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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  August 19, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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it's video you will only see on news4, a carjacking suspect taken into custody, handcuffed and sitting on a red light camera box on massachusetts avenue northwest. the arrest came after a morning-long pursuit and searched through neighborhoods in bethesda in northwest washington. >> i don't think we have seen that many police cars in this neighborhood in at least in the time i have lived here, in the 30 years. >> reporter: police say this honda crv was taken in an armed carjacking at 10:30 in the morning, happened in the 5700 block of loughboro road in northwest. the suspect crashed into the w÷ parkway near river road in bethesda. the head of traffic and weather operations for wtop radio happened to see police pursuing the suv. >> i was going back to the radio station. and noticed this honda crv just went up on the sidewalk to get around traffic. >> reporter: the suspect ran
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when the suv crashed, touching off a manhunt that lasted more than an hour. >> the guy went off the road into the trees here and that's when all hell was breaking loose and they called in for extra airships and police units. >> reporter: a helicopter circled over the area as police from montgomery county, d.c., secret service and maryland parks all responded. it all came to an end at 47th and mass in spring valley, one of washington's most exclusive neighborhoods. coming up on news4 at 6:00, police are investigating whether the suspect committed yet another crime while he was on the run. reporting live from northwest, darcy spencer, news4. a young mother is now dead, killed as the district still grapples with this rising gun violence. her name is tenika fontanelle. she was shot and killed and her 12-year-old son recovering after he was also shot in their apartment. their 17-year-old neighbor is now charged in this case. and today, fontanelle's family
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told us that her son was shot trying to protect her. news4's mark segraves has a story you will only see on news4. >> reporter: as you can imagine, the family of tenika fontanelle is still grieving and still in shock from their loss. her mother tells me that tenika was her hero. [ no audio ] >> reporter: tenika fontanelle idolized marilyn monroe. she loved to cook and make her own jewelry. she had a daughter and a son. >> tenika would take care of everybody, anybody. >> reporter: yesterday, tenika fontanelle became the latest murder victim in the district after a fight broke out inside her apartment in the congress park neighborhood of southeast. her family says it enik a's 12-year-old son was shot trying to protect his mother when a 17-year-old boy took out a gun. >> he was trying to shoot my daughter and amare was trying to
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stop him. and she got shot. >> reporter: during that struggle over the gun, fontanelle, her 12-year-old son and the 17-year-old were all shot. police have now charged that 17-year-old with fontanelle's murder. amare's a good boy. he is very talented and smart, like his mother. amare be okay. >> will you be okay? >> i will be okay. >> reporter: now tonight at 7:30, there will be a vigil here to honor the memory of tenika fontanelle. at 6:00, you will hear more from her mother about why she feels that even though there's been an arrest, there's still no justice. in the district, mark segraves, news4. take a look, this van may be connected to the shooting death of a man on the steps of a d.c. church. police tell us they are looking for this blue honda odyssey as part of the investigation into the death of amare jenkins. jenkins was shot multiple times outside st. luke catholic church in southeast just after noon
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yesterday. there is a $25,000 reward for information in this case. this has been a particularly violent 24 hours in the city. since yesterday, four people have died from gunshot wounds and that includes four separate shootings in the northeast and southeast quadrants of the nation's capital. among the victims, three men and a woman killed two children wounded. the most recent victim was found earlier today, a woman walking her dog this morning found a body near an apartment complex along stanton road southeast. this is just off the suitland park watch the a & c commissioner for that area says the spike in violence has been overwhelming. police say the man today had been shot but we do not have his identity. a big announcement from d.c. mayor muriel bowser and police chief, cathy lanier, today about the crime wave and illegal guns. a tip leading to an arrest or seizure of an illegal gun has now increased to $2500.
