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tv   News4 Today  NBC  July 18, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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four other marines. we'll have new details coming in this morning with the investigation. we'll bring it to you in a few minutes from now. meantime, rain, heat, humidity. three big weather stories we are following. storm team 4 radar, you can see the rain moving into the area. >> we are about to break into a 90 plus degree heat wave that will last into next week. amelia segal is in for chuck. she's getting us ready for the stretch. >> angie, today, the first day of what could be a six-day heat wave. before we talk about the heat and humidity, here is the latest on storm team 4 radar. rain with embedded thunderstorms at 30 miles per hour. here is the timing of arrival in your neighborhood. 9:10, fairfax, 9:30. the district, 9:50. baltimore by 10:10. this is the estimated timing of when it could leave your area.
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leesburg, 9:45. gaithersburg, 10:20 or 10:30. washington by 11:00 a.m. after that, temperatures will soar and the mugginess remains at 81 degrees. angie more on the heat wave and why tomorrow and monday are storm team 4 weather alert days in 15 minutes. >> thank you, amelia. storm team 4 is tracking the intense heat as you can see. nats fans, you will feel the heat in d.c. the nats play a doubleheader against the los angeles dodgers. last night's game had to be suspended because of lighting issues. you are joining us live from nats park and today's schedule and what people are allowed to bring in today and today only, right? >> reporter: that's right. there are a couple changes. yesterday, they had to deal with electricity. today, they have to deal with the heat. where were you when the lights went out. the nats were ahead of the l.a. dodgers after the third of three
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outages. one lasted as long as 90 minutes. they decided to call the game. they are going to make up that game. they are going to pick up where they left off at 2:05 this afternoon. there's a second game a prescheduled game at 4:00. tickets will not be valid at either of the games today. you can redeem them later. now, here is what you are going to have to do. come in early to catch the last part of that game from yesterday. cooling stations set up for folks. you can bring unopened water bottles a one-time thing. you can bring unopened water bottles. look for misting fans set up throughout the stadium as well. they are going to open the roosevelt and kennedy room. the key is dress lightly, stay hydrated and try to stay cool as west you can. back to you. >> you stay cool too, thanks. >> developing stories out of the district. d.c. police, the first happened
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on 13th street southeast. now police say after 1:00 police shot a man in the chest. the second deadly shooting happened on 13th street in northwest. happened around 1:43 a.m. police say someone shot and killed a man. they are still working to identify a suspect in this shoothing as well. one man dead and two others in the hospital. this happened around 9:00 p.m. an edgewood street in northeast. the men have been playing or were playing a dice game they believe, which led to an argument. the two other men were taken to the hospital and expected to be okay. a rally in leesburg. at 10:30 this morning, the naacp will ask for the removal of a statue. it's a confederate soldier with a bronze rifle. it prohibits local authorities from removing it since it is a
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established memorial. naacp says it's not an appropriate representation of the history. a fast moving wildfire that swept across a freeway in california continues to burn. take a look at some of this incredible video we got from the scene. some of the images are unreal. it torched 20 vehicles as the fire swept through the freeway. this is near l.a. crews trying to fight the blaze by air. firefighters were urging people to stay in their vehicles so they wouldn't be hurt by helicopter that is were dropping huge amounts of fire retardant. thick, black smoke and fire swelled up i-15, which is a main road to las vegas from california. now, two drivers were hurt. they are expected to be okay. drivers were eventually forced to abandon their vehicles. >> get your stuff and go and we did. >> california is in the midst of
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a severe drought, as you know. wildfires are common. some break out near freeways, but it's rare to have vehicles caught in the flames. it broke out yesterday afternoon. the blaze around 5% contained. >> more on that breaking news. a fifth u.s. service member has died following the shooting at the military centers in tennessee. our sister station is reporting 26-year-old sailor randall smith has died. he passed away a few hours ago. turning to the investigation now, we can tell you the fbi is digging into the suspected shooters background. authorities found a disturbing blog post and reports his behave behavior changed in the fall of last year. we have more into the investigation into abdulzeez. >> reporter: an fbi team continues to scour the home where abdulzeez lived with his family. nothing has been found to link to violence of isis, the fbi is
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investigating the shootings as an act of terrorism. >> we are conducting a thorough investigation to determine whether this person acted alone, was inspired or directed and will exhaust all efforts to see why and how it happened. >> reporter: they found a blog attributed to the gunman with a final post three days before the shooting. this life is short and bitter. the opportunity to submit to allah may pass bay. he took a visit to the middle east for seventh months. a naturalized u.s. citizen. >> i definitely think something happened in the last couple years because from what i knew of him, he can usually get a creepy vibe off someone. he didn't put off that kind of vibe. >> reporter: chattanooga remembers the victims.
