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tv   News4 Today  NBC  July 22, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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we're working to find out additional information. but let me show you, you can see behind me the investigation activity still under way. and the car involved in this investigation still on the scene. police tell me that the suspect bailed out of the car. we can tell you that two people are under arrest in police custody this morning. and this all went down about 3:30 this morning. in this community where we are right on the campus of george washington university. earlier i asked police specifically if this incident had had anything to do with a robbery nearby in georgetown. and they told me no it had nothing to do with this. still working this active investigation hoping to get more information before we go off the air this morning. but there are road closures in place here at 23rd and "h." and melissa mollet can give us more information on that. >> all right. at this point, we have 23rd
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street and northwest shut down between "f" and "h," and part of virginia avenue also blocked because of that police investigation. another investigation, 18th street northeast shut down at rhode island avenue. and add braddock road, a disabled car off to the shoulder. prince george's looking okay this morning. good morning, as you step out the door you're going to notice a fresh change has moved in. there is the sunrise. live view. temperatures are in the 60s. by 8:00 low 70s. then by noon time it's going to be up in the low 80s, so say gradual climb in temperatures with low humidity. an absolutely gorgeous summer day under way. we'll have plenty of sunshine. temperatures right now are in the 60s throughout northern virginia and most of maryland. right near the bay waters. and low to mid-70s.
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more weather and traffic on the 1s as amelia joins us with the walk to work forecast. new this morning, investigators trying to figure out what caused a deck to collapse. in a wind rider way and apple brook circle in columbia. everyone is expected to be okay. now a serious situation out in silver spring. carbon monoxide started leaking from the tacoma flats apartments on eastern avenue last night. montgomery county firefighters evacuated 30 to 40 people there. they evaluated a couple of them but no one was seriously hurt. the fire department has not said what caused that gas leak. in the day ahead the man charged with flying a gyrocopter is due in court. doug hughes has already rejected a plea deal that would have included a significant amount of jail time. hughes faces federal charges now. if he's convicted, he could spend more than nine years in
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prison. the lawyers for a prisoner who escaped in alexandria now asked to have this trial move, wossen assaye back in march sparked an eight-hour manhunt. assaye assaye's lawyers say they will not be able to get a affair trial with that publicity. cameras are were rolling as police find a man high on synthetic drugs. the man was cursing and laughing. officers eventually took him to the hospital for a suspected overdose of synthetic drugs. witnesses say the man kicked an older man in the head at a nearby bus stop for apparently no reason. d.c. police have linked several crimes to a spike in synthetic drug use this summer. right now a massive
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warehouse fire in new jersey. we want to show you live pictures from new brunswick, this morning, the fire absolutely raging. we don't have those live pictures. we hope to get them in a bit but it is just a massive fire that is absolutely overtaking. here it is. overtaking this warehouse in new brunswick. we understand that it may be some sort of toyota warehouse. and if in fact there are cars here, that is absolutely helping to fuel this had fire. look at all of the smoke. look at all of the flames. this is chopper video over the scene of this warehouse. just getting information in now, we don't know if anyone has been hurt. if there was anyone in the warehouse. but following all of that right now, a major challenge right now for firefighters there in new brunswick, new jersey this morning, angie. frederick county council has until next month to require county business be conducted in
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english. supporters of the ordinance say it saves the county money on translators. and they say english is already the primary language of business. opponents say it's intolerant and a turnoff to business. today, you can talk about your concerns with metro in montgomery county. leaders there are going to talk about the search for a new general manager plus safety issues. a public forum happens tonight from 6:00 to 9:00 at the council building in rockville. that meeting follows the underground emergency that killed one woman earlier this year. and that incident was the focus a hearing on capitol hill. the ntsb reiterated the smoke was related to a lack of ceiling sleeves that are supposed to protect power cables from water. now, metro says it is addressing that problem systemwide. metro also says it hopes to choose a new general manager this fall. and that it is looking for someone with financial expertise. well, today's state employee, expected to rally across maryland against budget
