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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  July 22, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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what happened here yesterday, it's already changed the way she lives. >> i just moved to the area. and it makes it a little harder for me to be comfortable. >> scarily? >> what are you going to do differently? >> i probably will no longer be biking to work. i will try to be more aware of my surroundings. >> reporter: she is 33 years old and for obvious reasons, we are concealing her identity. it was 5:00 yesterday afternoon she was on her bike. she was on 17th street, crossing here at barnaby circle when a man attacked her with a knife. >> a gentleman came after me and i tried to get around me and then he ran at me and stabbed
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me. >> where? >> in the shoulder. >> now, did he say anything? >> not that i remember. >> did he try to taking any? >> i don't think so. i luckily stayed on the bike and i was able to keep going. >> reporter: she managed to maneuver her bike around the man. she continued pedaling up 17th street alongside congressional cemetery. and when she got a safe distance away, she called 911 for help. what do you make of this? >> i don't understand what his purpose was or what he was attempting to do. i mean i'm just glad i'm safe and i'm grateful for all the wonderful police here. >> reporter: been a violent 24 hours in our city. by our count, three stabbings and five shootings. more about that coming up at 6:00. wendy, back to you. pat kol >> pat collins. a big clue in the search for who shot two security guards in prince george's county. the suspected getaway car was
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found on 45th street and keeple worth avenue in northeast but thement ises were not inside. they are still on the run. someone shot those guards around midnight on friday. they were sitting in their cars at the central garden apartments complex in capitol heights. one of the guards died. police believe they were targeted. a man wanted in connection with a massive car theft ring is now in custody. the man turned himself in today. two other suspects are on the run tonight, among 14 members of the simple city gang. most were rounded up and indicted last week. police tell us they would steal purses, cell phones and other valuables from cars when drivers would pump their gas. the ring operated mostly in prince george's county over the past six years. a home-grown, violent extremist, that is how the fbi is now describing the gunman in last weeks deadly military center shootings in tennessee
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but not ready to say he had outside influence. news4's chris lawrence is here with more details. >> at this point the fbi says it's too early to know whether mohammad youssuf abdulazeez was radicalized before the attacks on military site bus starting to lay out a preliminary timeline of what happened. now, they say here's what happened. abdulazeez opened fire at a recruiting office but never got out of his car. then he drove to a nearby marine navy facility where the fbi says he shot his way in, killing one person just as he got inside. they say abdulazeez then made his way through the building, shooting at people before leaving out the back and killing four other service members. the fbi says at least one of those service members opened fire on abdulazeez who later died in a shootout with chattanooga police. >> we believe he acted on his own that day. we believe he entered the facility on his own. we do not have any indication
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that anyone else was assisting him on that day. >> a memorial paid tribute to the five victims of last week's shooting is growing with tents put up to protect the flowers were, balloons and stuffed animals. people from across tennessee and are the entire country are now stopping by to pay tribute to them. the military says it maps to increase security at recruiting stations because of this attack but right now, that does not include any maps to arm personnel. thank you, chris. students are a bit more cautious at george washington university tonight after a shooting near campus. an officer opened fire on people suspected of stealing the car this morning in foggy bottom. no one was hit. two people are now in custody. this happened around 4 a.m. on 23rd street here. the school sent out text alerts this morning much the area between h and f streets was closed off. student also to walk around the crime scene on the way to class today. >> pretty scared. very, very scary. >> the names of the people arrested haven't been leased yet. d.c. police did not say why that
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officer fired at the suspects. the family of a teenager who says she was raped at a johns hop kips' frat party is suing the school for $20 million. she says two men attacked her last november at the sigma alpha epsilon fraternity house. the men were not students at hopkins. the lawsuit says the school did not provide a safe environment, did not stop the fraternity from using alcohol. johns hopkins did suspend sigma alpha epsilon after this attack a spokesperson says it fully cooperated with police. watch where you park. someone is going around loudoun county intentionally damaging parked cars. over the past few weeks, there have been more than a does cases in the hamilton and percival areas. a number of victims say someone egged their cars, damaging the paint. in other cases, the vandals shot bb gun pellets at the vehicles. investigators believe all the cases may be linked.
