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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  July 28, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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work this morning. we have you covered at the scene and from the first 4 traffic center. and important information coming from storm team 4 this morning. the start of another heat wave. temperatures not too bad right now. but that will change. let's go to meteorologist tom kierein for what we can expect. >> oh you know, it's inevitable here by the end of july, into august. we on average will get an extended heat wave. that's the haze over washington now. a warm morning. your headlines for this tuesday a hot and humid afternoon on the way. there is a small chance of an isolated thundershower this afternoon. probably not as many as we saw yesterday, but there's still a chance. so have an umbrella ready for later this afternoon. right now, it is mild and muggy. upper 70s in washington. nearby suburbs in montgomery, fairfax counties and mid 70s away from the water. shenandoah valley near 70. that's some patchy dense fog forming in the shenandoah valley. some of the visibilities are
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down to a quarter of a mile. your walk to work forecast next weather and traffic on the 1s at 5:11. melissa, what's doing on now? >> still have some road work. talking about the inner loop at colesville road. that should be out of the way in next couple of minutes. it was supposed to wrap up around 5:00 a.m. inner loop at the dulles, still have that disabled vehicle. overall prince george's county looking good. branch avenue, pennsylvania avenue, indian head highway into and out of town is rolling along. beltway at central avenue, again looking quite good there. here is our biggest problem of the morning. bradley boulevard right now shut down at huntington parkway. both directions. you can do river or wilson or old georgetown. don't take bradley and hit this problem at huntington. news4's zachary kiesch is out on the scene right now. how are we looking? >> reporter: you're absolutely right, melissa. i'm at the intersection of huntington boulevard and --
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huntington parkway and bradley boulevard. what the crews are waiting on right now is a part for this pump. check out that pump right there. they need that pump to pump out the water that's in that hole. it's a big old hole and it's filled up and in order to get where they need to go, they need to drain some of that water first. the other point of emphasis and kind of concern here has been a gas line that actually runs through that hole there as well. so they have been out here tending to that all night long. we know that about 25 customers in this area have been impacted. we also know that that water main itself is about 60 plus years old. so it will take some time to get this down. we don't have an exact timetable right now, but we do know it will impact the morning commute. people are pushing -- they're being pushed toward neighborhood routes and quite possibly river road as well. as we have updates out here we'll certainly get them to you on air. reporting live i'm zachary
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kiesch. back to you in the studio. >> thank you. it's 5:03 now and d.c. police are investigating a murder that happened near police headquarters. investigators say two people pulled out knives and attacked a man at fourth and "e" streets yesterday afternoon. the attackers took off down "e" street and the victim died at the hospital. also in the district the man died after being shot near nationals park. police say they found that man inside a home on first street southwest. he had been shot in the chest. officers are still searching for the shooter. calvert county investigators believe they found the body of a man who went missing while swimming in the chesapeake bay. crews pulled the body from the chesapeake yesterday. the calvert county sheriff's offices it's doug brown. he and his brother daniel disappeared while swimming on friday. crews recovered daniel's body this week and doug was a co-owner of the costa brava restaurant. firefighters rescued a man they say was missing for seven
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days. someone spotted 66-year-old larry shaday trapped under a tree in spring dale yesterday. he went missing on july 20th when he walked away from his senior home. it's hard to believe, but shaday was still awake and breathing when he was found. firefighters believe he slipped down an embankment and under the tree. he is expected to survive. developing story now, the faa and the ntsb are investigating a deadly plane crash in wisconsin. here is what left of it right now. four people were on board and four of them were killed. a witness says he watched as the plane just came spiraling out of the sky and crashed into the ground and then burst into flames. after firefighters put out the fire, they found the four bodies inside of the plane. at this point, we don't know anything about those four people, who they were and where they were going. so we'll get more information. aaron? >> kristin, thank you.