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cuts. the group is asking governor larry hoag ton stop cuts. the department of corrections will lay off more than 60 workers to save $3 million. you can find a list of rally locations and times on the nbc4 app. search maryland rally. today, we'll get a look at a huge machine digging a tunnel under d.c. take a look here, this is the lady bird tunnel. probably covered in more dirt right now. the lady bird has been digging miles of tunnel under the an costa river for the last two years. crews will pull part of it out of the ground. it to prevent waste from flowing into the anacostia river when it rains. giving you more choices to get around town. where you'll see bikeshare stations popping up in north virginia. plus, if you're headed to work storm team 4 meteorologist amelia segal live with your walk
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to work forecast. but first, we're watching breaking news out of eastern europe. after a collision on a high-speed train overnight. what we're learning about
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here at the live desk, we are following a high-speed train collision that has killed two people. this is in the czech republic, happening in the morning, during a morning rush hour. two passengers on that train were killed. about a dozen or so people are hurt. some with serious injuries. this happened at a rail crossing. and the train collided somehow with a truck. so right now, a major rail line, a major rail line, that links the capital city of prague to the eastern part of the country is shut down for who knows how long. as we're also learning just now that the prime minister has visited the crash site calling
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it a serious and tragic aaron. >> kristin wright at the live desk. thank you. some neighbors say a lion is on the loose in milwaukee. a woman actually got video of the animal. this is a lion-lion -- this is not like a mountain lion. this is the real deal here. the big one. >> yeah. >> nobody knows where this lion came from apparently, the milwaukee county zoo s of its lions are missing. police are looking into several sightings. they stepped up their patrols in different neighborhoods. the national resources folks are, yes don't know where it came from. >> you always hear about these stories people have exotic pets. how do you hide a lion, though? we are using the hash tag beautifulday to describe the weather. >> amelia segal is at the new carrollton metro station with a
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walk to work forecast. >> good morning, aaron. here with storm team 4, good morning guys. taking advantage of the lower humidity. as you walk to work this morning, enjoy it. not only are the temperatures comfortable. plenty of sunshine not a cloud in the sky here. heading home the temperature around 89 degrees. the humidity is slow. today a great day to get the car washed because we're looking at a stretch of dry weather. coming up in ten minutes, tom's going to let you know what to expect for the weekend when the humidity returns and if you could be dealing with storms. right now over to melissa melissa, you're tracking train delays right now? >> we do have train delays. the penn line, 12 minutes behind. and then 14 minutes. still the closure northwest "f" to "h," because of that police investigation where molette green is. overall, drive time in virginia looking good. same thing looking at maryland.
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no delays. remember to listen to her friends at wtop 105 fm when you hop in the car. and phone numbers given out, in decision 2016 which candidates are gaining the most traction. and also ahead in virginia, in wake of that deadly recruitment office shooting in
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6:16, breaking news out of d.c.'s foggy bottom neighborhood. we're working to learn why a d.c. police officer fired his gun overnight. this happened on "h" street northwest at 23rd street. right on the gw university campus. you're looking at a live picture from that scene right now. d.c. police say they arrested two people. they did not say why. parts of "h" street and virginia avenue are closed for investigation at this hour. today, jurors will begin deciding if the colorado movie theater shooter should die for his crimes. a jury convicted james holmes of first degree murder last week for the shooting death of 12 people back in 2012. well, the same jury that
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convicted him will decide his fate. prosecutors have said in the past that they will seek the death penalty. this week holmes told the judge that he will not testify on his own behalf during the penalty phase. d.c. police are missing some important evidence in their investigation into a quadruple murder in d.c. savvas, amy and philip and heir housekeeper were killed in their house two months ago. a federal lab is still processing dna from that scene. the lab says it takes an extensive amount of time to analyze and prepare reports on every piece of evidence. police are trying to find the person who killed a 37-year-old man in oxon hill. last night, police canvassed the area. pretty don't believe this was a random killing. you heard it first on news4 government lab confirms a federal police officer hurt in an explosion resigned.