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a montgomery county man accused of tormenting his neighbors is back in custody and back in court. and if prosecutors have their way, co-also be headed to jail. news4's meagan fitzgerald joins us live from silver spring where neighbors were living on edge. meagan? >> reporter: it was two weeks ago that montgomery county deputies were at the house of socrates con dal his behind us here looking to arrest him. this morning, went before a judge that denied him bond for terrorizing his neighbors for years. many in this kwai jet silver spring neighborhood, tuesdays was a victory socrates con dal his, a man investigators say has been victimizing his neighbors, in jail. >> he was breaking windows, he was threatening animals. he had torn down a fence. he was basically traumatizing the neighborhood. >> reporter: montgomery county sheriff darn pop kins says that all started when con dal his violated a peace order from his next door neighbor in august of last year. he was ordered to complete an
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anger management course to avoid jail time but court documents say he lied about attending the course, even falsifying documents. he was later charged and convicted of perjury and obstruction of justice but when he didn't show up for sentencing -- [ knocking ] deputies went searching for him on july 7th. two days later, investigators located con dal his at a hospital undergoing a psychiatric evaluation. we put a deputy on him guarding him in the hospital. >> reporter: con dal his' wife, who didn't want to go on camera says investigators have it all wrong and it is her husband who has been harassed. >> nobody has come to knock on my door to ask me what is going on. >> reporter: nevertheless, prosecutors are asking a judge to send con doll his to jail for two years with five years' probation and some resident that is a request that allows them to rest a little bit easier. >> we are happen for the neighborhood, feel for the family and hope whatever problems he has can be taken care of. >> reporter: we did speak with
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some neighbors who defended con dal his saying he was a good guy and that, in fact was the victim here. nevertheless, he will be sentenced on september 23rd and coming up at 6:00, the message the sheriff's department wants to send to the community about this case. jim? >> all right miami, thank you. another reminder to have your deck inspected. five people were injured when this one collapsed late last night behind the howard county house. inspectors went to the scene here on winder road in columbia around noon today. they found the rim joints rotted out which caused the deck to tear away from the house. to keep this from happening to you, we have posted information on how you can get your deck inspected. just go to our nbc washington app and search deck inspections. when pope francis visits washington this september leaders of the catholic church here want all citizens to welcome him by fulfilling a special pledge. today the archdiocese kicked off a program to have moore than
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100,000 people do a good deed. tom sherwood reports the program is open to anyone who wants to take part. >> reporter: at the catholic charities food bank in columbia heights, long-time volunteer he will ba myra vargas is watching over a small but determined effort it prepare food bags for 120 families. today she was part of the catholic charities event to kick off a unique program to welcome pope francis to washington in september. cardinal donald whirl, arch bishop of the washington diocese, is asking more than 100,000 people to sign pledge cards that they will walk with francis by praying or doing a public service to hornet pope's visit. the effort is not just for catholics. >> this effort to walk with francis includes everyone who wants to be a part of it, everybody can do a good deed a brother or sister. >> reporter: the pledge could be a simple prayer or deed. >> i'm going to serve someone by
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walking down the street to a neighbor who is maybe homebound, have at least 100,000 people locally take this pledge. >> reporter: you are excited about the pope coming? >> yes, yes, i'm very excited. >> this pledge idea grew out of catholic charities and really grew out of the monsignor's desire to do something that would reflect how catholic charities walks with people all the time. >> reporter: catholic charities has more than 65 diverse program serving more than 120,000 people in the washington area. in the district tom sherwood, news4. a teenager who was 75 cents short of her metro bus fare is arrested after a violent encounter with transit police. did things go too far? we will let you decide. and blue, the dog, is attack and her attacker is still out there and could be a threat to other people in maryland and virginia.
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it's a popular trail that stretches for miles across the city. but what happens if you call for help?
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a recent attack on a trail highlights more problems tonight for d.c.'s 911 response system.
