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tv   News4 Today  NBC  July 19, 2015 10:00am-10:31am EDT

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this is a storm team 4 weather alert. >> mercury rising. it is a weather alert day. extreme heat is here to stay and it's going to feel a lot worse than it really is out there. >> all right. angie, we're looking at the feels like temperatures in the 90s in some spots. upper 90s in others. you can bet it's even going to get hotter as we go on in the day. we're bringing you live team
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coverage. derrick ward has more. and amelia segal for those going to the nats game it will be a hot one. >> it will be extremely hot. light colored loose fitting clothing. we're talking about it on twitter and facebook. first pitch at 1:35. temperature at that point around 95 degrees. hazy sun and dry throughout the game. the big focus on the heat and humidity. because of that you can bring an extra bottled water to the game but it has to be sealed and a portable fan as well. they have cooling stations at gnat park. it will feel like temperatures are around 108 degrees today at the game. extremely hot. make sure you're drinking plenty of water. just about everybody will be under a heat advisory from 1:00 to 8:00 p.m. today. everybody east of to blue ridge because heat indices will be between 100 and 110 degrees. this is likely the warmest day so far this year. this is what it feels like outside right now. 97 in leesburg and washington. 92 degrees in gaithersburg,
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david. >> thanks. as amelia alluded to, it will feel like more than 100 outside today. you want to say out of the heat as much as possible. a heat advisory as amelia said all over the area. could be dangerous for many of you out there as well. news4's derrick ward is live in northeast d.c. and derrick, you talked to folks who are trying to stay cool. >> reporter: well, yeah, it's kind of warm here now. we are actually in the shade fortunately. we can feel a bit of a breeze, but you can definitely tell it's warm. look at all the activity. a lot of folks are taking advantage of i guess you could say this is the cooler part of the day because it will only get warmer. that was a welcome sight at 10:00 a.m., the water was turned on. now it is the focus of attention here. and people out here playing
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tennis, doing some exercises and the key thing today if you're going to be out is to stay hydrated. the folks down there at the water park well, they're trying to stay wet on the outside as well. >> well, we're hitting the park early and then we're going to go to ikea. stay cool. >> reporter: back live here, now can see the folks taking advantage of that. again, wear light clothing stay hydrated. don't leave your pets or children in cars. if you have to be out, if you don't have to be out, you probably shouldn't. it's good to stay in with the a.c. or a fan on. when it gets hot like today, d.c. opens up the cooling center. go to our app or the website for a map of where all the cooling centers are. if you don't want to stay at home, you want to know where they are. live in north east derrick ward, news4. >> thanks derrick. developing right now, a blades burg police officer is on administrative leave for shooting at a man.
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police say the man hit the officer with a car. that's all according to prince george's county police. it started with a call for a domestic dispute. a man tried to drive away, he then pinned the officer against a parked car. county police say an officer named luciotti was hurt. they did not give his or her first name. both the officer and the fan are in the hospital right now. the motorcyclist that ran into the car in gaithersburg has died. now, this happened on frederick road last night. the 35-year-old motorcyclist ran into a black acura suv as it was making a u-turn on frederick road. now, the rider was rushed to the hospital, but did not survive. the woman and two passengers who were in the acura were not hurt. new developments about the accusations of rape against bill cosby. a new report says he paid a woman not to tell his wife what he was doing. it is all part of a full
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deposition from ten years ago. "the new york times" said it acquired the whole thing after part of it came out earlier this month. the seduced women by offering to mentor them. the earlier document said he admitted to giving women drugs in order to have sex. cosby has not been charged with any crime. all new this morning we're hearing from the family of the suspected shooter in the deadly chattanooga military center attacks. in a written statement, the abdulazeez family said their son suffered from depression. it grieves us that his pain found the expression this this heinous act of violence. they also expressed sympathy for the families. four marines and one navy s.e.a.l. died. the fbi is continuing to collect and process evidence at the two
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military sites. fbi agents served warrants at the abdulazeez home this week. meanwhile, increasing calls to allow military recruiters to carry guns. governors in five states introducing legislation this week that they hope will do just that. in florida, governor scott says recruiters will be relocated to the nearby armory until the recruiting stations can be made safer. martin o'malley had to defend his narrow record on police brutality. at the annual convention in phoenix, activists began to chant black lives matter. one of the activists then went on the stage to confront the former governor. he was receptive to the protesters and sat down with one woman for an interview. protesters also heckled vermont senator bernie sanders. new this morning, an update
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on how former president h.w. bush is recovering. he fell and broke a bone in his neck last week. doctors say he's doing better but he's still in the hospital right now. they also say quote his spirits are good, end quote. president bush is 91 years old. well, up to speed on the week ahead. cuba will have an embassy on u.s. soil for the first time in more than 50 years. there's a ceremony tomorrow morning. ambassadors will open the embassy's doors and it will be on 16th street northwest. also tomorrow, at d.c.'s superior court the only suspect in the quadruple murder will be in court. police say daron wint killed the savopoulos family and a housekeeper back in may. he has fired two of his lawyers in that case. and arlington national cemetery getting an overhaul this week. it happens every year. hundreds of landscapers will be out there tomorrow.