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5:05. today the woman accused of helping two inmates escape a new york state prison is expected to plead guilty in court. investigators say joyce mitchell mid hacksaw blades in frozen hamburger meat for the two killers who spent more than two weeks on the run. we know how this turned out. mitchell backed out at the last minute. one of the inmates was killed another captured. she faces up to seven years in prison. an unsolved murder has police urging witnesses to come forward. 60-year-old bradley colmes was beaten on june 12th. he died at the hospital five days later. this afternoon the director of the major crimes division and colmes family will hold a news conference. there's a $10000 reward for information that leads to a conviction. a former nih employee could face 20 years in prison if she's convicted of shopping with her government credit card. francesco daniel was indicted
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yesterday. the maryland state's attorney office said she spent more than $21,000 of public money on electronics and food and then lied about losing the card. we expect protesters to gather at the capitol building to call for congress to defund planned parenthood. it was sparked by the release of controversial footage showing planned parenthood employees talking about providing fetal organs for research. presidential candidate and neurosurgeon ben carson among the speakers expect today. there's a proposal already in the house to immediately stop federal funding. right now, police are searching for a driver in leesburg who hit a pedestrian and kept driving. police say a man was crossing plaza street northeast when a pickup truck hit him. this happened during rush hour on monday night. the man was flown to inova fairfax. police released this picture of the truck. it's a pickup truck with
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virginia tags. witnesses say there was also a child riding in the truck. police need your help finding a man who sexually assaulted a woman in arlington county. arlington county police tell us a woman was forced into bushes by a man while she was walking home on saturday night. this happened on clarendon boulevard. she fought off the attacker and escaped without getting hurt. if you have any information, police want to hear from you. we're following a developing story out of california this morning where police say they have found the body of a missing 8-year-old girl. we're already learning about a possible suspect. looking live outside this morning, we can see the haze. it's already 73 degrees outside of the studios here in d.c. feels hotter than that. tom has your drive time forecast. and mick fanning makes a decision about his caree
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a developing story in california right now.
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police in santa cruz say they believe they found the body of an 8-year-old missing girl. they believe that madison middleton's body was found last night inside a dumpster. police arrested a 15-year-old neighbor as part of the homicide in a pro surfer is back riding the waves after a terrifying shark attack. mick fanning escaped the shark attack on live television in south africa earlier this month. the shark knocked him off the surfboard and he managed to scare off the shark by hitting his back. fanning headed back to the water yesterday on australia's eastern coast. you know the pro surfers, nothing is going to stop them. >> yeah. 5:11. your weather and traffic on the 1s. and the heat wave begins. >> it feels yucky out there, tom. >> we'd like to say wave bye-bye to the heat, but no, it will be around for a while. walking to work and waiting for the bus and the metro this morning it will be steamy. partly sunny in the 70s.
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when you're headed back home, hot and humid. have the umbrella ready, might get a passing thundershower through in the afternoon. if you're out for any length of time, drink plenty of water and you need the sunblock and the sunglasses. a look at new hour by hour storm timing for those storms later today. that's coming up next weather and traffic on the 1s at 5:21. melissa has a new crash. >> brand-new crash here. 95 northbound at 630 stafford. sounds like it's off to the right side of the roadway. still you can see it's slowing things down in the area. just a tad as we see a little bit of yellow on this screen there. 95, a little north of there dale boulevard looking good. northbound and southbound, no problems there. we know it will slow down in the next 20 minutes. 66 into and out of town, also rolling along just fine. remember we have this problem in bethesda, bradley boulevard shut down at huntington parkway. use wilson or georgetown just don't take bradley into our out
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of town. top of the beltway, b.w. parkway, 95 and 29 also looking quite good. back in ten minutes. game on, why d.c. could be back in the bidding when it comes to the 2024 summer olympics. and why the military exhumed the bodies of those killed a
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breaking news right now into the live desk. the son of moammar gadhafi has been sentenced to death in a courtroom in tripoli, libya. he was sentenced for sentencing protesters after his father was capture and killed. this just coming in to the live desk now. moammar gadhafi's son sentenced to death in war crimes.