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a church service brought together people of all faiths. >> our brothers and our sisters and we stand united together as one. >> reporter: chattanooga and the country are in mourning for four u.s. marines killed on u.s. soil. nbc news. 9:07. new this morning, a plane crash in alaska. we are learning there are survivors. running for cover, a massive tornado bearing down on a small town. dozens of homes smashed to splinters. we are going to get a look at the damage. >> a closer look at the pressure for like on social media is doing to our kids who live most of their lives online. i'm melissa mollet, new dates for the road closures. it was supposed to happen last week. it is happen thg week. randolph road closed between nebel and parklawn drive for csx
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track maintenance. the road should be shut down from saturday the 18th until the 24th. the alternates are parklawn drive or nicholson
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new this morning, four people recovering after a plane crash in southeast alaska. one person was killed in that crash terrain and poor weather conditions hampered rescue efforts. the four survivors were taken to the hospital. they are expected to be okay. it was operated by wings of alaska. no word yet, on the cause of the crash. large wedge. >> imagine being there for that. two columns touching down from one tornado. see the flashes as the twister cut across power lines in illinois. to the east, tornadoes carved this, right there, a path of
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destruction, cut through two small towns. two ef-2 twisters ripped through. winds of 125 miles per hour. at least 55 homes damaged. 15 of them total losses. despite the powerful storms no one was hurt. this morning a texas state trooper was on administrative leave. the traffic stop ended and a woman reported hanging herself in the cell. the texas department of public safety says it officer who pulled her over violated the courtesy policy. she was found dead in her cell earlier this week. family members and friends have a different story. they say bland would never hurt herself. the texas rangers and the fbi both investigating. police identified a suspect in the murder of an inmate. police saying they died from asphyxia in cumberland.
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he was serving a 25 year sentence for sexual offenses. the suspect had not been charged. preparing for extreme heat and humidity this weekend. you want to keep the ice cold water bottle on you. amelia segal will let you know how long the heat wave could last. killed on the job. why the shooting of this security guard in prince george's county was no random act. a story tweeted about. they are supposed to be evil, but the minions did a lot of good for a little girl that fell out of a
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this morning, friends of a security guard shot on the job are trying to help his mother pay for the funeral. a friend set up a gofundme page. you can find o link on our nbc washington app. police say someone shot him at the central gardens apartment in capital heights yesterday morning. another guard was shot. the guards were targeted but have not said much more about a possible motive. a big pile of dirt is blamed for the collapse of a parking garage at the watergate hotel. the d.c. department of consumer affairs says the weight of all that dirt on top of the garage exceeded what it's designed to support. a construction company and landscaping company are blamed for piling up the dirt.
