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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  August 24, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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the "closing bell" ringing now on wall street after one wild day. the dow took a dive, rebounded, then took yet another dive. i'm wendy rieger. we are working the story at the live deck. it looks like the dow will close today with a loss of more than 500 points. i'm chris lawrence here in the newsroom. experts call it an unprecedented swing, falling nearly 1100 points in the opening seconds. >> nbc's brian mooar joins us live. we certainly had some panicked selling today. >> reporter: yeah, wendy and crest chris, it started with the opening bell and the smell of fear on wall street. the dow plunged more than 1,000 points in the first five and a half minutes. fortunately, and this is hard to say, fortunately, we are only ending the day down close to 600 points. but let's compare that to the black market crash of 1987. 22% of the market value lost in that one terrible day. today, we are talking about 3 1/2%, still bad, all being
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triggered by china economic fears and also some computer trading and there's fear as well. but investment analysts are saying this is no time to panic or jump out of the market or anything like that. in fact, some, wendy, are saying this is the time to double down and find some investment opportunity. >> one analyst today was saying they only know two speeds on wall street, fear and greed. so i think we saw that in action today. >> yeah. >> great. thanks, brian. this afternoon, we are also tracking a high-flying plot that police uncovered using drones in an apparent tip -- attempt to smuggle drugs, porn and more into a prison in maryland. >> reporter: i'm derrick ward. prison officials here in maryland are concerned about a plot they say they have uncovered not to get someone out of a facility like this, but to get something in, over the fence. synthetic drugs, porn on dvds a cell phone and even more troubling, say police, a weapon. how were they to be delivered?
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by drone. this past saturday, corrections officers at the western correctional institute in cumberland, maryland, noticed a suspicious car on a public road outside the state prison complex. officers confronted two men with the vehicle and arrested them and that's when they found the contraband and the drone and a connection to an inmate on the inside. >> upon the arrest of the two men with the drone, that inmate's cell was searched and contraband was discovered. >> reporter: charges are expected against the inmate as well as the two men with the drone. officials say this is still under investigation so there's not a lot they can say but they do think they nipped it the bud. i'm derrick ward in jessup, maryland. that break from the 90s sure didn't seem to last all that long. the heat and humidity came back in force. doug, you told us this was coming all the way back on friday. we got any storms heading our way? >> we got a couple of storms but nothing severe. i also told you on friday that this would be the one day we saw temperatures back into the 90s, then we go right back down into
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the 80s. some great weather coming in later this week, right now, we do have those storms out there. let's take a look, storm team4 radar tracking those storms for u you can see where they are, louding county getting hit, northern portion around the luckets, lovetsville area, those areas getting rain and thunderstorm activity. nothing around d.c. just yet this whole line is moving that way. here's leesburg, again, if you live in northern portions of loudoun county, getting it pretty good, bluemont area, you are seeing it. that line extends toward front royal, toward luray. continue to move off to the east fairly slowly here. you can see a little bit in the way of lightning, not a lot, but we are going to see that chance for more storms as we move on through the evening hours. ahead of that front, 90 degrees in d.c., the who the side for sure, but look behind this frontal boundary, 74 in columbus, ohio, 78 in pittsburg, that's with sunshine. we have got much nicer air moving in over the next couple of days. don't want to miss this forecast. vj is back up in a couple of minutes. >> all right, thanks, doug. wow, this is a day so many
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parents have been waiting for all summer, the new school year has begun. and in the district, newly hired teachers greeted kids coming in today and in prince george's county, a fight over funding is now over ahead of the new school year. our county bureau chief, tracee wilkins, it is aa look at one program that made it through despite some hefty cuts. >> reporter: it was a tough budget battle for the prince george's county school system and in the end, they had to lose some things but what they were able to hold on to are the two international schools that are opening up, we are here inside of one of them here in largo. students are starting to acclimate to their new digs here, had the opportunity to come here for orientation. coming up on news4 at 5:00, we speak with prince george's county ceo kevin maxwell about some of his disappointments and some of his successes expected for the upcoming school year. in largo, i'm tracee wilkins, news4. kids are back in the classroom in frederick, mary latched the school district tweeting out this welcome message today.
