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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  July 27, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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parts of our area. the earlier storms through the district, prince george's county, anne arundel, things have quieted down a bit across the area certainly around d.c. this is the one area around areas of 81 and down i-95 toward areas of the northern neck where storms could still fire this evening. rockingham county around areas like orange, greene county could see a few more storms, quiet throughout the district now through fairfax, earlier, roads closed in arlington area high water and how much the rain was falling, a rate of one to two inches per hour and wind gusts up to 58 miles, trees around cherry dale, around middleburgh area in loudoun county. our temperatures cooled to 75 15 degrees in just an hour. now back up to 84. 80s across the area. going out this evening low 80s, upper 70s, still could be an isolated storm chance to our south and west area there is
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around western virginia but we will be clearing out, the humidity way up. we will talk more about the oppressive conditions. the heat wave that's on for the workweek in just a few minutes. now to the story of a woman who tried to save her husband's life by step nothing the middle of a violent attack at a maryland church. >> she was severely injured herself for doing that a man her prayer group waited to finish dinner and then suddenly lunged at her husband with a knife. 63-year-old chung wong park was killed. 58-year-old is fighting to survive. we have information from court documents that shed some light on why it happened. police say song sue kim told them he wanted to retaliate against a korean for the way all koreans had treated him. he reportedly told police he had this thought in his mind for eight years.
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before the wife stepped in, he stabbed park 11 times. meagan fitzgerald has more on this attack that occurred inside the anna prayer mountain church in frederick. >> reporter: anna prayer church is a place of peace and love. >> this place is pretty popular among, you know, korean, you know, community. >> reporter: it is where kim has come for more than two decades but on monday he came to provide comfort to his community. >> that's unthinkable really to us you know? it shouldn't happen. >> reporter: sunday night, around 7:45, frederick county deputies got a call of a stack, when they arrive ted church, they found a husband and wife, both missionaries from south korea, lying on the floor with multiple stab wounds. >> on arrival, we found a very bloody crime scene. we found the two victims. >> reporter: frederick county cher riff chuck jenkins says the suspect 30-year-old song su kim
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came out of the kitchen. >> the wife was attacked second. the husband first. >> reporter: the wife was trying to save her husband and almost died in the process the sheriff says. meanwhile, investigators say kim made his way down the church driveway where he called 911 to confess. >> identified himself, said he was on the roadway waiting to be arrested. >> reporter: now, people in this congregation are waiting for answers while they continue to pray for peace and healing. >> we have to pray more hard. these days, these society. now the bar of words between president obama and republican presidential candidate mike huckabee. the former arkansas governor is taking fair for invoking the holocaust while criticizing the iran nuclear deal. but he is just one candidate feeling the heat right now. steve handelsman is livescorecard. >> reporter: thanks. huck bind a lot of other republicans trampled by the rush to trump figure they can't get noticed unless they are
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provocative. hillary clinton figured she has got the democratic nomination has her own problems. she is upside down in popularity with general election voters. she has still got a big lead with democrats in new hampshire and in iowa, where hillary clinton today made a pitch for climate control. >> i want to get back to our country setting big, ambitious goals. >> reporter: but she got bad news as her e-mail controversies continues. clinton's unfavorable ratings are 20% above her favorables in a new nbc/marist poll. >> this has to give her supporters some amount of pause and some republicans a little bit of hope. >> reporter: donald trumpy states but polls show him leading in new hampshire and almost tied for the iowa lead with scott walker in the 16-candidate gop field. and the party chair sounds okay with trump.
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>> he is speaking out to people think in many cases, with both parties. >> reporter: frustrated rivals are desperate to get attention. mike huckabee invoking the holocaust, charged the obama nuclear deal with iran that marched israelis to the door of the oven. from ethiopia, the president fired back. >> ridiculous, if it weren't so sad. >> reporter: barack obama knows poll problems. his were in the upper 30s, lower 40s in iowa and new hampshire in 2011, but he went on to win both states in 2012, the kind of comeback that hillary clinton is counting on. >> love the bike racks. >> reporter: but every major candidate, excluding democrat bernie sanders, is more unpopular than popular now in the key early states. bush, walker huckabee rubio, trump and clinton. i'm steve handelsman, news4. doreen back to you. >> thank you, steve. witnesses to a controversial police shooting appear before a special grand jury in fairfax county today. about 20 people were subpoenaed. the special grand jury is
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looking into any wrongdoing by county police officer adam torres who shot and killed john gear two years ago. torres claimed gear appeared to be reaching for a weapon, however other officers say gear did not make any threatening moves. the county paid gear's family nearly $3 million to settleyear. a missing war veteran has been found alive. he was trapped under a fallen tree and this evening we are learning what may have prompted him to take a late-night stroll near his home. someone spotted larry sade along ardmore road in spring dale maryland, just a few blocks from where he lives. tws4's pat colins this afternoon. pat? >> reporter: wendy, the missing man is missing no more found alive this afternoon in the woods about a block from his home. imagine this spending an entire week in the woods, wedged beneath this fallen tree. that appears to have been the fate of 66-year-old larry sade.