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the tip for an arrest and conviction in a shooting increased to $10,000. coming up at 5:30 tonight, news4's tom sherwood will have much more from mayor bowser and chief lanier about this new gun and reward initiative. a united airlines flight is being closely inspected now after it rammed a jetway at dulles international this afternoon. take a look, flight 127 had just arrived from dublin ireland and pulling into a gate when it hit the jet way, damaging an engine. none of the 170 passengers and crew on board was hurt. in a statement, united says tonight the plane will be inspected and repaired. and repair crews have been trying to fix a 74-year-old water main that burst in bethesda. the pipe broke around 6 this morning on goldsboro road between macarthur boulevard and tulip terrace. crews replaced about eight inches of the old pipe and now patching up the road, but until they wrap up, traffic can only run on one side of the road and there is no set time for
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goldsboro to reopen. all seven customers who lost water now have it again. hey, guys. tracking a couple of light showers around the area that is about it talking about the better chance for showers and storms tomorrow. storm team4 radar right now showing the showers mostly in through northern virginia, back toward frederick and hagerstown. if you live in northern virginia, if you live anywhere west of i-95, i think you have a better chance of seeing the storms, warrenton, rappahannock, frederick and fredericksburg. only storms back toward frostburg. pretty intense lightning back there. this is all part of our system making its way our way, a much better chance of storms during the day tomorrow, what bell continue to talk about here. the headlines tonight, tracking thundershowers evening, most of us will stay on the dry side. storms tomorrow, about everybody has a good chance, they could impact the redskins game, a big if right there, something we will be talking about, then the weekend weather, as the storm system moves out what moves in for the weekend? i have got that forecast in a
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minute. thank you, doug. now to dramatic moments in a fairfax courtroom today. the police officer charged in the shooting death of john geer collapsed during a bond hearing. news4's meagan fitzgerald was there when it all happened. >> reporter: former fairfax county police officer adam torrez showed no emotion in court today, even after a judge denied bond, citing a decline in torrez's mental state around the time of the shooting. it wasn't until a trial date was set that torrez abruptly fainted. this isn't a usual sight outside of a courthouse. paramedics rushing inside with a stretcher after a former fairfax county police officer briefly loses consciousness. ray murrow is the prosecuting attorney for fairfax conty. he was feet away when it happened. >> i looked to my right and i saw him falling. he fell. his price shut. >> reporter: in court on wednesday morning, more row told the judge that in august of
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2013, then-officer damned torrez shot and killed john geer who had his hands up in the doorway of his home. he argued that torrez shouldn't have been on the street because of a declining mental state from domestic issues. more row told the judge that torrez was angry because he thought his wife was cheating on him. >> i took the position that given the grand jury found malice and murder, that bond was not appropriate. >> reporter: but the defense took a different position, saying that when torrez responded to geer's house for a domestic dispute, there was a gun on the floor next to him. torrez's attorney said his client pulled the trigger after it appeared geer was dropping his hands to reach for the gun. >> and obviously, something wasn't completely clear to him because he saw things that nobody else saw. >> reporter: jeff stuart is geer's long-time friend. he was in court on wednesday morning and there when the shooting happened. on a separate occasion, stewart testified along with other fairfax county police officers that geer's hands were up when he was shot. >> justice is being held
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accountable and being brought before a jury of your peers to determine if your actions were valid. >> reporter: a trial is date has been set for december 14th. this is the first time in the county's history an officer has been dmoord shooting in the line of duty -- has been charged for a shooting in the line of duty. meagan fitzgerald, news4. dr. michael doren has been principal of wooten my rockville for the past 12 years. school officials say he was found dead in his apartment today. he has been with montgomery county for 20 years, an educator for more than four decades. the school superintendent called him someone with "boundless energy, engaging wit and unwavering commitment to excellence." someone who never had to wonder if he made a difference, that's how folks remembered lenny robinson today. hundreds of people turned out for his funeral. most knew him better as batman.
