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tv   News4 Today  NBC  July 22, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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brings you the food and you just just. >> it softens the blow on delays in cancellations. >> and that $500 flight. >> yeah. "news4 today" continues it's 5:00 a.m. >> announcer: "news4 today" begins with breaking news. that breaking news happening on the campus of georgetown university. and mollett green is live. >> reporter: police tell me they arrested two people here on the scene. part of an investigation into a stolen car. you can still see officers, investigators on the scene. the car involved is still down the street. there as investigators collect
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evidence in this case. still unclear if police had to fire their weapons. but an officer tells me that no one was hurt in this incident. they do tell me that this is unrelated to a robbery that happened nearby. again, we're on the campus of gw university. no going down that street until police finish their investigation. we're live this morning in northwest. back to you. >> all right, molette, thank you. 68 degrees outside the studios. we're able to wake up to cooler air. and the humidity has blown quaye. >> it's somewhat refreshing, in fact, it's pretty nice we're going to hash tag this day if you tweet about it beautiful day. good morning, i'm angie goff. >> let's go to tom kierein with the forecast. >> a break from high humidity. and we're well under way. excellent visibility. a lot of humidity is going to the south with canadian high
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pressure takes a dive. the temperatures at 7:00 will be in the low 70s. right now we're in the 60s. around 9:00 mid-70s. and around 11:00, 80. low humidity and cooler temperatures on the way. weather and traffic on the 1s. your walk to work forecast. melissa has a closure. >> yeah this is what molette green said, this is worth mentioning, 23rd street shut down from f to h and it's blocked box of that investigation. it could be blocked as it continues this morning. prince george's county overall, no major problems. 95 virginia fairfax parkway, no major issues. 66 out of town rolling around nicely. bw parkway, 95 nice and green. it's 5:03 now.
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new this morning, d.c. police are investigating a shooting overnight. this happened on 2nd street southeast. we just got off the phone with police. they tell us that someone shot a man, he is expected to survive. for a couple hours, police taped off an area near river hill apartments. we're trying to get information from police still about two people they're looking for. investigators are trying to figure out what caused a deck to collapse that sent five people to the hospital in howard county. the call came in from a townhome around apple brook circle anded with rider way this is columbia maryland. everybody is okay. carbon monoxide starts leaking from the tacoma flats apartment in montgomery last night. they evacuated 30 to 40 people there. they evacuated a couple of them no one was seriously hurt. the fire department has not said what caused the gas leak. just into the live desk a
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pretty ugly train collision in the czech republic in europe. two passengers on this train were killed. here are pictures of the aftermath. we're hearing about a dozen or so people were hurt. a few of them seriously. it happened at a rail crossing. somehow, the high-speed passenger train and a truck collided. it happened during the morning rush at about 7:43, the time in the czech republic. so right now a major rail line that links the capital of prague to the eastern part of the country is closed for an unspecific amount of time. it could be a very long time aaron. >> kristen thank you. it's 5:04 now we're now seeing the dash cam video of a controversial police stop in texas. sandra bland is behind the wheel here pulled over july 10th for failing to signal a lane change. during an escalating back and forth, bland is asked to leave her car. the trooper gets more agitated
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there. eventually, the trooper pulled bland out of the car. >> so you're going to trag me out of your own car. >> get out of the car i will light you up. >> wow. wow. >> now. get out of the car. >> wow -- >> get over there. >> now that trooper is on administrative duties right now, while authorities conduct an investigation. nbc news has learned the texas department of public safety is looking into possible edits to the tape you just saw. bland was charged. she later died in her jail cell. video shows the moment 9 jail staff found her in that cell. it does not show anyone going in or out of that cell in the hours before they found bland. an autopsy said she died asphyxiation, but bland's family is not buying that. the man charged with flying the gyrocopter on to u.s. capitol grounds will be in court in d.c. doug hughes has a pretrial
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hearing today. he's facing federal charges now. and if convicted, he could spend more than nine years in prison. a montgomery county delegate no longer faces charges of indecent exposure. the state attorney's office said it's a family court issue now. according to court records ariana kelly flashed her breasts during an argument with her ex and his fiancee. prosecutors dropped the charges in the case because kelly's ex-husband asked them to. a search for a new general manager and safety and financial issues a public forum happening from 6:00 until 9:00 at the council office building in rockville. that meeting follows metro's underground emergency that killed one woman earlier this year. also today -- state employees are expected to rally across maryland against budget cuts. the group is asking governor larry hoag ton stop staff cuts. organizers say the division of corrections will lay off more
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than 60 workers to save $3 million. you can find a list of rallies and locations on the nbc4 app. search maryland rally. good-bye heat wave. hello nice wave. take a look outside the nbc4 studios where we're not even at 70 yet. what will it like on your walk to work. a prisoner escapes from a virginia hospital keeping a community on edge for hours. this morning, we're lettering he's requesting something for the upcoming trial.
