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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  August 20, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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a look at where the heaviest rains may fall. but first, i'm kristin wright at the live desk. right now we are working to find out everything we can about three firefighters killed battling a wildfire in washington state. now, this is what we know at this point. the winds shifted unexpectedly. the firefighters crashed in a vehicle, flames overtook that vehicle. the firefighters worked for the u.s. forest service. the fire that killed them here had only sparked a few hours before near the town of twisp. this fire one of 100 or so burning out west right now. entire towns are under evacuation. back to you. a new flood watch in effect for much of the area. >> that's right. >> let's get to your weather and traffic on the 1s.
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storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein. >> good morning. grab the umbrella before you head out the door. you won't need it immediately in the metro area, but if you live in anne arundel you will. right now we are getting brief heavy downpours near annapolis and right along the western side of the bay, up toward baltimore. that's moving off north and east. that line did come through an hour or so ago. so some of the pavement is wet around the beltway and all the major streets and roads so watch out, they're still slick. and this is the flash flood watch map. these areas in green including fairfax, all of prince george's, arlington, as well as anne arundel, southern howard, watch out for high water tonight. we could get one to two inches of rain in a short amount of time. now melissa, what's happening? >> i have two brand new crashes in northern virginia. let's look at the first one here. fairfax county, that just popped up. as did this one. a warning on those two. 216 so we had that crash, sounds
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like the car is off to the right side of the roadway doesn't matter for us. because we're still going 31 miles per hour as you're headed southbound. might want to take 29 instead. looks like 29 is completely clear. to skip that section. inner and outer loop, no major problems right now. travel times coming up in ten min ups. a developing story we're working to learn the names of two people who died in a crash in prince george's county. this happened on -- in clinton on branch avenue. prince george's county police tell us two cars collided at earnshaw drive and it's now clear how it happened. the crash caused major delays but that road is back open now. suitland parkway also open again after a serious crash there last night. this happened near the intersection with naylor road outside the d.c. line. three people hurt there. one was flown to the hospital with life threatening injuries. a montgomery county school community is in mourning today. wootton high school principal
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michael doran died yesterday just before the start of the new school year. news4's zachary kiesch is at the school this morning with more on what students are doing to honor him. zachary? >> reporter: good morning, erika. in his 12 years here at the school as principal, michael doran was the rock. he was the shoulder that people could lean on when things got tough. this morning, he is not here, both today and tomorrow grief counselors will be here trying to provide what relief they can after the school learned of the shocking death just yesterday. dr. doran was 64 years old, he was found in his bethesda apartment. police believe he died of natural causes. but what we do know is that he was just an unapologetic, fierce advocate of the students here. he really shined when things got tough. we had an opportunity to talk to a current student. >> honestly it's heart breaking. he was like one of the best men anybody knew. he was always happy. always worried about everybody's
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happiness. he wasn't just worried about making the school better. he was worried about making the community stronger as a whole. >> reporter: again, grief counselors here at the school this morning from 9:00 until 2:00. they'll have a memorial here on the football field at 6:00 p.m. reporting live here in montgomery county, zachary kiesch. back to you guys in the studio. a developing story in st. louis this morning. at least nine people were arrested as demonstrators protested a police involved shooting. bricks were thrown at the officers and they refused to clear the road. that's when inert gas and tear gas was used to clear that intersection. it started after police shot an 18-year-old black man. they were trying to issue a search warrant at his home.
