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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  July 22, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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metro bus have minor injuries. one person in that car was injured. still no word that caused that crash. now the video to the aftermath of an attack on a trail that highlights the problem for d.c.'s troubled and everyone who uses a popper hiker had/biker trail in our city. >> a witness caught two teenagers on camera after police say they attacked a woman on the metropolitan branch trail. that witness called 91 1, but the response was not as quick as might be expected. >> news4's mark segraves learned it is not the only location where you might have trouble getting help in an emergency. he is live along that trail tonight. mark? >> reporter: city leaders like to boast about all the miles and miles of bike lanes and hiker/biker trails like the met branch trail here. it's one of the things that makes d.c. such a great place to live. but as this recent incident highlighted, if you call 911 from one of these trails, you might not get help as quickly as
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possible. >> we need this problem solved now. >> reporter: cycling advocates have been complaining for years about the lack of mile markers along the metropolitan branch trail. >> the met branch trail is one trail of many in the district and so we are going to have to have the same solution implemented on anacostia waterfront trail crescent trail has markers but more trails coming. >> reporter: without those markers along biking and hiking trails, 911 dispatchers have a very hard time sending bliss or paramedics to an exact location. last week when witnesses called police during this attack on a female cyclist, they were told the trail location was not in the dispatch system. the head of d.c. homeland security and emergency management tells news4 they have come up with a short-term solution, gps coordinate fosser landmarks along the met branch trail have now been added to the 911 system. it is not a perfect solution. the perfect solution is to get as much information on its trail
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so people know where they are and needs to be done today. >> reporter: the long-term solution is to install mile markers along this trail and other trails like the anacostia river front trail that have gps a coordinates associated to them so when someone calls for help, dispatchers know exactly where they are. >> we need the government to be able to respond to these issues in a quicker manner. >> reporter: we spoke to ddot officials late this afternoon and tell us they do make this a priority, getting the mile markers up on the eight-mile trail but they are now fabricating those mile markers but no eta when they will be installed. jim gore rein back to you guys. >> mark segraves reporting. thank you mark. a tragic update from virginia, we have learned two little boys from fairfax county died in a vie rentolent crash in albermarle county. police now tell us quincy holmes died at the scene on monday and
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his brother, desmond, died yesterday at the hospital. quincy was 10 years old, desmond was 9. investigators say the boys were riding with two other people on a rural flood albermarle county an suv crossed the center line and crashed into them head-on. the other two people in the car in critical condition. a pregnant woman was stabbed while riding her bicycle home from work in the district. it happened in broadht near the congressional cemetery in southeast d.c. and it was a random act. our pat collins talked to the victim and a d.c. council member about that attack. pat? >> reporter: jim, there was no exchange of words, no robbery, no con from frontation. a woman on her bicycle stabbed by a man for no apparent reason. she is seven months pregnant. >> a gentleman came after me and i tried to get around me and then he ran at me and stabbed me.
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>> reporter: a woman was stabbed by a man as she was riding her bike near 17th and congressional cemetery. it happened around 5:00 yesterday evening. no words were said nothing has taken. she says it has changed the bay she lives. for obvious reasons, we have concealed her identity. >> i just moved to the area. and it makes it a little harder for me to be comfortable. >> scary? what are you going to do differently? >> i probably will no longer be biking to work. i will try to be more aware of my surroundings. >> reporter: the last 24 hours have been marked by a streak of violence in our city, five shootings, all apparently unrelated. one on second street southeast.