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patients recently rated their care experience at over 3,500 hospitals nationwide in a survey conducted for the centers for medicare and medicaid. only seven percent received five stars. including four of ours. learn more at
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welcome back. a new secretly recorded video is showing -- is out showing abortion providers in planned parenthood executives allegedly discussing the sale of fetal tissue. this is the second of a series of videos produced by
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antiabortion activists. in both videos, they feature interviews with different planned parenthood executives, planned parenthood has denied any improper activity. a news4 alert for you, journalist proved hackers can take control of your car remotely. >> hold on. >> take a look at this video. hackers controlled a 2014 jeep cherokee sending a driver into a ditch. a reporter for "wired" magazine did this on purpose. he did this to show how connected cars can be vulnerable. chrysler released the software this month. the company says it has a huge focus on cybersecurity. this is really auto industry is going to be facing for the next few years when it comes to connected cars and exposing security threats that exist. >> great technology more and more coming online and -- >> affecting everything.
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>> it's scary stuff sometimes. 5:12 just about now, what a difference the day makes. things are expected to be cooler today. >> amelia segal is at the metro station. if people are planning to walk to work, amelia, it should be more refreshing. >> reporter: absolutely it's refreshing outside. at the metro station you can see 73 degrees. you can see the anemometer that's picking up breezy conditions. that's going to be nice whether you're walking to work, that early morning run or jog. if you're a little late this morning, at least you won't be dealing with the heat and a difference a day makes. temperature this morning as you walk to work around 71 degrees. plenty of sunshine dry walkways and so gorgeous. heading home, temperature around
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89 degrees. that will be the high for today. temperature a little cooler, but it's the humidity that's going to make such a difference today. melissa, a day to enjoy. what's the latest on the roads? >> sound goods to me. 66 now, 95 no issues. we're looking quite good actually. pretty much all over the place, just checked the rails for you as well. also moving along nicely on the rails. 270, northbound, southbound, everything rolling along well. don't have any issues there. 95, 198 no problems there in maryland. do have this situation on northwest, 23 third near gw, going to be shut down between f and h, because of that investigation where molette is this morning. back in ten minutes. only on news4, exclusive video of a man accused of brutally beating a senior
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5:17, only on news4. exclusive video showing the moment police took down a man while he took down another man on synthetic drugs. this happened in chinatown. take a look here. the man cursing and laughing as officers tried to arrest him. the man eventually taken to the hospital for a suspected overdose of synthetic drugs. witnesses say that man kicked an older man in the head at a bus station for no apparent reason. d.c. police have linked several crimes to synthetic drug use this summer. investigators say four men broke into a home on hillier square in ashburn. you see the sketch of one of the men with a distinctive tattoo on his neck. the man showed a knife got away with cash, a cell phone and video game. nobody was hurt. 5:17, some neighbors in
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herndon say they are not walking out alone anymore. this after a woman was found dead in say parking garage. it happened in the garage off dulles station boulevard off sunrise valley drive. news4's shamarry stone talked to a woman there. >> i don't want to be out here by myself anymore. >> the victim was a white woman in her 20s. she had red hair. fairfax county police said she had head trauma. they have not released her name. lawyers for a man who escaped from charlottesville. that sparked an eight-hour manhunt across the area. saez's lawyers say the huge publicity prevented him from getting a fair trial. lawyers for six police
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officers charged in freddie gray's death are demanding 0 to see the other side's investigation. according to the baltimore sun, defense lawyers want a judge to subpoena the prosecution in this case. gray died of a severe spinal injury while in a police van back in april. prosecutors say they are not legally required to hand over their records. when it comes to the battle of sexes men do not like the rules of women playing video games. researchers found that some men felt threatened by women players. they cited players using halo 3 video game on xbox live. new research shows why women are most affected by those with alzheimer's. a new study from duke university center look at people who have a form of early memory loss that could send a patient into alzheimer's. women declined more than 20% quicker. and other research finds that
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women tend to have more amyloid in heir brain which are hallmarks of alzheimer's. today we'll get a look at a huge machine digging a tunnel under d.c. the tunnel borers are digging up a huge tunnel under the anacostia river. this is one of them, the lady bird as it's called. today, cruise are going to pull part of it out from underground for the first time in two years. lady bird will do the tunnels that prevent waste. >> 440 feet long when all put together. wow. coming up on this wednesday morning, ahead, we had this monster heat wave and broke it. >> everybody is talking about it online. just how great it feels to be able to take a breath. let check in with tom. what's going on? >> yeah, the godzilla heat wave is now gone.