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a deadly bombing at the shrine was likely carried out by a group of ten terrorists. they're still searching for the man you see here. he was seen leaving behind a backpack minutes before the attack. police say two others seen in the video are also considered suspects. new this morning a family and their two dogs are doing all right after a house fire. the dogs were rescued from the home. firefighters were called to the house in largo overnight. no word on what caused that fire. more numbers on the surge of crime in d.c. we told you city leaders believe illegal guns are a major factor in the nearly 100 homicides this year. d.c. mayor muriel bowser says police have seized 944 illegal guns this year including an uzi at a family's home last week. however, the police union believes other factors may to blame. we'll have what they're saying and the chief's response in 15 minutes. today a woman who was shot by a d.c. police officer after
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she refused to drop a knife is back in court. renita nettles started a fire in a home on clay terrace and as the fire crews and police arrived there, she walked toward the police officer holding a knife. d.c. police said she use mixture of pcp and synthetic drugs today. and a man accused of murdering hannah graham is back in court. jesse matthew is charged with capital murder. today a judge will hear a dozen motions, one calling for banning people in the courtroom for using any symbols supporting graham. it's set for new july. no the loudoun county officials expect bus service to be back to normal after disruptions yesterday. there's a chance it will be disrupted again today if drivers
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organize another mass sickout day. yesterday, 16 protested. 14 of 58 bus routes were cancelled. today we'll hear from jimmy carter about his cancer diagnosis. we'll stream that news conference live at 10:00 on the nbc washington app. carter announced that he has cancer last week after recent surgery on his liver. he's 90 years old. today the redskins playing their first game at home since last december. the team takes on the detroit lions at 7:30. you can still buy a ticket right now, apparently. we'll have to see if rg3 delivers on his claims that he's quote, the best quarterback in the league. he said that earlier this week and wants to prove it this year, he said. you can watch the game tonight right here on nbc4. right after that, the redskins postgame report. if you want to watch our regular programming, it's airing on our cozi tv channel tonight. they've meant to put your valuables in on when you're on
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vacation, but your baby? why police want to talk to a couple who recently rented a room at this hotel. and it's a busy morning from the live desk. the video coming in from paris where it took hours to get the upper hand on a fire at a museum. kristin wright is back with the details on that. if you're just waking up, a flash flood watch is expected to go into effect late
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right now we are watching a fire at a museum in paris. flames broke out at this science museum. one of europe's biggest. it started in a section of the building that is currently under construction. a huge effort to put this fire out. more than 100 firefighters battling this one. this is the aftermath of it.
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two of the firefighters were hurt, but not badly. as you can see, firefighters have this under control after spending six hours trying to get a handle on it. back to you. >> thank you. 6:12 is our time. had sprinkles and clouds. >> and in a couple of hours things will change. let's get -- yeah. let's get to your weather and traffic with storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein. what's the timing of this? >> at until this evening, between now and then, just low cloud around this morning. mild and humid. we have one line of showers moving through so the pavement is damp in the metro area. this is headed off to northeast baltimore. and these counties in green until midnight, watch out for high water especially this evening. we'll be fine this morning. just clouds for the bus stop between 7:00 and 8:00. up near 80 between 8:00 and 9:00. ought to get some sun breaking
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out then. a look at the hour by hour storm timing just updated. that's coming in now. i'll show you that at 6:21. police has -- melissa has breaking news. >> we were seeing a slowdown and now we have two right lanes blocked here and we are jammed because of the disabled bus. we have two miles of backup approaching the 14th street bridge. maryland 95 at 216, scaggsville road still going 30 miles per hour headed southbound. 270 south no problem. 66 inbound, just a tad slow there. 95 north quantico to the belt, looking good at 27 minutes. remember to listen to our friends from wtop 103.5 f.m. when you hop in your car. is cathy lanier to blame for the vent spike in -- recent spike in violence in the city? one group says yes.
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have you searched the ashley madison leak info for your spouse's
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everybody in her community
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and her family, whoever was close to her, you meant something to her. >> an emotional vigil as a family mourns one of d.c.'s most vent recent murder victims. tanika fontanelle was murdered earlier this week. and cathy lanier said the surge of illegal guns is causing it. however, the union says the end of a plainclothes officer program prevents police sources from openly talking to officer. the union is against fixed assignments on city blocks. >> the officers feel like they're not doing their job, not able to do their job. the department doesn't want them to do proactive policing, because they're afraid of lawsuits. they want to be reactionary and visible. >> now, chief lanier said she
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believes the programs are effective, but police officers are resistant to change. and baltimore has matched the number of homicides in the city for all of last year. the 211th killing was reported yesterday morning in the penn north neighborhood. that's the same part of the city that saw rioting and looting after the death of freddie gray. homicides rose dramatically. 42 reported in may alone. and one woman is suing the baltimore police department. ciara brooks said she was beaten and injured in a so called rough ride in a police van. that's when they don't buckle somebody in when they try tlem to the police department. that's what prosecutors say police did to freddie gray when he was critically injured in a police van earlier this year. 6:1. we expect to hear the latest on the criminal investigation into how two inmates escaped from a prison in upstate new york. today, clinton county prosecutor andre wily will brief the media.
