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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  August 18, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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tom, over the next couple of hours it will get hot and muggy. then we'll cool off, right? >> showers may be moving in later today. right now though we're starting off with maryland 95 north at route 100, there's when lane -- i got to do the traffic. awesome. >> that was very good, tom. i can come and do the weather. >> starting off with -- yes, melissa now your time to do the weather. >> 68 in frederick. >> see, what a team. we are a team. it's in the 60s and 70s in the region. here is the hour by hour forecast over the next six hours. partly cloudy through the morning. no travel problems weatherwise for the morning commute. by 9:00 it will be around 80 and by 11:00 a.m., into the mid 80s. not as hot as yesterday. your bus stop forecast for this tuesday is coming up in a couple of a minutes. now melissa, it is your turn.
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>> it is my turn here. 95 northbound at 100 here, we have lane blocked, disabled vehicle blocking the right lane. keep an eye out for that. 95 in virginia, again, about a four mile backup here. as you get on in fredericksburg we have some road work hanging around through stafford. after that it's clearing up out of the way. 66 to compton road, no problems there. rolling along nicely. same thing when you look at prince george's county. we are nice and green. and top of the beltway here no major issues. b.w. parkway, 95, just fine and then 29 here also green as well. back in ten minutes. see you at 5:11. >> thank you. 5:01 now. a developing story, this morning a former fairfax county police officer is on the other side of the law. adam torres is waking up in jail after a grand jury charged him with murder in the death of john geer. derrick ward has more on why the officer won't be going home today. derrick?
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>> reporter: well, aaron, he has been a former police officer since the 31st of last month. this is when he was fired from the police department and just ahead of an indictment for second degree murder. now, this all stems from an incident in august of 2013. there was a call to the springfield home of john geer. there was a domestic call and during that call it ended up as a standoff with geer being shot dead. during special grand jury testimony, it was learned that the family and the officers had a lot to say about this incident. geer did tell police he had a gun and another officer had actually arrived on the scene and he was negotiating with geer when he was shot, about 40 minutes into that conversation. that shot rang out. torres testified that geer had made a move toward his waist band and therefore he thought he was going for a gun. again, torres was fired from the police department on the 31st. he turned himself in yesterday.
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and we also might want to mention that fairfax county has agreed to a settlement of $2.9 million. that is the settlement for wrongful death suit brought by geer's family. derrick ward, news4. >> thank you. today a suspect in the murder of a mary of washington student heads back to court. stephen bril had been arraigned. they say he strangled grace mann. his lawyer may ask for a mental health evaluation at some point. you can check out the app as we continue to learn more throughout the morning. i'm meagan fitzgerald at the live desk. we're following breaking news out of bangkok where just one day after a bomb went off at a shrine, officials say today a man threw a small explosive from a bridge that landed in the water. no one was injured, but the death toll continues to rise
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from monday's explosion. now 22 people have died including nine foreigners. 120 others are injured. thailand's prime minister promising to quickly track down those responsible for the deadly blast. now, the attack on the shrine is considered the worst in the country's history. angie? >> thank you, megan. all right, i want you to take a close look at the surveillance video we got our hands on. d.c. police want your help to find several men they are considered persons of interest in a deadly shooting in northwest washington. it happened by the shaw metro station this past weekend. police say matt shlonsky was shot when he was caught in the middle of the gunfight. cathy lanier wants anyone who knows anything about what happened to come forward. >> to the people who know the individuals involved in this, they have to come forward. it's that neighbor today, it's somebody else's neighbor today. it's that child today, somebody
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else's child tomorrow. >> there are six people of interest in the case. police have recovered this burgundy chrysler, they say it was stolen last week. today a controversial vote for lawmakers in frederick county, maryland. the county will vote on whether to revoke the english only ordinance. that requires business to be conducted in only english. it allows the county to avoid printing documents in multiple languages which saves money. okay, another glass ceiling broken. two women made history by successfully completing the army's elite rangers school. this is one of the toughest combat training courses in the world. at this point we don't know their names yet. the army only telling us that they are west point trained officers. they will be among 96 soldiers who graduate friday at ft. benning in georgia. however, the women won't be allowed to apply for roles in the elite special operations force. well, don't bring a knife to