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the lower humidity has moved in thanks to the canadian movement. and skycast 4 showing lots of sunshine through the morning. just a few high clouds midday and afternoon. beautiful blue sky. wear the sunblock because we've got intense sun this time of year. temperatures right now are in the 60s. suburbs and rural area. gaithersburg down to ski. prince george's county upper 60s near the 70s. inside the beltway, low 70s. most of northern virginia from loudoun county and western fairfax here mid-60s. low 60s to mid-60s in shenandoah mountains in the panhandle of west virginia. by 8:00, around 70. by noon time, should be in the low 80s. just a few high clouds coming in in the afternoon. temperatures climbing to near 90. but it won't feel nearly as steamy as it has the last number of days. we'll have that feels-like
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temperature just about the same. it will feel like the upper 80s or so with the low humidity in place. it will be hotter by friday and saturday upper 80s tomorrow. near 90 friday and saturday. lots of sunshine each day. great beach and pool weather. if you're walking the dog and maybe going for a morning run, you'll love that you'll do the same thing as well thursday through saturday. then the humidity returns as it must, as we get into sunday and monday. getting warmer and hotter with more humidity. chance of storms on monday and against tuesday. a look at neighborhood highs today. now molette is looking at a street closure in washington. >> still have the street closure at george washington university. this is closed at "f" to "h."
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part of virginia is blocked because of that investigation because of that police investigation. a live look at the beltway, overall, everything is fine. don't have any major problems at this point this morning. keep our fingers crossed here. prince george's county also looking quite good and nice and green. heading into virginia now, knife, dale boulevard, northbound, southbound everything is rolling just fine here this morning. 66 into town and out of town, also looking quite good. remember to tune into our friends on wtop hop in we're following a developing story out of the korean peninsula, a south korean news agency reports the north built a new taller missile launch tower. the report says that new tower can launch longer-range missiles. north korea is banned from conducting the missiles technology test. this is file video from a north korean2012. the south says the north can launch a new rocket in october when the country celebrates the
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70th anniversary party. greenpeace saying allowing residents to return to the fukushima area is a bad idea. the japanese government plans to allow about 55,000 people to live in that contaminated area in 2017. the area around the fukushima nuclear plant was contaminated after an area was shut down. between phoenix and los angeles, you can see a big flood basically washed it away. the california department of transportation says it will probably reopen this bridge on friday. full repairs on the bridge could take weeks or longer. virginia governor terri mccauliffe is asking state police to step up patrols around recruiting centers. this follows the attack in
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chattanooga tennessee that killed four marines. in the republican presidential race, right now, candidates are competing for second place. donald trump leads in the polls, in spite of his controversial comments. including review senator lindsey graham's personal phone number in public. the republican candidates are trying to participate in debates. the newest candidate in the race, ohio governor john kasich will be in new hampshire today. you might be compegthecking the dvr to see president obama's final appearance on "the daily show." >> but this new thing, you called it earlier, diplomacy -- >> [ laughter ] >> -- that sounds interesting. >> see what happens. see what happens. [ applause ] >> but we still have to bomb people at some point. >> ladies and gentlemen the 44th president of the united
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states. >> that's a pretty good line. you can hear they talking about the nuclear deal with iran. they also discussed the 2016 presidential race. the president also told jon stewart he wanted to keep the host in his seat as part of an executive order. can he do that? >> i don't think so. he can't do that with comedy central. royal cake and ice cream, prince george celebrating his 2nd birthday today. >> and for a toddler he's having -- george was born on july 22nd 2013. william describes his son as a little bit of a rascal who does not want to go to sleep. the royal baby began what will be the first of many travels in april 2014 when he and his parents travel to new zealand for the ten-day tour. prince george then traveled on a plane with his parents. he welcomed the new baby little
