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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  August 24, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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now at 11:00, taking a day tour. the district is getting so bad it is changing one of the bus routes. >> shutting down during rush hour. the crash that led to the landing on the 14th street bridge. >> news 4 i team under cover
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tonight it see how easy it is for your kids to buy cigarettes. >> and new tonight, a chilling 911 call. >> i've just been shot. >> the one suspect still free after a robbery turned violent. >> new tonight, metro responds it violence in the district by rerouting one of its bus routes. >> somebody started shooting friday night into a metro bus on el vins road in southeast. bus drivers say it is not the first time there's been violence in that area. so now, the w-8 bus will skip part of its route for the next week. sha mo sha ri. >> reporter: the bus drive are's union is doing everything it can to protect drivers. one d.c. councilmember wants to see more police officers on the streets. so drastic steps like the one you're about to see won't need to happen. >> oh, the gets on my nefbes.
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>> tonight, pamela dispointed part of the dus line service is suspended because of safety. >> they've got to do their job and be on the safe side. >> she agrees he the change ises in after a man riding the 8 bus was shot out here on the 2800 blocks of elvins road about 10:30 friday night. he was on bore board the bus. the shooter was outside. >> we need police. >> there will be a mandate asking the metropolitan police department to hire 200 more police officers to patrol the streets. he said there are currently about 3800 officers. >> the neighbors are demanding and we have seen work as a visible police presence. an i don't mean policing from their cars. that is from '60s, and '70s. that's driving to the scene. we need proactive police. >> and decreasing the 41%
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increase if murders compared to this time last year. >> there is a lot of crime going on. it hasn't really stopped. >> councilmember jack evans will reintroduce the bill on september 22nd. this is the third time he he has tried to get this mandate passed. first time under mayor mural bouser's administration. >> we first showed you this frightening scene from the 14 street bridge at 6:00 tonight. medical helicopters landing right on the highway there and taking off with a park police officer who was in a bad motorcycle crash. park police tell us that officer broke his collar bone after rear ending a jeep. but he is going to be all right. both directions of i-395 are back open tonight. >> after being shot by a relative, neighbors told northern virginia bureau chief julia ker rit two men are brothers. one man was shot at a home on
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cool oak lane in centerville. the other brother is in custody. the victim's two children saw at least some of the shooting. >> i really struggled to recall a day like this. >> walking or moving about 3,000 points in the first 90 minutes of trading. >> this shows you the frailty. >> we could have a year's worth of volatility in an hour. >> a white knuckle day on wall street. and hold on, that may not be done yet. markets are opening china and that could be a sign of things for us to come tomorrow here. >> experts say it is not a reason to panic. we have seen e-mails sent out asking investors not to make any rash decisions. those analysts say 5% to 10% drops in the market can be almost a yearly occurrence.
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>> very sad news at the desk. indy car driver justin wilson passed away after suffering a head injury on sunday. he was hit in the head by a piece of dehe brie he from this crash. his car went into the wall and wilson had been racing open cars for more than a decaden1 inclug a stint in formula 1. also 24 hours of daytona. the last driver to die in a race was dan wheldon in 2011. he also died of a head injury after his head hit the post when his car went airborne. justin wilson was 37 years old. >> thank you, jason. the 911 call is haunting. came in during a violent robbery of a cleaning business. two senior citizens were shot. news 4's jackie benson is in rockville with new details on the search for the remaining suspect. jackie? >> doreen, this guy worked for the company and is believed to have played a role in planning
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the brutal robbery. >> 911, what is the address of the emergency? >> i've been shot. >> i'm sorry, you've just been shot? >> yeah, yeah. >> 911 call came in after the robbers entered the cleaning service by shooting their way through a locked glass door. they demanded cash and when told there was none, shot two employees inside, 62-year-old man and 73-year-old woman. >> guy came through the door, shot through the glass door. i went to run in the back of the office and he he shot me and hit me in the hand and leg. >> this video of two suspects identified as michael rob and hasley, 10 minute later seen as shady grove metro station. assistant state's he attorney said testimony from the get away driver, the girlfriend of suspect rupert stamp, helped con vin the jury to convict rob of attempted murder friday and
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almost didn't happen. >> she was admitted on wednesday to the hospital from a stroke. she came from the hospital, testified. >> still at large, noel, believed to be in trinidad. he worked for the company and told them that tens he of thousands of dollars worth of cash was kept there. >> they got away with $37,000. >> the man and woman shot are recovering but are still obviously traumatized by this. especially since one person, someone who used to work with them, is still at large. live in rockville, jackie benson, knew at 4:00. >> the whole thing was caught on surveillance video, 47-year-old earl matthews was one struggling with the victim outside the store on wheeler road last wednesday morning. they arrested him on sunday.