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two people hurt, several cars crushed. that was the collapse back in may. cvs pharmacy photo website still shut down because of a possible data breach. the site has been down since an outside vendor to collect payment information. any credit card detail submitted to the site may have been compromised. they want customers to check statements for fraudulent or suspicious activity. >> pluto i media. scientists discovered that frozen plain next to pluto. it looks like frozen mud crack t in earth. they are located in the bright heart-shaped area of the planet. pluto, some say it's a planet some say it's not. it looks young. they are only 100 million years old. a stuffed toy may have saved the life of a toddler in colorado. a 5-year-old girl was holding on
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to her minion toy as she fell from an apartment window thursday night. minions are small, yellow toys made by the popular -- made popular by the animated film, "despicable me." the girl was playing in her room when she fell out of her window. the stuffed toy cushioned her fall. she did get a broken arm, but is expected to be a kay. it's pretty incredible there. >> she'll be holding on to that stuffed animal forever. we all have our favorites. >> favorite toy. >> with good reason. minions, is there anything they can't do? after you see the movie, they always prevail and do the right thing. you have props here? >> i have the umbrella because i'm heading outside after this. i have been tracking the line of rain all morning long. 9:30, probably going to be raining when i head out there. sorry. it's fine.
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it's fine. here are the weather headlines for today after the line of rain moves through the area, a chance of scattered thunderstorms for the rest of today. aside from that today is the day we are focused on the beginning of the heat and around not only for the weekend, but the upcoming week. it will be so hot and humid tomorrow that it's going to warrant a storm team 4 weather alert day. tracking storms as well. tomorrow is looking dry. today, the weather having a moderate to high impact on the day not because of the heat and humidity but the rain and thunderstorms i'm tracking on storm team 4 radar. here is the latest timing. fairfax at 9:30. bethesda 9:33. it could move in more quickly. baltimore at 10:15. you see behind the line in west virginia only scattered light showers. this is really where the weather focus is. you will see with future weather as we head into the afternoon hours, hit and miss thunderstorms are possible,
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especially to the west of i-95. notice at 3:00 p.m. bright colors on future weather. it is going to be so muggy. if anything develops it could be heavy in nature. today is not a day to cancel out your plans because of the threat of storms. i would be able to move indoors especially if you are to the west of i-95 this afternoon and you have outdoor plans. here is the high in your neighborhood. low to mid-90st. 91 in annapolis. 91 for a high in la ray. a mix of clouds and sun for the day. when you add in the humidity, it feels like 103 degrees this afternoon. when you are out and about. tomorrow and monday the worst for humidity. feeling like 110. tuesday feels like 102 degrees. tomorrow could be the hottest day so far this year. here is your hour-by-hour planner for your sunday. 8:00 a.m., 82 degrees. for the lunchtime hours, around 90. we hit the high of 98 at 4:00
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p.m. extreme humidity as well to contend with throughout the day. 8:00 tomorrow evening, an isolated thunderstorm. when you are walking the dog, the temperature still around 90 degrees. your weekend impact heading to the pool tracking scattered storms, aside from that, a good pool weekend. garden and lawn the best time tomorrow morning. exercise, stay indoors because of how hot and humid is it. tomorrow a high of 98. monday, scattered thunderstorms possible, a high of 96. tuesday, a better chance of dealing with a thunderstorm. a break from humidity wednesday and thursday with high temperatures around 90 degrees. >> thanks. i's going to be a hot one for those of you looking to snag a deal. you can head out to the largest yard sale. around 80 of your neighbors in manor park are selling their
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wares. thousands of items will be for sale, including antiques, books and clothing. the many faces will be on display in a public art project. look at this. grab a selfie stick, anyone can enter. it will be held at the lake and village center during the multicultural festival. it's part of a worldwide art program called inside out involving hundreds of thousands of people from 112 countries. submissions through august. you can get more information on the community art projects by going to nbc washington app. post something on facebook you expect to get what? a lot of likes. what is the impact of that and what experts say you can do. students in a northern virginia school district are lagging behind their peers. why the teachers may be
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welcome back. are you suffering from social media anxiety? >> i'm not. >> okay. >> people are out there. this is an interesting story. it seems the pressure of getting likes on facebook and instagram may be having a negative impact on our children. we have the latest. >> reporter: for many kids, life is often lives inside their
