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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  July 27, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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adam torres for shooting john geer two years ago. he said that geer was reaching for a weapon. two brothers died during a swim in calvert county and today they'll continue looking for doug brown. he and his brother went missing on friday. daniel's body was recovered over the weekend. the brother along with daniel's son jason were swimming off cove point when the tide changed friday evening. the three tried to swim against the tide but got overwhelmed. >> when the tide pulled us out a bit and we said, we had to go back in. we weren't making it because we were swimming in place. i was standing with my dad, and you know, he told me -- he told me he loved me and to go ahead. >> jason made it back to shore and alerted family members. daniel brown's former father in law also died in the bay when his ship sank in 1993. a man is free on bond this morning after being arrested for leaving a baby locked inside a
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hot car for at least 20 minutes. this happened saturday on north market street in frederick, maryland. police say the baby was covered in sweat and was hot to the touch when firefighters opened the car. the car's ignition was off and the windows were cracked. the baby's guardian was 44-year-old play. he is charged with child neglect. it's 4:31. in you drive in fairfax county, the warning period for the new red light camera is over. it's on plantation parkway. if they snap a photo of your plate during a violation you will receive a notification in the mail. signs are up to remind you. >> you have been warned. 4:31. 77 degrees outside the studio, the humidity is back and i guess you brought it with you. >> i didn't. i came from -- >> from the beach. >> all right. let's check in with tom to find out how hot it will get.
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>> hey, not quite as hot today. we have some clouds and some showers in northern neck, and north of washington, that's moving into carroll. one shower there with lightning. some light rain here in montgomery county. that's the tracking off toward central howard county. another one out of loudoun and moving into the suburbs in prince george's county over the next hour or so. showers here in charles county and that's going to be moving in to calvert county over the next half hour or. so right now it's mild and muggy. in the 7 0s from the shenandoah valley all the way to the bay. out of the mountains it's in the mid 60s. later today we'll have just some clouds around through 8:00 and temperatures hovering in the upper 70s. melissa is here now, looking at some construction. >> some good old construction on this monday morning.
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should be out of the way in next 30 minutes or so. right now southbound wisconsin avenue at wood month, we have some road work that popped up there. overall, prince george's county looking food. nice and green there. indian head avenue, pennsylvania avenue, everything rolling along well. moving up a little bit, b.w. parkway, 95 and 29, also nice and green. no road work to be worried about at this point this morning. 95 at newington. nice clear roads there and the inner loop at colesville, remember at the top of the beltway two of the lanes are blocked. roadway we should see for next month or so. should be out of the way by 5:00 a.m. a developing story out of afghanistan. 21 people are dead, many more wounded. this after gun fire breaks out at a wedding. police say that the shootings happened after one relative was assassinated at this event and then the two sides began fighting. two of those killed under the age of 18. meanwhile, just north of there, another incident where taliban
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fighters attacked police check points. aaron we'll bring you any new developments as we get them. >> all right, thank you. right now we're working to find out the conditions of two men who were shot in hyattsville. prince george's county police say someone shot the men on hubbard road early yesterday. we are told one of the men had life threatening injuries. however, we have not received an update from police for nearly 24 hours. and right now, investigators in st. mary's county are looking for this man. his name is alan rangel. he is charged with killing cody lacey on saturday. the sheriff's deputies arrested burks-jeffrey and braithwaite. a howard county woman is in the hospital. a truck drove into her apartment and hit her. take a look at this scene here. howard county police put out the pictures. a truck drove through the