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eight others sentenced as well. they do have the right to an a appeal. religious groups responding to the boy scout's decision to allow gays serve as leaders. there were some concerns voiced. boy scouts will allow church sponsored church leaders to reject them for religious reasons. the human rights campaign said it disagrees with that exception. the u.s. olympic committee has less than two months to submit a bid for the 2024 summer olympics and this means d.c. could be back in the bidding to become a host city. the committee picked to host was boston but the city's mayor didn't want to force the taxpayers to cover extra costs. jack edwards said hosting the games would not be a burden but not everyone agrees. >> we are talking about our schools and infrastructure and everything. pick that first. then the olympics. >> other cities have not done well, but just remember who
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those other cities were. >> the original plan for hosting the games thought of using the venues in d.c. and virginia. today, a vote to slash more than $50 million from the budget. the police body camera program, school staffing and library hours are all on the chopping block here. montgomery county executive ike leggett said less tax money and supreme court decision caused the deficit. metro says the silver spring transit center needs more work and more money. this comes one day after bus drivers began training inside. "the washington post" reports metro says some of the recent repairs are showing signs of degradation. it is asking montgomery county for $15 million to cover future upkeep and repair. the county is accusing metro of holding it hostage. the three level commuter hub is three years behind schedule and $50 million overbudget. in "news4 your health" this morning, can exercise prevent alzheimer's disease? researchers at ucla assessed
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lifestyle data in more than 1,500 adults. they found that obesity may affect the volume of your brain. physical activity helps the brain by keeping the blood flowing and protects the connections as you age. we want to tell you about new research into the connection between your baby's birth weight and their anxiety later in life. british researchers looked at young adults born before 32 weeks or at a weight of less than three pounds. the researchers found that those adults were more likely to be socially withdrawn and to worry a lot. the cause is a little unclear here. this could be an effect of biology or due in part to overparenting -- overprotective parenting. if you own an android you should know about a new virus. stage fright can let hackers access your information. the firm says you could be hacked just by previewing a corrupted message even if you don't open it. google says it's already developed a patch for this
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issue. you'll get it whenever you update your phone. later this morning, leaders from nasa will be on capitol hill to talk about pluto. they're speaking at a hearing about space exploration at 10:00. nasa expected to release new photos too of pluto at that hearing. we'll post them on the nbc washington app as soon as we get them. so far, nasa has only received 5% of the pictures from the new horizons mission to pluto. they won't have everything until the fall of 2016. we are talking about a major heat wave coming our way, starting today. >> wouldn't it be nice if this is the last one? >> yeah, but we have august to get through. >> but july is -- it's usually nastier in july. let's get details from tom. >> you're right, aaron. this could be the last one on average we usually get them in july or early august and then after that it's rare the get a heat wave. the haze is in the air. live view, seeing the first light of day. the hazy sky showing up, eastern
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horizon. don't have any more showers or thundershower like yesterday afternoon. here is a timing on them popping up today maybe not as numerous or as much rain as yesterday. the areas in the green or the yellow, we might get a little shower around 2:00 or 3:00. some thundershowers in the panhandle of west virginia or shenandoah valley. they may move farther east and then things settle down. only a 30% chance that you may run into an isolated, brief thundershower during the afternoon. mild and muggy again this morning. around 70, shenandoah valley, patchy, dense fog. visibility under a quarter of a mile in some parts of shenandoah valley. east of washington, near 70 with the hazy sky. and the nearby suburbs. low to mid 70s near the bay.
