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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  August 15, 2015 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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a man found dead steps from a metro station, and this is just before the saturday night dinner rush. we're live with reaction from people near the crime scene. passengers throughout our region will spend tonight away from their destination after a technical glitch grounded
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flights and tested nerves. and donald trump at it again in an exclusive interview with nbc's chuck todd. he rolls out his controversial plan to deal with undocumented immigrants. gunshots on a busy saturday evening in shaw as people were out to dinner getting ready for a concert. now the murder investigation begins after somebody shot a man near the shaw metro. that's where darcy spencer is with details on who police are looking for. darcy? >> reporter: erica, i just want to tell you, this is where the shooting happened, outside of the metro station here near this muffin place here on the corner. just a few minutes ago d.c. place released the name of the victim who was shot and killed. he's it paid to as 23-year-old
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matthew schlonski. he lived in washington. multiple unofficial sources told me today they believe he was the unintended target in this shooting. we're still trying to get that information confirmed with police. police bring down the caution tape after wrapping up their investigation into a shooting that left a man dead just west of the northwest d.c. metro station. it was near the shaw howard university station and shut it down for hours. evidence markers show what witnesses heard -- more than a dozen shots fired. the victim was found outside the metro station just steps from the uprising muffin shop. it was 4:45 in the afternoon in a neighborhood where many were out enjoying a beautiful day, not far from the howard university campus. do you know why this is closed off? >> a shooting but i don't know what happened. i just walked in, came here.
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came from campus, trying to go back home. >> reporter: the bulk of the shell casings were found at 7th and s streets northwest near a mural of marvin gaye but the victim was found across the street a half block away, right outside the shop where are customers were enjoying muffins and coffee. detectives are trying to piece together how this happened, who fired so many rounds and why. as police investigate, hundreds of people lined up to attend a free concert at howard theater right around the corner, many unaware that a shooting had taken place. >> we are actually going to attend the show at howard theater. >> reporter: again, police just released a press release with some new information, including the description of a vehicle of interest in this case, here's that description. they're looking for a burgundy chrysler 300 with maryland registration. it is equipped with a sunroof. they say that car was seen
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leaving the scene of the shooting and the shooter is still on the loose tonight. ary back to you. police say this man tried to strangle a woman in woodbridge yesterday now there's a warrant out for his arrest. this began with an argument outside an an apartment on pond run drive. the woman said tyrik nichols held her at knife point and wouldn't let her leave. she managed to escape unharmed and ran to a food lion for help. two construction workers were killed at an accident at a site off father's legacy near frederick road. they were the bucket of a lift machine when it suddenly tipped over throwing them to the ground. the men have been identified as roland mendes from silver spring and eric ortiz from hyattsville. police don't suspect foul play but they don't know why the machine tipped over. it may be a long night for
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travelers at airports across the east coast. the computer glitch at an air traffic control center in leesburg has been fixed is but the delays and consolations grounded hundreds of passengers. as nbc's kristen dalghren report, frustrated flyers are on social media using the hashtag #flypocalypse. >> reporter: at reagan national, the only thing going up was frustration. >> it shouldn't be like this. >> reporter: planes were going anywhere. according to the faa, the glitch was in a tracking computer system based in leesburg, virginia, supposed to help route high altitude traffic near the nation's capital. so this is what the airspace looked like for several hours, planes not allowed to fly in or out of the usually busy region. >> not a good day to fly so stay home. >> if you can. >> reporter: new york, d.c. and baltimore were hard hit.
