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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  July 27, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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latest. >> yeah flashes of lightning and rumbles of thunder now. this is heavy downpour with some lightning in northeast washington and then into maryland from takoma park and now right about to come into -- right along the route 1 corridor in college park up to the beltway. right now, silver spring getting heavy downpours there along where 29 meets the beltway and 95 meets the beltway. that is very wet there. now, this is tracking right into northern prince george's county. not a severe storm, just a downpour with some thunder and lightning. making the beltway way though. along the route 50 corridor it will be wet over the next half hour or so as that one thundershower moves on through. wider view, other showers pulling it of frederick county and then howard and then in charles, calvert and st. mary's. northern neck getting some flashes. just saw some flashes there. around 7:00, should be cloudy. and by 9:00, near 80. drive time forecast next weather
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and traffic on the 1s at 5:11. melissa is looking at a disabled vehicle. >> still have this disabled vehicle, 395 southbound at seminary road. the right lane is blocked at this point. a warning for you there. as tom was just saying a lot of water now coming down here. beltway at new hampshire avenue, so had some rain there. camera is wet. going to see this for the next little bit at least. wide look at the beltway, inner loop and outer loop moving along. 66 and 95 overall looking quite good. back at 5:11. deputies in frederick county, maryland, are now questioning a man they say admitted to stabbing two people. the frederick county sheriff's office says husband and wife were stabbed in frederick last night. the man died. his wife is in serious condition at the hospital right now. according to deputies the attack happened during prayer service yesterday. they say multiple people called 911 including the suspect in the case. we're told the suspect had
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stayed at the counseling center for at least five days. it is not clear if he knew the victims. we are working to find out when the brown family plans to hold funeral services for bobbi kristina brown. the only daughter of the late whitney houston died yesterday. she was 22 years old. singer dionne warwick who is whitney's cousin called bobbi kristina a good girl and is in a much better place now. back in january, brown was found unresponsive in the bathtub of her atlanta home. it's unclear how that incident happened. a murder case in fredericksburg headed to the grand jury today. steven vander briel is facing charges for killing grace mann back in april. police say he strangled her. he was a student at the university of mary washington when this happened and police say she and vander briel were roommates at the time. a grand jury will hear from witnesses about a fairfax county police shooting. the jury will decide whether to charge officer adam torres for shooting and killing john geer two years ago. torres claimed he appeared to be
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reaching for a weapon, however, other officers deny that's what happened. and two procedures die during a swim in calvert county. doug and brother daniel went missing on friday and daniel's body was recovered over the weekend. the brothers along with daniel's son jason were swimming off cove point when the tide changed. the three tried to swim against the tide but were overwhelmed. >> okay, we have to go back in. we started to swim back and we weren't making it because we were swimming in place. i was there with my dad and, you know, he just told me -- told me he loved me and to go ahead. >> wow. jason managed to get back to shore and alert family members. daniel brown's former father-in-law also died in the bay when his ship sank in 1993. crews will continue to look for doug brown's body today.
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new cell phone video in from cleveland where police pepper sprayed a crowd. we'll let the play out for you a little. okay. so you can see that officer spraying people who appear to be linked together. they are reacting rather loudly. this was at the end of a black lives matter conference. police saying that they did it after the crowd tried to block them from taking a drunk 14-year-old to the police headquarters. as of this morning police are only saying that the teen was peacefully removed and eventually released to his mom. but you can hear just the chaotic scene there. eun, we'll let you know if we get any more statements from police. >> all right thank you. a man is free on bond this morning after being arrested for leaving a baby locked inside a hot car for at least 20 minutes. this happened saturday on north market street in frederick maryland. police say the baby was covered in sweat and was hot to the touch when firefighters opened
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the car. the car's ignition was off and the windows were cracked. the baby's guardian was 44-year-old ismaila blay. five minutes after the hour. donald trump's brash style is not slowing his surge in the polls. in a brand-new poll, trump is leading in new hampshire. he is in second place in iowa behind wisconsin governor scott walker. hillary clinton continues to lead in the em theic race -- in the democratic race. in half an hour we'll talk to tracie potts about the state that support for trump dropped. and take a look at the map here, the red light camera is on plantation parkway. you know how it works. if they snap a photo of your plate during a violation you'll receive a notice in the mail. the city has put signs up to remind you that the violation period has started. metro celebrating the silver
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line today. been a year since it started running and you can take a free shuttle bus from dulles -- to dulles international from the wiehle-reston east metro station. also happening today, metro is holding the transportation summit in tysons corner is. they'll talk about how it's helping to ease traffic congestion. if you see busing rolling in and out of the transit center today, don't get excited yet. it's not open yet. the bus drivers are practicing the entrances and exits. derrick ward will have a live report with more on why it's taking so long to get the transit center open. all right. check out the scene right outside of the news4 studios this morning. those will rain drops. chances are if you're in northwest washington you're seeing something similar. tom will tell us if you need your wipers and umbrella coming up in the drive time forecast. we are following the latest out of milwaukee where there have been even more lion sightings.
