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tv   News4 Today  NBC  August 23, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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there's more to learn about the little ones. news4's derrick ward is live at the national zoo, where they're holding a news conference. >> reporter: that news conference wrapped up. it was about 10:07 yesterday when the second birth happened. the first birth was at 5:35. that indication just sort of came out of in where for both births. but now they are what they're calling a critical and dangerous mode. as we hear more about that from the zoo's chief head veterinarian. >> we need to make sure these cubs go on a nice and normal growth curve. until they're walking around and acting normal and being a panda that's when we'll e hail.
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we have a long time. >> reporter: so what they're doing in the meantime, they'll swap out the pandas. take one and keep it warm and feed it and do it testing and then swap them back out. they think they have the second panda, they don't know how it will work. but as you said, they're being careful here. this only happens once in every two -- 50% of the time when pandas are born and they're not much more certain about it in the wild when they're born, but the survival rate has diminished somewhat because the panda has trouble taking care of the two panda bears. now the ones that they have gotten are vocalizing well as is mei xiang. and they think things are going to go okay. and right now, they don't know
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the gender. they have can't tell yet. that'll be a little while off. live at the smithsonian national zoo, derrick ward. >> yeah. i think they're so small. 188 grams apiece. a great day to go see bao bao because she's turning 2 today. the little babies are trying to steal her thunder. a wonderful day to get outside. >> a wonderful day for bao bao. you may need a pair of sunshine out there because we have so much sunshine. we have a few clouds trying to sneak in and i do believe we'll go partly cloudy today. specifically by the time we head into the afternoon. but that sunshine getting that temperature on up there. 71 is the temperature right now in d.c. we started in the 50s for a lot of the region. a little bit of a chilly start if you're going out and about. here's some of the clouds, we'll continue to see them stream in. so there's periods of clouds and sunshine. we do have rain on that seven
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day forecast. i'll show you where and when in a couple of minutes. >> a deadly motorcycle accident is developing. two men died earlier this morning. they tweeted what appears to be the bikes that may have collided head on. routes have 197 closed in two sections. you can use powder mill road to get around the scene. we will let you know on the nbc washington app when we learn more. as of today, about 101 people have been killed so far in the district. we have mapped out where each of the homicides took place. find that on our nbc washington website and the app. you can see the majority happened in southeast. with the overwhelmingly majority of the victims being men. also on that map, number of homicide investigations. one of those open investigations is the killing of 24-year-old antonio dean. someone shot him several times on stephens road southeast
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yesterday morning. a $25,000 reward is being offered for anyone who may have information on who did this. around the same time, kenneth wilson's body was discovered. he was shot on a 54th street northeast. a motive as not been released. a 63-year-old woman was woman. roosevelt robinson shot and killed loretta carswell on 18th street northeast around midday. robinson then barricaded himself inside that same house. then a standoff lasted more than 24 hours later. news4's derrick ward has more. >> reporter: it appears to have ended peacefully after a nearly 30 hour standoff. a suspect handcuffed and placed into the ambulance. but it began violently. it started with the shooting. 63-year-old loretta carswell a long time resident is shot and killed in the street by her
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cousin. >> he calls her outside, she goes outside that's her first cousin. he shoots her. >> reporter: the victim died on the scene and then the standoff begins. police in tactical gear up around the house. this whole neighborhood is cordoned off. >> i would like to go home. >> reporter: charmaine hawkins left before it happened. she hasn't been able to go home since. she lives on the block that's been under siege. she had to stay with relatives. her longing for home is rivaled by her sadness over what happened. she is familiar with both victim and shooter. >> it's sad a life was gone. so was his really. >> reporter: what could have prompted bad blood among family members? >> he's in her mom's house, they let her stay there for years. but he's upset because they said