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phone. on snap chat, twitter, facebook instagram. >> i check my phone a lot. >> very obsessive. >> i do use it a lot. >> reporter: 14-year-old best friends, they are like teens of every generation, eager to socialize, fit in and be accepted. in the digital age, experts say social media could sometimes cause likes anxiety based on how many people like a post. >> i feel the mor likes i get, the happier i will be. >> of the 92% of teens that go online daily, a quarter of them are connected almost constantly. teens on facebook average 150 friends, on instagram, 100 friends. experts say it's a lot of social pressure, a lot of voices liking or not liking. >> who doesn't like to get a like. >> we have all been handed devices without education. i like to equate it to throwing
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a child in a pool without swimming lessons. >> reporter: what they see online is fomo, fear of missing out. sometimes i have fomo. i won't get invited to something and my friends are posting it on social media. i'll be upset i wasn't invited. >> pex earths say it's important for parents to set boundaries. >> parents, do not lose your moral compass. do not lose your parental authority. >> be in their head. think about the things you taught them. >> reporter: these teens don't let social media define them. >> i like to see my friends in person and have that sort of social face-to-face. >> some people are going to like it, some people are not. we have to deal with it. >> reporter: best friends online, but careful to stay connected to the real world. nbc news, rosalynn new york. >> social media, but that human connection, like wise, is important. >> they say this translates
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into, you know, having to be camera ready all the time. this has an impact on body image as well. there's more layers to the issue as connected through social media usage. >> you can see it. a streak of 90 plus degree weather starts today. it's going to be hot. >> amelia segal is talking temperatures. they are going to get up there and a chance of rain today. don't forget the nbc washington app. we'll help you time the rain. >> the shooting outrage may be the new normal for domestic terror. why these attacks are virtually impossible to prevent. how "rolling stone" magazine is respondingzi to a university of
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at 9:30, we are back this half hour following breaking news. a fifth service member has died following the deadly shootings in chattanooga tennessee. a petty officer seen right there, injured in the attack passed away a few hours ago. >> our nbc sister station in chattanooga tennessee says randall smith was critically hurt in the shooting. this is a picture of him, abdulzeez is accused of killing four many arenas as well. a police officer was also wounded. looking at 9:30 now. it's time for a check on this
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the forecast. getting gloomy out there. >> amelia segal has been tracking rain all morning. she's outside now testing out her forecast. >> with the umbrella. >> you have the umbrella up. >> exactly. i have been tracking this line all morning, talking with people. it's going to be raining here at 9:30. it is raining. if you have been following me on facebook and twitter, you have been keeping up with this line of showers. embedded thunderstorms moving through the area. it's a downpour we are used to here in washington. within this line you can see on storm team 4 radar. even though it is raining you can feel the humidity in a big way. this line of rain just making its way into the district, impacting all of montgomery, frederick, loudoun county, fairfax, prince william county. this will clear the area. that includes areas east of i-95, making its way to the eastern s talking heat and humidity.
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when it's 95 degrees look before you takeildren. 95 degrees, it will feel about 125. something to keep in mind. it's warmer tomorrow. that's why tomorrow will be a weather alert day. i'll be showing you the future feels like temperatures to show how hot it will be. now the heavy rain is over. sprinkles out here on the weather deck. this morning, "rolling stone" magazine responding to a lawsuit. the suit is over a widely discredited article about a frat house gang rain. the associate dean is asking for $7.5 million. she says "rolling stone" cast her as the chief villain in their article. "rolling stone" wants the suit thrown out claiming they did not misrepresent her in the article. three officers charged in
9:33 am
the death of freddie gray gave their statements in duress. they were in fear of losing their jobs. two thought they were being interviewed as witnesses not suspects. another was not told her miranda rights. those statements are now key evidence in this case. a statue of a confederate statue removed. they want the 102-year-old statue of a soldier taken from the lawn next to the courthouse. the city council is scheduled to hold a hearing on monday. they will discuss the proposed removal. the deadly military center attacks in chattanooga could cause changes. many are calling for troops to carry guns. there's a ban on army rue
9:34 am
cross-suitors. they want a report to determine safety at recruiting and reserve offices. >> the military center attack leaves us with this. it represents what may be the new normal when it comes to domestic terror. nbc's pete williams has more on the events, which are virtually impossible to prevent. >> reporter: the shooting rampage by abdulzeez appears to represent an fbi nightmare, an attack from someone inside the u.s. who did not talk about it in advance or leave an internet footprint that could be discovered. >> the individuals hardest to detect are those planning it in their head. they are not reaching out to a circle of friends not communicating internationally. >> reporter: the most worrisome use zed to be thor roily planned al qaeda operations like the 9/11 attacks or the underwear bomb plot.