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sweat and matt escaped in june after a three-month man hunt. the suspension of tom brady is in jeopardy. a league lawyer was warned there is precedent for judges to toss out penalties issued by arbitrators. he's -- the judge hopes to rule by september 4th. that's just six days before the patriots' opening game. shocked and profoundly disappointed that's how the family of jared fogle described their emotion. at the same time, the family said they're glad fogle is pleading guilty to child porn and child sex charges. and that he's seeking help. the former subway spokesman has admitted to traveling to have sex with minors and having child porn on home computers. >> this is about using wealth, status and secrecy to illegally exploit children. >> fame and fortune will not protect you from attacking those
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most vulnerable in our communities. >> fogle faces at least five gle years in prison and he's agreed to pay out $14 million to five victims. we're keeping an eye on an active weather picture today. we expect things to get busy later on today. >> that's right. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein is tracking the day ahead. >> the sky looks dark and ominous, but we don't have anything threatening. we had a line of showers come through an hour and a ago ago. now that's near annapolis and northeast of annapolis, but we have damp pavement around the beltway. and all the major streets and roads in virginia. this rain that pulls off the northeast it's weakening a bit. there's one in annapolis right now, no lightning reported with that. flash flood watch for later on today. in effect until midnight and it
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includes the district, arlington, falls church, fairfax county. most of montgomery. all of prince george's. anne arundel. the heaviest downpours looking likely later tonight. we might get a shower north and west of the area but doesn't close to our nearby suburbs until laterment by 5:00 p.m., a line of heavy downpours in the blue ridge and up towards hagerstown and frederick. then by 6:00 p.m., comes into frederick and northern montgomery county. by 7:00 p.m., southern montgomery county. some of the heavy downpours with flashes of lightning maybe some strong gusts of wind as well. then it's right in washington. our nearby suburbs by 7:30, 8:00. then it moves into prince george's county, right near fedex field for the game tonight. whatever downpours, thunder and lightning by around 8:00 or 9:00 and still raining heavily
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between 9:00 to 11:00. still lingering downpours by midnight. quickly, one to two inches possible in the immediate metro area, but the areas in red looks to be north and east of the downtown area. after we get to the upper 80s in the afternoon and the storms come through, it will be much nicer tomorrow. beautiful pattern into the weekend with highs in the 80s. we'll keep that going into next week. more humid. a look at the severe threats, next weather and traffic on the 1s at 6:31. melissa has breaking news. >> inbound 395, a big problem here because of an issue on the 14th street bridge. about a two mile backup right now. we a disabled vehicle, hard to see here. but you can see the taillights. allow some extra time. it is slow. blue line delays to largo because of an earlier malfunction at crystal city. at scaggsville road, it's going 30 miles per hour there because
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of an earlier incident. you can take 29 if you'd like. doesn't look like you have any problem on 29. 66 slow through manassas. 95 northbound there. prince george's county, no problems. back in ten minutes. thanks, melissa. by now you know that hackers posted the personal -- >> information of millions of married individuals and we'll get to that story in a second. this is out of canada, ontario police rescued a baby from a locked safe in niagara falls. the pay by was healthy and -- baby was healthy and okay. we're told they're from brooklyn, they left the hotel before police could get ahold of them. we know that hackers posted the personal information of millions of married people who they claim were using the cheating website ashley madison. now we are learning that d.c. has the highest percentage of members in the u.s. the 15,000 of those e-mail
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addresses posted may belong to government workers. we have learned 22 people with d.c. government e-mail addresses were included in that post. another 22 people with montgomery county government e-mail addresses were also involved. we have learned a judge will hear arguments in maureen mcdonnell's appeal. that will happen in late october. bob mcdonnell an his wife were convicted of corruption charges last year. they were found guilty of doing favors for a nutritional supplement executive in exchange for gifts and loans. mcdonnell was sentenced to two years in prison. he will appeal it up to the supreme court. and both are free right now, pending their appeal. now to decision 2016. tough talk in head to head town halls in new hampshire. donald trump, jeb bush held events within 19 miles of each other last night. trump stole the spotlight with
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more tough talk and personal attacks on jeb bush. but bush had his own words, his own tough words for trump as well. take a listen. >> jeb's crowds as you know down the street, they're sleeping. they're sleeping now. >> mr. trump doesn't have a proven conservative record. he was a democrat longer in the last decade than he was a republican. >> on the democratic side, the latest polls show hillary clinton's popularity among democrats slipped. under 50%. "news4 your health" now, that could have a lot of people talking this morning. scientists say they have now figured out how a gene tied to obesity actually makes people fat. the gene is called spo and a study found that the gene causes food to be stored as fat rather than burned. this could open the door to recent drugs that treat obesity in new ways.