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and we're learning there may be more than one.
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a developing story now out of california. four firefighters were hurt battling a fast moving wildfire in northern virginia. one of the victims is in serious condition. right now the fire in the sierra nevada foothills is only 15% contained. 40 homes are under a mandatory evacuation, but up to 200 are at risk. firefighters are concerned winds will drive the flames back south. if that's the case hundreds more homes could be threatened. police in milwaukee on lion alert again this morning. over the weekend there were several reports of a lion sighting in the suburbs. people have -- having a cookout said they spotted the lion and the cub walking around. last week a woman caught on camera what appears to be a lion walking through her neighborhood. you see it right there. police have been patrolling the
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area with tranquilizer guns at the ready but they have not spotted the big cat. the local zoo said it's not one of their lions so it's possible it's a wild mountain lion or somebody's pet. >> somebody's pet? >> it's a possible. it is legal to own a lion in wisconsin. you scratch your head about that for a little while. >> you said it's legal to have a mountain lion as a pet? you need a whole lot of space. >> i believe what i read. >> and food. >> if you're out of food, you only get to do that once. >> and protection. >> 5:11 is our time right now. weather and traffic on the 1s. i believe i saw a flash of lightning in this camera shot behind me a second ago. >> we all saw that. it's coming from a thundershower exiting washington and coming into prince george's county. the areas in red and orange where it's raining pretty hard. all the way down to near ft. washington. that's another shower coming through southern maryland not quite as heavy and not as much lightning in charles county, st.
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mary's. one in howard county. it is moving off to the east so the morning drive time will begin to dry out. some roads are in the upper 70s. some roads are in the upper 80s as we have more thundershowers coming through. heat wave on the way. a look at how long it may last coming up next weather and traffic on the 1s at 5:21. melissa is seeing wet roads in prince george's county. >> wet roads in prince george's county. we have been talking about this this morning. take a look there at the top of the beltway, then into prince george's county. had some water on the road there, beltway at 202. so just be careful as you're headed out this morning. 395 southbound at seminary road, still have that disabled vehicle off to the left side of the roadway. franconia springfield parkway, the left lane is blocked. brand-new crash there. crash at the outer loop at wisconsin avenue. moved off to the shoulder. so that of course is good. big look at the beltway, inner and outer loop, everything is rolling along fine.