9:35 am
nour, it's terrorism by isis. the fbi arrested 62 people for isis inspired plots. attacks here or plans to fight in syria. 46 were u.s. citizens. itis come from 18 states with hundreds of people under investigation nationwide. examples, alexander ciccolo arrested july 4th charged with plotting to attack a college dorm. >> people you see being executed are criminals, lowest of the low. >> reporter: elton simpton and nadir were killed in texas. warning bullets repeatedly stressed an isis emphasis on continued targeting of military. in response, the military put all u.s. bases on a high level of alert. that doesn't apply to the 2000 recruiting and reserve centers where they are prohitted from carrying guns.
9:36 am
some in congress say maybe that should change. >> if the military fights overseas to defend america, i don't want to put them in a position where they are defenseless here in the united states. >> pete williams reporting there. graduation rates are down in stafford county. the board compares them to loudoun and spotsylvania county. it found stafford scores fell in the bottom half compared to the other districts. stafford was the only division with an on-time graduation rate lower than four years ago. high teacher turnover may be to blame for that. the mass zive trump sign outside the billionaires hotel isn't going anywhere. d.c. councilmember questions whether it violated district regulations because trump is a presidential candidate. according to the department of consumer and regulatory affairs, the sign is legal. the agency says the
9:37 am
redevelopment of the old post office building is a federal project and exempt from permit requirements. president obama is making a return visit to the dailey show. >> the president will be on tuesday's show. jon stewart begins his final three weeks as host of the show next week. he announces he will be leaving the dailey show. his final broadcast, august 6th replaced by trevor noah come september. a frightening experience for one woman who nearly drown on the potomac river. she is sharing her story. a new push to keep people safe. >> yeah, let's take you live outside right now. we are talking heat and humidity, rain as well. amelia segal says expect the scattered showers. already raining in parts. timing out the best time to hit the pool, maybe a little exercise. seasoning if you are getting a car rental on your next trip, we have important tips to save you
9:38 am
money. we are going to break down why it comes down to where you are traveling. i'm melissa mollet with your traffic. a look at some weekend traffic track work. green line trains running on regular weekend schedule this weekend. saturday yellow line trains running every 15 minutes between the huntington and mount vernon square. sunday, yellow lines every 15 minutes between huntington and ft.. saturday and sunday, buses are going to replace orange line trains between eastern market and new carrollton. blue line
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all right, travels. you are just back from it. if renting a car is part of your plan, the question is do you
9:41 am
know how to navigate insurance? >> erika gonzalez has what you need to know before you head over to that rental counter. >> reporter: teresa loves to travel. >> i have been to china, russia, africa, europe, of course. >> the miles she's traveled depicted on her walls. >> we have been going to cancun since 2009. this is the first time rerented a car. it included everything, mileage like in the united states. you can drive all the miles you wanted, insurance taxes fees. that sounded pretty good. it was $255 for two weeks. i thought, wow, that's a steal. so i rented it online. >> reporter: when she landed, that deal disappeared. >> as soon as i got up to the counter, the guy started, oh, no. you don't have the right amount of insurance you need to have this. i said, no no no. this says i have my insurance.