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found this afternoon by the prince george's county firefighters. >> i'm just happy man, we found him. that's the bought to.ttom line, happy we found him in one piece. >> reporter: mr. sade lives in this elder care home in the spring dale section of prince george's county county. early last monday, he simply walked away from the place. >> everybody has been shocked about him being missing. >> reporter: larry sade, his friends say he was a vietnam veteran. and it wasn't like him to go for a walk certainly not by himself, or at 1:00 in the morning. recently, they say though, he was diagnosed with cancer and they say that might have something to do with what he did. imelda clark runs the elder care home. she says there was some other health issues as well. >> he also had dementia which i don't think he was being treated
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for. once he went for a walk he became completedly confused, just couldn't find his way back. >> reporter: tonight mr. sade is in the hospital for treatment. he is expected to survive. his week in the woods. back to you. >> pat collins thank you, pat. funerals today for jillian johnson two killed in last weak's movie theater shooting in louisiana. friends remembering johnson as a talented artist and singer. breaux, a radiology student, who had been planning her wedding. nine others were hurt in that shooting. as the victims are being laid to rest, we are learning more now about the gunman in that awful attack. detectives say john houser planned the rampage meticulously. he wrote the exact date time and movie he was planning to hit. investigators are also focusing on houser's mental health.
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atf investigators say he legally purchased the gun in alabama last year, but in 2008, court records show his family had him committed to a psychiatric hospital in georgia. the apparent oversight happened despite new safeguards adopted after the virginia tech massacre. 40 states including georgia, now authorize or require the reporting of mental health records to a federal database for background checks. it's not clear why houser's hospitalization did not turn up database. there is a new push now for the district to rejoin the chase for the 2024 olympics. news4's pat lawson muse is in the newsroom to tell us why boston's loss could be d.c.'s gain. pat? >> reporter: wendy, boston mayor marty walsh refused to allow his taxpayers to foot any part of the bill for the olympics so today, boston and the u.s. olympic committee agreed to pull the plug on boston's bid for the games. and that could be good news for d.c.
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council member jack evans tells us that washington was the best choice from the start and he says the district is still interested in getting the bid. in previous arguments, the district has said that d.c., maryland and virginia are more than well equipped to handle the event. the city argue that our region has about 130,000 hotel rooms and more than 136 million square feet of retail space. the district also called itself the most walkable city in the u.s. at the time, d.c. was competing with boston, san francisco and los angeles to land the 2024 games. so we will see what happens. >> and we wanted to know how you felt about today's developments and about the possibility of the district getting back into the olympic competition. so we asked. you a
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caught on hidden camera why a new effort to crackdown on aggressive towing may not be helping you any time soon. spray painted with the words "black lives matter," tonight, the growing debate over what to do with this controversial confederate statue outside a local courthouse. ima'm julie carey outside loudoun county, where a
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county a county executive called the act of cran valvandalism despicable. chris gordon has more. >> reporter: recent controversy focused on this confederate memorial statue in rockville, maryland. the issue, should it stay or go? overnight, it apparent lives the target of vandalism. "black lives matter" and other graffiti at the base of a confederate statue that sits outside the rockville courthouse, it happened overnight and we first told but it in our nbc washington app. the memorial was erected in 1913, 50 years after the battle of gettysburg for the purpose of
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nationalism and reunification. montgomery county executive ike leggett, who has been planning to remove the confederate memorial from its current location wants who as far responsible for this vandalism caught. >> maybe the cemetery in bellsville, some other place, but i don't believe with crating it off and putting it in storage. >> i am a defendant of both confederate soldiers and slaves. >> reporter: tony cone is with the man nair rah foundation, dedicated to the preservation of underground railroad history. >> variety of ideas have been discussed, battlegrounds, graveyards, public spaces. >> reporter: susan cook sauderburg included a picture of rockville's confederate memorial in her book "les we forget" she doesn't want to see it moved. >> i'm a historian. i have to say no. it is an artifact of history and
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it belongs where it was placed in the center of the city. >> reporter: the decision to remove the memorial has been placed on hold. the county executive tells me the costs could run upwards of $100,000. reporting from rockville, chris gordon, news4. voters are divided on whether the confederate flag should be removed from the state license plates. according to the quinnipiac poll released today 46% support the removal, 45% oppose it. voters mr. also asked how they think their local leaders are handling their jobs in general. governor terry mcauliffe has a 50% approval rating senator tim kaine, 52%, senator mark warner 59%. turning to our weather now it's been a wet, noisy afternoon depending on where you live. intense thunderstorms just dumped rain on some of us. take a look at this video from d.c. this is on ohio drive. you can see the water just pouring from an overpass and flooding the streets below.