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it doesn't mean that all people who have it are overweight though. those whose parents poth had it weighed seven pounds more. you can try a new tool to find a doctor. that's a searchable directory of doctors at. you can search by name, location, specialty. and look up which qualified health plan they accept. the spanish version is still in the test phase right now. we are helping kids get ready for school with the annual backpack donati drive. we'll have a phone bank starting at 11:00 just in time for news4 midday. you can donate now on our nbc washington facebook page. just click the donate tab. and it is back to school time across the area and we are taking you back to school with us here at "news4 today." we are sharing our throwback thursday pictures. take a look here. can you guess who those -- who
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those folks are? i wonder. >> how old are you in the first picture? >> 5. >> i think i was roughly the same age. tom kierein in elementary school. >> elementary for tom. such a cutie. we have more of the "news4 today" folks. you can find them on twitter. molette green is there, tracee wilkins. >> a whole lot of them. >> throwback thursday. well, new this morning a blast rocked part of egypt, wounding several cairo police officers. overnight, we have learned who was claiming responsibility. looking live outside the news4 studios where a flash flood watch is in effect for the d.c. metro area and tom has more on today's severe weather threats at 6:31. a soaring number of teachers getting poached by neighboring school districts. your time now, 6:27. do you like the passaaadd?
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now at 6:30 much of the dmv under a flash flood watch. radar is showing a line of storms headed our why. >> but if you look live outside doesn't really look that bad, but there are some low dark
6:31 am
clouds out there this morning. nothing too severe, just the edge. >> that could soon change. let's check in with meteorologist tom kierein for more on that. >> those low dark clouds may be producing a few little sprinkles or little drizzle right now. but the one line of showers we had come through this morning now crossing the bay and pulling off across the northern part of the bay, just now near downtown annapolis. they're getting a moderate downpour there and it's headed off north and east. the metro area, the roads still wet from the showers that came through a couple of hours ago. here's the flash flood watch. all the areas in green in effect mainly for some heavy downpours later on tonight. watch out for high water. the main severe threat today will be from that heavy rain that may cause some flooding. very low threat of any hail or tornado. there's a moderate threat of some strong gusts of wind as the storms come on through later on today. your drive time forecast next weather and traffic on the 1s 6:41. breaking news on the roads now.
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>> breaking news inbound 14th street bridge, still had a disabled vehicle off to the right side of the roadway, blocking two lanes here. that's why it's so jammed. very, very slow. almost a three mile backup on 395 as you're approaching the bridge. allow some extra time this morning. pack that patience for sure. blue line delays to largo, earlier delays at crystal city is the reason for that. 270 southbound at montgomery village avenue, a report of a crash south of there. 95 in virginia, route 1, also had a report of a crash there. travel times in ten minutes. right now, north and south korea are exchanging fire. nbc news reports that the north fired an artillery shell toward loud speakers that blare propaganda broadcasts and the south military fired back. north korea recently demanded that the south stop these broadcasts or face military
6:33 am
action. so we'll be watching the tension there closely here at the live desk. aaron? >> thank you. d.c. police are still looking for the person in the video you see here. it's a person of interest in the are esent killing of an -- recent killing of an american university graduate. he was caught in the cross fire, there, not the target. this has re-ignited a lot of frustration for d.c. residents who are concerned about this summer's uptick in crime. tonight you can take your questions to a public meeting about crime in that area. the meeting is at the thurgood marshall center at 7:00. isis just claimed responsibility for a massive car bombing in cairo. the bomb damaged a nearby national security building a few hours ago. at least six police officers were hurt. a statement apparently issued by isis in egypt says the bombing was to avenge the execution of six convicted militants back in may. the army is facing a $750 million wrongful death suit
6:34 am
over claims that toxins from ft. detrick have caused cancer. for years they have faced criticism for the handling of chemical and biological agents and the lawsuit says groundwater contamination along with anthrax and agent orange testing led to neighbors getting sick. family members of a woman who died in 2008 from brain cancer are leading this suit. it asked for compensation for others who have died or been sickened living near fort dietrich. a competition to design the next memorial in d.c. is down to the few finalists. these are the designs you can see for the world war i memorial and meagan fitzgerald is live in pershing park to tell us what's next. >> reporter: well, the commission wants everyone to look at the designs and they're asking for feedback but you know it's really exciting news. if you have ever been to pershing park or you want to look behind us here you can see it's soerply -- it can certainly use a bit of a makeover.