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robinson spent much of his time in recent years dressing up as the iconic caped crusader. he visited sick children in hospitals across our region, frying to bring a bit of cheer and distraction to kids. robinson died earlier this week, you recall, when someone hit his batmobile after it broke down. we have an update now on a story that we brought you first on 4, metro searching for a company to remove the asbestos from some of its older railcars. agency contracts showed metro pushed back the deadline to mid-september. the transit agency says there is a small amount of asbestos on about 280 of its older cars, all of it outside the passenger areas and inaccessible to the riders. intoes four obtained feet these metro was sharing with its contractors. the agency says these images show the asbestos is not easily accessible to the cleanup crews. they say the asbestos is also not a risk of going airborne unless someone drills into it. a dramatic barn explosion in
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maryland just as firefighters were about to use their ladder to help. find out how they need out of this alive. and riders say some metro stations have been unbearably hot this summer. so what's up with the ac? we found out what is causing this underground heat wave. the jury deliberates in the trial of a man accused of murder and robbery in a prince george's county hotel. i'm tracee wilkins. coming up on news4, we hear
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man accused of killing a hotel manager in on shill on trial. during closing arguments, defense attorneys say there is proof that cleared deandre weems. our tracee wilkins spoke to weems' family sitting just a few feet away from the victim's family today in the courtroom. >> reporter: wendy, this just in a few seconds ago that jury has found deandre weems guilty on all counts. that means felony first-degree murder, robbery and also assault. this after, as you said, his family and attorneys said that they didn't have the evidence to convict. >> let my brother go. bring my brother home. >> reporter: dominique weems says her brother, deon zrarks inspect and not the man seen in this video robbing a desk clerk
5:15 pm
inside an oxon hill hotel. this man would go on to shoot and kill hotel bar manager jesse chavez as he tried escape the hotel. >> he might be many things, but he ain't no murderer. >> reporter: weems was tried for the robbery and murder for what happened inside the then-clarion hotel in october 2013, the night chavez put himself between the gunman and the exit to the they will. wheeps did not take the stand in his defense and his attorney prevented to witnesses but in closing argument, spent a lot of time focused on the time stamp of the video, that according to the state was 40 minutes behind realtime of day. the attorney tried to create doubt saying the time stamped on the voontdment is's call logs placed the suspect five miles away from the robbery. the woman robbed said her attacker had short hair but weems has long dread locks. he argued there was no dna found connecting weems. he then stated that the robbery was of western the murder happened, meaning it's not
5:16 pm
felony murder. he said the murder was not premeditated so it's more like manslaughter than anything. the chavez family has sat through days of difficult trial, just across the aisle from the weems' family. >> i understand they lost justice because they lost a son. you got to think about it if you convict my brother for something that he didn't do, then i'm going to be losing a brother. >> reporter: again, deon dre weems found guilty on all charges, first degree felony murder, assault and also robbery. you are hearing this first on news4 this came down literally just seconds ago. and he is looking at a long time in jail. we don't have word yet on when his sentencing is going to be scheduled. we will have more coming up at 6 p.m. expecting to hear from the state's attorney. reporting live in upper marlboro, i'm tracee wilkins, back to you in the studio. >> thank you. the head of the white house drug control office spoke at a special graduation today at d.c. superior court. michael bought chelly spoke to a
5:17 pm
grout of graduates from drug court. that program is designed to help non-violent substance abuse defendants reduce their risk for relapse. he says one of the biggest challenges facing our country right now, synthetic drugs. >> we often have found ourselves in a position where chemists stay one step ahead of us and make slight changes to the formulas for these synthetic drugs and get them out of the scheduling and make them legal. and it often comes down to a battle between scientist. >> something they are still working on is strong prevention messages, so young people understand the dangers of those synthetic drugs. president obama is remembering congressman lewis stokes az man who triumphed over hardship and became a passionate voice for those less fortunate. congressman stokes died yesterday at the age of 90. one month after he disclosed he had cancer. he was ohio's first black member of congress. he came to washington in 1969, served 15 terms.
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he headed a committee that investigated the assassinations of president kennedy and dr. martin luther king jr. he retired in 1999. the late civil rights activist julian bond will be buried at sea. family members of the former naacp chairman say it was bond's wish to be cremated and have his ashes spread in the gulf of mexico. this family-only service will be held on saturday. his wife asked those that want to honor bond can go to a body of water near their home and spread flower petals in his memory. he died last weekend there will be a memorial service at the tidal basin saturday afternoon. tonight, you can weigh in on how the district should honor the late d.c. mayor and councilman marion barry. the commission has been set up to lead up plans for the tribute, holding a public forum tonight, set to take place at 7:00. it will be in the executive office of the mayor in northwest washington.