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we'll follow this rain this morning. >> thank you. >> the dramatic rescue of a dog from a fire in fairfax county. and a plan to keep students in school even when they're in trouble. but is the code of conduct f
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you're watching "news4 today." >> well, today you will see buses rolling in and out of the silver spring transit center, but not because the center is finally open. >> bus drivers begin training to learn how to navigate the entrance and exits. news4's derrick ward has more on the training. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. well, you know what, this is something i can't recall ever seeing here in silver spring. but behind me we look at the top level of the transit center. now, this was supposed to be the crowning jewel of intermodal transportation, but it's turned out to be a $140 million boondoggle. they broke ground back in 2008. and back in 2013, cracks started to appear in the concrete. they realized that it had not been properly reinforced or poured in some areas. so there was a stalemate of
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sorts about who would pay for it. montgomery county or actually metro. and the big risk was that a falling chunk of concrete. well, they seemed to have reached an agreement on that. once this is declared safe and open, they're going to hand over the keys to metro. but what's going to happen today is that metrobus drivers and ride on drivers will get used to circumnavigating this facility. they want to make sure they can drive it when it's going to open. but we didn't know when that is yet. derrick ward, news4. >> thank you. 5:17. we are working to find out the conditions of two men who were shot in hyattsville. prince george's county police said someone shot them on hubbard road early yesterday. yesterday morning we were told one of the men had life threatening injuries. we are calling police to find out if that man's condition has changed. right now investigators in st. mary's county are still looking for this man. this is alan rangel. he is charged with shooting and killing cody lacey in
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mechanicsville on saturday. the sheriff's deputy arrested burks-jeffrey and wade braithwaite. they were accomplices. a howard county woman is in the hospital. a truck drove into her apartment and hit her. take a look at the scene here. the truck controversy through a sliding glass door and into marilyn schmeits' apartment yesterday. according to police. this is on old waterloo road in rutledge. mynor monterroso was trying to back out of a place and this happened. he was charged with driving without a license, negligent driving and failure to control the car. this morning, we will learn a lot more about how well montgomery county's new public school code of conduct is working. the county council's education committee is being briefed at 9:30 this morning. it is supposed to reduce out of school suspensions. data from the first year shows that has happened. also today, we should
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learn -- rather hear the latest from the montgomery county council on the final plans to save money next year. george leventhal is meeting at noon today. he is also expected to revise the plans for the purple line. larry hogan is asking them to spend more to help pay for the light rail project. in "news4 your health" an alarming number of high schoolers are trying e-cigarettes. researchers looked at data from over 2,000 11th and 12th graders. 10% admitted to using them regularly. it's double the amount who smoke traditional cigarettes. half of the teens don't believe that e-cigarettes pose a health risk. and news that will have a lot of you moms nodding. many receive conflicting advice about how to care for their babies this is a survey from about a thousand new moms. about 10 to 15% said that the doctors gave them advice that was inconsistent with
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recommendations on breast-feeding and pacifiers. nearly 25% were given wrong advice about sleep positions and 25% said what they heard from the media about vaccines was different from what their doctors said. sometimes you have to trust your gut. >> yeah. >> do what's best for your baby. >> or ask your mother in law. >> or your mom. you don't see video like this very often. from the body camera of a firefighter. this is in west springfield it happened on carly parkway last week. you see flames totally consuming one of the walls here. no people were in that home, but you can see firefighters saving a dog when they responded. in fact the rescued -- they rescued two. but one died the next day. a third dog died in the fire. firefighters also said that that fire destroyed the house. all right. we saw from derrick's live shot,
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that the rain is coming down pretty hard right now. >> live picture from our camera here in northwest washington. let's see where it's still raining. how bad it is. tom? >> yeah, it's coming down pretty hard in prince george's county. we don't have a lot of lightning with this. this is not a severe storm but it's producing brief downpours and the pavement is all wet. might have some ponding of water too. along the beltway, and in prince george's county. that's where you see the area in the yellow and orange. that's where the rain is coming down hardest right now. the lightning is concentrated right now kettering. that's tracking right along route 50 and much of prince george's county. getting wet from all the way from near laurel all the way down to clinton. that going to be moving due east. tracking right into anne arundel county over the next half hour or so. wider view another shower here. no lightning. this is coming into charles county, moving into calvert and the rest of st. mary's and northern neck this is moving off quickly to the east. after this goes by, we have
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sunshine breaking out later this morning. some mild mornings. nearby suburbs low 70s. and reagan national is at 80. low to mid 70s in the chesapeake bay. after the sun breaks out, we'll jump into the upper 80s and quite humid. afternoon thunderstorms are looking likely, but probably not severe. similar to this morning. some downpours with some lightning. that's during the afternoon and ending this evening. tuesday sunshine back. hazy, hot and humid. we start another heat wave. this is a long heat wave. looks like each day is in the 90s. low 90s today. hazy hot and humid on wednesday. mid 90s again on thursday. thursday afternoon might get some thundershowers and some drier air tries to push in. some of the dry air might be in place. not a lot less humid but enough to give us a bit of a break. friday, saturday and sunday. still hot.
