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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  July 24, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. right now at 11:00, two men in our region going for a nighttime swim vanish. rescue workers are working in the darkness. and moments before and after
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the deadly metro stabbing which ended with the suspectng away. for the first time the sister of a police officer ambushed and killed is sharing her pain. why she says now is the time to support police. >> story right now. the coast guard is searching for two men who disappeared while swimming off the cove point light station. they vanished about 7:30 this morning. calvert county fire and police are participating in the search. officials plan to continue looking for the men throughout the night. new video tonight in the deadly stabbing case on metro. police tell us the video shows the suspect the moments before the crime and also running away from it. >> news4's darcy spencer has a closer look at this video. darcy? >> reporter: in this video, you
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can see him running throughout the metro system. it's clear that prosecutors are trying to place him in the metro system around the time of the murder and to connect him to the murder weapon. prosecutors say this just released video shows metro murder suspect jasper spires wearing a red bandana. he turned around and that's when investigators believe he ran to a trash can shown at the top right of your screen and dumped the bloody knife used to kill the victim. they say in his haste, spires dropped some items including camouflage pants from his backpack and kept going. the investigator points out that he allegedly put on a pair of
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gloves as he got to the top of the escalator before the crime. and again before the killing the video allegedly shows him at the fare card machine looking for potential victims to rob pretending to get a fare card and following a couple as they walk away. his attorney calls it a case of mistaken identity. >> none of the witnesses have been able to identify him, none of the witnesses on the subway have identified my client as being a perpetrator. >> but prosecutors say they are confident that he's the man who stabbed the victim 30 to 40 times. >> we all lose a piece of ourselves when we see something so brutal. >> reporter: now throughout the court appearance today spires laughed and smiled and that caused the judge to order a mental evaluation. back to you. >> darcy thank you. tonight we're learning more about what happened inside that
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lafayette movie theater and the man behind the deadly shooting. police and the gunman's family are starting to release details about his troubled past. nbc's jay gray has more. >> reporter: panic after shots rang out in a crowded theater. >> it was chaos. >> reporter: a day after that chaos, there's an erie silence here. police and federal agents continue their investigation inside the grand theater. the scene so grisly it rattles police officers. >> it was a horrific scene in there, to see the projectiles, to see the blood on the floor to actually smell it. >> reporter: investigators say the man responsible is 59-year-old john russel houser. >> the shooter actually took his time and was somewhat methodical as he shot folks from the top, from the back of the theater. >> reporter: wounding nine and
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killing two before turning the gun on himself. 33-year-old jillian johnson, a musician, mom and local business owner was killed in the attack. 21-year-old mayci breaux also lost her life. >> these two individuals had a vision, a name and a future. it wasn't to die as they did horribly in this theater here. >> reporter: we're learning more about the alleged gunman. police say houser had been in the area for less than a month living in a local hotel estranged from his family. court documents obtained by nbc news show that his family asked for a protective order because of issues with a history of mental health and erratic behavior. still, there continue to be questions here. the most difficult for investigators and this grieving community -- why? jay gray nbc lafayette, louisiana. a man is facing hate crime
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charges for what he's accused of yelling at a parking lot in arlington. two african-american men say 37-year-old chad bailey came up to them, looked like he wanted to start a fight and started yelling racial slurs. the men say bailey also suggested he had a weapon. and thought they saw a knife. officers say bailey had scissors on him when he was arrested. well get ready. it's going to get hot and sticky around here again. doug says that heat and humidity is moving back in. doug? >> we've seen very nice days but another heatwave is moving in. today was kind of the start of it. with low humidity, it didn't feel like much. 86 in leesburg and 83 in kul culpepper. we're tragcking the humidity. here comes the humid air into the day on sunday and most of the week next week. we're in for one hot week as we
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move on through most of the days coming up. humidity returns for sure. storms move in too.twave and this is going to be a hot one, especially next week. we'll talk about when it moves in, when it moves out next in my forecast. >> doug, thank you. a prince george's man will spend the next half a century in prison for murdering a little boy. the toddler gave him a disrespectful look so he beat him and eventually killed him. >> we generally think about intimacy but what we're seeing is this violence is affecting children. >> there was a new task force that was began and she hopes it will be easier to get cases like these investigated and prosecuted. covering northern virginia tonight, a fairfax county judge who presided over some of the most high-profile trials in our
