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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  July 19, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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right now at 11 firefighters feeling the heat, and thousands left powerless on our scorching hot night. we are just hours away from history. former foes set to reestablish diplomatic ties after more than a half century of hostility.
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and sordid new details on what bill cosby did to have sex with women, and what he did to shut them up. >> "news4 at 11" starts now. >> we begin tonight with the red hot temperatures. darcy spencer joins us in just a moment with firefighter dangers and power outages. but first, brace yourself for yet another weather alert day tomorrow. amelia segal joins us and lets us know how uncomfortable the heat will get tomorrow. amelia? >> well, starting off tomorrow morning, the heat and humidity already in place. today a high temperature at reagan national 98 degrees making it the warmest day so far this year. tomorrow a touch cooler but still a day where you want the take it easy. stay indoors in the air conditioning as much as possible. here is your morning planner for your monday. so by 6:00 a.m. a temperature of already 81 degrees in
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washington, the suburbs in the mid- to upper 70s. you like to go for the early morning jog or bike ride? you might want to rethink that tomorrow morning. an isolated shower possible. but the real focus on the heat and humidity. 10:00 a.m., a temperature of 86 degrees. and by noon, it will already feel like temperatures are near 100 degrees in washington. feeling about 97 in leesburg. erika, it's not just the heat and humidity tomorrow, but also poor air quality as well. most of the area under a air quality alert. i'll have more on that in 15 minutes. and also how hot it will feel in your neighborhood tomorrow afternoon. >> all right, thanks, amelia. and we continue our live team coverage tonight with news4's darcy spencer in northeast. darcy we understand it was a pretty tough day and night for fire crews. >> it certainly was, erika. we're live on h street in northeast washington. and there was a major power outage affecting residents and businesses here in northeast as well as northwest. the good news is all of those outages have been restored. the air conditioning is back on. but like you said, it was a
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rough one today for firefighters. >> when firefighters got to the house on healy court in upper marlboro, flames were shooting through the roof. neighbors shot this cell phone video. firefighters broke down the door and were able to rescue one of the owner's dogs. but the other perished in the fire. >> it was a sad situation because all i kept wondering waiting for the dog to come out. and they came out with one dog in their arms. and the other dog, they kept saying they couldn't find it and it died. >> reporter: the fire happening on the hottest day of the year. firefighters wearing heavy gear working in up to 1200 degree heat inside the home. one firefighter was taken to the hospital for dehydration. >> the firefighters were sweating and they were coming out, taking their equipment off and everything. yeah, they were really hot. >> reporter: investigators believe the dogs started the fire by jumping on the front of the stove to get some pizza boxes. one of the burners was found in the on position.
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it was a scorcher for firefighters in d.c. as well. they used wet towels and gatorade to cool down while working at this apartment fire on p street in southwest. margaret gary is among the residents displaced. we found her sitting in the heat, drinking a bottle of water. >> it's a hot day, today of all days is a scorcher. >> reporter: you really felt for her, seeing her sitting there in the heat. she says she does have family in the area. so she plans to stay with them. there was a firefighter also injured in that p street fire we're told. he is expected to be okay. erika, back to you. >> all right, darcy spencer, thank you so very much. we're working to learn what caused and explosion at the national institute of standards and technology last night. an agency spokesperson confirmed the blast, but not what sparked it and says a security guard who was hurt is now recovering.