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barry died last november. he has been fondly dubbed as the district's mayor for life. next week marks ten years since hurricane katrina ravaged the gulf coast. president obama will be visiting new orleans, meeting with mayor landrieu and city residents spending the last decade rebuilding from that storm that killed nearly 2,000 people. our chris lawyer lerence will be and look back at his time covering the storm ten years ago. decision 2016, donald trump riding high the top of the republican candidates for president, but now, a new poll shows he has gained enough to be competitive in a general election. the latest cnn/orc poll, trump is six points behind hillary clinton in a general election. trump is one of three republican candidates matched against clinton, the presumptive democratic nominee. in july, he trailed clinton by 16 points. despite the controversy over her
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use of a personal device to read e-mail as secretary of state, clinton still leads all gop contenders. well, "newsweek" is out tonight with its annual top high school rankings. and for a second year in a row, fairfax county is home to the best in the country. second year in a row, thomas jefferson finished in the top spot. the fairfax county school was rated number one in college readiness and graduation rate. and what may be surprising with all the fantastic schools in our area, no other schools in virginia, maryland or d.c. made the top 100. now, montgomery county did put five schools in the top 500. you can see the complete list on our nbc washington app. first, the army rangers make history. now, another major milestone may be reached for women in the military. and the panda watch, we are on it, folks, down at the national zoo. what the new sonogram pictures
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developing tonight, the faa is trying to figure out how a
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door fell off an american airlines plane midflight. take a look. the flight from dallas was approaching charlotte douglas airport in north carolina this morning when a small paneled door fell off. it landed on the green meadows golf course in mount holly about 13 miles away a golfer found it called the faa. the flight landed safely. had cloud cover develop across the region and ton see that as we move on through the rest of the evening hours. mostly cloudy skies, we look off toward the southeast, toward the cathedral, washington monument, potomac way off in the distance. 86 degrees, goou point now, 68. definitely on the humid side. any time that dew dew point is over 65. 91 still at frederick. we were at 19 earlier today in d.c. 87, fredericksburg and charlottesville coming in at 81 degrees. we have a couple of showers out
5:25 pm
there no real thunderstorms in our area. you have to go back to the west. look at all the lightning back around frostburg no lightning in our region. showers up towards the frederick county area, and then watching this area down toward the south. if you live west of i-95 in through northern virginia, especially northern virginia, you have the best chance of seeing rain. right now that rain, stafford county, warrenton, fauquier county, back toward rappahannock, culpepper county, you can see a wide scattering of showers, don't expect to get rained on, prepare for it ache tank the umbrella in case, live in fauquier county, prince william county, fauquier, you will see activity the next couple of hours. zoom into that area, heaviest shower north of heartwood, fauquier/stafford county line this shower along i-95 moving to the north. prince william county coming into your area next, manassas, an hour, hour and a half. see all the moisture associated with our storm system moving our way. we have got a better chance of storms during the day tomorrow and the weather risks tomorrow,
5:26 pm
well, they are not going to be too high. high winds, yeah, a little bit of a risk, not much. we do have a heavy rain risk, i think that's going to be the biggest risk tomorrow, even that one just on the medium side. we are not calling for a severe weather day tomorrow. what we are calling for is just let you know there are going to be some scattered storms out there take the umbrellas. tonight around 6:00 a scattering of showers, prince william county, fairfax, loudoun county, same deal around 8:00 tonight. overnight, a few showers here and there, most of us dry by early tomorrow morning. no problems with the morning commute. watch what happens tomorrow around noon. we start to see more shower activity in through maryland and then everybody gets in on the action during the afternoon this is 5:00. by around 7, 8:00, when we start to see some of those storms develop. as that front moves closer, 8:30 at night, prince george's county, what's going on? the lions coming into fedex field to take on our washington redskins. i do think we will see some shower activity during the game. thinking about tailgating this is a forecast you want to stay tuned for. download our nbc washington app.