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turn to veronica johnson to find out what we are seeing as the night progresses seeing the sun most areas. >> there we are. gone from thunderstorms to sunshine. this is what we have got activity-wise the showers and the storms that came through d.c. those really faded quickly down through the northern neck, some storms, pretty quiet got this one little cell right now around areas of howard county producing light rain, travels east, east toward maryland city over route 1. and some more showers and thunderstorms, even off to our west, around luray, harrisonburg right now. that is headed south toward areas like green and orange county, toward rutgersville the next couple of minute, producing moderate to heavy rains there. heavy rain, even some roads closed around arlington area a couple of hours ago.
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temperatures way down in a hurry, dropping 15 degrees in an hour's time when those thunderstorms came through d.c. we are back into the 80s, start cooling down about another hour. 70s for rehoboth and ocean city. no rain there right now. 84 degrees, we are sticky at current temperature holding so we could go up another degree before we head down into the 70s. sticky 70s by 10 to 11 p.m. storms will be windsing down now, but for tomorrow, we still could see an isolated shower or thunderstorm around the area. lower chances for tomorrow. got higher heat so the weather will have a low to moderate impact on your day tomorrow. check out these feel like readings the next couple of days it is a heat wave for us this week another building heat wave, just at the -- at the front part of it. there's the back end on thursday. the temperature on friday, 92, but with much less humidity around.
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so, tomorrow, wednesday, thursday, the real oppressive days that we have got to deal with, of course, thursday, the worst of it, 106, the heat index value. and that will come with some thunderstorms around the area as well. your commuter forecast for tomorrow morning, some fog, we are warm, 78, got 84 degrees between 8 and 10 a.m. another day also tomorrow with some clouds moving through from time to time. this is a look at what it will look like across our area 7 a.m. watch what happens by the afternoon. sunshine, clouds, fighting to give us a decent day much like today fewer storms popping across area, isolated chances tomorrow. exercise early in the day. the best time period will be prior to 11 a.m., we are at 87 degrees at 11 a.m., upper 80s to low 90s for tomorrow afternoon but feeling more like we are 95 for a heat index reading. here is your tuesday, wednesday
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thursday. again, 96 degrees on thursday. very oppressive with some strong afternoon thunderstorms coming through, the hottest day out of the workweek, take a look at your weekend and more with this upcoming heat wave in a few minutes. >> thanks veronica. rescue crews are expanding their search as they look for two boys missing off florida's atlantic coast. perry cohen and austin stephan knows, both 14, disappeared during a fishing trip friday. they have been missing since they went fishing in a small boat on friday. the coast guard found their damaged, capsized boat about 170 miles north of the boy's last-known position. the families say they are confident in the teens' ability to survive at sea. the family and nfl hall of famer joe namath walked the beat looking for anything unusual. >> we believe the boys are still out there and only focus in on bringing those boys back home and that's critical. that's critical for us. >> i just want them home. i know he is coming home. i just want him no home now. >> the boys' family says the
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teens are experienced boaters and fishermen and not unusual for them to take the boat out on their own. a strong message for a major automaker. tonight, the punishment for chrysler amid claims of neglect surrounding millions of recalled vehicles. has the silver line really improved your commute? i'
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it's a road the auto industry has rarely been down before, massive fines, as much as $105 million, but here is the twist. fiat chrysler will also have to buy back nearly half a million recalled vehicles. find the list of eligible vehicles on our website, it's been a year and one day since the silver line started shuttling passengers to northern virginia. metro officials say this would dramatically cut down on traffic, especially tysons
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corner. adam tuss live in tyson's tonight to tell us if the silver line is really taking cars off the road. >> that's a right, wendy. the big take away from today is that ridership on the silver line was 30% short what was expected the first year, still, transportation leaders are painting an optimistic picture of what's ahead. positive outlook. >> you almost cannot overstate its importance. >> reporter: positive outlook. ness transit-orient-- >> france sit-oriented development is expanding. >> reporter: positive outlook. >> $18 billion worth of development under way near the silver line station. ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ >> reporter: a song for the silver line and cake even cut, crunching the numbers, the line fell short of ridership goals by 30% in its first year. on the street, talking about if the traffic had gotten any