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on one hamlin street northeast. one on fourth street southeast. daring darington street southwest. and another shooting on 35th northeast. and in addition to the stabbing on 17th street southeast, there were two others one on quarels street southeast and good hope road southeast. councilman kenyon mcduffie oversees the police and public safety agencies in our city. >> i'm completely outraged by the spike in crime, as i'm sure residents in the city are. >> reporter: now, councilman mcduffy is holding a crime summit next thursday in the trinidad section of our city. now to presidential politics, republicans and democrats are making news. hillary clinton has fallen behind the republican front runners in three key swing states including virginia a variety of polls show donald
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trump with a big lead in the republican race. and donald trump is headed for the border tomorrow. he plans to visit the u.s./mexico border in la raid dough texas. given his controversial comments about immigration that move comes as surprise to some. news4's steve handlesman has the latest. >> reporter: this plan by trump is a clear signal that he will not back down over the controversial issue of illegal immigration from mexico. he goes tomorrow to the actual border at lorado, texas, where he will meet with border guards and local law enforcement who are backing trump's hard-line stance that the border needs to be sealed, that illegal immigration needs to be stopped. based on trump's performance over the past few weeks and his huge surge in the polls to the undisputed leader in the republican race for the nomination, look for more jaw-dropping escalations in his border campaign and attack on republican rivals. this comes as federal regulators today released trumps
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financials. trump has said for a while now he is worth $10 billion. and he might be. his financial records, his financial disclosure form show his net worth is at least $1.4 billion, but there's a range in there, it could be 10. that's lot more money than ross perot had. it's a lot more money than mitt romney had, making donald trump the richest american to ever run for president. >> those sagging numbers quoted for were from the quip pea kbraknnipiac
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poll. down nine points from april. three republican candidates, jeb bush, scott walker and ma co-rubio have all made gapes s gains in virginia and they beat clinton in colorado and iowa. the charleston shooting church suspect has been indicted on federal hate crime charges. attorney general loretta lynch announced this indictment moments ago but we have been expecting it since dylann roof was arrested last month. roof admits he shot and killed nine black parishioners at emanuel ame and prosecutors haven't said if they will seek the death penalty. a big clue in the search for who shot two security guards in prince george's county. the suspected getaway car was found on 45th street and kennelworth avenue in northeast
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but the suspects were not inside. they are still on the run. someone shot those guards around midnight on friday. they were sitting in their cars at the central garden apartments complex in capitol heights. one of the guards died. police believe they were targeted. today, a judge denied bond for a man accused of using a bulldozer and other ac tactics in a his battle-- tactics in the battle with neighbors. meagan fitzgerald has more. >> reporter: there is a mixed feelings tonight, but according to evidence given to detectives, that doesn't indicate to be the case but many we talk to say they are thankful to detectives for aggressively tackling this case. it has been a long and expensive road for some people who live in this silver spring neighborhood. george buckland had to hire an attorney and install cameras to prove that socrates kondilis was harassing him for years. these pictures show him using a
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bobcat to tear down this fence. he also used his white van to block a neighbor's driveway. >> he was breaking windows. he was threatening animals. he had torn down a fence. >> reporter: montgomery county sheriff darren popkins says kondilis violated a peace order and falsified documents after a judge ordered him to undergo anger management charges. >> was tried and convicted for perjury and as a result of that, he failed to appear for his sentencing, which created a situation where a warrant was issued. >> reporter: deputies were sent out to arrest kondilis, sending a message that victimizing others won't be tolerated. wednesday morning, a montgomery county judge denied bond for kondilis and ordered him to stay in jail until his sentencing hearing in september. kondilis' wife, who didn't want to go on camera disagrees with the court and believes her husband is the victim. >> nobody has come to knock on my door to ask me what is going
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on. >> reporter: for residents who say they have witnessed his frightening behavior, they are thankful he won't be around for a while. >> life can get back to normal because we have a wonderful neighborhood. it is a definitely a sigh of relief. >> reporter: now, kondilis is facing up to four years in prison but prosecutors are calling for two with five years' probation. his sentencing is set for september 23rd. doreen? >> all right, meagan fitzgerald, thank you. a fight over a 75-cent fare on metro. why a local teenager's mother says transit police went too far ben they when they arrested her daughter. new evidence on the military shootings in tennessee. we will report the heroic action of some service members in their final moments, but there's one question that remains. behind these closed doors a model program in san antonio, texas, for keeping mentally ill off fipdenders out of jail. why fairfax leaders here to learn all
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iran keeps their nuclear facilities. military sites can go uninspected. restrictions end after 10 years. then iran could build a nuclear weapon in two months. iran has violated 20 international agreements and is the leading state sponsor of terrorism.