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afternoon highs low to mid 90s each of those days. a look at the hour by hour timing coming in for those storms at 5:31. melissa is looking at wet roads. a couple of accidents. >> a brand-new crash in silver spring. look at the camera, eastbound university boulevard at ar cola avenue. you can see only the far left lane is getting by because of the response and the crash there. also have a crash westbound 50 severn river bridge right lane getting by. so right now that's a big choking point as well. outer loop, wisconsin avenue, moved off to the shoulder but the off ramp is blocked because of the tow truck this morning. so a warning there. 95 in virginia, northbound and southbound, don't have any problems. either way looking quite good. nice and green. remember to listen to our friends on wtop 103.5 f.m. when you hop in your car. >> melissa thank you. a developing story in afghanistan right now. at least 21 people are dead after a shoot-out at a wedding in the northern part of the country. at least ten others were hurt.
5:24 am
most were wedding guests. their ages range from 14 to 60 years old. turkey is fighting isis. you are looking at turkish fighter jet planes returning from iraq in this video. the jets bombed several militant kurdish camps in iraq. the u.s. and turkey say both the kurdish group and isis are terrorists. in addition to sending its own air raids, turkey started to allow the u.s. to use the air bases over the last few days. and investigators are trying to figure out what led to the boating accident. two women died in the crash. the boat slammed into a concrete object just 50 yards from the key bridge which takes the baltimore beltway over the river. it happened at 3:00 in the morning yesterday. investigators are trying to piece together this time line. >> we expect that we will be interviewing all the, you know, survivors. we also will be talking to people at the places they stopped.
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>> police also identified the operator of the boat as timothy wilson of baltimore. six other people were injured in the crash. they were take top the hospital. right now it's not clear how serious the injuries are. three people died after a small plane crashed into a residential neighborhood in tokyo, japan. it plowed into a row of houses minutes after taking off yesterday. three people were killed. today, leaders from the united states olympic committee are meeting with the governor of massachusetts. they want to find out if he supports a boston olympic bid. right now, boston is the committee's chosen city to host the games in 2024. but that could change if the governor is not on board. however, he won't give his thoughts until he hears from an independent panel next month. well, ellen fans or anybody who likes some free stuff, listen to this. here is your chance to get tickets to the popular 12 days of give away shows. every day, one viewer from our
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area will win tickets to the december's 12 days of giveaways. members get all sorts of gifts at the shows. enter online. search 11 -- search ellen 12 days. >> she always has a surprise guest for the giveaways too. >> yeah. trumping the polls the latest numbers showing how much donald trump is impressing republicans in iowa and new hampshire. live look at storm team 4 radar all lit up, but how long
5:27 am
iran keeps their nuclear facilities. military sites can go uninspected.
5:28 am
restrictions end after 10 years. then iran could build a nuclear weapon in two months. iran has violated 20 international agreements and is the leading state sponsor of terrorism.