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>> news4's mark segraves live along the metropolitan branch trail to show us why first responders play is a tough time finding you during an emergency. mark? >> reporter: this is the metropolitan branch trail. we are right by the rhode island metro station. it wasn't far from here where a woman was thrown from her bike attacked and robbed. and when witnesses called 911 for help, they were told they couldn't send police unless they were given exact -- an exact address or an intersection. >> it never occurred to me until it was mentioned that they didn't have it, that there's no way to find you out here. >> reporter: the most recent attack happened about 10 in the morning, video taken by one of the witnesses shows the two suspects running away with the victim's phone and purse. that witness tells news4 when he called 911 for help and said he was between new york avenue and r street along the metropolitan branch trail, the dispatcher couldn't find it in her system and that delayed the police
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response. >> dispatching mpd officers with very little information, there are a lot of breakdowns in the system. >> reporter: turns out there are no mile markers along the eight-mile trail that connects silver spring, maryland to downtown washington. up until recently, the zrix's 911 call center had no gps coordinates for this trail at all. >> trail markers on the trail that are hard-coded into their database so when you call 911 and ask for services you can give them a trail marker and they will next actually where you are. were respect head of d.c. homeland security and emergency management tells news4 that gps coordinates for 10 to 15 landmarks along the trail have now been added to 911 system but the mile markers are still waiting to be installed. >> last week the 5 d commander for mpd said the signs would be installed last week, that is not the case yet. we are waiting to hear from ddot when the signs will be ready to be installed. >> reporter: lacks like they are
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going to have to keep waiting. i just heard from a ddot official who told me while this is a priority, they have no eta when those mile markers will be install aid long the metropolitan branch tray. as for the twoment ises who you saw on that video they were arrested a few days after that incident. they are juveniles and been charged with that attack. at 6:00 i will tell you why this problem is not limited to just this trail alone. in the district, mark segraves, news4. i'm chris lawrence in the live desk with more details about what the attorney general just announced, hate crime charges against the accused charleston church shooter. dylann roof now faces 33 federal counts, including two dozen charges relating to hate crimes, the justice department says they include murder and attempted murder based on racial and religious discrimination. >> further, decided to seek out and murder african-americans because of their race. an essential element of his
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plan, however, was to find his victims inside of a church, specifically an african-american church, to ensure the greatest notoriety and attention to his actions. >> some of these charges do carry the death penalty but the just 'tis department has not decided if it will seek that. wendy? >> all right, chris lawrence. a third nuclear react letter not be built at calvert cliffs after all. the "baltimore sun" reports the nuclear regulatory commission approved unistar nuclear its license application. unistar had planned to add a third reactor and operate it with constellation energy but the company dropped that plan after failing to secure a federal loan guarantee. tonight, curing one of the most deadly forms of cancer. >> doreen gentzler is here with the story of a young mother diagnosed with ovarian cancer and told she had just a few months left to live. doreen? >> that's right, wendy and jim, talking about a woman who spent the last five years fighting cancer that kept coming back over and over again.
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eventually, doctors told there wasn't anything more they could do for her but then she found another option and many believe could be a cure. this is christine bray and her two young daughters, they have watched her battle ovarian cancer that spread through her be a dmoep and liver. but just when her doctors thought there were no more viable treatment she underwent an experimental treatment that has prolonged her life. >> i never thought i would make it to 36th birthday. and oh, you know, gray hairs yay i've got gray hair. gray hair that means i've made it. >> tonight on news4 at 11:00 we will have more on the proceed yaurnd the treatment that christine underwent. then coming up on saturday morning, 10:00, i will have a 30-minute special report called "curing cancer." we will take a look at some of the progress that doctors and researchers are making in treating this deadly disease. wendy, jim? >> we will look forward to that. dore reerng thanks so much. right now many transgender soldiers are struggling to find
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their place while defense officials work on a policy to better integrate them into service. sergeant mia mason in the d.c. national guard is one of those service members. we first told you her story last week. she was discharged for transitioning to a woman then later reinstated. she says until a transgender directive is in place she will have to stick to administrative duties. the pentagon just announced plans to allow transgender people to serve openly last week. voters may have the last say in raising the district's minimum wage to $15 an hour. election officials have now cleared the way today to put the measure on the ballot. the district's current minimum wage is $10.50. it is going to go up to $11.50 next july. the proposed ballot initiative calls for an increase to $12.50 in 2017 and grand jury ul increases until 2020. supporters will have to gather about 23,000 signatures to get it on the ballot. well, not every day that
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homeland security opens its doors but we got a special tour to see how they are fighting cyber crimes in our backyard. plus, the death of a woman in a fairfax county jail has the sheriff looking for answers on how to deal with the mentally ill. find out why they traveled to texas to get those answers and we tagged along live. you heard of the recent bear sightings in great falls virginia. well this appears to be a bear
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iran keeps their nuclear facilities. military sites can go uninspected. restrictions end after 10 years. then iran could build a nuclear weapon in two months. iran has violated 20 international agreements and is the leading state sponsor of terrorism.