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he had to leave by the 1st of september. >> so now a place will never be the same. >> it's so sad. sad. >> reporter: all within a family that's been part of the fabric of this neighborhood for years. >> deck rick ward reporting there. a man faces charges for running his supervisor into the cyclist and -- suv into the cyclist and assaulting the man and throwing the bike into the woods. they say the suv driver was trying to pass the cyclist around a curve in davidson yesterday morning. that is when the cyclist moved into the center of the road. officers say the driver left the scene right after the collision. right now, there may be some smoke and even fire coming from the stadium armory metro station, but don't worry, they're in the middle of an emergency response grill there. you can expect the commotion on independence avenue. it will last another hour or so. crews are simulating a fire to test the remoat controlled --
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remote controlled ventilation fans. a quick and unusual meeting. possibly another seen that the vice president is considering a run in decision 2016. joe biden came back from delaware to meet with massachusetts senator elizabeth warren. they met briefly at the official residence yesterday and then he left again for delaware. both democrats have supporters to want -- who want them in the oval office. the same super pac that supported warren's run shifted to biden when she said she wouldn't pursue the presidency. > here we go. >> animal rights acts not shaking republican hopeful chris christie. he's campaigning for his party's nomination in iowa. the activists were upset over his veto of the bill that would
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have made pig gestation crates illegal. farmers should make decisions about how to raise their livestock and if given a chance he would veto it again. and a body is missing from a casket after a funeral. police believe it was stolen. a pastor removed from the pulpit. what investigators found. what investigators found. and a
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right now crews in illinois are searching a river for missing boaters. the boat capsized on friday with six people on board. a man and a 4-year-old girl died. two others were rescued. crews are searching for a 40-year-old woman and a 2-year-old boy. a texas funeral home offering a reward for a missing
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body. someone took 26-year-old julie mott's body from her casket after her funeral last week. she died from cystic fibrosis. the mortuary was locked so they don't know how they got in to take off with the body. the funeral home is offering a $25,000 reward. thousands can't go home because of the wildfires burning out west and thousands more are helping fight those fires. the federal government in six states called for volunteers to help battle the flames. in washington state, firefighters say they're making some progress against a huge wildfire. that fire killed three firefighters last week. a high school counselor is accused of offering admission to ivy league colleges for sex. what she did after one student refused. a beautiful day is shaping
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up out there, but a big change in store for some tomorrow. why you need to keep that umbrella around. and we'll have live coverage at some of your children's schools. we are working for you to kick off an exciting school year.
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you're watching "news4 today." >> a prep school counselor
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outside philadelphia facing charges this morning accused of a sexual relationship with a 16-year-old. now, police say this woman you see right there to the right used promises of harvard, princeton and columbia to solicit sex from the boy. after he resisted police say she pressured him even more. >> extremely predatory behavior by the director of college guidance and the swim coach. >> we don't have any comment right now. >> the counselor was fired a few months ago. she sent the teenager hundreds of sexually suggestive messages. in pennsylvania, a church is asking people to pray after their pastor solicited a prostitution. deputies say he responded to the ad he found on the internet. it appeared to be for a prostitute, but in the end it was a deputy.
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he was placed on leave. in the week ahead, our country will mark a decade since hurricane katrina made land fall. it made its way up to the gulf and slammed into new orleans as a category 3. damage estimates of at least $125 billion. katrina is the costliest storms to hit the american shores. and less than 24 hours of summer vacation left. the parents have the binders and backpacks ready to go for the first day of school. you're being asked to slow down tomorrow. a lot of kids are walking to school and not paying attention to the cars. they'll have slow down intersections and we are going to post the locations in our nbc washington app. students in prince george's county they start tuesday. but a few of them are going to
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be at school tomorrow morning because it's transition day. so if your child starting their first year in middle or high school they have to go. teachers have a day long program planned to help them adjust to a brand-new school. kindergarten and pre-k have a brand-new school tomorrow. today you can join gary clark and another nfl legends to get fit and fight against childhood obesity. kids and adults will perform several drills and workouts. the event is open to all ages. i love this story. leah still now a wheatie's champion. now that her cancer is in recession. you might remember her story as it went national last year. her dad plays for the cincinnati bengals. the country rooted for her for the whole family really as she fought stage 4 cancer last year.