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region is governor mccaul's choice to join the virginia supreme court. jane roush handled the trial of lee boyd malvo. roush will replace a retiring judge. an historic trip for president obama who is in kenya tonight. this is his first visit to his ancestral homeland as president. kenyans lined the streets cheering his motorcade. the president attended a family dinner, which included his half-sister and 93-year-old grandmother. all before his first formal appearance which is tomorrow. >> i think it will be an incredibly powerful moment. this is a president whose grandfather was a domestic servant for the british and now he's returning to kenya as the
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president of the united states of america. >> tomorrow he will be co-hosting a business summit and president obama will meet with kenya's president and attend an estate dinner. he'll be addressing the kenyan people before he leaves for ethiopia on sunday. the white house is preparing to release a convicted israeli spy, jonathan pollard who was arrested back in 1985 for spying against the u.s. for israel. pollard was sentenced to life in prison. this case has been a source of tension between the u.s. and israel over the past three decades. "the wall street journal" reports some administration officials are hope the release will smooth things over with israel after the iran nuclear deal. any release could take weeks if not months. the white house wouldn't comment on the report tonight. and there's concern tonight in arlington that a new elementary school will not be ready in time for the start of the school year. the county just approved earlier construction times for the crews to start working and that means construction on the weekends as they try to finish discovery
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elementary. there is still a lot of work to be done and school starts in less than six weeks. the staff needs to be in school by the way, before that so they can be ready for the new school year. miami held list sai'm melissa mollet. closures starting friday night not wrapping up until monday at 5:00 a.m. part of ritchie-marlboro road will be shut down, one lane in each direction closed on friday to noon on saturday. traffic also could be stopped there for up to 15 minutes at a time. have a good one and pack that patience. >> thanks, melissa. you'll also need to pack your patience driving in montgomery county. crews are working to establish new lanes at georgia avenue and randolph road in wheaton just about an hour ago tonight. traffic will be down to one lane
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in each direction on both georgia avenue and randolph road while the work is being done. best bet may be to avoid the area until monday when everything is back to normal. well, for weeks now, animal control has been trying to return this little dog to her home. tonight, that organization is asking for your help. disturbing new numbers on the d.c. synthetic drug outbreak, shedding light on the growing problem. >> you can't stigmatize an entire group of people for something that a few people have done. >> why the sister of a murdered police officer is breaking her silence years later.
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we have breaking news right now and the district police are on the scene of a shooting not far from alabama avenue in the north stanton neighborhood. the victim was not breathing at last check. we'll bring you new information on the nbc washington app. a disturbing trend in the district today. at least 14 people with possible overdoses linked to synthetic drugs like k-2 or spice. this was near the metro station. one woman told us she called 911 when she feared a man lying in the street was going to die. over the last month there's been 29 synthetic drug arrests according to the police. the u.s. attorney's office plans to prosecute those cases but their main focus is going out to the stores that sell it. time is running out for a nonprofit to get enough people
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to sign up for an event that raises money for officers injured in the line of duty. one come man's brother was ambushed and killed while sitting in his vehicle. >> reporter: in february 1997 d.c. officer brian gibson was shot to death in his patrol car by a man whose hatred of authority was fueled by a drunk drunken rage of being kicked out of a club. his sister says he loved his job and community. 18 years later, the family still meets people whose lives he met. >> a kid came over and told mom that because of brian talking to him like that he chose a different path. >> reporter: gibson says it saddens her that the capital area law enforcement foundation which helps those injured in the
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line of duty is having problems with the biggest fund-raiser. the event a golf tournament, usually sells out within a few days. >> right now we're at 60 and just need a little help. >> reporter: someone der if wonder if it's due to the lack of relationships and that saddens gibson. >> you can't stigmatize an entire group of people for something that a few people have done. >> reporter: many of the families of slain officers show up at the golf tournament to cheer on the golfers. jackie bensen, news4. >> you can help the foundation get the money it needs to help injured police officers by opening our nbc washington app. just search police fund-raiser. >> oh! you've got to have fun when you can. this is a d.c. police officer
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showing some kids in southeast how to do some double dutch. >> she's good. >> this is officer candice young. double do you have is hard enough but she's doing it in full uniform with all of the gear on and she's rocking it. go officer young. >> that's impressive. fairfax animal control needs your help tonight reconnecting a dog with its owner. someone found this pitbull last month at fairfax town center last month. since then, no one has found the dog. if you recognize help, help find the owner. officers believe she was carried for and had an owner. >> aw, you can see her ribs. well, it's out of here. the good times have more heat and humidity. >> oh, it was great but we've got wave good-bye to this beautiful weather. july has come back.