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that forecast is a very good one, as we move on through the next not only couple of hours but next couple of days. say hello to montgomery county. rockville camera looking down the turnpike here, down 355, as you make your way through bethesda, rockville town center where our camera is, looking down toward the south, beautiful van table point down to the southwest, we look down toward the cathedral down toward the washington monument, the potomac, there is the monument there a very nice evening, 88 degrees right now it is hot, but look at the dew point, 56 degrees, any time that dew point is below 60, ber very comfortable and it is well below this afternoon so a very nice day temperatures around tn, 82 parentsburg 85, charlottesville, 83, culpepper,
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82, the eastern shore and cambridge. along the river, looking good across our region. no rain to talk about going to be completely dry over the next 24 hours, probably the next 72 hours, next three days or so satellite and radar showing why, we have an area of high pressure across our region, boston, d.c., i-95, back toward chicago, mostly sunny skies, a few more clouds starting to build in think we will see a few more clouds tomorrow, all in all a great day in store on our thursday. what is the impact on your weather from tomorrow another low one, another good one looking like some sunshine, just a few high clouds, temperatures back into the 80s. now, tonight i think this is the biggest story that we have here. look at these overnight low temperatures, 67 in the d.c. area but 60 gaithersburg, 58 frederick, 58 win chester 59, culpepper, maybe turn the a c off, save money open up those windows, that's how nice it will be, especially once the sun goes down 8, 9, 10:00, by tomorrow morning, very nice. 73 at 8 a.m. 78 by noon.
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get out and take a lunch outdoors, if you can, 88 by 4:00. so once again temperature right around average for this time of year but low humidity, stud still feel comfortable, 89 on friday 90 on saturday, nice companies through saturday. i think sunday is going to get a little bit hot, 92 sunday then move into next week and right now looks like a little bit of a heat wave 91, monday, 92 tuesday 92 next wednesday, a chance of showers and storms each day. how about that weekend? again, hot, but not too bad. talking about lower humidity, but during the day on sunday, most of the weekend looking dry only exception could be toward the mountains sunday. could see showers maybe a thunderstorm in that area. what about washing the car? this is the it, a dry stretch right on through the weekend. so, if you want to get out there, maybe you've got, you know 12 15-year-old kid you want to, you know make him do a little work perfect time to get out there and wash the car. gays. >> good idea. doug, thank you. it's the dash cam video
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that's going viral. >> a texas woman is pulled over for an illegal lane change but now we are seeing how quickly things escalated before that woman was then found dead in her jail cell. going to find out why her family says this was not a suicide. and millions of federal workers were already victimized during that massive data breach but we have a new warning tonight to make sure those same people don't become victims all over again. call it a metro fare fight a young woman in our area said she was pulled off a metro bus
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her at the live desk following breaking news involving a family in fairfax county. we have just learned that two little boys died in a violent crash this week and they were brothers. police now tell us quincy holmes died at the scene on monday and his brother, desmond, died yesterday at the hospital. quincy was 10 years old, desmond was 9. investigators say the boys were riding with two other people on a rural flood albermarle county an suv crossed the center line and crashed into them head-on the other two people in the car in critical condition. i'm chris lawrence. first at 5:30 now an appropriate police response or too much force? >> that's the debate surrounding a recent arrest over a 75-cent