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the explosion happened at the national institute of standards and technology in gaithersburg saturday. the officer said he was burned while filling a butane lighter. a recipe to make meth and chemicals were found at that site. nbc news has learned the shooter mohammad abdulazeez downloaded recordings before the attack. the uncle is being held overseas. the uncle is a radical and stayed with him in jordan last year. in georgia the community came together to remember one of the military service members who died. >> virginia governor terry mcauliffe is asking police to stem up patrols around recruiting centers that followed that attack. some states have ordered their national guard soldiers to be armed. the virginian pilot reports the head of the virginia national guard advised mcauliffe against
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arming soldiers. a new report says capitol police will be able to search your bags without probable cause. our news partner wtop said officers can search what you're carrying in order to detect prohibited items. the report says searches will only happen if officers believe there is a serious threat. new poll numbers from virginia voters, coming into the live desk just moments ago in decision 2016. take a look right here on the democratic side 55% of cold voters in virginia believe that hillary clinton is not honest or trustworthy. 54% said that clinton is a strong leader, though. as 50% feel that hillary clinton does not care about their need needs. now, on the republican side virginia voters gave rubio a 36% to 27% favorability rating.
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governor scott walker from wisconsin also did well among gop candidates. donald trump did not, aaron. but this new thing, you called earlier diplomacy -- [ laughter ] >> -- that sounds interesting. >> you might want to -- [ cheers and applause ] >> but we still get to bomb people at some point. >> we know lots of you will be watching this interview on your dvr today, president obama making a final appearance with jon stewart on "the daily show." stewart ends his long run as the show's host next month. they were talking about the nuclear deal with iran right there. they also spent time talking about the presidential race. cue the royal cake and ice cream, prince george is celebrating his 2nd birthday today. george was born on july 22nd 2013. he took his first trip abroad in
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2014 when he and his parents travelled to new zealand for ten days. prince george then traveled on to australia with his parents. and this year he welcomed a new baby sister to the royal family little charlotte. his dad william describes his son as a little bit of a rascal who does not want to go to sleep. >> a toddler, yeah. >> pretty normal. he's also a fashion icon. >> kid? >> anytime he wears anything with the little shoes, completely sold out. completely sold out. and fashion blogs dedicated to him. >> i s don't get the fascination. let's talk about something a lot of people are excited to talk about told, and that is the weather. finally we're getting relief. >> relief for sure. 6:21, tom kierein has the details. >> and he bought the last pair of those shoes. you want to dress like a little prince today wear your shorts and short sleeves, a beautiful morning.
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live true from storm team 4 tower camera sun is coming up pristine clean in a clear sky. showing maybe just a few high clouds drifting over us for the afternoon. and we'll have plenty of sunshine through the late afternoon showers as well. so wear the sunblock, if you're heading to the pool or beach today. temperatures are in the upper 50s. prince george's county mid to upper 60s in montgomery county and fairfax, mid-60s. you can open the windows. right here in the bay, it's in the mid-70s. and temperatures will be jumping by noon time by the low 80s. keeping in the low 80s by late afternoon. a few of high clouds coming on through. back down to the 60s again. great for a morning run. walking the dog. temperatures in the afternoon, into the upper 80s. lots of sunshine, again low humidity still in place friday and saturday. both of those days will have a high reaching around 90 degrees. just weather out there for
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recreation or working outside as well. then on sunday, here cummings the humidity. it does return with a southerly wind. hot and humid weather, low 90s, sunday, monday and tuesday. going to get afternoon storms again on monday and tuesday. a look at neighborhood highs around the region. next traffic and weather at 6:41. working its way from the beltway over and overall looking light. and reporting northeast of high water, eastern avenue between minnesota and olive street have water there. perhaps some sort of water main break. there's no way that we have any pooling water from recent rains. take a look at 66 inbound, man nan nas sass. penn south 14 minutes behind. and twirtd northwest closed from "f" to "h" box of that police activity from overnight. that's where molette green is
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for us this morning. in the day ahead, you have another chance to find out about the latest research on route 28. there have been complaints about route 28. vdot is sharing a new traffic study. tonight's meeting is 6:00 p.m. on adam street in manassas park. capital bikeshare is expanding. with the help of federal money, arlington county is increasing the number of stations from one to nine. right now the only station is at ewajima memorial. news4 is working for your health. a new report shows fewer teens are having sex from years ago.