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a sword fight. check this out. how a store clerk got the upper hand on some would-be robber. almost a year after a rocket explosion at wallops island, we are learning of a new one launching from the same location. all right, tom has a bus stop forecast at 5:11. you'll want to hear what he says they should take with them to school. and it's all the rave among parents. the book putting kids straight
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you're watching "news4 today." >> welcome back at 5:09. dulles based orbital sciences say it's preparing for the first launch since last year's rocket explosion at wallops island, virginia. they owned that rocket. it blew up just seconds after launching on the mission to the international space station. the pad is state owned and it should be fully repaired by next
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month. orbital sciences is scheduling another iss launch for early december. we will be watching. and crooks out there watching, this is who not to rob. two knife wielding robbers got a lot more than they bargained for. one of the robbers pulled the knife and the store clerk right there, he pulled out a bigger one. a sword. he chased them out of the store. this is at parry market in pittsburgh. >> that's straight out of aladdin. >> i went and saw "peter pan." they were doing that over at tyson's. it looks like something that captain hook and his pirates would come out with. like never land. >> see that, crime does not pay. you never know what you're up against. >> lesson learned. they dropped what they tried to steal on the way out, so it worked. 5:11. weather and traffic on the 1s. >> we want to check in with storm team 4 meteorologist tom
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kierein. he has the bus stop forecast. >> good morning. the bus stops are all dry around the metro area. showers out of the mountains and those will stay well to the west, so a dry start for now at the bus stop for students waiting for school buses. many of the early jurisdictions back in school now. it will be mild between 7:00 and 8:00. then more clouds build between 8:00 and 9:00. you will notice the humidity increasing a bit too. in the upper 70s by then. a look at storm chances for the week next weather and traffic on the 1s at 5:21. melissa has a look at 95 in virginia. >> still a little bit slow, started in fredericksburg and headed northbound to stafford. we are tad slow because of some road work that has not cleared out of the way yet. let's look at that. there you go for us. live picture. 95 in maryland northbound there at 100, still have that disabled car with one lane blocked here. again, doesn't like it's slowing anything down, but of course we could go yellow here if it stays
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as the morning progresses. 270 northbound, southbound, nice and green. no issues. and 66 into town, out of town, looking good as well. remember to listen to our friends on wtop 103.5 f.m. when you hop in your car. see you in ten minutes. meagan fitzgerald at the live desk, where we are following developments out of indonesia where a search and rescue team is on the ground after a deadly plane crash. a violent night in the district comes just hours after d.c.'s police chief pleas for the public to come
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a developing story in china right now. thunderstorms complicating the efforts from last week's warehouse explosion. teams specializing in handling hazardous chemicals are scrambling to clean up the blast site. there were about 700 tons of deadly sodium cyanide stored
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there when it exploded last week. almost 70 others are still missing. the cause still under investigation right now. we're told that at least one person who works for the company that owns that warehouse has been arrested. i'm meagan fitzgerald at the live desk. i'm following a developing story in indonesia. an army official said a search and rescue team has been dispatched to the remote site of that plane crash. crews were able to reach the site today. the black box has been recovered. the plane went missing two days ago in bad weather. it was destroyed and all 54 people on board have died. now all but one of the bodies have been recovered. angie? >> thank you, meagan. new this morning, two shootings overnight in d.c. in northwest, a man was shot on florida avenue northeast and police are investigating a shooting in southeast on frederick douglass place. news4's molette green has more. what happened there? >> reporter: well, d.c. police
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tell us the man shot in southeast d.c. took a bullet to the stomach. we do have video we want to show you from the scene there. he was conscious and breathing when he went to the hospital, but no word there on suspects. as police looked for evidence in the overnight hours in that community on frederick douglas and bruce place. no word on suspects in the shooting that happened in the 1300 block of florida avenue in northeast. this all comes just hours after the city's police chief pleaded for more tips from the public and also put out these new numbers. the latest numbers on murders coming up to 94 homicides this year compared to 72 last year at this same time. d.c. police say they have arrests, 52 murder arrests so far this year. compared to 38 last year. reporting live from outside d.c. police headquarters i'm molette green. back to you.