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charlotte into the royal family. >> they're just the perfect couple. we're just fascinated with them in every way, right? it's like a fantasy, you know. well, we're learning several new details sur roupgd therounding the gunman in that deadly shooting in chattanooga. what grade would you give your kids' school? why some d.c. parents say a-plus. looking live, this is the coolest we've seen things in a long
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iran keeps their nuclear facilities. military sites can go uninspected. restrictions end after 10 years. then iran could build a nuclear weapon in two months. iran has violated 20 international agreements and is the leading state sponsor of terrorism.
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good morning, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm angie goff in for eun. the man convicted of gunning down and killing several people at a colorado movie theater heads to court. the new process about to get under way for james holmes. new details emerge in the so-called mansion murders what we're learning about more dna evidence in this case. and check out those current temperatures on your screen. well, you can check out one. we got 68 degrees out there. we haven't seen that in a while. the heat wave hitting our area is finally over. >> it will be cooler today. let's send things over to tom now. >> yeahs for those construction workers at the scaffolding, or anybody work outside, the last few days it has been brutal.
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but today you're going to enjoy it. we go to pleasant humidity around this more than and it's going to be in place for the rest of the day. neighborhood high, north and west of washington, low and mid-80s. shenandoah valley low 80s. and upper 80s in downtown washington and down to 95 towards fredricksburg. around the bay, it will be mid-80s. lots of sun and not much humidity. that is going to be hanging in here for the rest of the day. lower humidity, terrific beach and pool weather today. let's check in on the morning commute. melissa we've had a couple closures. what's going on. >> a couple of closures. we'll talk about that in a second, overall, tom, actually looking pretty good. bw parkway, 29 95 everything looking quite good here. wealthway at st. barnabas that is rolling along just fine. 66 no issues, 95 dale
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boulevard, rolling around just find. 23rd northwest closed from "f" to h, and start of virginia avenue blocked as well. travel times in ten minutes. today the penalty phase in the colorado theater shooting trial begins. a jury convicted james holmes back in 2012. the same jury that convicted him will decide his fate. prosecutors have said in the past that they will seek the death penalty. this week, holmes told the judge he will not testify on his own behalf during the penalty phase. new developments in the investigation into last week's deadly shooting in chattanooga, tennessee. nbc news has learned the shooter mohammad abdulazeez downloads recordings of the al qaeda killer before the attack. law enforcement officials told nbc news the uncle is a, quote, radical, and that the shooter
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stayed with him in jordan last year. in georgia the community came together to remember one of the five military service members who died. >> the pentagon confirming a u.s. air strike killed a longtime al qaeda operative in syria, the leader of the group was killed two weeks ago. a pentagon spokesman said the operative was one of the few trusted leaders who knew of the september 11 attacks. he was also involved in an attack that killed a u.s. marine in 2002. you awesaw it first on 4. the explosion happened at the national institute of standards and technology in gaithersburg saturday. the officer said he was burned while filling a butane lighter. and chemicals and a for making meth were found at the site. soon, capitol police be able to search your bag without cause. new language saying officers can
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search what you're carrying in order to detect for prohibited items. the report says searches will only happen in officers believe there say serious threat. according to a new survey, d.c. public schools making the grade with parents. a political consulting company surveyed 1400 parents, location and academics attracted the parents. 73% rated the teachers exceptional. nine out of ten parents said they would recommend the school district to other parents. today, you can find out what is next for route 28 in north virginia. there have been complaints of route 28 south. vdot is now sharing what it learned from a new track to make had short-term fixes on the corridor. tonight's meeting is at 6:30 p.m. in manassas park. capital bikeshare is getting