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she did what a lot of people her age do. she went to the movies with friends. now those friends are getting ready for her funeral. the victim in the chattanooga shooting being laid to rest today. another story we're keeping close tabs on a major announcement when it comes to the nation's infrastructure. what vice president joe biden is expected to unveil today. wet roads not happening things out this morning. two crashes in montgomery county. details coming up. we are getting thunder and lightning in prince george's county. right now downpours from south of route 50 all the way down to near clinton. that's moving through kettering, upper marlboro now. crossing 301. then moving into anne arundel and calvert counties with some downpours and some thunder and lightning. and elsewhere getting a few of the showers farther south in charles county, st. mary's and
5:30 am
northern neck. right now, some moderate downpours from near cambridge through easton. that's heading off towards the beaches and later today, the new hour by hour timing showing the thundershowers dissipating around salisbury. then around 2:00 this afternoon, some thundershowers central shenandoah valley. getting closer to the metro area by 4:00. 4:00 to 5:00 to 6:00 p.m., the thundershowers are coming on through. they may cause problems for the afternoon commute. and then later this evening we will have things improving but right now, melissa, getting the brief heavy downpours in prince george's. >> we have some brand-new problems as well in montgomery county. look at this. brand-new crash, eastbound montrose parkway. have the eastbound lanes shut down at this point this morning. outer loop at old georgetown, another new crash this morning. eastbound university boulevard at arcola avenue right now also
5:31 am
have that crash, with the clean-up you can see the wet roads in silver spring as well. westbound severn river bridge, the left lane is getting by. you can see the crash response is slowing things down there as well. we'll have travel tilemes coming. the new poll shows that donald trump continues to defy expectations. he's making serious headway with some voters in crucial states. nbc's tracie potts is live with us on capitol hill to tell us more about this poll. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. well, what we have learned from this poll is that donald trump has a seven point lead over jeb bush in new hampshire. and also in iowa he's pretty close within two points of governor scott walker. walker is in the lead. donald trump within striking distance. and within the margin of error of our poll. it also echoes a new cnn nationwide poll. that one has trump at number one at 18% and that's actually up
5:32 am
several points since the comments he made about john mccain. the story this morning, donald trump seems to be surging in kae states and nationwide, despite the comments that he made. looking at the democratic side hillary clinton has a commanding lead in iowa. and while she still is in the lead in new hampshire, that lead is shrinking. the representative for next door for vermont bernie sanders, is gaining some ground there. she's still in the lead but not nearly as much. the other thing that we're watching in the polls the unfavorable ratings. donald trump also sits on top of that one with 60% of iowa's registered voters not in favor of donald trump. so we'll continue to watch those numbers as new polls come out. >> tracie potts, thank you. right now, president obama is making an historic trip to ethiopia. he's the first sitting u.s. president to visit the country. right now he's meeting with the prime minister and he'll attend
5:33 am
a state dinner later today. mr. obama is on the last leg of the africa trip and he wrapped up a visit to kenya. president obama is also the first sitting u.s. president to visit that country. kenya is where the president's father was born. a victim of the deadly shooting in chattanooga, tennessee will be laid to today. marine corps gunnery sergeant thomas sullivan will be buried in massachusetts. a lot of people attended his wake yesterday. also this morning in louisiana, communities are remembering two women who died in the movie theater shooting there. police are working to find out why the killer john houser shot them and nine other people last week. we are now hearing from his family. his brother said that houser had mental illness and was going through a divorce but it is impossible to know if something pushed him too far. >> i'm in shock like everybody else. you know, we see what's going on in the paper. in the news. and everybody wants an answer.
5:34 am
and, you know, why? we don't have that. we wish we did. >> louisiana's governor said houser should never have gotten a gun because he had a history of mental illness. today the boy scouts are expected to make a major change. they're voting on a proposal to allow gay men to participate as leaders for the first time. right now, gay men are banned from leading scout troops. the boy scouts executive board is expected to overturn that rule when it goes up for a vote today. today, vice president joe biden will make a big announcement. he along with andrew cuomo are expected to announce upgrades to new york city airports. last year, he said visiting laguardia airport felt like walking through a third world country. a serial killer among us? the bizarre story unraveling that has authorities in west virginia investigating a dead murders. looking live across the district this morning, where the rain is moving through. we are hearing thunder and seeing some lightning in some spots in the area. will it clear up for your walk
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several people are now organizing marches and vigils to
5:38 am
remember sandra bland. hundreds of people staged a march at prairie view a&m yesterday. that's where she went to school. she was pulled over and arrested earlier in month and then died in jail days later. this is our top story on the nbc washington app this morning. a possible serial killer may have died at the hands of a potential victim. police say a sex worker shot 45-year-old neal falls in self-defense earlier this month. the two met online and investigators believed that falls may be responsible for other prostitute deaths in nevada and ohio. a team from ohio is on its way to charlestown now to look at the possible connection. watching a busy storm team 4 radar. so wet roads too. your weather and traffic now, start with tom. >> good morning. getting downpours with thunder and lightning now. rolling across prince george's county. heaviest rain this area in red right along 301 in prince george's county.