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sliding dallas door and drove into marilyn schmeits' house yesterday. police say mynor monterroso was trying to back out of the space when he hit a pole and this happened. arrests arrested monterroso and charged him with driving without a license and failure to control the car. metro will continue to celebrate the silver line today. it's been a year since that line started running. to mark the anniversary, you can take a free shuttle. the transportation summit will be held in tyson's corner and they'll discuss how it's helping to ease congestion. if you see buses in and out of the transit center don't get too excited. it's not open yet. the bus drivers need to practiceces and the exits. they're calling it the rodeo. the transit center is expected to open later this year after the repairs to multiple
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engineering and construction flaws. donald trump's brash style doesn't seem to be throwing a surge in the polls. trump is leading the field in new hampshire. he's second in iowa behind scott walker. in democratic race hillary clinton continues to lead. coming up in a little bit, in this hour, we'll talk to tracie potts about the state where support for trump dropped after his comments about john mccain. this morning we'll learn a lot more about how well montgomery county's new public schools code of conduct is working. the education committee is being briefed at 9:30 this morning. that new code was put in place last fall. it's supposed to reduce out of school suspensions. data shows that has happened. also today, we should hear the latest from montgomery county council on its final plans to save some money next year. council president george leventhal is meeting with
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reporters at noon today. he is expected to discuss revised plans for funding the proposed purple line as well. larry hogan is asking montgomery and prince george's counties to spend more money to help pay for that light rail project. let's look outside right now where people are waking up to a little bit of rain. i needed the umbrella this morning but will you? tom kierein has the answer. and authorities in west virginia are investigating a dead man for several murders. in just two minutes, the warning about a possible serial slasher. the northern v
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this is our top story on the nbc washington app. a possible serial killer may have died at the hands of a potential victim. a sex worker shot neil falls at a home in charleston, west virginia earlier this month. investigators think falls may be responsible for other prostitute deaths in nevada and other ohio. an investigative team is looking into the possible connection. right now, loudoun county deputies are looking for a man that may be revealing a little too much. the county sheriff's office said someone spotted a naked man by the intersection of ashburn road and louisa drive yesterday. they believe he took off his
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clothes and jumped in front of two runner last week. he doesn't attack or touch anyone. he runs away. he has exposed himself several times in ashburn over the last three months. 4:41. time for weather and traffic on the 1s. and the chance for some rain today. >> storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein here with a look at what we can expect. good morning, tom. >> good morning. getting a thundershower here in northwest washington. a little bit of lightning. to the north, getting a shower now pulling out of frederick county and into carroll and in montgomery county from the beltway along 270 all the way to frederick. the pavement is wet. and pavement is wet in virginia now. that one showers is coming through. a few other shower is coming through, the pavement is wet along 95 through dale city to quantico to down near from fredericksburg. walkways become drying out and after this wave of rain comes through in the upper 70s. have an umbrella ready for the afternoon.
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highs in the upper 80s. heat wave on the way. that's at 4:51. melissa is looking at the traffic cameras. wet pavement. >> seeing wet pavement as tom has been telling us. seeing 270, top of it at old hundred road with a little bit of a sheen on the roadway. we are seeing some rain falling in the area. just a warning if you're headed out there. 66 west would be after 123 had had -- my microphone doesn't want to stay where it is supposed to be. taking a wide look at the beltway no major problems. looking pretty good. 95 headed into town and out of town, no issues either. remember to listen to our friends on wtop 103.5 when you hop in your car. firefighters recovering this morning as a wildfire continues to burn in california. the big worry this morning about the blaze that has people evacuating right now. i'll have it from the live desk. what a lot of people her age do. went to the movies with friends.
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now, those friends are getting ready for her funeral. the victim in the chattanooga shooting being laid to rest. and what could happen as
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iran keeps their nuclear facilities. military sites can go uninspected. restrictions end after 10 years. then iran could build a nuclear weapon in two months. iran has violated 20 international agreements and is the leading state sponsor of terrorism.