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>> thanks, molette. 5:18 right now. one of the arrests that molette mentioned came a few days ago after a man was stabbed to death. d.c. police arrested hector felix, they say he stabbed eric lee smith in the heart last week. it happened after smith bumped a little girl with his bag. some members of smith's family spoke exclusively to news4. >> i know he was my father, but he was more like a friend. the best friend, number one friend. basically, i lost a best friend when he died. >> now, we have put more of what smith's family had to say on the nbc washington app. we have put up a link to a gofundme page they started. they said they're struggling to pay his funeral expenses right now. that gofundme page has raised about $190 as of this point. a father is facing murder charges for the death of his 5 week old son. d.c. police arrested 28-year-old robert smith sr. yesterday.
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police responded to the home on 9th street northwest and the call was for an unconscious baby. now at the time detectives did tell us that the child's death was suspicious. the medical examiner said he died from blunt force injury. in prince william county, police dealt with three child neglect cases. a woman left a 1-year-old at home alone sunday night and the baby accidentally called 191 tipping police off there. a suspected drunk driver was arrested with a 12-year-old family member inside the car. and a 24-year-old was charged with felony child neglect after falling asleep and letting a 3-year-old wander into the street. that happened in dale city. right now, active duty military troops are preparing to help firefighters get a handle on wildfires out west. about 200 forces will be trained for a few days before being dispatched to washington state this weekend. several wildfires are burning near the turn of chelan.
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nearly 3,000 people are under a mandatory evacuation right now and the u.s. forest service is burning through $100 million a week fighting this fire. this morning a new plea from former virginia governor bob mcdonnell. his lawyer filed papers that the u.s. supreme court won't take his case. his lawyers say the case raises important legal questions for the court. the former governor was found guilty of corruption last year. in decision 2016 now, presidential candidate donald trump is getting new headlines and raising me questions about his immigration proposal. he wants to deport all undocumented immigrants and raise fees on mexico to build a border wall. he said he'll impound remittance payments from undocumented workers and this could cost up to $2 billion. >> no one thinks we should be building a fence as the solution to security. >> we need to do this.
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we need to secure the border, we need to fix the immigration system. >> trump also says he would deny citizenship to children of undocumented immigrants born in the u.s. most legal experts say that's not constitutional. the man convicted in the boston bombing is asking for a new trial. lawyers for dzhokhar tsarnaev say, quote, continuous and unrelenting publicity meant jurors in boston could not be impartial and they were inundated with social media posts. he is sentenced to death. well, this next story is for any parent having trouble getting their little one to go to sleep. there's a new children's book that promises it can help with this problem. in fact this swedish book says it will put your child to sleep in minutes. the book is called "the rabbit who wants to fall asleep." now, the author says it works by using psychological and positive reinforcement techniques to
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promote relaxation and induce sleep. today is -- the "today" show is going to put this to the test. you can tune in to find out if this book really works. it's right here, starting at 7:00 on nbc4. >> if it does, i'm all rabbit ears. guess what his name is? roger. >> is it really? >> not the roger rabbit we know. but they say it's the verbal -- it's equivalent to verbally rocking the child to sleep. but that's going to make a lot of money if it works. >> see, that happens. >> hey, that's -- we're used to it. >> see what happens. all right, let's quickly turn to the forecast. a live look outside for you and tom kierein has a look at the day ahead. >> do you know what also works? the congressional record. >> just start reading that? >> start reading that. the child will be asleep within 30 seconds. what we're starting off this morning with, kind of the dreamy, typical mid to late summer weather. look at that haze and humidity
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hanging over washington. city lights illuminating the humidity that's still with us. and temperatures have dropped back into the 60s, near 70 here predawn on this tuesday morning. mid 60s in prince george's county, upper 60s, near 70 in montgomery county as well as fairfax. in the low 70s around the chesapeake bay. the areas in green, these are some light showers, way out here in west virginia. might be getting a few sprinkles trying to show up around luray right now. otherwise, a dry start to this tuesday. later today as the clouds build, the temperatures not as hot with more clouds around by 8:00 a.m. still mid 70s. mid 80's by noontime and then increasing clouds in the afternoon, might get a passing thundershower when headed back home. a 30% chance of a passing thundershower. even higher humidity, wednesday, thursday, moving in with highs in the 80s.