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the storm team 4 day forecast, who at weather in place today tomorrow and again on thursday. another chance, small chance of an afternoon thundershower on wednesday. greater chance on thursday as some air slams into the humidity, likely triggering thundershowers on thursday afternoon. some of the storms on thursday could be severe with damaging winds. perhaps some hail and flooding from heavy downpours. that's thursday afternoon. highs low to mid 90s. then on friday, a little less humid. hazy sunshine though, low 90s. still not terribly humid. highs mid 90s. hot weekend coming up. partly cloudy. only a very slight chance of any afternoon storms on saturday, sunday and again on monday. next weather and traffic on the 1s, 5:31. your neighborhood highs. melissa is looking at that major road closure in montgomery county. >> big problem bradley boulevard. shut down at huntington parkway. don't get on bradley boulevard this morning if you have to go that far as far as huntington
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parkway. alternate is wilson, river, old georgetown. you don't want to get stuck in the mess because the water main break is happening. 270 montgomery village avenue, everything is flowing fine. 66 looking good. top of 95 here pretty good as we zoom in we have this problem. 95 northbound there at 630 stafford. we have an accident there. we are slowing down because of that crash there. prince george's county, overall looking pretty good right now. taking a look here at b.w. parkway, 95 nice and green. back at 5:31. your time right now is 5:23. a especially committee of attorneys will assist the texas d.a. investigating sandra bland's death. this comes as the toxicology reports reveal that bland may have used marijuana while in custody. she died in a texas jail three days after she was pulled over for a traffic violation. texas officials say she committed suicide. her family has asked for a
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private autopsy. the officer who first pulled her over has been suspended for violating protocol. thousands of pages of communications about april's unrest in baltimore are now public. the city released more than 7,000 documents and e-mails in response to several public information act requests. city leaders were scrambling with looting and rioting when it first broke out. police were also waiting on riot gear after the looting started. "the baltimore sun" reports the mayor stephanie rawlings-blake disagreed about when to lift the curfew. the outbreak of mers disease in south korea is over. the country's prime minister says no new cases of middle east respiratory virus or mers has been reported in more than 20 days. more than 30 people have died since may. cuba is preparing for a very special visit. catholics in havana are
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repairing churches and cleaning up prayer sites as pope francis will visit in september. he will hold mass and visit the hill of the cross. a site on the city's outskirts where people pray. many cubans believe the pope mediated talks between cuba and the u.s. that led to the restoration of diplomatic ties. the pope will come to the u.s. after that trip. now to a story that began back in world war ii. the u.s. military is now working to identify the remains of uss oklahoma crew members killed in the 1941 bombing of pearl harbor. a military honor guard moved five flag draped caskets from the cemetery in hawaii yesterday. relatives of 85% of the battleship's unknown service members gave dna and family records to help investigators. members of the agency working on the project say it will take time to get this right for those families. >> it will take some time. comingled remains of so many in
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61 caskets will take some time. but i think we have a good probability of identifying the majority of them. >> families have waited more than 70 years for this work to begin. it could take about five years to identify all the remains. a huge project. all right. so ellen fans or anyone who likes some free stuff listen up. >> yeah. here's your chance to get some free tickets to ellen's popular 12 days of give away shows. one ellen viewer from our area will win a ticket to this december's 12 days of giveaways. members of her studio audience get all kinds of gifts at the show. you can enter online, go to the nbc washington app and search ellen 12 days. we have breaking news right now. and breaking records on the glass ceiling. what we're learning about the first female coach to be hired by the nfl. >> take a look at the current temperatures this morning. a lot of people are already in the 70s. take our word for it. tom said the heat is on. he has your nei
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your time is 5:30. new details in the deadly stabbing at a frederick maryland church. what we're learning about the suspect and his alleged motive. we are learning about an overnight officer involved shooting in baltimore. kristin wright has details from live desk. look at the temperatures out there right now. and enjoy them while they last because today is day one of a heat wave in our area. tom is taking a look at that and your neighborhood highs.