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>> two people under arrest tonight after officials say they tried to use a drone to drop off porn, drugs, and a gun to a maryland state priceon. police tell us they found the two men with the drone in allegheny county saturday night. the men were parked outside the state prison complex in cumberland. officials suspected a contraband operation. the prison guard says it raises questions about staffing and safety. >> when you have less eyes on these towers and around the perimeter of these facilities, it is less safe. >> they look at ways and this case is also facing new charges. >> thousands more students will get back to the books tomorrow. including children in prince george's county.
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but some cases they might be expecting won't be there. kevin maxwell asking for an increased budget this school year but a fight over how to fund it meant that increase didn't get approved. it also means he can't raise salaries to try to keep the best teachers in the county. >> a teacher starts in mont gom rit same day or here and works for 30 years. >> meanwhile, hundreds of new teachers hosted their first classes in d.c. today. the district has its highest enrollment in four years. that meant hiring 250 new teachers and opening four new schools this morning. the survey found student satisfaction is on the rise heading into the new school year with 83% of kids in the district saying they like going to school. >> parents in frederick county can rest easier tonight knowing there will be extra security at some school events this year. just in time for the first day of class, school officials reached an agreement with the police union.
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two students were injured in a shooting at a jv basketball game back last february. tw sides resolved the dispute er pay for the officers. they will stand watch at sporting events and school dances through 2017. >> national rifle association is going to court over a so-called gun violence tax in seattle, washington. the city council there implemented the tax earlier this month. it requires people to pay an extra $25 for every gun sold in the city and 5 cents for each round of ammo. the money goes to gun safety research and gun violence prevention programs. but the national rifle association and several other gun rights groups say it violate state law, which restricts the power of local governments to pass gun regulations. >> next at 11:00 tonight, it may be getting easier for your teenageter buy cigarettes. even without a fake id. see what news 4 i-team found when they went undercover.
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>> a fraternity upset about these signs rolled out for students coming for the new semester. >> singing for the pope. >> new thunderstorms across the region. some areas with an inch of rain. i will show you what is moving in next. plus the latest tropical storm
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less than a month from today the pope will visit d.c. and the choir. we got a sneak peek today at rehearsals at saint mark the evangelist in hyattsville. they will sing on september 23rd. >> those three americans who helped prevent a potential massacre on a french train will get a hero's welcome when they return home to the u.s. anthony sadler, spencer stone and alek skarlotos. today, france's president awarded the three with medals for their bravery. we also learned a further man, mark mugalean was shot while trying to wrestle the gun away from the moroccan gunman. he used to live in virginia. >> homemade signs welcoming freshman women it a virginia college led to the suspension to
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at least one of the school's fraternities. suspending all activity at old dominion university today. over the weekend, someone hung three sexually suggestive ban sters of the balanceony after private home where some members live across the street. one read, "freshman daughter drop off." sigma says all members will be held accountable. >> kids buying cigarettes, nothing new. but the i-team reveals many may be able to get rid of it. there is simply less money to check if the stores are following the law. scott mcfar land and the i-team go under cover to show us what kids are facing at the checkout count are. >> a few times a year this 16-year-old spends the day working for the city of frederick police. we can't show you his face. he is their undercover buyer. he has real id and goes store to store with officers nearby and
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tries to buy cigarettes in in 3 of 5 tries, the undercover teen gets his smokes and handed them over to the police officers who gave out fines. >> he looked at the license and still gave him the sick rets. >> all dependent on that clerk. >> she is using her real id, two businesses, still sell to her anyhow. >> they look at the id. >> they looked at her id. >> and still sold them. >> tipping the news 4 i-team that local clerks might be getting sloppier because they have less it fear with fewer communities conducting these compliance checks. state records we obtain at public records request show the number of inspections plummeted. only third as many last year as in 2009. >> in part because money from a decade's old tobacco settlement is running out. that pays for so many of the compliance checks. to see which clerks would in fact sell a pack of cigarettes
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to a kid. >> some, including prince george's county, stopped enforcement all together. because it says state money for the program is gone. as for those officers still checking the stores, they tell the i-team the need is still there. as our cameras found that gas station where the clerk apologized for not checking id. >> can you please leave. >> and this grocery to store in wheat. and this 7-eleven in frederickson. >> do you know what happened? >> with him? >> yes. >> no. >> in this store, the clerk sold to an underage teen. even with the scanning device to defect age. the i-testimoam is failing more they used to. 7% spike to selling tobacco to underage kids since 2012. investigator lee williams said