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bwi reporting three hour delays. the misery spread to miami, chicago and beyond, more than 2,000 delays and hundreds of cancellations this family is traveling from new york to seattle. >> there's a lot of ther things i could do on saturday than sitting in laguardia all day. >> reporter: on social media, talking about #flypocalypse asked for a free drink while one man talked about screaming kids. >> two hours on the ground. hopefully this gets resolved soon, fingers crossed. >> reporter: by mid-afternoon, the faa was able to reboot the system and resume flights but for many it's already too late. >> i won't make it to my family reunion so i am deeply disappointed. meanwhile, a prince georges county police officer is on administrative leave following a shooting that left a man dead. this started with a collision on
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brooks drive and district heights. a police officer came across the wreck and saw 30-year-old isham manly running from the scene. he caught up to manly and that's where the trouble began. >> the suspect was struggling with the officer, for the officer's weapon. the officer discharged his weapon and the suspect was struck. >> after he was shot, manly kept fighting with the officer. a second officer arrived and tased manly but still he kept struggling, a third officer arrived and manages to cuff him and he was able on the the hospital where he died this morning. the family says manly had mental health issues. flames break out at a local solid waste facility. the big mistake that had nearly 100 firefighters racing to the scene. and donald trump's plan for the millions of undocumented immigrants in this country is going to have a lot of people
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donald trump promises to overturn president obama's executive order and send away all undocumented immigrants from the u.s. trump says "they have to go." the comments came as trump
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traveled to the iowa state fair, arriving in a style only he can pull off. once inside the fair, he was treated more like a rock star than politician but he was sounding the same theme he's been on for weeks. >> you'll rescind that one, too? you'll rescind the dream act executive order, dhaka? >> we have to make a whole new set of standards. >> you'll split up families? deport children. >> no, we'll keep the families together. we have to keep the families together. >> but you'll keep them together out? >> they have to go. >> reporter: you can see chuck todd's exclusive interview with donald trump on "meet the press" here on nbc 4 tomorrow morning at 10:30. hillary clinton visited the iowa state fair while hearing footsteps of her biggest competitor senator bernie sanders. she's also still answering questions about her e-mails from her time as secretary of state. she didn't give a speech but stuck to just meeting fair goers one on one, posing for selfies.
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she repeated her often made claim that she never sent or received any classified e-mails but many voters are still skeptical. just how long will this heat wave last? amelia is tracking the developments in your team team forecast and we've got new numbers tonight on the nbc 4 clear the shelters campaign and it's just more evidence that this inaugural event was a smashing success.
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it has been an epic summer of wildfires out west and the most dangerous months are still to come. right now 17 fires are burning
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through drought-stricken california. things are so bad the forest service pulled firefighters from all 50 states and puerto rico to help out. this fire at a solid waste transfer station started when a boat caught fire this happened at the facility on frederick road in rockville. somebody apparently dumped the boat into the garbage pit but didn't remove the fuel first so it took nearly 100 firefighters to put out the blaze. one firefighter had minor injuries. they had to use an airboat to ventilate the building and get the smokeout of there. more than a thousand cats and dogs that woke up in animal shelters this morning are enjoying their first night in new homes. today was the clear the shelters event when animal shelters offered pets for adoption with reduced fees if not know fees at all. all of the animals are sterilize and fully vaccinated but the people who came by were just looking for a new four-legged family member.
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>> i'm here to adopt a dog or cat, it don't matter. i love animals. >> i have a dog, he wants a dog so we're going to adopt our first dog together. >> oh, how sweet. about 20 shelters in our area took part in today's event. but in cities from from chicago to dallas to l.a. shelters had the same program going today as well and as of this evening, get this, 16,000 pets have been adopted. just today alone. and, of course, that continues the same need for it tomorrow and the day after that so get to our local shelters. >> what an incredible number, just warms your heart. >> and it was a great day to do it. we had picture-perfect weather. >> the humidity was low, it was hot but you expect that this time of year. we hit 09 degrees at reagan national so today marks day one of our heat wave and it looks like we're looking at least at a six-day heat wave, to
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potentially seven-day heat wave. mugginess makes its way through the area tuesday through thursday when it will be muggy outside and toward the end of the work week, the upcoming work week the weather gets tricky, uncertainty in the forecast. more on that in a moment. tomorrow, though, the weather having a low impact on your day, hot and humid but manageable for washington in august, plenty of sunshine, most of us are dry, just the chance of an isolated thunderstorm. some of us are under a code orange air quality alert. this includes anne arundel and howard counties. if you have heart or lung disease, limit your outdoor activity. if you're not under the code orange air quality alert, you're looking at code yellow. you can find more on my facebook and twitter pages. current temperatures in the 60s and 70s. 57 in washington. cambridge coming in at 70
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degrees. mainly clear skies tonight and a nice start tomorrow morning. 8:00 a.m. a temperature of 47. mid-80s around lunchtime. the afternoon and early evening hours will find temperatures in the low to mid-90s. talking about the humidity forecast, slightly uncomfortable tomorrow as we move to monday starts to feel sticky outside and tuesday, wednesday and thursday it's down right oppressive. feels like temperatures tuesday, wednesday and thursday around 100 degrees. so a great week to those the pool tomorrow. most of us completely dry. have the sunscreen on hand all of these days. tuesday there is the chance of late-day thundershowers and shorms but if you're heading to the pool during midday or early afternoon hours you're looking fine. monday a high of 95. tuesday a high of 92. wednesday keeping it dry, high of 93. thursday, it's all about a cold front. if this front fizzles, which i think it will do, mainly dry conditions and temperatures
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remaining around 09 but there is a chance this front lingers and that means more storm chances and cooler temperatures. updates tomorrow morning on news 4 today. >> thanks, amelia. still ahead, nats looking to stop the skid. plus, i see him walking in here right now. the orioles do something they haven't done for 17 years
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so good news/bad news concerning the redskins. what would you like to start with first? >> i'll start with the bad news. we like to build up to a crescendo. i have to learn crescendo and see what that means. >> but i want good news. hurry up. let's get to the that. >> i'm dave johnson with bad news. win a pre-season game and have a big party. it was already on the schedule, i'm talking about fan appreciation day if richmond. but away from the pure fun and joy of autographs, pictures and face painting the serious business of football, dealing with injuries. hold the anxiety medication because, as i told erica, there's good news but we begin with the bad and now she's mad at me as the redskins shortage of tight ends is a problem. logan paulsen is out. he won't play in 2015.