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they'll be pruning, mulching, doing all the important upkeep to keep those grounds pristine. by now, you have seen the devastating pictures of the wildfire destroying cars on the freeway. see what technology hurt their efforts and how things are turning around for them this morning. mountain lions, not the kind of thing you want the see in your backyard. but officials are not telling folks to run away. in fact they want them to do the very opposite. and what we're learning is going on inside a new entertainment development moving
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you're watching "news4 today." >> yeah, look at that.
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not the kind of thing that you want in your backyard. several people seeing this mountain lion. they reported it in a town in northern california. just south of san jose. police say they are now trying to catch the mountain lion. and they're actually encouraging people to attempt to scare it off if they have a run-in or see him. >> first instinct to try to chase it out. >> yeah. well, this morning much needed rain is actually helping firefighters in california get a handle on two wildfires. we have been showing you these images the last two days. by now you have seen them. the fire engulfing cars on a highway outside of los angeles. >> folks who abandoned their cars for safety are going back to assess the damage. gadi schwarz from nbc has more. >> reporter: there is heavy fire -- it was a freeway firestorm. >> we were scared. there was people crying kids crying. >> reporter: traffic is at a
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stand still. flames devouring car after car from l.a. to las vegas. >> grabbed my water and my bag and the flames was already in the truck. >> the car was parked on the outside edge, when the fire hit it it burnt all the sides. the back. the cooler. >> reporter: parents pushing strollers, dozens of people running for their lives. >> because we see the fire behind us. we tried to run and we find out a woman she help us. >> reporter: at least 20 vehicles destroyed and 11 structures burned. this morning, families are checking tow yards for the cars they abandoned. many cars saved by the air drops overhead. but others weren't so lucky. fire crews are frustrated saying they should have been there sooner but a number of hobby drones flying near the fire kept them away. how many drones on this fire? >> there were five. >> reporter: five drones? >> right. >> reporter: firefighters say the small drones are dangerous to everyone involved. two of the drones pursued our
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lead plane. one underneath. one actually flying over the top. we're talking about a situation where dozens of people could have been killed. >> reporter: another fire about 20 miles away flared up, forcing hundreds of people to evacuate including a camp for children who are hearing impaired. fortunately, no major injuries reported but some terrifying moments and a vivid reminder of how fast the fire can move. gadi schwartz, nbc news, san bernardino, california. it is going to be a hot one out there. temperatures will feel like they're in the 100s for some of us. the heat and humidity is continuing into tomorrow
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iran keeps their nuclear facilities. military sites can go uninspected. restrictions end after 10 years. then iran could build a nuclear weapon in two months. iran has violated 20 international agreements and is the leading state sponsor of terrorism.
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you're watching "news4 today." >> welcome back. donald trump again making waves this morning. this time for controversial comments he made about senator john mccain. >> that's right. gop presidential contender questioned mccain's war hero status. we have "meet the press" moderator chuck todd with us. you sit down with rick perry, former governor of texas. i'm sure trump -- >> he's the first one to say he should get out of the race. unfit to be commander of chief.
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rick perry one of them, just two of those running for president from a military background. look, what you saw yesterday and today is almost relief from the republican field. they were waiting for a moment that trump said something offensive enough easy to condemn them. you would think the comments about mexican-americans would have been that, but on immigration they were trying to walk this tight rope. they didn't want to offend his supporters. military service is something that's universal as a third rail. so to me the story is how quickly everybody pounced which tells you that they're now expressing publicly what i have been hearing privately from the campaign. they want trump out of here, out of the debates, they think he's hijacking the race. and now they may have found their issue and create momentum to do that. we'll see. >> but if that works, are they indeed chasing him out, what if he decides to go out on his own. what does that do to the
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establishment? >> he could. the history of donald trump does he follow through with his threats? he follows through to an extent. running as an independent is very difficult. the way to get on balance is very difficult. he has the resources if he wanted to do this to do it, but does he have the stick-to-itiveness. and you roll the dice, and fe got on the -- and if he got on the ballot and he could command 4% to 6% of very angry people about politics in general or the conservative movement, it could cost the white house for the republican party. it's a risk, but he's certainly -- he's also the same risk keeping him in the tent too now. >> a busy and rather tragic week after what happened in tennessee. do we look at this and see this as it's going to be a new trend domestic terrorism? >> unfortunately i talked to michael lighter, former head of counterterrorism of the united
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states, and he said this is something you can't do anything about. this is what an unpreventable terrorist attack looks like. let's be careful, his name is mohammed, everyone has reached a conclusion. and the bread crumbs don't support that conclusion. they can support a mental health issue, the explanation behind the virginia tech or the aurora situation. this is one of those that does scare the intelligence community because they have no bread crumbs. they don't have an answer yet. >> we know you'll speak about that and speak to secretary of state john kerry. >> i need 90 minutes. 90 minute "meet the press." we're running over guys, sorry. >> chuck, thanks. a reminder you can catch "meet the press" on nbc4 right after "news4 today." big screens coming to an
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area near nats park. the theater is going to have 16 screens, 1,500 seats. really nice seats too. the plush ones. it will be on "n" place a blockfrom nats park. show case icon at the yard is what it is called. expected to open in 2018. it is national ice cream day. that -- actually, calories go out the door. they don't count today. lots of places doing promotions including baskins robbins, cold stone creamery and if you're not sure what to pick, a new study shows chocolate is by far the most popular. vanilla came in fourth place behind strawberry cookie dough and a lot of debate going on on line. people not happy that the vanilla is not the top three. >> yeah. four there. making me crazy here. this is the best day though, potentially the hottest day of the year. >> high today of 98 degrees.