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now to a story we are following closely out of northern california where now four firefighters are recovering. a wildfire threatened 150 homes. one is in serious condition. meanwhile, this fire continues to burn in the sierra, nevada foothills with only 15% contained. people are evacuating and right now, the big concern is the wind which they worry could drive the flames back south. it's something to keep an eye on. eun? >> thank you. the new 2016 poll shows donald trump continues to defy expectations. he is making some serious headway with voters in some
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crucial states. nbc's tracie potts is live here to tell us more. good morning. >> reporter: eun, good morning. in both iowa and new hampshire key states, donald trump is gaining ground it appears. taking a look at the iowa poll. he has a commanding lead there. seven points over jeb bush. i should say in new hampshire. in iowa he's actually number two behind scott walker. but only by two points which is within the margin of error. the interesting thing we also see from these polls is his unfavorable rating which is a whopping 60% among registered voters in iowa. so a lot of people don't like him, but of the republicans who do, he is in the lead in at least one of the states and right behind scott walker. this echoes what we're seeing nationwide in the cnn poll where trump has only not commanded the lead, but he's gained support
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since the comments he made about john mccain. >> all right, tracie potts live on capitol hill for us, thank you. right now, president obama is making a historic trip to ethiopia. he's the first sitting u.s. president to visit that country. right now he's meeting with the prime minister and he will attend a state dinner later today. mr. obama is on the last leg of his africa trip. he wrapped up a visit to kenya. president obama was also first sitting u.s. president to visit that country. kenya is where the president's father was born. a victim of the deadly shooting in chattanooga, tennessee, will be laid to rest today. thomas sullivan will be buried in massachusetts near his hometown. you can see scores of people attended his wake yesterday. five military members died in the attacks earlier this month. in louisiana, communities are remembering two women who were killed in a movie theater shooting and now that state's governor said the killer john houser should never have been able to get a gun.
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he bought the gun legally last year. his brother said mental illness was concerning, but not a reason to think he would kill anyone. >> and just thinking about the mental illness issue and, you know, did we miss anything? is it something we didn't see? we say no. we saw no sign of this. >> houser killed two people and his bullets hit nine others at this theater last week. investigators are still working to determine houser's motive. today, the boy scouts could be making a big change to their organization. gay men could be allowed to participate for the first time as leaders. right now they're banned from leading scout troops. the executive board is expected to overturn that rule when it goes up for a vote today. and today vice president joe biden will make a big announcement. vice president biden and andrew cuomo are expected to announce upgrades to the new york city airports. he said visiting laguardia felt like walking through a third world country. today lawyers for whitey
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bulger will argue for a new trial in boston. he is in prison in in right now and his lawyers are trying to get the racketeering conviction overturned. they say he deserves a new trial because he wasn't allowed to tell the jury he was promised immunity in the case. today, there will be a round table discussion on domestic violence. donna edwards is hosting that discussion at suitland high school. representatives from the nfl will also be there. the round table begins at 9:00 a.m. this morning the search continues for two florida teenagers missing at sea. the coast guard was tweeting this morning that the search area now covers 26,000 square nautical miles. 14-year-old austin stephanos and perry cohen were last seen buying fuel before going fish on friday. they boat was found capsized yesterday. perry cohen's neighbor, joe namath, is offering a $100,000
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reward to help find the boys. >> they know what they're doing or feel like. austin is sharp and on the water for a while. perry is as sharp as can be. they're fine. >> the boys' family said they were capable of operating the boat. police are warning you in fairfax county, do not leave your car unlocked. police respond in order than two dozen car break-ins. thieves took items from unlocked cars on the streets off of huntsman boulevard and coachman drive. police say if you have surveillance cameras and you live in the area, check it for unusual activity. there have been hundreds of these break-ins in recent months. lock your car doors and don't leave stuff in your trunk. that's one small step for man. one giant leap for mankind. >> donations are pouring in to preserve the space suit neil
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armstrong wore when he became the first person to walk on the moon. there was a campaign to preserve it last week. the goal was to raise a half a million dollars in 30 days. they already beat that goal by $43,000. smithsonian says it hopes to restore the suit for full display by 2019. >> this is actually going to be pretty cool. the first time that smithsonian has tried a kickstarter campaign they had $300,000 in two days. they'll do this with other things as well. the funding that the smithsonian gets only goes toward operational stuff. so being able to pull this suit out, preserve it, put it on display is not something they can typically do. it will be cool to see. >> huge work. preserving history while they're doing it. hi, tom. >> hi, eun. welcome back. >> thank you. >> aaron, so good to see you. >> all right. we have a computer console -- >> right. >> and -- >> i don't want to touch you. >> i heard a little bit of rumbling. i don't know if that's somebody's stomach grouling.