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tom? >> it is off to a mild and rather humid start this morning. a little bit of dense fog in the shenandoah valley locations this morning. but later today there it will be in the mid to upper 80s. might have an isolated thundershower, the panhandle of west virginia and parts of the shenandoah valley during the afternoon. much smaller chance around the metro area where it will be climbing into the low 90s. the neighborhoods around fairfax county and the rest of northern virginia will be around 90 degrees around the bay too. should be into the mid to upper 80s during the afternoon and quite humid. and again just a very small chance of an isolated thundershower around the metro area. that'll be later this afternoon. we've got that closure in montgomery county, we have some other issues this morning. what's going on, melissa? >> another problem here, 95 northbound at 630 stafford. the left lane is blocked which explains why we're seeing a slow
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down as you're headed through stafford. a warning there looks like the left lane is blocked. going 36 mile per hour. this is the problem that tom was talking about in bethesda. bradley boulevard shut down at huntington parkway. take georgetown, don't go down bradley because of the water main break. beltway at kenilworth avenue. no issues at this point this morning. taking a look at 66 okay. 95 northbound through dale city is getting slow because it's 5:30. travel times in ten minute. baltimore police shot a man during a traffic stop. it happened after the man pinned his vehicle against the officer -- pinned the officer against his patrol car. "the baltimore sun" reporting this morning that police there got a call for reports of gun fire. they went to the neighborhood and pulled over this vehicle. and that the man just reversed and pinned the officer and that is when the police officer
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fired. the man then continued to speed off, according to police and then finally gave himself up. a warning -- warning officers he had a weapon. that officer we're told just had some minor injuries. and right now, police are searching for a second man who hopped out of that car and just ran. eun? >> kristin thank you. a name and a motive released in a deadly stabbing in frederick county. we told you that a husband and a wife were stabbed and at the anna prayer mountain church over the weekend. now su kim is facing charges for the attack. korean americans from all over attend that church. >> i have been personally coming here for the past 20 years. so i was shocked. >> court document says kim wanted to retaliate against koreans. the county sheriff's office says 63-year-old chung hwan park died. the sheriff's office
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captured a murder suspect in jessup, maryland. officers arrested alan rangel without incident yesterday. he is charged with shooting and killing cody lacey at a house party in mechanicsville on saturday. over the weekend, deputies arrested his alleged accomplices burks-jeffrey and wade braithwaite. a fire that broke out in a prince george's county home appears to be arson. you can see the flames coming from the second floor of the house on sunday. this is on walters place in district heights. we are told that home is vacant and listed as bank owned. people who live in the area told fire investigators they have seen people going in and out of that house. your time is 5:33. once again congress is up against a hard deadline and trapped in a stalemate. this is all about the transportation bill and it will affect everything from your commute to your safety on the roads. so every time you pump gas, you're paying 18 cents a gallon as a federal gas tax, but now that's not enough to maintain roads, bridges and construction
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projects. those projects will be on hold if congress can't make a deal by friday. the house wants to pass an extension and some senators don't want that. >> if we pass a five month bill like some of the opponents are calling here for in the house, we don't have dime one to fix any bridge. >> this is in the middle of summer construction and congress has passed 33 temporary extensions in the last few years. and secretary of state kerry returns to the hill for another grilling over the deal with iran. and kerry will meet with leaders in the middle east next week. and president obama also defending the iran deal while on his trip to africa. he hasn't pulled any punches here. yesterday he called a recent republican attack on the iran deal quote sad. he suggested the rhetoric from some republican presidential candidates was an attempt to divert attention from donald trump. today, president obama will become the first sitting u.s. president to address the african
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union before returning home. tiger woods is in our area today. he's holding a press conference in gainesville, and that's because the quicken loans tournament will be played there on thursday. the nfl has a female coach. jen welter is the first female coach to be hired by the nfl. the arizona cardinals hired her as an assistant intern at training camp this year. she played professional football in the women's football alliance. welter went to twitter saying thank you arizona cardinals and bruce arians and everyone there in phoenix. i'm honored to join this amazing football family. congrats. hey, another day, another bear sighting in northern virginia. where you may want to be extra careful the next time you're outdoors. a man leads police on a high speed chase through two states. how his spree came to an ide on this tuesday morning as we get ready for another stretch of really hot weather.
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tweet us with the #heat wave on how you're dealing with the heat.
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a man in custody this morning after a dramatic two-hour car chase through two states. police in camden, new jersey, started pursuing the white van you see right there last night.