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it will give you the latest tomorrow if you are heading out. pack the poncho just in case. heavy rain is possible, even during the game. it will not rain the entire game, but i do think those guys could be dealing with some wet fields out there, so, that could give us a little bit more of a test. 85 in leesburg, 89 down toward the fredericksburg area. most temperatures into the upper 80s again tomorrow. so, rather humid as we move on through the area. 87 on your friday, look at the next couple of day tomorrow, the chance of storms, then friday, saturday and sunday, beautiful, nice weather each day and it lasts all the way through next week. hot and humid on monday, look at those numbers. not too bad. >> very nice. and now at 5:00, a barn explodes in southern maryland. firefighters in harm's watch we will tell you what we found when we return to the scene. sweating it out on metro? you are not the only one y some stations are sweltering and what metro says went wrong. and d.c.'s mayor talking about the violent sumner our city and what is b
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they are offering more reward money for people to come forward with information that could help them solve some of these deadly shootings in the district. >> mayor muriel bows and police chief cathy lanier just spoke about the new initiative today. news4's tom sherwood has the details about the plan that helped close some of these
5:31 pm
cases. >> reporter: mayor bowser called community leaders and police together to announce new efforts to combat gun violence and homicides, saying crime is taking a personal toll on communities and on her, too. >> we gave a press availability at congress park yesterday. and it was among the saddest experiences of my life. after that press briefing, to walk around and talk to neighbors about what they are dealing with day in and day out. >> reporter: bows and chief cathy lanier announced higher police rewards for tips on illegal guns from $1,000 to $2,500. and a gun used in a violent crime, $10,000. >> we have added a reward of $10,000 for shootings because we are seeing too many of these shootings now with high-capacity magazines and potential for them to be lethal is much, much greater.
5:32 pm
>> reporter: the mayer and chief rejected police union suggestions that police are not properly deployed or are too unfamiliar with crime communities much the mayor also said the city will start publicly tracking online homicide cases from arrests through convictions to help keep repeat and violent offenders off city streets. in the district, tom sherwood, news4. here at the live desk, we are following developments in the plea deal for subway's former pitch man. and in the last hour, we learned jared fogle's wife has filed for divorce. now, fogle's been charged with distributing child porn and having sex with underaged girls. he has already cut a deal to plead guilty to those charges, which means he's gonna go to jail at least five years and pay $1 million to 14 vick ttimvicti foglet went to new york to meet some of them, one may have been as young 15z 4 years old. the former pitchman knows that
5:33 pm
he needs help, his attorney says. >> jared also knows that he has a medical problem. he has already sought evaluation by a world-class psychiatrist, experienced in these matters and he will seek appropriate treatment. jared fogle expects to go to prison. he will do his time. he expects to get well. >> again, his wife filed those divorce papers. in it, she said she was shock and disappointed to learn of the charges. the couple have two children and she says she is putting them first. at the live desk, i'm chris lawrence. two helium-filled air ships launched near baltimore and floating thousands of feet in the air. the u.s. military is using them to test an east coast missile defense system. the air ships are not manned, they are equipped with radar and tethered to concrete pads four miles apart. one balloon will continuously
5:34 pm
scan while the other will help the military pinpoint targets. test will take about three years. not to be outdone by the army rangers, the navy announced today it will open its elite s.e.a.l. team to women who can pass that grueling training regiment. the news comes one day after the disclosure that two women passed the back-breaking naval course. if women can pass the legendary s.e.a.l. training course, they should be allowed to serve. the second preseason game, first at home, redskins taking on the lions at fedex field tomorrow at 7:30. robert grinch the third and the starters looking to be a bit more effective than in game one. the first team offense only scored a field goal in a quarter of play and things like this just can't happen. pierre garcon dropping what would have been a sure touchdown, but the biggest issues had to be the injuries.