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they are back in school in howard county. first through sixth graders in anne arundel returned to school as well. we have some breaking news from centerville, virginia, this afternoon. one person has been shot out there. this is happening on cool oak lane, which is just off i-66, route 29. police say they have one person in custody. we are hearing the victim was shot three times and is being taken to the hospital. we are making some calls right now to figure out why this happened. and our northern virginia bureau chief, julie carey, on her way to the scene. we will be having updates for you from the live desk as they come in. chris? >> thanks, when police are investigating a string of assaults on women in northern virginia. they have been attacked in various parks in arlington, all after dark. the most recent assault was friday in the park off george mason drive. police say a mother was with her 3-year-old daughter when a man tried to throw the woman to the ground. news4's mark see graves will have more on how they are doing and how police are trying to protect women. and no cause yet on that fire that injured two
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firefighters, left about 60 people homeless. this is in prince william county. it started before midnight at the dominion middle ridge apartments along me anding way in lake ridge. the red cross is now helping those homeless find temporary shelter. if your loved one uses vre to get home, expect them to be late. there are schedule changes because of deadly pedestrian accident this morning. trains 305, 309 and 313 are not running. all trains on the fredericksburg line were delayed this morning after a person was hit just south of leyland road. and someone hit and killed a physician's assistant as she was crossing the street in front of the d.c. hospital where she worked. police say the woman died when a chevy tahoe struck her. this was along southern avenue in southeast d.c. it happened just outside the united medical center on friday evening, an area where there is
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no crosswalk and there is no stoplights. the victim's daughter called her mother an incredibly kind and hard working woman. >> her only goal in life was to see her family happy and to see her family be able to live well and to help as many people as she could. >> police did release this image of a man considered a person of interest in this crash. we are told they have identified him. they have recovered the vehicle that's involved but at this point, no one is facing any charges. stopping a possible terrorist in his tracks, how three americans were honored today overseas. a major fast food chain announces it is going to be hiring thousands of workers in the coming weeks. we will tell you how you can get your foot in the door. and we are on panda watch. why caring for the new cubs is touch and go. we are now following some breaking news in new york. a casino bus has crashed into a building in queens.
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our sister station in new york says six people have been injured. the chopper saw several people being taken away on stretchers. the bus ran right through the corner of this brick building, even taking out part of the second floor. we don't know if this is an apartment building or it's a business. but we are going to keep an eye on it for you and g
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and here we are, the first day of school, back to school for many and we are tracking some wet weather right there west from frederick, thurmont area, through areas like front royal, there around lees, you see heavy rain, bluemont, tracking east, rainfall rates in
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this area, an inch, close to two inches in some areas. so going to be bringing down quite a bit of rain, moderate rain in that area. chance of rain continues until about 11 p.m. meanwhile, for prince george's county tomorrow morning, temperature the kids going back to school about 68 to 70. and yes, they are going to be warming up very nicely. as a matter of fact, by the time they get to around 9 a.m., temperatures will be around 72. doug will have a four-day forecast in just a few. three americans and a brit are wrapping up their day in france having received the country's highest honor. president francois hollande presented them with a legion of honor for helping to stop a terrorist attack on a train to paris. we will have more on how they helped subdue the heavily armed suspect in the next hour. an outpouring of grief and anger in louisiana where a state trooper died after he was shot in the head, allegedly by a driver he was trying to help. that shooting happened yesterday in lake charles, louisiana. trooper steven vincent was
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responding to reports of an erratic driver in a pickup truck and when he arrived on the scene, he found that truck informs a ditch. that's when the driver reportedly got out of the vehicle with a sawed-off shotgun and fired, hitting the officer multiple times. >> he did everything right, everything we teach him, everything we talked to him about, he was simply trying to do. >> passing motorists stopped, tackled and handcuffed the alleged shooter, kevin daigle. they used the police radio to call for help. today, one of those drivers got emotional when he was honored by the state police. in a separate development, police found daigle's roommate dead at the house that they shared today. and investigators saying dayle is suspected of killing him. students in our area may not want to hear it, but it is time to dig into that homework again. we will show you the changes in the district as kid goes back to school. a high school's name in a high school's name in northern virginia is under fire.