5:39 am
he was wanted for robbery. at one point it appeared he was cornered but he slipped across the river into philadelphia and flipped right over there when the officer hit the back of his van. police arrested the man who actually finally surrendered. another wild animal sighting again in loudoun county. leesburg today reports that loudoun county animal service dispatchers took multiple calls about a young bear hanging around the lansdowne area sunday. you have been warned. they say the bear wasn't aggressive. perhaps a little hungry. aren't they always hungry? the bear stopped by some bird feeders and eventually made its way out of the area. but he'll be back once he gets hungry again. >> keep the bird feeder up he will. 5:40 now. let's get a look at the forecast. >> green lights driving through the morning and midday, but a caution in the afternoon. a passing isolated thundershower
5:40 am
when headed back home. dry roads, in the upper 70s and quite humid. we'll have a partly cloudy to hazy sky and then hazy sunshine. some roads might be wet from isolated showers comes on through with temperatures in the low 90s. live view from the storm team 4 tower camera, the color of melissa's dress today. what do you think? i think it's close. it's puce or fuchsia. >> it's similar to puce. i'm going with magenta though. outer loop at branch avenue a new report of an accident here. and then of course we have this in bethesda, bradley boulevard shut down at huntington parkway in both directions because of the water main break. alternate is wilson or old
5:41 am
georgetown. avoid bradley. 270 southbound from germantown to the beltway, no issues there. outer loop, it's on time. 66 inbound looks good and 95 northbound looks good from quantico to the beltway. remember to listen to our friends on wtop 103.5 f.m. when you hop in your car. >> i'm sorry, i'm stuck on puce. >> it is a real word, believe it or not. it's real. >> we call it pink where we come from. thank you, melissa. in "news4 your health" this morning a story you will want to hear if you have kids in college. how their well-being now could play a crucial role later in life. a developing story in florida, who is joining the search now days after the two boys went on the fishing trip and never returned. and a story you will see only on news4. why this brand-new police department in prince george's county won't be opening any time soon. even though it's one month away from being complete.
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eye on emergency road work that could slow down your morning commute. crews are working on a water main break on bradley boulevard in bethesda. you can see the construction going on. this is happening at huntington parkway. we'll send you an alert on the nbc washington app when the road reopens. two dozen people are waking one no water this morning in the area because of this break. news4's zachary kiesch is on the scene. at 6:00 he'll let us know what slowed do up the work this morning. i'm melissa mollet in the storm team 4 weather and traffic center here this morning, and because of that issue i want to give you a work around this morning. bradley shut down at huntington parkway in both directions. alternate is river, wilson, old georgetown. just avoid bradley boulevard. we have a couple of accidents working right now. we'll talk about that in a minute. the humidity has returned. >> you can see it. hot pink. it will be mid 70s by 8:00.
5:46 am
a little bit of fog around. watch out for that. some of the rural areas, especially shenandoah valley. by noontime upper 80s. might have an isolated thundershower headed back home. back to you. >> tom, thank you. d.c. police are investigating a murder that up had near police headquarters. investigators say two people pulled out knives and attacked a man at fourth and "e" streets yesterday. they took off down the "e" street. the victim died at the hospital. police have not released a motive. also in the district a man died after being shot near nationals park. a man was found inside the home on first street southwest. he had been shot in the chest and officers are still searching for the shooter. investigators are now working to identify a man whose body was recovered from the chesapeake bay. crews pulled the body from the water yesterday. the calvert county sheriff's office believes it's doug brown. he disappeared swimming this past friday. he was a co-owner of the costa brava restaurant in northwest washington. he was with his brother daniel
5:47 am
when they both went missing. daniel brown's body was recovered a few days ago. firefighters in prince george's county say a man who was missing for seven days is expected to survive. someone spotted 66-year-old larry shaday trapped under a tree in spring dale yesterday. firefighters believe he slipped down an embankment last week. when they rescued him, shaday was still awake and breathing. they say he needs treatment but will be okay. now to that developing story out of florida. families are praying for good news as the 14-year-olds disappeared after they went fishing on friday. the navy has joined the search for stephanos and cohen. their capsized boat was found 170 miles from where they depart and the coast guard tweeted they searched more than 28,000 nautical miles in 72 hours and still no sign of the boys.