6:35 am
now the commission has to go through 250 plus designs. all of them had to include the statue over here of the great general pershing. that statue we're hold will remain. now, i want to show you some of the designs, these artists from all over the country. one even from nearby annapolis. the artists were tasked with creating a lasting tribute. you will notice many of the designs allow for kids to play or read, for families and tourists to take a stroll through the memorial. we're told all of these designs are able to be built for around $25 million. which will be funded from private money. this will be the first memorial in d.c. that honors the nearly 5 million veterans who fought in the first world war. were told that the second phase includes the artist evolving the plans that will be submitted to the entire commission at the beginning of next year. back to you. >> meagan fitzgerald, thank you so much.
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6:36. a u.s. senator is stepping up to help arlington veterans replace a stolen american flag. the flag that flies in front of the american legion post was ripped down and the p.o.w. flag was found lying on the ground on tuesday. virginia senator tim kaine heard the story and posted this picture on facebook. it is a flag that once flew over the u.s. capitol. he is donating that flag to that american legion post. officials in brazil now acknowledging they have sewage problems in the bay where several olympic events will be held next summer. however, they are denying the sewage is affecting olympic test events taking place this morning. the rio state sanitary company said that the water was not to blame when a south korean athlete fell ill, but the international sailing federation said four have become sick after test events. well, only a few days left in summer vacation, a lot of teachers back on the job though. that incluldzs teachers in
6:37 am
frederick county. the school district has a problem, a soaring number of the teachers are being poached by neighboring school districts with better pay. >> when you start to lose those folks that's a lot of valuable experience walking out the door. >> now coming up on news4 at 11:00, our scott macfarlane finds out what the district is doing about that problem and what happens to the kids when veteran teachers bolt for new jobs. by now you have seen the damage, but this morning we are getting a look at the moment a gas explosion in washington state happened. the video straight ahead. if it felt hot and sticky at your metro station, you are not imagining things. what news4's adam tuss uncovered about the chiller system at certain stations. take a look at storm team 4 radar. be sure to download the nbc washington app because a line of storms are headed our way. we are under a flash flood watch.
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tom will tell us i
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some pretty incredible video here. you can see the moment part of a washington state motel was destroyed by a gas explosion. this happened tuesday night at a motel 6 near seattle. firefighters say the fast actions of the manager there may have saved dozens of lives. she pulled the fire alarm after a gas line might be leaking. nobody was seriously hurt. it is going to be hot, steamy and uncomfortable in two metro stations for the rest of the summer. the chiller system that usually carries the farragut north station is filled with leaks.
6:42 am
adam tuss reports it can take months to fix because it requires digging up big sections of connecticut avenue. tuss as you saw there also measured temperatures in both stations and they were hovering around a comfortable, right, not, 90 degrees. >> boy. these days, what we're doing with outside, the humidity and the heat, now we have some storms coming into the mix maybe a little bit too. >> yeah. >> live look outside for you. lots of clouds. that is a sign of things to come. >> that's right. >> let's check in with on your on -- on your weather and traffic on the 1s. >> good morning. a lot of low clouds around the metro area, including this view from prince george's county overlooking national harbor. there's the capital wheel a great wheel reflected in the potomac. but good weather for the driving, just damp roads. and then the early afternoon into the evening hours that's when there's a caution, many roads will be wet from the downpours coming through.