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most teens use some type of birth control at their first experience. girls who did use birth control are less likely to have a baby as a teenager. women make up two-thirds of those suffering from alzheimer's. women in the study decline nearly twice as quickly as men did. other research finds that women tend to have more protein called amyloid in their brains. get ready for another "sharknado." >> i know how this goes. "sharknado 3: oh hell no!" premieres tonight on the sci-fi channel. you might remember everybody was talking about the first movie on facebook and twitter when at the
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came out in 2013. sci-fi owned by nbcuniversal the parent company of nbc4. >> high anticipation. this is the most watched movie on sci-fi. this is going to be more cameo, david hassledoff. we're watching a developing situation out of new york this morning that could make a mess of your travel plans. how potential airport strikes could impact flights. new dash cam video showing the arrest of a driver who would later be found dead in her jail cell. what caused the situation to escalate. and why investigators are taking a closer look at the tape. breaking news, several ♪ know
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. breaking news in d.c. right now, we're told no one was hurt overnight when a d.c. police officer fired his gun. this happened at the george washington university campus on "h" street northwest. right now, that road is partly closed. news4's molette green is there working to learn what she can about the update. she'll have a live update in 15 minutes. we'll send any breaking information to the washington 4 app. >> at this point, we do have impact, 23rd street northwest shut down between "f" and "h" because of this police investigation. and part of virginia avenue also blocked. brand-new crash chopper 4 got in dorwood. shady drove road at crabbs branch way. outbound road closed. clara parkway, debris on the
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roadway. and penn line delays. feels like forecast feels like heaven. we've gone from oppressive humidity yesterday and overnight. it dropped. and right now, pleasant humidity with us with us through the afternoon. neighborhood highs in the northwestern suburbs should be in the low 80s. low 80s western maryland, shenandoah valley, close to washington and northern virginia mid to upper 80s. parts of southern maryland near the bay in the mid-80s. lots of sunshine a few high clouds coming through. next weather and traffic on the 1s. aaron. do you mind putting out your cigarette, please do you mind? >> i'm in my car. >> you can step out now. >> i don't want to step out of the car. >> you're watching video of a in texas. sandra bland is behind the wheel
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here. this is the same woman later found dead in they are jail cell. bland was pulled over for failing to signal a lane change. during an escalating back and forth bland is heard refusing to leave her car. trooper brian encinia became more agitated here. get out of the car. i will light you up. get out, now. >> wow wow. >> get out of the car. get over there. >> so that trooper is now on administrative duty while authorities conduct an investigation. nbc news has learned the texas department of public safety is looking into possible edits to that tape. bland was charged with assault. there is a massive outcry over how she was treated during that stop. and the fact that she was found dead days later. we could learn more about how three people died in police
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custody. three tied in separate incidents over the last three years. no one was charged when they died. according to the baltimore sun, they're asking the state attorney's office to reopen the cases. >> you know six police officers are now facing charges for freddie gray's death in april. now their lawyers are demanding to see the other side's investigation into what happened. according to the baltimore sun, defense lawyers want a judge to subpoena the prosecution in that case. prosecutors say they're not legally required to hand their records over. in the newsroom, we are watching this closely to see what's going to happen. there's strike plans for tonight for laguardia and jfk airport. baggage handlers wheelchair operators and security guards are walking off the job at 10:00 tonight. all day, we're working to find
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out how the airports up there are preparing for this. and whether they expect it 0 have any impact on flights. so we'll be watching it closely. aaron. all right, kristin, thank you. 6:34 now. federal investigators trying to figure out what caused a small plane crash that killed three people from our region. this happens in wyoming. that plane went down in a remote part of yellowstone national park on saturday. a d.c. woman and a couple from annapolis were kill. the pilot as died. investigators say the plane was headed for montana when it went off his flight path. a group of men in the sheriff's office needs your help. his is a sketch of one of men, including a neck tattoo. investigators say four men broke into a home and robbed the teens monday. the men showed a knife and got away with cash and a cell phone and video game.