5:39 am
that's from near upper marlboro, and this is moving in calvert and anne arundel over the next half hour or so. there's a bit of lightening with that farther south, getting showers in st. mary's county. it is beginning to dry out a bit. so walking to work, wet walkways and you have to leap over a few puddles but it will be drying out through the morning and in the 70s. during the afternoon, partly sunny. keep the umbrella ready, may get showers and thunder in if -- the afternoon. got a heat wave on the way. a look at how long that may last. that's next weather and traffic on the 1s coming up at 5:51. we have had multiple accidents with the wet roads. now a new one. >> we have another new crash right now. this is the inner loop at g.w. parkway. not sure yet, because it just happened, not sure if it's blocking anything right now. but we have two other crashes on the beltway to worry about this morning. first one, outer loop at old georgetown road, it's blocked
5:40 am
after the spur. right lane block as well. starting to see some slowdowns at this point in morning. another problem in rockville, eastbound montrose parkway, we have shut down between montrose road and east jefferson street. right in the area of st. elizabeth church. you're not getting through on the eastbound lanes, hoping that is cleared up soon. won't be much of a problem for the rest of the commute. 95 north quantico to the beltway, only a couple minutes behind. 66 inbound from fairfax county parkway to the beltway, 13 minutes. 270 south there from germantown to the beltway, 16 minutes. remember to listen to our friends on wtop 103.5 f.m. when you hop in your car. >> thanks, melissa. vandals hit more than a dozen in two crime sprees in as many weeks, but are the crimes connected? why neighbors may have to worry about their cars getting hit. and two missing teens in florida as they went off on a fishing trip alone.
5:41 am
i'm kristin wright in loudoun county where people are worried about a man seen wandering around this area. coming up next, what he's doing th
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now at 5:44, we are keeping tabs on several stories for you. kristin wright is in a neighborhood where there is a serial flasher. and how the weather is going to impact your morning commute this morning. >> we are also working for you on how to find the best deals if you're taking a late summer vacation. first, let's get back to tom and melissa. >> right now on the storm team 4 radar, we are getting some heavy downs in prince george's county and moving into charles county headed off into anne arundel and calvert shortly. but with the pavement all wet this morning, melissa, we have had a lot of accidents, right? >> had about six crashes that we're working right now. tweeting about them from first 4 traffic this morning. leesburg, a new crash there.
5:45 am
g.w. parkway, an accident. eastbound montrose parkway, we are down to one lane instead of it being completely shut down there at montrose road. that is an improvement. a lot more in a couple of minutes. aaron? >> thank you. it's 5:45 right now. loudoun county deputies are warning you to wat man who may be exposes himself to strangers. >> kristin wright is in ashburn with what to do to avoid a strange confrontation. kristin, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. yeah, there's concern right in this area we're near golden medal circle because five women have seen a man walking around with no clothes on. at all times of the day really. on thursday, two women were running in this area 9:30 at night when they say a man who was naked jumped out in front of them. obviously, alarming them quite a bit. they said one of those women said that the same thing happened a couple of days before that. similar incidents were reported by three people, a couple of weeks ago. in this area, a man walking
5:46 am
between 5:30 and 6:00 in the morning. so right around this time, same kind of situation. the most recent incident happened just yesterday where that was ashburn road and louisa road, about 3:00 in the morning where a man was seen wandering around that area. there have been a few other incidents. very similar. while police searched after the incident yesterday, didn't find anyone. they're still looking. now it's important to note that so far this man has not made any threats or had any physical contact with anyone that we know about. but there is still concern. so police want you to make sure to avoid being out jogging alone and also at night and maybe early in the morning when it's still dark. they also remind people to let people know when you're going to be back. when you left for your run and when they should expect you back. so just be careful and again, if you know anything about it or see this man, call loudoun
5:47 am
county sheriff's office right away. back to you. >> thank you, kristin. this morning the search continues for two florida teenagers missing at sea. the coast guard tweeting the search area now covers 26,000 square nautical miles. 14-year-old stephanos and cohen were last seen buying fuel on friday. search crews found the boat cap sided 67 miles off the coast yesterday. hall of famer joe namath is offering a $100,000 reward to help find the boys. >> they know what they're doing. austin is sharp and on the water a good while. perry is just as sharp as can be and they're so fine. these two young fellows. >> the boys' family describe them as experienced fishers who are capable of operating the boat. today, the man accused of hitting and killing a woman on suitland parkway will be in court. police say that tamekka pard low
5:48 am
earlydied after robert paris ran into her earlier this month. paris was driving 40 miles over the speed limit. pard low early was working on a flat tire when she was hit. paris is charged with second degree murder and leaving the scene of a crash. today whitey bulger's lawyers are arguing that he should get a new trial in boston. the gangster is in prison in florida right now and his lawyers are trying to get his racketeering convictions overturned. bulger's attorneys says he deserves a new trial because he wasn't allowed to tell a jury that he was promised immunity in his case. today in prince george's county, there will be a round table to discuss domestic violence. donna edwards is hosting that discussion at suitland high school. representatives from the nfl will be there as well. that roundtable begins at 9:00 a.m. right now, fairfax county police are looking for the person who vandalized dozens of cars. a viewer tipped us off in centreville.