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better -- >> i think bringing more people into tysons as they build more and more things around here. i don't know if you net out with less traffic and not more -- the roads don't get bigger, so ityson's, tough enough as it is. >> reporter: they acknowledge there is more work to be done. >> i can't say definitively that the line has significantly reduced traffic over one year, but things are improving. >> reporter: metro says there is room to grow the ridership on the line and stations are showing strong ridership. virginia congressman connolly says the siller are line will continue to attract people. >> plans have been approved to double the number of people who live in tyson's the next few years. >> reporter: tyson's corner has more office space than downtown atlanta and phoenix. and leaders expect this place to
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turn into a true city. doreen back to you. >> wow. all right. adam tuss, thank you. a warning to stay off some popular trails after the sun goes down. what one man has been spotted doing several times. this is getting a lot of people's attention, including police. it cost millions to construct and residents could not wait to say that they had a police station right here in their own community. so, why is the county now saying that although construction is almost complete, they are not going to open it? i'm tracee wilkins we will have that story coming up on news4. and there's new concern for drivers who are caught by those predatory towing companies. what our i-team discovered just days before a local county is si
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iran keeps their nuclear facilities. military sites can go uninspected. restrictions end after 10 years. then iran could build a nuclear weapon in two months. iran has violated 20 international agreements and is the leading state sponsor of terrorism.
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now at 6:30, a local kkk leader pleads guilty in a murder-for-hire scheme as there are new details about the case. final touches being put on a brand-new police station, but we have learned it will sit empty. >> this goes back to making good decisions with the taxpayer's dollars. we will take you inside a raging inferno as local firefighters make a daring rescue. plus, the one thing students will no longer be required to do to get accepted into a prestigious university. we begin with a story you will see only on news4. it was supposed to bring more
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protection to people in southern prince george's county. >> but instead that multimillion dollar police station is gonna sit empty for at least a year. bureau chief tracee wilkins is at the station tonight where residents spent decades pushing for its construction and they are pretty frustrated. >> reporter: very frustrated and they are not enjoying this blame game that's going on. news4's the first to bring this story to folks and we are getting a lot of reaction. the county council chair is saying that this is another example of baker's administration run amok and not including the council in its decision. the county executive's administration says the council is the cause behind this delay h in the balance are residents hoping for strong public safety. >> that's tragedy. people have worked for 15 years to get this station here. >> reporter: already a commander assigned to district 7 in fort washington the new station built to police southern prince george's county. it cost the county $14 million
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to build, now just a month from completion -- >> we can't do it right now. >> reporter: the director of public safety for the county says there's no money to pay for the 50 officers and seven civilians needed to run the station. >> it's gonna be could. >> pleat september and we were probably trying to start moving in. >> a year later? >> a year later. >> at this late date, to hear that it's not gonna open for a year is a tragedy. >> reporter: ron white has fought for this police station for more than a decade and finds delaying its opening unacceptable. >> this station represents the reason why i choose to remain here in prince george's county and to see it delayed another year makes me wonder whether i made the right decision to do that. >> county executive promised the residents of south county that they would have opened the district 7 station. today it appears in promise is getting broken. >> reporter: county council chair mel franklin says he does not buy the county executive's argument that the council caused the delay when it didn't pass
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his proposed budget filled with cost-saving if you are loegs and layoffs. >> to the saying avoiding layoffs and furloughs leads to not being able to staff a station doesn't make any sense. >> let me assure the citizens why they want a new police station, we will continue to fight crime in that area. >> i wanted staffed and i want it open in a month or two, like we have been promised all along. >> reporter: some council members are saying that they have been budgeting for additional resources for the police department and academies to train new officers for years. so they don't understand what's happened with that money and they want to find out. residents are gearing up for a fight because they want to see this station staffed. i'm tracee wilkins news4. >> thank you tracy. runners, walkers and bikers are being urged to stay off the trails the night in parts of ashburn. loudoun county deputies are looking for a naked man who has been spied several times the past couple of weeks muched man