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suspects took off in a vehicle similar to what's seen on your screen. and a sex assault between see. and "g" street saturday night. that's a block away from metro center. a woman is facing serious charges when police say she burned down had her boyfriend's home when he tried to break up with her. lisa finley is a teacher's aide. the fire did about $75,000 in damage. finley faces arson, assault and attempted murder charges. a montgomery county delegate no longer faces charges of indecent exposure. the state attorney's office says it's a family court issue now. according to court records ariana kelly flashed her breasts during an argument with her es and fiancee.
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prosecutors say they dropped the case because kelly's ex-husband asked them to. the state department of education wants more diverse information on report cards to show parents what shows off student's skills besides letter grades. they plan to use the new report cards in 2016. the situation that had firefighters going to door to door in a montgomery county apartment building. also ahead, taking quick action to save a life. the steps one woman takes to pull a child from a hot car. and over the scene of a crash, eastbound shady
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a major bridge that
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collapsed in california will reopen this week. the blirch is on the main route from phoenix to los angeles. the california department of transportation says the bridge will partially reopen this friday. full repairs on that bridge could take weeks or longer. a woman who saved a child locked in a hot car in kansas said she grabbed whatever she could to save that child. a witness recorded that and posted it on facebook. this happened in a parking lot on saturday afternoon before officers arrived. the woman took quick action. police ticketed the adults of the child. and coming up jeff rossen shows you how to break into a car if you see a car trapped inside of it. >> a report really worth watching because there are helpful things we've been talking about. where on the windshield to hit. >> the mother of the child
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wasn't there. she was so grateful that someone did that. new carrollton metro with your commuter forecast. >> reporter: aaron i have to say it is gorgeous outside. this morning, people really enjoying the weather on this wednesday morning as we're heading to work at the new carrollton metro station. such a great day out here. earlier this morning, if you were watching we were be traing the winds here with the weather station on top of the storm team 4. that thing on the top at the anemometer. not moving with the wind. temperatures around 71 degrees heading in. heading home a temperature of 89 and low humidity. coming up in ten minutes, tom's going to let us know how long this gorgeous weather sticks around and it's going to last into the weekend. but for now, we're sending it over to melissa. good morning, amelia, breaking news on the roads.
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chopper 4 eastbound shady grove road. at crabbs branch way, we're shut down. all the vehicles kind of turning around. penn line south 511 slow here. and then penn line 16 minutes behind. northbound looking slow as well. 35 minutes. 66 inbound getting close to 17 minutes southbound and beltway going to take eye 17 minutes remember to listen to wtop 105 fm when you hop in the car. it is a story that seems like from a hollywood blockbuster. someone hacking a car and taking control. it's not that far-fetched. >> reporter: live on the scene of a police-involved shooting. the suspect's vehicle still behind me.
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iran keeps their nuclear facilities. military sites can go uninspected. restrictions end after 10 years. then iran could build a nuclear weapon in two months. iran has violated 20 international agreements and is the leading state sponsor of terrorism.