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a lot of students in our area now wrapping up their first day of the new school year. in d.c., the kids are seeing a lot of changes. >> that's right. students are going to see more ap courses and get free rides on metro traipse. molette green spent the morning at one of the four new schools opening this year. >> reporter: a brand-new modern school opening in northeast. students and parents arrive early for the first day at brook land middle school, ready to
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learn. >> it's great. we should keep it clean. >> hopefully the curriculum matches how the school looks on the outside. >> reporter: a tall art piece out front catches your eye with lights that kind of look like rain drops and weather-related terms etched in the design. he is coming from john burr rose elementary school and that it is new for everyone. >> reporter: brook land is one of four d.c. schools opening, a nearly $60 million design to prop up middle school options. school leaders combine middle grades to create this 540-seat facility and anticipate parent demands for arts integration and project-based learning, just what special education student tony grady rose is looking for. >> it's a big school, so they will have lots of classes and also i think i will like the labs and we will be able to do
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some experiments. >> reporter: at hd woodson, the head of schools and d.c.'s mayor announced the rollout of two new career acad his i.t. and engineering school's chancellor heardson says will promise a prosperous future. the combination of the industry, part negotiations internships and course work means that we have a greater chance of getting our young people jobs in these areas. >> so we kind of gave me how to work with the ap classes and things like that. >> reporter: the first time in four years, d.c. public schools are seeing its highest numbers of enrollment and they have hired a bunch of new teachers, but the chancellor admits there's much more work that needs to be done to improve those test scores and increase graduation rates even more. in northeast d.c., outside hd woodson, molette green, news4. outside the classrooms, the district kicked off the first day of school with a new safety
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campaign, reminding drivers to slow down, keep kids safe. about 30 volunteers stood at some of the busiest intersections this morning and held up signs to get the word out. the campaign is being promoted on social media under t the #slowdown. as more students head to class, we want you to show us your scholars. tweet wuss that hashtag, e-mail i see at an we will be posting back-to-school pictures online. celebrities are are joining the fight to to change the fight of a high school. julianne moore went to the school in the '70s, named after a confederate general and under fire since the deadly shooting in charleston. moore and cohen start and online petition to rename the school and just checked about an hour ago, there are now nearly 30,000 signatures on it. we had a refreshing weekend but the humidity is starting to creep in a little bit, doug. >> it is creeping up there. the temperatures going up to
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around 90 degrees, but don't worry just yet. it is not the start of another heat wave. as a matter of fact, this is the start of much cooler air coming in over the next couple of days. right now, a pretty nice shot as we look out toward the cat need draft. you can see the washington monument back there in the distance. got some cloud cover across the region but also some sunshine, too. that's helped us to barge up to 90 degrees at the airport today. winds out of the south at 12 miles per hour under those partly cloudy skies a very warm and little bit on the humid side as far as the day is concerned. earlier, 91 in frederick, now down to 84 as a result of rain 39 in fredericksburg. we do have some very warm temperatures. a little bit on the hot side today but this is the reason why it's on the hot side. we have got a cold front coming through. ahead of that cold front we get that very warm and humid air. with that cold front though, it brings in some thunderstorms. look at the line, big-time storm right here around the rappahannock county area, come through, drop a lot of rain here, see that line extending toward frederick county, maryland, we do have fairly strong storms coming through, nothing severe, i don't anticipate anything severe this is the strongest storm here over
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the leesburg area, from leesburg up into frederick county, buckey's town, back toward brunswick, seeing reports of very heavy rain, a little bit in the way of lightning and thunder. wind, possibly, but not going to see too much. the biggest factor today will be the rain from this storm. satellite and radar together showing what is happening around our region. here is the cold front, very clearly defined. behind this, we have got nothing. you can see the front back to the west, not much at all, just some much cooler air, minneapolis, minnesota, right now, only in the low to middle 60s. that's the kind of air we have got coming in the next couple of days much won't get that cold, but the humidity will be gone, so, with temperatures like this 86 in d.c., 85 on your wednesday, 85 on thursday, low humidity, another couple of fantastic, fantastic afternoons, friday also looking good, friday, of course, our backyard weather on thursday and another great day in store for that a little bit later. veronica takes a look at that weekend forecast. the heat not quite done with us just yet. guys? >> thanks, doug.