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was most recently seen on hay road and claiborne parkway early yesterday morning. people saw him on louisa drive, ashburn road and ashburn farm parkway, in all, eight different sightings so far. walkers along the trails are hoping that police had catch this guy soon. >> very alarming, i take my dog for a walk every day, i don't want to run into something like that. >> so far, deputies say the guy hasn't said a word to anyone. he also has not made any physical contact with people. there are new revelations about a plan to bomb a mosque in our area. that plan came out during a plea agreement today from a sterling man who has ties to the kkk and admits he tried to hire someone to kill his ex-wife. our bureau chief, julie carey, has the latest from loudoun county. >> reporter: his name is dallas prom beck and the crimes he pleaded guilty to today do not include bombing a mosque, but he did plead guilty to seven other charges, including attempted first-degree murder and felony child abuse and neglect for
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leaving loaded guns around his kids. >> i would like to ask -- >> not talking to you. >> reporter: a mother and wife emotional after a hearing where their loved one pleaded guilty to hiring a hitman to kill his ex-wife. >> been a very rough day. >> reporter: the murder-for-hire case against dallas brum beck came to light last winter, when local and federaling the as raided his sterling home. they discovered many weapons and evidence that brumback was a leader with a white supremacist group. here is some video we found of brum beck at a whites-only rally in alabama. we learned in court today, it was an undercover officer who befriended brum beck in december 2014. at the time brum beck was engaged in a bitter child custody dispute with his ex-wife over their 9-year-old daughter. her family believes brumback didn't want the child around this man the ex-wife's new boyfriend. brumback offered the undercover officer 5,000 bucks to kill his ex-wife. the man wounded what he to do if her other kids were home asking what if there is a bloodbath in
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there? brumback replied, erase them all, make it look like a gang thing or something. the undercover officer learned brumback had other thoughts of violence. this court document details a meeting of several kkk members at brumback's home. brumback discussed doing something big to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the clan such as placing a pipe bomb at a mosque. brum bam's wife testified before the klan past is behind him and his mother complained to us his motives have been unfairly portrayed. >> that is completely untrue. >> reporter: brumback's attorney tells me he will present evidence at sentencing that brumback acted because he feared his daughter was being harmed. brumback faces up to 50 years in prison. prosecutors say they will ask for a heavy term benes sentenced in november. in leesburg, i'm julie carey news4. starting next year,
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washington university says most of its students no longer need to take those tests to go to that school. the school says the exams will be an option, not a requirement, beginning with next year's incoming freshmen. meantime, the school says high school course work and grades will be the most important factors in their review process. video bill cosby's accusers take the spotlight and a stand against the comedian. hackers may get the last say. we will explain. first, here is veronica. >> today is the first -- fourth consecutive day of 90 degrees or higher. we could have seven more. the heat wave will continue. i will show you what days will be most oppressive and when we could get some cooling thun
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an incredible turnout right now in loudoun county in memory of a local teen. madison small died in april from meningitis. now, her family and friends are hosting a golf tournament and dinner at the 1757 golf club in ashburn. the event sold out and will raise more than $20,000 for scholarships and meningitis research and awareness. >> our big goal right now is just to make a positive now. that's the biggest thing that we are thinking about. >> the scholarships will be granted to students at broad run high school where madison attended. the family says the event is so successful, they expect it to continue every year. some tow truck companies staying busy ahead of a new law designed to curb predatory towing practices. theism-team goes undercover to show what you is being done in some of the area's most popular neighborhoods. another red light camera to warn you about. we will tell you where the
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the newest law supposed to protect you from getting your car unfairly towed will be signed this week but it isn't protecting you at all just yet and might not protect you quite a while. our i-team went undercover and found tow truck operators making an 11th hour push for cars before the ink on that new law is dry. >> reporter: near the court, the shops are a local hotspot nike rockville town square, you know how difficult it is to find parking, making this half-empty parking lot down the street tempting, very tempting. the news4 i-team found very lucrative for some. >> don't park here because you will get towed. i said as soon as you get right there your car is going to be
6:45 pm