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this is a measurement laboratory run by the u.s. commerce document. this is our first look at one of two motorcycle riders from virginia, killed after a big rig plowed into them along a north carolina highway. arnie morris lived in woodbridge. a friend tells news4 morris loved his life and his bikes. this friday morning crash also killed kenneth jefferson of chesterfield, virginia and hurt four others. authority says truck driver daniel serna kept going after he crashed into the bikers. investigators think he may have fallen asleep at the wheel. another accident took the life of a motorcyclist in gaithersburg. the cyclist was riding along frederick road when a car made a u-turn and ran right into him last night. the biker died at the hospital this morning. two people in the car were not injured. montgomery county police still investigating this accident. still no word on charges against the man accused of triggering a police-involved shooting in prince georges
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county. bladensburg police say the man used his car to pin an officer to another vehicle outside a house on kenilworth avenue just after midnight. that officer had been trying to arrest the suspect during a domestic assault call. the officer ended up firing his weapon. both mensur vooifed. -- survived. bill cosby's own descriptions of encounters involving drugs, hush money, and quote plain sex. those are among the graphic new details from a 10-year-old lawsuit against the comedian. nbc's gadi schwartz has our report. >> reporter: in yet another round of explosive revelations, documents obtained by "the new york times" shed more light on bill cosby's own admissions about how he seduced women. the deposition taken over four days of intense questioning, part of a 2005 lawsuit against cosby filed by a woman who claimed she was drugged and molested by the entertainer. in the transcripts bill cosby
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defends himself suggesting to a lawyer he was good at reading nonverbal signals on when a woman would consent saying she does not say to me don't ever do that again. she doesn't walk out with an attitude of a huff, because i think that i'm a pretty decent reader of people and their emotions and these romantic sexual things. cosby denies giving the accuser anything stronger than benadryl to relax before a sexual encounter. but her lawyer said her client thought it was a more powerful drug, an allegation following cosby's admission he obtained seven prescriptions for quaaludes in the 1970s that he intended to use with women. cosby maintains he didn't take them himselves but would use them the same as a person saying have a drink. the lawyer asking, when you got the quaaludes, was it in your mind that you were going to use these quaaludes for young women that you wanted to have sex with? cosby responds yes. but when a lawyer asked did you ever give any of those young women the quaaludes without their knowledge, cosby's lawyer
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interrupted, do not answer the question. the full deposition also reveals details from other relationships. cosby admitting that he once asked a model about her father's death to get close to her. today another alleged cosby accuser barbara bowman reacted to the incriminating details. >> it was a sigh of relief to say i don't have to defend myself anymore. and these other women don't have to defend themselves anymore. >> cosby also described the lengths he took to keep his affairs private from his wife camille. the times writes that cosby once described blocking a damaging magazine article and sending a woman money through his agent so that mrs. cosby wouldn't find out. meanwhile, former president george h.w. bush is spending his first night back at home after four days in the hospital. doctors treated him for a broken bone in his neck, which he suffered after taking a spill at his home in maine. his neurologist says that type of fracture is common with
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seniors and with falls. president bush is 91 years old and also has a form of parkinson's disease. renewed calls for donald trump to apologize after he slammed senator john mccain's military service. he said mccain wasn't a, quote war hero since he was captured and held as a p.o.w. in vietnam. today wisconsin governor and presidential candidate scott walker called for an apology on abc's "this week" today trump said he'll continue to say what he wants. trump says he is leading in the polls and will not drop out of the race. we are just hours away from the cuban flag being hoisted once again in d.c. news4 will be there to capture the historic moment. we're going to send you an alert on our app when the u.s. intersection officially becomes the cuban embassy. nbc's gabe gutierrez is in havana with the latest on the diplomatic thaw between our two countries. >> reporter: today this is the u.s. interest section in havana
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behind me. tomorrow it will once again become the u.s. embassy in havana for the first time in 54 years. however the u.s. flag will not fly here until secretary of state john kerry visits the island later this summer. the cuban foreign minister will also visit the state department for the first time in decades. this is a long way from 1961 when the u.s. broke off relations following fidel castro's rise to power. the historic thaw comes after secret negotiations following a handshake between president obama and raul castro during nelson mandela's funeral. then a personal plea from pope francis himself. the u.s. recently removed cuba from its list of state sponsors of terror. but there are still many disagreements between these two countries. for example, on human rights and whether to close the u.s. prison at guantanamo bay. a major hurdle that is still unresolved, the potential lifting of the u.s. trade embargo. only congress can do that, and there is still opposition from
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several republican lawmakers, who argue the obama administration is rewarding the castro regime despite its record on human rights. here on the streets of havana many people we have spoken with say they have a new hope, a nueva esperanza. others regarding this with new skepticism. the state department says while this is a symbolic step, it is an important one. gabe gutierrez nbc news havana. controversy continues to swirl around the jail cell death of a texas civil rights activist. what her family is doing right now to get answers. the cameras rolling on an arson attack. why police say the fire starter may have been motivated by hate. he's going under. >> and the surfer breaks down after seeing a shark nearly kill a fellow competitor. buckle up because we're heading to a galaxy far, far