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fare on a metro bus. transportation reporter adam tuss is live at the anacostia station tonight with a story you are seeing first on 4. adam? that's right, wendy, she says she did not pay the full fare on the bus she fully admits that but what happened after that was a case of police roughing her up and yet, it was all over 75 cents. >> i was confused. i'm still confused why they slammed on the ground. >> reporter: july 10th at the anacostia station the afternoon. 18-year-old nald deya peacock pays $1 for the bus but the full fare is $1.75. that is when she is approached by undercover plain clothes metro transit police officers. >> i didn't really think it was a big deal. i was looking in my cent, but i didn't. >> reporter: they take her off the bus, ask for an i.d., which she didn't have and she asks to call her mother, the situation escalates. >> he try to take my phone out
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of my hand and they both immediately slammed me on the ground. like, i was scared. two men, i'm small. i didn't know what was going on. >> reporter: in a police report from metro, officers state that peacock resist you had and got to a point where she bit an officer on top of his right arm. >> i don't remember biting him. i just remember him slamming me on the ground and i was kicking and trying to get him off me. i was scared. i didn't know what was going to happen, especially with this police brutality going on in america, accident know what was going to happen, i was just trying to get him off me. >> reporter: she says the two plain clothes officers were caucasian, she ended up refusinglater, she shared some pictures with us. metro says the officer bitten also had to go to the hospital. metro would not comment further, saying there are criminal charges pending against the 18-year-old. this woman's family is requesting security camera footage from the bus to try to fill in some of the gaps here. ahead at 6:00, what this woman's mother has to say about all this. live in anacostia, adam tuss,
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news4. you tell me that you're going to light me up i feel extremely threatened and concerned and i'm not going to get out of my car. >> what raises questions is why it is that a 28-year-old woman who had received two job offerers would take her own life. it raises questions why a 28-year-old woman would call her mother in excitement about those two jobs and then take her life. >> the family of sandra bland is raising new questions tonight about her death as people all over the country take a closer look at the video of her arrest. here's part of last week's tense exchange in texas. >> get out of the car, now! >> why am i being apprehended? you trying to give me a ticket for failure -- >> i said get out of the car. i'm giving you a lawful order. i'm going to drag you out of here. threatening to drag me out of my own car? >> get out of the car. i will light you up! get out! now! >> wow. wow.
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wow. for a failure to signal, you doing all this for a failure to signal. get over there. >> right. yeah. >> a state trooper pulled bland over the past week. according to the arrest report, she apparently kicked the trooper, bland wound up with an assault charges. police found her dead in her jail cell three days later. the sheriff is calling it a suicide, but the family disputes that and now federal investigators are looking into bland's death. the troopers on des-- the trooper's on desk duty and the family maps for a funeral this weekend. northern virginia is home to a ramped up effort to stop the spread of online crimes all over the world. this afternoon, homeland security and immigrations and customs enforcement unveiled their expanded cyber crimes center in fairfax. the facility aims to crackdown on online drug and weapons marketplaces and primarily to stop criminals who exploit children in the sex trade. >> you certainly can imagine what it's like to be able to
5:34 pm
save the life of a child through the important work that is conducted here. >> investigators will also have a state-of-the-art database to keep track of child exploitation victims. another word of warping for people caught up in that massive opm data breach. of course, they are already worried about identity theft. now, there's word of a new scam tonight. thieves are pretending to be officers with the federal trade commission. they are contacting breach victims by phone or e-mail and offering them money because they were victimized by the breach much the scammers then ask for personal information. authorities tell us if you've received a call or e-mail like this, report it to the ftc. your social security number is the key to almost everything in your financial life. but recent data breaches show how vulnerable social security numbers are to hackers. consumer reporter erika gonzalez has advice on how you can protect yours.