on the tow. >> reporter: are you can't use these space it is you're shopping in the town square, only for these two nearby business offices. >> to me feel like a full-time job is just watching people. >> reporter: the past week, our undercover cameras rolled and we saw it over and over again. >> gonna get this truck. >> reporter: the driver watched as people left their cars and went to town square. moments later, jumped out snapped a photo and towed the car away. watch the man in this suv headed toward the shopping complex and 54 seconds later, less than a minute the tow truck driver had his photos, his hook lined up and hauled the car away. >> when you have a tow truck driver doing it all, taking the picture towing the car is it legal now? >> it's not legal now won't be legal 20 years and ago and won't be legal when the law takes effect. the property owner has to authorize every single tow. >> reporter: eric friedman is director of montgomery county's office of consumer protection. friedman says current county law requires the tow truck driver
6:46 pm
first notify the police and get authorization from the property owner before towing the car. the new county law they are signing this week will require it to be written authorization and prohibit the tow company from even parking the trucks on the lot these cover. i'm scott with channel four. we wanted to know why this driver was operating like. this the last truck you towed, who saw the driver walk off? >> why? >> what kind of authorization did you get for the tow? >> new laws don't go into effect until october 1st man. >> reporter: with that, he immediately drove over to this white car and towed it too. so, the i-team caught up with his boss who told us he thinks this type of towing is allowed, at least for now, in that will new law finally takes effect in a few months and that his company will continue operating here until then. >> our driver is well within the law with what he is doing. -- the truck is here in at property. he is observing people park and walk off. he is taking the picture. >> reporter: in 2012, maryland passes state-wide ban on what's
6:47 pm
known as tow spotting, havinging lookouts looking for walkoffs in parking lot, but the law was written in a confusing waned theism-team found in the three years since, no company has ever been cited for it. >> our judgment it's gotten totally out of whack. 30000 tows in this county is not okay. >> reporter: county council member roger berliner says the newly passed enhanced law will make it less confusing, at least in montgomery county. >> if they do this they are gonna get caught. >> reporter: the tow companies tell the i-team they will likely challenge the county law and the businesses for whom they work will likely support them. >> hopefully, able to keep operating afterwards. hopefully somebody steps in and says this can't be. >> reporter: because he says if illegal parkers know they can get away with it more easily this lot will no longer be half empty. >> to watch the i-team's past reports on predatory towing, go to our nbc washington app and click on investigation. if you drive in fairfax, the warning period for that new red light camera in your neck of the woods is now over.
6:48 pm
this camera is on fairfax boulevard, the eastbound side at planation park way. you know the drill. snapped a photo of your license during a violation and send you a notice in the mail. the city has put signs up to remind you. veronica here with more about our weather. a lot of dram ma last night and throughout the day today too. >> like this or like that? now they are over. but the heat not over. we are just getting started. we have got a couple of really hot days coming your way, oppressive bied midweek. showing you the storms winding down, headed toward petersburg and richmond, straight down i-95. boy, they are still blowing up there, south of fredericksburg on i-95. some showers there making their way to the east and southeast and there's richmond really getting hit hard with a lot of lightning around the area right now. so again, headed to areas right along i-64. temperatures throughout the area in the low 80s. there's a few locations now in
6:49 pm
the upper 80s, but like fredericksburg and stafford, 85 degrees, yes, we got chance to cool off today with those storms that came through. right now reagan national, 84 degrees. temperatures for the evening will be dropping on down through the 70s by 10 to 11:00. the storms again ending but it's still going to be very sticky out there, with the stickiness high humidity in the air for the rest of the work wee, see this impact forecast change, for tomorrow, low to moderate higher heat still the humidity around, lower rain chances throughout, but the heat index topping out at 106 for thursday. early morning commute again fog with temperatures getting up to around 84 degrees by 10 a.m. tomorrow. here is a look at your storm team4-day forecast, weather alerts wednesday and thursday what that means we will be on the air frequently giving you updates online as well wtop. 96 on thursday, heat index 105 to 106. right now, your weekend 94 95
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temperatures in the 90s much less humidity a couple days coming up very oppressive and more storms on thursday. >> thanks, veronica. the nationals are headed to miami. jason pugh joins us with news of a big bat returning to their lineup. but first, here is lester holt with a look at what is ahead on "nbc nightly news." >> hi doreen and wendy. ahead on nightly news a late update on those two teens lost at sea after an ill-fated fishing trip off the florida coast. also, a look at what is behind an historic settlement that has chrysler fiat agreeing to buy back vehicles from customers. the story of a man being freed from prize in a fatal hit and run after giving a false con if eggs to protect
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get this. i was at my shop tied up with a customer when i realized the time. i had to get to the bank before it closed, so i made a break for it. when i got out it was almost closing time. traffic was bad. i knew i was cutting it close. but it was ok.