9:42 am
so pushing and so demanding. i thought, well two things one, i don't know if i have the right coverage. two i want to get this car and get out of here and get going. i'm just going to sign. >> reporter: generally u.s. auto insurance does not cover you abroad. she kept that in mind when she booked. >> when i applied i thought good, i have the mexican insurance. it didn't specify what i have. >> reporter: not knowing the protection she had, ended up costing her when she returned the rental car. $466.68 worth of american dollars for the insurance for two weeks. >> reporter: that's right nearly $200 nor just in the price for insurance. andrew is with the u.s. state department. >> depending on thecompany, they could make you pay up to the value of the vehicle. that's not -- that's not common, but it does happen sometimes. again, things overseas and
9:43 am
depending on the country can be different than in the u.s. >> reporter: in the u.s., car rental companies offer several insurance options that your existing policy might already cover and many cards include a level of collision and theft protection. according to a rental study, american express and visa have the best rental car insurance policy, followed by discover. call your car company first, there are rules. in the majority of cases, credit cards will not cover insurance for international car rentals. rent the car from an interminal counter. >> if you are trying to rent a vehicle and seems like they are overcharging you, you can easily then cancel what you are doing with that company and go look at another company, which might be next to them. >> reporter: as for teresa it was a trip she'll never forget. >> i learned a good lesson. i need to be a better educated traveler and i travel a lot.
9:44 am
>> erika gonzalez reporting there. we are watching this right here. storm team 4 radar. it is showing you the scattered rain headed our way. amelia segal is working on timing that out. we are talking about a lot of heat today and what is the perfect pairing with the heat? ice cream. we are going to tell you where you are going to love
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with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v iran keeps their nuclear facilities. military sites can go uninspected. restrictions end after 10 years. then iran could build a nuclear weapon in two months. iran has violated 20 international agreements and is the leading state sponsor of terrorism. amelia segal has been telling us how hot it's going to
9:47 am
get this week. you hear about the heat wave and think perfect time to get in the water. park police want to get the word out, this is not the place to cool off. the river near great falls is very dangerous, even for experienced swimmers. jackie bensen talks to one young athlete who nearly escaped a drowning. >> nothing can tell you more about the hidden dangers of this river than the young woman we talked to tonight. when we see images like these rescues from the potomac river many assume the person couldn't swim or fell in near the rapids. it's often a mistake. >> the kind of thing you think will never happen to you, but it does. >> reporter: this 20-year-old is a high school and college rower and strong swimmer. on memorial day weekend last year, she was splashing around with friends in a section of the potomac south of great falls when something she did not think
9:48 am
could happen did happen. >> ended up in rapids and realized i went over the -- went over the minidam. i'm thankful that the kid that jumped in to get me we didn't know each other. we were complete strangers, but we are still friends now. >> a helicopter helped rescue the two exhausted swimmers. u.s. park police officers patrol this park with the mission of stopping a rescue before it becomes necessary. they know the vast majority of drowning victims are between 18 and 25 and think it won't happen to them. >> they will get out of the water when they see us. but, unfortunately we'll give them warnings and at times go back in when we leave. >> reporter: they?k patrol in an atv. if you are wearing a swimsuit they will probably talk to you. jerry marshall says his officers are making more warning contacts than ever. park visitors, especially young people are still getting in the
9:49 am
river. >> in 2014 there were 130 search and rescue missions and saves. eight of those were by force rescues that's taking a basket down and getting folks in the basket and bringing them up. this year alone, we have had 33 already. >> reporter: these signs aren't here because they don't want people to have fun, they are here because they want people to leave alive. jackie bensen news 4. well today, a hot weekend. you know, we mentioned it is time to get outside and to enjoy some ice cream. you can cool off with heat and ice cream. the d.c. scoop is happening at union market in northeast. vendors from over 15 creameries put their best foot forward for best title of ice cream. you get to try a free sample. the event lasts until 4:00. >> nice job. nats fans have a way to stay