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more con terror throw versecy in a story about race and law enforcement. despite questions from critics a dash cam video that shows the arrest of sandra bland in texas was into the edited. >> get out of the car. i will light you up! get out! now! >> wow. wow. wow. for a failure to signal, you doing all this for a failure to signal? >> get over there. >> right. yeah. >> there were irregularities in the tape, but authorities say they were glitches, not edits. she was arrested after a traffic stop july 10th and found hanged in her jail cell three days later. today, the sheriff told officers
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she had attempted suicide before. her family says that's not true. investigators released new information about what happened during those attacks, as nbc's chris clackum reports, we learned about some heroics that day. >> reporter: as the memorial to the chattanooga shooting victims grew even greater wednesday, the military and fbi now say it could have been worse, if not for the heroic efforts of a sailor and a few marines. >> i can tell that you our marines reacted the way you would expect. some willingly ran back into the fight. >> reporter: a fight that began when a heavily armed mohammad youssuf abdulazeez first crashed through the gates of the navy support center last thursday morning, the second military location he had targeted, and was met with gunfire from a
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sailor trying to protect his post. >> a service member from inside the facility observed him and opened fire on him, firing several rounds at him. >> reporter: abdulazeez returned fire though. >> he me his way throughout the building, continuing to shoot at those who he encountered. >> reporter: he then exited the building into a fenced area where he shot and killed two more service members before firing on another crowd seeking safety. >> two service members attempted to provide cover and assist the military personnel getting over the fence and away from the shooter. the shooter continued to fire and killed two additional service members. >> reporter: moments later, chattanooga police shot and killed abdulazeez, whose reasons for doing all this remain a mystery, unlike the actions of the u.s. military. >> the heroic actions of these service members doubtlessly saved numerous lives.
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>> reporter: first funeral for his five victims is this friday. chris clackum, nbc news. the weather so hot and humid, can't you give us a break, today, please keep it this bay, we like this this is what everybody likes the blue skies, probably the bluest skies we have seen in quite some time, that cold front came through to take away all the haze just a few clouds. temperatures up to 88. so, yeah, that's hot, but look at that dew point, any time that dew point's below 60 we are comfortable and that's where we are today. this same temperature, 88 degrees, we also saw that at 11:00 two nights ago. the heat index was 98. there's no heat index tonight. 81 gaithersburg 81 martinsburg, 83 culpepper, nice everywhere, no rain to talk about storm team4 radar is dry and we are going to say that bay
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as we make our way through the next few days satellite and radar showing almost no cloud cover from boston down toward d.c., richmond, back toward the best. some high clouds moving on in that's all they are, some high clouds, see a few more of those during the day tomorrow one thing we will see for sure as we see these very dry air moving on in some very nice numbers overnight. look at these overnight low 67 d.c., 61, fredericksburg, 61, manassas, but go farther to the west, 58 in frederick 58 winchester, 59, martnessburg, a night to open up the windows, silt outside on the back deck a little bit longer, a very nice evening. tomorrow evening looking good, too, take the kids to the playground a great day, nice and comfortable, 69 to start the day 76 by 9 a.m., up to about 85 by 1. a nice day to take a lunch outdoors as well. 88 by 3:00. once again, low humidity, the impact tomorrow that the weather will have, once again on the low side, another good one with that abundant sunshine, a few high clouds.