5:35 pm
>> reporter: paying taxes, getting a job, accessing government benefits, opening a bank account or credit card account going to the doctor, buying a car, all may require that you reveal your social security number. data security expert adam levin says it can be a disaster when that number falls into the wrong hands. >> the social security number is the mother lode for an identity thief. this is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, because you can do so many things with it. >> reporter: for example opening credit card accounts in your name or stealing your tax refund. "consumer reports'" margo gilman says one way to protect yourself don't give out your social security just because you're asked for it. >> only share your social security with those you choose and who absolutely need it like potential creditors or employers. >> reporter: doctors don't need your social security number even though they often ask for it unless you're covered by medicare, you can leave that spot on medical forms blank and most health care providers won't question you. >> we don't require patients to
5:36 pm
fill out the social security number because they give us their insurance card, which has their policy number on it and we can get all the information and verification that we need from that. >> reporter: even medicare is moving to drop social security numbers from its cards and replace them with another type of identifier. another place you don't need to give up your social security number when asked, school. that request often comes when kids enroll and register for sports or other afterschool activities. erika gonzalez news4. ikea makes a call to launch a new safety program after two toddlers are killed in these deadly accidents. they can happen with more than just your furniture. if all else fails, i can always give you a number to the donald. a tongue-in-cheek response
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this week's wednesday's child, we want to introduce to you three siblings. >> they have different interests and personalities, one thing in common, they would all benefit from a permanent loving family. >> barbara harrison takes us to meet catherine, erin and emily. >> reporter: above the stage tippinger bell was rehearsing, while below, cassie, erin and emily got to see how magic was made on the stage with peter pan and the lost boys as foster kids cassie, erin and emily know what it's like to not have a permanent home. have you had to move from house to house? >> um lum, lotmm-hmm, lots of times.
5:40 pm
>> reporter: aaron hopes they can find a family to adopt them. what is the most important thing? >> love. >> reporter: 15-year-old sister, cassie, agrees. >> love. 'cause that's what most parents and families should give to their kids. >> we are looking for a family who will adopt all three of them. cassie is a typical oldest child. she tends to mother the younger ones. she took care of a lot of the mothering responsibilities in their birth family. she is protective. aaron is a typical 9-year-old boy. he is very energetic, loves to be outside loves to play outside, run around, any kind of sports. emily is the quieter one. she is a little shy. very sweet. >> reporter: what is the most important thing parents can give their kids? >> attention. >> me, love. >> just love. >> reporter: for aaron, one more thing. >> having a dog in our house. >> reporter: all kids need something and someone to love and someone to love them.
5:41 pm
barbara harrison, news4 for wednesday's child. >> if you have room in your home for cassie, aaron and emily or another child who is waiting, call our special adoption hotline. the number is 1-88-2-adopt me or watch wednesday's child on love him are voting about donald trump about a potential presidential candidate on our facebook page today. now, another republican is stealing some of his spotlight. for the mentally ill, getting arrested and thrown in jail can be a revolving door. coming up, my exclusive look why fairfax county leaders in texas looking a the new way of doing things. yes >> we have got a clear sky, low humidity, too, that will allow our temperatures to drop to levels we haven't seen around here in just about a week.
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♪ know you can deposit checks right from your phone transfer money to someone quickly and easily speak to a financial professional
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when it's convenient and pay for things with the tap of your finger know that with pnc's convenient solutions at least your finances will be easy to control. local leaders in fairfax county say they will push for new ways to handle mentally ill offenders. >> this push comes after what they saw on a recent trip down to texas. only news4 was inviteded to go with fairfax officials on this two-day tour in the san antonio area. northern virginia bureau chief, julie carey, joins us in the studio with a look at what they learned and what they want to do
5:45 pm
here. julie? >> reporter: it was the death of natasha mckenna this year after she was restrained and tased inside the fairfax county you detention center that has the sheriff and others looking for alternative ways of handling some mentally ill offenders. one solution they discovered in texas programs that divert thousands each year before they even enter the jail doors. this is one of bexar county's mobile centers. one man threatened suicide. >> goes inside, try to make contact with the person. >> reporter: specially trained to deal with mental health issues, the deputies defuse the situation and respect taking this offender for jail. for now, he is going for assessment and treatment. our go is to deescalate the situation a lot of individuals we deal with are unstable, they are in a crisis. >> 1500 people come through the door. >> reporter: news4 invite aid long as fairfax county law enforcement and mental health
5:46 pm
leaders got a look at ways hundreds of mentally ill offenders in one texas county are diverted from jail each year. >> how is that working out? >> reporter: for sheriff stacy kin karkd the imp pettus for the trip, the february death of natasha mckenna, the she you have second from skits from ya mental state deteriorating as she was held in isolation waiting for transfer to alexandria. >> she should have been in a mental health facility. >> reporter: a team like this one tased the restrained mckenna four times. her heart stopped and she died at the hospital. >> it is a tragedy. we think about it all the time. we need to do better to ensure that this never happens again. #
5:47 pm
>> reporter: samuel worked for ibm, lost his job and was homeless and was repeatedly locked up. after thinks last arrest, he came here. i was able to get in with licensed professional counselors and psychiatrists. >> reporter: the cycle was broken, as he got treatment for bipolar disorder and alcoholism.