5:35 pm
niles paul and cyrus redd, that has to be on their mind as the team prepares for the detroit lions. >> want to get in and out healthy, last game, we'd couple of injuries, that was devastating for us, our season, to you are team, those are our brothers. so you can say what you want about the preseason, we want to get in and get out, make sure we put together a good drive, how many ever drives the coach wants us to get in, get on the sideline and watch the young guys go at t >> it ton build on what we are doing and make sure these guys go out and play and compete every down and get better that we were last week and then in the process, finding out what guys want to keep for our roster. >> tomorrow, we have you covered live from fedex field before and after the game. myself and carol maloney, chris lawrence will be down there as well. game time at 7:30 right here on nbc4. >> jason, big day, thank you. a developing story right now, have you heard, the national zoo is on panda watch
5:36 pm
tonight. today the zoo announced it believes veterinarians saw a giant panda fetus while doing an ultrasound on mei xiang. take a good look there. this is the first time vets at the zoo saw something like this. vet fridge nairians at the zoo predict may shopping could give birth early next week. the panda team at the zoo is monitoring mei xiang's behavior. as you see here, she is sleeping a bit more, we hear, throughout this day. the director of the zoo says they are cautiously optimistic. the daughter of actress rosie o'donnell is found safe and for the first time, we are hearing from the people who helped bring her home. plus, a helping hand from strangers. how a simple donation to a child with special needs helped keep one local
5:37 pm
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it is that time of year again, take a look. helping kids get ready for the school year. today, we packed hundreds of backpacks with school supplies. helping out, doug kammerer, amelia segals, pat lawson muse. apple federal credit union is teaming up at nbc4 to collect donations for kids in need at back-to-school time. our wednesday's child this week is a bright kid, does well in school. but of course, we could use the support of a loving family to help him succeed. >> news4's barbara harrison was with him as he celebrated his
5:40 pm
15th birthday. meet joey. >> first thing we are going to do is see if you could be a spy. >> reporter: first lesson was in threat analysis to see how well joey could do in detecting hostile surveillance. >> which of the buttons on this coat is a camera? can you tell? >> that one. >> yeah. how did you figure it out? >> 'cause i can see the lens. >> is there a secret skateboard hidden in this museum and it's got a secret message waiting for you. >> reporter: joey thought about all he had learned here so far. he is a quick learner, a smart kid, but needs a family to help him succeed in life. >> a family who is just gonna love him and take care of him and have him realize that they are there that they are not gonna, you know, walk out on him and he is not going to have to go somewhere else. >> reporter: so, where was that secret skateboard hidden? jackie gave him a clue. >> it is actually above us. >> above us? >> in the rafters? >> in the ceiling. >> reporter: joey found the passage to the vent system and immediately locateded a skateboard. >> now your mission is to bring it through the air duct, making
5:41 pm
no noise and exit on the other side. >> reporter: on the other side, the note, which toad read with a black light, told him of a top secret awaiting him and what a surprise. >> there you go. >> reporter: spy museum executive director peter ernest, a former spy himself, joined the party and had some special gifts for joey. >> there you are. >> reporter: what joey needs now a family. his mission is finding one. barbara harrison, news4, for wednesday's child. >> and if you have room in your home and your heart for joey or another child waiting, call our special adoption hot line, 1-88-to-adopt-me or search wednesday's child on after the explosion, you may have seen the dramatic footage on facebook, but we return to the barn in maryland to see how this amish community is recovering. it's a warm day outside the farragut north station and you know what, it's kind of hot inside, too. have you felt that?
5:42 pm
i'm adam tuss. i will tell you why it's so hot in there coming up. and not only are we hot tomorrow, but storms threaten the forecast along with plenty of includes. so, not a great pool day, but friday on into the weekend, looking good. i'm going to have the latest timing and impacts of tomorrow's
5:43 pm
5:44 pm
5:45 pm
it is pretty hot inside a couple metro stations. the chiller system that cools the due pop the circle and farragut north stations badly damaged that means some riders are left to sweat it out. transportation reporter adam tuss live at the far gut north station to tell us just how hot it is. how hot is it, adam? >> reporter: pretty hot. metro says it likes to keep the temperature inside stations about six to eight degrees cooler than outside. right here, right now, it is about high 80s outside, inside the station, hotter than that. inside the farragut north station, 90.3 degrees. >> if i were infirm or elderly, this would be not only
5:46 pm