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the next couple of days 89 on friday, 90 on saturday, so, we are warming, but the humidity is still fairly low staying nice through saturday. then we start to turn on the humidity a little bit. 92 on sunday, 91, monday, that heat index back to around 95, 96, a chance of storms monday tuesday and wednesday. how about the weekend let's highlight that weekend for you, hot but not too bad, more humid on sunday, so, if you want to really get outdoors and do any maybe outdoor activities, maybe saturday is the day to do it both days looking dry for now the exception would be on sunday, could see a chance for shower or storm, back toward the mountains, doing any camps on sunday, that could be the one issue there. if you are not doing any camping, maybe you're heading down toward the beach where the current water temperature is 82 degrees. man that is some nice water down there toward fenway bethny, ocean city 82 a high temperature on fray day 82 saturday sunday and pleasant, sunday looking good 83 degrees. i'm leaving friday night. >> looking good. thank you doug. big problems impacting metro
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riders and hundreds of homeowners in maryland. how a guy on a lawnmower caused a series of unfortunate events. a scare on the united airlines flight. we will tell you why the plane was forced to make an emergency landing. plus local leaders urging thousands to make a pledge ahead of pope francis' visit to d.c. what they are being
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is boy talk about a bad day, a lawn mower driver caused problems for metro drivers and knocked out the power for 1400 pepco customers today. the lawnmower hit a power pole on the red line on rockville cause to lean over, the train hit a drooping powerline. that caused in metro to single track between grosvenor and medical center for a few hours. nobody was hurt. united airlines flight made an emergency landing in colorado today after several passengers
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got sick. one of the passengers tweeted this photograph of the oxygen mask that deployed. officials say the masks came down because of the low cabin pressure and the fact that several passengers started to feel light headed. that flight took off from denver for los angeles but it was diverted to grand junction, colorado. nobody on that plane was seriously injured. pope francis will visit washington in september and many are using his trip to encourage kindness. tonight, the catholic church is asking everyone regardless of their faith to do something nice for someone else, perhaps someone less fortunate. news4's tom sherwood has our report. [ screaming ] >> reporter: pope francis in september will visit cuba and the united states. in washington today, cardinal donald whirl was asking more than 100,000 people here to sign pledge cards that they will back with francis by praying or doing a public service to honor the pope's visit.
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the effort is not just for catholics. >> and so it's open to everyone in the image of pope francis. everyone is invited. we are all one family. >> reporter: john enthe act can be a simple prayer or deed. >> can i do something that would help change the circumstances, to something that might make it easier for someone who needs some help, to advocate for justice, advocate for peace? >> reporter: montgomery county executive leggett personally pledged a $500 gift and gave a challenge. >> and i will challenge and urge county executive baker, mayor bowser, northern virginia, this is something that can touch our community and something that can really touch the world. are of riverview dave cleave land of washington has served as a volunteer attorney for 17 years on complex immigration issues. >> a great thing if you can win asylum for someone.
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>> reporter: he will also pledge something to welcome the pope. already doing good. what is your pledge going to be? >> i can improve. ask my wife. ways i can improve. my pledge is i am going to pray more seriously. >> reporter: in the district, tom sherwood, news4. a young girl -- rather if you want to take the pledge, we posted a link on our website. just search walk with francis. a young girl roughed up over a 75-cent metro fare. tonight, new reaction from the teenager's mother and we are learning more about that attack. i'm tracee wilkins. coming up on news4, why all these developers are in this coliseum learning about college park. plus, an all-out search in one northern virginia
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now at 6:30, a young woman roughed up by metro police for not paying her full fare. it's too much. it's too much. local leaders getting help from hundreds of miles away on the issue of how to handle mentally ill offenders. get ready for a building boom around some local metro stations. plus, a neighborhood on edge after a black bear attacks a family dog. an 18-year-old girl was slammed to the ground by two metro transit officers and tonight, the mother wants to know why. the teenager admit she is did not pay the full fare on the bus. >> some are wondering did the officers go too far? transportation reporter adam tuss is at the anacostia station where this all happened. adam? >> reporter: as you guys mentioned, she said she did not things got out of happened, got physical and now, her mother is trying to put all the pieces back together. >> i'm angry.
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i'm sad. i wasn't even shocked. i was shocked in that it's happening to my kid. >> reporter: what did happen happened here at the anacostia station on july 10th. her daughter home for the summer from temple university gets into an altercation with metro transit police officers because she was 75 cents short on bus fare. the 18-year-old admits she was short but when police took her off the bus and she tried to call her mom the situation took a turn. >> so he tried to take the phone out of my hand and they both immediately slammed me on the ground. >> reporter: in a police report from metro, officers state that peacock resisted and got to a point where she bit an officer on top of his right arm. >> like, i was scared. i didn't know what was going on. >> reporter: she says the two plainclothes officers were caucasian, she ended up refusing
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treatment but going to the hospital later, she shared some pictures with us. metro says the officer bitten also had to go to the hospital. metro would not comment further saying there are criminal charges pending against the 18-year-old. mom says the whole story suspect being told by metro. it's too much. it's too much. but we have to fight for our children because she has no records. she is a college student. she has never been in any trouble. and now, she has to go to court. >> reporter: it is important to note here, guys metro did just start a major crackdown on riders who aren't paying their fare. doreen back to you. >> adam tuss thank you. the pilot who landed a gyrocopter at the u.s. capitol rejected a plea deal that would have sent him to jail for ten months. an attorney for douglas hughes says he believes federal guidelines call for a sentence of zero to six months. hughes says his flight back in april was meant to call attention to the influence of big money in politics.