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glad to see she's smyl smiling right there. >> she's captured the hearts on social media. now look at her. her over cover box s that what it's called? >> yeah. >> she looked 4 or 5. >> i think you're right. warms your heart. >> so cute. >> lots of smiles out there today. >> yeah, lots of smiles yesterday, today and then i -- well, maybe people won't be smiling tomorrow because the kids are ed whheaded back to sc >> it's so exciting. >> i liked going back to school. it was hard when it was so beautiful outside. that's what we're dealing with as we continue through this week. we have a lot of sunshine on the seven day forecast. we're heating up today. the good news about today, we won't have that humidity out there. it's still going to be absent. we'll be in bonus territory as we get through this workweek. but looking good with low humidity today.
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it will be on the hot side though. then somewhat of a muggy monday. yeah, the humidity starts to creep back in overnight. it will be with us tomorrow. back to delightful weather by the time we get to tuesday. that could carry all the way through the next -- the end of the next workweek. we woke up to a chilly start, especially in the shenandoah valley. you can see we'll warm up, upper 80s. a few degrees warmer than yesterday. 71 in washington. 64 in culpepper. 70 in gaithersburg already. then again the schenntihenandoay is starting to warm up. finally nats got one yesterday. 6-1. hopefully today we can do the same thing. first pitch at 1:35. it is going to be toasty by the time we get into the ninth
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inning. hopefully we can get it in done in the nine innings. upper 80s for most areas. culpepper at 89 degrees. i believe we'll have a few more clouds out there. starting to see somelouds streaming across the area and a few more clouds than yesterday. but we are going to remain dry. we are watching a cold front moving across the midwest right now. it's going to be weak by the time it moves into our area. maybe a few showers by tomorrow afternoon. not too much today. we have a little disturbance coming through tennessee. that's bringing the clouds. maybe a few showers, we'll go clear tonight, starting off with sunshine tomorrow morning for when you put the kids on the bus and a few showers in the afternoon. everything will be gone as we get into tuesday. we clear back out again. we're looking at sunny skies on tuesday. yes, it will be chilly start tomorrow morning. overnight lows in the upper 60s.
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50s elsewhere. here's your school forecast whether you want to want to go black or not. little cool, maybe need a light jacket. by recess, it will be hot and muggy with temperatures in the low 90s. then a few storms around from about 3:00 to 4:00 when they get out of school. be mindful of that. temperatures in the upper 80s. a touch warmer tomorrow with the humidity. then a small chance of showers and storms passing through. 20 to 30%. look at tuesday. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, looking good. >> thanks, lauren. a new school year can mean a lot of added pressure for your kids. changing minds about college
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you're watching "news4 today." >> angie and i both saying, we think back to school. we had the jitters. a little anxiety. >> yeah, mostly around middle school because that was such an awkward stage to begin with. but college is a whole different story. >> interesting here. because some of the kids are headed back to college there are new numbers about anxiety amongst those students. >> researchers saying anxiety is the most issue.