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this is exactly what he expected when the state money started drying up. >> 1 in every 5 stores is still selling to kids? >> correct. >> and state investigators in virginia report doing only about as quarter as many tobacco collection last year than in 2007. scott mcfarland, news 4, i-team. >> this story began with a tip. if you have a story idea for the i-team, just click on investigations to send them an e-mail in the app. >> those were some dramatic storms we had rolling through. >> yeah. we had a couple of thunderstorm warnings. mostly heavy rain. we saw a lot of lightning too. some locations picking up over an inch of rain and came right around that 6:00, 7:00, 8:00 hour tonight. speaking of which, let's look at one of those areas. this is towards cape st. claire. one of our photographers, joe casano, was filming this as it
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made its way through here. very heavy rain through the area earlier. this is one of the areas that did have a severe thunderstorm warning. there they go out of the region. a lot of lightening with these, most of them now completely out of the region. can you see a few still around an rund yell county, right around the kenton narrows area. but we are on the dry side. however, we still have a lot of moisture in the atmosphere. look at that shot. normally a clear shot. the ceiling very low here. right now 76 degrees. winds are calm. we still have that moisture but we have a cold front that comes through. wipes that moisture out and wipes our humidity out as well. look at current numbers, 64 in petersburg, west virginia. so you can see it coming. still 75 in winchester. here it is right here. 78 towards fredericksburg and 73 towards huntington. a very well defined cold front. can you see that frontal boundary making its way towards
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the east. as it does, behind this, not much going on at all. chicago, minneapolis, very cool air across that region. temperatures tonight down into the 40s in some of those locations. so it is getting kind of cool. then we move to the tropics. we had hurricane danny, here is the remnants of danny, making its way towards puerto rico. could give them much-needed rain fall. but danny no longer tropical storm or depression. this is the newest storm. tropical storm erica. it was out there a little bit earlier but finally given a name. 45 mile-an-hour winds right now moving west at 20 miles per hour on this track it will move very close, danny moving close to puerto rico by thursday with potentially 70 mile an hour winds. could be very close to hurricane strength. watch where it goes in. they need the rain from this and this might be a good thing. 70 mile-an-hour winds, not too bad. watch where it goes next, though, up towards the bahamas. 70 mile-an-hour winds. on that track, just to being that out. could go in towards florida. maybe southeast, this storm we will be watching. best part is no real
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intensification, least from the national hurricane center right now. 80s in gaithersburg. plent hy of sunshine. 6:31. 7:00 to 8:00, no problems. nice and mild. 3:00 to 5:00 in the afternoon. nice afternoon. temperatures around 86 degrees for those kids in prince george's county looking all right. all day, looking good for exercise. you might want more under the lawn, though, the lawn definitely does need more watering. tuesday, wednesday, thursday and friday. might as well take off this week. that's all we have there. saturday and sunday, back into the 90s. won't last long. >> we should take off this week? >> i should take off. not you. >> you just had off. for get it. >> baltimore gets a special visit at practice. ja
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back to 5 1/2 back. >> are you going to the game tomorrow? you're the good luck charm. >> no. >> you were there yesterday. >> you should go. >> there you go. >> nationals, they were off tonight. but the mets still managed to separate themselves in the standings. new york, winners against the rockies, now lead the nationals by 5 1/2 games in the division. good news, nationals, span out since july 10th is expected to return tomorrow. kansas city and the orioles
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visiting the royals for the first time since losing in the alcs last october. top of the first, adam jones at the dish. trying to erase those memories, golf swing, pretty good there. two-run blast. 24th home run of the season. leading by a pair. to the bottom of the sixth. 0s up 3-1. two outs. best of ibenez here. more problem for the birds. omar with two on. deep to center. over the head of adam jones. two runs score easily. relay throw to third, way off the mark. coming home on the error. royals go home to beat the birds, final score, 8-3, baltimore drops to losing five in a row. redskins ravens game this weekend. the last chance for the starters to see what they can do before
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the regular season kicks off september 13th. rg3 will start if he is cleared by doctors. ravens on the practice game today getting ready for the skins. baltimore with a also to the eagles on saturday. today a special prvisitor to practice hogan currently battling cancer, shared a message about overcoming adversity. >> basically tough times require tough people. tough it out. that was paraphrasing, but that's it. you have to fight things that hit you in life, hit you in the face. fight them and overcome them. very timely message for us. >> and a ravens fan, for sure. >> and you know redskins, monday night football getting their first live look at jameis winston person taking on the bangles today.
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bootleg here. and once they get into the corners, end zone. one-yard touchdown. tampa goes up 7-0. winning this by a final score of 25-11. jameis, going to be a good quarterback. >> thank you, ja
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folks at the national zoo are thrilled about the birth of the two pandas.
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they are not out of the woods yet. still vulnerable, especially during the first week. the zoo's panda team is working around the clock and chosely monitoring the cubs' progress. news 4 is keeping a close eye on the cubs as well. it is hard it believe that such a big animal has such tiny babies. >> and the
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♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- tom cruise, dick cavett, musical guest, ale


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