that opm data breach, it is skyrocketing. >> now we areis going to protect government workers.
5:28 pm
plus, are we there yet? well, you could get to your next trip in southern virginia much quicker. there's a change that will help thousands of drivers. first there was shock that a boat was found empty, angered and running out on the potomac. now the friends of the couple who disappeared from that boat are in mourning. coming up, their
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trip in southern virginia much coming up, their thoughts about trip in southern virginia much coming up, their thoughts about
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continuing to look like it will impact washington before 7 p.m. and alexandria 7 p.m. as well. the counties here in green under a flash flood watch until midnight tonight. >> thanks acre meal ya. a power outage at a basketball game full of summer campers. this was the scene of the verizon center.
5:35 pm
like many of us, reilly barber went to work hoping to leave a good impression with his bosses, he is one of the top prospects for the washington caps. >> faking part in a camp this week honing to boost his chances of making the team. and we are taking part in the journey along with reilly. >> yesterday was defendant definitely earlier. going to play going another day. going to play. >> oh, man, you micced up today? >> that's not good. got to watch my mouth. >> doing everything in sync it looks good but it's very effective. on the same strip. get as many bodies as we can between both blue lines. >> let's go.
5:36 pm
>> we feel we can develop not only good players but good people and that what's this camp is b >> the only way to get your body back to being 100% is to take care of it at every point. >> 45 minutes to an hour, get up, three on three tourney. >> the end of the week you get a feeling do meetings with the coaches and everything, you see what you need to work on to be at that level, 'cause essentially, the dream is to be at the nhl. >> we want to make sure that we grow a culture where the guy next to you is willing to spill blood if you will. and at the end of the day, leave our jersey in a better place. >> that's what you get when you put a mic on a hockey player. >> on news4 at 5 tonight it was a police shakeup in baltimore after that scathing report. >> find out why governor hogan
5:37 pm
said even he was surprised by the firing of the police commissioner in the aftermath of the baltimore riots. the young girl who was lure aid way by a convicted sex offender explains why she went off with a stranger who told her he had been in prison.
5:38 pm
5:39 pm
baltimore's police department sunder new manage.
5:40 pm
the city's mayor fired anthony batt schlt batts yesterday two month after freddie gray died in police custody. a local police union released a report criticizing the department's handling of the riots propertied by gray's death. also problematic, the sustained spike in violence since then. the city's deputy police commissioner, kevin davis, will take over for the department for now the new chief has a long history in law enforcement. it starts with the prince george's county police. in his 20 years with the department, davis rose through the ranks to deputy chief in 2009. in 2013 davis took over as police chief in anne arundel county and resigned in 2014. then a month later, in january of 2014 -- or 2015 rather, officials named davis baltimore deputy commissioner. he is now in his new role as the top officer in baltimore. maryland governor larry hogan says the firing came as a
5:41 pm
shock to him. hogan called in the national guard, you recall, and put the maryland state police in charge to in response to the wry the i don'ts. he said he had a good relationship with bat the relationship relationship with batts. >> a man who cared very much about his job a dedicated guy aid a lot of respect for him. i wish him the best. >> hogan says firing bat thes is s is -- batts is not a local, no the a state decision. a teenager who triggered an amber alert talked about being on the run with a convicted sex offender for two weeks. 14-year-old haley wilson left home june 22nd with 41-year-old benjamin shook. they met in an online chat room. wilson says she knew she would be living in the wood bus she knew nothing about shook's past and his history of sex crimes
5:42 pm
against children. >> he tell me he had been in prison and then i didn't know what for until i got home. >> were you scared when he said that? >> no, not really. >> why not? >> i don't know. i didn't feel like he would hurt me. >> the two found in southwest virginia this week. haley says haley is facing charges for theft and running away. it is small and so save your life. on news4 at 5:00, doreen gentzler has treatment for deadly heart condition and it only takes 60 minutes to perform. pregame parties tailgating after-game gatherings, now the university of maryland has a new way for fans to fill their time durin
5:43 pm
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this tornado watch does continue until 9:00 p.m. for the counties in yellow. i think the national weather service will probably drop that. nonetheless, heavy rain leaving frederick county, making its way to carroll county. this will push through. with a cold front, this will set us up for a nice day tomorrow.