uncomfortable but hazardous. it unacceptable. >> reporter: inside dupont circle, 89.1. >> it's hot. i'm sweating. >> reporter: metro knows sun comfortable and telling riders as they enter the station, many have to fan themselves to keep cool. big fans on platforms to circulate the air. some riders take it in stride and wear the heat like a badge of honor. >> makes tougher? >> yeah, makes tougher. >> reporter: the problem with the cooling system lies here, beneath connect avenue. big pipes that carry daughter wa tour cool the stations have too many leaks, now the whole cooling system has been turned off. >> experienced catastrophic failures of the supply lines to the cooling tower underneath connecticut avenue. >> reporter: paul cram is head of plant maintenance on metro and says flat out the cooling systems and pipes are too old. >> 40 years old, they have rotted out, rusted out. we have pressure tested, have multiple leaks in both lines. can't hold water. >> reporter: no chilled air at
5:47 pm
the stations for the rest of the summer. the hope is a fix can be put in place by next spring. until then, you really want your train to show up on time. ahead at 6:00, a fix for this issue means digging up more than a football field of this busy street right here in downtown d.c. jim and wendy, we will tell you about that next hour. >> see you then. >> that's going to be such fun. >> yeah. >> hot day today, as he said. all over town today. they are working out in all this heat. >> you factor in the mugginess, feeling closer to 90 degrees now, tracking some showers on storm team4 radar but going to be tracking areas of rain and thunderstorms tomorrow evening, more widespread, better chance you are dealing with rain tomorrow. in fact, 80%. some a day you grab the umbrella heading out the door. might need to use it in the morning, most likely need to use it in the aft near and evening hours, with the heat and humidity, a cold front moves through, we could see some downpours moving through, especially during the evening
5:48 pm
hours. widespread weather not expected for your weather on thursday. here tracking rain in frederick county, northern parts of the county. keep an eye on rain, fauquier county, leaving stafford, making its way into prince william county. the rain around thurmont, 15, the north-northeast. download our app, get the latest radar there, temperature coming in at 86 degrees. 7 p.m., some scattered showers head tonight for frankie valley and the four a sense, second of all, i'm gel lou, can't rule out a shower there. tomorrow, 8 a.m., clouds in play, tomorrow, did see the clouds break up, move the afternoon hours. not the case tomorrow. tomorrow around the midday and afternoon hours, areas of rain
5:49 pm
will develop across the region. notice the brighter colors here on future weather. that's some heavy rain moving through the area. redskins preseason game 7:30, phone information heavy rain. pack the poncho if you are reading it. i posted the latest forecast for that game on my facebook and twitter pages. tomorrow the big focus will be the chance for heavy rain, maybe some high winds. can't rule out a severe storm or two also muggy tomorrow, factor in the humidity, feeling oppressive by friday and saturday, it's feeling pleasant outside, just slightly uncomfortable for your sunday. temperature tomorrow, a hive 88 degrees. friday, 87, saturday, sun, temp us the mid-90s a little bit more cloud cover, keeping the weekend
5:50 pm
right now completely dry. monday, tuesday, wednesday, humidity not bad, high, 91, mid to upper 80s next tuesday and wednesday. going to continue to keep a close eye on the storms for tomorrow. doug will have updates on news4 at 6:00 and again at 11:00. a diesel tank inside a barn caused this explosion on an amish farm in charles county, maryland. firefighters a diesel tank with a hand line exploded yesterday, near hughesville. members of the waldorf fire department took this video, shared several times on their facebook page. our chopper4 flew over the area today, not much left of the barn, as you can see, already people working on rebuilding it now. no one was hurt in that blast. >> no word if animals were injured. maryland farm is giving new meaning to the term hogan strong. take a look. you can see a corn maze set up
5:51 pm
that includance outline of governor larry hogan and the popular hashtag supporting his battle with cancer. but the manager of lawyer's farm in thurmont says this has nothing to do with politics. she says they wanted to show state pride and put a spotlight on this disease. >> we are proud of governor hogan for his efforts to still be a good governor, even though he is now battling cancer as well. and it's something we hold near and dear because of my father passing away with brain cancer. he worked right up until the end and he was a big fighter as well. >> governor hogan says 95% of his cancer is gone. lawyer's farm is going to host a special fund-raiser this fall for the american cancer society. finding equipment for a child with a disability can be a challenge. much of it expensive and not cover by insurance. one local woman is doing her goes help defray some of those costs. news4's melissa mollet takes us
5:52 pm