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perhaps a morning showers or afternoon thundershower on thursday. finally less humid on friday and saturday, highs in the 80s. and then sunday, humid again. right now, the weekend is looking rain free. no showers, doesn't appear until monday afternoon some thundershowers are rolling on in. new timing coming in hour by hour for the storms later today. that's at 5:31. melissa has a new crash. where's this? >> new crash, accokeek. you can see that everything is remaining green. that could change if that hangs around too long. inner and outer loop, everything looking quite good. no big slowdowns right now. 66 looks good. 95 northbound of course we'll get a little bit of a slowdown, dale city northbound here in the next couple of minutes because it's 5:30 this morning.
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maryland 95 north at 100, one lane blocked because of the disabled vehicle. 270 at middlebrook road, looking good right now. >> thanks, melissa. today, opening statements in the trial of a teenager charged with rape in new hampshire. 19-year-old owen lefree is charged with rape. he allegedly assaulted the girl on the campus of the elite st. paul school last may. this happened days before he graduated. an update now about the american dentist accused of illegally killing a lion in africa. his office has reopened in minnesota. without him though. you can see they posted a security guard outside. the office put out a letter saying dr. walter palmer was not on site and employees had no comment. it's been closed for a month after he killed the lion cecil
5:26 am
in zimbabwe. tough love or too tough? we're getting a lot of comments on the facebook page. >> a pittsburgh steelers linebacker made his two sons return trophies they got for participation. james harrison explained all this on instagram. >> he says that he did not want his kids to believe they were entitled to something because they tried their best. because sometimes your best isn't good enough. he says he hopes taking the trophies away will push his sons to aim higher. so i guess the question is good move, dad, or too harsh? >> yeah, we posted this on the facebook page and tweeted about it. you want to weigh in or walk away? >> i mean, i can tell you, my mom would have taken the trophies away. >> you know, first, second and third place and then you get nothing. >> this is a woman when i brought home an a-minus, oh, great, job, try a little bit harder. you got one more question, it could have been a-plus. >> if you can do it positively
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and build your kid up and explain mow competitiveness works. >> there's the key. all right. we'll move on. a big decision about the drug known as the female viagrviagra. the risks of taking the pill that could stop it from getting approval. you see the showers out west? tom will time them out for you. and the irs underestimated the risk of a cyber attack and
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patients recently rated their care experience at over 3,500 hospitals nationwide in a survey conducted for the centers for medicare and medicaid. only seven percent received five stars. including four of ours. learn more at
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looking at the stories making headlines right now, new details now about the massive irs data breach. we have been following for you. it looks like it's a lot worse than originally reported. businesses are boarded up in northern virginia because somebody has been using them as target practice. one of several shootings at businesses. and how those cell phone notifications can put you in danger behind the wheel even if you don't intend to use the phone while you are driving. it is 5:30 now on this tuesday morning. good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm angie goff in for eun yang. looks like the heat and the stickiness continues but relief is in sight. >> tom kierein has a look at your forecast. tom? >> at least not as hot, courtesy of some showers moving in later today. right now, getting some showers in west virginia, thundershowers up in western pennsylvania. they'll stay well to our west this morning.
5:31 am
leading edge of that, just beginning to come into the panhandle of west virginia. they may be getting closer maybe to martinsburg and winchester, luray. maybe around noontime. that's the new hour by hour timing here as we go forward into the afternoon. maybe those thundershowers there by noontime. 1:00 or 2:00, and then it looks like a few scattered thunderstorms, right in the metro area between 5:00 and 6:00 p.m. then as they move off to the east they dissipate into mid evening this evening. so stay with us here. storm team 4 will get you updated. if you hear thunder get inside and see if there are any threats in your neighborhood by later this afternoon. melissa has an update on the crash on accokeek. >> it is on the right side of the roadway, indian head. if it hangs around too longer we might see the green turn to yellow.