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well, data leaked, lives ruined and tragic fallout this afternoon in the hacking of that adultery website. the new panda cubs are doing well but admit there have been a few hiccups caring for them.
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well, we know many of you, we are excited here, too we know you are excited about the new panda cubs at the national zoo. right now, these first days are critical as to whether these new cubs are going to survive. >> the zookeepers caring for the pandas faced their biggest challenge so far just last night. >> news4's meagan fitzgerald has the latest. she is at the national zoo. >> reporter: we are told the cubs are doing fine but last night was a built of a challenge for the veterinarians. zoo offing officials tell us t weren't able to switch the cubs out from their mother from 11 p.m. last night to 7:05 this morning, which means one of the cub also to receive the supplemental formula instead of being news nursed by mei xiang. no reason to be concerned. had it hasn't tempered the excitement here. people have been coming and going all day long. veterinarians say take a listen
4:25 pm
and what they are about to hear is one of the reasons they know the cubs are doing fine. both cubs have been very vocal and and appeared active and healthy since they were born on saturday. zoo officials say they can't stress enough just how critical this first week is for the cubs' survival. [ squawking ] panda keepers and vets have been caring for them around the clock while excited fans say they have been watching all the moments unfold on the panda cam. >> investigation sided. we have been watching it on the news and learn about pandas this summer and it's just exciting to see that the babies made it and hopefully, they will survive. >> well, we were actually on our vacation. so we came here to see the pandas. >> reporter: we have been getting a lot of questions on social media from people wanting to know when zoo officials are going to release the name of the cubs and we asked them, they tell us there's no specific timeframe but at this point, they are just focused on the survival and health of the cubs. now, we are expecting to get updates all throughout the day. be sure to download our nbc
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washington app for the latest information. reporting at the national zoo, meagan fitzgerald, news4. >> and of course, bao bao, the last little cub born here in washington, is -- we have posted our top ten bao bao moments on our nbc washington app. just search bao bao. that is not the only story we are covering. got few developing stories in the works, including two men who brought real weapons to a video game tournament. how police foiled a possible massacre at the pokemon world championship. the fallout from the ashley madison hacking scandal reaching new lows. now police stay is costing some people their lives. glass shah regards in baby wipes?
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right now, we continue to work that breaking news story we told you about at this hour. one person has been shot in centreville. this is cool oak rain, just off i-66 and route 29. and these are live pictures from chopper4. police say they do have one person in custody. we are hearing the victim was shot three times, has been taken to the hospital and we are making some calls to figure out why it happened. northern virginia bureau chief, julie carey is also working the scene for you. she will have the latest. officers stopped two men outside a facility in cumberland
4:30 pm
saturday night, investigators trying to determine if these men have already made successful drone drops at the prison. they have checked an inmate who was suspected of playing a role in this operation. and they found he did, indeed, have contraband on him. two men are accused of plotting to attack the pokemon world championships in boston. police say they showed up with guns, hundreds of rounds of ammo and a knife at the event last week. police seized all that arsenal. coming up, how detectives say the two suspects tipped them off with a post online. the rain's coming down pretty good through montgomery county, through loudoun county, frederick county, too, moderate to heavy. it is impacting area roads. of course, right now around the evening rush, any afterschool active that's your kids may be having, at least it is moving along fairly fast. so, should be in and out of
4:31 pm
here, but from frederick toward leesburg, pockets of moderate and heavy rain. buckey's town east of damascus, here, leesburg, heading toward areas like western portions of montgomery county from middleburgh to reston, right along 50 the next couple of minutes. so road impacts here for your evening give you -- the weather will be having an impact on area roads, rain coming down, by overnight, i think bell start to seat rain end, the last of it around 10 to 11:00, we go from a cautionary light to a green light during the overnight and certainly tomorrow morning, expecting dry roads with a little bit of a breezes coming through our area. we will have another look coming up in the next couple of minutes at your seven-day forecast. right now though, we are at 90 degrees. guys? >> thanks, vj. we are tracking developments on wall street, where it has been one wild day. the dow jones industrial average suffered an historic plunge when the markets opened, then it rebound, then plunged again. it ended today with a loss of nearly 600 points.