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away tonight on sports final. on "star wars" day the empire strikes back. zack greinke uses the force. and the orioles break out the life-savers, defeating darth verlander and doing something they haven't done since june. plus washington spirits jedi knights return from the world cup. how they hope to propel women's soccer into light speed. watch you will at the news
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so you've seen the incredible and heart stopping video as a pro surfer gets attack by a shark. it was all over social media today. the ordeal played out on live tv during a surfing competition. the surfer's own mother watched in horror as he punches the shark and then swims for his life. nbc's kelly cobiella with more from the surfer who got away without a scratch. >> keep a mic open for us pete. julian wilson taking on mick fanning. >> reporter: the world surfing final was just getting under way. mick fanning was waiting for a weave, and then this. >> you can see it. a little splash. oh! holy [ bleep ]. >> reporter: a shark knocks fanning off his board, culling him under. competitor julian wilson frantically paddles toward him. but then fanning emerges and swims for his life. within seconds both men are safely out of the water. >> i was waiting for the teeth
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to come out there. i was swimming. >> you get a couple of punches in? >> i punched it in the back. >> reporter: back on shore -- >> i just saw it like taking my board away. >> relief and shock over their narrow escape. >> he's gone under. i felt like i was going to get -- >> yeah, just kicking in. so gnarly, man. tripping out. >> reporter: the surfers didn't get back in the water. instead sharing first place. two champions, and one very close call. kelly cobiella, nbc news, london. >> absolutely incredible. we went ahead and put the entire video and more from the surfer on our nbc washington facebook page. very popular today. well, there is new requests from the family of sandra bland whose reported jail suicide has sparked new marches in the black
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lives matter movement. bland's family has ordered an independent review of her death. police say she hanged herself in her jail cell monday in temp stead texas. her arrest days before that triggered by a traffic violation stop during which authorities said bland was, quote, uncooperative. bland's family gathered for a prayer service today. they said they don't think bland's own facebook post about battling depression had anything to do with her death. >> and i think that people have their good days and their bad days, per se. but in terms of any type of medically diagnosed clinical depression, no. that was not the case. >> the fbi and texas rangers also investigating this case. video of an apparent attack on a piece of lbgt artwork just into the newsroom. a surveillance camera caught a man splashing something on this mural in san francisco's mission district, then setting it on fire. it happened ahead of a gay pride
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exhibition last month. police just released the video in hopes of getting new leads on the suspect. vandals also spray painted this mural twice in june before the arson incident. a florida beach evacuated after someone spotted something that looked like a bomb. so that was a controlled explosion as the bomb squad safely detonated the object. this turned out to be a photo flash bomb. it's a kind of pyrotechnic that gets its thame from its bomb-like appearance. the sheriff's office contacted nearby macdill air force base in case it was a military origin. and back here in the dmv, this heatwave has folks switching up their routines. the heat is going to stick with us for the next couple of days. these guys have the right idea,
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spending the day at splash parks or at the pool. cooling centers are opening up throughout if the area as well. it is going to be intense out there. stay indoors if you can. stay hydrated. try to limit your exposure outdoors as much as possible. >> yeah, take it easy tomorrow. tuesday it's still going to be hot and humid. but tomorrow the heat will still be approaching those dangerous levels where if you have a gym go to the gym. don't risk it and run outside. simple things like that. today the warmest day so far this year. we're look at a three-day heatwave. today, tomorrow, and tuesday. because of the heat and a humidity as well as the poor air quality, once again tomorrow will be a storm team 4 weather alert day. we're under a code orange air quality alert for most of the region. i'll be showing you that map in just a moment. and tomorrow afternoon some scattered thunderstorms are possible. the focus really the heat and humidity. but because it will be so humid, if we do see any thunderstorms develop tomorrow afternoon, they could contain very heavy
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rainfall. and as you know, it's been a very wet summer. so that could lead to some flash flooding concerns can. of course tom will be in tomorrow morning updating the forecast. veronica and doug during the afternoon here is the air quality alert i mentioned. for all the counties here in gray, this is the d.c. metro area. prince william, loudoun counties in virginia all of southern maryland and frederick county. code orange for increased levels of ozone. so if you are sensitive groups, what that means you have respiratory or heart issues, you definitely want to take it easy and keep children and elderly in mind tomorrow. travel. just fine as long as your air conditioning is working. heading out and about, hydrate take it easy. slow improvements on tuesday. wednesday looking great. temperatures right now impressive. it's stifling outside. 86 still in washington. at 11:00 p.m. 82 in leesburg and gaithersburg. 78 degrees right now in culpeper. and looking at storm team 4 radar, we're mainly dry right now. lone showers in far western
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maryland. also this area leaving ohio making its way into west virginia. if it holds together it could have a bit of an impact on the morning rush. hagerstown at 6:00 a.m. washington at 7:20. it is showing signs of sizzling. we would only be dealing with a few signs of isolated showers. highs tomorrow in the low to mid-90s. washington a high of 95. gaithersburg a high of 93. so about 3 degrees cooler than today. but look what it's going to feel like at 1:00 p.m. 101 in washington. 102 at 2:00 p.m. most spots feeling like it's over 100 degrees. a high temperature on tuesday of 92. feeling like 100. a better chance of some scattered thunderstorms as a cold front moves through. that cold front sets us up for a crisp refreshing relatively speaking wednesday. a high of 89. that's the day to get your car washed. looking at this. we're looking at dry weather on through saturday. saturday a high temperature of 89. chance of storms on sunday. >> make note of it. car washes on wed.