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a new hearing is now set for the first week of august. new information about a woman found dead in a, paing garage. the rule was not the result of foul play police say and there is no public safety threat connected with her death. her body was found yesterday morning next to a neighbor-story garage on dulles station boulevard. a man wanted in connection with a massive car theft ring is now in custody. he turned himself in today. edward swales and terrell felder are still on the run, among 14 suspected members of the simple city gang. most were rounded up and indicted last week. they stole purses, phones and other items while people were pumping gas. it ran for the past six years. new improvement plants for half a dozen metro stations in mary and will a. dozens of big developers descended on college park today to reveal their plans.
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our prince george's county bureau chief tracee wilkins with a look now at the larger vision to further build around metro. >> reporter: jim, i have never seen anything like this before, it was an auditorium full of developers listening to why they should take advantage of opportunities to build here in college park. >> this is the site right here. >> reporter: developer and banker ron paul is building a family-friendly 300-unit apartment building with retail just steps from college park metro. >> we look at this entire area, if you look at whole foods, you just see just how vibrant this is. >> reporter: and that's what prince george's county county and college park officials are hoping officials will see. the university of maryland hosted more than 100 developers to and investors and provided a bus tour to college park for them. >> there's a lot
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>> this metro site is an incredibly vibrant talented community. very bright people. it is just very exciting. >> reporter: they are taking offers on these areas and they expect to close the opportunity for those offers in october. reporting live in college park i'm tracee wilkins, news4. a homeowner great falls virginia, says a bear attacked one of his dogs. it happened tuesday night with enrich charred kelly came home and found his dog, blue, bleeding. the 6-year-old rescue dog had half a dozen wounds including what appears to be a large claw mark on her left side. the veterinarian says the wounds
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are consistent with an attack by a bear. >> i cannot have my children playing out here, shooting hoops running around my own front yard after dark until that problem is solved. >> fairfax animal services wild animal unless it is sick or dangerous and be in witnessed the attack, difficult to say the bear isgerous. a warning from one of the country's most popular furniture chains. we will tell you about steps that parents need to take to avoid the dangerous and deadly accidents. a potential safety risk on the road someone hacking into your car and taking control. tonight, a major carmaker is taking some action. no action needed when it comes to this forecast temperatures the next couple of days well quite nice and without the humidity, we are looking at some great companies but it will r
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ikea, the big furniture store is offering free kits to help customers anchor furniture to the wall. the move comes amid concern from the consumer product safety commission that found the pieces could pose a serious risk to children if they aren't properly secured. in the past year and a half, two children have died from furniture tipping over on them. it's not just ikea furniture that poses this risk. the cpsc says a child is hurt every 24 minutes from falling
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furniture. nbc's tom costello will have more on the dangers tonight on "nbc nightly news." tonight, the chrysler company is scrambling to fix a software glitch that might allow hackers to take control of a car. wired magazine hired some hackers to prove that it could be done. they were able to fake over a 2014 jeep cherokee and even cause it to crash. the hackers accessed the car through the info painment system. they changed the radio, the air conditioning and even killed the engine. chrysler released a software group date this month and it says it has a cyber security team working on that problem. eight new capital bike share stakes are coming to arlington county. they will be located along the george washington memorial parkway helping to fill the gaps between arlington d.c. and alexandria. arlington county's getting
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286,000 doll dollars in funding to pay for the expansion. each station will have 14 to 20 darts. you will have to wait a while, installation will begin next summer, take a year to complete all eight additions. coming up tonight, an alternative to jail. only news4 there as fairfax county leaders went to texas to learn about a model program for mentally ill offenders. >> what i really needed was counseling and in jail it's hard to get that >> how the progr (gong) slather
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your ribs with kikkoman for that rich mahogany sweetness. (taiko drum beat) (taiko drum beat)