5:32 am
as of now we're keeping quite good. prince george's county no major issues right now. the rest of indian head highway is fine here. branch avenue, pennsylvania avenue, everything rolling along quite nicely. b.w. parkway, northbound, southbound, looking good. 95 overall is okay. let's zoom in to 95 and see the problem, northbound at 100, the one lane blocked. 66 at 123, the camera is not the prettiest but nice and clear. travel times in ten minutes. 5:32 right now. a 25-year-old man will survive after one of their officers shot him. police say they first went to tory loop in woodbridge last night for a domestic disturbance between a mom and her son. while an officer was speaking with the mother, police say the son came at that officer with a knife. police shot him. both he and his mother are in the hospital right now. police saying that the mother's injuries are not related to the shootings. coming up on 5:33, new details now about the massive irs data breach we have been
5:33 am
following for you. it looks like it was a lot worse than originally reported. nbc's edward lawrence joining us live on capitol hill with more on this. so edward, how big are we talking here? >> reporter: we're talking about 338,000 people that were affected. this is triple the number that the irs had originally reported in may. now, the irs says that hackers accessed the website they were able to confirm identifies by entering names, social security number and street address on a part of their website. experts say that the information is sold online and easy to find. the irs also says that hackers s tried to access information on 281,000 more people and were denied by the site. the agency would say it's aggressively moving to protect taxpayers whose account information was accessed. there's a round of letters that will go out today and the irs shut down that part of the website that was hacked. that part is also not been put online as of yet. reporting live in washington, edward lawrence.
5:34 am
aaron, back to you. >> outside of the letters that the irs is sending out, what sort of help is the irs offering to people who are impacted by this? >> reporter: the irs is going to offer an individual i.d. number not associated with your social security number. so when you file your taxes if you have been affected in this next year, you have to use this i.d. number which will be specific to a taxpayer. >> all right. edward lawrence, thank you. the u.s. military is about to ramp up its use of drones by as much as 50%. the pentagon says it will happen over the next several years. top brass says it will use both army and civilian contractors do the work. up until now, mostly that was confined to the air force. the decision suggests two big questions to think about. how will the pentagon pay for additional patrols? also, how will the military sort out the growing amount of data that will start pouring in eventually? take a look at this video. arlington police investigating a robbery and they think this man may be involved here. police say somebody stole three
5:35 am
laptops from the virginia tech applied research company on wilson boulevard last week. this is not video from that scene, however, police believe the man is responsible for at least 20 other laptop thefts over the past year. all in arlington. police in fairfax county are offering a reward for your help with a different kind of office crime. take a look. cracked glass showing where officers say someone has been firing bullets into office buildings overnight. news4 started tracking those shootings late last month and police say it happened at four locations all within about a mile of each other in the herndon area just off the dulles toll road. the shootings have not hurt anyone, but a mother who lived nearby says the pattern does bother her. >> i have three daughters. they play outside. i mean, outside the house, but houses don't have fences. so of course i'm worried. >> fairfax county police tell us they do not think the suspects stick around for very long. they think the suspects fire off
5:36 am
a few rounds and then take off. we have now learned that the $3.5 million fire at washington college started in a plastic smokers receptacle. fire officials say it spread to mulch and vegetation before reaching the building. no one was in the building at the time. 5:36 is your time right now. and the fda will make its final decision about the little pink pill some people are calling the female viagra. flibanserin works in the brain to increase a woman's desire to have sex. viagra on the other hand affects a man's ability to have sex. this drug would help women with the extremely low libido. now if the fda rejected the pill twice since 2010. side effects include fatigue, nausea, fainting and low blood pressure. back in june, the fda advisory panel recommended the pill could be sold if the manufacturer limited the pill's risk. critics argued the science
5:37 am
behind the pill has not changed since the last time the fda rejected it. 5:36. nasty crash involving a train and a car. why the driver passed other cars to get on to the tracks. you know all the notifications you get on your phone, text messages, news alerts? a new study saying those could be dangerous. what experts suggest you do to protect yourself from behind the wheel. and it's a top down kind of day today. at least for half of the day. tom said it's