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doreen gentzler shows us what's behind the big change. >> you have a racing heart and chills in your body. >> it can range from a cripplingness you'll be sitting at home and you won't want to go out. >> reporter: anxiety, those waves of worry, nervousness, unease. it's a familiar feeling for a lot of people, but experts say when it gets out of control it can be destructive. >> you're stopped from being who you are. >> reporter: and now research is finding that anxiety is a major problem for one out of six college students making it the most common mental health issue on campus. silvestro wisener says that depression used to be the biggest issue, but with acade c academiacademi academics getting more competitive and the financial
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strain of tuition, students are suffering from anxiety. >> at schools like george washington university where we attract highly driven, highly motivated students we see more anxiety because those types of students are typically primed to be more anxious. >> reporter: and students say social media is adding an extra layer of stress. >> now everyone has to be on at all times. you have to be taking pictures of how fun your life is and putting it out there. >> reporter: but anxiety can be a tool for success. it can help to moat -- it can motivate students to study harder, but they have to recognize when it's unhealthy. >> if it's interfering with sleep or academic performance, they can't study, they can't focus on exams. >> i fought to cry, and i start shaking. >> reporter: chanel cooper gorms
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says she suffered anxiety attacks about taking tests but sought help. and now she's learned coping mechanisms including meditation and medication to help calm her nerves. >> if you take care of it and learn what anxiety you have, it will be a smooth sailing. leaders in prince george's county are preparing for a fight over dogs this morning. what neighbors want off the law books so they can have certain breeds of dogs. and losing teachers, how the school district is stopping the
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top stories right now. this morning we'll learn more about d.c.'s two new panda cubs. that's right. you can hear them right there. mei xiang had twins. we'll post what we learned about them today on the nbc washington app. plus, a murder suspect who set off a barricade situation that lasted more than 24 hours is behind bars. d.c. police arrested roosevelt robinson for the murder of his cousin, loretta carswell. he is charged with first degree murder this morning. there's an emergency drill going on at the stadium armory metro station. so you might see some fire, some
9:31 am
smoke around 19th street and independence avenue. that is going on for the next 30 minutes or so. if you can, try to avoid the area. yeah, sit back and i arelax. enjoy the show. >> yeah, you can enjoy the outdoors today. it's a beautiful sunday. >> you have to find a reason to get outside. it is absolutely comfortable. nbc4's lauryn ricketts standing by to tell us more about the warm sunshine we have been feeling and the low humidity. >> yes, pretty incredible as we head into the last full week of august. these are the kind of conditions we're experiencing around the area. yesterday was absolutely gorgeous. today i think it's going to be a touch warmer. but much the same in terms of what we're expecting. through the day it will be dry through the day. we have some veiled sunshine out there right now. temperatures at 71 degrees. humidity still in check so we feel that humidity out there today. but it will be on the warm side. so maybe for those kids soaking up the last of summer before they head back to school tomorrow, mid to upper 80s.
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partly cloudy. definitely on the warm side. a good day to take a dip in that pool. however, we may have a few changes. seeing some clouds pushing in. so i'm going partly cloudy today because of the disturbance of tennessee. tomorrow, we could have some showers. so we'll time it out for that plus that seven day forecast coming up. >> thanks. right now, gyrocopters are in the skies above d.c. norad is flying several small aircraft. now, the training comes in response to what you see right here, the event four months ago when the man flew a gyrocopter through restricted air space. he got all the way to the capitol building. today a group in prince george's county will have a meeting to fight a nearly 20-year-old ban on dogs. there's currently a law banning
9:33 am
the american staffordshire terriers and american pitbull terri terriers. the meeting in riverdale park will discuss how to get rid of the ban. it is discriminatory and unnegligence. an autopsy is scheduled for a man who died in the arlington county jail. deputies found anthony gordon unconscious, that was yesterday. the 48-year-old was serving a five-year sentence for assault and battery. arlington police say he had a history of medical issues. the autopsy is going to help determine how exactly he died. a firefighter will wake up at home after a fire in suitland sent him to the trauma center in baltimore. roofing fell on him yesterday at this townhouse complex on apple orchard lane. prince george's county fire says one of the other firefighters is also back home. a fire in laurel sent him to the hospital earlier this week. right now, four metro stations closed for track work. they are all shut down through
9:34 am
tonight. also today, trains are running every 20 minutes on the red line. if you take the green line that's every 15 minutes. everything should be back up and working properly just in time for the back to school crowds tomorrow morning. and speaking of back to school crowds, d.c. heads back to school tomorrow. some of your kids might see the mayor as they head to class. mayor muriel bowser, kaya henderson and the state superintendent of education all going to be at woodson high school tomorrow morning. that's in ward 7 in northeast d.c. so the mayor is showing off two new career programs there. it's going to teach information technology. and the other one is for engineering. >> very nice. well, a few more hours of summer vacation, already back to work for when the doors will open up on monday morning, but a review by scott macfarlane reveals a growing problem for