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cnbc's courtney reagan joins us live with some analysis. courtney? >> reporter: it was quite a day on wall street, you said it, wild is a really good way to classify it. we began the day sharply lower, which wasn't an entire surprise. we take our cues often from other world markets and they took their cues from us. what i mean by that is that the dow jones industrial average closed down 531 points on friday and that led to asian stocks to begin to selloff and that led to european stocks to begin to selloff. so this morning, we sort of knew what we were in for but we really couldn't have predicted the magnitude and volatility we saw throughout the day. the dow was down at one point as much as 1,089 points, rallied all the way back to be down just about 1%, but ultimately, in the final minutes of trade, did close down 588 points. that's 3.6%. it sounds like it was a lot and was the worst three-day point loss we have had, however, on a
4:33 pm
percentage basis, this was far from the worst day. i want to just remind investors to keep their emotions in check. it's a very good time, perhaps to check in with your financial adviser, make sure that your risk profile is appropriate. if today felt uncomfortable for you, it might be a good reason to understand why. keep your eye on your end goals, whether these retirement or saving for college, not in individual day's moves. the reason for today's move was a lot about fear. we were very worried about what could happen and what is happening in china, bit is number two economy in the world and it appears that it is slowing. we just don't know how much because there's some concern that chinese officials respect perhaps being as transparent as they could be about what's going on there. and if that economy begins to slow it has ripple affects throughout the world. that as well as the tumbling price of oil which, again, is falling because we have too much supply and not enough demand. so while it may help consumers
4:34 pm
at the pump, the bottom reason for that oil price drop doesn't feel so good. last but not least what will the fed do with were interest rates? there's been talk that perhaps that they could begin to hike those rates in september but after today's move, some traders are doubting that they will make that move. back to you, chris. all right. so, it sounds like normal folks who got a i.r.a. or 401(k), don't overreact to what's happened today. thanks so much, courtney. and a state official in oklahoma is dead. investigators say he was stabbed to death by his son. this was at a restaurant in oklahoma city. the son of labor commissioner mark costello set up a meeting with his parents at that restaurant and witnesses say he allegedly stabbed his father, then continued stabbing him as his father was -- ran outside of the restaurant to get away from him. witnesses ended up subdoug the son and held him until police arrived. so far, no motive has been mentioned. we heard some more emotional testimony today at the sentencing hearing for james hughes -- james holmes, i should same survivors of the colorado
4:35 pm
movie theater shooting and the victims' families got to describe how the attack has impacted them. holmes was convicted of killing 12 people and injuring 70 more. he got life in prison when a jury could not unanimously agree on the death penalty. today's hearing is part of the final sentencing phase. >> the innumerable hours that i have wept or the horror and heartbreak that sees me each time i think of how i will never get to see my dad again. >> the prosecution says it plans to call about 100 people to make impact statements. the defense can call witnesses, too. holmes could be one of them. extortion, possibly deadly consequences, they are all linked now to that data breach according to police in canada. >> as of this morning, we have two unconfirmed reports of suicides associated because of the leak of ashley madison's customers' profiles. >> toronto police promised to go
4:36 pm
after the hackers who exposed the e-mail addresses of people who are using the extramarital affair website. hundreds of those addresses are now linked to -- are actually linked to law enforcement and national security employees here in the united states. police also warped services offering to remove customer profiles from the ashley madison database are scams. the company behind ashley madison is offering a nearly $380,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest of the hackers. we told but a mom who claimed she found glass shards in hug guess babies wipes. that was last week. today, huggies says the shards are just fibers. this is the mother showing off what appeared to be shimmering shards in those wipes. hug guess looked into it and says their investigators found sometimes in the manufacturing process, the fibers create shiny particles. hug guess says it doesn't use any glass to make the baby wipes but will do more tests to make
4:37 pm
sure. chipotle needs couple thousand more workers. the restaurant is planning its first national career day september 9th and looking to add 4,000 employees. management teams will be at all of the chipotle restaurants much the company is hoping its benefits package will entice applicants. if you are interested, you should register for an interview ahead of time. you can visit the nbc washington app, search chipotle to get to that link. and having trouble with those self-cities ies? apple says a reason for that. apple says a reason for that. and your phone may be under a you're a parent. we're both busy people. so pick up my new hand prepared $20 family fill up meal. eight pieces of original recipe chicken, two large mashed potatoes and gravy, a large coleslaw,
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and 4 biscuits. i'll get back to ya. (door squeaking) it's finger lickin' good.