5:48 am
>> terryingifying to know your child is out there without you and you can't give them the help that they need. >> now one theory is that the boys may be caught up in the gulf stream that is sweeping them up -- north up the coast. the u.s. army says the soldier from maryland has died. sergeant harris foster was serving at ft. hood. she was in a car crash last month. she was taken to the hospital and died a few days ago. harris foster grew up in in upper marlboro. she was 28. a loudoun county man who was once a leader in a white supremacist group now admits he tried to hire someone to kill his ex-wife. dallas brumback pled guilty to seven charges yesterday including attempted murder. an undercover officer developed a relationship with him last year and learned of his ties to the kkk. brumback offered the undercover agent $5,000 to kill his ex-wife. brumback pled guilty for having
5:49 am
load weapons in his home where children played. officers arrested another five people for soliciting a prostitute. the police department is cracking down on prostitution in the city. they say they're focused on the trinidad neighborhood right now. we're told police have arrested 68 people since the operation started two weeks ago. and today in virginia, you can learn more about plans to rehabilitate three bridges at the glebe road and i-395 interchange. the project includes milling and overlaying bridge decks reconstructing deck joints, concrete repairs, guardrail improvements and reconstructing sidewalks. you can attend the public information meeting in arlington at gunston middle school at 6:30. consumer advocates say car insurance companies are unfair to widows when calculating the rates. they vary their prices depending on the marital status. most insurers automatically
5:50 am
raised rates on women whose husbands die. geico farmers progressive and liberty increase rates by an average of 20% on widows. state farm was the only company that did not base prices on marital status. the insurance industry says single people get into more accidents. good news if you have credit card debt. our area has some of the fewest credit card problems in the country. that is according to credit the website says people in d.c. pay off credit card debt within ten months, faster than all other cities. san francisco and boston came in first and second place. the study says that even though d.c. residents don't have a problem paying the bill, we have the highest credit card debt in the country at more than 5,000 on average. okay. so at least we can pay it down. in "news4 your health" if you had lots of friends in college you may be less likely to get depressed. researchers at the university of rochester says if you're socially active if your 20s,
5:51 am
you're less likely to be lonely later in life. the new study says as you get older the quality of your friends may be more important for your emotional health than the number of friends that you have. makes good sense. hey, unless you don't have taste buds this won't come as a shock. researchers say fat should be considered the sixth taste. >> it's not the first? >> so you already know about the other tastes. sweet, salty, sour, bitter -- savory. those are the five. the new study that people can identify all five of those, but they put fat into its own new category. that may be called oleo gustus. >> fat is the one that tastes good. >> yeah. savory too. >> sweet is very high -- >> it's the only one that matters. >> sweet, fat. >> what about sticky? >> sticky. sometimes sweet, sometimes
5:52 am
savory. >> you'll be tasting sticky when you step out this morning. quite humid as we get going this morning. and we have got temperatures that are hovering in the low 70s in prince george's county montgomery and inside the beltway, mid 70s, low to mid 70s around the bay. shenandoah valley, some patchy dense fog there. visibility under a quarter of a mile so watch out for that. off into the mountains some of the valley locations some dense fog there. temperatures around 70 degrees. here's a live view, storm team 4 tower camera. the haze obscuring, you can barely make out the washington monument and the jefferson memorial. a lot of haze in the air. sunrise at 6:06. by 8:00, a hazy sun. jumping into the upper 80s by noontime. so for your lunch hour it's going to be hot and then low 90s during the afternoon. a small chance of an isolated storm this afternoon. here are the feels like temperatures when you add in the humidity. it will feel like 98 this afternoon. peak temperature peak heat and humidity. feeling like 100 on wednesday.