5:48 pm
>> here we are five years later, i'm happy, i'm stable. >> reporter: you're wondering about the cost. on news4 at 6:00, a look at whether diversion can be a good deal for taxpayers. changing minds is a station wide campaign working to break the stigma of mental illness. for more, go to nbc washington. we have a list there of mental health resources for, and search changing minds. >> good. a good story. it can be a matter of life and death and after the deaths of two toddlers, ikea just launched a nationwide safety program to make sure that your kids aren't next. consumer reporter erika gonzalez is here to explain. >> it happens too often furniture and tv tipovers. we have warned you before, now ikea is encouraging customers to anchor its future to the wall to prevent it from falling on children. ekia's nationed by safety push comes after two children died last year. what you are looking at there, video of curran of westchester, pennsylvania, he died after a six-drawer chest tipped over on him. this video demonstrates how it happened. it is not just ikea furniture. talking about a mother that lost her 3-year-old megan when her dresser not made by ikea femmell on
5:49 pm
top of her. >> i have to live without my beautiful daughter for the rest of my life. # because i didn't want to put holes in my wall or furniture and the reality is that $5 -- $5 and 15 minute does have saved her life. >> ikea is offering free tipover restraints and wall anchoring hardware for 27 million pieces of its furniture why this story is so big today. you can find out where to get anchoring all types of furniture and it. vs on the facebook page. 24 hours after donald trump read lindsey graham's personal phone number at a campaign event the normally reserved south carolina senator sent this ponce. graham teamed up with the conservative website independent journal review to make a video called how to destroy your cell phone. in it graham takes a meat cleaver, a blender, golf club lighter fluid, other destructive
5:50 pm
elements to his small black phone. he even hurls it off a roof. >> or if all else fails, you can always give your number to the donald. this is for all the veterans. >> trump released graham's number after the two traded some public insults over trump's controversial comments about senator john mccain's war record. nothing to hate about this weather. >> it is national weatherperson's day. it could be. >> get my flowers. >> yeah right. still coming. could be. >> growing them right now. >> there you go. and they will be ready by the weekend. which will still be nice a good
5:51 pm
weekend, in fact, coming up to get out and do a little bit of gardening. you might have to start watering. a lot of if he cans wondering if the nice weather will stick around, show you that as well as where temperatures will be headed down to during the overnight period because we will see temps that we haven't seen in about a week. here is a look at the satellite and radar, of course no rain around the area, very few clouds, were in control of high pressure over our areas, nice conditions here through the carolinas and up no the through pennsylvania and even new york, just perfect weather out there for dining out between 77 and 81 degrees. we have got a clear to mostly clear sky so weather impacts for this evening, travel, of course we have got dry pavement, doing just fine, perfect conditions, exercising, let's go i will be right there, get out and about you will want to stay long and you will want to stay late. if you do again, we are going to be cooling into the 70s, by around 10 to 11 p.m. and then 60s to 50s by early tomorrow morning. gorgeous at 7, we have got 83 on tap, 60s overnight, 76 by 10 to
5:52 pm
11 p.m. not too bad. impact forecasts, the weather, tomorrow, have a very low impact on our day another good one coming up. yes more sunshine, two in a row, can we do three in a row? comfortable start to the day tomorrow, 57 to 67 degrees. again, those 50s pocketing the western portions of maryland and around we were virginia, eastern west virginia from 58, morefield 58 luray 57 in shenandoah shenandoah. the range, 84 to 88. once again we will have the higher temperatures right there in d.c. baltimore, 85 degrees. so a good day to get out. maybe do some frog he checkchecks with the kids. comfortable day with low humidity, don't make it out tomorrow, maybe you can get out there this weekend. speaking of this weekend i think our water temperatures will be plenty high running at 84 degrees in the bay of potomac to 81 to 82 degrees in ocean
5:53 pm