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bigger. arlington approved adding eight stations along the parkway. right now, the only bikeshare station is at the ewhat jeem that memorial and north reed street. go to the nbc4 app for a list of locations. it will begin this summer. the project will take about a year to complete. well, today, we will get a look at the newly expanded cybercrime center in fairfax county. that center will focus on immigration and customs enforcement. it will help agents investigate online marketplaces of drugs and online porn. the brother of a "washington post" reporter detained in iran speaks out. what he has to say about him being held for a year. if you've seen one video, you want to look at this one, a dramatic rollover. what played a roll in that accident. will you want a little something
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dramatic surveillance video this morning showing a truck hitting a telephone pole. flipping over and then smashing into a dealership. this happened saturday night in salisbury, massachusetts. police say the driver was going 80 90 miles an hour at the
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time. that driver faces several charges now. including driving while drunk and destruction of property. i guess the key thing to note here that car hit several other cars and a lot of damage on the property there. but no one was hurt. >> yeah, and investigating who was it that survived. and teachers in loudoun county are reacting to the news that that he will no longer be required to hold midterms and final exams. it will increase more creativity and project-based learning. and many say it limits less the on-test prep. and other teachers worry that students will miss out on dealing with high-pressure scenarios. teachers can still to give comprehensive tests but this test will be one of many factors contributing to the overall grades. 5:40 is our time now on this wednesday morning. middle of the week. >> my friday. whoo-hoo. >> two words this morning -- lower humidity.
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>> oh yeah we can hear it all day long. it's already better outside. we want to check in with news4's amelia segal in new carrollton with the forecast. hey, amelia. >> reporter: good morning angie. that's right we're here at the new carrollton metro station. commuters are enjoying the weather. we're here with the storm team 4. it's not the temperature, it's the humidity. we're not dealing with the humidity. very comfortable. as you're heading into work this morning, temperature around 71 degrees with plenty of sunshine. dry roads as well. coming home. the weather still not an issue. plenty of sun and a high today of 89. now coming up in tenement, tom's going to let us know how long this spectacular weather pattern sticks around. i've been talking about it on facebook and twitter this morning. a lot of people liking the change in weather. for now, we'll send things to
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melissa for a look at the roads. what about you, do you like this weather? >> i love this weather. cannot get enough of this weather. perfect for the pool, perfect for a nats game. i love it. what i don't love the closures. 18th street shut down and 23rd street shut down from "f" to "h" because of a block there near gw. 95 northbound quantico to the beltway, no issues. 66 looking good top of the beltway there outer loop. remember to listen to our friends at wtop 105 fm. an exclusive interview with the brother of a "washington post" reporter. what he has to say about his detainment as we mark the one-year anniversary. we're also monitoring a situation in new york this morning. that's where a apossible strike could happen today but will impact you if you're flying to the big apple. and she is accused of pouring
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gasoline on her ex-boyfriend and setting his house on
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>> announcer: you're watching "news4 today." 15 before 6:00 now. held in iran for a year. and this morning, we're hearing from the family of a "washington post" reporter. more on that in just a minute. first, let's check in with tom and melissa. hey, guys. good morning, we're starting off early this morning with some sunshine. beginning to build in the eastern sky. and we've got the lower humidity with us. here's a live view from the storm team 4 tower camera this morning. i'm joined by melissa mollet who is loving this weather. >> loving it. >> i've never seen you so giddy. >> and traffic's not bad either. >> traffic's not bad overall. a couple of little closures here. 18th street shut down. and 23rd northwest from "f" to
5:46 am
"h" blocked because of a police investigation there. more in a couple minutes. as we are learning more about the investigation into a quadruple murder in d.c., police waiting on some important evidence here. savvas, amy and philip were killed in a northwest d.c. mansion two months ago. a federal lab is still processing dna from the scene. the lab says it takes an extensionive amount of time to analyze and prepare reports on every piece of evidence. they are examining a baseball bat, a water bottle and duct tape. attempting murder and a woman scorned. a d.c. public school employee is in big trouble after police say she attacked her ex-boyfriend. lisa finley is a teachers' aide at anacostia high. her boyfriend of two years tried to end the relationship sunday. that's when he claims that finley poured gasoline on him