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that forecast has showers on it, you can see it on storm team4 radar, a line of showers and thunderstorms, all moving off to the east, in through portions of montgomery county, loudoun county, frederick county, maryland, on toward rappahannock and fauquier county. zoom on into this area, portions of montgomery county, southern frederick county, around the frederick area, right down 270, 270 down toward urbana, clarksburg, gaithersburg about to get t this rain making its way your way.
4:41 pm
very heavy rainfall, not a lot of lightning with this around the leesburg area, we have seen that coming through your region, too. this is the biggest area of rain and storms around the washington -- yeah, little washington down there, toward rappahannock county that storm into central fauquier county. monitor those storms four, veronica talking about that weekend, the 90s, not done bus just yet. >> thanks, doug. if your iphone pictures aren't coming out as clearly as you would like, maybe it's not your fault. apple just recalled a batch of iphones and specifically the 6 plus models. there could be a defective camera component inside those device and that makes your photos come out blurry. the impacted phones were sold between september of last year and january of this year. if you find your phone's serial number listed on, apple will replace the eyesight component for you. new concerns tonight about the safety of ground beef and which types of ground beef pose
4:42 pm
any kind of risk to your health, part of a new investigation by the "consumer reports" much the magazine purchased 300 packages of ground beef from 103 stores across the country. cality gore rised 181 of the packages as conventionally produced, that means, the cow is raised on a feed lot, grain fed and given antibiotics. the remaining packages categorized as sustainable, from cows that were either grass fed, usda certified organic, free of antibiotics. the magazine looked for evidence of five types of illness-causing bacteria. >> we found a significant difference between the prevalence levels on conventional beef which were higher than those we found on the more sustainably produced beef. >> among the findings, more than 0% of conventionally produced beef contained more than two types of bacteria koch paired to less that 60% of the sustainable beef. the usda says none of the bacteria found in the "consumer
4:43 pm
reports'" study is the type that causes serious outbreaks. the meat industry says u.s. beef is safe. american heroes. three men take down a possible terrorist on a train to paris. coming up, the twisted fate that put them in the right place to stop that attack. it's like looking at the sun. you glance and then look away, as they said on "seinfeld." that's for the boys at the beach, where protes
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4:46 pm
i'm julie carey in centreville where an active police investigation is under way after one man is shot, received life-threatening injuries, it happened here on cool oak rain. police have take an second man in custody. we are told that the two men were related. we will be back at 5:00 with details and pictures taken by neighbors here of the very tense scene that unfolded here this afternoon. well, it's the train ride that changed their lives and likely saved many others. today, the men credited with taking down the heavily armed man are the recipients of france's highest honor. >> we are learning more about how they confronted accused gunman. three are americans.