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i use td bank. it's got the longest hours and stays open an extra ten minutes every day. i'm sid. and i bank human at td bank. [ overlapping speakers ] >> felt like two weeks i have been gone. a long time. >> felt like months to us. >> thank you, so kind, wendy. i'm back, nationals getting back as well. nationals starting to get healthy showily but surely the last few days. anthony ran doan came back the lineup the past bond and today, the "washington post" reporting that jason worth will join in miami. he hasn't played for the nats
6:54 pm
since may 15th without with the fractured wrist. guys getting back in the lineup, one guy that could be the odd man out is michael a. at a i lore, taylor played any and everywhere in the outfield this season, but places for denard span recently. the last five games, the 24-year-old put up good number driven in seven runs and two home runs over that stretch. >> i feel like all the line drives are staying this week and a able to run underneath it nice to hit, kind of went through a tough streak, hopefully i can build up the last few days. you know, put okay a couple more good days. >> the nationals back at it tomorrow in miami. on wednesday, this wednesday in syracuse, stephen strasburg, he is scheduled to make a rehab start for the nats. moving on now, we were just
6:55 pm
days away from redskins training camp and many believe that this is a page or break year for robert griffin iii. starting thursday we will all break down every single rg 3 rep during the camp in richmond, this afternoon, some mental reps for the quarterback about things more important than football. rg3 and his wife rebecca and daughter all taking a trip to taps headquarters in arlington. it stands for tragedy assistance program for survivors. the non-profit helps military members and their families. robert's foundation family of three, contributing you $7500 to the cause, sparked his relationship with the deck family. crystal deck, a marine and her kids, no you call robert their friend, not just their starting quarterback. for rg3, it was still about football, az the opportunity it is presents him to give back. >> these guys play because it's, you know the game they love but they also want to be able to give back and never forget where they came from, the old phrase and i don't ever want to forget that. i don't want to forget how much
6:56 pm
the military's meant to me my wife, my family my parents and any way we can help, that's what we want to do when i have a chance to do these kind of thing, it is not distracting me from football or anything, it is adding to it for me, i know if we go out there and we are successful i can help even more people, your reach continues to grow. that's the goal. our goal is already to be the win the super bowl and every team's goal at the start of the year. we have to go out and prove it. >> our coverage starts live on thursday, live, carol maloney and i around the corner have you covered all things redskins training camp. download the nbc washington app for exclusive interviews. redskins are usually known as the kings of the off season but the capitals looking for a share of that crown now, already signed veteran forwards it j oshie and justin williams, not to mention resigning of brandon holtby to a five-year $35 million contract. now it's marcus johannson looking to cash out. an arbitrator hearing for
6:57 pm
johannson, the capitals, set up to for this witness in toronto asking for $4.5 million on a one-year deal, the caps offering 3 million a year. after the hearing on wednesday he shall the arbitrator has 24 hours to rule. the team and braden reached a deal before that deadline in holtby's case. want to win a stuffed ann mall at your local carnival, call gilbert arenas, agent zero posted this picture with this caption read we just got banned from all basketball hoops at at #orange county fair. >> out. >> everyone screamed bets, i screamed hibachi. >> like to have a good time. >> yeah. county fair. >> good for him. he was unbelievable. hard to believe. >> thanks. thanks for joining us. "nbc nightly news" is coming up next. >> we will see you back here tonight at 11:00. have a good one.
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toni tonight the search intensifies for two teenage boys lost at sea off the florida coast. for the first time we see their capsized boat as the massive hunt to find them shifts gears. desperate families waiting for word. where they're looking now. danger on the road. one of the world's biggest auto makers orderedo buy back vehicles from customers because of the serious risks they pose. are you driving one of them? taking the blame for a deadly accident caught on camera. would you go to prison to protect your child? one family's shocking secret exposed. and it's the end of an era. tonight, where were you when luke and laura got married? a night to reminisce as a tv legend says good-bye.


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