5:49 am
the viewer says about 30 vehicles were spray painted with graffiti saturday night. we talked to one owner who woke up for church yesterday morning and found writing all over his car. >> i noticed that there was some spray paint on my minivan, so i decided to take a walk to see if the other vehicles were vandalized and sure enough i saw this one and that minivan right there which has a lot more. seven cars and trucks were set on fire in another neighborhood. police did make arrests. a few of them in that case. detectives say it's not clear if the two cases are connected. . now if you live in fairfax county, police are warning you again do not leave your car unlocked. last sunday and monday, police responded to more than two dozen car break-ins. thieves took items from unlocked cars on the streets off huntsman boulevard anddrive. cameras for unusual activity. there have been hundreds of the break ins in recent months. lock your car doors.
5:50 am
that's one small step for man. one giant leap for mankind. >> wow. donations are pouring in to preserve the space suit that neil armstrong wore when he became the first to walk on the icked off a campaign last week. the goal was to raise half a million dollars in 30 days and they already beat that goal by $43,000. the smithsonian says it hopes to restore the suit for full display by 2019. very cool. >> the last time it was out was in 2006. they put it on display. it has to be in one of those -- you know, they fill a case with argonne -- argonne gas. because they have to preserve it. let's check in with tom kierein. it's still raining in a lot of areas? >>
5:51 am
thundershowers rolling through over the last hour. the thunder rudely awakened you. and that's in southern prince george's county and then across the line into charles county. that heaviest rain is the area you see in the red. that's in southern prince george's county. raining pretty hard, about to cross into southern anne arundel and northern calvert county. this is continuing to move off crossing the bay where they've already had some downpours. here is washington and the rain is beginning to taper off and end there. the wider view showing that it's becoming to dry out north and west of us. this is the radar showing that wave of rain that did come on through. that's going to continue to move off to the east and we'll have a little sunshine breaking out later this morning. right now, temperatures are near 70. low 70s. mid 70s around the bay. right in washington. so have the umbrella handy today. but later this morning you will need the sunblock, sunglasses. sunshine breaking out. short sleeve day today with temperatures climbing by noontime into the low 80s with that sun breaking out.