4:47 pm
>> reporter: the three americans who on friday stopped the gunman from opening fire on passengers on a high-speed train through paris were awarded today the highest honor in france, the legion of honor. >> translator: in the name of france, i have to thank you for what you did. since friday, the whole world has admired your courage, your composure, your sense of responsibility. >> reporter: but today, we also learned that there was a fourth american on board of that train who tried to stop the gunman. this is mark magorlian, a 51-year-old man originally from virginia, works as a professor here at the prestigious sore upon university. he saw the man with aak-47 in his hands. he was wounded and the gunman moved to the next carriage where he was wrestled down by the other three americans. >> so i just want that lessen to be learned going forward. in times of, like, terror like
4:48 pm
that, to please do something. don't just stand by and watch. >> reporter: the professor is still recovering from his wounds but his wife there was at the presidential palace this morning to receive the award on his behalf. >> what i said to myself is never be the guy who just sits in the corner and gets shot. >> reporter: meantime, we are learning more information about the 26-year-old moroccan who was the gunman. he is still in custody here in paris, but charges will have to be brought against him by tomorrow, tomorrow morning, because anybody here, isn'ts can be held without charge for only four days and those four days expire tomorrow afternoon. vintage airplanes are now banned from conducting aerobattic stunts over land in britain. uk officials made that announcement after a fighter jet crashed over a road on london. crews are using a crane to
4:49 pm
remove the wreckage. the video of that crash maybe disturbing to watch. that jet slammed into several vehicles on the road, killing at least 11 people. the pilot did survive but remains in critical condition. there was another crash at an air snow switzerland and one of the pilots was killed. two light planes collided sunday over this hill side village and these photos show debris scattered over several homes. investigators say the planes were flying in groups of three at the time and only one landed safely. a british indy car driver is in critical condition after he crashed his car in a race. justin wilson has a severe head injury and he is still in a coma. it started when another car at the abc supply 500 spun out yesterday. wilson crashed into a barrier after a piece of debris from the other car hit him. the crash has sparked a new debate about how to protect drivers, especially in open-wheel races. > some of are you still seeing some sunshine out there right now. others are seeing some rain.
4:50 pm
in fact, the moderate rain, even a little bit of lightning, we have got some showers and thunderstorms coming through, our rain chances should be ending about midnight, if not before then. so, the chances go way down and that means that by 6 a.m. tomorrow morning, not looking at any rain at all, but just a clearer sky coming your way. storm team4 radar from frederick, hitting areas around 72, 70 there's lee'sburg, there's happy creek and warrenton, a line of some moderate rain to even pockets of little heavier rain coming down. there's gaithersburg, so, that will be moving into montgomery county before long and it will be impacting travel, may slow traffic down a little bit more here for the evening rush. 15 right across it and on toward 50 and eventually, reston, your future weather looks like this, starting around 7:00, still some showers shall maybe a few embedded thunderstorms coming through. it is 11 p.m., areas through charles county, prince george's county, st. mary's, calvert county, then that line is east and the front is out of here.
4:51 pm
we could have just a touch of fog, too, for a while, but i do think that by the time the sun comes up tomorrow, that fog will be gone. so some patchy fog a possibility. 9 a.m., got a clear sky. sunshine on tap for your tuesday. and then for wednesday, we will start clear but i do think we will pick up a few clouds, partly sunny during the afternoon, a little area of low pressure skirting right by us. this summer, today a lot of neighborhoods got up to 90 degrees, had now 45 days 90 degrees or greater. here is a look for us today, over the average of 86 degrees, is now the remainder of the bork week, see much cooler conditions, at least not as hot, less humid, calling it comfortable heat, the weekend we get back to the heat. your forecast for tomorrow morning, we are clear and warm, 722086 during the afternoon and then as we get into the weekend again, temperatures will once again be topping out in the 90s, low 90s for the weekend. we will talk about our next best chance of rain and what's happening in the tropics right
4:52 pm
now. danny may be weakening but we have got another storm right behind. we will show you where it's going at 5:00. we are working several developing stories in the newsroom right now. a lot of folks were outraged when a local vet was charged with destruction of property all because he painted a picnic table at his apartment complex in virginia. find out what happened when he showed up in court today to face the charge. police here in arlington are investigating a series of attacks on women. in the past month act, least six women have been attacked, the most recent coming over the weekend here in this popular park, just off of george mason drive. police salt woman was walking down this path when she was attacked from behind. but what makes this recent attack so disturbing is that the victim was with her 3-year-old daughter at the time of the attack. i'm mark segraves. coming up, you will hear what that mother did to protect her daughter and what police are doing to catch whoever's responsible. and two men strapped with high-powered weapons stopped at
4:53 pm
the entrance of a video game tournament. why their own social media post may have prevented a massacre. and the rain didn't stop some protesters from baring it all at the beach. their story and reaction from some unenthusiastic spectators.