city beach forecasts for the upcoming weekend rehoboth, dewey, ocean city here we go 82 degrees for friday and saturday. sunday, we will pick up a few clouds, at 83. now, all the latest data is showing that any humidity is going to hold off until monday next week. for all you brides out there anyone getting married on saturday, low humidity 90 degrees at 3:00 into the 70s, upper 70s by late around 6 to 7 p.m. so, there's a look at saturday, sunday, slightly hotter, higher temperatures, breezy conditions coming our way during the afternoon on sunday. thunderstorm chances for early part of next week not just monday but tuesday wednesday of next week mainly during the afternoon hours, with highs in the low 90s, yes humidity back, but gorgeous conditions here right through the weekend. this dog appears to have been attacked by a bear this week. this is chris gordon in great falls. we will tell you what's being done about it. ahead. it's a bus full of
5:54 pm
developers getting to know college park. >> there are so many exciting things
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
there have been multiple sightings of a bear and her cub in northern virginia the past month. bev reported the bear has been seen in great falls, mcclain and vienna areas, mostly own properties near the potomac river, now it appears one homeowner reports his dog was attacked by a bear.
5:57 pm
news4's chris gordon joins us live with a warning from the fairfax animal shelter. >> reporter: wendy i'm reporting tonight live from fairfax county animal services. we came here to show them pictures of the dog who appears to have been attacked by a bear and to ask them what, if anything, they can do about it. blue is a 6-year-old rescue dog with wounds including what appears to be a claw mark on her left side. richard kelly's son discovered blue bleeding when kelly returned to his great falls home tuesday night. kelly first thought it was from a raccoon until his veterinarian said these wounds are most consistent with an attack by a bear from a defensive mode. >> this dog was very, very lucky to escape with his life. it really really could have -- could have come home and found a dead dog with his throat torn out. >> reporter: kelly worries about his two sons playing outdoors in case the bear returns. >> i cannot have my children playing out here, shooting
5:58 pm
hoops, running around my own front yard after dark until this problem is solved. >> reporter: fairfax county animal services says its protocol is not to relocate wildlife. >> without witness it's difficult to say what caused this dog's injury. our animal control services works very closely with the virginia department of game and fisheries to investigate any issues or concerns. >> reporter: a bear was spotted sunday behind the great falls voltear fire department in its garden. sharon rainy publishes the website my neighbor's network and has recently been keeping residents informed about the bear sightings but now she says residents are not happy with the response of animal services. >> the humor is gone and the fear has set in. and the residents just want to be able to either cohabitate or have the bear taken care of somehow. and i don't know what that resolution would be, but they want their families safe.
5:59 pm
>> reporter: fairfax county animal services says it will remove wildlife when it is either sick or dangerous but it says it will investigate this case, it will be difficult to determine if the bear was dangerous because no one actually saw the bear attack the dog. the latest from fairfax county, chris gordon news4. tonight several people injured after two separate crashes in prince george's county. first, upper marlboro, chopper4 was just over the scene where a school bus and car collided near south osborn and farm roads. no children were on the school bus but two employees were hurt. police say the car rolled over around call the fire. the driver was hurt but got out. about 20 miles away in hyattsville, a car and a metro bus collided. that happened near 23rd avenue and east west highway. police say two people on the metro bus have minor injuries. one person in that car was
6:00 pm
injured. still no word that caused that crash. now the video to the aftermath of an attack on a trail that highlights the problem for d.c.'s troubled and everyone who uses a popper hiker had/biker trail in our city. >> a witness caught two teenagers on camera after police say they attacked a woman on the metropolitan branch trail. that witness called 91 1, but the response was not as quick as might be expected. >> news4's mark segraves learned it is not the only location where you might have trouble getting help in an emergency. he is live along that trail tonight. mark? >> reporter: city leaders like to boast about all the miles and miles of bike lanes and hiker/biker trails like the met branch trail here. it's one of the things that makes d.c. such a great place to live. but as this recent incident highlighted, if you call 911 from one of these trails, you might not get help as quickly


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