5:53 am
102 on thursday. and then more comfortable friday as some lower humidity moves in. although temperatures will still be hot. won't feel as hot as it will between now and thursday. small chance of a storm this afternoon. again on wednesday afternoon, hazy sunshine again tomorrow. may make it into the mid 90s on thursday. thursday afternoon that's when we may get some strong storms. some of the storms might produce damaging winds. perhaps some flash flooding from heavy downpours. some of the drier air pushes in the humidity. and then after that, a little less humid. friday into the weekend. still hot. low to mid 90s all the way into monday. longest heat wave of the year so far. that's the way it's looking right now. now let's look at that water main break in montgomery county. >> still have this problem again in bethesda. zachary kiesch is out on the scene. we'll hear in him in the next couple of minutes. bradley boulevard at huntington parkway, bradley boulevard is
5:54 am
shut down at huntington in both directions because of the water main break. do river, wilson or old georgetown, just stay away from that section of bradley boulevard. outer loop at branch avenue a report of a crash there. 95 north at 630 stafford left lane is blocked. opens up after that which is good of course. 66 at compton road, rolling along quite nicely. 270 a little bit slow here as you're passing buckeystown pike. headed to clarksburg then it opens up. okay down to the spur. >> 5:54. only on news4, a new police station in prince george's county will sit empty because that's no money to staff it. the district 7 station in ft. washington is just a month from completion. but prince george's county doesn't have the money to hire new staff. we're learning that the $14 million building will sit empty until at least next september. >> that's a tragedy. people have worked for 15 years
5:55 am
to get this station here. >> let me assure the citizens why they want a new police station. we will continue to fight crime in that area. >> county executive rushern baker blames the council for the delay because they didn't pass his budget. recovery has been a tough go for businesses gutted by a massive fire in harpers ferry, west virginia, last week. one business owner said road closures have been keeping customers away. and that's making it tougher to bring in the summer dollars that are crucial for businesses like these in this historic town. the four buildings that burned were built in 1800s. all told we're talking $2 million in damage. 5:55 now. not so fast, the popular online marketplace is axing the idea of one hour delivery service. cnbc's morgan brennan with why ebay now is over before it ever really got started. morgan? >> good morning. so ebay is ending the one-hour delivery program that's called ebay now. pilot service launched in san
5:56 am
francisco in 2012 and then expanded to the rest of the bay area, new york city, chicago and dallas. couriers used cars and bikes to deliver from stores like best buy and macy's, but they're competing in a crowded field with amazon and google also testing same day delivery service. meanwhile wendy's will start testing chicken products that are free of antibiotics. the fast food chain is stopping short of a prodder commitment. in march mcdonald's said it would curb antibiotic use in chicken and chick-fil-a said it would stop all use by the end of the decade. >> thanks. starting next year students applying to george washington university won't have to include s.a.t. scores in their applications. g.w. said standardized test scores will no longer be mandatory. school officials say students' high school record and gpa are better indicators of performance than s.a.t. or a.c.t. scores. hundreds have made testing
5:57 am
optional in recent years. a court battle about transgender rights is moving forward in virginia. a boy says he wants to use the boy's bathroom at school and the gloucester school board said that's against policy because he has female reproductive organs. the boy's lawyer says that's discrimination. >> we obviously think that being stigmatized every time you have to use the bathroom is irreparable harm for anyone. >> the school district argues it is not biased because the school has other options including single person unisex bathrooms. right now we are a watching a problem that could slow your drive to work. looking live now at the scene in bethesda where crews are working to repair a water main that broke overnight. the impact that they're having on the morning commute and how much longer that work can go on. also ahead, a disturbing story that has many talking this
5:58 am
iran keeps their nuclear facilities. military sites can go uninspected. restrictions end after 10 years. then iran could build a nuclear weapon in two months. iran has violated 20 international agreements and is the leading state sponsor of terrorism.
5:59 am
"news4 today" starts now. >> right now on "news4 today," a potential bottleneck underway. look at the scene here. the impact repairs on this water main break in bethesda is having on the morning commute. a plea for police from montgomery county in the clues that could help solve a death of
6:00 am
a man found beaten near his home. the reward in hopes of sparking new leads. and what d.c. leaders are saying now that the u.s. picked to host the olympics is back in play. brace yourself for a heat wave. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein here with your weather headlines for the day ahead. tom? >> yeah, starts today. live view of storm team 4 tower camera, a muggy, murky sky. look at all the haze and the humidity over the area. get ready for a hot and humid afternoon. there's a smaller chance of an isolated storm popping up this afternoon. not nearly as numerous as we had yesterday afternoon but still a possibility. right now it is near 70 in montgomery. prince george's and fairfax counties and nearby neighbors low to mid 70s. low to mid 70s near the


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