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that's what i'm forecasting for reagan national. >> isn't that a band, 98 degrees? >> yeah, it is. >> i don't think they're together anymore. sorry. >> okay. >> at 8 degrees -- 98 degrees today, tomorrow a new band. 96 degrees. we'll continue to deal with the heat index. the feels like temperature. today, tomorrow and tuesday. above 100 degrees for areas especially inside of the beltway. temperatures right now in the 80s and 90s. 90 degrees already in frederick. really cooking out there. 86 in washington. 84 in manassas. when you factor in the humidity, this is what it feels like. this is impressive that we're at 10:00 a.m., almost 10:30. we're feeling like we're at 97 in washington. 105 in frederick. 90 degrees in hagerstown. today is the day to stay indoors. take it easy. catch a movie. by noon, suburbs and the district feeling like temperatures are at 102 degrees. this isn't the forecasted temperature but the feels like temperature. skycast 4 forecasting what the
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sky will look like this afternoon at 3:00 p.m. feeling like it's 106 in washington. even this evening if you're thinking about having dinner outdoors look at what it will feel like at 7:00 p.m. 100 in the suburbs and 102 in washington. extreme heat. here's what we need to remember. drink plenty of water, some advice i can take myself. dress in light colored or loose fitting clothing. avoid strenuous outdoor activities. if you have to get the run or the bicycle ride in, do it tomorrow morning. even tomorrow morning, starting off with 80 degrees. spend time in air conditioning and remember your elderly neighbors and your pets. a high of 96, it will hit at about 4:00 p.m. the chance of scattered thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon and you can see that on future weather, the timing at about 2:00 or 6:00 p.m. but the focus on the heat and humidity today and tomorrow because of the extreme heat and humidity. still hot and humid but not as
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bad. a high temperature of 93 degrees. a better chance of scattered thunderstorms especially later in the day. a cold front tries to move through the area. that front is going to drop our temperature for wednesday to 89. it will feel refreshing on wednesday because lower humidity, not dealing with the mugginess at all. a very crisp feeling to the air. and we'll keep with that weather trend thursday through saturday. >> all right. thank you, amelia. comedian amy schumer under fire by "star wars" fans after a "gq" cover
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and reach for the one you deserve. you're watching "news4 today." >> funny lad amy schumer is making fans of "star wars" hot under the collar. >> she appears on this month's cover of "gq" along with c3po. the franchise is distancing itself from the cover, saying lucas film did not authorize or condone the inappropriate use of our characters. but not all the reaction bad. luke skywalker himself, mark hamill, tweeted, saying "star wars" would be lucky to cast schumer in episode number eight. >> this has decided people. >> yeah.
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"star wars" fans don't mess? this -- don't mess with them. >> others are saying, it's amy schumer, get over it. meanwhile, at nats park today it's "star wars" day. if you dressed unlike a storm trooper -- you would fry. >> it will be sweltering. feeling like 110 this afternoon. >> holy cow. just back to the nats park theme you have to leave your light sabres at home. >> but you can bring your bottled water in. >> that's right. have a good day everyone. >> got "meet the press" coming up next. see you tomorrow morning.
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"meet the press." this sunday -- terror in tennessee. the fbi reviewing a text message the chattanooga gunman sent to him just before the attack. the iran nuclear deal. >> i believe it poses a great deal to america and the world. >> we have all sides of the debate covered with british prime minister david cameron secretary of state john kerry and a key republican critic, arkansas senator tom cotton. and the trump factor. republicans pile on after trump says this about john mccain. >> he's a war hero. >> he's a war hero because he's captured.


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