9:50 am
cool as the mercury continues to ride. cooling stations set up for fans attending both games today in nats park. you can cool off in the air-conditioned roosevelt and kennedy rooms inside the conference center. misting fans will be placed throughout the park. the park is allowing you, this is a change in procedure, allowing you to bring in two bottles of water as you head inside. it is worth bringing that. stay hydrated and cool. >> bending the rules with good reason. >> we are in the dog days of summer. hot and humid, but extremely hot and humid tomorrow and monday. storm team 4 weather alert day sunday and monday because of the heat and humidity. the heat index this afternoon, that's when you factor the heat and humidity together will be around 100 degrees. tomorrow, close to 110 especially if you are inside the beltway. parts of the area under a heat
9:51 am
advisory tomorrow. for the most part, traveling just fine. dealing with heavy rainfall across the area now. this is going to move through and the chance of scattered thunderstorms later today. exercise best indoors this afternoon because of the heat and humid. if you want to wait until the sun goes down, it is fine as long as you hydrate. we are going to take it easy out there today and tomorrow. temperatures in the 70s. 77 in college park. 73 in leesburg. washington now at 81 degrees. here is the planner for the rest of your day. working our way toward 11:00 a.m. at that point showers, rain, thunderstorms mainly to the east of washington 2:00 p.m., we are hot. a temperature of 91 degrees. 6:00 p.m., a chance of a thunderstorm. otherwise, hot, humid and partly sunny a temperature of 92. here is a look at storm team 4 radar. this is the latest on the line. not a lot of lightning. kind of steady, heavy, moderate rain moving through. you can see generally light
9:52 am
rain. this is pushing toward baltimore making its way over to i-95, moving into the district. rain starting to leave frederick and pushing out of loudoun county as well. prince william and falk keer county dried out. timing when it will end is more difficult than when it will move into the area. this is a rough estimate for you. fairfax about 10:20 washington 10:45, bow wee 11:15. tomorrow, the heat and humidity in full force. here is what it's going to feel like. 101 in washington frederick. 100 in leesburg. worse in the afternoon hours. 4:00 feeling like 106 degrees in washington. 102 in manassas. 99 in annapolis. tomorrow, a good day to catch a
9:53 am
movie, stay indoors, enjoy the air-conditioning. check on your neighbors because they don't have air-conditions. monday another weather alert day feeling like 107. scattered storms are poszsible on monday. storms looking more likely on tuesday. this is a cold front that moves through. hot and humid tuesday. a high of 93. that front is going to remove the humidity, it looks like, from the air on wednesday. but notice, it's still hot, a high of 92. if you are looking at your phone, not telling you lower humidity but more comfortable. thursday a high
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at devry university's keller graduate school of management. you can learn to unlock the leader inside you. so if you want to own the room not just be in it. you're our kind of different. keller graduate school of management. learn more at
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national pitcher, max scherzer has an idea about what happened at the lights. h e tweeted who was the last to use nationals park last. taylor swift. i blame her. we have #badblood. references swift's very popular song. she performed earlier in week. no official word on why the lights went out. speaking about online university of maryland psychology teachers extra credit offer is blowing up the internet right now. >> and blowing minds. dylan told his social sigh
9:57 am
psychology students they could earn two or six points of extra credit on their final papers. if more than 10% of the class cheesics points, nobody in the class got any. he said this is a real-time example of the dilemma of acting in one's own self-interest versus acting for the greater good of everybody else. >> so far, only one class managed to get the extra credit and it wasn't this years. if you look back he started this in 2008. he's been doing it seven years. it wasn't until a student posted it on social media that it took off. this kid has 600 followers. >> unbelievable. outside, things are starting to warm up. the rain is passing through. amelia segal is taking a look at current temperatures in your neighborhood. plus, she's going to break down why tomorrow is a weather alert day. >> reporter: the nats finish
9:58 am
against the l.a. dodgers. what they are doing coming on news 4. >> the confederate flag no longer flying outside the south carolina capital. what the members
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