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got it. thanks. still ahead on "star wars" day at nats park the dodgerses approving that he is from another galaxy. iran keeps their nuclear facilities. military sites
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can go uninspected. restrictions end after 10 years. then iran could build a nuclear weapon in two months. iran has violated 20 international agreements and is the leading state sponsor of terrorism.
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this is the xfinity sports desk brought to you by xfinity. your home for the most live sports. >> sunday ball games always fun. and then you add in the "star wars" factor. oh, makes for some epic video and pictures today. >> it was great to be out of the ballpark. despite the heat, the weather, it was 172 degrees you said? >> 172, yeah. that's exactly what the graphic said. shows how much you pay attention. >> but the fans they still showed up. it was great. three cy young award winners on the mound in less than 24 hours. not a bad weekend of baseball at nationals park. unfortunately, though, for the nats, they couldn't take advantage of their ace being on the mound today. max scherzer went toe to toe with zack greinke of the
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dodgers. "star wars" day at nationals park. even screech got in on the action. early on max scherzer using the force. top of the first, in a bases loaded jam. yasiel puig strikes out to end the inning, one of eight strikeouts in the game for scherzer. top of the fourth, a man on third. this ball gets away from catcher wilson ramos. andre ethier coming in from third. and he would score. the dodgers, they score on a wild pitch. six in, eight strikeouts. just that run allowed by max scherzer. on the other end zack greinke pretty much unhittable these days. escobar goes on swinging. then it's bryce harper. then it's the catcher wilson ramos. greinke 11 strikeouts in eight shut-out innings of work. he has now thrown 43 2/3 scoreless innings of baseball here. dodgers beat the nationals 5-0. they take this series with a dominant pitching performance. >> he's been pretty good.
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so last two guys are really good pitchers. we swung at some out of the strike zone. they made good pitches as well. the results are the results. so we look forward to tomorrow. orioles visiting the tigers. they face cy young award winner. david price yesterday. justin verlander today. a lot of cy young award winners on the mound. the o's are not scared. top of the fourth, tied at one. bases loaded for jj hardy who goes opposite field off verlander. two runs come in to score easy. khris davis crush. he can run too. beats the throw. or excuse me, he is out. my apologies. a two-run double either way for jj hardy. the o's are up 3-1. later in the inning, more trouble for verlander. this time it's jonathan scope with more on the corners. he tees off a three-run shot. the birds chase verlander after 3 2/3 innings. seven runs allowed by him. orioles win their first series since june 28th. they beat the tigers 9-3.
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let's take a look at the leaderboard. st. andrews is a full-time job these days. lots of movement on the leaderboard. louis oosthuizen is one of the guys moving up. his second shot on 18. this one is going to land right next to the cup. he would tap in for birdie. he is tied for the lead at minus 12. the surprise of the day has to be amateur ball dunn from ireland. here he is on 7. this putt up the hill is going to roll right in for birdie. he was impressive today. he has been impressive his entire tournament. he is at 12 under. excuse me, louis oosthuizen and jason day, they're at a three-way tie for first heading to the final round which will be played on monday.
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a lot of people have nostalgia for nickelodeon. but a baltimore orioles minor league affiliate may be taking its love a bit too far.
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imagine professional baseball players running the bases in these rug rat uniforms? well, soon you won't have to imagine it. you'll be able to laugh at it. the frederick keys will host a '90s themed nickelodeon night july 31st. and a reminder that tomorrow is another weather alert today. >> it's because of the heat and humidity. this is how it's going to feel tomorrow evening around 5:00 p.m. about 102 degrees in washington. 101 in manassas. a day to take it easy and drink plenty of water. all right.
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right now on "sports final" -- >> just completely shut us down. >> the evil empire from the west strikes back as the nats strike out. >> i don't want to give him too much credit because i have to face him again. >> in a glass economy far, far away, the wins push the schedule as the young jedi pushes the leaders. and the force awakens as world cup champions spur local soccer spirit. tell them darth. >> "sports final" starts now. ♪


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