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
a young man who lives near the mayor a he is mansion is charged with firing a pellet gun at one of bim de blasio's
4:56 pm
bodyguards. a member of the protective detail was shot in the back last night in manhattan. she was treated for a minor injury at a local hospital. some protesters bared almost all at a beach in new hampshire much. they want women to have the freed freedom to bare their chest the way men do some people were not okay with it, like the guy who was there with his two little brothers and his mom. >> if i was on spring break with my friends, i'm all for it. but, like, right now, i'm not digging it. >> that's just the way society is. women are supposed to cover themselves. they are supposed to stay that way. by boys aren't supposed to see that before a certain able. >> i think i look ridiculous, so i think we should have equal rights and a woman should be able to take their top off and feel comfortable. >> interesting point, although i see his point next to his mom. police didn't arrest anyone at the protest because nudity is allowed on this particular beach. no bail tonight for the two men accused of plotting a massacre he at the world pokemon
4:57 pm
championships. prosecutors say they came to the tournament with an arsenal. now, they are being held on gun charges in boston. nbc's monica madeya reports. >> reference was made to columbine, obviously, to the boston bombings, to the boston massacre. >> reporter: those alleged threats on social media alerted police to 18-year-old ken norton of ames, iowa and 27-year-old james stumbo of boone, iowa, both held on jail in gun charges. investigators say they planned to carry out an attack at the pokemon world championships this past weekend in the city where both men were scheduled to compete. investigators say a pokemon competitor alerted authorities about online threats allegedly by the pair, like this photo of guns posted by stumbo with the caption saying he and norton are ready for worlds. at their arraignment monday, prosecutors read more alleged online threats. >> mr. stumbo indicating my ar-15 says you lose and then mr. norton indicated, okay, that's
4:58 pm
fine, i would [ bleep ] him on friday. >> reporter: police stopped the men thursday before they made it into the heinz convention center where the event was taking place. they were questioned and norton's car taken by police after the men allegedly acknowledged they had guns in the car. this is what police say they found inside, a shotgun, ar-15 rifle, several hundred rounds of ammunition and a knife. both men were arrested saturday at this saugus, massachusetts, hotel. police say they didn't have proper licenses to car result weapons. people who attended this past weekend's convention are thankful any potential danger was stopped. >> i am proud of the boston police department, you know, tracking this down, stopping them t could have been a real tragedy. right now, a shooting investigation under way in centreville, virginia. chopper4 over the scene just 30 minutes ago. we have a crew on the ground now, trying to figure out what happened. someone was shot at a home on cool oak lane.
4:59 pm
our northern virginia bureau chief, julie carey is there live. jewels? >> reporter: dozens of patrol officers and investigators still on the scene at the centreville townhouse complex after a shooting this afternoon that sent a man to the hospital about life-threat threatenin life-threatening injuries. two men were out here, one shot the other man and then if we can swing back the other way, the victim was left like on cool oak lane. the other man ran into that lower unit there where you see the investigators outside. police made contact with him and he later came out of that unit and sur rendered. you're going to see video of that in just a minute, taken by a neighbor. of course, everyone here alarmed this afternoon when they saw dozens of police officers, their guns drawn behind the townhouse apartment complex. hopefully seeing some of that video right now that a neighbor took. here is how john chapman described the scene early this
5:00 pm
afternoon. >> we heard gunshots and then we saw all the police coming with the one officer had, like, almost, like, a rifle and then the rest of them, it was like seven to ten of them thought with handguns pointing at my neighbor, my backyard neighbor's house. i saw them take down somebody. i couldn't really tell the age. i actually have four kids. so, um, we kind of are in shock. >> reporter: again, we believe the alleged shooter is in custody. the man he shot airlifted to the hospital.a with life-threatening condition. we don't have identities on either of those people right now but we are told that there may be a family relationship between the two men. live from centreville, i'm julie carey, back to you. our other top story, a woman hit and killed in a hit and run crash in the district and her family today is calling her their anchor. >> the victim in this case died just outside the hospital where she worked. news4's pat comes live now where this happe i


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