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breaking news at 6:45. road, closed in northwest d.c. right now. >> d.c. police are investigating a shooting on the george washington university campus. and we learned an officer fired the gun. news4's molette green is on northwest working to learn exactly what happened. molette. >> reporter: angie good morning, students on this gw campus got a text blast just before 4:00 a.m., saying shots
6:46 am
fired on this campus-giving them that alert. one guy who lives right across the scene tells me he heard nothing but got that text alert. police confirming this morning, one of their officers fired his gun but no one was struck. police also tell me this is a stolen car investigation. and the suspect bailed out of the car. the car is still here on the scene. two people arrested in this investigation. thus far. the story is still developing. we're about three hours into this police investigation here on the scene. when you come back to me, my photographer can zoom in on the red car that is part of this investigation. the suspect vehicle there. we're live in northwest. i'm molette green here at 23rd and "h." melissa can tell us more about the road closures in the area. we do have closure 23rd street northwest shut down from "f" to "h" street. part of virginia avenue also blocked. again chopper 4 over this
6:47 am
issue. eastbound shady grove road at crabbs branch. air fresh and cool on this wednesday morning. we have sunlight flooding the capitol dome this wednesday morning. temperatures in the 60s by noon time low 80s. upper 80s for the afternoon with low humidity. enjoy. 6:47, we're working to learn whether a silver spring apartment complex is safe right now. a carbon monoxide leak forced firefighters to evacuate the tacoma apartments. the montgomery county fire department has not said what caused that gas leak. firefighters have evacuated between 30 and 40 people there. they evaluated a couple of them. no one was seriously hurt. new this morning, investigators are trying to determine what caused a deck to collapse in howard county. the call came in just around 11:00 last night in columbia, maryland. everyone is expected to be okay.
6:48 am
to the race to the white house now republicans are in disarray as they try to keep up with donald trump. nbc's peter alexander live from the white house with more on this. what's the president saying? >> the president was making a short day trip to new york. made a stop by "the daily show." it was punch line saying i'm sure the republicans are enjoying mr. trump's dominance in their primary. trump's latest republican rivals has been his latest targets. he's been campaigning unleashing a round of insults. he took aim at jeb bush, rick perry. lindsey graham, even gave out his private cell number. and trump making it nearly impossible for opponents to spark any momentum of their own. that includes ohio governor john kasich. he's the 16th added in the race.
6:49 am
there's an added urgency for the republicans this time around. only the top ten candidates are going to earn a spot in the debate that's now just two weeks away. this morning on the "today" show we're going to break down the candidacy and what it's doing for the efforts of the gop that will brand itself in 2016. that's coming up. >> thanks, peter. the man charged with flying a gyrocopter on to u.s. capitol grounds is back in court. doug hughes has a pretrial hearing today. he says he's already rejected a plea deal. if he's convicted he could spend up to nine years in prison. the family of detained "washington post" journal rift jason rezaian in iran. the post tells us that jason has faced grueling interrogation and now his brother tells nbc news
6:50 am
chief foreign correspondent richard engel his brother is depressed and wants americans to know he's innocent. >> that he has no due process. he is done nothing wrong. iran has ignored their own laws, ignored the international obligations they have to human rights. >> you can see more of richard engel's interview with rezaian's brother on the "today" show. lawyers for a prisoner in alexandria are asking to move his trial to charlottesville. police say wossen assaye. his lawyer says the huge publicity from that day would prevent him from getting a fair trial here. this is according to our news partners wtop.