5:46 pm
we are dealing with weather this evening to get to that nice weather. the severe weather risk, mainly some flash flooding is possible in the metro area. some high wind if you are in that tornado watch. can't rule out an isolated tornado. again, it's just not looking promising for wide-spread severe weather situation. that's a good thing a flash flood watch for the areas in green, this includes washington. this is going to run until midnight tonight. it's only going to take a little rain to cause flash flooding concerns. if you are out driving, maybe taking the kids somewhere, keep that in mind. 89 in washington down to a rain-cooled 77 in winchester. a hot 90 in charlottesville where you are waiting for rain. tomorrow, the weather having a low impact. plenty of sunshine. nice. it's still hot but not going to be oppressive. everybody saying how thick the air is. we'll get a break from the humidity tomorrow. a balmy 77.
5:47 pm
2:00 p.m. 86. our high tomorrow 89. if you are heading to baltimore tomorrow or over the weekend as the nationals and orioles face off all those games looking nice. sunday game looking hot with temperatures around 90. back here, the pool outlook tomorrow looking great. saturday might want to skip the pool. showers are in the forecast for saturday. otherwise i think we'll have plenty of clouds. sunday looking like the better of the two weekend a high on saturday 87. the best chance of showers looks to be during the morning and midday hours. mainly in parts of west virginia virginia and southern maryland. we are going to continue to monitor and update the forecast for saturday throughout the evening and tomorrow morning. tom is back in tomorrow morning. sunday, partly sunny and hot. a high of 92. monday a high temperature of 89. >> thanks amelia. bosoms up at university of maryland home games for now. prince george's county gave the university the green light to serve beer at select sporting
5:48 pm
events for one year. as chris gordon shows us from college park not everyone thinks this is a great idea. >> many big ten schools do it and now the university of maryland is joining them during this one-year experiment to sell beer to fans who can then drink it in the stands here at capital one field at byrd stadium. the terrapins will kick off the experiment this season. beer will be sold and can be consumed in the stands during football games. >> it's fine to sell alcohol in the football games because we just want to have fun. we don't want to get drunk. that's it. >> beer will be sold at basketball games. there will be restrictions on the sale of alcohol. there will be carefully monitored by the university of maryland police. >> the restriction on purchasing is one beer per customer that's not to say if i wanted to buy you a beer i couldn't do that. you have to be there.
5:49 pm
and your i.d. will be checked. >> i think it's a very bad idea. it's a very dangerous experiment. >> reporter: former state delegate and university of maryland graduate helped create mothers against drunk drivers. >> we know excess alcohol use is associated with more crime more violence, more injury, more deaths. >> reporter: maryland will be among 32 colleges and universities that will sell alcohol at games this momming season. one transfer student says her previous school sold beer on campus. >> there weren't any problems like there weren't any i didn't see any increase in fights or anything like that. it was all right. >> reporter: keep the beer out of the hands of underage drinkers. we'll hear from the chief who talks about his plan to enforce byrd stadium. that it's latest live in college park. chris gordon, news4. people in prince george's county have a new way to get in touch with police and report a
5:50 pm
crime. it's called next door. a private social network for specific neighborhoods around the county. it's a high-tech version of a community message board with crime reports, classified ads and upcoming events. about half the county's neighborhoods have their own next door counts. it's the first police department in our area to use the service. new right now, the food and drug administration is strengthening the warning labels on common pain relievers you use because of an increased risk of heart attack and stroke. we are talking about medications called nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. that includes over the counter medication like ibuprofen as well as prescription-strength arthritis drugs. nsaids are found in cold and cough remedies. tonight, a new treatment for a deadly heart condition that affects millions of americans. the details of this new procedure that takes just an hour to perform and doesn't
5:51 pm
involve any drugs. doreen? >> we are talking about atrial fibrulation, afib, an irregular heart beat that can lead to a stroke. they are implanting a tiny device helping reduce the risk and helping patients get off the medication. >> it takes all your energy away. >> reporter: connie says atrial fibrulation not only left her feeling exhausted and sick but caused her to have three strokes, but the medication to stop those strokes has caused internal bleeding. >> it's a or b, which way do you want to die? >> reporter: nearly 3 million americans suffer from this same condition, but now this little piece of metal and mesh recently approved by the food and drug administration could help prevent the condition. it's called the watchman heart
5:52 pm
device. dr. ron waxman is an interventional cardiologist. >> the idea was to see whether we can spare by eliminating the source of the clot. >> reporter: the doctor uses a catheter through the groin to implant the device to the left atrial appendage. this is where blood clots most commonly form. while it won't cure the atrial fibrulation, the idea is to stop the clots from escaping. >> won't allow the clot to travel all what it up. >> reporter: most patients should be able to come off their medications within 45 days. connie underwent the procedure about two weeks ago and says she is already feeling better and back to her favorite hobbies gardening and spending time with her dog bela. >> i'm feeling more and more energetic. i'm getting a lot accomplished that i couldn't before.