9:35 am
one local district -- many teachers are bolting for better pay miles away. >> reporter: many teachers have lined up the chairs. at tuscarora elementary, teachers staged strategy meetings this week before the students arrive. down the road, casey keanon is starting her sixth year in the district, but at her school there's a big change this year. about 100 colleagues have bolted for jobs elsewhere. and the kids she says will notice immediately. >> they come back after the summer and a whole new environment. and maybe their trusted teacher has left. >> reporter: in public records requests wh all local school districts we found local schools lose hundreds of teachers each year, taking different jobs in different places. over the past few years the turnover has been steady except
9:36 am
this one in frederick county. in fact, frederick is hemorrhaging veteran teachers. more than 300 have left the district since 2012. >> when you start to lose those folks that's a lot of valuable experience walking out the door. >> reporter: where are they going? district human resources records reveal they're moving to other counties for better paychecks. i can drive 20 minutes in one direction and maybe $17,000 more? >> yes, you can. >> reporter: county officials say a budget crunch has hammered the district, delaying teacher pay raises. frederick county teachers starting pay is 23rd highest out of 24 in maryland. as home values rise near i-70 and especially near the transit into d.c. it's the veteran educators bolting, not the newcomers. is this hurting academic performance or academic
9:37 am
achievement? >> it is. we're not doing for all of our students what we should be doing for all of our students. >> reporter: despite this, the s.a.t. scores are above the state average and the dropout rate is among the lowest and they admit they're fighting an uphill fight this year because kids won't be the only ones getting used to a new classroom. frederick county officials telling news4 they bumped up the teacher pay to reduce the bleeding but state budget cuts has left that all in question. pay increases are again delayed. a reminder though we are working to make a memorable school year for you and the kids. we're kicking it off tomorrow morning on "news4 today." prince george's county police calling all young people. they say they need your help. how it can change your relationship between police officers and the communities
9:38 am
they serve and protect. new charges after rosie o'donnell's daughter is found after being missing. and a pregnant meteorologist, a victim of cyber bullying and her
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you're watching "news4 today." >> this morning a look inside the jury so divided a judge declared a mistrial in the officer involved death of a former college football player. demonstrators filled the streets of charlotte, north carolina, after the decision on friday. jurors were split 7-5 over whether to convict officer randall kerik for shooting jonathan farrell to death in 2013. jury moses wilson said he wanted to convict the officer. he said no one could explain what farrell did to make the officer shoot. and he's particularly upset with the prosecution that put farrell
9:41 am
on trial. and the community wants know what you think about them. they want the teenagers to weigh in here. the prince george's county police chief is starting an advisory council. so this group is scheduled to meet once a month. we put how you can put your name down. check out the nbc washington app. we want you to meet a bright child doing well in school, but he can could use the support of a loving family to help him succeed. >> first thing we'll do we'll see -- >> the first lesson was in threat analysis. to see how well joey could do in detecting hostile surveillance. >> which of the button on this coat is a camera, can you tell? >> that one. >> how? >> i could see the lens. >> there's a secret skateboard hidden and it has a secret
9:42 am
message for you. >> joey is a smart learner, but he needs a family who help him succeed in life. >> and make sure they know they're there and he won't have to go. >> where else. >> reporter: where was that secret skateboard hidden? jackie gave him a clue. >> it is above us? >> in the rafters. >> reporter: joey found the passage to the vent system and located the skate board. >> now your mission is to get it through the air duct and make no noise. >> on the other side, the note told him of a top secret awaiting him and what a surprise. >> here we are. all right. here we go. >> the museum director peter earnest a former spy himself, he joined the party and had special gifts for joey. joey needs a phfamily and his
9:43 am
mission is finding one. barbara harrison, news4. >> if you have room in your home for joey or another child, call our adoption hotline. still ahead a fiery
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you're watching news 4 today. >> back at 9:45. the owner of the home where rosie o'donnell's daughter was home is facing charges this morning. he is charged with child endangerment. police say chelsea o'donnell was missing for a week before they found her in the home. investigators found inappropriate communications between the two on the girl's cell phone. today, south korea and north korea are back at the bargaining table to avoid an all-out war. after talks continue the south said it's detected unusual submarine movement in the north. more than half of the submarines have left the bases and this could be an indication that pyongyang is preparing for a possible strike. and intelligence is working to find out who ordered a suicide bombing.