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welcome back. we know that talking on the phone or texting while you drive is dangerous. now a new study says just hearing your phone ding can actually be bad for you. just as bad. the study comes out of florida state university. researchers found that drivers' minds start to wander when they hear a text or e-mail notification. you lose concentration, just like you would if you were on a call and that increases the chances of a crash. >> whatever your tone comes in, the text comes ins, who is that? no call is as important as your child's life or your life. it can wait. it can wait. >> yeah, the researchers say the
5:41 am
best solution is to mute your phone or put it out of sight while driving. you know, there's a lot of -- you can completely mute your phone while it's in motion. the time right now, 5:41. that means we want to check in with tom to find out about the drive time forecast. >> good morning. storm team 4 radar all clear in the metro area, no rain. but we are getting sprinkles in the central shenandoah valley, from luray and off to the panhandle of west virginia and way up into northern west virginia. that's staying well to our west for the morning commute. green lights, but caution yellow light for the afternoon commute because we have an increases chance for thundershowers to come on through. dry roads in the 70s and then partly sunny and maybe a few passing thundershowers. temperatures in the mid to upper 80s in the afternoon and quite humid. a look at the storm chances next weather and traffic on the 1s at 5:51. melissa has a crash now in
5:42 am
virginia. >> brand-new crash, just got off the phone with police about this one. 95 northbound virginia at courthouse road. a new crash with the center lane blocked. it's a tractor-trailer crash. you can see south of there we are quite slow from road work cleared out of the way. still slow out of fredericksburg northbound this morning. northbound indian head highway at accokeek road, that crash is clear. 270 and then top of the beltway looking good. 66 inbound, 95 northbound from quantico north just fine. remember to listen to our friends on wtop 103.5. a police is accused of using too much force and he's facing a murder charge. how your responsibilities at work could be keeping you from gett
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5:45 am
good morning. tom kierein with melissa mollet.
5:46 am
a quick weather and traffic update on this tuesday morning. a lot of haze in the air. live view from the storm team 4 tower camera. by noontime, mid 80s. then by 5:00 p.m., might get some thundershowers rooming -- rolling through the metro area. >> looking at the biggest issue at this point this morning. we are talking 95 northbound there right in stafford at courthouse road. we have a brand-new crash with a semi. the center lane is blocked and headed into that very slow. about 15 miles per hour out of fredericksburg. try to avoid that this morning if you can. >> melissa, thank you. 5:46 right now. a developing story this morning. a former fairfax county police officer on the other side of the law. adam torres waking up in jail after a grand jury charged him with murder in the death of john geer. news4's derrick ward with more on why the officer is not going home today. derrick?
5:47 am
>> reporter: well, aaron, adam torres became a former police officer on july 31st. he turned himself in yesterday after learning of the indictment of second degree murder. the grand jury heard testimony surrounding the incident that happened on august 2013. august 29, 2013. this is when there was a domestic call to the home that geer shared with his common law wife and then there was a negotiation process going on. officers had positioned themselves around the front deer where geer was standing. one officer was negotiating with geer when torres fired a single shot from about 17 feet away. striking geer in the chest. now, he said that he thought he saw -- he saw geer make a move toward his waistband. felt like he might have been going for a gun. he made that move toward his waist and according to torres. now, the fairfax county
5:48 am
government has settled to the tune of $2.9 million, and this is a settlement in a wrongful death suit brought against the government in connection with geer's death. this is brought by his daughter. we are live here in fairfax county outside police headquarters. derrick ward, back to you. we know now the name of the teenager killed in the off road vehicle crash. 17-year-old oscar goodwine was killed behind stephen decatur middle school in clinton, maryland. two friends riding were not hurt. police say the crash is still under investigation. we have learned funeral arrangements are if place for the man a lot of us knew as a real life superhero. lenny robinson known as the route 29 batman was killed in an accident on his way home on saturday. he dressed up as the caped crusader at charity events and neighbors say he will be missed. >> people said that god takes the good ones early.