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take a look outside, it's nice. dew point of 58. below 60 that means that we're comfortable and it's going to creep up over the next few days. right now beautiful. 66 in frederick. 66 in honeytown. cambridge, over towards culpepper, that's the number. no rain to talk about. we're going to be dry for really the next 24 to 48 hours. no rain for the weekend right now until late sunday. that's it. new york towards richmond, a few high clouds streaming on in. that's all they are. high clouds and they will continue to move in through the evening hours. 74 degrees. nice start to our day. 85 by noon. again plenty of sunshine. it's going to start to get a little hot during the afternoon. most of the day we'll see low humidity. as the winds shift out of the south, we'll see more humid conditions. 92 degrees. maybe a heat index, 93 94.
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it's not going to be a huge issue tomorrow. by 8:00 tomorrow night, 86 degrees. the temperatures will not drop as fast as they have been dropping over the last few evenings. the impact forecast will put it on the low side warm, more humid. 92 with not much of a heat index. it's the next couple of days that is going to be hard to go. this is probably the best beach weekend we've had. 82 a great beach day on saturday. 83 on sunday. and just make a day trip, looking good there too. 92 on saturday. 93 on sunday. that's the day the humidity moves back in. heat index close to 100 degrees. and then it sticks around. 91 on monday, 91 on tuesday, chance of storms late sunday night and into the day on monday. and then look at this heat and we could be up around 98 again
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like we were this past sunday. hot, hot, hot. the heat index near 105. storm chances late on thursday it looks like that will be a cold front that comes through. it could bring showers and thunderstorms. some on themay linger into the day on friday. so once again, as nice as it was the last couple of days, it looks like the heat is coming back in. if this stands, 90 degrees today and then a heatwave for eight days. let's hope we get cooler weather coming in. >> all right doug, thank you.
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iran keeps their nuclear facilities. military sites can go uninspected. restrictions end after 10 years. then iran could build a nuclear weapon in two months. iran has violated 20 international agreements and is the leading state sponsor of terrorism.
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well not sure it's the strongest night a little tighter than last night. >> way too soon to panic, though, right? >> but not too soon to evaluate what happened and what went wrong. we've seen so much from the mats, from near perfection to anything but. it was talking about the latter tonight. quite new for matt scherzer though. one strike away to a perfect game. the last time he faced the pirates, it was a different story tonight. bottom of the two, a man on pedro alvarez absolutely unloading on this pitch. that one heading into the river. a 453-foot two home runner just crushed it. pirates took it 2-0. bases full for tyler moore mere
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heads to second with a two-run double. but scherzer's struggle continues. two-run shot back-to-back homers. again, the offense is trying to help them out it's a low shot. second straight game. man on for brent he gets it done. this one is going to fall in right center and they beat the nats 7-5. the 0's are visiting the a's. top of the four, man on.
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hustling in from first he's coming in hot. the throw is off the mark. manny is safe and a 1-0 lead. chris tillman cool as a cucumber tonight. gets out of the jam. david dejesus. bullpen couldn't close it out. bases loaded. tim beckham takes it right up the middle. rays beat the birds 3-1. fourth straight loss for baltimore. hockey news, to. in the next five years, braden is here to stay. >> yeah. >> since day one, i've wanted to be the guy so if it doesn't change i'd be happy to have the
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opportunity and i know i still have to prove it. as a goalie, you're only as good as your last game. my goal is to keep pushing forward and keep challenging myself and my team and see what we can accomplish. >> so holtby has a cool nickname and he's rich, 30.5 mill. >> sweet. >> is he single? >> no. he actually has kids.
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when nature calls, you don't always have to answer right away, especially when you're outside in the city in public.
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san francisco, i think they have an answer to people who relieve themselves on the walls and in the alleys. the walls throw it back at you. >> what? >> yeah. the city is testing out a new paint. it repels urine. >> when people urinate on the wall, the pee actually bounces back and hits your pants or gets you wet. >> i think that's called a splatter zone. aside from the specially coated walls, there are signs that asks people to use bathrooms when they feed to do their business because we are a civilization. >> we're just going to have to take five steps back. >> how about bounce back. >> have a great weekend, everybody. >> thanks for watching.
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♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- rachel mc adams. michael pena. stand-up from robert klein.


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