9:47 am
one of the convoys of nato was bombed. 12 died, including three americans. no one has claimed responsibility. the taliban denied taking any part in this attack. a warning the video in the next story can be very hard to watch. several people died in the air show gone wrong in southern england. nbc's kristin dahlgren takes us to the chaotic scene. >> reporter: what seemed like a picture perfect day for an air show quickly turned tragic. the whole thing captured live as the historic military jet plummets in a busy highway, exploding into a ball of fire and thick black smoke killing at least seven on the ground. the pilot in critical condition. >> as it went to turn, it just lot -- went straight down. crushed into the traffic lights. the big fireball and that was quite shocking. very shocking. >> reporter: the 1950's plane was part of the air show in england. >> it's such a beautiful
9:48 am
airplane. >> reporter: it would appear to start a loop. but never pulls up, careening to the highway and home. this captures the jet moments before impact. >> the pilot, you can see him fighting. it was that close. there were babies and children this. >> reporter: on the ground, chaos. fans at the air show were told not to move. >> stay in your places, please. >> reporter: as rescue crews rushed to the scene. 14 others were injured and the investigation now begins into just what went wrong. kristin dahlgren, nbc news. french officials say they have their eye on the suspect who started shooting on a paris bound train. the 26-year-old may have travelled to syria. a french official says he was known to authorities in france, belgium and spain. meanwhile, president obama called the three americans who
9:49 am
subdued the gunman, gave them a phone call. he praised them for their courage. francois hollande expressed his gratitude. and a facebook post has 10,000 comments. >> and a pregnant meteorologist confronted her so-called haters. meet katie fehlinger. she defended her figure after someone called her a sausage in a casing and disgusting. telling her she's expecting two little girls, she would gladly gain 50 pounds and sleepless nights if it would bring them into the world safely. a lot of facts are reacting to that. and a researcher at the university of kansas said that those who went to the book clubs in the u.s. said they would never date someone who did not read. she interviewed women in ireland
9:50 am
who said they went to book clubs because their partners didn't read. pretty interesting. >> that is interesting. >> got to read. >> okay. >> we went to book clubs and it was like having a couple of glasses of wine. >> yeah. get out of the house. >> yeah. they actually talk about the books? >> no, i know. >> let's talk about the weather. >> let's talk about the weather. >> it's so nice and comfortable out there. >> walking into the studio with all the window, oh, my gosh, it's beautiful out. >> all the side cameras reveal -- >> it's a few clouds out there right now, but as we continue through the day i do believe we'll go partly cloudy. but still it will be a wonderful day. low humidity. we'll meet things up a little whit. temperatures this morning, 50s and 60s. now 70 degrees. we'll warm it up into the upper 80s today. so a touch warmer than
9:51 am
yesterday. we made it up to 86 yesterday in dick chen d.c. you can see gorgeous outside. so mild, but still dry and it will be a little warm by this afternoon. 71 is that temperature in d.c. 72 in college park. 72 in gaithersburg. 67 in rockville. a little on the chilly side if you're headed to the farmer's market this morning. it will be gorgeous up until noon which is the time they tend to close. a few clouds out there, but definitely on the mild side. highs reaching into the mid to upper 80s. a degree or two warmer than yesterday with more cloud cover. but as i said, still dry and still low humidity. lows overnight falling into the 50s and 60s once again. nothing on the radar, high pressure, just sitting over the state of new york, clearing everything out. looking good here. back off to the west through the midwest, we do have some rain.