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been bother bid turf toe. last four seasons he played in every game and made 12 starts. but for recently signed linebacker junior gallette, he had been recovering from a torn pec muscle, decided against surgery, a decision that keeps him on the field across from an elise pass rusher like ryan kerrigan. >> i've never had one. we'll see. i know it's not just for me, the team. you have to work together. this is going to be a process. you can't just -- i've played on teams where it looks amazing on paper and collapses on the field but this team has a difference that guys are together and cohesive. i can feel that guys care and they're going to win. it's not just about me, it's us, the team, that's whey love here. >> all right, you fashionistas, look at that. that was the rage in richmond for fan appreciation day.
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burgundy and gold. darrelle young -- >> i like it! i like it. >> gave them a show. you can sing to that tune. over 7,000. >> do you move like that, too. >> i'll walk out of the studio like that tonight. they were in training camp. a big dropoff from the over 20,000 made it down there last year. a great day for everyone in richmond. even with two -- i can move like that -- four game losing streaks in 15 days, there's no sign of an electrician in the nationals dugout installation of a panic button. gio gonzalez has not allowed two starts since mid-june. another guy loving life, ian desmond, loving the west coast. he's mashing it on the road trip. nats up 1-0: desmond get this is from the left. top of the bleachers, a shoal low shot, his 15th.
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nats up 2-0 and bryce harper can't believe how far. i don't believe what i just saw. >> i love that. >> but gio gonzalez, bases loaded, duffy going for three more, taking it to the corner and that clears the bases, up 3-1 double the giants a 4-2 lead and now they're up 6-2 in the fourth inning. better stuff here, though, the orioles hosting the a's. manny machado was the walkoff hero last night, i didn't see it, i left in the 11th ining. >> but they won. >> they did. chris davis puts on the cape, orioles down 3-0, crush change this is with one swing sending it into orbit, a two-run shot, 33rd homer of the season os within one. now gerardo parra smacks this. tied at three. bottom of the ninth, still tied, there's the guy, davis, putting
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the cape back on for an encore. no idea how he got enough on this. that's like crush light. this is gone. 34th of the season. orioles walkoff winners 4-3. this is the first time since 1998. first time in 17 years they walk off with a home run on back-to-back nights. there's the answer to your trivia questions. >> as long as we have an out left and an opportunity to go out there and score we have a chance, we've done a great job of -- sorry. we've done a great job of hanging in there and battling. >> always getting the pie. all right, the pga championship, wow. no pie there. we're talking whistling straits. bad weather delaying rounds. tiger woods finishing up his second round. you might not even see this. he's on 16, that didn't go far and it ends up in the grass. he finishes four over. misses his third straight cut at a major for the first time in his career. round three on the 18, brandon gray showing tiger how it's done
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from the sand. this one goes in. birdy gets them to 12 under, three strokes off the lead. the leader, jason day. here he is, a put for eagle, takes sole possession, 15 you should. jordan spieth, the kid who's had a great year, finished with three straight birdies, a shot off the lead heading into tomorrow's final round. >> incredible. dave johnson, thank you so much. that's our news for tonight. there's that move. there's that move.
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