5:53 pm
i never thought it would happen that way, but it did. >> bottom line this device won't cure afib but can help to prevent one of its most dangerous side effect, stroke. this could help a lot of people. >> very cool. thanks doreen. the duke and duchess of cambridge released four official photos from the christening of princess charlotte from the 5th of july. of course we can't get enough of this. you can see the baby's face better now. prince george and his baby sister, we have posted them on our nbc washington app so you can enjoy them at your leisure. he's cute. they were taken at the royal family's country retreat in england. the spokesperson for buckingham palace says the family had a wonderful day and it looks like it. still ahead from protecting the president to catching cyber thieves. a rare look inside the training grounds for the secret service.
5:54 pm
>> when the train tracks and cars mix together, usually doesn't end too well. now a huge safety change in our area. going to tell you all about it comin
5:55 pm
this summer take flight, without having to take a flight. because all the thrills you need are right here at busch gardens, and water country usa. in williamsburg, va. like the daring new coaster tempesto. so ride together slide together whether it's monster drops collossal curls or furry friends it's all here. vacation packages start at $50 per person per night. the ultimate summer vacation is closer than you think at busch gardens and water country usa.
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going to be safer to drive through part of northern virginia. >> that's right. a massive interchange project in gainesville is finally done. i'll be sharing this on facebook tonight. it will bring relief to the thousands of drivers who use 29
5:57 pm
and 66. >> but this multimillion dollar project was designed to do more than keep traffic moving. it has safety benefits as well. adam tusk is here to explain. >> reporter: that's right. this is a huge new interchange and comes with a twist. a twist the freight trains and cars used to mix here but not any more. more cars. >> more and more traffic. >> reporter: mixing with a freight railroad line. >> terrible things happen to folks involved with that. >> reporter: you build an interchange to help and cut a ribbon. >> thank you vdot. >> reporter: and you get a safer road. this part of gainesville right off 66 close to griffey lube live has exploded with growth. apple brooks lived here 50 years. >> there was nothing but an iron mill, a country store calls
5:58 pm
john's. that was it. >> reporter: that's certainly not the case now. >> it's too crowded. overcrowded. too many people. too much traffic. people drive like nuts. >> reporter: that's the reason this interchange was needed. >> when you would come off 66 to come 29 and i live down this way, with the two lanes traffic would back up. >> reporter: sometimes it would back up on to the train tracks. not a good combination. now you navigate above it all. >> great for the state. northern virginia, prince william and the commonwealth. rounds us out to get to 66 which we are trying to work on and make that better for residents. >> reporter: there are big plans to change 66 inside and outside the beltway but that's a bit down the road. for now here in gainesville, time to learn this new route. >> i got turned around and took me way longer than it was supposed to. >> reporter: there's a lot of twists and turns now. >> definitely. >> reporter: and back here now live in gainesville as the cars
5:59 pm
are safely on the other side of the tracks. this new interchange took six years to build, cost $230 million. live in gainesville adam tuss, news4. history amid heartache. the confederate flag is coming down in south carolina. why the move is renewing calls to change a tradition here in the city of alexandria. >> high-speed chase in maryland ended in murder. we'll have the report how family members of the victims reacted when that dramatic video of the crash was played in court. misery on the potomac after a northern virginia couple is recovered from the water. what investigators say may be to blame for their deaths. first tonight, a tornado watch in effect out there for parts of our area right now. >> doug is tracking all the conditions from storm center 4. what's the latest? >> latest is we still have nothing. we have one severe thunderstorm
6:00 pm
warning for parts of frederick county and carroll county in maryland. that is well up to the north of our region, continuing to move out. the rest of us are not seeing much in the way of anything except for shower activity. i will continue to down play this as we move through the rest of the evening. we do have that tornado watch to the north. we've only had one warning with that. that was that severe thunderstorm warning. could you see it here up toward the eastern frederick county in through portions of carroll county. could have strong winds with that one. we are not seeing anything down around d.c. other than just light shower activity. that will continue. these showers moving off to the north and east. the wider view showing this is the frontal area right here that we have been watching for potential for severe weather. there is more back to the west. we are not out of the woods yet. i wouldn't be surprised to see this tornado watch drop. the potential is there. i just don't think we are going to see much. if i'm wrong,


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