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the death of natasha mckenna in the fairfax county jail six ago put a spot light amount growing issue of how to handle mentally ill offenders. >> now after a trip to see a model program in texas, fairfax county leaders have some new ideas that could lead to lockup alternatives there. only news4 traveled with them to texas and julie carey joins us now with a look at what they learned there. julie? >> reporter: in texas, they admit with offenders, it used to
6:46 pm
be cuff them and stuff them in jail. but in the last decade, there is a new way of doing things and a fairfax delegation learned if they follow the model, it could mean big savings for taxpayers. san antonio, known for the alamo and the river walk but the city and surrounding bexar county is nationally recognized for something else, the bay law enforcement deals with mentally ill offenders. we come up with community solutions to make ensure people get the treatment rather than being put in jail or on the streets. >> the booking officer will send them through the medical help, mental health screening. >> reporter: that's what a delegation from fairfax county has come to texas to learn about inviting news4 along. for sheriff stacy kinkaid the february death of natasha mckenna has her searching for twice lock up few mentally ill offenderses. diagnosed with schizophrenia,
6:47 pm
mckenna was tased and died. >> we need to do better to make sure this never happens again. >> reporter: in the bexar county model program, the fairfax delegation heard from officers and deputies assigned to mobile mental health units and often respond to calls for those in crisis. >> do the right things treat them the right wake get them to the right facilities based on individual needs, chances are, they may not need to call law enforcement again. >> reporter: 2300 people who might have gone straight to jail for minor offenses come instead to the restoration center. there is a sobering unit for those who need it, or if someone is in the middle of a mental health crisis this door opens, assessment and treatment inside. >> don't have a facility like this to get one. >> reporter: another place called haven for hope offers opportunity for the homeless who in years past might get locked up for trespassspassingtrespassing. for louis, it stopped a cycle that ended 18 lockups. >> in jail it is hard to get
6:48 pm
counseling. >> reporter: bexar county's push to divert from jail started 13 years ago taken time and at the outset, a lot of money but look at the results. the homeless count down 85%. use of force incidents in the sheriff's department down from 50 a year to just three in six years. leaders say treatment is cheaper than jail, bexar county is saving taxpayers money, at least $10 million a year. but the real bottom line -- this is about human capital, it's about people's lives. >> reporter: tomorrow night, i take a closer look at the special training behind the diversion plan, why some say our area has a lot of catching up to do. >> that sounds absolutely remarkable, those rums. is that under way anywhere else in the country other than texas do you know? >> there are some other cities that are cited as models, denver is one, seattle is another, portland is another. of the whole model for training came out of memphis tennessee. so, there is a growing awareness
6:49 pm
and more and more departments are taking a look at this. >> folks in fairfax are impressed as well i would imagine. >> they have a lot of big ideas, came back with a lot of momentum, now going to see if there is a will and a way in their county. nbc4 has a station wide campaign working to break the stigma of mental illness. for more inform was and a list of mental health resources near you, go to and search changing minds. >> great story. thank you julie. doug's back. the most popular guy in town. he is bringing more good news. >> more likely to bring good weather, what it was in high school and, you know, we got it today. that's some good news. high temperatures today of 88. that owes's that's on the hot side, low humidity, very nice, very comfortable, evening planner, 88 now, dropping to 81 by 9:00 74 by 11. if you want to get out and about tonight, do it. 84 in rockville 82, dulles, 83 both camp springs and hunting
6:50 pm
town. as i mentioned thinking about getting out maybe doing dining out, just perfect for that. temperatures will fall between 77 and 81 degrees right around that 7, 8:00 hour. looking good there. looking good on the radar there is no rain. man, we have seen a lot of rain over the past month and a half a good couple of days to dry out here, move on through the next few. it's one region i want to focus on. look forwards the mountains, west of the blue ridge, area get chilly tonight call it cool, more around 58, petersburg west virginia, 58 lure ray, 58, winchester winchester, around the 58 mark. a little bit cool. 89 in and around the city. so, a very nice afternoon. looking good as well on friday and on saturday with low humidity. still on the hot side temperatures right around or a little bit above average friday and saturday but with plenty of sunshine, low humidity, looking at a few very nice days call it
6:51 pm
a fanst at aic friday. as a matter of fact, going to be so nice, got backyard weather tomorrow on thursday and we have got backyard weather on friday. so nice we are doing two backyard weathers this week. jim and for rein, absolutely ecstatic about this. so excited. next week the humidity it moves back in and so does our chance for showers and storms. you guys are happy. >> i hope they have got their grills ready. >> they do. >> all right, thank you. >> going to need them. sports coming up. a great day for matinee. going to he will it us how taylor swift's bat helped the nats rally late against the mets.