inside rockville's lollipop kids foundation. i decided to start lollipop kids foundation because of a personal tragedy. >> reporter: debbie's son, ryan, now 21, was just a toddler when he suffered a dramatic brain injury. >> it took me years to come to the point where i accepted my new child because the child i gave birth to was gone. i got a tug at my heart going you need to do this. >> reporter: one of the many challenges debbie faced raising her son was the price tag for the equipment he needed. >> our stuff is about 20 times more expensive. >> reporter: a wheelchair can run $14,000, an adaptive stroller, 6,000. insurance often denies items like these, considering them a luxury, so debbie started her foundation to provide parents, like her, another option. >> we are overflowing our little warehouse here. >> reporter: lollipop kids accepts donated items. >> those need foot plates. >> reporter: the equipment is cleaned, replacement part rinse
5:53 pm
stall and a therapist makes sure it fits then the equipment is ready to make someone's day. >> like riding bikes with my brother. >> reporter: the riders reached out to debbie last year, desperate to find a bike for their son, drew. >> i emailed debbie, this long e-mail about how i wanted drew to be able to play with his brother. and she wrote back immediately and said, yes, i have a bike. actually, it was my son's. i would love for you to have it. >> reporter: now this is something drew and brother, jack, can do together. chrissy uses a wheelchair to get around. lollipop has given her a refurbished stair lift. >> i love it here. >> why? >> for one thing, no one's going to judge me here. >> reporter: and everyone goes by debbie's motto. >> smile, don't stare. >> reporter: debbie started the foundation back in 2010, working mostly from her car. now, she rents this space to
5:54 pm
store lots of her donation and hold classes for lollipop kids' families. support groups, art therapy, strength training for parents needing to lift their older kids. sure, they refurbish but they will also restore your faith in humanity. >> it gives him hope. it gives him comradery. equipment that they couldn't otherwise have. >> it's upsetting that a place like this has to exist that there is the need for this place, but we are just so grateful that it's here. >> reporter: in rockville, maryland, melissa mollet, news4. >> a grant from montgomery county which had covered the rent for the lollipop kids foundation has been cut. to find out how you can help, go to the nbc washington app and search lollipop kids. rosie o'donnell's daughter, safe back home, but police say something the public did helped find her. also, new tonight at 6:00, remembering the life of a community crusader. the children whose lives he touched pay
5:55 pm
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police are crediting the help of social media and news outlets in tracking down rosie o'donnell's daughter. the 17-year-old was found in new jersey last night after being missing for a week. nbc's sheldon dutes has details. >> kudos to the media and social
5:58 pm
media it sped up the process of locating chelsea. >> reporter: hours after comedian rosie o'donnell posted pictures of her missing 17-year-old daughter chelsea on social media, police got the helpful information they needed to track her down more than 100 miles away from the family's home in south nyack. >> the third parties who contacted the police who wanted to help out the situation they knew about it from social media. >> reporter: police wouldn't say who was in contact with chelsea, but the information they gave police held them to a home in barn gut, new jersey. >> she was of sound mind and body, voluntarily and very cooptism went with them to the barnegat police station police officers responded to the police station. >> reporter: chelsea o'donnell left her south nyack home nearly a week ago. her family said she left home with her therapy dog and had stopped taking her medication. rosie o'donnell didn't answer questions but expressed her
5:59 pm
thanks after police found chelsea. >> i think we are all very happy that she is home safe and sound with her family. again, great job by both police forces, south nyack, grand view and barn gut. now at 6:00, the mayor and police chief launching a new initiative to stop a troubling trend. more and more people, ever more, being shot and killed in our city. among the victim, a young mother allegedly killed inside her house by a teenaged gunman. tonight, as local leaders try to change things, yet another violent crime on our city streets there's been a 30% spike in crime compared to this time last year. it has a lot of people on edge. >> we have team coverage of all of this, including the mayor's flown try to stop this violence. we are going to begin with darcy spencer and a wild police pursuit that started in the district. >> reporter: it started here in washington and it ended here in
6:00 pm
washington with a lot of twist and turns in between. let's go to a map to help show you where exactly this happened. the carjacking happened near sibley hospital in northwest this morning. police pursued the suv and then it crashed in bethesda. the suspect ran and was caught here at 47th street and massachusetts avenue. now, we spoke to a woman whose car -- the window was broken on her car, possibly by the suspect and that may have helped lead to his arrest. this infinity parked on a bethesda street vandalized during the search for a carjacking suspect. >> he took a large stone and sent it through the back of our -- the back window. >> reporter: this woman owns the car. she was alerted went alarm went off. police tell her they believe the crime was committed by the man they were searching for after an armed carjacking. >> nothing was taken. the police seem to think he was just angry. so, go


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