6:43 am
some roads are damp, and we'll be in the upper 70s. then hitting the upper 80s by this afternoon. wet roads north and west of the metro area for the afternoon commute but the bulk of the heaviest rains overnight tonight. that may cause some flooding. a look at a much nicer weekend on the way, next weather and traffic on the 1s at 6:51. breaking news on the roads this morning, melissa, what's going on? >> breaking news inbound 14th street bridge, we have a disabled vehicle off to the right side of the roadway. we have a quite a mess, three mile backup. and route 7 at cedar drive a brand-new crash popped up. 270, top of the beltway, outer loop, not bad. 66 inbound and 95 northbound looking good. remember to listen to our friends from wtop 103.5 f.m. when you hop in your car. we are live with an olympian and local hero katie ledecky. >> our own angie goff is in new york city wi
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breaking news right now, inbound 14th street bridge we are jammed, a three mile backup because on 395 because of the disabled vehicle. northbound georgia avenue, near the ramp on the outer loop, you have to stay left to get by that new crash. area roads are drying out now after some of the overnight showers came through, but likely heavy downpours late this afternoon and overnight tonight.
6:47 am
right now, we are monitoring unrest in st. louis, after that police shooting of a teenager. protesters are setting fires, big ones. look here. you see the flames are huge. this is a vacant home, protesters set on fire. it is burning to the ground. protesters also started fires in the streets. they threw rocks. they threw bricks at police. nine people were arrested overnight. now, these protesters are upset because st. louis police shot and killed an 18-year-old man yesterday. police say he pointed a gun at them, so we'll be watching this very closely throughout the day. erika? >> kristin wright, thank you. a developing story, three people were kill and four others were hurt in a drive by shooting outside a new york boys and girls club. the shooting happened last night in rochester. police say a crowd was gathering outside the club after a basketball game. so far no arrests have been made
6:48 am
and police have not released any details about the victims or even a possible motive. and police in thailand say this week's deadly bombing at a bangkok shrine was likely carried out by a group of ten terrorists. they're still searching for the man seen in video leaving behind a backpack just minutes before the blast. police say two other people seen in the video were also considered suspects. counselors will be on hand today at the montgomery county high school. wootton high school michael doran died yesterday. zachary kiesch has the latest. >> reporter: that's right, erika. grief counselors will be here at about 9:00 this morning. they'll be here both today and tomorrow. trying to provide any bit of relief they can after this huge loss of michael doran yesterday. he was found in his bethesda apartment and police believe he died of natural causes. i had an opportunity to talk with dr. doran earlier this
6:49 am
spring in the face of another tragedy. it was clear early on he didn't look at the youngsters as students but as people. he cared deeply about them. he earned the reputation as a fierce advocate of them and he's gone. and again, this morning they'll have grief counselors here trying to provide support of this man, this educator, that was just 64 years old. >> honestly it's heart breaking. he was one of the best men anybody knew. he was always happy. always worried about everybody's happiness. he wasn't just worried about making the school better, he was worried about making the wootton community stronger as a whole. >> reporter: now, grief counselors this morning from 9:00 until 2:00 p.m. this will happen this morning and tomorrow morning at the football field they'll have a memorial service at 6:00. i'm zachary kiesch. back to you in the studio. >> thank you.
6:50 am
6:50 is our time right now. we are counting down right now to the redskins preseason game tonight. they take on the detroit lions at 7:30. the 'skins beat the browns last week, but lost two players to the season. it will be played at the fed exfield and tickets are still available. you can watch it here on nbc4. we'll have live reports once the game is over. our regular programming will be on the cozi tv channel tonight. well, we have something really special for you this morning. one of the hometown heroes a champion champion, katie ledecky about to sit down with the "today" show about her amazing streak of medals. >> and our own angie goff is up in new york with her. good morning, angie. >> reporter: well, we are here at the plaza where the beautiful morn -- where it's a beautiful morning. you can hear behind us they're just getting warmed up and so
6:51 am
are we. we have been talking about it throughout the morning the olympic golden girl who is about to take over the greenroom, the orange room and the plaza. fresh off big wins out at the world swimming championships. look at this, we have katie ledecky. she has bling with her. does your neck hurt? >> i'm still getting used to it. >> reporter: you had a big week, five gold medals, and a ledecky slam. how does it feel? >> i had a great time in russia, it's an honor to represent your country on the national level and compete against the is best swimmers in the world. i was pleased. >> reporter: did you expect to do so well? >> i knew could have a good meet. i had been training hard. i knew i had improved every day in practice. i could have a really great showing there. so it was great to see all the hard work pay off. >> reporter: i had seen your