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>> it could be mine. >> i think we have a thundershower and a little bit of lightning. looking down on nebraska avenue here. had a quick downpour with a little bit of lightning right now. and on the storm team 4 radar, we do have some of the showers that are coming to roll on through with some thunder and lightning. out of southern montgomery county. right now it's harding pretty hard in wheaton and now coming into takoma park. this is moving into northeast washington. a brief heavy downpour with thunder and lightning and exiting montgomery county and bethesda over the next half hour or so. northern montgomery, a few here in southern maryland here. a little bit of lightning near nanjemoy and that's coming into western charles county. a little bit of thunder too in st. mary's county and on the eastern shore. it is a mild and muggy morning. in the 70s all around the region now.
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have the umbrella handy for this morning and this afternoon you may need it. between noontime and middle afternoon, a little sun breaking out. you may need the sunblock and the sunglasses as well. temperatures will be mid 70s by 8:00 and then noontime the sun breaks out. the low 80s. hitting upper 80s by 3:00 or 4:00. then tomorrow we start a heat wave. highs low 90s on tuesday and wednesday and thursday the mid 90s. quite humid. next chance for storms looks to be on thursday afternoon. then into the weekend stays hot, but a little bit less humid. highs low to mid 90s and probably no storms. we have a disabled car. where is this, melissa? >> this just popped up on the camera this morning, tom. this is 395 southbound between seminary road and king street. you can see it there off kind -- it looks like it's on the side of the roadway at this point, but again, going to be something that could be there for a little bit longer as they wait for a tow to get that out of the way.
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66 west after 123, still have just the two lanes open there because of some road work. probably should be out of there in the next 30 minutes or so. 270 northbound and southbound, no issues right now. a reminder here loudoun county fair kicking off today. so at the loudoun county fair grounds a week, from today until the 1st. some closures in the area. a warning for you there. see you at 5:01. vandals hit more than a dozen cars in less than two weeks but are the crimes connected? why neighbors may not have to worry about their cars being hit. $105 million why the federal government is hitting fiat chrysler with this massive fine in a story that is developing
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you're watching "news4 today." >> 4:57. right now, fairfax county police are looking for the people who vandalized dozens of cars. a viewer tipped us off in centreville. around 30 cars were spray painted with graffiti saturday night. one person found writing all over his car. >> i noticed that there was some spray paint on my minivan. so i decided to take a walk to see if any of the other vehicles were vandalize and sure enough i saw this one and that minivan
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which has a lot more. >> now, just last weekend, seven cars and trucks were set on fire in another fairfax county neighborhood. police did make a few arrests in the case. detectives say it is not clear if the two cases are connected. if you and your child are considering colleges right now, there is a reason to visit several in virginia this week. it's private week. if you visit three participating schools, they will waive your application fee. marymount university along with 23 other colleges across the commonwealth are taking part. rosslyn could be looking like a taller boston. the arlington county board approved several new plans to make rosslyn more vibrant. the most controversial part allows for taller high rise buildings and the plan calls for a new plaza near the metro stop. this could bring in a lot of money for the county. all of the spaces that are vacant cost millions every year
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in lot of tax dollars. we are following a developing story this morning. the u.s. government is fining fiat $105 million. the record fine is over the company's failure to notify consumers about potentially dangerous car defects in the ram pickups and jeeps. fiat chrysler will have to buy back some 500,000 cars that were defective. owners will be able to trade in the cars or get money toward repairs. all right. stay with us. "news4 today" continues right now at 5:00 a.m. >> "news4 today" starts now. >> right now we're keeping a close eye on storm team 4 radar. scattered showers moving through our area rumbles of thunder may have awakened you this morning. more storms are possible this evening. good morning, everybody. i'm grchaaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. it feels like the end of july. >> it does. tom kierein has the latest. >> yeah flashes of lightning
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and rumbles of thunder now. this is heavy downpour with some lightning in northeast washington and then into maryland from takoma park and now right about to come into -- right along the route 1 corridor in college park up to the beltway. right now, silver spring getting heavy downpours there along where 29 meets the beltway and 95 meets the beltway. that is very wet there. now, this is tracking right into northern prince george's county. not a severe storm, just a downpour with some thunder and lightning. making the beltway way though. along the route 50 corridor it will be wet over the next half hour or so as that one thundershower moves on through. wider view, other showers pulling it of frederick county and then howard and then in charles, calvert and st. mary's. northern neck getting some flashes. just saw some flashes there. around 7:00, should be cloudy. and by 9:00, near 80.


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