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okay. i just messed up. i want to show you why punk situation counts. my copy read we are going to show you how taylor's swift bat helped the nats rally late. >> i get t >> i read we are going to tell you how taylor swift's bat helped -- you see what i'm saying -- >> swift's. >> taylor's swift bat. right. >> the saying, let's eat, grandma or let's eat grandma. >> that's what i'm saying. >> i have never heard that before. >> first time. >> where did you go to school?
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>> grandma not feeling well. >> we got to talk about the eighth inning ral employerly for the nats. the nats lose a player but win a game today, not just any game either, the all-important rubber match versus the division rival, jordan zimmermann 3-0 last five starts taking on the man they call four mets rookie, but neither would fact toer into the decision. talking about yunel escobar, tries to check his swing. goes down in pain. an injury the nats can ill afford. holding that left wrist and hand. now, woe try and stay in the at-bat but after the next pitch, he walks straight to the dugout. good news, x-rays are negative. so no bones are broken. going to have to have further testing. bottom eight, michael a. taylor we play the, nat downs 3-1. a swift bat. >> 2-1, taylor. he swiftly is moving around the bases. so, is ian desmond and den decker, come in to score.
6:56 pm
taylor on 2-5 on the day with three rbi. after taylor steals second to get in scoring position, danny espinosa ripping that one into left field, bringing home a run. that rbi double from espinosa gives the nates a 4-3 lead. taylor mobbed by teammates in the dugout the nats, they win by final 4-3 division lead over the mets. amazing three games after that wild come back. >> perseverance. what it's about. a team built on character guys and today was a perfect example of that >> the fact we get a chance to come back in a game like that shows we don't give up. and we create opportunities for ourselves and we can come through. >> i think there wasn't any panic there. anyone on this team can get a job done. so i think we were all right and we were just ready for the next guy and keep on grinding. >> nates in pittsburgh starting tomorrow. the orioles play the yankees
6:57 pm
tonight at 7. meantime, 50 days till the kickoff of nfl season. redskins start training camp a week from tomorrow. interesting news about a former redskin today. according to a report from adam schefter, the arizona cardinals have spoken with former redskins tight end chris cooley and they have expressed interest in him. yesterday, a story came out in the "washington post" which says he is back to his playing weight, lifting like he did in college and believes he could be at end. cooley is a radio host at espn 980. finley, this was the scene at a minor league baseball game last night. the st. paul saints and their fans attempting to break the beginness world record for largest pillow fight. i think this is a sport right? 6,261 people one mascot and that pig, his name is pablo pig awesome. didn't take long. and it did break the record for those of you dying to new york the record was held by south dakota state university at a football game, the fans.
6:58 pm
>> i'm going to assume there was no beer allowed at that game 'cause that could be dangerous. >> fun.
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
tonight, what the tape reveals. we go frame by frame. how a routine traffic stop quickly spiraled out of control. the last time we see this woman alive before she was found dead in her jail cell. hate crime charges. a rare move from the feds for the man accused in that church massacre in charleston. air scare. passengers suddenly passing out, oxygen masks dropping as the pilot makes an emergency landing. trump's money. new disclosures tonight about how much he has and where it's coming from. and is a lion on the loose in a big american city? people doubted the panicked 911 calls, until this tape surfaced and stunned everyone. "nightly news" begins right now.


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