6:52 am
regiment, i won't pretend i want to be you, but i bow to you. as you continue to do this thing, expectations have been rising. are you feeling the pressure and how are you handling that? >> no, not at all. i'm kind of trying to maintain the same mindset i had going into the 2012 year. just no expectations. just having fun with it. my coach and family does a great job of maintaining that mindset and me maintaining that mindset. as long as i continue to work hard, i think i can continue to improve. >> they help you keep your focus. and your family is here with you q. >> yeah, my mom is here with me. >> you have a lot of friends out there to the locals watching. go ahead and wave. real quick, how have you been keeping up with your time now that you're not in school
6:53 am
full-time? what else are you doing? >> i'll be spending the year at home and training hand and taking a few classes. i'm looking forward to this year. >> well, we're looking forward to your interview with matt lauer and we'll be catching up with katie throughout the morning. >> all right, angie goff and katie ledecky. >> she is really tall too. i want to turn to tom kierein and get caught up on the storm chances today. >> probably some heavy downpours, looking more and more likely. that's this evening between now and then, just keep the umbrella handy. right now we have some low clouds over the metro area. storm team 4 radar showing some showers that did come through right now they're through annapolis. just north of there getting one heavy downpour there. right slowly moving off to the north and east. right there near the sandy state park. as we look here, sandy point is getting wet. so is the midwest. but this line is not very strong
6:54 am
now. but this is the front that's getting closer to that us, that's later this afternoon. as it does, it will likely intensify and give us lots of rain so ever with a flash flood watch, all these counties in green, including prince george's, alexandria, arlington, much of montgomery county, all of anne arundel, southern howard county. that's this evening, watch out for some high water. rain forecast does look like the heaviest rains in red will be east of the metro area. could get up to two inches, maybe an inch or more, nearby suburbs in virginia and maryland later this evening. by 2:00 p.m., might have a line some of showers and thundershowers on the eastern shore. nothing happening until late in the afternoon and the evening. by 5:00 p.m., we'll begin to see some thundershowers getting closer to us in loudoun county and frederick county, maryland, by around 6:00 p.m. after that, around 7:00 to 8:00 p.m., the line of showers and
6:55 am
thunder comes through. then they slow down around 7:00 or 9:00 and remain in prince george's county and that may interrupt the 'skins game. then by 10:45, 11:00, a lot is pulling across the bay. highs in the upper 80s and a humid day and then much lower humidity friday into the weekend. that's going to continue into next week. breaking news with melissa. >> breaking news on the roads, inbound 14th street bridge. we have a five mile backup approaching the bridge because of an earlier disabled vehicle. northbound georgia avenue looking better. crash off to the right side of the roadway. maryland 95 southbound at scaggsville road, it's still slow. take 29 instead. inner and outer loop, no major problems. 270 south, slow from frederick down through clarksburg and then opens up and looks good near montrose road.
6:56 am
overall, prince george's county looking good, same thing on 66 and 95. guys? here are the 4 things that you need to know before you head out the door. >> three firefighters were killed battling wildfires in washington state. thousands of people being forced out of their homes this morning. "today" show will have an update on the current conditions in a few minutes. raising new concerns about the spike of violence in the city. they're calling for a plainclothes program on the put back in place. two victims identified this the last hour. michael doran has died. he was found inside his bethesda apartment yesterday morning. weather alert for this afternoon and evening due to some heavy down pairs that may cause flooding. areas in green under a flash flood watch until midnight.
6:57 am
watch out for high water tonight. we could have some flooding. melissa? five mile backup, 14th street bridge because of the earlier issue there. we had two right lanes blocked. now slow on 395 this morning. >> thank you, melissa. that is the news for today. thank you for waking up with us. and "today" show is up next and matt lauer and a special interview with katie ledecky.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. fallen heros. three firefighters killed battling a wild fire in washington state. four others injured. new evacuations underway this morning. the flames now covering more than 1 million acres across the we. deal with it, republican frontrunner donald trump land on the cover of time magazine the morning after him and jeb bush at dueling events miles apart trade shots. >> he was a democrat longer in the last decade than a republican. >> you know what is happening to jeb's crowd down the street? they're sleeping! they're sleeping now! >> and the war on words did not stop there. not so fast.


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