5:47 am
and set his owings hills house on fire. >> i don't like it. >> the sapphire caused about $75,000 in damage. finley turned herself in on monday. she's charged with arson, sought and attempted murder. and new investigation into a deadly police shooting in west virginia. the naacp wants the justice department to look into wayne jones' death. martinsville police shot him 22 times killing him during an incident years ago. jones is from stevens city virginia. coming up on 5:48, the family of "washington post" reporter jason rezaian is marking one year since jailed in iran. he was fine she say, but we've heard little more about the
5:48 am
charges. jason has face grueling interrogation and now his brother is telling nbc news chief correspondent richard engel. his procedure is depressed and just wants americans to know he's innocent. >> he's had no due process. he's done nothing wrong and they've ignored their own laws in iran. they've ignored the international laws and obligations they have to human rights. >> the family and the u.s. demand his release. you can see more about the interview with his brother on the "today" show. the plane crashed in a remote part of yellowstone national park a d.c. woman and a couple from annapolis were among those killed. the pilot also died. investigators say the plane was headed to montana when it went off its flight path and suddenly went into a steep decent. we are hearing from a woman
5:49 am
who saved a child locked in a hot car 93 kansas. a woman recorded this an posted to facebook. look at this. this happened in a parking lot in a shopping center saturday afternoon, before officers arrived, the woman stepped in and took quick action. >> i asked my sister is there anything in the truck that will break this window. she handed me our trailer gauge. so i go over there, and i have this, i'm pretty sure it will break the window. i just tapped it once and it shattered. >> police ticketed the adults who left the child. i'm jeff rossen, coming up this morning and all new "rossen reports" alert for all of us. we're coming into a hot car right now, to show you how fast you can go from normal to something like this. this shirt was actually a different color when i got in here. how fast it gets dangerous adults let alone children who
5:50 am
get hot. five times as fast. we're going to show you not only how to avoid these situations, but how to break into a car if you see a child sweating it out inside. it's all coming up this morning here on "today." and news4 for health. inova fairfax hospital is the number one hospital in the area. that's according to the report of u.s. news and world report. medstar washington came in second. medstar georgetown and mary hospital and inova mount vernon tied for sixth place. it's based on specialty patient death rate and other measures. just when you shot it was safe "sharknado" returns. >> i know how this is going to sound i can sense the storms now. >> "sharknado 3: oh hell no!"
5:51 am
this is the third in the franchise. we all remember when everyone was talking about the first movie on facebook and twitter when it was released in 2013. sci-fi owned by nbcuniversal, the parent company of nbc4. have you seen this? >> everybody is talking about it, they have an app where you can look and like you're being eaten by sharks. >> don't ask -- i can see where you're going with this. i will not. >> it's like all splashing around. it's all fun and games. let's look at the storm team 4 radar to see if we see any sharks. >> i know, i don't see any. >> we're shark-free. >> we are shark-free. and storm team 4 radar will be rain-free, too. all day long today. another beautiful morning under way here over the last several
5:52 am
mornings. look at shenandoah valley, west virginia, only about 60 degrees. in the mountains, it's dipped in the 50s in higher locations. oakland, 54 degrees. davison at 61. nearby suburbs around the beltway mid-60s. that includes fairfax county prince george's county upper 60s. still warm around the eastern shore. upper 70s. reagan national is at 72. you will not need the umbrella today. but you will need the sunblock sunglasses and short sleeves as it's still going to be rather warm. look at this hummingbird feasting on this flower. this photo posted on twitter. you can post your photos on twitter and facebook. and i'll share as well on instagram. going to the game today. it's an early afternoon game at nats park. they're playing the mets. first pitch at 12:35. by then, it will be in the low to mid-80s. great day for baseball. great weather for any outdoor
5:53 am