9:52 am
there's that front right there. you can see it, it's kind of broken once it gets into illinois. that's going to continue to move to the east as we go through the overnight. and then it will eventually pass through during the day tomorrow bringing us showers. at least a chance for that so let's time it out here. you can see we'll have a few clouds moving in and out throughout the day on saturday. we do want to mention this, we have a little disturbance that's bringing us the clouds moving out of tennessee. so we have some rain in the forecast for central shenandoah valley. most everybody will stay dry. as we head into the monday morning starting off with sunshine before a chance for some rain showers. then maybe a thunderstorm for tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow evening. but behind that front we clear out just in time for tuesday morning. you'll notice the humidity a bit tomorrow. it's a one day special type of deal. by tuesday, that front will move through and it will take all that humidity with it. for the commuter forecast looking good for tomorrow morning. going to be cool and then we'll
9:53 am
be near 90 with passing storms possible during the evening. we have that seven day forecast coming up. >> thank you. hey terry stop! they have a special! so, what did you guys think of the test drive? i love the jetta. but what about a deal? terry, stop! it's quite alright... you know what? we want to make a deal with you. we're twins, so could you give us two for the price of one? come on, give us a deal. look at how old i am. do you come here often? he works here, terry! you work here, right? yes... ok let's get to the point. we're going to take the deal. get a $1000 volkswagen reward card on select 2015 jetta models. or lease a 2015 jetta s for $139 a month after a $1000 volkswagen bonus.
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you're watching "news4 today." >> welcome back. finding equipment for a child
9:56 am
with a disability can be a challenge. much of it is expensive and not covered by insurance. >> one local woman is doing her best to defray the cost. melissa mollet takes us inside the lollipop kids foundation. >> i decided to start the lollipops kid foundation because of a personal tragedy. >> reporter: her son was just a toddler when he suffered a traumatic brain injury. >> i got to the point where i accepted my new child because the child i gave birth to is gone. >> reporter: one of the many challenges she faced raising her son was the price tag for the equipment he needed. >> our stuff is about 20 times more expensive. >> reporter: a wheelchair can run $14,000 and an adaptive stroller $6,000. insurance denies items like these, considering them a luxury. so debby started her foundation to provide parents like her another option. >> we are overflowing our little
9:57 am
ware issue here. >> reporter: lollipop kids accepts strollers to standers. local students clean the equipment, replacement parts are installed and a therapist makes sure all of it fits and then the equipment is ready to make someone's day. >> i really like rising with my brother. >> reporter: the riders reached out last year, desperate to find a bike for their son drew. >> i e-mailed debby a long e-mail about how i wanted true to be able to play with his brother and she wrote back to me immediately and said, yes. i have a bike. which was my son's. i'd love for you to have it. >> reporter: now this is something they can do together. chrissy uses a wheelchair and she has a refurbished chair lift. >> i love it here. >> why? >> reporter: everyone goes by debby's motto.
9:58 am
smile, don't stare. debby started the foundation back in 2010 working mostly from her car and now she rents this space to store lots of her donations and holds classes for the families. support groups, art therapy, strength training for those needing to lift the older kids, and they'll restore your faith in humanity. >> it gives him equipment he wouldn't otherwise have. >> it's upsetting that a place has to exist, that there's a need for this place, but we're so grateful. >> reporter: melissa mollet, news4. >> that grant from montgomery county which had covered the rent for the lollipop kids foundation has been cut. to find out how you can help go to our app. derrick ward is keeping
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