5:49 am
it's a shame. they could do so much good. >> robinson will be remembered at wednesday in a service. you can donate to superheroes for kids, it is based in baltimore. frightening images of a car hit by a train. this is in florida. a 44-year-old man drove around cars and then around a train crossing arm. he was struck and killed. his car was pushed a half mile down that track. witnesses say the driver may have thought a first train was not moving and decided to pass everyone, but he didn't see a second train that hit him on a different set of tracks. 11 before the hour, and today the maryland department of agriculture will ramp up its efforts to protect you from bug bites. mosquito control services in anne arundel county will expand the spraying area. the extra protection comes after evidence of west nile virus in the area.
5:50 am
spraying will start in several communities around 7:30 tonight, including mayfair village in walden. head to the nbc washington app for a full list of the communities that will be treated. well, we expect an update today on the recovery efforts in the gulf in the ten years since hurricane katrina. housing and urban development secretary julian castro should fill us in around 11:00 this morning. now, when katrina hit land as a category 3 storm, the levees failed in new orleans. it killed more than 1,800 people and flooding forced more than a million others from their homes. to this day, it's the most devastating and most expensive natural disaster in our nation's history. a big deal for a much loved actor and comedian. tracy morgan is going to be back on your tv screen this fall. it will be his first time performing on air since the tractor-trailer rear ended his limousine van last year. now, the crash killed his friend and seriously hurt morgan. he's set to host "saturday night
5:51 am
live" on october 17th. mark your calendars. he says that show launched his career. we'll get to see him back in the rare form that we're used to seeing tracy morgan in. >> he's back home. he vowed to come back and he's not going to disappoint. he'll fulfill that promise. >> looking forward to it. tom kierein back with us here this morning and we're at 73 degrees. you feel every single degree out there too right now. >> that's right. yeah, with the humidity staying up overnight. it is still with us this morning and you'll notice that when you head out the door. another bad hair day. and we're starting off with our temperature now low 70s here in washington. low 70s right on the bay and suburbs. prince george's, montgomery, fairfax counties now mid and upper 60s. it's not too hot, yet. later today, not quite as hot as yesterday. there is that mango sky, i'm not talking about chris kitaen in his gold shorts.
5:52 am
the storm team 4 radar is showing showers in western pennsylvania, with thunder and lightning and that will stay well west of us. hazy sky, no rain anywhere in the vicinity. but a few light showers now crossing out of the panhandle of west virginia, may make their way closer to luray and winchester. that's about in another hour or so. a brief passing shower there this morning. elsewhere, we'll have a partly sunny sky. mid 70s jumping to mid 80s by noon. not as hot as yesterday, 9 mid 90s. and by 5:00, upper 80s. that's when the metro area might have a passing thundershower. only about a 30% chance. the big story though, the sticky humidity we have with us now. it's only going to get more uncomfortable. even oppressive here by wednesday and thursday. very humid conditions around, then a break by friday. and then tomorrow, a little greater chance of an afternoon thundershower, then a likelihood
5:53 am
of a morning thundershower and afternoon thundershower on thursday. then that lower humidity does move in on friday and saturday. not tremendously low, but at least break from the high humidity. next chance of storms after that, monday afternoon. melissa has an update on that 95 crash. >> update on this crash on 95, again, 95 northbound at courthouse road. you can see we're pretty yellow here through this spot in stafford. the crash involving the semi is now on the shoulder, no longer blocking that center lane. it will help to get things moving northbound, but still we have some pretty good delays out of fredericksburg, going 18 miles per hour. we had construction this morning, and then the crash. so it's kind of snowballed quite a bit this morning. to make that whole area a bit slow. red line delays to shady grove, an earlier situation at union station. that's out of the way. northbound, indian head highway to accokeek road, out of the way. back in ten minutes. a traffic alert this morning if you use southbound i-395 in virginia at night. give yourself a little extra time. all southbound lanes at seminary
5:54 am