activities. working playing tennis. playing golf. beautiful day for that. not much wind. low 80s by the seventh inning and then upper 80s by mid to late afternoon. nice weather continues with low humidity. beautiful beach and pool weather, highs in the 80s to upper 90s but it won't feel nearly as brutal with lower humidity. nice day on saturday. afternoon highs around 90 and partly cloudy. humidity returns sunday. thunderstorms on monday and again on tuesday. melissa has a couple of street closures in d.c. what's going on now. >> a couple closures in d.c. i just want to remind you of this one, it's going to be lasting until saturday as they do some track maintenance there in randolph between neble and park lawn. as far as the d.c. closures, 18th street northeast shut down at rhode island avenue. and 23rd street northwest closed from "f" to "h" because of
5:54 am
police activity there. molette green is in the area there. we'll hear from her in the next couple of minutes. beltway looking good. no major problems. 66 manassas, no major problems, northbound. and the beltway at indian head highway looks quite good. do you find putting out your cigarette, please? do you mind? >> i'm in my car. i don't have to put out my cigarette. >> you can step out now. >> i don't want to step out of the car. >> step out of the car. >> a dash cam video showing a controversial police stop in texas. sandra bland is behind the wheel. this is the same woman found later ted in her jail cell. the video is july 10th. bland was pulled over for failing to use a signal after she made a lane change. now, during this conversation that escalated back and forth ambulances is heard refusing to leave her car, the state trooper
5:55 am
becomes more and more agitated. he eventually pulled out his taser. >> i'm going to drag you out of here. >> you're going to drag me out of my own car? >> get out of the car, i will light you up. >> wow, wow. >> get out of the car. >> get over there. >> well that trooper is now on administrative leave while authorities conduct an investigation. nbc news has learned the texas department of public safety is looking to possible edits made to this tape. bland was charged with assault. there is a massive outcry over how she was treated during her stop and the fact that she was found dead. this video shows the moment jail staff found her. it does not show anyone going in or out of the jail cell before they found bland. tonight workers could be on strike. nonunion workers like baggage handlers, wheel declarechair and
5:56 am
security officers could walk off the job at laguardia and jfk. that walkoff could begin at 10:00 p.m. well, since more people will be flying more places at the reagan national airport, you're going to notice a new feel at the airport. reagan adding new security checkpoints and a new concourse. but the newest change is to terminal "a." it now features an ipad at every new seat there. you can connect to the internet. >> you don't have to talk to people. you can sit here in your own word. >> check this out, if you order food on the ipad, somebody brings you the food, then you just swipe your card and start eating. >> easy as that. today, the white house hosting a conversation on school discipline policies and practices. school leaders will share best practices used to dismantle the prison pipeline. also share how they foster safe and productive learning
5:57 am
environments in kids out of school and juvenile justice system. that begins at 9:00 this morning. >> reporter: some new details just in from this crime investigation here on gw campus. i'm molette green. i'll have that coming up in my live report. also ahead -- forced out of their apartments overnight. the situation that had firefighters going door to door in a montgomery county apartment building. that's next phone "news4 today" at 6:00. everyone take a live look outside right now, the hash tag we're using is beautiful day. we are coming off a magical night and things a
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> announcer: "news4 today" begins with breaking news. that breaking news, we just learned a police officer fired his gun on the gw university campus. multiple roads shut down right now. news4's molette green is there with the breaking story. molette. >> reporter: good morning d.c. police confirmed that an officer fired his weapon in a stolen car investigation and that no bunone was struck. we're working to find out additional information. but let me show you, you can see behind me the investigation activity still under way. and the car involved in this investigation still on the scene. police tell me that the suspect bailed out of the car.
6:00 am
we can tell you that two people are under arrest in police custody this morning. and this all went down about 3:30 this morning. in this community where we are right on the campus of george washington university. earlier i asked police specifically if this incident had had anything to do with a robbery nearby in georgetown. and they told me no it had nothing to do with this. still working this active investigation hoping to get more information before we go off the air this morning. but there are road closures in place here at 23rd and "h." and melissa mollet can give us more information on that. >> all right. at this


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