5:52 am
ought to hit the upper 80s around 3:00 or 4:00. some thundershowers coming through for the afternoon commute. they may linger into this evening for maybe a few hours by midnight. all of it ending and then here comes the heat wave. several days in a row will be in low and mid 90s. low 90s tomorrow with hazy sunshine. mid 90s on wednesday. hot and humid in the mid 90s on thursday too. thursday is our next chance for some showers and thundershowers during the afternoon. after that, here's a look at the weekend. friday saturday and sunday, ought to turn less humid and probably no storms around, but still hot in the afternoons in the low and mid 90s. we have had multiple accidents this morning. now we have a new one in the district. breaking news with melissa. >> breaking news right now. going to start with the look at the beltway. this is the outer loop at old georgetown road with the right lane blocked. we have a two mile backup at this point. this is just going to build and be a problem there for folks there approaching this. another problem just after the spur here with the right lane
5:53 am
blocked as well. another crash. inbound new york avenue bladensburg road, an accident there. another one, 295 southbound there at east capitol street. pretty nasty this morning. prince george's county getting a lot of the rain. inbound is quite slow headed into the rain situation. 66 overall, 95, no major problems there. back at the top of the hour. see you at 6:01. >> thank you. we're following a developing story this morning. the u.s. government is finding fiat chrysler $105 million. it's over the company's failure to notify consumers about problems. owners can trade in the cars or get many -- money toward repairs. well, we are learning that fiat chrysler has to buy back some 500,000 cars that were defective. morgan brennan joins us from cnbc with more on that. good morning. >> good morning. so fiat chrysler agreeing to
5:54 am
record breaking $105 million settlement after an investigation was concluded that the recall practices found the automaker failed to complete the safety recalls covering 11 million vehicles. this includes a $70 million cash penalty and an agreement to spend $20 million and as you mentioned a buy back of half a million vehicles. >> all right, morgan brennan from cnbc, thanks. hey, if you still have some vacation days left, consider yourself lucky. there are still deals out there for some last minute summer trips. in fact, travel anywhere is especially cheaper in august. because most people vacation in june and july. >> late summer, take advantage of the fact that the hotels are trying to fill their rooms. look to book a package. >> the travel experts say the best bargains are when you bundle your hotel and airfare. if you're driving add the retail me not app to your phone. that will tell you the best places to stay and eat. right now gas prices are a
5:55 am
whopping 76 cents lower than this time last year. the national average is $2.82 a gallon right now. in d.c. a gallon of regular unleaded will run you $2.88 on average. in maryland in our area, a gallon is $2.73 right now. state of virginia averaging $2.50 a gallon and in west virginia, drivers are paying $2.69. prices could fall even lower in the coming weeks. you and your child if you're considering colleges right now, there is a reason to visit several in virginia this week. it is virginia private college week. that's a promotional program. if you visit three participating schools that i -- they will waive your application fee. 23 colleges across the commonwealth are all taking part. well, rosslyn could look a little more like a taller clarendon or boston. approved several new land use plans to make rosslyn more vibrant. the most controversial part of that plan allows for taller high rise buildings.
5:56 am
this plan calls for a new plaza near the metro stop. more residences and night life. this could bring in a lot more money for the county too. all the spaces that are vacant cost millions in lost tax dollars. a woman hospitalized and her husband is dead after a stabbing at a counseling center in frederick county. what we're learning about the violent attack. breaking news right now on the roads where an accident on the beltway is causing some pretty serious backups already. melissa mollet is track
5:57 am
5:58 am
"news4 today" starts now. >> right now on "news4 today," we are watching the weather as thunderstorms roll through our area this morning. the impact they will have on your morning commute and if more storms are on the horizon. condolencess pouring in this morning after the news of bobbi kristina brown. a deadly stabbing in frederick county, maryland. this morning a woman waking up in the hospital and her husband is dead. what we're learning about the violent attack. but first, we have breaking news on the beltway right now. news4's melissa mollet is tracking the problem. what's going on? >> breaking news here. this is top of the beltway, outer loop at old georgetown road. the crash just cleared. we are having good backups right
5:59 am
now. looks like it's loosened up a little bit, so we're looking at a one mile backup instead of two. still though, don't love that we have this problem, so early here this morning. a crash at bladens burg. another accident eastbound montrose, this is just cleared out of the way. that's a good of course. a lot of rain in the prince george's county right now. as we zoom in a little bit here, you can see inbound b.w. parkway going about 30 miles per hour. >> rude awakening. many people awakened by loud thunder this morning as loud thundershowers are coming through. rain has stopped right in washington. and off to our east we have these downpours that are continuing to move on through. right now, near diehl, southern anne arundel, near shadyside and coming into calvert county out of southern prince george's is the cluster of thunder and lightning. that's quickly moving across the
6:00 am
bay. wider view showing the rain is tapering off quickly to the west and cloud cover will begin to break up later this morning but not until late morning. we'll be in the low 80s by 10:00. then by noontime a little sunshine breaking out and into the mid 80s. look at your drive time forecast next weather and traffic on the 1s at 6:11. we are working to find out when the brown family plans to for bobbi kristina brown. the only daughter of the late whitney houston died yesterday. she was 22 years old. singer dionne warwick who is whitney houston's cousin called brown a good girl


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