road will be closed for bridge demolition. the closures run through friday. the lane closures start at 9:00 with all southbound lanes closing by 11:00 p.m. all lanes will rope around 5:00 in the morning. another glass ceiling broken. two women have successfully completed the army's elite ranger school. this is one of the toughest combat training courses in the world. we don't know their names at this point. the army will only say they're west point trained officers. they will be among 96 soldiers who graduate on friday at ft. benning, virginia. however, the women won't be allowed to apply for roles in the special operations force. that's closed to women. in "news4 your health," a new study reveals women with a heavy work load may have a harder time getting pregnant. harvard researchers followed nearly 2,000 nurses who were trying to conceive. they found women who worked more than 40 hours a week took 20% longer to get pregnant than those who worked less. nurses who had to lift heavy
5:55 am
loads took longer to get pregnant. well, one wireless carrier is giving customers more wiggle room with their plans. cnbc's landon dowdy explains who's getting rid of contracts. good morning, landon. >> hey, there, aaron. good morning. sprint is the latest wireless carrier to drop two year contracts. the company is shifting entirely to the model where customers lease their phones, and you'll no longer get your device on a discount. sprint is unveiling iphone forever for $22 a month. you can upgrade to the newest one as soon as it's available. and starbucks wants to become your neighborhood bar. the coffee chain is expanding sales of beer and wine during evening hours to two dozen more locations in denver, miami, brooklyn, orlando and northern california. they'll start selling small things like bacon wrapped cheese. they have a liquor license for more stores hoping to sell adult beverages by the end of the year. >> hey, since you brought up
5:56 am
starbucks i'm hearing they're adding a new ingredient to one of their lattes. have you heard about that? >> you're right. that pumpkin spice latte will now actually have real pumpkin. it will no longer have the caramel coloring. they were shamed for not using real pumpkin. they're joining general mills and taco bell to switch to more natural ingredients. i'm sure it will be delicious. >> landon dowdy at cnbc, thank you. all right. all the years i wasn't eating the real pumpkin. own kay, a group of music stars will perform on the national mall this year. a new organization called facing addiction announced it's holding a concert. sheryl crow, goo goo dolls, the fray, all have signed on the perform at the concert which will happen on the mall on that day. organizers want to raise
5:57 am
awareness about how big a problem addiction can be. to find an affordable home look outside d.c. ranked four smaller cities in the area as some of the best places to live. north laurel, maryland, had a 4% unemployment rate. damascus was number two. and urbana, maryland at 35. and vienna, virginia, ranked 48th for the vibrant downtown. >> i can see that. new this morning, d.c. waking up to another night full of violence from two shootings, several robberies. police have had their hands full overnight. we're on top of this. it comes hours after the mayor and police chief vowed to crack down on crime in d.c. we are live with a
5:58 am
5:59 am
new this morning, d.c. police investigating two shootings and a slew of robberies after another violent night in the district. we're live at police headquarters with the details on the recent spike in crime. the heat is moving out, but the rain is moving in. when tom says we could need that umbrella later today. i'm meagan fitzgerald at the live desk where another blast has rocked bangkok. the new video and pictures of a suspect just coming in. "news4 today" starts now.
6:00 am
>> it is 6:00 a.m. good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm angie goff in for eun yang. welcome to "news4 today." looks like the sticky weather is hanging around. >> that's right. let's start with tom kierein and your hour by hour forecast. >> good morning. starting off morning, yeah, that humidity still hanging in the air and the storm team 4 radar showing some showers, some thundershowers, west virginia and pennsylvania. most will stay well west of the metro area for the rest of the morning. the leading edge of this, a few sprinkles from near luray and to the west of winchester. that may track closer to hagerstown and martinsburg over the next few hours, but elsewhere, around the metro area it will stay dry for the morning commute. temperatures right now are mild and muggy. in the upper 60s to right around 70 degrees. there's that predawn glow, live view from our tower camera. mid 70s by 10:00. hitting mid 80s by noontime. partly sunny sky.


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