6:51 am
acaisisaye assaye's trial is currently scheduled for next week. the frederick county council has until next month to decide on county business being conducted in english. supporters of the ordinance say they save the county money on translators and say english is the primary language of business. opponents say it's a turnoff to business. well, you may soon be able to buy breakfast atdonald's all day anytime. the company says serving breakfast at all hours is the number one request they get from customers. mcdonald's has been testing out the idea in restaurants in nashville in san diego as well. some of them have a midnight menu so you can get a couple items. my question is when can i get my fillet of fish early in the morning for breckakfast. >> that's the real question
6:52 am
you're waiting for. >> if you're going to give that, you got to give it the other way. i've had had it for breakfast here. i heat it up in the microwave. >> i've smelled it. >> let's go to tom now, we're happy about this forecast. things are much better. >> yeah, we needed it after three days i decided i was going to reboot the weather. i hit the restart button. we booted the humidity and heat out of the here. starting off this morning it's much, much more comfortable. 60s in the suburbs. you can open the windows of all things and if you have a convertible, put the top down and if you got a motorcycle, ride a motorcycle. it's a short sleeve day, you won't need the rain boots, or the umbrella. you need sunblock and sunglasses driving in. look at this, hummingbird on a flower. this photo posted on my twitter
6:53 am
page from rockville. you can paste it on my facebook page. and let's play ball. it's an early afternoon game. they're playing the mets. first pitch 12:35 ought to be in the low 80s by then. mid-80s with sunshine. definitely sunblock or a good sun hat for the afternoon. upper 80s towards the end of the game with low humidity. great baseball weather. great weather for playing golf or tennis or hitting hoops. this is going to continue on thursday friday and saturday, too. more humid on sunday. and as we get into next week, afternoon storms monday and tuesday. now melissa is looking at shady grove road closed. >> breaking news once again. eastbound shady grove road, we're having closures there because of a crash there this morning. 335 add edsall road an earlier
6:54 am
crash. hard to see but we have backups there. and a wide look at things overall no major problems at the loop of the beltway looks a little full here new hampshire avenue. having chopper check that one out for us. 66 northbound, about 30 miles per hour. overall, prince george's county actually moving along typically. 23rd street northwest closed from "f" to "h." 270 at montrose road, no major problems there. today leaders in montgomery county are going to talk about challenges facing metro. those concerns include the search for a new general manager. plus, some safety and financial issues. the public forum happening from 6:00 to 9:00 tonight at the county office building in rockville. that meeting follows the underground emergency where one woman died earlier this year. and that incident was the focus of a hearing on capitol hill. the ntsb reiterated the smoke was accounted to a lack of
6:55 am
ceiling sleeves that is supposed to protect power cables from water. metro said it's addressing that issue. and they're opening to have a new manager with financial expertise. and expected to rallying against maryland against budget cut it's. the group is asking governor larry hogan to stop staff cuts. they will lay off more than 60 workers to save $3 million. you can find a list of locations on the nbc4 app. search maryland rally. today crews are pulling up a huge machine from beneath washington, d.c. here. this is the lady bird tunnel borer. crews will be bringing it up one part at a time. the first time in two years is will be aboveground. the machine is digging up a tunnel under the anacostia river. here is a sign of times. not a good one at that though.
6:56 am
hackers can take control of your car remotely. >> hold on. >> okay. so looking at this video. hackers took control of the 2014 jeep cherokee sending the driver into a ditch. a reporter for wired manage did this on purpose. he worked with cybersecurity experts to show how cars with this technology can be vulnerable. chrysler released the software this month. you can see a full report coming up on the "today" show. 6:56 four things to know this wednesday morning in d.c. a man accused of flying a gyrocopter on capitol grounds will be in court today. doug hughes faces nine years in prison if convicted. we're following developments in the czech republic where two people were killed in a high-speed train crash. and some families may be in a temporary shelter right now because of a montgomery county carbon monoxide leak. breaking news in northwest
6:57 am
washington where a d.c. police officer fired his gun on the gw university campus this morning. streets closed there right now. two people under arrest. you're going to notice a difference. go outside and enjoy the weather. thanks for joining us. >> the "today" show is next. local weather and traffic. and then in the
6:58 am
patients across the country have spoken. they recently rated their care experience at over 3,500 hospitals nationwide in a survey conducted for the centers for medicare and medicaid. just seven percent received five stars. among them were four hospitals that are part of cancer treatment centers of america.
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learn more at cancer treatment centers of america. care that never quits. appointments available now.
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good morning. breaking news. you are looking live at a massive fire at aware house in new jersey. smoke and flames seen for miles around. nearby residents evacuated as firefighters struggle to get the upper hand. new laser strike. a united airlines flight targeted during an approach. >> we just got lasered from our 10:00 position. >> reporter: is it connected to 12 incidents at the same airport less than a week ago? lion on the loose? a large cat caught prowling the streets of milwaukee. the zoo says no animals are missing. and taylor swift


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